RT: The Truthseeker: America ‘Dead Last’ In Education

Published on Dec 1, 2013

Extensive skills study from the OECD finds young Americans are ‘dead last’, leaked lesson plans from corporate-controlled schools, expulsion and arrest offences under child ‘zero tolerance’ policies, teen mental patient screening questions, and hundreds of thousands of US college students being forced into prostitution.
Seek truth from facts with The Untold History of the United States co-author Prof. Peter Kuznick, Associate Director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Josh Golin, studentdebtcrisis.org co-founder Robert Applebaum, Storyleak editor Anthony Gucciardi, and filmmaker Michael Moore.

MORE EPISODES: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

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9 Responses to RT: The Truthseeker: America ‘Dead Last’ In Education

  1. DOUG says:

    Because of technology it should cost less to educate a person than in the past. The reason the college tuition prices skyrocket is the Federal Reserve Bank can print an endless supply of money to be lent at interest. That money costs the Fed nothing to produce. Quite the racket. Amazing it’s lasted 100 years. Time for it to go.

    I always felt the US would be one of the last countries to wake up. The reason is it’s been the biggest target. The cabal due to our constitutional given rights saw us as the biggest threat to their world dominating plans. In the 19th century we had presidents smart enough to keep a private central bank from taking a long-term hold. Unfortunately, in the 20th century they got their foot in the door and proceeded to trash the place.

  2. Reblogged this on Right Wing Nuts and Bolts and commented:
    This is a good compilation of the major causes of stupid America. It’s unfortunate that the very people who really need to understand this no longer have the ability to comprehend it. The truth is that there are many more destructive forces than are enumerated here. This just speaks of the vacuousness within the halls of education. It says little about the mind-numbing effects of media in general and the video game in particular. It still is possible to get a good education in America. But, one must stop drinking the koolaid and learn to be a seeker of the truth. You can bet that it is not found in any government or major media outlet.

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  4. Mr. C says:

    Very violent and rude generation of teens are in school today (in major cities), it appears the females in ninth and tenth grade are far more inclined to be “out-of-control” for smaller issues than are the male students. The parents really should allow teachers to film the students so they can SEE & HEAR just how off track and rude their child are becoming or have become. I speak as an 18-year inner city teacher in a major American city. Supplies for schools are pretty darn limited, if teachers didn’t spend their own income on things like pens, pencils and writing paper and even entire class sets of text books, there would be NONE.

    • Jean says:

      This may well be so, but like most they have been badly abused and manipulated. I realize that if you are working with them every day on the ground, this knowledge doesn’t really help you at all. After almost twenty-eight years of teaching, I knew when I’d had enough :) These people need help – if you will take the time to watch the video with Bill Moyers interviewing Henry Giroux, you will hear how he describes this generation. Not a pretty description – and one that is no fault of their own, but I think it is accurate.


  5. Ti-grr says:

    It may be a personal grind, but I feel Affirmative Action plays a big part in this.
    For 25+ years I’ve tried to get a full-time university teaching / assistant professor position. Being a Single White Male – at best, I had several one-year Visiting Assistant Professor jobs. All other times, when I checked, the jobs went to women or minories. (Just look at the population of current campuses – white women and miorities, predominately.) (They get additional govn’t money for those who match A A requirements.)
    As a friend, who applied for a job in CA, was told by the Dean, “if you were a black woman I could hire you tomorrow…” My friend laughed, and said, “Well, on Saturday nights, I am.” ( I could never pull that off … but he did get the job – but that was 30 years ago.)
    Same &^% going on in most Federal and State jobs. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  6. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    Yes and this is all by design. And Russia should know exactly what we’re talking about.

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