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Great Mystery Is Solved

Awakening the power to reshape our world.

Modern science is hot on the trail of solving one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Nearly 70 years of research in an area known as the “new physics” is pointing to a conclusion that we cannot escape.

The discovery: Everything in our world is connected to everything else. That’s the news that changes everything, and which is absolutely shaking the foundations of science, as we know it today. “OK,” you say. “We’ve heard this before. What makes this conclusion so different? What does it really mean to be so connected?” The difference between the new discoveries and what we previously believed is that in the past we were simply told that the connection exists. The new experiments, however, take us one step further.

Dearest Global Family,

Welcome to this new edition of “Bridging Science, Spirituality, and the Real World,” the only official newsletter for Gregg Braden!

Since our last edition I’ve had the opportunity to travel across four continents and speak with hundreds of people from 12 countries regarding the dramatic changes in our world, and what those changes mean in their lives. As different as the countries, people, and languages are from one another, there’s a common theme that came up time and again in the course of our conversations: What can we do to make our lives better while the world is going through so much change? It’s a great question, and the answer leads to the very crux of what my 2013 books, seminars, and media specials are all about.

The Facts
To answer the question we must honestly and truthfully acknowledge two facts that give context and meaning to the world that’s unfolding before our eyes. The facts are:

  1. We live in a time of extremes.
  2. We can no longer separate our everyday lives from the global stage.

It’s these facts that change everything about the way we’ve been led to think of ourselves, our relationship to the world, and the way we solve problems of relationships, finance, health and careers. It’s precisely because our daily lives and world events are so closely linked that we can no longer separate them.

The crises of climate change, for example, extreme weather, failing crops and failing economies translate directly into the cost of the transportation to and from our jobs; the cost of the food at our local market; the interest we pay to the local bank for the loans on our cars, homes and education, and the interest the local bank pays us on our CDs, IRAs and personal savings. The fractured economies of the world translate directly into the stress in our lives at the loss of neighborhood businesses and local jobs; the closing of factories and the loss of the benefits they bring to our local communities. There is no doubt in my mind that such big shifts happening on the world stage pave the way to healthier, safer, happier lives for us all. I am also under no illusion about the amount of change it takes for us to get to that better world.

Our lives are changing in ways that we’re not used to, and the change is happening faster than we’ve been prepared to think about and deal with.

The bottom line

While we certainly cannot solve the problems of the whole world in our living rooms, it’s from our living rooms, offices and classrooms we can choose how we respond to what the world is showing us. The key is that it all comes down to the way we think—about ourselves, our relationship to others, our relationship to the world today and our relationship to the past. It’s through the lens of our thinking that we solve the challenges that cross our doorstep each day.

The Answer

I began this letter with the question “What can we do to make our lives better while the world is going through so much change?” The following is an example of the transformation that’s possible in the answerIn our recent past, we’ve been led to believe that we’re separate from ourselves, separate from Earth, separate from our history and that we solve our problems through competition and conflict. It’s these beliefs that have led us to meet the challenges of our lives through the way we answer, consciously or subconsciously, the following question:

What can I get from the world that exists?

Through new discoveries of today’s best science (Deep TruthHay House 2011), we now know that some of the thinking of the past was incorrect, and some the thinking was plain wrong. The new discoveries tell us that through our thoughts, feelings and emotions we are deeply connected with ourselves, interdependent upon the world around us, deeply connected with our past and that Nature is based upon a model of cooperation and mutual aid. These discoveries lead us to change the question. The new question is:

What can I share with the world that’s emerging? 

The way we answer this question is the key to everything. It opens new doors of possibility to the loss of jobs, careers and familiar ways of life in the past. And it gives us a way to embrace the needs of the new world that’s emerging rather than being stuck in an idea of a world that no longer exists.

A perfect example of this change of thinking in real life is the story of Ken, a friend of mine who lives in a rural community in Northern New Mexico. When his business as a home builder collapsed with the housing crisis of 2008, he asked himself the question

What can I share with the world that’s emerging?”

His answer was to apply the skills he’d developed building homes, which were no longer needed in 2008, to begin building something that was needed then, and continues to be needed today. He began to design and build a unique style of modular greenhouse so people would have a reliable supply of affordable food. Through Ken’s innovative design, his greenhouses can be used indoors or outdoors and will sustain a family, or a community 12 months of the year, regardless of climate and weather. To read Ken’s story click here. It’s stories like Ken’s that translate the theories of what’s possible in our world into real-life examples of transformation in our lives. Enjoy the story and I look forward to seeing you “on the road” in 2013!

With love and deep gratitude,

Gregg Braden

Taos, New Mexico

In addition to proving that we are connected to everything, research now proves that the connection exists because of us—specifically because of our consciousness. Our connectedness gives us the power to stack the deck in our favor when it comes to the way our lives play out. In everything from searching for romance and healing our loved ones, to the fulfillment of our deepest aspirations and the peace of our world, we are an integral part of all that we experience each day. That the discoveries show we can use our connection consciously opens the door to nothing less than our opportunity to tap the same power that drives the entire universe.

Through the connection that lives inside of you, me, and every human that walks the earth we have a direct line to the same force that creates everything from atoms and stars to the DNA of life! Read more »

Our ultimate fate will be the outcome of all the major crises of our time if they are left unchecked. These crises include: an unsustainable world population; climate change; growing shortages of food and fresh water; the widening gap between poverty and wealth, health and disease, and illiteracy and education, and the growing threat of war.

We know these problems exist. We’ve already applied the best minds of our time, and the best science based upon the best theories available, to study these problems. But if we were on the right track with our thinking, doesn’t it make sense that we would have more answers and better solutions by now? The fact that we don’t tells us we need to think differently.

I believe there are six deep truths (and the facts they reveal) that will radically change the way we’ve been led to think about our world and ourselves in the past. Let’s explore what they mean. Talk them over with the important people in your life; and discover if, and how, they may change the story that is shared in your family and across our world.

Deep Truth 5

A growing body of scientific data from multiple disciplines, gathered using new technology, provides evidence beyond any reasonable doubt that humankind reflects a design put into place at once, rather than a life-form emerging randomly through an evolutionary process over a long period of time.

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13 Responses to Gregg Braden’s Newsletter. . . a portion of his emailed letter. . . ~J

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  2. humanistacanta says:

    Here is another way to a Free Sustainabilty: Humanitarian Organization Donates 1 Million Equity Shares & Two Simple Paths to help Yourself, Humanity & Planet
    Blessings, Love & Light!

  3. Robert Miller says:

    Greg Braden’s post rekindled a memory which surfaces from time to time. It is one of when the original Star Wars movie was released- A long long time ago…

    In my mind’s eye I am taken back to crisp Spring night- to a small country theater. It has a marquee framed by little white lights- it says Star Wars in black block letters on white background. It is located in The Mad River Valley in rural Waitsfield Vermont- mud season. It is the last feature of the night and few cars are in the parking lot. There is pond adjacent to the building, and the marquee lights reflect upon its smooth surface.

    I walk in- The lobby is of a parlor motif- with an old glass popcorn machine. Worn red carpet. It is empty except for me and the pretty young girl behind the counter. I buy my ticket and enter the dark auditorium and take my seat. The movie begins.

    I watch mesmerized as I am taken to a place far far away-

    I leave the theater that night into an open canopy of stars transported in time to an era in our country’s history which I am too young to have experienced- but sensitive and still enough to remember…

    • Jean says:

      What memories I also have of that movie, Robert! My son was quite young, and we were vacationing at the seashore. It was a rainy day, his father had been called into work on an emergency, and so he and I wound up in the movies. . . and were transported into a time and place that remains magical in my memory. Later, I can’t remember which of the Star Wars movies it was, but I pulled him out of school, and we went to an opening . . . and were once more transported into that magical world! Thank you for reminding me. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  4. nadia says:

    and we are also deeply connected to the whole universe,too,this is why in my opinion the principle of not intervention between worlds is a false supposition,inspired b someone anyway deeply connected wih cabal,as it has been proved.If my toe hurts i use my fingers to heal it,i do no ask the cells of the toe if they agree and if not let the illness spread,the same is in the universe,this planet is ill needs healing. divine send it now that other ill areas has been healed.we can help the process doing our part and asking also for divine action.

  5. Kanga Moo says:

    Great Article & Advice from Greg.. Also very inspiring comments from some truly wise mature women….
    The WORLWIDE change is well underway…It will be much better to be a day..a week..a month..a year..a decade early..Than to find yourself ..a minute too late…
    As a Man “Thinketh”..So shall HE be…

  6. veraiconica says:

    To Jeannie Scoville!
    Thank you Jeannie for expressing our current situation so beautifully and what we can do about it, to reclaim the planet, that we will be able to share the good and live in peace with each other. It all starts with us. We are the change! Hugs! Veraiconica

  7. Jeanne Scoville says:

    Thanks to Gregg for this wise & timely wisdom! With so much respect for those early pioneers of great courage in revealing hidden truths re the world-wide controls & evils of the cabal, I strongly sense NOW is the “time” to move collectively towards taking back our power, standing in our sovereignty, & taking ACTION in co-creating SOLUTIONS rather than being stuck in reacting to the dark side of life. Everyone who is aware & awake enough to be responsible for clearing their perceptions & armoring themselves with the truth of things must not wait for any other “authority” or channel or Ascended Master to tell them what to do! It’s time to take responsibility totally for the projections of one’s own darkness, heal oneself to the best of your ability so as not to be part of the problems of humanity, but, rather, to be co-creators & manifesters of SOLUTIONS! Whining about present conditions on Earth or constantly blaming others (projection) for the sorry state of (external) affairs rather than clearing our own internal “emotional baggage” or getting stuck in repetitive arguments that only keep us divided amongst ourselves is no longer an option! THE TIME IS NOW FOR ACTION/SOLUTIONS! Letting go of fear is absolutely required as is ultimate courage, deep integrity, & trusting the communities we’re co-creating in order to prioritize our best efforts in creating the changes we’ve been hoping/waiting for. WAITING is over! Let’s reclaim our beautiful, innate divinity & restore our bountiful spirits & GO FOR IT! Please know, Elders amongst us, myself included, AGE IS NOT THE ISSUE! WISDOM IS REQUIRED & THAT is our gift to humanity if we choose to share it at this most crucial time ever! LET’s GO FOR IT!!! NO MORE PASSIVE WAITING or CHRONIC COMPLAINING!!! HERE’S TO THE BEST IN US!!! LET’S BE BOLD & MAGNIFICENT!!! :)…Blessings to ALL! Much Love, too!

  8. veraiconica says:

    Thank you Jean, great newsletter from Gregg. ave been learning a lot from him.
    We all need to work together, that many can make it through the shift in consciousness.
    Sending you much love and hugs! Veraiconica

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