Alfred Lambremont Webre: Rauni Kilde MD: There is no death; We are not alone in the universe; God is Love

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VANCOUVER, BC – In a wide-ranging interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Rauni Kilde MD, former Surgeon General of Finland explored key role that awareness plays in creating a positive future, especially in the inter-related areas of the human Afterlife, documented in her best-selling book “There is no Death”; interaction with Extraterrestrials, whom Dr. Kilde described from her personal experience with a species of extraterrestrials as interested positive evolution of humanity as a less developed species, and the Transhumanist Agenda of implants, electromagnetic and scalar mind control.


Microchip Implants, Mind Control, & Cybernetics
By Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland

EUCACH Members: Dr. Rauni Kilde 

Rauni Kilde, Medical Advisor

Born in Finland 1939. As teenager went to school in 5 countries. Now living in Norway. Bachelor of medicine University of Turku 1964, Medical   doctor University of  Turku Finland 1967. Diploma  in Tropical medicine 1970  Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden. Certificate of Social Medicine 1972 Nordic school of Public Health Gothenburg Sweden. Specialist in General Practice 1974 Finland. Specialist in Health Administration 1981 Finland. Certificate of Disaster Preparedness 1975 League of Red Cross Societies Geneva. Certificate of National Civil Defense 1976 Finland.  Govt.of Finland´s delegate and chief delegate at WHO in tropical medicine and health education 1978-79. Chief medical delegate of International Red Cross in Malaysia and Indonesia 1979 ( in Vietnamese boat people refugee program). Chief medical officer of Lapland 1975-87. Acting Director of Department of Environmental Health and Health Education at National Institute of Health of Finland, Helsinki 1978 and also replacing shortly Chief medical officer of Finland,(called surgeon general in American English ). Worked 22 years in various hospitals in Finland and Pakistan. Secretary of Civil Defense Association of Lapland 1981-83. Member of board of General Practioners of Finland 1973, Secretary of Association of chief medical officers of Finland 1975-76.

Member of board of Red Cross of Lapland 1976-79 , chairman of health committee 1976-84, President of Nursing College of Lapland 1978-87, Member of Nordic Council committee Arctic medical Research 1980-84 Member of security council of Lapland 1975-87 ,six months of civil military courses ,gold brosch as first woman for civil defense 1990 Finland, President of Junior Chamber of Commerce Rovaniemi 1981.  Woman “Eeva” of the year 1979 Finland ,Correspondent of UN Parapsycological Society and silver UN medal 1992, President and founder of Parapsychological Association of Lapland 1981-86, Honorary President 2002-, Literature prize from WSOY,biggest publishing house in Nordic countries 1983, President of Sailing Club of Lapland 1975-76 (as first female commodore in the world!). Award from CAHRA, citizens against human rights abuse, for courageous affirmation of the need to expose and stop the atrocities of involuntary neuro-electromagnetic human experimentation 1999.

International bestseller author in six languages ( about the core of human being,parapsychology,cosmic contacts,mind control) Published first articles in the world in medical journals of out of body  and near death experiences 1999 (Duodecim,Finland,medical research journal for 127 years) and mind control and cybernetics (Spekula, Oulu University Medical doctors and student Association)Have had poster presentations in medical international  1999 and 2000 conferences about mind control (neurological and world conference for general practitioners  and in 33.International conference of military medicine in Helsinki had a poster-presentation about tele-neuro-communication, micro-chipping of astronauts and surveillance of all their bodily and mental functions from earth while in space  Also successful telepathic contacts from moon to earth was published already 1973 Have a global audience for lectures and 60 interviews in internet-got 4 million hits for 10 min video in Arabic,Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Thai,Russian and European languages warning about swine flu vaccine containing a microchip and sterilizing agent for depopulation. Member of New York Academy of Sciences 1992-94. Am in American biographies Who is who in the world 1997-Who is who in science and engineering, 1997,Who is who in medicine and healthcare 1999.


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3 Responses to Alfred Lambremont Webre: Rauni Kilde MD: There is no death; We are not alone in the universe; God is Love

  1. James Black says:

    Pathetic, Alfred. Of course there is Death and it’s true that there is not such thing as a God.
    Fortunately death is the end. It would be so boring to spend the eternity contemplating the face of the non-existent.

    • kheyala2 says:

      James, you missed the point altogether …we don`t die, we are eternal. Body dies – matter. It goes back to the earth element. But we live forever. Do you know how long that is ? :-)
      Life is a celebration . It is the opposite of boring. No time to get bored.
      How do you call the Energy permeating throughout the world, making everyone into what they are ? I call this All That Is – GOD – Generator, Operator and Destroyer.
      It`s not so complicated…keep searching for answers to everything WITHIN yourself !
      Cheers !

      • James Black says:

        Matter is Energy. There is nothing else.There is absolutely no evidence that we different from the rest of life. There is absolutely no evidences concerning the imaginary eternity The afterlife is an invention of those who fear death. Life is life. Celebration and pain, Health and Illness. Nothing else. Nothing less. Concerning God I think is absolutely incredible that so many individuals believe in a total absurdity. By the way I found the answers inside me. This is the answer. Death is death, Life is life, There is no such thing as a soul or a self. There is nothing outside the Universe.
        In fact the Universe is creation and creator, father and son, mother and daughter. The gods superstition is totally unnecessary .
        Be happy and well

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