Benghazi Gate Deflates as Republicans Abandon Fox and Grasp Reality – by Sarah Jones

Source: PoliticsUSA
November 16th, 2012 

Today, after former CIA Director General Petraeus very slowly explained to confused, befuddled Republicans what everyone in the world already knew, they saw the light. Yes, I called the fail this morning but who knew it would be so sudden and decisive.

It turns out that the intelligence report sent to Congress that Ambassador Rice also based her talking points on was just that. The report was approved by the CIA. Later they changed their assessment.


Even Rep. Peter King (R-NY) sees the light now, leaving just dodgy John McCain and the gotta-impress-his-base for his upcoming election Lindsey Graham hysterically clutching tinfoil.

Per Think Progress:

KING: They were not involved — it was done, the process was completed and they said, “Ok go with those talking points.” Again it’s interagency — I got the impression that 7, 8, 9 different agencies.

Q: Did he give you the impression that he (Petraeus) was upset it was taken out?


Q: You said the CIA said “OK” to the revised report -

KING: No, well, they said in that, after it goes through the process, they OK’d it to go. Yeah, they said “Okay for it to go.”

King sounded rather awed. Yes, imagine that, 7-9 different agencies trying to determine what happened and what they can say in an unclassified statement that the entire world, including any suspected terrorists, will hear.

I mean, gosh darn it, you COULD rush out there and out a CIA base like Republicans did. On the other hand, actual professionals might take time combing over a statement carefully and cautiously. As the investigation continued, they might even come to a different conclusion! It’s like the facts might lead them in a new direction. While perhaps unthinkable to the cowboy class, it’s how the rules of evidence work.

King could have avoided his “confusion” by simply reading the intelligence report sent to Congress, which had the same talking points as Ambassador Rice’s statement. But we all know Republicans have no time for reading, what with their TV appearances decrying the lack of information on Benghazi taking up so much of their taxpayer-funded time.

Rush Limbaugh even admitted that he got the Petraeus conspiracy wrong.

So dies another effort by Republicans to give legs to a Fox-manufactured conspiracy theory – oh, and the millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted on assisting Republicans with their eventual collision with reality.

Only Fox News is still at it, hunting for nuggets of cray-cray under the disintegrating talking points of Karl Rove’s financial failures, desperately hoping to drum up grounds for impeachment.

Meanwhile, President Obama is not suffering from the surreal efforts of Republicans to pin their fictional “worse than Watergate” cover up on him. In fact, his approval rating gained three points to a now 58% approval since the election. However, “Americans’ opinions of the Republican Party remain more negative than positive, with 43% having a favorable and 50% an unfavorable view of the GOP.”

Welcome to reality boys. We hope you might stay a while this time.

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7 Responses to Benghazi Gate Deflates as Republicans Abandon Fox and Grasp Reality – by Sarah Jones

  1. Damon,

    Wise words and, of course, I am compelled by common sense to agree with your point of view. My point was that, while socio-political terminology such as Communist vs. Capitalist or Liberal vs. Conservative are, for the most part, praetorian memes carefully crafted by cabalist reconstructionists, we are going to have to confront the facade of Empire first and take it down. Those of us who hoped for the best in our support of Dr. Paul can engage in no meaningful dialog with our fellows until the machine has been destroyed, scrapped, and its parts thrown into the furnace of public awareness and ethical scrutiny. It has to happen.

    I can agree with you that the Libertarian movement sowed the seeds of “comprehension” in the minds of many–particularly the younger generations–and started an energetic movement toward a greater democracy as an element of an egalitarian perspective. That was a start but the real work of first circumscribing the Cabal and then constraining it so that its death will have as little effect upon our day-to-day lives as possible must begin. That task will be a monumental one to conclude! It begins as we throw our consensus and support behind those who were formally disenfranchised–those to the “left” of the Cabal’s viperous memes of social and intellectual governance. Let them have their day in the sun. The momentum created by their joyous ascendancy is somewhat refreshing compared to the cruel, callous monotony of abuse, careless boorishness, and outright inhumanity we’ve all been made to suffer for a couple of decades now.

    The dialogs you long for will come, to be sure. We must continue our discussions–on this blog, in other media, amongst each other–in an atmosphere of reasonableness, taking care to avoid the set traps and snares left behind by the degenerate who continually play upon human frailty, at once calling our consciousness to arms in the defense of liberty and then trampling and crushing its articulation at the very next opportunity. THAT was what we miraculously avoided through this mysterious and enigmatic influence in play–the unknown power of which I expressed some reservation. Until we can identify it, we won’t know how we must respond in the coming weeks and months.

    The Cabal, ever the reckless, narcissistic, mischievous rogues that they are will, of course continue to offend, obfuscate, plot, and scheme as they have always done. After all, they are embittered slaves to their peculiar and almost other-worldly mindset but we mustn’t let their obnoxious demeanor browbeat us. Now, those of us who understand the elements of autonomy, must labor diligently to “form a more perfect union.” It begins when we finally realize that there is a healthy rift manifesting its convulsive expression upon America’s “Liberal Malaise” and it couldn’t have come at a more fortunate time. Libertarians, already active and keenly aware, should make every effort to seamlessly blend their politics and civic virtue with the energy and ever-accelerating momentum of the Progressives. The memes are dead. They were a tool cleverly incorporated into our hapless lives to control our attitudes and direct our personal objectives to the convenience and profit of the Oligarchs. We can’t let this chance slip through our fingers again.

    I have said a number of times on this blog that “We are ONE.” I will continue to address the problem from this point of view. It is more than a spiritual inclination of the heart. It is a propensity toward the practical–toward the return of the “Zen” and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance. As an analogy that work speaks volumes about what it is that we are all up against. We are all being drawn into an epistemology that will, at first be foreign to us. We are not equipped to wrestle with the present depreciated, devalued, distressed, and wholly impaired remnants of the once enlightened and prosperous “American Way.” There is much work to be done and it must be done in many different places among many different people.

    No one can now claim a flawless mindset, devoid of any “mercenary” attitudes. Neither can “the other” insist that their wishes might be completely altruistic in nature. Everyone is hungry after nearly 100 years of grinding poverty and social deprivation. No. We’re going to have to fight our personal aversion to “alien ideologies.” In fact, we’re going to have to learn to dismiss ideology altogether and, instead, use our dormant “critical thinking” and philosophical and analytical tools to navigate our way out of, what is perhaps, the biggest mess in which humankind has ever had the misfortune to find itself.

    Thank you for the thoughtful dialog, Damon, and I want you to know that I took no offense at your comment. I was just merely attempting to clarify my own position with greater precision.

    Light and Love,

  2. Damon says:

    Ah yes – everyone of those Republicans is dastardly, as opposed to all those saint democrats. It’s so nice to less and less of this as people get off the line or polarization.

    • Damon,

      I understand your frustration and a latent demand for “failr play” but the fact remains that the Republican Party “did what they did” and all of us “Ron Paul” advocates were made to swallow it whole–some even got to experience an “ass-whipping” as right-wing, militarized police were called in to break up Republican Caucuses and arrest those “unruly” Ron Paul supporters. Well, that was the way it was and its history. It was history in 2004 when they trashed Ohio’s count and it was history in 2000 when Florida’s election was botched by political manipulation.

      It makes no sense now to wave the “Let’s play fair” flag now that its a historic fact that the Republican Party intentionally changed the rules of the game disenfranchising millions of voters. I did not vote for Romney because of the catastrophe the rules committee made so graphically obvious during the Republican Convention–a culmination of machine politics so repugnant and undemocratic in its totality it is a wonder they were stupid enough to allow the voting public to view it.

      We must thank our lucky stars that the “Machine” (aka, the banksters, the crime syndicates, the corruption auctioneers) didn’t win. Had they won, they would have surely continued to take down the economy and ruin all of our lives like the old-time robber barons that they are. It wasn’t so much that the President won. It was that the assertions of Ron Paul and others, like Max Keiser and Bix Weir, were proven correct: The “Right-wing” Machine is ugly and the seat of ignorance and shameful self-centered monopoly and it has to go.

      Again, Love and Light,

      • Damon says:

        SAS – Just to make sure, my previous comment was not a reply to your comment, it was a reply to the Article. Believing the GOP did a number on the Ron Paulers is a 3D perspective, knowing that the Libertarians did more for the advancement of freedom within the Republican party in 4 years than in the last 40 is a better perspective (in my opinion).

        I felt into the article, and sensed the not so subtle skews. The article didn’t distinguish Republicans from NEO-Republicans, or War mongering Republicans, or even some Republicans. It mentioned how dissatisfied the people are with the Republican party but not how dissatisfied with the Democrat party. Did you notice that when Obama was up by about 10 points over Romney that he had a bad debate? Do you think that was dumb luck or intentional? Do you really believe McCain is fighting with Obama or just playing the Daily Soap Opera show? The fake Left/Right Hype? If football had only (2) teams and one of them won all the time then it wouldn’t be a very watched sport. So, the teams are kept very balanced and the fans are tightly tuned with propaganda to keep the fans nearly equal. Articles like the above are still from the divisive view. The hearts view is more like ‘oh look at those fans who still think one team is bad and the other good’, vs the EGO’s view ‘if only my team would win the world would sprint towards utopia’. Some of my green permaculture friends here in Portland couldn’t understand why I ran as a Ron Paul delegate, and many of my libertarian friends believe the left are just a bunch of Commie / Socialists. I make it my job to remind them that the 1% bad guys will keep winning until the 49.5% quit fighting with the other 49.5%. I remind socialists that the free market is not the problem and I remind libertarians that socialism is not the problem. The problem is statism – the minority elite with a monopoly on force, and letting them decide for all of us what kind of life we will live. In a free society, socialists could join social communities and free market types can stay more independent.

    • Jean says:

      I’m not sure where you’re going with this, Damon, but it is Obama’s time, now, and I think he is going to be very tough and not step back from calling a spade a spade. He has every right. He put up with a lot in the last four years, most of it based on lies. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. General post,

    There is a pattern emerging and it is a surprise to me. Because the “Bush Family-dominated” Republican Part had been so clever rigging past elections such as the infamous “Hanging-chad” debacle in Florida and then a similar upset in Ohio four years later, I had thought they were fixing to throw the election yet again. They had rigged the Republican Primaries and Caucuses on Ron Paul’s Campaign to favor their man Mitt Romney. Naturally, as Election Day approached, I expected yet another scurrilous manipulation of everything from voting machines to official counts–all in favor of Romney. The Main Stream Media reported that the “Right” had raised six BILLION dollars to fund the fraud at every level of the democratic process. To my complete consternation, the upset occurred instead! That was an amazing overturn and signaled a force–a very powerful force–had changed the political landscape.

    No we read: “The media is challenging their claims and calling them on hypocrisies, President Obama has a new don’t mess with me attitude, and Democrats are telling Republicans if they want to know what went wrong, look in a mirror.” [PoliticusUSA; November 16, 2012]

    Together with the collapse of an orchestrated “right-wing” assault on the Presidency al la “Watergate,” we are witnessing a resurgence of adversarial journalism where for nearly a decade, none has existed. This is a very, very significant development and one that merits our close attention!

    I’m very happy to see the President “kicking ass and taking names,” but beyond that there is this yet indiscernible permeation of abject power manifesting its presence in support of the President and, while I am somewhat astonished (albeit in a pleasant way), and also very happy to have been wrong in my original assumptions, still, questions remain: What is this energy? From where is it coming? And, more importantly, for how long can we expect it to last?

    Love and Light,

  4. Annette Kessler says:

    this is off topic but I needed to get this to you

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