Montague Keen, May 12, 2013

Yes, my dear, it is wonderful news. The Irish people came together in a massive show of solidarity. The event, Darkness into Light, was a huge success: with 40,000 people coming together to welcome the Light. This is what we had been waiting for and hoped for. This is just the beginning. Expect the energy from this one event to enlighten and encourage others to welcome the light of truth and take back your power.

When people come together in solidarity, they realise the importance of sharing their expertise, their knowledge, and their understanding of what was done to keep them in darkness. It is time, my dear, for all good people of your world to come together, to expose the plans of the Cabal and to refuse to comply with them. The Dark Ones need you to fight their wars. They need you to believe their lies. They need you to accept, without question, what they tell you to believe. But it is time to say NO ! The moment you say NO, they are POWERLESS. Without your assistance to keep them in power, they are powerless. You are responsible for giving them the power they wield over you. Once you are awake, you see this clearly and you can never go back to being as sheep again. This is the most exciting time of your lives. It is what you are on Earth to do. Together, you have the expertise to create the right conditions for all humanity to live in peace and harmony, with food and shelter in abundance. You will respect all life and you will be guided on how to create this abundance.

It has been drawn to your attention, my dear, that the Cabal is desperately trying to re-establish its own version of history. But people will not accept this. Once you see the truth, you cannot close your eyes to it again. It explains everything so clearly. When you understand the pressure that was put on your ancestors to accept a corrupt history, you will understand that in order to to protect their children they were forced to accept the Vatican’s version of history.

All will be made clear. The evidence is there, all over your world, but you were made blind to it. Why do you think the Cabal is so desperate to start World War III. They think that you will be so worried about your survival that you will forget about waking up, and then they will be able to resume complete control again. They care not how many innocent lives are lost in this desperate attempt to hold on to power.

You have big decisions to make. Do you meekly follow the corrupt, or do you come together and say, “NO. Enough is Enough! This is our world. We choose to live in peace.” When the 99% make this decision, the corrupt will have no choice but to leave your planet, as they cannot exist in the Light. For them to exist, they need the adrenaline of fear and violent death: war provides this. They create wars so that they can control and live on Planet Earth.

This was never meant to be. They do not belong on Earth. They like and enjoy all that you (as slaves) have provided for them. They are reluctant to leave it. Now it is your time to flourish and enjoy the fruits of your planet, and to become acquainted with other planets whose inhabitants are eagerly waiting to welcome you back into the fold. There is so much they want to share with you when you come out of the darkness into the light. When you return to spirit, you will see quite clearly how the Cabal has kept you in darkness and ignorance, and under control, always subservient to it. It is all cleverly done through mind control.

Those who saw through this facade were quickly ‘dispatched’, in case they shared their findings with others. The Cabal even dispatches its own if they step out of line. They show no mercy in their determination to hold on to their control, and to eventually take-over your planet for their own ends. But this will never be allowed to happen. We work with many of you to ensure this.

We need your co-operation. It is a combined effort on both sides of life. We will not fail. We have been planning the rescuing of Planet Earth from the evil forces of control for some time. The awakening of mankind has been a difficult task. Now, at last, we are seeing the fruits of our endeavours. There is so much light on Earth at this time, and it is spreading out in all directions. Soon, you will see it completely take-over. This is no time to be complacent, as every last vestige of the Dark Ones must be removed forever. Some of them are making an effort to embrace the light. If they succeed, they will be welcomed. We will not close the door on those who repent.

You have work to do, my dear. You know in your soul what is expected of you. The right people will be made available to you. These plans were made centuries ago: now, they need to be fulfilled. All will just fall into place. There is no need to worry. You will be supported on both sides of life.

Help each other to move forward into the light. Do whatever is necessary, and open your homes for gatherings to share information. Never be frightened to share the truth as it enables others to see and accept it. You are doing them a service. They need support and encouragement.

Be understanding of those who wrongly believed that they “fought for their Country”, when they realise that in reality, they were just cannon-fodder, providing the Cabal’s need for fear and bloodshed. Now, you are experiencing more LIES, being trotted out as a reason for the Cabal to invade yet another country. They fail to tell you that this is all part of their Takeover Plan. It is so obvious, it is difficult to believe that anyone can possibly be taken in by such blatant lies. It is your fellow human beings that you are being asked to kill. Who will be left to help and support you, when the killing machine comes to your door? It is only a matter of time, as it is all part of the plan.

There is no justice in your world. It is all controlled and is slanted to support the Cabal. They have systematically removed any rights you had, and you have allowed this to happen. Your silence gave them the green light to do as they wished: and they did.

I am not trying to be hard on you. I am telling it as it is. You need to see and understand this. The 99% need to acknowledge their combined strength and use it for the benefit of humanity. Wake up. Take action. Step into the light.


I shared your enjoyment as you watched Ciara [my granddaughter] dance. Her light radiates from within her. She illuminates the stage and she brings joy to all who watch her. She has come a long way since we welcomed her into the world, eleven years ago.

Veronica, my dear, you know that I would never let you down. We have worked together in many lifetimes. Let the love that we continue to share, guide you through whatever difficulties you may encounter on this journey. Let love be your driving force.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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9 Responses to Montague Keen, May 12, 2013

  1. David Bourke says:

    Jean is aware of my negative feelings about channels in general. Nevertheless, as an Irishman living in Ireland, I always look forward to Monty’s pieces to see what new tripe and balderdash the real writer comes up with about how the wonderful Irish are gallantly leading the world’s fight against the forces of darkness.

    As someone who is still actually breathing and above ground, I can tell you that the number of people who are fully awake and aware on this entire island can be counted on two hands. Here’s exactly how awake we are: on 25 May the entire globe will be out marching against Monsanto – with the exception of my great little country.

    Because in Ireland, it’s been drummed into us by media and politicians that only two things matter – foreign investment, and the jobs it provides. Whenever some rapacious multinational takes on another 10 workers, it merits a prominent slot on every single TV and radio news programme provided by our national stations.

    I have to say I laughed out loud at the Keen family firm’s latest though – a blatant attempt to pass off to the world at large an Irish fun run event for charity held every year since 2009 as some sort of massive Ascension-related gig. I’m agog at the cheek and brass neck displayed by this outright attempt at mass deception.

    Sadly, despite Monty’s weekly blatherings, if the world is waiting for Ireland to lead the charge against the cabal, it better not hold its breath.

  2. free soul says:

    the dark into light charity walk had 40,000 people ,,who are all asleep,,,yes i understand he is acknowledgeing there collective effort to do a good deed,,,,,but this is a cabal controlled charity,,and most who attended are the problem in ireland,,,there all asleep,,,,these are the same people who claim the church aint that bad,,and sure there sorry now,,,,while ignoring for example,,only last week, the marist preist and teacher who another crooked judge allowed to walk after he raped 3 young boys,,,all because the garda/police did not take notes to go with the statements..its always the judges under orders from there masters in maynooth who free these i do get frustrated with these comments….but i see he is applauding there good side,,,but the whole thing,,and most of the money raised is all controlled by cabal minions and feck all of it goes to the needy…i put value in alot of what monty says,,but i do sometimes think,,,grrrrrhhh,,,,,as in this case,,,,,those 40,000 are comlpletely indocrinated by the irish church,,,,nothing has changed in that fact.the proof is there in the court system,,when they dont cover it up,,if your a preist and like to rape kids,,come to ireland,,because its owned by and ruled by lex romama,..light and love to you all.,,heres to the vicxtory of the light ,,and fair play to the 40,000,,there asleep yes,,but there intent is pure.. :).

  3. Christina says:

    I love these writings of Montague Keen, but when he says “when 99% of the people says No to the cabal, enough is enough, we want to live in peace”, I start to wonder if this high percentage will ever be reached. Most people I know have not waken up.

  4. Gayle says:

    I looked at the link “The event, Darkness into Light” I don’t get this link. Does anyone understand or is someone playing with Montague Keen’s words? Thank you Jean for your dedication.

  5. Peter Wells says:

    very interesting its wonderfull times to be living in sending some light/love to.v. wil help this soul stay strong .ps you go get em.???.

  6. FlutePlayer says:

    What’s the ‘real’ truth? Is it different from truth?

    • Jean says:

      EVeryone’ reality is slightly different. When we get clear, though, we get closer to the ‘real’ reality. . . if that makes any sense. Right now, I believe it takes all of us putting our hand on the elephant and sharing what we know in order to get the ‘real’ picture of what is happening. I hope this makes some sense to you. Hugs, ~Jean

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