David Wilcock: Boston Marathon: Meditate for Peace

by David Wilcock
Source: Divine Cosmos.com
April 15, 2013, 3:33 pm

The Meditation Effect proves we can reduce war, terrorism and violence by turning within. Now is the time for us to use this science to help the planet.


I just got off the air with Scout Bartlett, of KEST-Radio in San Francisco, after taping a half-hour radio show that will air later this week.

He is the Host and Producer of two shows – Life Insights Live and Spiritual Perspectives, which air on 1450 AM in the northern California region.

I called in at 11:55 AM Pacific time, and we began taping as of 12 noon — or 3PM Eastern time.

This was quite a show. I exposed the Cabal, false-flag terrorism, and sketched out the Big Picture of where this is all going.

I specifically focused on the fact that even though this appears as a global “Dark Night of the Soul,” this is only one part of a larger story — with a very positive ending.

Right from the beginning, I called special attention to the Meditation Effect.


In this 25-minute show, which only ended a half-hour ago as I write this sentence, I described how 50 different scientific studies have confirmed the Meditation Effect is real.

7000 people get together and meditate — and global terrorism goes down by 72 percent.

Similarly dramatic decreases were seen in war, fatalities and violent crime.

Even if skeptics want to argue about whether or not this is “real,” the fact is that all other variables have been ruled out — including weekends, weather, holidays, et cetera.

This effect has been documented in numerous peer-reviewed publications, including the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.


I just got done telling Scout that this effect does NOT work the same way for the negative.

If 7000 people thinking thoughts of fear, anger and revenge had the same effect, we’d be in trouble.

I described how a very small group of people are actually running both sides of the major wars — including World War II.

This was revealed to me in a college class in 1992 — after I had already turned off my attention to the television, and kept it off.


Awakening to the existence of this centralized Cabal is essential to a greater spiritual realization.

Confronting your fear, moving through trauma and anguish, and ultimately renewing your faith in a loving Universe is the key to success.

The Meditation Effect proves that the Universe is biased in favor of love, peace and forgiveness.

When we practice this within ourselves, it has a collective, energetic effect on others.

The science behind this is not yet commonly accepted, but the supporting data is extensive — as I’ve been revealing for years now.


In this same radio show, I explained that over 30 ancient cultures had an “encoded” prophecy in their myths of a coming Golden Age.

This was verified by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, two historians at the top of their game in the 1960s.

They wrote an entire book on this subject entitled Hamlet’s Mill – and made a very elaborate and stunning case.

I explained that every myth has the “Hero’s Journey” story embedded in it as well.

This is ultimately a blueprint of the Universal Mind — revealing how we move through cycles of renewal and spiritual awakening in our lives.

The patterns we move through are called “Archetypes” — and one of them is the Dark Night of the Soul.

At this point, it seems that All is Lost, and there is a strong Whiff of Death that cannot be ignored — but it is not the end.

New solutions quickly follow after what seems like a point of no return.


In this new science, war and terrorism is more likely to happen when the collective frequency of consciousness drops sufficiently.

If enough people feel anger, fear, stress and pain, these disasters are much more likely to occur.

One prominent example is the Indonesian tsunami, which occurred right during Christmas — statistically the #1 time of the year for suicide and stress.

Positive emotions protect us from these disasters — by creating a radiant effect that influences the free will of others, so they do not commit heinous acts.

Today is a very significant stress day for the American public. It is April 15th — the day everyone must pay their taxes.

It is a “deadline” — and with the economy being in the dumps, many people are feeling extraordinary stress.

This ultimately lowers our “defense shields”, in terms of how this new science actually operates.

Personally, I know I just could not sleep this morning. I was bolt-awake at 5:30 AM. Then I got up again at 8:30. It was very difficult to stay asleep.

I was not nervous about the radio show, and could not understand where all of this was coming from.


As soon as I looked online after my show, the bombing had occurred. I immediately saw the connection with the show I had just finished up with.

I do absolutely believe there is an international alliance that is seeking to defeat the Cabal.

There is extensive evidence that the Cabal uses terrorism to meet its needs.

Though none of the media outlets are speculating on this just yet, these two explosions at the finish-line of the Boston Marathon have all the indications of a deliberate attack.

It was also timed on an important day — right after the Cabal bank accounts will be replenished.

Part of the Cabal is in America, and relies on stealing our tax revenues for its survival.

It is time for the Alliance to step up and take more definitive action. We’ve been hearing for over a year now that they were ready to move.

By not moving yet, and taking their time, terrible losses have been suffered.


I do understand the strategy behind waiting. Even with fatalities like this, the Cabal is a menacing adversary with control of much of the media.

This is something we only get one chance to do properly. It has to be done right the first time.

In my radio show today, I explained how a small group of about 3000 people are really the key — and within that group, there are only about 100 or less who are the top managers.

By simply nullifying their influence, such as through mass arrests, the entire command system could be changed.

The media could begin singing a different tune — very quickly — once this managerial shift is enacted.


Insiders have told me the Alliance — which includes a majority of the US military, who wish to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic — is prepared to act if the Cabal pushes it too far.

This cowardly and treasonous act of false-flag terrorism will undoubtedly be used in the media as a provocation, attempting to incite much greater hostilities.

Will the Alliance finally get the job done? Will this finally be enough?

I hope so.

And here’s the thing. I don’t have to merely hope.

We can use the new science to help change the outcome — and finally end this global nightmare.


This is a pivotal moment in history.

YOU have the power to change the outcome.

You can choose to obsess on this, feel fear, worry, anger and pain, and drown in hours of footage of atrocities from the scene.

You can also choose to use the Meditation Effect, and enact thoughts of peace, love and happiness — and realize the greater Unity we all share.

We have more than enough people in our audience — which reaches millions, in potential — to make this happen.


YOU can begin voting, right now, for peace and positivity.

We cannot change that this event has happened. We can, however, steer the narrative away from greater violence, and towards greater peace.

It is a remarkable synchronicity that I spelled all of this out on the radio, BEFORE the event actually happened.

I am sure Scout will gladly testify to the fact that we did that entire show before this happened. Otherwise, he would obviously have mentioned it.

I do not believe we are going to stay in darkness forever. Peace is possible. Peace is attainable.

We have the power to create the future we seek. A future of prosperity, goodness, abundance and mutual respect.


Even if you are not sure if this really works, I ask you to please join us now in seeking that place of Pure Consciousness in yourself.

Look to the positive. Reflect on the little things. Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the love that is always there.

Know in your heart that you are a being of infinite worth, that the Universe is a loving and peaceful place, and that the way you feel, right now, can control the outcome.

I thank you for caring enough to do this.


Please note: I just realized I uploaded this at 3:33 pm. That was NOT intentional. I noticed it immediately after checking the front page.

It further confirms that writing this post was the right move — and we do have the power to change the outcome.


Last night, I finished writing the Captions Log for my new book, The Synchronicity Key.

This was a list of all the images that will be in the final version of the book, as well as the written captions that will go underneath them.

Several of these images were geometric illustrations — including the Platonic Solids. It is the very, very last stage of the process of writing the book, except for one final edit.

Right as I was looking for an image online to complete the collection, I was stunned by Google’s front page illustration. It’s still there right now:

The spherical “coordinates” in the center rotate. Notice that we see drawings of the icosahedron, the tetrahedron and the octahedron all in this illustration — three out of the five Platonic Solids.

I could hardly believe my eyes, given that I was literally doing the last move I needed to make to illustrate how this geometry is the basis of the Universal Mind.


This is the link that Google made over the above illustration:


Here are three article excerpts that explained why they did it. Today is the 306th birthday of Leonhard Euler.

The Guardian on Leonhard Euler Honored by Google Doodle


The birth of the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler has been celebrated by Google with the publishing of an interactive Google doodle.

Euler was arguably the most important mathematician of the 18th century and one of the greatest of all time.

He introduced most modern mathematical terminology and notation and was also renowned for his work in mechanics, fluid dynamics, optics, and astronomy.

NDTV on Leonhard Euler Google Doodle


Leonhard Euler, one of the most greatest mathematicians of all times, is the subject of Monday’s Google doodle.

Leonhard Euler is know for introducing much of the mathematical terminology and notation that is used today, such as the notion of a mathematical function.

Euler also made important discoveries in the field of calculus and graph theory.

This last excerpt from the Times of India explains how Euler contributed to the geometry they illustrated on Google.

Times of India on Leonhard Euler Google Doodle


NEW DELHI: Today Google, the search engine giant, celebrates Leonhard Euler’s 306th birth anniversary with an animated Google doodle.Leonhard Euler (15 April 1707 – 18 September 1783) born in Basel, Switzerland, was a physicist and mathematician whose contribution and discoveries are considered to be significant in the fields of infinitesimal calculus and graph theory.His area of work included continuum physics, algebra, lunar theory, trigonometry, geometry, infinitesimal calculus. And his work is used as references to explain a large number of topics.


I really did feel like Neo in that scene in The Matrix where he says “My computer is talking to me!” This was another example of many synchronicities that have happened over the years.

This is why we named the book The Synchronicity Key in the first place. This geometry shows up everywhere — from the quantum to universal level.

The new, unified science reveals how this geometry shapes and molds reality as we know it.

In truth, there are always going to be places where you can see fear, doom, death and destruction.

You can focus on those things, and become convinced that this is all there is.

You can also focus on life, love, peace and laughter — and find abundant proof of that reality around you as well.

Choosing to focus on the positive is not naive, it’s not ignorant and it’s not superstitious.

From a scientific perspective, you are helping all of us. And you may just save innocent lives – and cast your vote to help defeat the Cabal.


Here’s another very strange synchronicity I just noticed after posting this article.

The picture I was actually looking for on Google last night, when I saw the geometry, was a diagram of the “magic bullet” theory for JFK’s assassination.

This was one of two images I found — and ended up deciding not to use in the book. Here is the other one.


I just found out that a third explosion is now being reported — at the JFK Library.

Horrific Attack in Boston at JFK Library, Boston Marathon


Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said two “simultaneous explosions” occurred 50 to 100 yards apart near the finish line.

Davis would not say whether the explosions were  the result of a terrorist attack, “but you can reach your own conclusions based on what happened.”

“A third incident has occurred at the JFK Library,” he said.

Davis said: “We are not certain these incidents are related, but we are treating them as if they are.”

The fire resulting from the explosion at the JFK Library was put out by 5 p.m. Monday.


I do believe these are not coincidences. On an intuitive, subconscious level, I saw this coming — and it all came together on the radio show.

I also saw some very grisly images of JFK’s corpse after assassination in the morgue while doing this search. It opened my heart to these problems even more.

My point in the book regarding the “magic bullet” theory is that no one really believed it.

In time, it will be seen as a major tipping-point in the Cabal’s eventual defat.

We’ve been taught to keep our heads down, ignore the wolf circling the herd, and hope that he won’t come after us.

In truth, we are not sheep. They are not wolves. We are human beings. We are much more powerful than they are — as soon as we begin claiming it.

I urge you to do this with me now. Pray for peace. Open your heart. Relax your mind. Let’s co-create a better future for everyone — using the new science.

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16 Responses to David Wilcock: Boston Marathon: Meditate for Peace

  1. Gabreal Jones says:

    So to cut the story short. These world wide effects certainly would not have occured if any other spiritual etc. group practicing whatever meditation would have assembled. Super scepsis of scientists is very healthy. TM has passed its test. That’s what peer review research means!

    If there is another perhaps even more effective way, then, please organise that group experiment,.The world is in urgent need of it.

    I have proposed one concrete thing: let the White Dragon Society finance this science approved
    way to create a better world. MMY placed announcementS in the worlds major papers to establish a World Peace Endowment Fund. He adressed the rich of the world to form this Fund of 1 billion dollar-,the price of a B2 bomber. With the yearly interest of it a 8.00- 40.000 group of Vedic Pandits could be organised permanently in the centre of India. Then the job is done.

    Please see these announcements here;


    Love to you Jean/David/Benjamin/Neil

    I value your work highly- since it is concrete- and point in comments and mails to what you do.

    CIA O

  2. Gabreal Jones says:

    The Absolute or Divine is potentially in everyone of us. Many techniques or keys are available in the ‘Spiritual Supermarket’ to unlock this Inner Treasury it, but

    (…) Published studies show the Transcendental Meditation technique produces a state of rest and relaxation far deeper than all other practices, as measured by changes in oxygen consumption, respiration rate, cardiovascular rest, skin resistance and biochemistry (…)

    source: http://mythstodispel.blogspot.nl/

    David (exact sources, please, Dave!) talks about the extensive scientific research on the beneficial effects of Transcendental Meditation ™ (since 1970) esp. the socalled Maharishi Effect.
    From December 17, 1983 till January 6, 1984 a group of 7.000 got organised in Fairfield, Iowa and the results that David talks about spontaneously occurred as a byproduct.

    Please see:


    Buckminster Fuller and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Press Conference, Amherst, 1971:

    vid counter: 08.11 Buckminster Fuller on MMY:
    (…) I am sure what Maharishi makes so beloved and understood is that he has manifest Love. You could not meet with Maharishi without recognizing instantly his integrity (…)

    CIA O

  3. Gabreal Jones says:

    Dear Jean,

    The Absolute or Divine is potentially in everyone of us. Many techniques or keys are available in the ‘Spiritual Supermarket’ to unlock this Inner Treasury, yet:

    (…) Published studies show the Transcendental Meditation technique produces a state of rest and relaxation far deeper than all other practices, as measured by changes in oxygen consumption, respiration rate, cardiovascular rest, skin resistance and biochemistry (…)
    source: http://mythstodispel.blogspot.nl/

    David (excact sources, please, Dave) talks about the extensive scientific research on the beneficial effects of Transcendental Meditation ™ (since 1970) esp. the socalled Maharishi Effect.

    From December 17, 1983 till January 6, 1984 a group of 7.000 got organised in Fairfield, Iowa and the results that David talks about spontaneously occurred as a byproduct.

    Please see:


    Buckminster Fuller and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Press Conference, Amherst, 1971:


    vid counter: 08.11 Buckminster Fuller on MMY: (…) I am sure what Maharishi makes so beloved and understood is that he has manifest Love. You could not meet with Maharishi without recognizing instantly his integrity (…)

    ‘The creation of an Ideal Society is a byproduct of Pure Knowledge’ (MMY, 1978)

  4. Glenn Wakeling says:

    Bless you for this. Yes we all need to come together one people one planet. All hearts are one heart and one heart is all hearts. God bless and love and Light to us all. Glennxxxx

  5. Birgit Jonas says:

    I am very glad I read David´s article where he explains about the importance and effects of meditation. The article of this link is explaining, that we enter now a few weeks where this is magnified very much more.

  6. Thank you all for the great blogs and comments. I love you David and Jean! Let’s go of the Us vs.Them belief. What we resist will persist! We are ALL ONE! What we focus on with love will grow, so lets honor the divine within every single person. Forgive, forgive, forgive! There is no cabal, only people making choices and learning lessons. We all work with light and shadow and we must all learn through our own experience what works and what doesn’t. I totally forgive myself and all others for all harm done. I love you / me, I forgive you / me, God bless you / me!

  7. Jo H. says:

    No need to have more discussions and arguments about whether or not the Boston Marathon explosion(s) were the work of external terrorists or an insider’s job. Now the cabal and its minions are upping and playing the game more blatantly, whatever the “astrological circumstances” used as a justification for the timing. Yet, the fact of the law of the universe stands still: We DO have a choice of choosing our response to this mayhem-inciting, but not so novel, maneuver. And, hopefully, it’s one of their last ones.

    Thank you for giving us a clear and focused direction.

  8. DrinkDeep says:

    and let’s send some love to those in Iran and Pakistan after the (random?) 7.7 earthquake:

  9. Hello Dearest Jean, What a past few days this has been. I was so stunned by all that has transpired I immediately went into a place of peace. For me that seems to be the only way to make sense of anything lately. I am happy you are back, happy that those who are assisting the earth and it’s inhabitants are shaking hands again and shaking my head over yesterdays deliberate attack on one of the most negative days possible tax day, and the gun affair…………I agree with all my heart and soul that staying in peace and going into our hearts love for all is the only way to change the energies of the world. Thanks for being such a great friend. I can always count on you for sure as the song says………………Blessings and Love to all……………..We are awake and cannot be fooled any longer!

  10. k.b. says:


    photo in above link

    The Boston Bombing — The Eerily Predictable Symbolism of an Age of Terror

    Yair Rosenberg, a writer at Tablet Magazine and the editor of the English-language blog of the Israeli National Archives, makes an intriguing observation about the multiple explosions at the Boston Marathon. Commenting on a photo taken by the Boston Globe’s John Tlumacki of a grey-haired runner lying in the middle of the road surrounded by Boston police officers reacting at the scene, Rosenberg draws attention to what might best be described as the uncannily predictable symbolism associated with such terror events:

    Eerily, the photo above depicts first responders after the explosion, with the Israeli flag visible in the background—on Israel’s own memorial day.

    The day referred to is Israel’s official Memorial Day, Yom Hazikaron, which is the shorter Hebrew term for the “Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism.” Enacted into law in 1963, the national observance had been traditionally dedicated to IDF soldiers — including those who have died in the Operation Cast Lead assault on the imprisoned population of Gaza — but has now been extended to “civilian victims of Palestinian political violence and Palestinian terrorism.”

    Apart from that reminder of Israel’s perceived victimhood, the significance of the iconic image of the world’s flags fluttering in the foreground of the terror scene will not be lost on Tel Aviv and its foreign agents as they will surely tout the Boston Marathon bombing as yet another assault on the entire civilized world with a besieged, peace-seeking Jewish state bravely standing in the front lines.

  11. Carlota Robles says:

    Pray asking God’s protection and then visualize all of us living in peace, harmony, abundance, love, health. That is our sacred duty and the means through which we can manifest every good and perfect gift in this physical plane we are living in right now. Lets not give our energy to the fear, etc, that this horrible attack wants to elicit from everybody. Lets visualize the opposite with a feeling of love and gratitude and as a critical number of us do this, it will soon manifest in our world. Keep on keeping on. We have already won.

  12. Nine says:

    Dear Jean,

    Now that was the most astounding thing I have read in a long long time!!!

    I never took sides on that Keenan/OPPT thing yet I just watched trusting your judgement on such issues…..and glad to see peace has come about on that side of things and yet that in itself is quite amazing to me…..

    They divide they are cruel and they are arrogant yet though many disagree there is peace in our little family again….

    Yet, with this latest attack and of course that anger and fear that they generate just had little effect on me this time around since I knew that it was evil and not from God/source and I just concentrated on my family and on peace within myself and with that notion of how dare they invade my space with this fear and hate and war and death…..

    They wanted this on your site dear Jean and yet that was foiled whatever the details…..matters not……

    It says in the Christian scriptures that we wrestle with principalities and powers in high places and Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world….

    And so we shall wrestle and win….and though we disagree we shall above all else seek peace and love in our dealings with each other……

    Whatever the details of OPPT or Mr. Keenan peace has overcome hostility and the source must have orhestrated this and I sit here simply amazed yet hopeful for my future…

    And so the real power is peace and love and that is what they do not want us concentrating our energies on right now…..

    This was one of the best things I have read in along time…..thank you for posting….


  13. lucimilena says:

    Reblogged this on Lucimilena's Blog and commented:
    we are starting waking up, step by step……….welcome all that is!

  14. lucimilena says:

    time to come all together for liberation meditation, this is a very wise article that completely resonates within my heart. light and love, victory for peace and abundance is near by.
    Cabal will be arrested and brought into the light. The golden age is already starting.
    we are all one in unity. namaste

  15. ed says:

    There is another linkage to all of this……
    based on The Taxonomy Of A Unity…..unity field mathematics…..
    = imagine.educe.materialise.repeat = unity = peace.joy.love.light =
    ……love from Ed

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