RT: US drops key European missile defense component

Somehow, I don’t think the stated reason for this is the ‘real’ truth, but so far, I haven’t a clue. . . ~J

Published time: March 16, 2013 04:16
Edited time: March 16, 2013 19:51

US soldiers stand in front of a Patriot missile battery at an army base in the northern Polish town of Morag (AFP Photo / Wojtek Rodwanki)

US soldiers stand in front of a Patriot missile battery at an army base in the northern Polish town of Morag (AFP Photo / Wojtek Rodwanki)

The United Stated is abandoning a key part of its Eastern European missile defense plan due to development problems and funding, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has announced. The focus, he said, will be shifted to perceived threats from North Korea.

Several interceptors in Poland and Romania, the deployment of which had been the source of heavy criticism from Moscow, will be scrapped.

Hagel told the press on Friday that the decision was made as part of an overall restructuring of the country’s missile defense plans, with an eye to stopping perceived threats from Iran and North Korea.

The restructuring of the program will see $1 billion shifted to add some 14 new interceptors to the 26 existing ones in Alaska designed to counter potential North Korea missiles.

Washington claims that its decision was prompted by a need to address North Korea’s faster-than-anticipated progress in nuclear weapons development. The changes to the program will free up the money to do so, Hagel said.

Phase One (2011) - Deployment of Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD)-capable ships. In 2011 the USS Monterey, equipped with proven SM-3 Block IA ballistic missile interceptors, was deployed in the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey agreed to host a land-based early warning radar. By 2012, the system was functional according to the program’s timeline.

Phase Two (2015) – Deployment of a more capable ground-based SM-3 Block IB ballistic missile interceptor in Romania.

Phase Three (2018) – Deployment of an additional advanced ground-based SM-3 Block IIA ballistic missile interceptor in Poland.

Phase Four (2020) - Deployment of SM-3 Block IIB ballistic missile interceptors. Washington canceled this phase on March 15, 2013.

Explaining the rationale behind the initial plans for American outposts in Poland and Romania, Hagel said, “the purpose was to add to the protection of the US homeland already provided by our current [ground-based interceptors] against missile threats from the Middle East.”

But, he added, “The timeline for deploying this program had been delayed to at least 2022 due to cuts in Congressional funding. Meanwhile the threat matures. By shifting resources from this lagging program … We will be able to add protection against missiles from Iran sooner, also providing additional protection against the North Korean threat.”

However, the Poland- and Romania-based SM-3 Block IIB ballistic interceptors were only one component in a multifaceted missile defense program. While Phase 4 – the now-scrapped interceptors – are off the table, phases 1 through 3 are set to continue as planned.

The missile deployments the United States are making in phases 1 through 3 of the European Phased Adaptive approach including sites in Poland and Romania will still be able to provide coverage of all European NATO territory as planned by 2018,” Hagel said.

Kremlin concerns

The Kremlin has argued that deployment of the systems in its neighborhood was aimed at countering Russian missiles and undermining its nuclear deterrent, though Washington said the system was aimed at countering threats from Iran.

During initial negotiations with the George W. Bush administration, Moscow offered Washington the use of an alternative site in Azerbaijan in order to counter the Iranian threats evoked by the US.

The missile shield also faced strong domestic opposition in Poland and Romania, bringing the Obama administration in 2009 to announce that it was canceling its plans for the project.

But a reformulated scheme was announced a month later in October 2009, showing plans to place smaller, mobile SM-3 ballistic missile interceptors in the region by 2018.

Besides the placement of the interceptors, Russian officials have also opposed a radar installation set to be based in the Czech Republic. The base would enable US forces and their NATO partners to monitor activities in European Russian airspace.

Hagel stressed that other components of American missile defense plans in Europe would continue, and that Washington’s commitment in Europe “remains ironclad,” but made no reference to Kremlin objections to the program.

An anonymous senior State Department official told the AP that while Poland and Romania were informed of the decision ahead of the announcement, Russia was not.

AFP Photo / Wojtek Rodwanki
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8 Responses to RT: US drops key European missile defense component

  1. Nancy C says:

    According to blogger, Xymphora it’s part of Obama’s take down of Zionist control of the U.S and is a deliberate signal to Netanyahoo on the eve of Obama’s visit. This blogger lumps “Jews, Israeli’s and Zionists” together in what he calls “JIZ”. I find his language, sarcasm and negativity distasteful but this website is an excellent source on humanity’s current struggle against the Cabal or what Fulford calls the Sabbateans or Xymphora’s JIZ. You just have to use discernment and editing which we all have to do anyway. .http://xymphora.blogspot.com/
    Saturday, March 16, 2013


    **A real blow to Bibi and World Jewry: “US scraps final phase of European missile shield”. Never, ever forget how important crazed American militarism is to the Jews, and to withdraw missiles that were to be installed supposedly against the mythical Iranian nuclear threat, at a time just before Barry is going to meet Bibi, well, a kick in the teeth has never been clearer (I imagine Hagel got a thrill out of the announcement).

    Just to emphasize the issue, and to demonstrate Barry’s important No Military Contractor Left Behind Program, note the almost simultaneous announcement about defending against the mythical North Korean threat: “Pentagon plans to add missile interceptors in Alaska”. Neither threat is real, but the Iranian one, the one the Jews can’t stop talking about, has been moved into the ridiculous category.**

    • Jean says:

      Nancy, I like this analysis. It makes great sense to me. Thanks for sharing and hugs, ~Jean

      • Nancy C says:

        I agree. As soon as I read Xymphora’s analyisis, it felt right.

        In 2008 Al Giordano published an essay, titled, “Obama and the US-Latin America time bomb”. Giordano analyzed Obama’s speech on Latin America and posited that after decades of imperial abuse, Obama’s approach was similar to defusing a time bomb. That is, that Obama’s approach is to patiently and carefully decide which wires to cut first to prevent the whole thing from blowing up. http://www.narconews.com/Issue53/article3110.html

        In my opinion, Obama is handling Israeli/Zionist control of the US in this same patient, painstaking way of carefully clipping one support wire at a time while saying in speech after speech that of course the US prioritize Israel’s “security”. I’m thinking of Obama’s going on Jay Leno when Netanyahoo was in town, of the “accidental” open mic in which Sarkozy [France] & Obama commiserate each other on having to deal with Netanyahoo. In retrospect, I am now seeing why Hagel’s confirmation was such a hassle. Congressional Zionists realized Obama was cutting another wire.

  2. Nick says:

    Our friends have disabled the nuclear bombs, our governments now realise this to be true and no longer have this option avaliable to them. Not being able to afford them is most likely not true, as they always seem to be able to find finance for war machines. I think they have finally realised it is futile to go further down this route of nuclear bombs. I expect that the truck that was lifted off the Autobahn and had it’s cargo beamed away, was most probably something to take the place of nuclear devices and likely to have been biological in nature.
    I guess that the next stupid move would be direct action against certain out of atmosphere targets, and I await the first terrestrial craft to be filmed in freefall on the media with bated breath. I read somewhere of 300/400 US made craft. I also read somewhere else of millions of unidentified flying crafts from elsewhere in our universe.
    Guess the media would not be able to neatly explain away 300/400 flaming craft crashing; but then again, they are very inventive in their side of the game.

    • Alex says:

      What we may be seeing here is a shift. What I’m hoping is that the U.S. under Hagel is finally coming to terms with the fact that the fiat money system that is imploding in the Eurozone and the U.S. is not going to continue and we are not going to be able to spend trillions of our money and our children’s money to support the elitest interests of the cabal. I am hoping we are going to see a gradual withdrawal to our own borders. Perhaps we will build a strong America with secure borders that are safe with the interest of the American people and those that legally immigrate to this country. Maybe we will stop giving billions to support the militaries of our puppet governments overseas. Let’s keep an eye on Hagel, jury is still out but maybe the Ten Gallon hat in his closet at home is a white one.

      • Nick says:

        I question why we need any ‘secure borders’ when we are one?

      • Alex says:

        Nick I think in terms of where we ultimately want to go that is a valid question. Do you think we are there at this moment? Do you feel that everyone’s consciousness is at the point where they actually perceive that Oneness in the sense you imply? I think that perception is growing.

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