A Comment from Amon Christenson, A Guardian of the Global Accounts, concerning the Neil Keenan Lawsuit – plus BREAKING NEWS concerning this suite with which he is providing us. Many thanks, Amon. ~J

BREAKING, from Amon:

Jean, I have watched you blog from time to time and I am very comfortable with what you do. What I am writing now may . . .  be published.

A couple of things you should know that will be helpful to your readers, this being a first.

I was told this morning by one of my counterparts that Keenan lawsuit has been temporarily withdrawn without prejudice. I think this was smart of Keenan as there is an entire raft of new information that has recently been discovered in Indonesia and this will change the structure of the case into something ten times worse for the Cabal. There will be additional defendants and the impact of the case will become even far more explosive. When the withdrawal was made, Judge Furman knew it was going to be refiled and ordered that it be heard only by him. That is very unusual and very telling.  Furman has made it clear that he has replaced Judge Holwell to hear this case and only he will hear it. The case will be refiled and the information it contains will shock America.


Now, here is Amon’s original comment: 

The Lien document you see on Divine Cosmos is an administrative claim that substantiates the actual Lien. The Affidavit of Obligation that you see is merely the substantiation of the claim the Lien is based upon and it is directed to the Feds themselves.

Allow me to explain some background here. The Keenan case started over a theft. Stealing from Keenan was a really foolish thing to do, for anyone who knows Keenan (I met him several months ago in China, and I was there when he told Jay Rockefeller to take a hike in Monaco) should have known that Keenan was never going to allow anyone to get away with that. In the process of going after those who stole from him, Keenan met up with Scott who has worked around these accounts for years. With Scott comes the knowledge of the accounts. From the knowledge of Scott and with his help,, Keenan acquired.all the books, ledgers and codes held by those who own the gold that the Federal Reserve leases.

When the owners of the gold and the owners of the accounts that the gold is held in (Scott knows these people and the accounts intimately) realized that through this case they could get the Feds to pay what they had withheld for the past eighty years, they appointed Scott and Keenan and empowered them with full power of attorney and right of control, to have them to recover what the Feds and the Rothschild owned Global Central Banking system had not paid to them as was promised.

The Liens are for real. The process they are using may not be well known to most people, but it is the most devastating process in existence. These men know exactly what they are doing and they are being well guided in this by Winston Shrout, a person who has been teaching the basis of commerce and law in seminars all over the world. Everything they do is well planned and then executed with precision.

While the Federal Reserve might argue with this, be sure that Keenan and Scott have such a hold on this gold now that they can pull it out from under the feet of the Feds in a heartbeat. They know how to do it. The question now is, can the Feds now pay the back interest that is owing. The answer to that is…of course they cannot.. The Federal reserve at the end of the day, is just another private company and it’s debts are NOT the debts of America.or the American taxpayer.

What we are looking at folks, is the demise of the most vile and corrupt institution ever put on Earth, and not just because of Keenan and Scott, but more so because of their own corruption and abuse of the power they were given.

Amon Christenson.

When I emailed Amon privately to ask if I might post his Comment, I also asked him, since his name is completely unknown to me, if there anything  he could/would share about himself  that might help folks to understand how he has come to this knowledge.

Here is his response to us:

I am a Guardian of the global accounts assigned by certain National interests who are unhappy at how these accounts have been abused and misused. My main function is to observe and report, but never to intervene.

Over many years I have watched one man struggle to force this to the surface. He is measured in what he does, but over a long period he has created problems for the cabal and has suffered from all kinds of attacks on his character, but while he is a quiet and rather reserved man, he is as tough as as they come. To him, being listed by the cabal as an economic terrorist, which I suppose he is as far as the cabal is concerned. Not one of the cabal thought or dreamed that he would team up with Keenan, and it is the teaming of these two men that has the cabal so jittery. Keenan is incredibly aggressive, the kind that takes no prisoners. Scott is a gentle soul, a gentleman through and through, but he understands very well what can be done here. The shudder that went through the cabal when they learned Scott and Keenan were together was violently audible. They realized Scott would use the Keenan case as the platform through which he would expose them totally. From that point on, the cabal have thrown one offer to settle after another at Keenan, the last being a fantastic sum of money to just go away. What they have not yet offered is a solution to the wrongs committed by banks everyday as they rob ordinary people.

I know Scott and have been observing him and what he did at OITC for over 15 years. I have never met him personally and I have never spoken directly to him. This, I can say about him. Never once did he betray the trust placed in him and there is not one instance of fraud can be leveled against him. I have met Keenan twice, and he is tough. This is the kind of guy who would willingly use a baseball bat when he could not beat you with his fists. I was a mere three or four feet away from him in Monaco when he confronted jay Rockefeller who demanded entrance to the meeting of Finance Ministers at the Monaco colloquium. I later met him for an hour in China. A very tough character and very well connected.

Scott is a friend of Winston Shrout, they met in Cambodia a few years ago and exchanged views on many things. Each has the utmost respect for the other and they are really the best in the world at what they do. There is no doubt in my mind these people will win.



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55 Responses to A Comment from Amon Christenson, A Guardian of the Global Accounts, concerning the Neil Keenan Lawsuit – plus BREAKING NEWS concerning this suite with which he is providing us. Many thanks, Amon. ~J

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  3. I am says:

    David’s update just said Keenan is alive…
    Was a Facebook hoax…
    Sorry for posting the above….

  4. I am says:

    Neil Keenan murdered?
    Read that yesterday some place.
    Any comments?
    Please pray that not!

  5. Norie says:

    in behalf of oppressed and exploited Filipinos, I thank Keenan, Scott and others for fighting for us!!!

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  7. GBCIR says:

    Saying the obvious: We should send Good Thoughts and Thank You to Neil Keenan, Benjiman Fulford, Drake et al.
    Regardless of one’s perception, they are helping us awaken to Freedom.

    Peace, Love and Gratitude

  8. GBCIR says:

    I’m not saying I know ANYTHING but would like to add my thoughts for you Good Beings to mull over.

    I agree with all those that remain positive and optimistic. Goodness ALWAYS wins. But there are two things that worry me:
    1. Some want some form of revenge.
    2. Many want to continue using “money”.

    Perhaps these are the two obstacles preventing YOUR perception of US obtaining Freedom? Be it arrival of benevolent Beings or simply the surrender of the “cabal”.

    Revenge is considered a “normal” reaction but it will continue to hold us in this insane paradigm. I DO comprehend the atrocities committed by the “cabal”, To hurt a child is THE WORST CRIME against Good Beings. From Gaza to vaccines and all the toxic waste in between: IT MUST STOP. But you’ll notice Neil Keenan and Benjamin Fulford DO NOT advocate revenge – at most they suggest restraint of those that won’t change for Peace. And they have endured assassination attempts!

    Money in ANY form is the root of our enslavement. Not many recognise this yet. One must reach this conclusion with their own Heart and research. Imagine living in a world without it. Where ALL our needs and worthy wants are met? There are a few beginning to propagate the IDEA. Please think about it otherwise we may be FOOLED again. The step out of this mess is bigger than most comprehend. But it IS possible – if WE have the HEART for it.
    Note I said WORTHY WANTS. That’s the opposite philosophy of the greedy few. That’s the opposite indoctrination of “accumulate” forced into us by “education”.
    There are plenty of resources to provide for all.
    Energy restriction? Don’t show your ignorance.

    I’m Grateful to see the Good comments by ALL of you here.

    May Peace Prevail on Earth and NO revenge.

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  11. Rich Buckley says:

    Mr. Keenan,
    Once the law suit is field do you expect a trial to take weeks, months, years, or decades?

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  13. oh ye of little faith… this is good news, great news, not something to grieve over! there may be some delays and false signals, but it is all part of the grand game, and the forces of good are rising up with more and more power! namaste :-)

  14. arunja says:

    In view of all the above mentioned it would be very important to read Aisha North’s Manuscript for Survival # 159. This text explains what i have been wrestling with for some time whenever i was at this, Jean’s site.
    In my view this is super important and timely advice and i could not have said and written it as succinctly as it has been in this text…..


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  17. Contramary says:

    See what I meant when I said above here : we, the wayshowers of the light, beaming our light are expected to exert the power of our light backing all those on the frontline with our light-focus and power of thoughts. We are the ones to add to the courage and persistance of people like Neil Keenan and Scott so they may proceed further on their chosen path.. God my bless them and we, all godly sparkles are grouping behind them with our
    Love. Light. Peace of Mind and Compassion to all !

  18. Kiwai says:

    yes, thank you so much Neil Keenan! and you too Jean, you post the good stuff, and i love what you write…bless you both, and everyone here….

  19. Raine says:

    Thank you so much Neil Keenan for all that you are doing for mankind! You are in our hearts and prayers!

  20. Matthew says:

    One of my concerns (or difficulties) is to understand how all this LAWS and law suits will be evaluated/judged.
    Firstly the Laws are not there to protect humanity & designed and run by the elite whatever you might call them, Illuminati/Cabal/Reptilians/Dark forces etc.
    You go through 1001 loops in the corrupt Justice System come to the end and some corrupt or sold out person (may be Judge or Magistrate) comes and kick you or your case out!
    Does not matter if you are right or wrong!
    Secondly, we human beings have no ultimate power to apply the “so called” LAWS as we do not have any means to go against the power of the GUNs!
    Interestingly enough, we are expecting help from the power of the GUNs, be it white forces/military or light forces ETs & EDs.
    In other words, when there are GUNs there will always be control of some sort in some way.
    How are we “the Humanity” will get out of this situation for good is the QUESTION which is paradoxically tied to the GUNs of the GOOD Forces!
    One day, they might turn BAD :)

    • Debbie says:

      Matthew..the forces of the Universe are on our side, don’t think for one moment that we won’t win …we have not been abandoned here……..we have been terribly abused by the dark cabal, but we are going to get through this with a lot of help from our friends….please send your thanks and gratitude to our as yet, unseen friends….when enough of us invite them into our lives we’ll see them…….when this is over guns, death and destruction by “powerful ones” will not rule our lives….there will be peace.

  21. Yvette says:

    wisdom ~~}o{~~

  22. Neil Keenan says:

    When this case is refiled it will shock everyone. I thought I had it right the first time but realized they might find some holes in it regarding jurisdiction. We are closing all holes and bringing in new found information that will literally close the bastards down. The withdrawal should not stop other events from taking place. We are working on the Default notices now seeing the entire FED system is in Default having not responded to the Liens during the allotted time. Also the European Central Bank and Banks will have the same problems along with the Bank of Japan seeing they also are in Default. We are moving on them as I write.
    Cannot wait myself to watch them all put on their track shoes and get out of Dodge. We have accommodated the bastards long enough. Forget American Hospitality to such garbage and just send them packing or incarcerate them. They deserve no better.

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my goodness, Neil, thank you for sharing with us all. I almost missed your comment! May I post it as a brief Article so no one misses it? Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      PS Neil, Amon has just shared that you all are looking for a lawyer to prosecute this case He said: “Paul Leo Faso,
      That is exactly where Scott and Keenan are heading. The problem is, we need someone who has the will power and courage to go after these criminals, Scott and Keenan have shown they at least have that intention. There have been several attempts to silence them, assassinate them and now there are attempts to buy them off. None have worked.

      Is there anything we can do to help you find that person, other than do exactly what I’m doing now by calling attention to your need? My response to Amon was that I know from my experience with the Universe that the exact right person will show up at just the right time – but sometimes they need a nudge of one sort or antoher. . . :) ~J

    • ID says:

      WOW! Gratitude to you Neil.

    • Kathelena says:

      So appreciate no only your work – for which simple words of thanks cannot do justice – but that you took the time to inform all of us. Thanks also to Jean for creating the environment for these important messages. Support for your work goes deeper and stronger than may at first be apparent. This may be trite but it comes from my heart – thank you!

    • LAF says:

      You’re my kind of “Godfather,” Neil. ;)
      Thanks so much for the straight scoop on this. I’m with you — can’t wait for THEIR Olympic run.
      Like I said, you’re amazing — thank you, Neil!

  23. LAF says:

    Thank you for this! Sure feels like truth to me. If it has to be done right, then that’s the way to go with this refiling. Drake had mentioned it but I believe he did so before putting on the green light.
    I do trust Keenan, and I do love hearing that he is so tough — he IS quite amazing.

    Maybe I don’t get it, but it seems to me that this refiling does not necessarily mean that things can’t proceed in other areas. In fact, action in other areas would be an ideal catalyst to get this party started. Bring on those fireworks.

  24. Lily says:

    For me I must Trust the Divine for the perfect outcome of this….I am sure it will be much greater than we expect. It is a good time to refocus on my personal world and what’s going on there. Am I in love, am I trusting, do I need to sit with me while the Spirit reveals me. Do I need to transmute any negative energies I have encountered today so that the future will not reflect it back to me. I must remember that there is something in me that attracts everything to me….negative or positive. I can choose to transcend the negative by transmuting it or I can choose to experience it again. I intend to be finished with 3-D work this time around….therefore, I am taking full responsibility for whatever comes my way. Gregg Braden is one of my mentors and I have learned a great deal from him. I intend to enjoy the miracles in my life and let the infinite attend to what I can’t. I highly recommend Greg’s video The Essene Mirrors during this very chaotic time. It’s very easy to get caught in a snare if we are not vigilant. I’ll be watching it again tonight.

    Much love,

  25. Vicky says:

    Jean – Thank you for your wise and nourishing words. They feel so good and true to my soul and I so appreciate them and you.
    Sending much love and light to us all.

  26. cyn says:

    Drake said a couple weeks ago, in one of the interviews, Keenan was going to refile the case, and it was going to be much stronger.

  27. Jean says:

    Family, it seems we have little ability to trust that higher forces are at work here for our well-being – and no wonder. Our trust has been a laughable matter to the controllers, as they continually abused us and it. Most of us are pretty much used to living largely in isolation, because we felt at the very least we could count on ourselves, if nothing and no one else.

    Permit me to suggest that we are now in a transition away from that terrible state of affairs. We are moving towards a Unity consciousness, and being able to trust will be an essential part of our new lives.

    We cannot now do anything much about what is happening, but we can look at ourselves and undersand and comprehend how damaged we have become – because we are all so fearful to trust. Amon did not have to share this with us, but he did, perhaps out of a desire to inform us, to help us get through this time. Do you really think he is a troublemaker?

    If you look at the work he is doing, can you just cut him a little bit of slack and trust that he has the larger picture in his sights? If things change, Amon and the people with whom he works are not going to let it be for the worse. They have not given many, many years of their lives for humanity – to let it all be lost now.

    Yes, it could be delayed for a day or two, but my guides are still telling me that the day is Monday. My very life is at the moment in their hands for reasons I have not shared with you – which have nothing to do with all this, and I do trust them implicitly. They have brought me safely this far.

    What they have not done for me is to make it any easier for me if that meant I would fail to grow in the areas I needed to grow. When the Universe intervenes, it isn’t going to let us mess things up. It will push us to grow, to develop the right skills and attitudes needed. I’m suggesting to you all now that we are being invited to take some time to consider what it means to learn to trust others, to put our lives in their hands – for many of us, for the very first time.

    My first experience in this very long ago was when I had to walk through that ‘valley of the shadow. . . ‘ and I learned so well the meaning of the words, “I believe; forgive Thou my unbelief.” All my old experiences told me my life itself wasn’t going to happen, but I’d also learned a lot of new skills and on some level I did believe I could turn my own inability to trust around. When I came out of that ‘valley’ into the sunlight for the first time and realized I alone had the power to release myself from those old messages – and that I could do it, I had empowered myself greatly, but it was only a beginning. Each time I took that walk and put away another old message of distrust, the energy in my body flowed through a different path. Gradually, it settled into a new pathway and established a new network. Life then got a whole lot easier!

    To be truthful, this is what I finally learned: It is not others, whom we cannot trust. Instead, it is ourselves! We have been lied to, manipulated so many times, been taught by the conventions and downright abuse of our present society – read that fear of what parents and caregivers told us would happen – to go against everything we ‘knew’ was right, and as a result we were separated from that part of ourselves, our heart, that will never, ever lead us in the wrong direction. Without that connection, we are rudderless!

    You have every right at this point in time to question and to be fearful. How many of us almost had our dreams in hand, only to have them snatched away from us! How many of us had dreams that never got off the ground! How many of us can’t even remember that we had any dreams! This time, I assure you, failure isn’t going to be permitted to happen. The Light is in charge now, and it is perhaps time that we begin to learn again to trust – ourselves, our hearts, and these people of the Light who are doing yeomen’s work for all of us under very difficult conditions. We are the ones we have been waiting for, but in the meantime, we all do need to get our rudder and sails working properly so we can lift our faces and sail directrly into the wind.

    Give these people your love, your positive energy, your support. This, for the time being, will keep you out of the darker places that still exist in your being. It is a wonderfully positive thing we can all do together as we . . . wait. Because – wait we must. The Universe has to put everything and everyone in exactly the right spot before a GO will be given. Nelson Mandela waited how many years? Nearly twenty-seven years, I think.

    Sit in the sun, work in your garden, pull out that can of beer. Ride a bike, sing a song. Dance, Swim. Make music. . . don’t just have sex, make love . . .

    Do you know of a better plan? Please, suggest it. I’m sure we are all open to it!

    Love and hugs to you all,

    • Cork 1 says:

      I am with you 100%. The light is green and we are all excited

    • janielaurel says:

      Could not have stated it better, Jean. <3

    • Dee says:

      A rising tide lifts all boats. Hear, Hear Jean…you are absolutely right…we’ve had faith and held the Light this long and we must continue to do so. God bless You Jean and all who gather here, and all humanity. Our time is now. I’d like to share a song from my favorite artist, Van Morrison “When Will I Ever Learn to Live in God?”. (apologies for the political ad) xoxo Dee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCLyFGgVdZM

      • Dee says:

        “When Will I Ever Learn” Lyrics by Van Morrison
        The sun was setting over Avalon
        The last time we stood in the west
        Suffering long time angels enraptured by Blake
        Burn out the dross innocence captured again

        Standing on the beach at sunset all the boats
        All the boats keep moving slow
        In the glory of the flashing light in the evenings glow

        When will I ever learn to live in God?
        When will I ever learn?
        He gives me everything I need and more
        When will I ever learn?

        You brought it to my attention everything that was made in God
        Down through centuries of great writings and paintings
        Everything lives in God
        Seen through architecture of great cathedrals
        Down through the history of time
        Is and was in the beginning and evermore shall be

        When will I ever learn to live in God?
        When will I ever learn?
        He gives me everything I need and more
        When will I ever learn?

        Whatever it takes to fulfill his mission
        That is the way we must go
        But you’ve got to do it your own way
        Tear down the old, bring up the new

        And up on the hillside its quiet
        Where the shepherd is tending his sheep
        And over the mountains and the valleys
        The countryside is so green
        Standing on the highest hill with a sense of wonder
        You can see everything is made in God
        Head back down the roadside and give thanks for it all

        When will I ever learn to live in God?
        When will I ever learn?
        He gives me everything I need and more
        When will I ever learn?

        xoxo Dee

    • Gloria says:

      Hi Jean,
      I understand and respect your position and give you no argument for your view and those of your guides.
      My own intuition and guides tell me that we still live in duality at this time, and that we have not yet risen above it. I am getting messages that this is a time when we need to keep our eyes open and be aware of the cabal pulling some trickery, in order to remain in control. It is not that I do not trust these people; it is only that I see there are still two possible outcomes.
      I do not live in fear and I connect with the natural world everyday but I must follow my own guides and path and they tell me to question things that do not resonate with my soul.
      Again, I have the outmost respect for you and how you feel and I truly hope you are right! I know in the end, everything will be OK, if it is not OK, it will not yet be the end.:-)
      Much love and light to all.

      • Jean says:

        Gloria, I respect this decision you have made, and I thank you for sharing it. We certainly do still live in Duality. No argument there from me. It is your path and your right, however, to feel just as you do. Love and hugs, ~Jean

    • Steph says:

      Hear! Hear! Jean, thank for these most encouraging words!

    • Nicki Tompkins says:

      Jean, I thank you for sharing your fabulous insight and Amon’s post. I got a surge of energy when I read “I think this was smart of Keenan as there is an entire raft of new information that has recently been discovered in Indonesia and this will change the structure of the case into something ten times worse for the Cabal.”

      On April 17, 2012, a foreclosure lawsuit was filed in NY, Abeel vs BANK OF AMERICA (http://www.msfraud.org/law/lounge/Abeel-v-Bank-of-America-etal-trillions_4-12.pdf) by SPIRE LAW GROUP, LLP, which includes numerous defendants and more will be added as time goes on. The original 8 accusations are just that, the beginning of what is to come. I believe much more will be added as evidence presents itself.

      Same thing with the Keenan suit, if I read Amon’s words correctly. When Keenan’s suit is refiled, it will have more weight than probably all the gold in the universe. I’d rather wait for that, than anything half-___ed.

      Sit tight everybody, the celebrations are about to begin!!! Love you all very much! Nicki

  28. Cork 1 says:

    If I say that pigs fly, will anyone believe me? Drake has the green light on at his website. I believe we need to wait until he switches it to red. In the mean time the light is green and pigs do not fly until you see one. Please stop worrying and envision positive things

  29. Contramary says:

    So we are at it again —– breaking our minds about other people’s head …as we would express it in German !
    I only ask why ? Why can’t we leave everything to those people in the know ? Why can’t we return to our former trust and confidence in our Almighty Father and Source ?
    It is no our very issue – we only are the wayshowers and assistants – helping to spread the light and not breaking our minds about minor singularities of manoeuvering about the plannings to be
    executed. Why do we always fall back into this 3-D.Big-Trap? Anybody ever heared about the Power of focussed thoughts? Why do we let us distract from this powerful mainstream of thinking again and again?
    We are lightworkers, beaming our increasing light into the world. We are Lightwarriors assisting those who by their soul contracts are involved with the executions of their planned schedules.
    We are to be, until now, the silent crowd in light behind manifesting all which is concerned with the new matrix and the Golden Age.
    Why do we not do what is our issue for being here ? In such a way as all our thoughts and pondering goes as seen above … we are not of much help to those standing in the very front of all dealings in the coming time! And we were supposed to be those ones backing with the power of our inspired thoughts the lightwarriors of the first lines !
    Where are we now and what is our issue ! To assist all those fighting for freedom of human beings so that they may ascend in some easier way to fully conscious human beings.

    It is upon us to decide what we are going to do: “following our targets for what we came here for or
    falling far off leeway breaking our minds what might be in the heads of the Front-and- Scheming- Ones?”
    Wake up and don’t glitch back into the stuck of some old ruts!
    Each one of us should ask him/herself very seriously:”What am I here for ?”

    With Love and Compassion

  30. Raine says:

    One would think Drake would have known Keenan was even thinking about withdrawing the lawsuit, and would not have given the green light prematurely….but I guess we will know by the 4th what is going on ……

  31. Gloria says:

    Hm? This smells of more delay tactics to me. Why withdraw the case instead of making an amendment to it? I feel a bit nervous about this change in events.

    • Susan says:

      Me, too! Didn’t Drake say he was waiting on Keenan? Is the Keenan situation the next Green Light needed for this all to be a go? Ugh. I’m so tired of all this stuff. Sorry, just where I am today.

  32. mhenrydunn says:

    I confess to a shudder upon reading that the Keenan lawsuit has been (even temporarily) “withdrawn without prejudice.” Does this effect the legal basis for the mass arrests? Are they not based on the liens, which having gone unanswered, provide for the apprehension of those who continue to abuse the collateral funds? Has someone been “gotten to” here? This needs clarification. We are not told how soon the lawsuit would be refiled, or whether this action has given breathing room to the cabal at a crucial moment. These are huge questions and need to be answered right awa.


    • M: Drake Bailey has told me that Keenan will be refiling the lawsuit, and that “this is something that they (the cabal) most definitely don’t want him to do.” When this will happen, I cannot say exactly. Drake also stated that when Keenan refiles, “he will have all of Asia behind him.” Interesting. Hold on to your seats…

    • Teri says:

      Don’t they have 20 days to respond before suit can move forward?

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