Ø  Fifty years ago today – JFK, NFK, and the heroism of stubborn Irishmen

Ø  Details of Keenan’s narrow escape from abduction at airport

Ø  Help from the Family in the nick of time

Ø  The hideout in the hills – U.S. good guys step in

Ø  “Like a video game” – Keenan in the hills with special forces protectors, watches the cabal hit team get nabbed…and gets in a punch or two himself

Ø  Yeah, but what about the Accounts? The view from here

Ø  George Soros and the Emperor of Japan – Illuminati gold-grab underway…but the Family will step in to stop them

Ø  OITC goes after Karen Hudes – Keenan steps in

Ø  Hudes expert on her turf – OITC a fraud on every turf

Ø  Nelu’s case now in line for the Supreme court

by Michael Henry Dunn

November 22, 2013

Fifty years ago today, the conscienceless sociopaths who want us to believe they run the world brutally murdered our president.  John F. Kennedy knew the risks he took when he opposed and undermined the sick sect of bloodlines and bankers behind the Federal Reserve.  But to Kennedy, it was apparently a closed question – he simply would not stand by and allow the slaughter and enslavement of millions under his watch.  He knew that signing the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement and Presidential Directive #11110 to give control of America’s money back to America’s people was tantamount to signing his own death warrant.  With the characteristic Kennedy blend of guts and arrogance, he did it anyway, and paid with his life.  From JFK’s point of view, he had no choice – to cooperate or even to look the other way was simply unthinkable.

Or as Neil Keenan put it to me one day – “Yeah, I could take the money and walk Keenan 1away.  But what’s the point if we all end up dead from these people?”

Every president we’ve had since that horrific day in Dallas has absorbed the ugly lesson, and has chosen to look the other way as the genocidal agenda proceeded.  “Better to be a live mouse than a dead lion,” they reasoned.

But John Kennedy’s legacy and legend lives and grows, while they are already being forgotten.

Maybe there’s something in the history of the Irish race that taught us to embrace foolhardy risks in the name of hopeless causes.   After helping win the American Civil War, the immigrant sons of Ireland (my great-grandfather among them) banded together and headed north to conquer Canada from Great Britain and trade it for the freedom of Ireland.

We tend to dream big.  And Ireland is free today.

Well, most of it.

Which brings us to Neil F. Keenan.   Or as the shorthand now is, NFK.

I’m here to tell you that the same “presidential” family whose chieftain planned the murder of John Kennedy fifty years ago attempted last week to abduct and most likely kill Neil Keenan, and for the same reason: he poses the greatest threat since Kennedy to their global crime syndicate through his campaign to shut down their money spigot – the decades-long defrauding of the Global Collateral Accounts.

For those who begin to find the whole story too improbable and accuse Keenan of being a con, I have little patience.  If Neil is a con man, it’s the stupidest and most profitless con ever conceived.  Having sat at his side in stifling prisons, corrupt courtrooms, and watched his back on crowded Jakarta streets (yeah, that’s how big our security budget really was – the skinny writer who hasn’t handled a gun in thirty years was basically Neil’s bodyguard for two months),  and having sat in his hotel room as the calls came in from finance ministers and intelligence contacts, and knowing first-hand how he’s spent his fortune, risked his life, seen his best friend killed, and endured months of tedious setbacks while turning down tainted funding, my Irish flashes pretty fast when I read some internet wise-ass holding forth on how Neil isn’t for real.

To them I will only say – “póg mo thóin ríoga na hÉireann.”  Neil is fond of that expression himself.  Let’s just say it’s not an invitation to kiss the Blarney Stone.

Here’s how it played out.  NFK pushed his resources to the limit and returned to Jakarta to try to wrap the deal up as the cabal closed off his financial lifelines. Funds raised on the web are beginning to rise, but getting them to Neil was difficult. Still trying to free his partner Nelu from prison, still lining up allies to wrest control of the Accounts, still recovering from a poison attempt (yes, it really happened), still fending off attacks on his reputation from people who should know better, he took a break and went to the Starbucks at a nearby mall (the same one where many of these posts were written), in the company of the gutsy and faithful Inchul Kim.

Neil’s a kidder.  A virtually non-stop jokester.  So when he told Inchul to watch out for the big, well-muscled guy pretending to read his laptop at a nearby table, Inchul was ready to laugh. But the look in Neil’s eyes was different this time. He alerted Inchul to a second “watcher” and told him to be ready to move.  When Neil and Inchul made a sudden exit, they drew the opposition out, and observed themselves being followed.  Having the advantage of knowing the territory (mall-cruising being a favorite pastime…well, the only pastime, really), our friends returned to their hotel in safety by a side exit.

But a blatant threat came through that night which let Neil know that this time the heat was on, and that he was not simply being watched – the people from Texas were now desperate to retrieve the Black Book by whatever means necessary…and their means of persuasion are, as we know, vile, and Neil would then be eliminated.  He made the calculus and knew that staying in Jakarta was not an option. His team was totally vulnerable, his friends would be hurt or killed, and he himself would be taken.

So he left town fast….”got outta Dodge” as he later expressed it to this writer.

He didn’t tell me until much later where he went.  It doesn’t matter now – he’s no longer there. But the cabal was in close pursuit, as those who read the hacked Skype dialogue in which they clumsily attempted to pump information from Jean Haines will know (similar attempts were made to other contacts in Neil’s Skype account – some of whom assumed that it was just Keenan playing with their heads as usual….but they wised up fast and the hackers got zero information).

Pushed from the airport bus by an unseen hand, Keenan’s knee was injured as he arrived at his destination (yes, the hackers did indeed, as they claimed, observe him limping in surveillance footage). Slipping into the bathroom, Mr. Keenan emerged moments later as someone else (he made me promise not to divulge the details of his disguise – let’s just say it didn’t involve a dress or panty-hose, but maybe did include a foreign accent and a Groucho nose).

He at once saw the waiting team of thugs outside searching for him.  He walked right between them, feebly excusing himself in Swahili (or was it Ukrainian? I’ll let you figure it out) while the bad guys exclaimed to each other, “Where did he go?”

Okay, it was a blond wig and a fedora and some shades, and he was speaking Spanish.  “Permisa me” he muttered, and the bad guys let the old man through.  Next time, he says, it will be a new disguise.  I suggested Mrs. Doubtfire, but I think he’d rather be a Ninja.

It appears that the cabal wanted Neil to believe he was being met by friendly Pentagon types, who would then escort him to an undisclosed location from which he would never emerge.

Instead, he strolled on, bag in tow, thinking maybe he was safe.  And then he felt a hand on his arm.

“Mr. Keenan?  Please come with me.”

A well-dressed Asian man.  Smiling, and with a knowing look.

Keenan replied in Spanish to the effect that he was not Keenan.

“Please, Mr. Keenan.  We would know you anywhere.  I am with Mr. —————.  We need to get you to safety now.”

Instinct told Neil this was the right guy.  They walked on, left the airport, and were met by security forces of the good guys who escorted Neil to a hideout in the wilderness.  The Family and positive U.S. military forces were instrumental in ensuring Keenan’s survival.

Here, I will have to leave it to your imaginations – those oh-so-fertile web conspiracy think-tanks – to figure out who the good guys were and where they took Mr. Keenan.  It could have been Virginia.  Or maybe Belgium.  I will only confirm that it was not Antarctica.

They were followed by a team of bad guys.

A perimeter was established.   The cabal thugs came in, unaware that their every move was watched on camera.  NFK sat with the special forces from hiding, watching surveillance footage on a laptop…loving every minute, of course.  “Like watching a video game – only with life and death stakes,” said Neil.  The bad guys were shooting at shadows and noises, killing stray wildlife, not knowing they were actually the prey themselves. Eleven of them were taken. Some skirmishes, but no blood was shed.  They were then taken out by helicopter to an undisclosed location – one not of their choosing, where one hopes they are singing like canaries about their erstwhile employers.

There were some close encounters. Neil (as he tells it) got to hit somebody in a fight, before the professionals took over.  “I loved it!”

At sixty-three, with a bad leg, his chances for mixing it up are now few, and he was having a great time.

Soon he was “operational” and back in touch with the world, working on the next steps.  A few days later, his protectors decided it was safe to move him.  So now he’s somewhere else.

Hawaii, maybe?  Either there, or Sasketchewan.  Take your pick.   Beats me.

No sooner was he relatively safe (and being Neil Keenan is unsafe by definition) than he had to go back on the offensive.  As some may have read, the zombie-fraud entity calling itself the Office of International Treasury Control (or OITC) keeps attempting to rise from the dead with another attack on Keenan, or, in the latest instance, on World Bank whistle-blower Karen Hudes.  Occasionally, it is necessary to republish the facts on OITC.  This Wikipedia article should suffice, which states:

“The Office of International Treasury Control (OITC) is a seemingly elaborate fraudulent organization which claims to be associated with the United Nations and the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States. It has attempted to deceive people and organizations in Ecuador, Fiji and the United Kingdom. The UN and Federal Reserve have denied any knowledge of or connection with OITC.[1][2] The purpose of the hoax is unknown.

Curiously, the OITC purports to be a highly secret organization whose existence cannot be proven or disproven by internet research, and yet it maintains its own very public website. The OITC website does not explain why a highly secretive organization would want, or need, to maintain such a website; nor does the website explain why such an apparently wealthy organization would have such a badly designed website with many typographical errors.”

In an exchange published on the pro-OITC site Rumormillnews, OITC promoter David Crayford mounted an attack on Karen Hudes, once again claiming that OITC is the true claimant to control of the Global Collateral Accounts.  As with Neil Keenan, Hudes represents competition to their profit-scheme, so she was attacked. While it may be true that Ms. Hudes has often stepped outside of her area of expertise in many interviews (as with her ill-advised warnings of Comet Ison actually being planet Nebiru, about to impact Earth’s gravitational field with disastrous consequences which were to have occurred a week ago now), she is in fact a twenty-year veteran counsel with the cabal-created and controlled World Bank who is attempting to alert the world to the corrupt oligarchy’s agenda. On her own turf, her information is important.  Keenan recently stated that he is still open to communication with Hudes, if a clean understanding were reached. Meanwhile, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Hence this reminder about the fraud-riddled history of the OITC.

A side note: the guy calling himself “Anonymous” on the Hudes-Crayford thread over at Rumormill is none other than our old friend Keith Scott, attempting to emerge from obscurity.  As usual, Keenan’s intelligence sources have the drop on Mr. Scott.  (He’s in your laptop, Keith!)

Meanwhile, the Nazi escapees from Houston and their Illuminati network are still desperately trying to grab the gold, find the Book, and continue to defraud the Global Collateral Accounts. As reported earlier, George Soros personally went to Indonesia to hand out enormous bribes to the Elders (and some non-Elders as well) to obtain access to the bunkers and tunnels where Account assets have been stored since WWII.  Days later, Keenan suffered the poisoning attempt, after which intelligence sources reported that Soros (upon return to D.C.) was heard to state, “We almost got Keenan.”

An important note: deep thanks to Dr. Edward Group of the Global Healing Center for the special anti-poison kits provided to Mr. Keenan.  These saved his life.  Neil suggested I add pungent details about the manner in which these kits work, but it’s enough to state that they are an “intense purgative.”

Soros and the Emperor of Japan are now working on a plan to remove the vast gold troves from Indonesia, which is now a blown cover, but the Family is keeping a close eye on this attempt.  The Emperor’s efforts to help the cabal steal the Family’s gold in South Korea are also being closely monitored, and they will not succeed.  “The Family is ready to deal with them,” according to NFK, “and with anyone attempting to sell the Family’s gold.”

Back in Jakarta, our friend Nelu’s case now moves back (again) into line for the Supreme Court, where we still hope that justice may be done, and that this innocent and good man will finally taste the air of freedom after a year and a half of unjust imprisonment.

As always, word of major moves by the Good Guys is in the wind. Maybe this time it’s for real.  I have no idea. I don’t pretend to know how Neil intends to pull this off (on the need-to-know basis, I am mercifully on the periphery). I only know NFK has lived to fight another day.  For which we should all be grateful.

Michael Henry Dunn

© 2013 Neil Keenan

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  2. Anisha Dunne says:

    Been following your updates Neil since the New York suit filed in 2011. Was sooooo impressed by the list of defendants – all cabal Nazi rats.

    Michael, you wrote an awesome article about what Neil encountered. Sitting on the edge of my seat. The humor amidst the intense danger gave me the distinct impression you were in very very hot water, but you seemed to have some pretty good instincts about these psychopathic fools. Its like you thrive on out-maneuvering these idiots. You are a much appreciated character in my book I love you very much and ask that you be protected at all times. You are a very precious man.

    These east coast Texans from Nazi Germany Skull and Boneheads just don’t get it do they? About death, re-incarnation, karma, Divine Laws… THEY seem very very desperate. Desperadoes. Maybe that can be your next song on your next video update, Neil!

    I just about bust a gut when I saw you on that orange couch with all those books, black account book, Maklumat… I couldn’t help but imagine those idiots seeing this and turning white as ghosts. We gotta stop ‘feeding’ the monster. The beast. Its dying. I think you showing those books is like pouring water on the witch of the west in the Oz story.

    Many blessings to you Neil, Michael and Jean. And for all those beautiful souls who are working with you and helped get you outta trouble.

  3. Bill says:

    These “collateral accounts” are a bit difficult for me to swallow. I have seen no evidence but heresay from Drake, much like next week, 2 weeks from now, 2 months from now et al, the “event” will happen. We’ve been through this for 2 1/2 years with Drake, fantastic claims but no results. How much longer can this be believed? I look at updates from Drake and NFK as humorous only. The story just keep getting larger and still, no results. Drake and NFK are good performers BUT I think we should all look at them as entertainment from good showmen with an ever-expanding fantastic story that should not be taken seriously.

  4. Wise man says:

    Neil and the others are right in their endeavour to right the many wrongs that the cabal and all the evil ones has wickedly placed the common citizens of the world into.

    However, what or how can neil and the rest do to guarantee ( 1001% ) that humanity will not be enslaved by the future overlord(s) he/they represents?

    • Jean says:

      We must all assume our responsibility to see that this never happens again, that these funds and our banking system remains totally transparent. We must see that no criminals ever gain control again. . . in other words, we must wake up and assume our role as responsible citizen. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Thomas Widlar says:

      We can learn our real history and assure that everyone get a proper education. We can learn how to behave ourselves and follow the constitutional objective to promote the General Welfare. Too much of current political thinking focuses on the individual and not the community. That yields a very primitive society, just what the Cabal wants and needs.

  5. Tyrus says:

    I can see Keenan has indeed worked very hard. In one video he made, he mentioned the cabal was trying a go through a back door. I take it the emperor’s efforts is what he was talking about. Additionally, in another video he mentions “auditing,” and that was essential to detailing who was responsible for doing what. I would assume that would also mean bringing people to justice. I hope I’m in line by asking if he has been able to get the help he needs to begin that process? I also would like to know if he has been successful in getting the notes that were stolen from him? I’m happy Keenan is healthy again and back in action. It seems like this is something that is very dynamic and rewarding because he knows what is on the line, he is working with people he knows are good like him and willing to do whatever it takes to beat those that are pure evil. I look forward to additional status. I am on the outside and not a lawyer, but would like to help if there is a way.

    • Jean says:

      Well, there may be a way, and it may happen sooner than you think. There is going to be a lot of work for us all to do – everyone will be needed in some way. This, I believe, will be our way forward. We are going to create or Heaven on Earth, and it’s going to take time and effort, but we will have the joy of participating in its creation :) Hugs, ~Jean

  6. yes married an Irishman..O’Bryant…Neil our thoughts and prayers are with you…thanks for fighting the good fight for ALL OF US WHO CAN’T!

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  8. dagger27 says:

    No wonder I always loved the Irish :) <3 to all

  9. Thomas Widlar says:

    So Ernie wants all the credit for what Neil is doing? Wise up, Ernie!

  10. Jean says:

    I do not have time for your negativity!

  11. Susan says:

    Many, many Thank yous to Neil and all the Guardians around him. There are really no words that can express the Truth of how much his actions and valor mean for all of us(so many are a bit clueless and would have a hard time believing ) As i read, i thought this is Way better than reading the spy novels everyone around me is so entertained in reading. Am studying American History and the Kennedys’ and feel i finally “get it” just now. But in early 1990s i worked for a man who gave me tapes about the Federal Reserve and the belief that he was onto something that got him killed. Watching the news on the 22nd and feeling so angry and sad -not wanting to see any more killed…am soo glad NFK is well and out of harms way. God Bless you all and much love to you~

  12. Helen J. Daly says:

    God Bless and keep you in the Palm of His Hands. MyFather was a brave Irishman who fought and saved many Belgians in WW!! with all of the credit going to a Canadian team (don’t know what they were!) He lived a good life and taught his family Faith, Hope and Charity. He didn’t eat lunch on Fridays so that he could donate the money to less fortunate. We are a large family who have been taught, great values, work, kindness and Love. Self Reliance is the first book every child should read ( Ralph Waldo Emerson.)
    Eternal Love and beautiful music to us all, the greedy don’t have a clue.

    Helen Jane

  13. michael says:

    gods blessings and protection and success to all involved may the lord have his countenance upon you all godbless

  14. mhenrydunn says:

    Neil just told me that Ben Fulford, in a private chat, begs to differ with my version of Irish history, specifically my reference in this post to the Irish immigrants to America who fought in the Civil War, going north after Appomattox in an attempt to conquer Canada and trade it for the freedom of Ireland. The Fenian Raids (as they are known to historians) are well documented, and are even credited with being a unifying factor that prodded the Canadians to get their act together and become a country, lest they be overrun by the Irish raiders!

    In mentioning NFK and JFK in the same breath, I likened their defiance of the cabal to the Fenian Raiders, calling the Fenian campaign “a foolhardy risk for a hopeless cause,” which it certainly was in the mid-1800′s. And it seemed a mad dream seventy years earlier in the Year of the French, when Irish rebels tried to combine with French naval vessels to throw off British oppression. But the Irish wanted Ireland for the Irish (imagine that!) and so in the 20th century came the Easter Rising, and the brutally stupid British response, and the infamous Black and Tans, and the creation of an artificial state in the north, followed later in the century by the Troubles, and decades of bloodshed, and now (one hopes at last) some peace.

    Benjamin, who is part Irish himself, waxed indignant with Keenan over the implication that “U.S. forces” conquered Canada, and cites some impressive statistics from the War of 1812 to show that the Canadians whupped the Yankees back then. Have it your way about that, Ben. I’m not about to argue with a Jewish-Irishman – that’s a man too clever and feisty for me!

    But I will share in passing this song of the Fenian Raiders, which it is likely my great-grandfather John Cornelius Dunn sang on his marches northward with the other Irish veterans of the Union Army, having fought at Gettysburg, becoming a sergeant at sixteen. I can easily picture Neil Keenan singing such a daft ditty while strolling through one of those endless Jakarta shopping malls, with the words adjusted to fit the new Fenian battle:

    “We are the Fenian Brotherhood, skilled in the arts of war,
    And we’re going to fight for Ireland, the land we adore,
    Many battles we have won, along with the boys in blue,
    And we’ll go and capture Canada, for we’ve nothing else to do.”

    — “Fenian soldier’s song”

    Michael Henry Dunn

    • Carol says:

      It really does not matter who fought who and who won Canada or the US, we are all united now anyway and that is the way all the people of the world need to stand today united in force and forget who did what in the past move to the future. Peace to all!

    • WhiteStar says:

      Thank you Michael for your great contributions to keeping us all informed of Neil’s exploits and battles. I’m looking forward to the day when everyone will know the historical importance of Ireland and the Pharoah’s of Egypt. Bless you All for your Spirit and determination.

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  16. Donna says:

    It’s Saskatchewan S-a-s-k-A-t-c-h-e-w-a-n, if you please. I was born and raised there and it is unlikely Neil is there because it is dead cold winter!

  17. suninjupiter says:

    Wow…I have seen a couple of Neil’s videos. He is a firecracker, that one! I don’t know a whole lot about his background or the hows and whys of his initial involvement in this world wide mess. I know he’s the only one I’ve ever heard of taking on the terrifying world of underground crime and living to talk about it. I have to wonder…did he realize the monster he was taking on when he first got this thing started? The risk to his life is unreal. I do hope people realize this and appreciate the sacrifice of time, finances, risk and effort. I do. What Neil has uncovered blows my mind. Who else would have done what he’s done? I know a lot of good people are out there making a difference and I’m thankful to them all. God bless each and every one of them.

    Not long ago, I watched one of Neil’s videos. Dressed casual, Neil was so calm and relaxed. I kept thinking that any second, a bunch of hooded bandits were going to barge in and…well, use your imagination. He was sitting on a sofa in what appeared to be a hotel room. On the coffee table in front of him were stacks of books and documents, I think some bonds, too. I laughed in amazement. Where in the heck did he get his hands on this stuff? I’m pretty sure he’s got help in some pretty high and unusual places, which is totally awesome for the world, but what about his safety? The people seeing these videos must have crapped. I know I’d be looking over my shoulder every second of the day for the rest of my life. Please be careful, Neil! I know the world appreciates what you’re doing. You’re a hero, but seriously, all of this is so scary.

    You need to get some serious around the clock protection. I know the funds aren’t there for armed guards and such. Hopefully people will see your work and the money will roll in. Then you can let your newly hired, personal aide taste your food and sip your drink before you do. Just kidding. I’m sure there are ways to test foods for poisoning? Don’t know, but that would be a good thing to invent and have on hand. Oh, I know! Think about selling your movie rights. That’s should bring in the cash to continue your mission safely.

    • Jean says:

      Your energy that comes through here in your words is very refreshing! Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, ~Jean

    • says:

      I never thought anything would lead me into this and to be honest I never knew it existed but I have always liked fighting for the underdog and underdog we are so let’s get the SOB’s…..R U Ready?

  18. Well this is real good news with a outstanding out come. Love it the good guys are stepping up we must be close. Would be better if the bad guys end up funding Neal that would be sweet.

    • says:

      Huggie, let’s try to keep things real!!!!! The bad guys will not finance us they want to bury us. Plain and simple. Anything else is delusional.

  19. Pink Rabbit says:

    I think it adds credibility to all for NHK and KAH to be on speaking terms. She said on the 20th she is afraid of a lawsuit and wants an in writing em forcible promise from Neil. She claims Fulford published the interview without her Ok. Well I hope all 3 of them can work things out. Will see about the bitcoin this weekend.

    Karen says there is some RE BURIED gold in Phillippines. Maybe that’s what US has so many ships there now. 2 cruisers 2 destroyers 2 landing ships 2 80 plane aircraft carrier and more. Here is Hudes:

    • says:

      So long as Karen speaks about what she knows and does not talk just for the sake of talking she will be just fine. Unlike others my word is good unless you slip up and then watch all hell break loose. It is best she knows if she does something stupid again there will be no more breaks. She should now be more careful.


  21. indigodaffodil says:

    Way to go Neil!! Please stay safe! Thank you MHD and Jean! That reads like a great novel, and I too could not help thinking that one day this is going to make a great movie!
    FYI, DW will be releasing a new update soon. Just noticed this at

    Major New Update!
    David is putting the finishing touches on a MAJOR new update. We expect to release it some time this weekend of November 22-24. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  22. susan says:

    Sending loving support from afar… finally got word today that I can verify my acct! Whoot, happy to help out! Much love to all….

  23. Christina says:

    Thank you Michael for this wonderful news; Thank you Neil and Jean for your everlasting courage. They must really compare Neil with JFK and must by now have understood that after 50 years they are losing their power. 50 is a holy number and is interpreted as the sign of change and metamorphoses. Besides the Irish people can no longer be fooled. They are setting an example to the whole of mankind.
    Thank you so much.

    • says:

      We Irish have a gift of setting examples both good and bad but we have huge hearts. We are just example makers…

  24. elenalareina says:

    There are many around the planet that are praying for your protection Neal, to various deities, and I would receive all those prayers and blessings. As I read the report I thought that one day we will be watching a suspense thriller of this story. Have you thought about who will play you yet?
    Sending love, blessings, positive energy and divine protection your way!
    Ellen G

  25. djExgion says:

    lmao Mrs.Doubtfire…..ahahaha…..and Saskatchewan. What great humour. Great article Michael, you manage to keep it upbeat despite the serious content. That positive outlook serves you all well. :)

    Thank God for all the help Neil has been receiving. I send my prayers of protection, good health and strength to Neil and team on a regular basis. It’s scary how he’s had so many close ones, but that was awesome he got a hit in. That’s just a taste of what’s to come. *chuckles*

    Bless you all dear ones!

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  27. roberto says:

    NFK , really ? Pleeeeeezzze

    • mhenrydunn says:

      Yeah, NFK, really. And “pleeeeeeezzze” póg mo thóin ríoga na hÉireann.

      • whistlegal says:

        NFK would make JFK proud!
        Jean, can you please repost the bitcoin address for Neil? Perhaps post it up on the Home page table of contents? I’ve been trying for weeks – literally – to work through the bitcoin system – my desire to help is seconded only by my frustration at not being able to! I did contact the “help team” and was just told to “try another bitcoin site.” (Not that helpful, team!)

      • roberto says:

        My point was, I think that comparing > anyone < to a great person such as President Kennedy, especially on the anniversary of his death is disrespectful. Other than that it was an engagaing and well written article. Bless you in the work you do. I didnt mean to sound critical of the author , I should have been more specific.

        • mhenrydunn says:

          Thanks, Roberto, for clarifying. Actually, to me, there is no more appropriate day for the comparison. As I note in the post, the people who killed JFK tried to kill Neil Keenan last week, and for the same reason – control of the Global Accounts by which the cabal funds their genocidal agenda. Besides similarity of acronyms, both men are Irish-American, both from New England, both athletes, and both dared to defy the dark banker-bloodline sect, placing their lives on the line. The comparison is justified – especially today. JFK was great but also flawed – most heroes are. NFK, well…he’s my friend, so I won’t hold forth on his flaws in public (let’s see – a tendency to take foolhardy risks and insult powerful people? No, on second thought, that’s one of his strengths.).

          Anyway, glad you liked the post. You may instead, if you like, kiss the Blarney Stone. But be sure to have someone hold your feet firmly so you don’t fall. And try to disinfect it first, as rumor has it Irish teenagers break in at night and piss on it!

          Just a different sort of Irish blessing, I guess…:)


          • wolf727 says:

            My apologies to you too, Roberto, for the misunderstanding. I wholeheartedly agree with what MHD just wrote. NFK is among those in contact with powerful players and he is confronting the cabal as did JFK.

      • Frank Arnaiz says:

        Well said !!! :)

      • wolf727 says:

        Actually, I was going to cut in and say something sarcastic back to him but I thought perhaps I have spoken enough.
        Anyway, glad you did, “mhenrydunn”!
        NFK, JFK have Irish blood in their veins. The sacrificess NFK is doing is worthy to be up there with JFK. JFK fought against the cabal and NFK is fighting against the cabal today.

    • Dee says:

      roberto, really?

      you’re a troll…
      go away.
      you shall not be missed.

  28. Esben says:

    Thank you Michael for this great update. But it surprise me that Neil wasn’t better protected before, especially when we know how ruthless and brutal the cabal are and have nearly unlimitedly manpower available for their assassination attempt.
    Let’s hope all the good guy’s staying close by and protect Neil 24/7 now. The world can’t afford loose him. Thank you Neil for be such a hero.


  29. Tertiusgaudens says:

    Who knows whats in the future.

    The story has a real potential of a – well, lets say: a love story?

    In this case I offer myself conducting the service in nomine patris etc.

    Of course both sides need a positive agreement.

    I confess my imagination is immeasurable, I know.

    Ubi risus et amor deus ibi est…

    Greetings from Germany!

  30. A. Smith says:

    “póg mo thóin ríoga na hÉireann.”— LOL! Maybe they should take this to heart seeing as trying to wipe you out of existence isn’t working…maybe if they starting kissing your royal Irish arse and played nice things would change? …..probably not. [Just playing with your words….glad you’re able to keep a sense of humour through it all



  31. wolf727 says:

    It took once again Irish blood, against all odds, to stand up to the cabal. Ireland, a small country like Iceland, have hearts bigger than those in the largest country.

    Please help Neil by supporting him with Bitcoin.

    The video below shows that Irish spirit. Frame: 2:31 is our expression against Soros and the cabal.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Wolf, for all you do! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Nora says:

      Wolf.. Try as I might…I just cant get my head around the Bitcoin procedure. I have my Son coming over on Sunday to do ” THE BUISNESS” for me (I hope). I know he is going to go ballistic when I tell him I want to donate to Neil,, he will tell me I am throwing my money away on a scam…!!… So be it.. I don’t care what he says.. as long as he gets the job done for me, (after all,,, I have damn near given him my life, in the past, and now too).

      If all fails with him, but I don’t think it will…. Would you please be my go between!

      Much Love
      PS- As a child, I was told the Irish where over here (England) as tinkers and thieves, and were to be avoided, the perception that came from that was fear. Through my live, I have encountered many Irish people who I just adored…. My now departed love of my life, visited Ireland (Southern) long before I knew him. He spoke of a people so warm, welcoming and humble, that it made me want to cry. We always planned to go back there, but it was not to be, He was taken, suddenly from me some three and a half years ago now. I do believe that my man was special. He taught me how to laugh, to love, and to take life as it comes, I am left desolate in his wake…but as he instructed me months before his passing… I am a survivor, come what may I have to get on with it, just as he always did, he was special, I miss him so much.
      Thanks for the wonderful video……


      • wolf727 says:

        Nora, it would be a pleasure to help you.
        First I have to inform you that it is only “Mt.Gox” that I succeeded in sending Bitcoin to NFK.
        I only know about sending Bitcoin from the U.K. using “Gt.Fox”. I do not know how to use Coinbase or any other U.S. based Bitcoin sites.
        If you are in the U.K. then I can help you go through the steps if you are using “Mt.Gox”.

        I’m not sure how this works, but if you contact the following email then they will direct you either to me if you are using “Mt.Gox”, or to someone else if you are not using “Mt.Gox”.

        Here is the contact email:

        Also you will see some of the STEPS I took in using “Mt.Gox” under the title heading here at Jean’s blog:

        “Bitcoin – For those who are having trouble with the donation process: The Bad News and the Good News from ~Jean”

        I feel for you and understand your concern over your son’s reaction. I admire your independence of mind and spirit.

        The following comment was from “djExgion” posted November 20, 2013 at 9:31pm under the heading: “Neil Keenan Funding Update, November 17, 2013, from ~Jean”. What he wrote was precisely how I felt and it may help you to know that others hear feel the same way. Here was what “djExgion” posted:

        “I’ve donated a little before and I just got some more BTC which I’ll be sending promptly. I feel strongly about this cause and like many others at first I felt it could be all for naught, or we don’t even know who’s who and become suspicious. But sometimes you just gotta make a decision, move on and that’s what I did. I decided that this is what I’m hearing, Neil is working to take this cabal down. I am aligned with that goal too so I am going to put all my trust and faith here. I’ve waffled enough in my life to know that is just keeps you in a state of confusion. I want to be free and clear. Enough with the old thinking. Here we go!”

        Good luck Nora. :)

    • Raven says:

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Riverdance. You can’t help but get immersed as your heart beats to the music and the stomping. The Irish do indeed have hearts of gold.

      I believe ‘T’ of CV is planning on taking PayPal donations and sending them through BitCoin for your fight for the Freedom of Humanity Neil. Hugs x x

    • says:

      It was the Cabal way back then that not only destroyed the Irish but also Humanity it is time for them to feel our forefathers wrath and that they will.

  32. Thomas Widlar says:

    Great job, Neil. You have great instincts.

  33. Great Gramy J says:

    YES Michael. We should all be grateful that Neil has lived 2 fight another day. Thank U so much Mr. Neil Keenan 4 all U’ve done & all U do. May The Great Spirit continue 2 watch over U & bless U & keep U safe. The time is @ hand 4 the EVIL ones agenda 2 be stopped.

  34. Pat Maas says:

    It is always good to hear the cabal hasn’t gotten its way. This is becoming a more common scenario and am very glad it is. Too many good men and women have passed trying/helping to bring the Global Collateral accounts forward for the benefit of the planet’s people. To all of those who are fighting or have fought the good fight for all of us….God Bless You and Keep You Safe no matter where you are.


  36. Great Gramy J says:

    [9:37:07 AM] Great Gramy J : Great update! And, it couldn’t have come on a better day! When I was 15, in 1963, I drempt JFK’s muder was a conspiracy that went all the way 2 LBJ & 28 years later the movie JFK came out & took it all the way 2 LBJ. ……… (hug)

  37. Deb says:

    Thank you for this. I have been a ardent follower of NFK’s precious work on humanity’s behalf. This reads like a spy novel if I didn’t know better…but, you simply can’t make this stuff up! I, for one am grateful for his tireless efforts. A huge thanks to all of you who are fighting the good fight!

  38. Ilex says:

    Great post Jean and Michael.

    Karen Hudes is a very rude person when being interviewed, she speaks over the interviewer and just never stops talking, however, she does have 20 years of cabal banking in her background. If she would only be quiet and not speak about things she doesn’t have a clue she would be someone to work with. She appears to be an authority on everything, which makes her very dangerous. I would think after 20 years with the cabal banking she would have better social skills.

    I love Ed Group’s products and he is the king of purge, Neil, you are in good hands with him. He is an enlightened being, vegetarian, unbelievable chemist (dad was a chemist also), Naturopathic Doctor, inventor, cancer (colon) doc, chiropractor and so much more. A beautiful being.

    Neil, glad you have many “good” onlookers and doers, much gratitude to them!!!!!!!!!

    Much love to all the positive beings involved in this campaign and many thanks to Neil.

    • DrinkDeep says:

      re: your first pargraph – isn’t she just the biggest social buffoon you’ve ever seen/heard? LOL – I look…listen…look away and listen…no matter which way, she’s just that One person who always makes me leave the room, right? I wouldn’t normally question her credentials, but it’s hard to imagine she rose to the top in Any business with that attitude. Guess they’re union? ;)

      Neil et. al…b-r-e-a-t-h-e….just keep breathing, and breathe in my hug…warm regards ~

    • HopeSprings says:

      “She appears to be an authority on everything, which makes her very dangerous.”

      Ilex: I totally agree with your opinion on KAH. Have thought the same now for several months.

    • says:

      Ed Group is an amazing person and without his anti poison kits I would not be here today. Before I left for Indonesia long ago Dr. Vandemeer and Dr. Group decided I needed such kits. I thank them both for having the vision to get me what I need. The Global Healing Center deals in all sorts of problems and even has a solution you put into your bath that brings out the monsters that live inside our bodies. Parasites, bacteria’s etc. Must be scary to be in the tub and see these creepy crawlers coming out from within yourself. Now that it the real Cabal and that is freaky. hahahhahahah…

    • says:

      He is also one hell of a guy…..Not many like him out there.

  39. Luwdmke says:

    A huge thank you to you Michael, Neil, Inchul, Jean and all the good guys. May God (if you believe) bless and keep you all safe. Neil next time you get a chance to mix it up a bit with the bad guys use a sledge hammer so that you don’t hurt your hand when you punch them or wear some lead boots to boot them in the rear or where ever. :-)

  40. craig says:

    Bill Still said this:

  41. says:

    I will tell you all the secrets another time when it is safe for everyone. There is much more.

    • Great Gramy J says:

      I have always assumed there was always more than U told sir. And, I’ve always trusted U’d tell everyone all U could when U could. Bless U.

    • Kimberely says:

      Thank you Neil! Thank you Michael and Jean and all involved in the good fight!
      Much love, peace, health, and fun to us all, always in all ways!!!

    • Ani says:

      God Bless you Neil, we have all been waiting to hear your good news. Heartfelt deep appreciation for all you and your team do! Awesome that you got a punch in – wish I could have punched a Soros nose myself. You make me proud to be Irish!!!

    • Raven says:

      I knew there was no truth in what they were trying to sell on that day. I was in high school at the time and already knew most of the government for what they were and still are.

    • Raven says:

      I will be waiting for the ‘much more’. It would open the eyes of many.

    • Dee says:

      May St. Christopher protect you in all your travels. With sincere gratitude for all you have done and continue to do on humanity’s behalf Dear Neil.
      xoxo Dee

    • jayjay says:

      Brother Neil – we love ya … and you are ALWAYS in our prayers and best thoughts. But I guess when I spoke “may the road rise up to meet ya” – I didn’t expect for the road to rise up and smack ya! LOL <<< thank you – (do fill us in more later).

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