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Published on Oct 16, 2012
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Lada Ray: Predictions. Kiev Junta Losses, Botched False Flag, Foreign Mercenaries, Shale Gas in Ukraine Goes Puff, How Long Has the Kiev Junta Left? July 28, 2014

I am on vacation this week; however, I still wanted to post important new info and predictions.

Official report on Kiev military losses

Info provided by John Durham, from the official report from the Ukraine Interior Minister, Avakov (who by the way will eventually be tried for war crimes, but chances are he may not live this long). I’ve seen this leaked report and I can confirm its existence.

Official Ukrainian Military Report of Losses for July 9-15, 2014 (Arsen Avakov, Minister of Interior and V. Gritsak, Head of the ATO)

1. Desertions: 3473
2. Killed in Action: 1600
3. Wounded in Action: 4723
4. Tanks: 35
5. Armoured Battle Vehicles: 96
6. Artillery : 38
7. Aircraft: 7
8. Helicopters: 2
9. Automobiles: 104

In the event the negative trend continues…I estimate that 2/3 of the active combat military units currently participating in the ATO will simply cease to exist in as little as 4 to 5 days.

V. Nalyvaichenko, Security Service
B. Hrytsak, Antiterorist Center Security Service

This report is mind-boggling. Notice, the data is for one week in July only! The same report mentions that Donbass self-defence lost only 45 people in the same period! Meanwhile, again, according to the same report, around 500 peaceful citizens died in  the same timeframe! Clearly, Kiev targets with its bombings exclusively the peaceful population. Kiev dominates the sky, as Donbass self-defence has no plains, nor pilots. At the same time, Kiev is afraid to go head-to-head with self-defence, as they get beaten every time.

US and Kiev screw up the Boeing 777 false flag

Few people know that one day before the Malaysian Boeing 777 downing by Kiev in eastern Ukraine, 4000 Kiev troops were surrounded by self-defence in 3 locations: Donetsk airport, Lugansk airport and near border with Russia. Per Donbass/Novorossia leaders’ reports, this included dozens of tanks, ARCs, planes, and anti-aircraft launchers – a huge loss for the Kiev military.

Self-defence was getting ready to close the circle. Once the Boeing 777 catastrophe happened, once the banshee howling started in Kiev and the West that it was self-defence that downed it, which distracted and broadsided the inexperienced politically self-defence commanders, Kiev was able to advance and retrieve its surrounded forces. The confusion surrounding the Boeing downing helped the fledgling Kiev forces to take a break and regroup. When international community demanded ceasefire to allow the investigation, Donbass immediately complied, while Kiev used the opportunity to attack and kill 150 more peaceful citizens in Donetsk and Lugansk republics. The UN banned phosphorus bombs were used again.

This is the same technology also used by Israel against Palestinians. Is Israel, in concert with the US, advising Kiev how to act, and supplies them with UN banned foreign technology?

Now, a simple question, anyone who isn’t fully corrupt, should be able to easily answer: WHO BENEFITTED FROM THE BOEING 777 DISASTER, AND WHO DIDN’T?

Of course, Kiev and US were hoping that the Boeing downing could be blamed on Russia.

US/CIA operations are always multi-prong and multi-layered. They pursue multiple goals at once and if some don’t materialize, others will – that’s the philosophy. So, with the Boeing 777 downing in Ukraine, US pursued multiple agendas, one of them being to scare President Putin and other world leaders who don’t toe the line. For that, read:

But as is now well-known, US and Kiev screwed up again. They failed to scare Putin. US couldn’t supply a shred of real evidence of either Russian or Donbass self-defence involvement. When pressed for proof of their empty allegations, US could only come up with images they copied from the Kiev falsified reports and from the internet.

Then, the CIA was asked to back US claims. This situation reminded the CIA painfully of the 2003 Iraq weapons of mass destruction lie, which cost many at CIA their jobs. When the CIA pros asked who will be responsible when the shit hits the fan, they were given no satisfactory answer. Therefore, CIA refused to back US claims that either Russia or Donbass self-defence were involved… because they knew full well that the opposite was true.

It is well-known that US has a very sophisticated satellite coverage of eastern Ukraine.The Russian military has disclosed that US has several satellites permanently covering – read spying – the space between eastern Ukraine and south-Western Russia, including all movement of the military hardware, troops, movements across the Russian border, missiles shot, etc. And with all this, they were unable to provide a single satellite image, a single credible document confirming their allegations. They are so deep in their lies, so profoundly corrupt, they don’t even understand how stupid and how disgusting they look to the rest of the world!

Meanwhile, the Russian military presented the full satellite imagery report and full analysis of the situation. The imagery was transferred to the EU. The EU of course is as corrupt as the US, however, in light of the undisputable evidence, they are now painted into a corner, and will eventually have to admit the truth.

It also quickly came out that Kiev’s so-called evidence was falsified. The so-called conversation between Novorossia commanders admitting the downing of the Boeing was in fact slapped together of 6 conversations, some which occurred several days prior to the event. The footage of the BUK system that Kiev said was moving speedily towards Russian border after downing the unfortunate Boeing 777, was a lie. The Ukrainian bloggers quickly traced the place where the BUK was to the town nowhere near Russian border and occupied since May by Kiev junta, and moreover, the now infamous number of the BUK, #312, visible clearly on its body was the same number caught on camera in March 2014 when this same BUK was photographed as belonging to the Kiev junta.

The king is naked for all to see. Who in their right mind, except the presstitute western media and politicians, would still be fooled into thinking it wasn’t Kiev that downed the Boeing 777, with the US blatant encouragement and direction?

Russia’s humanitarian gesture and mass defections from Ukraine army

From my sources: Russia opened a humanitarian corridor for the wounded Ukr army soldiers. Previously, 18 wounded Ukr army soldiers asked for help and were healed in a Russian hospital in Rostov oblast. Presently, another 30 wounded Ukr soldiers were given asylum and safe passage though Russian territory back to Ukraine. Just in the last couple of days, another 40 Ukr military laid down arms and asked for asylum in Russia. And this is only the official data! Many more have defected quietly.

Let’s remember that while Russians are healing and giving safe passage to wounded Ukr soldiers, Ukraine meanwhile had killed 3 Russian journalists, other accredited journalists were kidnapped, beaten and denied entry into the country. And these are representatives of the PRESS, who are supposed to be protected by international law! What can be said about the ordinary citizens! At one point, there were billboards in Ukraine, financed by war criminal (who will be tried by the tribunal for crimes against humanity), oligarch Kolomoysky, promising $10,000 for every dead Russian. This is the criminal fascist regime that US supports fully and wholeheartedly. This is the fascist regime that EU, pretending to be oh, so democratic and righteous, also FULLY SUPPORTS!

More from my sources: Ukr army is quickly running out of people willing to fight in Donbass. Kiev had announced the third round sweeping mobilization. Anonymous calls from Ukraine keep coming in to various organizations and TV stations in Russia. People are saying that Kiev drafters go around villages and towns, looking for those they can draft.  Reminds me of the Nazi Germany circa 1943, when they started seriously losing in Russia.

The only salvation for villagers is to hide or run away. If they see a young man, they will draft him. Parents hide their children in cellars. People run away to join guerillas, or the Donbass self-defence.

Gruesome reports are coming out that national guard, formed by Kiev junta from nazis and hard criminals they let out of jails, has been executing soldiers who refused to fire at their compatriots in eastern Ukraine. People witnessed horrible scenes when mass graves were dug along roads and bodies were piled in, then sprayed with acid so they wouldn’t be recognized.

Those interested, on YT there is a new video by Nikolay Starikov in which he explains how those who don’t want to be part of the Kiev junta atrocities and spill the blood of their compatriots, can lay arms on the border and cross over to Russia, Hungary or Poland to become ‘interned persons,’ where they will be safe till the end of war.

Reports of Polish, Azerbaijani, Israeli and Romanian pilot mercenaries

Since Ukr army is running our of pilots, there are reports of mercenaries from Poland, Israel, Romania and Azerbaijan piloting planes that bomb the peaceful citizens of Donbass. UN banned phosphorus bombs were again used, resulting in the poisoning of the peaceful population. It is reported that the bombs, including phosphorus, are supplied by the US and Israel. This is blatant international interference into the internal conflict, that is being flatly denied by the US.

Many Ukrainian mothers, including in western Ukraine, considered the hotbed of fascism, are protesting their sons being drafted. Ukraine is again on the brink of another #maidan revolution, which is expected by next spring – could be sooner. This new violent maidan won’t solve anything as the population is so terribly confused and blinded, as well as brainwashed that I foresee a long and arduous way to the realization that they are doing everything wrong. Their enemies are in fact their friends, while those they perceive as their friends, because their fifth column sold-out media and corrupt, profit greedy oligarchs told them so, in fact use them as cannon fodder and want their destruction. There are predictions about the duration of this conflict at the end of this post, as well as in PREDICTIONS – which I suggest everyone reads carefully, along with suggested articles at the bottom.

Bomb! Shale gas bonanza in Ukraine evaporates

I just love this one! What an irony, and it didn’t take that long, did it?

As is well-known, the US stooge Poroshenko has been appointed by #Nuland and US State Dept to play the role of the Ukraine clown president. According to Russian sources (confirmed recently by US State Dept email exchanges leaked by Wikileaks), Poroshenko was recruited by the CIA since at least mid-1990s. They call him “our man in Kiev.”

I recently heard a 2012 debate between Nikolay Starikov and this same infamous Poroshenko, in which Poroshenko was ardently declaring that soon Ukraine will be able to stop buying Russian gas and will instead become a gas-producing powerhouse that will supply entire Europe with its shale gas, thus taking away the business from Russia.

I have learned that Poroshenko and the Kiev junta LEASED THE ENTIRE EASTERN UKRAINE TO THE WESTERN INTERESTS, particularly to SHELL Oil, in order to develop the supposed bonanza of shale gas. Shell in its reports said that Ukraine contains 1/3 of all commercially viable shale gas located in Europe. Seemed like a dream come true to the bankrupt Ukr economy.

The deposits were supposedly located exclusively in eastern Ukraine, including Donbass (Lugansk, Donetsk), Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhie and Kharkov regions.

Very few know this, but the smart, well-informed population of Donbass realized that #fracking would be dangerous for their health. In addition to political and cultural reasons, this is in part why they rebelled against Kiev. To remind everyone, Donbass, as well entire eastern Ukraine, is where ALL of Ukraine’s industry and natural resources reside. Eastern Ukraine is what makes up most of Ukr GDP.

Donbass residents are convinced that Kiev junta has been bombing their infrastructure – power plants, water mains and water/sewer stations, housing, hospitals, schools – because Kiev is trying to eliminate the population, make the area uninhabitable so to free up space for shale gas fracking. The fewer residents, the less protest to deal with.

We know that US VP’s son, Hunter Biden was suddenly named a director of the leading Ukr gas company. So, at least in part the bombings of eastern Ukraine are explained by the Western greed. Of course, there is much more to the story, and we should never forget that the overriding reason is geopolitical.

I am convinced that the corrupt and greedy Kiev, as well as gullible Ukrainians, were played and falsely promised untold riches from shale gas, just like farmers in the US. It is believed at this point that all the US has commercially viable shale gas deposits. The rest of the world doesn’t, except Russia, who won’t do this barbaric extraction. As to the Ukraine, US knew early on there was not enough gas to make it commercially viable, yet kept stringing Ukraine along for geopolitical reasons, using the oligarch greed and desperate need to get out of the country’s looming bankruptcy.

I wrote about that on many occasions and you can read it in my earlier articles about Ukraine and Russia. The main goal of the US is to destroy Ukraine, so later, when they throw it out as a squeezed out lemon, Ukraine is left with no viable economy. So, when it’s time for Russia to pick up the pieces, Russia would spend a lot of resources and time, trying to put back together the broken pieces of the brotherly, but very stupid, nation. Additionally, the goal is to try to breed the beastly hatred towards Russia in Ukraine, so that later to unleash that hatred via terrorist attacks and sabotage of Russia from Ukraine. This attempt was already made before in Georgia, which of course wasn’t very successful. You can search this blog for my article about striking geopolitical similarities between Georgia 2008 and Ukraine 1014.

Of course, see more about all this on PREDICTIONS page as well.

Back to shale gas: Shell announced that they would be postponing any fracking in Ukraine due the armed conflict. When did they ever postpone their greed because of any local wars? Never! Reading between the lines: there is no commercially viable shale gas in Ukraine! This fact was announced by Russian scientists.

The thing is, the lazy Kiev bureaucrats and oligarchs, who simply don’t want to produce anything, who are used to sucking out the life out of the developed east and south, wanted to believe the shale gas lie. And at least in part, that’s what got them into this bloody war.

This answers very well why Kiev refused to pay for Russian gas since the beginning of 2014, which prompted Russia to stop the supply of gas to Ukraine. Ukraine is used to stealing Russian gas, although monitoring now is done much better than before, so stealing doesn’t work so well any more. It is very difficult to understand why Kiev burned all the bridges with Russia and how they will survive the winter when their gas reserves run out, until we factor in that they thought they would have shale gas flowing in any moment.

Shell Oil, working as a proxy for the US/UK/Canada, lured stupid Kiev into the false sense of security, promising something unattainable in order to keep them sabotaging Russia.

However, this kind of deception can’t continue forever. And here is the result! No gas means Ukraine will not be able to survive the winter, unless someone gives them gas.

Ukraine needs this lesson very badly, because this is the only thing that may still teach them some sense. The new maidan revolution will happen when the population gets desperate enough. I think Donbass self-defence must regroup and start advancing. They need to take the initiative away from Kiev – but be on a serious look out for more false flag< which are undoubtedly coming. The more people from other areas of Ukraine join them, the sooner the advance and liberation from the Kiev junta will happen.

As you know, my prediction is that Ukraine will become part of the Eurasian Union between 2016 and 2018. The condition in which Ukraine economy will be by then, it will probably only qualify as associate member. See PREDICTIONS for more.

More Geopolitical and Mystical Predictions

Very unfortunately, as I predicted from the very beginning, and later – the stated goal of the US/Transatlantists is to destroy everything they can in Ukraine. And they are succeeding. As I also said from the start, Russia will have to pick up the pieces later, when Ukraine is squeezed like a lemon and thrown out by the West. Sorry, but this is the unfortunate reality written in the stars, and the fault of the Ukraine, since Ukrainians let this go this far and never corrected their course on those many occasions they were offered.

Russia will have to face its shadow side, which is Ukraine. Ukraine, or correctly Malorossia (Russia Minor), is of course the integral part of the Russian world, together with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and many other places. Russians have been wearing rosy glasses when it comes to Ukraine for far too long. Ukrainians have a lot good qualities, which perhaps are very hard to see now. But it’s time to face the shadows: Ukrainian vicious nationalism, the fact that they easily succumb to external manipulation, naiveté combined with wishful thinking, fascism, greed. Let’s face it… there is also a very well-known quality of some Ukrainians – that of disloyalty and betrayal, as portrayed by the beloved classic of the Ukrainian literature, Taras Shevchenko in his well-known historic novel, Taras Bulba. This same situation of extreme cruelty and betrayal happened when during WWII, some western Ukrainians joined the SS division Galichina and similar German nazi troops, executing hundreds of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians and Poles.

These qualities can lead to cancer, which is now metastasizing into all layers of Ukraine society.

Smart people learn from others’ experience. Ukrainians aren’t smart at large, as we well see. All the smart ones either left, or are in Donbass.

Only the destruction of everything they have will finally teach them a lesson.

Russians are finally waking up to the facts, and taking off their rosy glasses. The trick for Russians is not to lose the sight of the big picture and not to succumb to hatred, which is the natural and easy thing to do under the circumstances, considering the beastly attitude and hatred on the other side.

My prediction: Russians will come out of this with flying colors. The West, especially, US, Canada and UK meanwhile is really accumulating the kind of bad karma that will come back to haunt them soon.

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PressTV: Israel in urgent need of more US money for war on Gaza: Harry Reid

US Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidUS Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Israel urgently needs more financial aid from the United States for its offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. 

On Monday afternoon, Reid, a member of the Democratic Party, warned that the Obama administration’s $225 million request to aid Israel during its current war may not be enough, as the Zionist regime continues to massacre Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel has been relentlessly pounding the besieged territory for 21 days. More than 1,050 Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded, including women and children. In retaliation, Palestinian resistance fighters have fired rockets into Israel.

The Israeli military is now threatening to escalate its war on the coastal enclave by warning Palestinians in areas around the Gaza City to leave their homes.

Last week, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel sent a letter to congressional leadership requesting $225 million in additional US funding for Israel’s Iron Dome, which is a short-range rocket defense system designed to intercept rockets and artillery shells fired from a range of between four and 70 kilometers.

The money would be in addition to the $351 million that’s already under discussion for Iron Dome in fiscal 2015. It would bring total funding to $576 million, compared with the $176 million requested by the Pentagon for the year that begins on October 1.

But Reid said Tel Aviv will need even more money from Washington if the war continues.

“We should not give the Israeli people the minimum amount of aid and then cross our fingers and hope it all works out in the future,” Reid said. “We can do better and need to go further in protecting Israel.”

On Thursday, US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans plan to introduce their own legislation that would provide additional funding for the Iron Dome.

“Republicans are united in support of our ally Israel. We have legislation that would allow Congress to meet the [Defense] Secretary’s request” for $225 million, said McConnell. “We hope our friends on the other side will join us in coming to a sensible, bipartisan solution that can be passed quickly.”

But Reid accused Republicans of “slow walking” the money as the recess deadline approaches.

“We’ve got to get this done,” Reid said. “Leaving here with Israel being naked as they are, with these wildfires raging and a crisis at the border, it would be a shame if we did nothing.”

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski on Wednesday introduced an emergency spending bill that included funding for the border crisis, Israel’s Iron Dome system and wildfire relief. Republicans have pushed back against the border funding proposal.

In 2013, Congress allocated $235 million for the Iron Dome. And the Obama administration had requested about $176 million for the system for 2015, but the Senate panel doubled the amount.

A Congressional Research Service report in April said that the US had provided more than $700 million to Israel for Iron Dome. The latest bill would lift that to about $1 billion.

Israel already receives billions of dollars of American taxpayers’ money each year. Under an existing 10-year aid agreement between Washington and Tel Aviv signed in 2007, $30 billion of American money is flowing to Israel.

The US annual military aid to Israel has been elevated from $2.4 billion to $3.1 billion through 2017 under the existing agreement.

Meanwhile, US and Israeli officials have discussed a surge in US military aid to Israel in a new aid package that would extend through 2027.

In an interview with Press TV on July 10, international peace activist Sara Flounders said the Israeli aggression in Gaza is fully backed by the United States.

“The US is the main support of Israel and is totally behind this attack. Any attack from Israel would have been impossible without decades of US military, political, diplomatic, and economic support of Israel,” Flounders said.

“And the Zionist policy — its attack on the Palestinian people, its attack on the surrounding countries — every part of that policy is the US policy to destabilize the region and an attempt to destroy the Palestinian people,” she added.

“Not only is the US behind this, the US has denounced the unity government of the Palestinian people, between Fatah and Hamas — a huge step forward — and that’s because US policy at every point, US corporate rule, is for divide and conquer,” the activist noted.

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PressTV: Netanyahu calls for continuation of Gaza aggression

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for the continuation of aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip despite international calls for the termination of Israeli massacre in the blockaded enclave.

“We must be prepared for a lengthy campaign” in Gaza, said the Israeli prime minister on Monday.

Netanyahu further described Palestinian resistance fighters as a “cruel enemy”.

The Israeli premier also criticized a call by the United Nations Security Council for an immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza.

Rwanda, the current president of the Security Council, said late on Sunday that the 15-member world body agreed on a statement, which will be adopted in an emergency meeting later on Monday.

The statement called on Tel Aviv and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas “to accept and fully implement the humanitarian ceasefire into the Eid period and beyond,” referring to the Eid al-Fitr holiday that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Since July 8, Israeli warplanes have been pounding numerous sites in the Gaza Strip, demolishing houses and burying families in the rubble. Israeli tanks also began a ground offensive against the impoverished Palestinian land on July 17.

Palestinian medics say more than 1,080 Palestinians have been killed so far in the Israeli attacks and nearly 6,500 others injured.

Top Hamas leader in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh has said the besieged Gaza Strip will become “a graveyard for Israeli soldiers” who are committing crimes against the Palestinians.

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RT: Hague court had no authority in Yukos case, ruling politicized – Moscow

For those of you who aren’t yet aware, the Hague is pretty much controlled by the cabal . . . ~J

Published time: July 28, 2014 18:38

ARCHIVE PHOTO (Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin)

ARCHIVE PHOTO (Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin)

The Hague’s arbitration court was not legally empowered to view the case of Yukos Oil Company v. Russia, and the court’s “one-sided” ruling disregards previous Strasbourg court decisions on the issue, the Russian Finance Ministry said in a statement.

READ MORE: ‘Mega-arbitration’: Court orders Russia to pay $50bn in Yukos case

Viewing the case, filed by shareholders of former Russian oil giant Yukos against the Russian government, was not in the jurisdiction of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in the Hague, as Russia has not ratified the Energy Charter Treaty, the ministry said on Monday.

The statement, following the court’s sensational Monday ruling that ordered Russia to pay $50 billion in damages, also provided a detailed list of issues, which, according to the ministry, make the decision“opportunistic” and “politically biased.”

First of all, The Hague court ignored the previous decisions of the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which in September 2011 ruled that the Russian authorities had carried out “legitimate” and not politically motivated actions against Yukos “to counter the company’s tax evasion,” the ministry noted. The ruling contradicted Yukos shareholders’ claims that the company’s assets were purposefully expropriated by Moscow.

The Russian Finance Ministry meanwhile blasted the arbitration ruling as based on “one-sided investigation with one-sided application of evidence.”

The Hague court in effect reviewed the decisions of Russian courts on Yukos “as if the arbitration court was an additional authority for appealing the court orders,” the ministry said. It has made “theoretical speculations not supported by evidence” over the motivation of the Russian authorities’ actions in the case of Yukos, it added.

The international body failed to note that the people who controlled Yukos, including the oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky released from jail in December, were apparently aware of financial machinations aimed at a mass-scale tax evasion in favor of the company, the ministry stressed. The tax evasion scheme, which involved the creation of numerous bogus companies, was not properly considered in the court.

Former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky (C) arrives at the Wall Museum in Berlin on December 22, 2013 to give a press conference few days after he was released after 10 years of jail. (AFP Photo / Clemens Bilan)

Former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky (C) arrives at the Wall Museum in Berlin on December 22, 2013 to give a press conference few days after he was released after 10 years of jail. (AFP Photo / Clemens Bilan)

The arbitration court went as far as to judge “what Russian tax legislation should be like” as opposed to what it required in reality, the ministry said. The court refused to pass several controversial issues on taxes for review by Russian, UK or Cyprus competent authorities despite relying on the Energy Charter Treaty that outlines a need for such reviews, it added.

While in effect saying The Hague court decision was not legally binging for Moscow, the ministry added that “the Russian Federation will challenge the arbitration court’s decisions in the courts of the Netherlands.”

According to the ministry, “the arbitration court failed to approach the adjudication with common sense, which is required from the judges in such situations,” which resulted in an unobjective and biased decision.

“Such an approach undermines the authority of the Arbitration court and the Energy Charter Treaty, which are being applied in increasingly politicized manner and, as in this case, have become the objects of abuse on behalf of domestic investors trying to evade taxes,” the ministry said.

ECHR is expected to announce a fresh decision on Yukos’ multi-billion dollar claim against Russia on Thursday, as the defunct company’s shareholders have filed a separate application with the Strasbourg court, Reuters reported.

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This video deals with what is already known dis-information. The following comment was published on my blog at 11:40 p.m. on July 24, 2014, by Graham IN REFERENCE TO OUR STORY: Was Malaysian Airlines MH17 shot down in error, due to mistaken identity?

Those following the “blanked out window” story that Jim Stone is peddling on his website, which has unfortunately gone viral across the internet, may want to take note of the following.

Both MH17 and MH370 had the “blanked out window” (beside the flag).

MH17 (9M-MRD) – Crash Site
Evidence of the “blanked out window” existed on 8 February 2014, whilst the aircraft was in Istanbul, Turkey.

MH370 (9M-MRO) – Missing
Evidence of the “blanked out window” existed on 4 January 2014, whilst the aircraft was in Melbourne, Australia.

[Note: Expect Jim's story to "adapt" as the evidence becomes known]

The photos above “blow the whole MH370 claim nonsense right out of the water.”

We’re standing by our story. We will bring down the cabal, and hopefully we will do it without hysteria — and with honest, credible facts.


I publish this video (while at the same time requesting your discernment) because it is going viral on the internet. If nothing else, even if the facts may not be correct, it might help to stop WW3. The cabal may have pushed so far this time that they have painted themselves into a corner. I understand this video is also viral on our military bases  . . . ~J

Published on Jul 27, 2014

It is now clear that our U S government is lieing and trying to push the world into WW3. The evidence is overwheling that the U S government is corrupt and MUST be stopped. I call upon all Americans who love this country and ALL HUMANS every where, we must stand up now or lose our freedom and most likely our world. These wicked elite bankers will not stop because of the greed and they are running our world into oblivion. When you see the NEWS, any network, any channel, you will see only puppets telling you lies and it is time we stop believing them. PLEASE fellow Americans, wake up!! We must stop our government from destroying this earth. What can we do? Get this video out to all you know and those you do not know. Let us write our senators and march in the streets. Let us protest with our money and our votes. DO NOT vote for their puppets again. We must boycott the propaganda and stop believing the lies.

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The Oracle Report, Monday, July 28, 2014



New Moon Phase: begin

Moon in Leo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bhairavi (The Fierce Goddess)

Skill: find and embrace something new

Negative Imprint: old rituals, arrogance, jealousy, ageism, overbearing, territorial

Positive Imprint: new rituals, openness, compromise, innovation, revitalization

The Moon continues to travel through the sign of Leo after making conjunction with the Black Moon earlier today.  This means the theme of change is strong today, particularly change to the order or status of things.  Those with the Sun or Black Moon in the signs of Leo or Aquarius feel the effects most keenly, though each of us faces our shadow side at one point or another while the Moon is in Leo.  As I discussed in the new audio “Singing Stones Bridging Over the Chaos” (available on the top of, where I talk about what’s ahead this month, we want to be particularly mindful of when the Moon enters the sign of our own natal Black Moon, as well.  When that happens, it will produce a face-to-face encounter with ourselves in order to call forth something from deep in our hearts. (If you do not know the sign of your natal Black Moon you can refer to Appendix I in my book on the Black Moon, available for free download, and read the corresponding information in Chapter 2.)

Today’s energy tends to bring the need to make a choice about something significant.  A combination of the old and the new is the best option.  Things must change, but they can build from the familiar.  Leaps of faith and the crossing of chasms is implied all month long, as is heart-healing.  If you are feeling stuck, boxed in, or trapped, or if there are conflicting views, use your heart to guide you.  The heart has neural (brain) cells also, so it is truly a heart/mind combination when we listen to our hearts.

A revitalization of our energy is on tap today if we are open to changes.  Self-care/self-nurturing activities multiply the refreshing effects.  Spiritual warriors tend to put others first, thinking they can tap their inner well of resources for a long time without need for replenishment.  Today, be willing to extend yourself to yourself.  Fill yourself back up.  Taking in some of the glorious Leo sunlight.

If a grand dramatic performance unfolds for your viewing today, look deeper.  Are you being played?  It is easy for things to not be as they seem today.  As such, we want to be wise in what we reveal.

We are living in the midst of systematic deconstruction of the new world order’s agenda.  This has been planned for quite a long time.  My initial experience with the Mahavidyas, the personae of the Wisdom Goddess Gaia Sophia, was in early 2009.  At that time, the Mahavidya Kali explained to me that the “time of change” was upon the world.  This time last year during the Mahavidya Bhairavi’s cycle, we were fortifying our hearts for what was to come – for what has developed over the past year.  We became brave-hearted.  We are now becoming lionhearted.  And, like Bhairavi, lions are fierce.  We face the changes with ferocity of spirit and the vision of life in natural world order.

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