Dear Syria and all countries around the globe… from an anonymous writer. . . thanks to K. . . ~J

“Dear Syria and all countries around the globe…

Please tell the world that we are, as Americans, being held prisoner by this criminal government. Many of us try to take legal channels to stop the wars, the poisoning of (y)our water, air and food supply and are either killed or persecuted for it.

Many of us have been attempting to rein in our out-of-control “governments”: We demonstrate, sign petitions, make phone calls, have meetings, etc., and are spied on, recorded, drugged, prosecuted, raped and/or “suicided” for our efforts.

Our educational system has been taken over by chattering robots who forcefully drug our children and fill their heads with drivel. If we homeschool, try to refuse vaccination or try to feed our children real food, e.g.raw milk, they try to take them from us.

And if the children are removed from the home, they are usually molested by their “saviors”. If we travel by air or attend a football game, we have to be sexually assaulted to get in the door. The television has slowly taken over our lives with subliminal programming.

Our medical system is for-profit only, leaving a large portion of the population drugged, ill and barely functioning. It is rare to find a person who is not taking any medication at all. Those of us who actually have jobs are now being worked like slaves for less and less pay. Our military people are only slightly more mind-controlled than the civilians.

So many of us are in a very sorry state of being.

So what our government is doing to you, on orders from the international bankers, they are also doing to us. We are slowly waking up to this and we hope it is not too late for us or for you. We love our freedom-loving sisters and brothers across the world and only want peace.


Much love, peace, and fun to us all, always in all ways! ♥

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22 Responses to Dear Syria and all countries around the globe… from an anonymous writer. . . thanks to K. . . ~J

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  2. mike says:

    Susan I beg to differ with you.In this part of North Carolina I have seen first hand abuse of foster care providers and have heard first hand of the abuse of the system has had all over this country and I’m not saying you are wrong in your experience where you are.But you can not say that for the rest of the country because you don’t know. I was molested by a foster care family when I was 6 in Baltimore. I think if you researched it you would see the number’s are staggering.Oh yea the folks that done this to me was high up in the Knights of Columbus. Sick bunch of Bastards.

  3. Megan Reid says:

    Hi everyone, I agree with these sentiments too! Those of us who are awake and aware do not dislike or hate any of the peoples of the world, we know only to well of your suffering at the hands of those who would destroy us all! We are also sending you love and blessings too! My dear
    American family please don’t despair by thinking the rest of the world hates or blames you for all this, we don’t! We know where evil stalks! the UK “system” where I live is just as evil and corrupted as your own. We need to keep talking to our asleep brothers and sisters to awaken them to the truth no matter how long it takes. Patience and love is the key to freedom. WE ARE AWAKENING IN VAST NUMBERS! Every injustice inflicted on us shakes us more and more in to a higher state of awareness, so we see the wizard behind the curtain!!

    Much love and blessings to you all,


  4. gear13 says:

    This is proof more and more people are awaken by the day its time to take our godly rights and our country back.

  5. nan says:

    Wonderful we need to communicate these sentiments to the world we are all in this together fighting against a common enemy and knowing that people around the globe care what happens to others and are doing what we can, is heart warming. send Love to the world it might just come right back at ya! Love nan

  6. LET’s see LOVE BOMBS go viral all over planet earth for all to see and feel the LOVE energies, over the up coming days…… yes LOVE BOMBS big time…… bomb the Whit House and all the people in the white house with LOVE BOMBS coming from Your heart of hearts good people of the USA and the rest of Humanity…… Do not stop bombing them all with LOVE & LIGHT till they know we mean STOP the dron’s that are killing more humans, the madness has to stop……So send in 100 plus billion LOVE BOMBS you can do it the company of heaven is with us in doing this as your intents are very powerful indeed…..

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  8. Tim Thomason says:

    Right on!!! Make it viral!!! Make it so!!!

  9. Brenda Caffey says:

    Well said! Thanks for expressing what we’ve all been thinking & feeling . .. .

  10. eduardosmall says:

    We are being rapped of our live’s and our Humanity, our senses and our feelings, if we do not stand up, we’ll end up just the way we are, cattle, chickens , producing , for (our) (owners) living each day to pay yesterdays debt………………………………….. remember remember the 5′th of november,

  11. Ken says:

    If only this, or something like this, was played on ALL media outlets on the planet.

  12. susan says:

    I TOTALLY disagree with this statment: And if the children are removed from the home, they are usually molested by their “saviors”.
    USUALLY? I highly doubt that. As a psychotherapist who worked in the community mental health system for many years, I found very loving and caring foster care families who took on kids with horrific traumas, often inflicted by the parents which often included sexual abuse either by a parent, relative or “friend.” I have difficulty with words like “always” or “never” or, in this case, “usually.”
    Yes, it can and does happen but “usually?” I beg to differ.
    On another note, there’s this… let’s see what he/TPTW do with this one! I am in awe of the awakening of people around this!

    • Jean says:

      Susan, thanks for calling this to our attention! It needed to be said! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Bill says:

      Having worked in the medical system I’m extremely dubious of so called mental health experts that seem to just make it up! There is absolutley no test that can confirm really any diagnosis of a real mental issue as their are many studies that confirm this and the psychiatrist make a lot of money on this blather that really just speculation at best! Here is an interesting article that breaks down some of the propaganda on this subject! The trauma of foster care is real and you can’t sugar coat it as real studies have confirmed it! I never trust those that make a living on a certain specialty of medicine as they always pad their stats in self protection of their lively hoods! Sorry I have issues with this statement as i have witness a lot of nonsense in the allopathic agenda!!

  13. Rev. Joe says:

    X 300 plus million !

  14. Gayle says:

    Very Well Said!!!

  15. Ilex says:

    And this should go viral to every media outlet in the world for people to see/hear, but it won’t because all media is controlled as well. Better days ahead!!!!

  16. DavidG says:

    A very succinct summary of the current state.

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