Published on May 29, 2013
Thanks to C.

This interview was conducted at the Super Soldier Summit in May 2013. Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild tells her story from the perspective of time travel and her experience growing up as a Rothschild being tortured and put through illuminati mind control and satanic rituals…

Shot and Produced by Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot

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  1. ann. prince says:

    Why on earth if this. Is true. Why would these two familescooperate. This is load of unsubstantiated. Rubbish. The. original. Jewish were. from the middle east from Babylon. Mixture of New. AGE She fantasize She is monopolizing Spiritual philosophy. She is mentally unbalanced. She tries to manipulate ppl. She is very plausible, but it strikes. me as a Walter Kitty She and others. are. Angels he, rubbish. God,s Angels DO NOT COME TO THE EARTH. THEY ARE SEPERATE. BEING, THE SOUL. is part of the Creator. RUBBISH. RUBBISH

    • Jean says:

      Ann, I understand your anger, and so on, but often this happens when people are first exposed to this information – it is so unbelievable! This is what the cabal counts on. . . If you start SEARCHing on my site, I do believe you are going to find lots and lots of information that will help you make a much more informed decision. Please, do not back away from this. . . our planet is in a very difficult place, and people really need to find the courage to look at this difficult information. Of course, it is each person’s choice and responsibility. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. VGE says:

    Please Help Erin Green Hicks and her Family. Erin and her family need our prayers and support, PLEASE.

    “I watch my husband have trouble with words, with memories….having headaches, his twitches that come out of nowhere… it keeps him from work, and ultimately keeps food from our table. I do not understand why ‘they’ feel the need to STILL do this to us. Just 6 years ago my husband’s brain was normal size, nothing at all wrong with his brain. He was a welder in the Navy for 20 years. They never provided their men, during those 20 years, proper protection while welding. My husband would be without respirator, the space wouldn’t be properly ventilated….he’d have to weld in spaces so tight only his body could fit in. They used my husband a lot because of his superior welding skills. So he was over-exposed to . That gas shrunk my husband’s brain. It is to a 70 year old man’s level. It’s the saddest thing to watch the love of my life struggle as he does. He misses so much work now….’they’ started a domino effect in my family. Hubby was 20 years Navy, then gets out-they blackball him all over San Diego so he cannot get a job anywhere else EXCEPT right back where he retired from as a civilian contractor. The military/gov’t has kept me as close as they possibly can since the day I was born. My family is never, ever released from their bondage-they know we need money to eat, to pay bills, etc….my husband missed a few days of work this pay period due to his migraines from the poisoning. His headaches get so bad he lays with his face in a pillow for hours saying nothing. And now, because they allowed this poisoning to continue, missing work days, I have to find a way to feed my family for two weeks now until next payday. He’s tried getting full disability-but they won’t give it to him. They want him under their thumbs so he can be constantly watched-and used himself. He hasn’t told his story yet, he cannot until he is out of their rule. He’ll never be out of their rule as long as he’s alive, sadly.”
    – Erin Green Hicks in a recent FaceBook entry

  3. Sylvia Mason says:

    @Ethyl, I think the tattoos are something to do with mark ultra style programming as I have seen them before on MK ultra people, sometimes over neck and face as well but they refused to divulge why?

    • Ethyl says:

      Sylvia, I wonder if there may be implants in the tattoos or something? I noticed those supersoldiers had them too. But those ones she had on her hands and fingers were weird. If I had been Kerry, I would have asked about them!!!!

  4. Martha says:

    Michele is correct re John Paul 1—He was a good guy…Now regarding this Banker ‘Calvi’ who was murdered as she says—I read in a variety of unrelated media that Pope Francis, when heading the Argentine Catholics, was great & close friends of this banker until his murder —-So Eyes wide open with them all!

    • Ethyl says:

      I remember reading about him when I read the Yallop book years ago. JP1′s and Kennedy’s murders seemed so much alike, in that they were both people trying to make great changes in systems that were horribly messed up.

  5. Ethyl says:

    Jean, is there any way we can keep up with Erin and what she’s doing? (and hoping she’ll stay safe)!

  6. susan says:

    Something a little uplifting Jean! Good morning!

  7. Martha says:

    I agree that Kerry steps beyond boundaries & some have been seriously harmed by such bravado. But the interview was great–an inside view of Reptilians & that some have a heart….So we’re all ‘containers’ & they can pluck out our souls into a number of containers —aka possession…Answers a lot of questions in history & also about so many gun killings and more of today. I hope they go more into the Black Pope & Catholic Church fraud, the occult & time travel, for these reptoids have that mastered!

    I think Erin may live to a ripe old age IF she will wait for humans to become peaceful to divulge the ultimate Erin/Truth.

    If Erin = Peace & Ireland’s motto is “Erin Go Bragh” I think then that means Peace for ever….So maybe all ancient roads DO lead back to Ireland as Montaugh Keen indicates.

    Time will tell all…Being the illusion it is…And we will be among the Ascended….We Pray!

    • Ethyl says:

      The interview was really good all in all. I got interested in the SuperSoldier thing, and watched the interview afterward that she had with the two SS, Michael Prince and Max Spears. She was fine in that interview. And then I saw that there was one with Duncan O’Finioan, and I had always wondered about him, and that one was really good! Then I found two more with Duncan! I wound up watching till 2:30 am!!!! The info was extremely interesting and scarey!

      I didn’t know anything about the Black Pope; I had heard the term before but didn’t know anything about it. I will check that out.

      I DO have to say though that no one can make me believe that John Paul 1 was NOT a wonderful person. I think he was ready to turn the vatican on it’s ear before they killed him off. (Notice I did NOT say JP2, I said JP1.) And I am willing to give Francis a chance, as he seems to me a much more decent person than the others. But I truly believe that JP1 was a beautiful rose, amongst way too many thorns.

      • Pope John Paul I was going to rout the criminals in the Vatican Bank; the IOR and was poisoned for it. Involved was Michele Sindona who was poisoned in his jail cell during investigation/ legal proceedings for the same. The most interesting person involved in this whole affair was “god’s Banker;” Roberto Calvi, who was found hanged under London’s Black Friar Bridge with his ankle on one leg tied at a 90 degree ankle to his knee on the other leg- indicating a Masonic Ritual murder……it stopped the police investigation COLD.

  8. aabbcc1122F says:

    Many questions have been answered why is it so. The truth the Erin spoke was so deep, because I felt all the time that I was there travelling with her.

  9. Ethyl says:

    Well Kerry was at it again. Erin said she couldn’t reveal the name of her brother, so Kerry asks if he’s head of so-and-so. Why does she DO that? She says at the beginning she’s okay with whatever can’t be revealed, and then she tries to trick people into revealing stuff. She did the same thing when she interviewed Bill Brockbrader. It’s really obnoxious and unethical. She does a great job other than when she does that kind of thing.

    This was a very interesting interview. Hope Erin will be okay. I kept wanting Kerry to ask what those tattoos were all over her hands and arms; if they were related to what she had gone through.

    I hope there’s another interview with her soon.

    Thanks for putting this on here, Jean!

    • VGE says:

      More on spiritual psychic warriors and may our prayers be with them both.

      Erin Green Hicks, a Rothschild-Sinclair, describes some of her family’s issues, at the Super Soldier Summit, in Las Vegas May 2013 to Miles from the BASES Series.

      Lorien Fenton interviews Erin Green Hicks 06-17-13 to discuss, after speaking out, the emotionally raw painful experiences and dangerous risks & consequences to Erin’s children.

      Lorien Fenton recently interviewed another suffering victim with supersoldier psychic characteristics in the 2ND HOUR.

      HOUR 2: Sam Jenkins, MILABS survivor and author of book, “How Black Ops Military Stopped Ascension” (available on

      Please pray for their safety.

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