The history behind the Global Collateral Accounts is vast and complex, and reaches back some 250 years. For the purposes of this brief overview, we will focus on two key elements which are now headlining stories around the world: debt, and gold.

The Western banking oligarchy’s current global control can be traced back to the Rothschild family’s dominance of international banking in the early years of the 19th century. The long-term strategy of the elite banking and royal bloodline families was simple: gain control of the global gold supply in order to maintain power through the control of global currency and its underlying collateral.  Gold and Debt – that is the essence of this story.

Where Did the Gold Come from and to Whom Does It Belong?

For two thousand years, the gold of the world flowed east toward China, along the Silk Road, from the Roman Empire, on through to the Byzantine and the Spanish, in exchange for the silks, spices, and treasures of the East.  When the bankers of Europe decided to seek control of the world financial system, control of this gold became essential.

Who created the Global Collateral Accounts and why?

Operation Golden Lily is the well-documented story of the Japanese gold-collecting teams, which infiltrated key gold-holding nations well in advance of the military invasions of China and other nations, with the express intent of seizing the hundreds of thousands of metric tons of gold that had accumulated in Asia (primarily in China).  The Nazi gold-collecting system is well-known, but the Japanese accumulated a far greater hoard, with the knowledge and cooperation of certain European banking interests.

Where is the gold and how did it get there?

The “official” total for the entire amount of gold said to be above ground since humanity first began mining the precious metal is approximately 160,000 metric tons. Evidence now indicates that a more accurate figure is well in excess of two million metric tons. During World War Two, the Japanese dug tunnels and bunkers throughout Southeast Asia to store the gold – primarily in Indonesia, Thailand, and The Phillipines.  After the war, the gold was discovered by the Allies, and was incorporated into a system set up by the European central bankers before the war for this very purpose.  The exact total of the wealth in the off-ledger accounts is not known, but is said to be in the thousands of trillions of dollars in gold, platinum, and gems, in addition to an undetermined amount in Federal Reserve notes and other currencies.

How did the nations come to agree that the Accounts were to be used for humanitarian programs?

At the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, when the soon-to-be-victorious Allies met to create a new global financial system, the International Monetary Fund was created.  In the late 1940’s, President Sukarno of Indonesia was appointed monetary controller of behalf of the depositors to monitor and implement the Global Accounts for redevelopment purposes.

How did the banking elite abuse the Accounts?

The central banking families had already put in place essential structures to seize and control this wealth: the Bank of International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations, all of which were funded by elite banking figures, including the Rockefellers and Warburgs. The agreements to use the funds for development were neglected, and the banking elite proceeded to use them for their own ends, blocking the depositors from access. President Sukarno of Indonesia had been appointed “M1” or Monetary Controller of the Accounts (as much of the assets are stored in hidden bunkers in Indonesia), but he was removed from power after making a deal with John F. Kennedy to use the funds to back new U.S. Treasury dollars, in a direct move against the central bankers’ power. Kennedy’s assassination prevented this move from succeeding.

The central bankers put in place a system that allows the Federal Reserve to block anyone but banking elite insiders from using the Accounts, thus blocking the actual owners – the depositors – from utilizing the assets for humanitarian programs, as originally intended.

Who is Neil Keenan and what is his relationship to the Global Accounts?

The emergence of Neil Keenan at the cutting edge of these events can be traced to the theft in 2009 by Vatican financial insider Daniele dal Bosco of $144.5 billion in Federal Reserve notes which were entrusted to Mr. Keenan by the Dragon Family, the group of ancient wealthy clans in Asia who are the legitimate owners of vast amounts of gold in the off-ledger Global Accounts. The Dragon Family has been attempting for decades to utilize the Accounts for their originally intended purpose, and sought out Keenan’s help because of his reputation as a well-connected, tough-minded international businessman.  The story of this theft, and of Mr. Keenan’s filing of a trillion-dollar lawsuit against elite figures and institutions (including the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, The World Bank, the Italian government, the Italian Financial Police, Silvio Berlusconi, and others) was first revealed by Benjamin Fulford, former Forbes Magazine financial editor for Asia, who traveled to Italy to conduct initial investigations, where an attempt was made on his life. The story was then taken up by best-selling author David Wilcock (who then also received death threats), confirming the story in an investigative article on his influential blog.  The 110-page lawsuit, first filed in New York federal court, can be viewed at this link.

In addition to his lawsuit (which he subsequently withdrew in order to re-file in a more effective jurisdiction), Keenan also filed a Cease and Desist order (available upon request) on behalf of the Dragon Family against a Who’s Who of the cabal power structure, putting them on notice that they were defrauding the Global Accounts, and would be prosecuted for any further fraud.  This Cease and Desist names George Herbert Walker Bush, George W Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, David Rockefeller, Hillary Clinton, and a host of other world figures and organizations who are in the inner circle of the cabal.

The bonds which were stolen from Mr. Keenan were Federal Reserve notes given to the Dragon Family in payment for the gold deposited in the Accounts – notes which the Federal Reserve continually blocked from utilization. Mr. Keenan’s lawsuit represents the first formidable attempt to defeat this theft.

As may be expected, his life is in danger.  He has survived four assassination attempts to date, and now has protection in place from numerous allies around the world.  Mr. Keenan is currently in Indonesia, finalizing agreements with the Indonesian elders, and Chinese officials holding lineal claim to the majority of the assets in the Accounts.

Mr. Keenan is in possession of key documents, such as the original of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement between Kennedy and Sukarno, and the “Black Book,” secret records of the Accounts.  Numerous other pieces of evidence can be provided. In addition to Mr. Keenan’s participation, other key players may be brought to the table as part of the interview process, including Indonesians involved in the guardianship of the Assets, powerful Asian financial officials, and others. We propose immediate discussions to explore this possibility.

Michael Henry Dunn

© 2013 Neil Keenan


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    • Jean says:

      I think this statement is totally incorrect. I think if the BRICS could get their hands on the gold, they might become no different than the Federal Reserve/Central banks we already have, but what do I know . . . nothing, for sure. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Sam Teh says:


        It appears that are a lot gold ingots in bunker in Indonesia. In the bunkers that are also FRB, gold certifcates, jewerly, old American notes etc. These asset have been there since the 1930s and is Keenan there in Indonesia to liquidate these assets and pay the trustees. These assets were placed ther by Sukarno and his trustees. Most of the older turstees are dead including one that I have met. He showed me a lot of gold deposits certicates in UBS in Switzerland. Hundred of metric tons of gold and platinum. I will be good if these assets can be withdrawn to serve humanity and pay the trustee who has performed their task admirably. He examined three certificates worth trillions of dollars out of ten that he showed me. He passed away last year and he will his asset to his daughter.

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  4. Vman says:

    A real eye opener, thanks!

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    • Jean says:

      Where do you get this info? I don’t believe it is factual . . . Also, your other comment(s), do not show up here as links. Sorry. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Aucke says:

    @ Michael
    I’m just reading up on this spectacular lawsuit and the story behind it, through every resource I can find on the internet. (Took me two days until now.) I think your summary is great and I’m glad that the matter is still getting at least some attention.

    One thing bugs me about the whole thing, though. Keenan claims to be acting on behalf of the “Dragon” family, and that these people act for the good of humanity. I must say that, with such wealth and assets behind them, their efforts have been incredibly ineffective so far. I can understand that people of such substance, as these families must be, would be able and willing to hurt the western financial elite. And although I would be happy to see that happen, I do not see how this would benefit humanity. I know that we all would like that very much, but to assume this would be richly naive, in my humble opinion.

    • Jean says:

      Aucke, you haven’t quite gotten the entire picture yet. Unfortunately, today I have no time to spare to explain to you. All I can hope is that someone else will step in – one of my readers, perhaps – and help me out. In the absence of that help, I suggest that you just keep reading. Have you read David Wilcock’s lengthy piece about the end of financial tyranny? Hugs, ~Jean

      • Aucke says:

        Thanks for your reply! I’m sure there’s more going on than I could have read up on in the past three days. Yes, I’ve read Wilcock’s posts and the interview with Benjamin Fulford etc. And if we stick to the facts: there was a spectacular law suit filed and then it was dropped, for whatever reason. I know the reasons Keenan gave, which only makes me curious if and where the case will be brought to court again – or has it already? Apart from that, there’s a lot of talk of some Asian families (Celestials?) that are up to a lot of good, as we will see “soon”.
        It seems to me, though, that ending financial tyranny is as easy as introducing local currencies, as helping each other get by in close communities, as investing all our savings in real goods to benefit the community (take it away from banks!), as not contracting any loans with interest, and more little things we can all do without help from any Asians.

        • Jean says:

          Aucke, I can see you are definitely on the right track. IMO, all these things you suggest that we can do to help ourselves are important . . . and in the end will be a part of the total picture. Until, however, we remove those who are crippling us financially, we can’t really move forward with the leaps and bounds that I see as necessary in order to positively affect our transition to a higher vibrational dimension. There are several posts you might find helpful – if you have not already seen them – 1. a three hour video called The Money Masters. 2. The video documentary called America From Freedom to Fascism, the long article called They Dare Not Speak Its Name – Rothschild Zionism (link:
          and a final lengthy article linked here that may give you the best information of all on the global accounts, although it is not quite complete:


          • Aucke says:

            Hi Jean,
            Thanks again for taking the time to answer my concerns. I strongly agree that we should remove those that are crippling us, I just don’t see any Asians doing that any time soon, at least not without more crippling motives. I had read the article on and it confirms much information that I had found through various other sources. I am sure that there is growing awareness all around about these issues, I myself am a great fan of Noam Chomsky’s work. Many people know many things about what is wrong in the world. Given that, It is a little frustrating to see so little action. The Occupy movement has been – please forgive me, I have tremendous respect for you all – a joke to the powers that be, and that’s about the biggest thing that really happened so far, as far as I know. The Keenan complaint was inspiring, but we can’t be sure of mr. Keenan’s motives (I suppose he means well) or the motives of those that are behind him. With so much money behind them, the “Dragon” families have nothing to show for in terms of humanitarian efforts.
            I’m not sure what you mean by “higher vibrational dimension”, but I’m sure it’s a good thing, and I hope we may get there. But I’m a man of little resources, and I don’t know what I could contribute, except maybe this:

          • Jean says:

            Aucke, one thing you need to understand about the Dragon family. They do not fight. They do not work publicly. They are totally private. When the Global Accounts are released, I believe the entire planet will take a collective breath of relief, a beautiful sigh of “At last, it’s over.” There will be work for all. There will be peace on this planet. Hugs, ~Jean

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  11. Paul Graham says:

    Michael/ Neil,
    Just let me know when you want me to help in any way I can. I have already given Jean my name for this very purpose. I continually post these messages to my FB page, so am trying in my on small way to get the truth out there to the masses. I have also sent this message to an Accountant friend whom I was talking with last night. He hadn’t heard of you Neil, so I said I’d send some info. This posting came at just the exact right time in this regard. Keep up the great work and all the best and may God bless you all. That also includes you Jean. :) :)

    Scottish Paul

  12. wolf727 says:

    I’m sorry – my apologies. I just realized that it was Michael Henry Dunn who wrote the above overview.

    So my thanks go to not only Neil Keenan but especially to Michael Henry Dunn for having taken the effort to write out this summary for us. Not only do I value the video you do for us but also the writings you make on Neil Keenan.

    I just came in from a Saturday night evening in a pub here in UK and I have already given out this info to a complete stranger – i had it printed out.

    Once again thank you Michael Henry Dunn for having taken the time to have written this out. I can pass this information to others who have no knowledge whatsoever on the Global Collateral Accounts.

  13. wajong says:


    of course, Bill’s comment makes way too much sense,

    but, lacks the aspect of a prediction of future unfolding,
    both Neil Keenan and the man ‘Drake’ believe is coming,
    the Arrival of ET

    holding the present ‘elite’ accountable for their ‘contracts’ of the ’50,
    is one thing, and could be, with perhaps a doubtful result,
    because of the infamy of character, of this opponent

    any, perhaps supposed, arrival, of ET, opens the door
    to a whole new realm of

    ‘universal Law’,
    (and literally this time),

    and the process of shaming and blaming,
    towards a willing, or even perhaps not so willing, ET

    to confront & correct the present unlawfulness
    towards the desired resolution

    which contains the obvious

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  15. Bill says:

    First, I am acutely aware of the oppressive actions of the international banking cabal and the methods they are continually implementing to keep the “rank and file” of the earth’s people in a position of poverty and ignorance. However, I’m certain that given their controlling status of all the world’s media, police and finance there is little chance of any major change in the lives of the everyday world citizen as a result of any coup instigated by the group lead by Mr. Kennan. I would be very surprised if I ever see any improvement in my life due to the liberation of the “global collateral accounts!”

    • Jean says:

      Bill, you will create your reality, so be ready for it. I’m looking for something far better, and I’m also getting ready for it! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Kanga Moo says:

      Bill…..There is a great quote from [ believe it or not ] William Shakespear……….. NOTHING IS NEITHER GOOD NOR BAD …EXCEPT THINKING MAKES IT SO…… Why don’t you adjust your thinking….You will then find the otherside of your life…Cheers Keep up the great work Neil….. Thanks for this post of “claification” Michael……
      When you give Something…. Something……Somethings Gotta Give….. Lets hope & Pray that its the TRUTH

    • mhenrydunn says:

      Bill, you might want to read David Wilcock’s latest update at The real-world events unfolding at this moment that reveal the fatal weakening and the imminent fall of the banking cabal are becoming unignorable. Front page headlines revealing NSA spying on all American phone records? Who let that one out? Neil Keenan’s work is just one aspect (although a crucial one) of many developments on many fronts by a dedicated alliance that apparently has been engaged in a centuries-long campaign to defeat the Illuminati. Drake has long talked of a major event, such as Mass Arrests, that would overturn the cabal overnight. I was as eager for that event as anyone, but at the same time, I worried that the inevitable chaos of such a traumatic event would play into the hands of the cabal, which has always used chaotic moments of fear (such as 911) in which to seize more power and impose greater control. Wilcock points out that the alliance learned long ago that the best way to defeat the cabal is to avoid violent revolution, and focus intead on a strategy of long, slow, careful undermining – such as the successful decades-long effort to defeat the Soviet Union. It would appear that the same efforts applied to defeating the cabal are now bearing fruit, as when an underground river slowly seeps into the foundations of a seemingly impregnable fortress until it unexpectedly crumbles from within. Who would have predicted, even as the events in the fall of 1989 rapidly accelerated, as the Berlin Wall fell, and governments all over Easter Europe threw off Soviet control, that Germany would be reunited within months, and that the formidable USSR itself would cease to exist less than two years later?

      It may be that events of an even greater magnitude of “unthinkability” may soon be upon us. The revelation of the truth of the Global Collateral Accounts, and the impact of Neil Keenan’s lawsuit, have laid bare an indispensable underpinning of the cabal’s control of the planet. They will never be allowed to dominate us in this way again. Asia has awakened, and will not tolerate it. And the rest of the world is slowly waking up as well. It will be a bumpy ride, I suspect, but massive change is upon us.

      Michael Henry Dunn


  17. wolf727 says:

    Thank you Neil Keenan for this overview. This is something I can share with others I come into contact and ask them to read up on. Good luck to you and your team.

  18. Linda Pullano says:

    Very succinct! God bless you Neil! I pray for your well being!

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