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  1. chicklet says:

    I keep checking back for an update on Neil Keenan’s trip to the President of Indonesia. Does the silence between Michael, Jean, and Neil mean that that Suisseno ,OPPT or one people are legit? Jean you repeatedly stated there was more to the story and there was going to be more post, and yet…nothing. That’s o.k. if there is nothing left to tell. However, if there is nothing left to add about Oppt or Suissendo you would state that you have nothing. You all made big claims about what you know, so it would show a lot of integrity to follow up on your claims . And if you feel you were wrong, I think we would all like to know that also.


    • Jean says:

      We have one more post coming, probably tomorrow or at the latest, the next day! Other events have interrupted. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  2. Darryl says:

    Hello all. I am a bit of a newcomer to this scene. In this video Mr Keenan mentions a need for a water cleaning technology by the Empress for part of the coming remediation. I am blessed to have connection to such a potential technology. It’s proven technology, and production is available. It’s not available on the open market, yet, but it will be. But it is available to me. I would love to share it with the world in this way of love and light. Who could I contact to be able to do this?

    • Jean says:

      I will forward this info to Neil, who is very busy right now. If he doesn’t get in touch with you in a reasonable time, please leave another note here. Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  3. Nine says:

    I went for a bike ride with a bunch of guys….we are well…a bit over the hill….and our ride is segregated by ability on a bike (well a nice way to say you are old)….we did some miles at a good pace and returned to have a few drinks….we always have a few drinks after one of these rides….

    No one talked about Boston or sandy hook or 9/11….instead it was more mondain matters such as how do I fund my kids college…or I lost my job of 20 plus years….or I just can not work anymore at this job yet they cut my pension and my 401k is way down…..so I can not possibly retire…

    Yes I know that men are pigs and mother fuckers as some would say but to a man all of my pals worry about there wives and children and worry about there futures….and men who have wives that spend limited resources as if there was no tomorrow….in a today of shrinking resources….in a today of how do I possibly keep up? The answer that I tell my palls is to actively and intelligently drop out of their system…..

    Yet I am old enough to remember a different America….one that had pensions and family supporting jobs and so on….yet all that is a dream….yet….leave it to beaver was a reality for many and I Iived it as a young boy…..

    This is the extant of that criminality that has overcome America….where did that money go? It is stuffed in banks and gubernment accounts…..

    Oh the answer will be stuffed down Americans wind pipes….it is best to prepare now as best you can….not with guns and bullets but with friendships and mutual aid to one another….without money if need be….

    Will this really be so bad as we transition to a better world my dear family? I will gladly trade my money for an end to that cabal….I will gladly end my servitude to their system….

    We simply have to look beyond what will end and what we might loose for the greater good…

    I am a captive of the source/creator…..I was an unwilling participant in all of this and I have become perceptive…yet unwillingly so….I was so happy in my world of Church and such and my career and my money and success….and to be blind and stupid was indeed a blessing…to see things as they are is not a blessing yet it is the will of powers beyond myself….

    And so I look for a better world….I prey for that better world….I see that better world……

    And so I am happy and confident around my family and I tell them of better times to come…..and though we lack now we have hope for the future….

    And dear Neil….we all can use your sense of humor in these times….yet I know little of source I do believe that that is a core value..

    Please forgive my poor rantings….it is just what I have been feeling……


    • Jean says:

      Nine, the expression of your feelings to us all is making a very powerful statement. You speak from your heart every.single.time, and you capture my interest each time you do. I think it is because your heart is speaking to my heart, which hears so clearly what you say. My mind does not get in the way, and I know on a very deep level that you speak ‘your truth’, which is really all that matters. There is a great deal of power in what you say, Nine, because your power is from your heart, not your ego, and I don’t know about anyone else, but your words, your personal expression of your experiences, resonates very deeply within me.

      Please, continue to speak to us all at this time!

      Thanks, and much love and hugs,

    • DrBubb says:

      Where did the money go – where is it going.
      It is shameful that the Mainstream Misleadia is not telling you/us the truth. It merely serves the cabal that owns it.

      I had to work it out for myself – we are being drained every day. Americans are subject to 5 Big Cash drains:

      + Taxes and Fees going to government, which is out of control and does not serve the people,
      + Military spending, since the US has been installed (by elites) as the world policeman, and pays more than twice as much per capita as citizens in other Western countries. Yet the overseas military presences supports US corporations abroad, who want to pay lower taxes, and have the sheeple back home pay for their cover,
      + An American living arrangement rooted in the suburbs, which requires expensive communiting by car, and so America imports 6-7 million barrels of oil everyday, and enriches domestic oil producers and refiners,
      + An inefficient healthcare system, most expensive in the world, which benefits pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and doctors – but delivers the 41st best longevity in the world, which is far below countries that spend a fraction of what we do,
      + A predatory banking system that has stopped serving its clients and now destroys them with

      I write about this, but no one cares, few show any interest in agreeing. Yet my experience is that once I realised this, it became more clear every day that this is what was happening. And with such a high cash drain, American workers are no longer competitive in the world market.

      I wish our so-called political and economic leadership would show some interest in addressing these cash drains, but they are too busy enriching themselves and serving their corporate masters, who live off these cash drains.

      WE CAN CHANGE IT – but only if we understand what is happening and how American wealth is being sucked out of the middle class, with only a small minority of elites benefiting.

  4. oldenwise says:

    I have been on the fence with this since its inception…if it’s confusing I don’t trust it….shame some of my fb friends believe otherwise….facebook is blocking this article as unsafe to share…no prob, will just do the ole cut n paste trick.

    • oldenwise says:

      even the cut and past didn’t work, again blocked by facebook as spam and unsafe…any ideas how to post to FB.

      • Jean says:

        Can anyone help here? Please? I haven’t a clue . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Lezli says:

        Tried myself and got the message that the content was blocked for being spammy or abusive.

        OPPT is experiencing the same thing with their blogs. They are getting a message that the website has malicious content on it.

      • DrBubb says:

        Facebook is best avoided.
        I suggest: No Facebook in your life. Then you will have more privacy, more freedom

      • oldenwise says:

        I disagree it should be avoided…if it wasn’t for FB some of the information that Jean shares would not be known….it is the perfect place to share…I know it works and I have woken many many people to whats going on in this world by joining many groups that are on the same level…it is only OPPT that has all of sudden been a hinderance in sharing…go figure…..I don’t need privacy because I have nothing to hide…My account is 100% open and has been for 8years…my hobby was put aside on FB a few years ago now where I have shared over 33000 photos which are still there and I still add to but nowhere near as much because of more important things going on…I also share on other blogs but there is no way it gets seen as much as it does on FB…..I look for information on hundreds of sites not just here on Jeans blog, although Jeans is the best place to keep track of the Collateral accounts…I wont be intimidated by those that govern FB because what is shared on FB usually has a link where it can be verified by it’s source, if it has no source it can’t be verified and I don’t bother with it…and as for Freedom, well I’m living it, no cards no payments a casual job and the freedom to share what I know and how I know best….keep fighting the good fight I say.

  5. temtsenee says:

    Yes, Jean, you are right. Mr Neil Keenal looks very healthy and alive in this video. Keep fighting, fighting the evil. I am standing shoulder to shoulder to all of you. Only is there peace until the evil/stealing/deceiting is eradicated. Keeping positive attitude/emotion alive and God bless all.

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      500 Mongols on the way. Great security team. Michael needs 499 so make sure there is 500 for me to joke with. hahahha. This is a great idea and will be considered soon.

  6. Jeanne Scoville says:

    Jean, I have so much respect for your vigilance & endurance on our behalf! Sending my very best right back to you as well as my deepest appreciation to you, Neil, Michael & the rest of the “choir”…

  7. Nine says:

    I must comment here on OPPT,

    I have not taken sides on this issue….but upon looking upon how dear Jean has had to go to moderating her comments section on her fine blog because of this issue I feel that there is a certain arrogance to many in the oppt community and I dismissed them outright!

    Paul Short the blogger has been intimidated by some of these people. And they seem to promise something for nothing….

    Now to Neils comments….some might object to his delivery….not me!

    What exactly did he say? We have to first get things released from criminal control then audit these funds and assets to see what is real and what is not real!

    After that we will determine historical ownership then with the permission of said historical owners invest in humanitarian projects with the most needy first!!!

    Did I miss something here? This is no call for revolution to any soverign government yet is maybe a call to a restoration of said governments like in America….

    Now, in the West our criminal controllers have shipped much industry out of our country to their profit and our inpoverishment especially in America. Many would say that it is the fault of the American people for voting for such swine in the first place…..but in reality Americans have become dis-empowered and dumbed down by their leaders…their leaders do not respond to the will of the people.

    And with all that said who could blame the new emerging eastern leaders from destroying us because of our evil? But it is an interconnecting world with much advantage for peaceful business conducted fairly for profit for all who are willing to work….

    My other thoughts about dear Jean’s blog were her wonderful posts on spirituality which have been of great help to me personally. Jean has commented to many on her blog that if you do your inner work you will understand.

    When I first came here I would simply pass over her spiritual comments in that search for truth but found instead that in ones search for truth one must go within or to spiritual truths…..

    So instead of skipping posts I would try to read them and if I could not understand I would not become critical but say in my heart I just do not understand these things…

    And over time the scales of my programing of wicked controllers was broken….and I was free of them….and then with this OPPT stuff I simply had to ask a simple question…if we are free why do we want to use there system of slavery once again?

    The main values of the cabal are control, cruelty, arrogance, fear, subjugation and violence….

    The core values of source/Creator/God are unconditional love, peace, harmony, love, family, joy, humor, and most of all freedom…..

    There are many factions in the power grid way above elected governments…..and how this plays out I have no answer and yet Neil is at least giving us a little information on these things and he also seems hopeful for a positive out come….and I will take comfort in that and wait and watch as things develop….


    • Lezli says:

      I am most edified by your comments. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so eloquently.

    • Jean says:

      Nine, thanks for this beautiful, spiritually-oriented comment. For myself, I have begun to wonder if these OPPT folks are not just fundamentalists in another form: don’t think for yourself; we’ve got it all worked out for you; we’ll do it all for you. Those who are doing their inner work are going to see this. I’m also waiting for another report to come through, which raises a lot of questions about the professed transparency of these OPPT people. It seems they, too, are working on the premise that God will do it for us. . . as though God is outside us. God is NOT outside us, and as far as I can see all these people do is throw around spiritual talk: they are talking the talk, but I do not believe they have walked the walk. They, themselves, are running around like a new kind of fundamentalist: God is going to do it for them, too. . . I don’t believe a word of it.

      I ask you all to wait patiently for the next statement, but I can tell you there is no doubt in my mind that OPPT is a fraudulent group, no matter what they say. The fact that many of them seem to believe their ‘tall’ is what is really scary to me – and dangerous. The main thing in my mind is that I ‘know’ they have not made the spiritual walk. Those who have made it are the ones who know the truth of that fact. When you know yourself, you know everyone else!

      They have blown smoke and mirrors about Malik, but believe me, Malik is not the issue. What about the other questions that were put to them? They are numerous, and they are serious. . . and they remain unanswered.

      Nine, your sense of discernment has served you well. You, indeed, have been doing your inner work. Those who choose to follow OPPT have made their choice. We will publish perhaps two more articles, and that will be the end of it. We haven’t time anymore; the decision will be yours. We know our direction, and Nine, it is exactly as you have stated. Humanity is not moving yet into any la-la land scenario; the future will require a lot of hard work to bring the planet and humanity back to health, and not everyone will move beyond that place. Graduation time is here, and if you haven’t made your preparations, well, no one is going to give out free passes.


      • DrinkDeep says:

        The single, simplest question that’s never been answered – who has achieved success with their method?

  8. Jean says:

    No, I’m not going to post these. I don’t want ugliness to return here, and it will. People who are interested can find these links rather easily, I would think. . . Hugs, ~Jean

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  10. DrBubb says:

    I have read:
    Keenan on the Dangerous Game being over, The Rebut on KP’s site, and listened to the OPT podcast from Apr.22, and I am still confused.

    A / I am not sure why Neil Keenan has to talk about War, when as Lisa H is saying things like: “If there’s a War, NK will be alone on the field.” (Perhaps she doesn’t know what is going on beneath the surface.

    B / with the OPT (ex.OPPT) folks, three things continue to bother me:
    1. Why they failed to move quickly to remove all the early speculation that OPPT was going to hand over $10 Billion or even $6 Million “to everyone”, it was an obvious falsehood, with that crazy number just a plug-in for damages in a legal document they were filing,
    2. Why so many people who support OPPT seem to want to walk away from debts they originally contracted in good faith. They took the money, and now are saying the debts are illegal. In the world that I loive in, you don’t build trust by breaking your word. Nor do you contract debts that you intend not to pay,
    3. Why OPT still wants people to sign something. What’s the point?. If we are truly free, we need to behave as free men and women, not Opt-in to anything. Who has the power to grant me freedom. I think independently, therefore I am… Free.

    Despite some positive ideas that I still intrigue me in the OPT/OPPT rhetoric, until they can tackle basic core issues (like the three I have laid out above), I must back Keenan – who seems to come from a reality that I recognise. Perhaps I do not understand what is going on in the reality surrounding him, which brings him to show his face as “an honest, but combatative Irish man.” (I am part Irish too, so emotionally, I get it.)

    • mhenrydunn says:

      I had a nice conversation with Lisa, but have been disappointed since. It’s OPPT trying to line up money to pay military people to make arrests, not us. Our focus is humanitarian programs. OPPT’s focus is apparently the “Military Order and Declaration” in which Paula Humfrey tells the Swissindo people they are now authorized to overthrow the Indonesian government. One would laugh, if they had not managed to get something of a following with the novelty of their UCC approach, and all the Being-Doing blather. This is dangerous stuff, and could get innocent people killed. That’s what we’re trying to prevent.


      • Jean says:

        Agreed!!! and thanks, Michael. Hugs, ~Jean

      • DrinkDeep says:

        The irony, Michael, was when they posted your email which clearly warned them away from Malik – with comments about how you and Neil had cut ties as well. How that’s been turned into a story of you working With Malik is beyond me – but it’s all there on a single page (across several posts)…anyone who doesn’t see the contradiction is simply refusing to do so.
        “Where there is no insight, the people perish”

      • DrBubb says:

        If it’s OPPT, then it most likely is without Lisa. I think she is an “interested bystander”, who has bought into the OPPT dream, because it fit in so well with what she was hoping for in our future. She may be an unwilling accomplice if there is some bad intent within those leading the OP movement.

        But that is not unusual. Many dangerous enterprises will typically surround themselves with a “cover” of idealistic people who do the recruitment, promotion, fund-raising etc., without fully understanding the deeper true mission of the enterprise they are serving.

        • Jean says:

          Dr Bubb, my take on this is that this group could possibly be directed from behind the scenes by the cabal, but that largely they live in a dreamworld, almost like a new sort-of fundamentalist world, where if we sign over our lives to them, God will provide. I don’t think they did due diligence where Swissindo is concerned, and now they are in trouble. It seems from what I’ve learned over the last months that every single big-time con man on this planet is trying to get control of the Global Accounts, and they will tell any story, any lie to do so. It is not possible to control those Accounts unless you are elected by the Elders, and none of them has been chosen to do so. Those who say that they control any aspect of these Accounts are lying. It is simply not possible. First of all, Mother Earth would never give permission to the Elders for these people to take control, and that is how the choice has been made. It is a very spiritual decision that they have made. I don’t know that OPPT wants to control these Accounts, but they were apparently taken in by those who do want to do it, and now they are in big trouble for having incited insurrection, at least in Indonesia among other possible places. IMO, this was blind, foolish, arrogance on their parts. They didn’t do their homework.

          I hear lots of spiritual language being thrown around, but I doubt very much that they have any spiritual wisdom to share. Their words do not indicate this. What this says to me is that they have not done any inner healing work, and that they appeal to people who have not yet started that journey, for whatever reason. To people who are still expecting help to come from the ‘outside’, their words may sound just great and appealing. My experience has taught me, however, that their isn’t going to be a free ride for anyone. IMO, these people talk-the-talk, but don’t know the first thing about walking-the-walk!

          Drunvalo says gently, easily, that everyone will be fine. I also know that he says that when the actual shift comes, people will wind up where they should be according to their spiritual growth – exactly where they ought to be. To people like Drunvalo, and those who have done their deep, inner work, death is not a real problem, because we never die. If people have listened carefully to him, and from the lack of discussion on my blog about his videos, I think many folks are not listening, a large number of people are going to die and reincarnate on another planet in 3D, where they will continue to work on their spiritual growth. (Earth in 3D is going to be retired; she is worn out.) I’m guessing that a very large number of people will be included here. Remember, many are called, but few are chosen. Do no inner work, do no healing of your wounds, traumas, and fears, and I don’t see how it is possible to live in the higher dimensions.

          If people continue to be addicted to the news, have time for all sorts of comments, which are mostly opinions and judgments, instead of doing their own inner work and just observing what is happening, they are fooling themselves about what will happen in the shift. The shift is a shift in the energy and vibrations of Mother Earth and humanity; it is very impersonal, and it doesn’t pick favorites, etc. If we don’t have a high vibration, if we go into fear, we will be kicked out of the higher vibration – should we get ourselves there and then go into fear – and returned to the lower levels without a chance to return at this time.

          Please don’t take my word for this. Drunvalo, among others, has written a great deal about it and has made many videos about it. . .

          Dr. Bubb, I’m not directing this Comment at you, personally, but in general to anyone who chooses to listen . . .


  11. DavidG says:

    Jean I am saddened by the tone of events that are shaping up like attacks. Why are we fighting, why are we going into attack mode? Hostility is the art of the cabal so what are we doing?
    Keenan versus OPPT – who will win? Minds have already been set and hatred has already multiplied, hasn’t it?
    We wait for the next instalment of keenan versus OPPT – Do we see how useless this is?

    • Jean says:

      David, every once in a while there is a time to do battle, and if there ever was a time, this is it. Believe me! or don’t . . . it’s up to you. Neil is with the President of Indonesia now concerning OPPT, so you go figure! Hugs, ~Jean

  12. Nine says:

    “Songs in the Key of Life” is only a conglomerate of thoughts in my subconscious that my Maker decided to give me the strength, the love plus love minus hate equals love energy making it possible for me to bring to my conscious an idea. An idea to me is formed thought in the subconscious, the unknown and sometimes sought for impossibles, but when believed strong enough, can become a reality”

    By Stevie wonder


    I watched Dancing with the stars yesterday…..yes I know that I am a brain dead moron some “truthers” would say….yet with the events of the past week and the trauma induced on a nation shall we blame the victims of this trauma? And so people want to forget…..

    And who was on that program?

    Stevie Wonder just beaming positive healing energy…..a very powerful show of music and dance with that good mans music…..and so there are factions and not all is bad….

    Why not kesha or Katy perry doing evil satanic music and symbols?

    Changes are here…..now….


  13. Please let Neil know I will assist with Humanitarian Endeavors and have access to Water
    Technology that is Amazing! Please contact me as soon as possible.
    Forever in your debt, Neil and Company!!!

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      We must get through this first stage before I can call on you but would love to hear now about your water technology. We have reverse osmosis available right now. Let me know.

  14. You are so appreciated. I have new hope in Humanity and ready serve with you, if needed!

  15. JB Brown-Great Gramy J says:

    Jean: May The Great Spirit bless U & Neil & our planet & beyond. I feel great victory coming really soon. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J

    • Jean says:

      Thanks so much, Great Granny . . . it’s been a very long haul, but we’re just about there. Thanks to you, also, for all that you do . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  16. graceiam says:

    Thank you Neil & Jean. It’s more data. I find that I feel like a graduate of OPPT. I’m taking all the love, lessons, friends but most important I have my true self. OPPT has been so sucessful- in that I know I’m the value-this noise going on about OPPT & Keenan is just distracting me from DOING as my BEing really wants to do.
    I’m just mov’n ahead. I’ll keep sniffing for authentic transparency & will be grateful to the brother or sister who may need to point out a rat.

    • DrBubb says:

      At least I do not know what this means.
      But good luck with it (since it may mean something to you.)
      Did it really take the OPPT drama for you to realise anything about “your true self”?

      • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

        No Dr. Bubb it did not take OPPT Drama for me to realize I was wasting my time with them. They are all over the place but what did make me realize things was when Count Dunn started to show up on full moons. hahhahahahah…enjoy your day…

  17. wooddragon says:

    I am asking myself: if OPPT is the cabal, why would they need to look for funding? They have more money than God. I am confused.

    • Jean says:

      You are not the only one confused – and you shouldn’t be. It should all be simple and obvious so that everyone might understand it . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  18. Lezli says:

    Fascists at heart…there are so many of them and sometimes they seem like really nice folk you could enjoy a balk game with.

    • Jean says:

      Of whom are you speaking, please? Your words don’t make it clear . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Lezli says:

        I’m sorry to have left you thinking this question after reading my comment.

        I had originally written a rather long comment but cut most of it as I was thinking I was preaching to the choir.

        As I’ve been following OPPT from the beginning, I really, really wanted it to work. But as I listened to the calls and read comments on various pages, several elements stuck in my craw.

        The friggin’ giggling about ‘transparency’ using words that really didn’t mean anything specific left me feeling like I was the emperor with new clothes.

        The more I read the papers, the less they made sense (at least to me). Granted I don’t have a legal mind, but it seemed as if stuff was being wrapped up into code in order to confuse and deceive. Okay, it’s unrebutted, but I wondered why would anyone take this so seriously as to think it needed to be?

        I could go on…the CVACs, the foreclosures no one knows about, the accounts of which they control but they don’t, re-education, moneyless society controlled by implants. And now the Provost Marshall.

        And so I wonder, why is it that so many enlightened folk you could enjoy spending an afternoon at the ball game with have fascism embedded in their hearts?

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      I am taking my ticket back and giving it to a real person, Michael.

  19. OsceolaOz says:

    Thank you guys so much for sticking up for us.

  20. Buck O'fama says:

    Short of Archangel Michael or John Wayne appearing suddenly, Drake and Neil Keenan are two fellows I would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with or trust to have my back. Win or loose, you’re known by the company you keep. We’re blessed to be in the good company of these gentlemen and the teams that work without recognition to support them.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Buck. I totally agree. This is not a man who measures his words by what the polls are saying. He is truly genuine; he’s tough, and he knows exactly what he is doing. Hugs, ~Jean

    • wolf727 says:

      I agree with you totally on that. Neil Keenan has that ‘gutsy’ honest straightforward talk and manner – and he’s honest. I like that. :)

    • Neil keenan says:

      Buck let me tell you this. OPPT has it all wrong. They have from the beginning. This Lisa character from OPPT claims that I listen to Malik all the while forgettiing that I have been working on things here for quite a long while before Malik or OPPT came along. In matter of fact everyone thought we had it all at one time only to later learn that those claiming they had everything (much more notable than Swissindo) actually were holders. Then the problems with Scott and I had to move in another direction with real people. Never did I or would I have relied on Swissindo Group. I know who they are and over here they are not relevant in the Global Assets. In matter of fact they are nearly all holders seeing the assets were brought here to them for Safekeeping. I have no problem here and OPPT has no problem other than they have been lied to. They have nothing.

      As for the fight. Drake and Myself would clean house but this OPPT is not a fight it is a skirmish. They are the Johnny come lately’s thinking they have something when all they have is smoke. Nothing more needs to be said. The real battles will be facing us soon enough. Thanks for standing by us and guess what? We do not want anyone to sign anything. We are all one without such sick papers.

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  22. John says:

    God’s Blessings to Neil and Team. May the Light keep you safe with a fair wind to your back. Good Sailing. Namaste.

    • Neil keenan says:

      John let me tell you that the wind is not fair but strong but it helps us get to our destnations faster. All the best and thanks for the nice wish.

  23. Keymaker says:

    Cobra feels this entire conflict is of little importance, as neither part will affect much of the big picture…

    “Current Keenan/OPPT soap opera is a very good example of that. None of these two groups has any real geopolitical power so you can disregard their conflict entirely and rather focus more on what you yourself can do to assist in the planetary liberation.”

    Read more:

    • Jean says:

      This statement you have quoted shows that Cobra, whom I long ago decided wasn’t ‘real’, IMO knows nothing about what is going on . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Peacer says:

        Yep. Cobra Schmoba.

      • LAF says:

        I agree, Jean. I came to the conclusion long ago that Cobra is a con man. To call this a soap opera is something a con man would say. In fact, it is exposing yet another con game, and certainly Neil will now dispose of this latest distraction and continue on with his real work. Only a compassionate and caring man would take the time to expose something insane like this.

    • sunny022011 says:

      Cobra is a disinfo-agent. He is dangerous!
      Drake already pointed out a few details about Cobra a few months back on the show already, such as Cobra being paid by the Cabal.

    • Jean says:

      Hutch, believe what you will . . . but don’t be blind. Keep your eyes open . . . more to come. . . Your words tell me that you know very, very little. Hugs, ~Jean

    • mhenrydunn says:

      It might be well to remember that Cobra is the man who told us that there are 20 million – yes 20 million – members of the Resistance living underground in the Himalayas, waiting for the proper moment to emerge, which would certainly happen before the end of 2012. And, of course, there was his famous revelation of the Operation Global Killer Dust (or something like that) in which he informed us all that the galactics had sprayed the entire planet with a finer-than-microscopic dust which the Resistance could activate remotely to paralyze or kill any cabal member – and that this was essentially check-mate, and the end of the liberation struggle. And that was, I believe, back in June of 2012. So when it comes to “geopolitical realities” let’s just say that Cobra is not the man to whom I would turn.


      • DrinkDeep says:

        hahahaha – thanks for that reminder, Michael =) My first thought at the time was “this guy sounds like he’s on Angel dust!

      • LAF says:

        Boy you’re good, Michael! I’d forgotten all about that nonsense that Cobra first put out. And Cobra’s the one who’s repeatedly stated that Neil is CIA, something that American Kabuki has embraced as well. There will come a time when these antics will be back to bite them.

    • Neil keenan says:

      Cobra I do not know you but I have to tell you that you have no damned idea what is going on over here or its value. It is way beyond your comprehension. So please just play with your tinker toys and allow those in the know to do what they need to do.

  24. Barbara says:

    Jean, Its always interesting when I check out your blog.. thank you for your untiring efforts to help keep readers well informed.
    Emails drawing attention to this website are circulating in Australia.
    http://www.larryhannigan.com. website.. Is this another site similiar to OPPT/1776/ 1 U/V exchange?

  25. Silly, silly Cabal…trying to usurp the events that are leading to their inevitable downfall. Obviously, they are so desperate, out of money and out of time that they have to try and dupe people that cannot see this scam for what it is.

    • Ellen says:

      I know this is a stupid question but how can the lizards who supposedly own everything be out of money? They can just print what they want–of course that works for just so long…..

      • mhenrydunn says:

        Keenan is closing them out of the Accounts, and they’re running out of money. They know the people are waking up, and so they are attempting to co-opt, divide and conquer, and confuse/distract via remotely controlled puppet organizations like OPPT. this is a very old cabal tactic, and I believe 99.9 percent of the people in OPPT think they’re part of the Wonderful Thing….but it’s designed to defeat and distract us, and ultimately to reboot the cabal if OPPT were to prevail.


  26. Pingback: Neil Keenan to OPPT – Your dangerous game is over… | Americannationalmilitia.com

    • Jean says:

      Doesn’t have a clue, Ilex. More to come on Swissindo . . . Hugs,~Jean

      • Peacer says:

        I agree. No clue.

      • Ilex says:

        Jean, I have read one thing about OPPT and that was your blog last week;
        my heart/soul have not been interested. I just posted that in case they implied there was anything in their plans that was being outed, someone might recognize it. I certainly am not trying to fuel anything, just out info if there is info to out. I guess I should stay out of this game if I know nothing about it. Can you please remove the post? Much love, Ilex

      • BeWise says:

        Neither do you Jean, you have no clue as well. Censoring coments that do not agree with your opinion is really silly. Dont you have respect for a different view point or do you just want everyone to agree with you without vetting all info and all sides. If Keena was doing real work, then he would not waste his time making rambling youtube videos where he gives no info, no source, and no validation of what he is stating. All opinion, and if Swissindo was not real, then why make such claims since the info came out? If they have no funds, as Keenan suggest, then how are they (Swissindo) and OPPT a threat to Keenan?

        • Jean says:

          BeWise, I’m not going to deal with contention anymore. I don’t have the time for it. I simply ask you to be patient. Swissindo is a joke, and we will soon prove this point beyond a doubt. You are on the outside offering only opinions. . . I have facts, but I am one human being, and not everything is going to be put out for you at one time. It is an impossibility. As this thing opens up, more info is coming to light. It needs to be integrated.

          The kind of discussion of your opinions that you want – not based on the facts that I know – will only create discord and lower the vibes that I have to deal with, and I’m not going to subject myself to it anymore. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to come here, or you can choose to do what I’ve suggested for a long time: watch.


      • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

        They are not a threat to me Bewise they are a threat to YOU. They are not after anything that I am near to they are after YOU and your souls, identities etc….Remember OPPT says if you have any problems with what you have signed you can REBUT it. hahahhaha. You have signed your financial and spiritual lives away. Now where does that get you? On the other hand more to the question they are dealing with a group of CONS over here and yesterday I ended my involvement by delivering their plan of insurrection to the President. Now they all have something to worry about. You do not go making such statements without thinking of the consequences and now they must do this. Obama has also now begun to investigate but considers them little or nothing. I feel the same. In my matter I do not want these Johnny Come Lately’s anywhere near here. They are here because of their conversations with Malik and they have reached out to CONS because they do not have access to what is real. In the meanwhile when you strengthen CONS you make more problems for the people here. Something that is not needed. BEWISE your question is actually foolish similar to the last posting and please do not ask me to spend nary a minute in answering another one. I have real things to do with my time. I answered this because Jean asked me to. But get this BEWISE, no matter what people do, what people ask, I know which way I am heading and will continue to do so therefore backseat drivers need not apply.

  27. JEAN ya Happy ya we Happy Neal what a guy ya.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Jean
    Words can never be enough to express thanks and gratitude to you, Neil and all
    Working faithfully to ensure a better life for all mankind. May the Sovereign of the universe make His face to shine upon you all and bless every thing you do. Let His protection cover you always and know that He forever remains in control. Love and sincere gratitude for all you are doing.

  29. Carol Crosby says:

    If Keenan pulls this off, it’ll be the luck o the I Rich rubbing of on the great needs of the world. His body language is relaxed and confident hes a likea le chap, that one c

    Sent from my iPhone

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      Carol, who am I rubbing off on now? Always rumors. hahahahah. Yes I am confident and relaxed and be careful because I am becoming more and more comfortable before the camera. What not to be confident about? We are winning and will win. It is not easy but if it was everyone would be doing it. We have just a little further to go and then begins another phase.
      Wishing you all well so please let me get back to rubbing. Hell I thought it was Michael who was the rubber. hahahahhaahhha….Stop it Michael you will go blind…hahahhahaha.

  30. Cathie says:

    I am glad you are back Jean…I really missed you!

  31. Pingback: GAME OVER: OPPT Scammers’ Arrest Imminent | Towards Healthcare Emancipation

  32. Anne says:

    This guy is in the same league with Drake…he gives me the creeps…he wants to be everyone’s savior and I guess he doesn’t do well when others are there trying to do their part and he certainly has no understanding of most of the truth going on…couldn’t listen to him through the whole thing.
    Sounds like Michael has been duped too. Guess it takes all kinds to get where we want to go. He’s as gross as Drake too.

    • Jean says:

      Anne, it seems to me your’re response is more about you than Neil. What about the facts? You don’t even mention those . . . are you to be lost in and by your emotions? Something you might want to consider . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Fae says:

        I read some comments where moving into the 5h where we are not yet, but it is something to practice is not about pointing the finger of blame….it is treating each other with compassion…..I haven’t seen OPPT try to hurt me in any way since I have read their articles or listened to their radio shows…..they are always kind and compasionate…..there are some angry people in this group, including the host it seems……interesting contrast…..

        • Jean says:

          Fae, IMO, these are not people you try to talk to. It’s one of those situations where you don’t throw your pearls before swine. I’m thinking they smile and are nice, but behind our backs – the opposite. There is more info . . . so please be patient . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • DrinkDeep says:

      how’s this for creeps, Anne – from Ginger’s notes on KP’s blog re: Monday oppt call:
      - 1hr 48mins very important by Chris regarding “Oath and Bond”, what’s required to move forward now is to sign bond and oath and send as a message you want this to move forward (assume this is to join the military forces, in order to help enforce the military forces to enforce PEACE . . . see OPPT-IN.com to view form and sign (will be up in 24 hours).

      Either these people don’t know the meaning of bonding one’s self, or they’re hoping You don’t. A bond makes you financially responsible – are you going to submit an ‘oath and bond’ to be held financially responsible for the outcome of an attempted coup?

      • Jean says:

        DD, these people talk the talk of spiritual people, but you will soon see as the next articles come out that they don’t have a clue; they haven’t yet walked the walked. The dark night of the soul? I think they are most definitely headed there, but – for sure – they haven’t a clue about it, not yet, anyway. They did little research, were just flying blind, believing in God. . . very foolish. Don’t take my word for it. There are a couple more posts before we’re done . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • DrBubb says:

        That stuck in my head, as I listened. And thinking about it, I posted elsewhere: “OPT still wants people to sign something. What’s the point?. If we are truly free, we need to behave as free men and women, not Opt-in to anything. Who has the power to grant me freedom. I think independently, therefore I am… Free.” Do I need any help at all from these Bozos to claim my freedom? By rejecting their nonsense, I claim freedom from BS.

    • Jean says:

      I hear you LAF, but maybe it became a teachable moment. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • LAF says:

        And I hear you Jean. I admire your patience and will try to learn from it. IMO, if a child chooses to smear the big kids blog, then she needs to learn how to take it from the big kids.

        • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

          I admire her patience as well LAF. I am one restless son of a gun and she always takes the bullets out of the gun until we are sure we need them. hahahhahahah. HANG IN there my friend we are getting closer and closer. Visiting the Presidents Office inn two hours.

          • lorraine says:

            I am sure the act is nearly over the last encore is done and the play is finished , take your bows bravo bravo , what an exciting show, TOP and the truth is out . Thank you for the contrast . Its done .

        • Alex says:

          I will second that! I am learning a lot from you Jean, too. God Bless you, girl!

      • Jane says:

        You know I will keep an open mind, in the END, we will all know who was/were the genuine lightworkers, I don’t think any of us will say ….see told you so, we will all be so glad to be free, and to all get the lives that we all deserve, without being slaves!!! So sit tight, get your seat belts on, (we have those in the uk:)) and get your popcorn ready….

        • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

          Just popped the corn can I sit in the front row and wait for the show. Are we watching Beetlejuice? Say Beetlejuice three times and you get SHOWTIME. hahahahahha

          • LAF says:

            LOL! That still makes me laugh. So GLAD to hear it’s Showtime. I’m sure you’ll choose your Beetlejuice appearance wisely. XXX

          • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

            LAF I thought you would play Beetlejuice or Jean would. You both would make great Beetlejuices. What do you use to make Beetlejuice? Only Jean knows. hahahhaha. Wait a minute Michael might know. Let me go bother him and see if he has the answer. hahhahahah. Good morning and reporting to battle El Commadante. hahahaha. …Do not worry Mr. UKnow is with us on the front line…

          • LAF says:

            Neil, I DID pull a Beetlejuice, but Jean, being compassionate and patient, didn’t post it.
            And keep the juice away from Michael — you don’t need a repeat of St. Patrick’s day (lol!)
            The court has now had more than their working days to ok the appeal — I hope that Nelu will taste his freedom again this week. Did you put in a good word for him with El Commadante?

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      take a good look at yourself in the mirror Anne and I bet you do not see something you like. What a shame. By the way you are not going anywhere so stop talking about where we want to go. You will be left behind.

  33. Reblogged this on Deep Background… and commented:
    Spread this video far and wide… Here is Mr. Neil Keenan…
    Enjoy, Ed

  34. DrinkDeep says:

    yes! thank you, Jean!

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