Israel — Just Another Hapless British Colony, by John Kozy

I have always enjoyed reading John Kozy’s articles, maybe because he is a professor of philosophy and logic, and he just makes so much sense to me! ~J

Global Research
November 28, 2013

The world would learn of a cruel and imperialistic country stealing from … needy and naked people.”— Mohammad Mosaddegh

How incidents and situations are defined largely determines how they are thought of. For instance, consider the trial of George Zimmerman for Travon Martin’s killing which resulted in an acquittal. The prosecution allowed the incident’s start to be defined as the moment Travon confronted George after being followed for some time and distance. Defining the incident that way made it appear that Travon was the aggressor. If, as many believe should have been done, the incident’s start had been defined as the moment George decided to follow Travon even after having been told by the police that that was unnecessary, George would have been made to appear as the aggressor. The trial’s outcome likely would have come out differently.

Apply the same analysis to the West’s, especially Britain’s and America’s, antagonistic relationship with Iran. The West has defined the situation’s start as the moment the Iranians invaded the U.S. Consulate making the Iranians look like aggressors. But the Iranians define the situation’s start as the moment British MI6 and the American CIA instigated the overthrow of the duly elected, democratic government of enormously popular Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953. The coup imposed an autocratic Shah on Iran who was himself overthrown 26 years later. Defining the situation this way clearly makes the West the aggressor. Now apply the same analysis to the so-called War on Terror.

The West defines the war’s start as September 11, 2001 which makes those who hijacked the airplanes the aggressors. But Muslims define the war as having begun much, much earlier. To them, “terrorists” are over here because the West has been over there for a very long time.

In classes on Western Civilization, students are seldom told that it is a predatory culture. The Greeks were constantly at war, if not with the Persians, with each other. Alexander was an early empire builder. So too were the Romans. Portugal and Spain were early predators of the Americas. Then came England, Holland, and France. We are all familiar with the predative nature of the Vikings. The Italians and Germans tried to colonize Africa. And when these nations were not trying to colonize the world, they were often at war with one another. Western Civilization is bellicose, and it has been at war with Islam at least since the Crusades which began in 1099 when the Holy Roman Empire sent armies to “free the Holy Land from the infidel” and take control of trade routes to the Far East. The invading Christians created several Christian states, and the Muslims in the region vowed to wage holy war (jihad) to regain control. (Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)

(Because of the American educational system’ s almost total concern with vocational training, most Americans know nothing of the Crusades.)

Near the end of the 13th century, the Mamluk dynasty in Egypt overwhelmed the coastal, Christian stronghold of Acre and drove the European invaders out of Palestine and Syria. Still throughout the 13th century, Crusaders tried to gain ground in the Holy Land through short-lived raids that proved little more than annoyances to Muslim rulers.

But that wasn’t the end of it. In 1798, Napoleon invaded Egypt and Syria. In 1882, Britain made Egypt into a protectorate (which is a fancy name for ‘colony.’) In 1919, France again went to war with Syria. In the 1920s, the League of Nations granted Britain and France permission to make Syria a French protectorate and Palestine a British protectorate. Now the West has invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, regularly bombs Pakistan, and seems intent on a war with Iran. For more than ten centuries, the Middle East has suffered under the assaults of Western Europeans! None of the West’s efforts has gotten it the hegemony it seeks.

So at the end of the Second World War, the British realized, as the system of protectorates in the Middle East began to unravel, that a different strategy was needed. Not having been able to transplant Western values in the populations of any Middle Eastern country, it became apparent that only another British colony, populated by people of European origin, could ever hope to succeed. Thus the British continued the duplicitous diplomacy of making promises it never intended to keep, concocted a racist Balfour Declaration, and sought to use the Jews of Europe as its colonists to establish a Western style state in Palestine called Israel.

No, you say! But consider this: the Israelis treat Palestinians exactly like the English colonists, wherever they have gone, have treated aborigines. The English have mistreated people wherever they have gone. Don’t believe it? Ask an Irishman! The mistreatment of people seems to be a genetic characteristic of the English who once were slavers to Americans and drug pushers to the Chinese.

But the creation of Israel hasn’t worked out too well either. The establishment of the state of Israel is just another chapter in the centuries old war on Islam, and Israel could not have survived without the continuous financial and military support it receives from the West, especially the United States. If the Israelis were historians, they would be wary of that support. The West, especially the United States and Britain, have a history of abandoning allies whenever it suits their own interests. Ask anyone from the string of governments America supported in South Vietnam. Ask Hosni Mubarak. Resuscitate the shah of Iran and ask him. After having been put on Iran’s throne by an American and British coup, when he began to exercise some independence he, too, lost American support. Ask Saddam Hussein; he was once an American darling too. America and the West will abandon Israel just as soon as doing so furthers their interests. Rosemary Hollis, Middle East analyst at City University in London has said, “There is a deep-rooted belief . . . that Britain is always up to something, is never passive and always devious.” The Israelis should view it that way too.

The Israelis may believe that America’s Jews will keep America from abandoning them. The American tobacco industry thought like that too. After more than a century of paying off the Congress, when the mood of the people about tobacco changed, the corrupt Congress had no trouble abandoning the industry whose money it had always been happy to accept.

Israel beware! When the English convinced the members of the United Nations Security Council to create the state of Israel by partitioning Palestine it did so to promote English national Interests, not because anyone cared for the welfare of Jews. Western Europeans are not and never have never been an especially religious people. Western Civilization has never had an Age of Piety! The scripturally based arguments that support the creation of the state of Israel carry no conviction. Not only will no Hindu, Sikh, or follower of Shinto ever care one bit about what Jewish scripture says, neither will most Christians whose only interest is in the Second Coming, the Rapture, and Armageddon, none of which present Jews with a wholesome outcome. They predict the annihilation of Israel and its Jewish inhabitants. So, as George Bush has seen, the only alternative the Jews of Israel have is conversion to Christianity. One would expect that Zionists would object to being proselytized by Christians, but they do not. They are too cowardly to risk alienating the support of their fundamentalist, Christian “friends.”

The world’s Christians care no more for the world’s Jews than they care about Muslims. These Christians often exhibit no special concern even for the welfare of fellow Christians. Where I live, there are three different Christian churches belonging to the same denomination. Their congregations do not like each other enough to even worship together. Do Israelis really believe the world likes them? Israelis are merely pawns on a gameboard. Their welfare really doesn’t matter! Only the Second Coming does.

In a Cato Institutional piece written by Sheldon L. Richman, even America’s right wing says, “Beware!”

After 70 years of broken Western promises . . . it should not be surprising that the West is viewed with suspicion and hostility by the populations (as opposed to some of the political regimes) of the Middle East. The United States, as the heir to British imperialism in the region, has been a frequent object of suspicion. Since the end of World War II, the United States, like the European colonial powers before it, has been unable to resist becoming entangled in the region’s political conflicts. Driven by a desire to keep the vast oil reserves in hands friendly to the United States . . . the United States has compiled a record of tragedy in the Middle East.

Richman continued by writing that in 1979, President Jimmy Carter dismissed reminders of America’s long intervention as “ancient history.” Carter implied that there was nothing of value to be learned from that history. In his view, dredging up old matters was dangerous, because it exposed skeletons in the closets of Western nations they wanted to keep hidden. So to raise historical issues was unpatriotic. But hiding or denying the evil done in the past does not absolve the guilt.

When Israel is seen as an English colony, England has to be seen as primarily responsible for all of the horrors committed by its “colonists.” In fact, England and France must be seen as primarily responsible for the horrors committed by all the West in the Middle East at least since 1857, the end of the Anglo-Persian war. The United States became complicit when it inherited the imperialist policies of Western Europe.

The only national interests any Western nation has in the Middle East are imperialist interests. That’s why no Western diplomat who uses the phrase “national interests” ever tells anyone what specific interests are being referred to and it’s also why no Western nation ever refers to the national interests other nations might have in the West. Non-imperialist nations have no national interests beyond their boarders. Only imperialist nations do. So any diplomat who claims to be protecting “national interests” is nothing but a plundering imperialist.

John Kozy is a retired professor of philosophy and logic who writes on social, political, and economic issues. After serving in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, he spent 20 years as a university professor and another 20 years working as a writer. He has published a textbook in formal logic commercially, in academic journals and a small number of commercial magazines, and has written a number of guest editorials for newspapers. His on-line pieces can be found on and he can be emailed from that site’s homepage.

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5 Responses to Israel — Just Another Hapless British Colony, by John Kozy

  1. diqiuren says:

    Bill as JRN seems some what contradictory, e.g. “You say that most Americans have never heard of the Crusades during their educational processes…Well they used to know about such issues until the Rockefeller,…” So JRN reinforces the point made. But what do you say Bill? Just “Here’s a comment from a friend of mine”? Perhaps Bill as JRN do not know the reality of Jean’s comment,”I think you may have missed the fact that England/the Crown owns the United States and that we are not a sovereign country and never were, and that both the United States and England are being run by the Rothschilds and the Vatican.” For if they did have such knowledge than that would, one would expect, change their critique of “Just Another Hapless British Colony”. I, personally, concur with the posted article, however I would not counter JRN’s command at the end the critique,”Professor.. better think about a rewrite of the article…..JRN”.
    Bill, as JRN, this is Jean’s blog.
    Great post Jean!
    The “Crown” had the price of an Australian Native person’s head of one guinea, 21 shillings, until 1938!!! Just cut of his or her head, take it to the local Police station and collect the reward/bounty! My grandfather emigrated to Australia from Ireland, he really didn’t have much choice, but when he arrived he found that all persons whose sir name began with O’,,, were outlawed from employment, he began to starve, yet again. So he dropped the ‘O’ and ate and began to live a good life. Interestingly, the sir name without the O’… figures very prominently in English upper class.
    Bill as JRN, you might find some interesting info/facts here:

  2. Jrn and jean you are both right on the monney
    Hung vlad

  3. Bill says:

    Here’s a comment from a friend of mine:
    Prof. Kozy…I noted in one of your personal references, a series of responses from a number of individuals who praised your work, but none that reflected an opposing view…No matter, Here’s one to digest, a commentary on your article titled: ISRAEL—-Just Another Hapless British Colony that is not favorable in the least.. There are quite a number of issues that rise from what you have written that are characteristic of the mendacity of liberals: some outright false views.. For instance, your depiction of the Zimmerman/Travor Martin issue is skewed to insure that another misguided minority be shown as the victim, due sympathetic concern, just as is so characteristic of Jewish whining over the centuries for similar attention—an attitude used to solicit money freely. A historic process that has worked, because of confused Christian biblical views that have been skewed by talmudic processes over the ages until they appear valid and justifiable…but certainly are not.

    You say that most Americans have never heard of the Crusades during their educational processes…Well they used to know about such issues until the Rockefeller, crowd of internal aliens took over the educational system of this nation and dropped all focus on such issues, esp. nationalism and the dignity of man..

    You make the assumption that the British “used” the Balfour Agreement for their purposes, well they did but the tactics and overall strategy was far more favorable to the Ashkenazic Khazars dominating Britain at the time, in control of the Bank of England and the American Federal Reserve System and needing a war to further advance their status and secure a homeland for “Jews”, who in reality, were admittedly, 90% “Ashkenazic’s”, and in particular, Khazarian in origin. How many times have Christians been advised that Ashkenaz was a grandson of Noah’s son Japheth, thus removing any touted affinity for Noah’s son, Shem, and the assignment as being “Semetic”, which is a term attached to all of the progeny of Shem! (See Gen.10:1-3) Not Semetic means that a massive hoax has been perpetrated on the world by those identified in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9…clearly, “false jews.”

    But the Balfour Agreement’s principle purpose at the time was dual in nature.. One, to influence America to enter WW I on the side of the British, and Two, to get a statement in writing from the British that the only homeland they sought and demanded was Palestine.(This crowd had been offered other sites, Madagascar, and several African sites). Well when the Letter was signed, the Jews of America who owned most of the media by that time, began a hate German campaign in America such that the Germans were deviant monsters who ate children, etc, but when we examine the internal makeup of America’s nationalities, Germans were the greatest in the influence of Jewish media was used to overcome this problem and America, under the influence of leading Jews with money, Sam. Untermeyer, Bernard Baruch, etc. America foolishly joined in WW I…a war which accomplished little and led to the next one…a likely intent of the international money monsters in any case.

    But one important issue that seems to have escaped your attention is Jewish Zionism. You made no mention of this 1890’s doctrine that led to better coordination amongst the world’s Jews, giving them a purpose that followed along with the principle doctrine found in the Talmud…that being the creation of a one world structure under the aegis of the world’s Jews…something that all of the many Jewish writings and demands have sought over the centuries, as if they were the real Chosen…when in reality, they are far better recognized as the Biblical “Tares” that Jesus depicted in Matthew 13…an element of society that deserve the outcome that verses 38-40 depict.

    As to current events associated with the Middle East, it should be apparent to all, that the wars that began in the early 1990’s and which continue into today, are the direct product of the activities of the Jewish Neocon’s of America.. acting in concert with other Jews in Europe, their Think Tank studies, esp. the Progress for a New American Century (PNAC) outlined this “need” to keep America involved militarily in the Middle East so as to insure the Security of that Little Mouse that Roared, the Ashkenzic occupation of Palestine by “false Jews” whose purpose was to use the “old Jerusalem” issue of a “return” as but a stepping stone to what they really sought and demand, the Great Cash Cow of America, under their dominion…a dominion promised to Esau back in Genesis 27:40, an opportunity to overcome his brother Jacob, who is True Israel. –still extant in the world today, but an almost unknown fact that will eventually be understood and recognized..

    That PNAC study demanded that an event similar to Pearl Harbor be used to stimulate activity in America such that they could be molded, ala WW I and the Germans, into a people who could hate Arabs and justifiably so, if they were the 9/11 culprits…when in reality, it was the internal aliens in America in conjunction with the Mossad and “Israeli” spies in America that were the instigators, supported by paid off fools that acted favorably…

    Professor.. better think about a rewrite of the article…..JRN

    • Jean says:

      I made a mistake, JRN, in my original statement . . I think you may have missed the fact that England/the Crown owns the United States and that we are not a sovereign country and never were, and that both the United States and England are being run by the Rothschilds and the Vatican. Now, it’s a complicated story, but I do think I have it essentially correct – in a very short response. Forgive me for my initial error. For meit is the end of a very long day. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

      An assumption many make is believing that the Bible is historic. Refering to familiar names and places in the Bible does not confer legitimacy to any story woven around them. How would history look if the Bible were not used as a reference?
      I agree with the author when he refers to imperialistic notions and practices. However, if folks didn’t have them would we be Americans? There is evidence that the Earth has supported a number of civilizations that were successful but then disappeared. Are we to be another one?
      HUmans have allowed the sociopathic mankind to take over. HUmans have souls, mankind does not, they were created as slaves by the Annunaki. They have no empathy for the suffering of the folks that they bully into submission. However, by believing their own publicity that they are ‘chosen’, they create their own demise through damage to genes because they marry within their own group. In other words, the ‘tares’ are distancing themselves through questionable beliefs about exceptionalism. However, the earth cannot stand anymore of this direction, it is too slow for the survival of HUmans and the Earth herself. We must help ourselves.


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