UBS goes down… from Neil Keenan

Posted on 11/30/2012
Source: AmericanNationalMilitia

From Neil Keenan – Read:

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14 Responses to UBS goes down… from Neil Keenan

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  3. Jean says:

    Bob, I would love to publish your comment, but I can’t let that kind of language go out all over the entire planet. Sorry! :) Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Nancy C says:

    To my way of thinking these are the “money quotes” [pun intended] in points # 1, 4, 5 & 6 in the Basis Explanation for the Deposit in Switzerland letter: Essentially Keenan is saying the gold on deposit is outside the control of the Union Bank of Switzerland.

    1) This Deposit is outside of the banking system but it is in the screen system and thus it an be verified. This is because the deposit in Switzerland is in status of “GD” known as “Good Delivery.”…..

    4) For your information, the gold that is located in banks has a risk: if the bank declares bankruptcy then the gold will be lost, because the gold is part of the bank’s capital. On the other hand, gold which is in a deposit account in warehouse; even if a whole country like Switzerland were to go bankrupt; this privately owned deposit WILL NOT BE LOST.

    5) This deposit is allocated gold, not unallocated gold. The difference between the two: Allocated gold is gold taken by the owner to the warehouse. This is GD, “Good Delivery.” This is our case…

    6. The owner possesses in his hands the original document. This means the gold is not in the banking system….

    • mtjoeng says:

      wouldnt you think
      a. this gold has long since ‘disappeared’ (supposedly into ‘black projects’, amongst other things)
      b. UBS will contest authenticity of the documents (‘cannot be real’, ‘look at the spelling’, ‘arrest these charlatans’, and several similar cases with arrests known, there’re enormous penalties on supposed ‘securities fraud’, which was part of the plan of course)

      • mtjoeng says:

        Oh, BTW, I’m definitely not saying Keenan should in any way give up on this case,
        but, since this case cannot be just a legal procedure,
        to begin with,

        the claimants need to seek backing with suitable political factions
        & a courtroom that is specifically protected by the military (to any and all incoming)

        and such a courtroom will not be easy to find

  5. mtjoeng says:

    my, rather skeptical, but prove me wrong please,
    take on this situation is

    investigate the spelling on the ‘official’ ‘USB’ documents,
    no proper english speller seemed to be on site?

    the proficiency in english expected of university grads
    in banking, notary or law,
    purportedly mandatory to draw up documents
    worth hundreds of millions?

    as I’ve mentioned in another place
    3 decades ago, reference to this kind of ‘Banking Guarantees’
    came pass my desk & fax machines,
    and there was a Lot of Talk of a Huge Amount of these ‘Guarantees’

    I didn’t get involved at that time, for this went way over my head,
    and had a suspicious ring to it, about the same issue, the Bad Spelling

    now 30 years on, it has been in the ‘rumor mill’ (‘intelligence circles’)
    that those spelling errors were put there ‘on purpose’

    .. muahh ( too dumb )

    if I try to analyze this ‘post WWII’ situation Top Down,
    and having become a lot wiser in years

    I have come to recognize that, in fact, an ‘illuminati’ backed
    banking cartel (think HSBC e.a.), or rather individuals within,
    oversaw the postwar (rather starting way before that)
    possibilities, i.c. ‘never let a disaster opportunity go to waste’

    managed, parallel to ‘official’ state to state, and state to bank,
    when the gun powder smoke had lifted from the battlefields,
    the refinancing of troubled countries,

    they set up a ‘scam’

    parallel to all official transactions,
    to betray, steal, double-cross, swindle & cheat
    anybody and anyone, in those, specifically asiatic,
    then mostly underdeveloped, recently sovereign, nations

    to rip off their wealth, mineral rights, gold, etc etc etc
    in a sweeping inter-regional operation,
    backed and with the aid of agents of then existing secret services,
    the state departments of the USA and Britain,
    all connected to the ‘illuminati” (they don’t call themselves that)
    bankers, those most operating from the City of London,
    or New York, some in Switzerland, some in the Cayman Islands,
    all the major money hubs really, etc etc etc

    these nation, regions, individuals, the populace,
    they’ve all been had,
    left with documents kept by some,
    to be ignored as ‘fraud’,
    by gunpoint,
    held by mind controlled tugs of the Delta Force mercenaries

    the good news is (don’t get your hopes up)
    because of this criminal activity
    there continues to exist a legal issue
    towards the perpetrators

    who’s identity slowly but surely
    we are getting to know,
    through the fog of war, and the mist of history

    and this marvelous ‘expert tool’ (remember this term?)
    the modern internet,
    that connects millions of ‘almost forgotten’ or ‘made to disappear’
    historic facts, dots & tidbits of information,
    that can be made to shape
    one giant accusing finger

    pointing to the same old parties
    that do these scams as a family business for centuries now,
    from the City, Geneva, Venice, New York, Hong Kong etc

    the murder, warmongering and mayhem,
    the drug running & weapons dealing,
    the gold digging & the diamond scam,

    and since recently we know also to include
    pedophile, rape, prostitution & human sacrificial slaughter extortion,
    on a global scale
    involving all captains of industry, banking, politics, sports, media etc etc
    & not to forget our blue blooded fake kings and queens,
    nor should we exclude the up-and-coming
    new chinese & russian ‘aristocracy’,
    the billionaire ex-communist families, who are now all involved

    in all this mayhem

    there is a genuine legal case to be made
    involving blackmail, extortion, theft and the likes

    nevertheless there is such a claim ‘somewhere’,
    this would involve big guns as backing or it won’t happen,

    then again,
    the pursuit of such & like cases
    will bring countless & ominous realities to light

    and my concluding suggestion would be,
    when such realities – finally – are on the table
    ( of the UN?, maybe not .. )
    this then justifies the real and proper demand

    to reset the whole financial system
    ( as in Zero, 0.00 :) )

    .. then arrange Ellen Brown to explain & rebuild the (her) system

    this can be done (somewhat overnight),
    though there will be threats and many opposing forces,

    because I know it can be done

    ( mtjoeng @ gmail . com)

  6. cangold says:

    UBS has a sign at their door which basically states “What comes here, stays here”. They certainly will not give up easily…

  7. pete spencer says:

    I think this is exactly what was intended, all the time the money was only linked to one person, it was in a weak position, as soon as that person dies or dissapears so does the ownership of the gold. they are describing the history and method of ownership and control to protect the current owners of the money to ensure the ownership can’t be denied by UBS.
    As we have seen with the certified bonds issued by the federal reserve, they were purposely printed with faults to undermine anyone actually cashing in the bonds, allowing the bank to say they were frauds.
    Fortunately, it would seem that the special way that this bullion was certified and managed has helped to keep the owbership clear.
    Lets hope UBS have acted strictly in accordance to the terms agreed when it was deposited with the bank. If they have there will be no problem in ensuring the full amount is returned to it’s rightful owner. …..?

  8. Here’s what it looks like to me. (1) President Soekarno once deposited a great deal of gold in UBS in exchange for redeemable “Gold Certificates” in “safekeeping.” (2) UBS has been publically denying the transaction ever happened for that past 50 years. (3) Now Neil’s team has produced authentic UBS Deposit Transaction Certificates that have been examined and it has been determined that they are authentic. (4) In Any court of law, these certificates will stand as a “preponderance of evidence” that the transaction took place and that UBS owes the “Heirs and Assigns” the gold plus interest (a creditor is entitled to fair and legal interest). (5) This is NOT a “shot across the bow.” This is a “collection notice” and a direct hit to the bankster’s powder magazine and, if Neil’s team keeps firing these “main gun turrets” at these bankster clowns, he’s going to have to run sea water over the barrels to keep ‘em from getting too hot! In addition, once he gets going, they’ll probably have medical teams planned for the court appearances inasmuch as there are going to be a lot of banksters suffering strokes.

    • Kathy Kelley says:

      Sister Sas! Glad to have bumped into you! What you state is true. The paperwork with the actual gold was sold to a Raja (Indonesian royalty) and all of the paperwork including the sales transaction and current owners documents are being submitted for possession of the bullion plus interest. That gold MUST be on deposit at the bank due to the type of deposit it is. So yep, it is a direct hit, no way to wiggle out of this one. 22,000+ metric tons of pure gold plus compounded interest since 1966 at CURRENT gold prices. Wonder how there are going to get out of this one? HAAAHAHAHAHA! Put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye RAOFLMAO

    • LAF says:

      Thanks for a good dissemination of the details, SAS and Kathy. I got the gist of it but I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the details. Much less imagine how UBS is going to respond. Inevitably they will waste as much time as possible, but they can only hold out for so long. Neil shot some seriously pointed words about wasting time – I thought that was great. I wonder what the requirements are to be the technician.

      And I don’t know about court appearances, SAS. Most likely there’s going to be a lot of running.

  9. I must’ve missed something. I don’t understand.

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