Who owns the Federal Reserve?

Uploaded on Jun 4, 2011

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17 Responses to Who owns the Federal Reserve?

  1. Charles Gwin says:

    Jean, thanks again for your immediate reply. I will attempt to get those two books shortly. Thank you also for your concern about my beliefs. Your thoughtfulness is most gracious and appreciated. Your frankness is as a breath of fresh air because so many today seem to “go with the flow” rather than say what they really believe. You need to know that I am a Christian yet believe that Christianity is an open system, i.e., can be discussed in the market place of the world, not only in the U.S. but throughout the world. Unfortunately many have compartmentalized Christian into a system that consists in a number of self-imposed regulations…this includes such things as worship, the “do-nots”, etc. There is little wonder why so many, I was among them at one time, scoff at Christianity. What I think is that they are turned off by religion and/or the so-called religious. It is a joy to share ones belief(s) especially if one is able to agree to disagree. Our education system today is largely built upon the Hegelian dialectic that presupposes that there is a constant quest for truth yet recognizing all the time that truth, among many other things, is altogether relative. No wonder we have grown up being taught lies about our history, politics, economics, etc. I thank you for posting various viewpoints and challenging me, and the others viewing your website, to research further on our own. I do believe, though, that the mentors need to be informed what their “students” learn. You certainly demonstrate this as a mentor and, I trust, that your readers appreciate what you are doing…..thank you for helping remove the veil that has been wrapped over our eyes and hearts. …blessings to you and your family, Charles

    • Jean says:

      Charles, there are as many paths as there are people to ascension, and we each create our own. As far as I can see your outlook is wholesome and open to new ideas and thoughts, and God knows we’re all getting a good dose of them right now! As I see it, you are a Christian who is willing to think for himself and to question. I don’t think God ever meant for us to give that up, but religion seems to have hit us all hard with that idea. Thank you for your kind words, Charles, and I appreciate your comments here – mostly as a fellow traveler and human being, but also as a Christian. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Kangamoo says:

    Nothing has “improved” since these enquiries by US Congress Senators… Like Paul, Grayson & others probed these manipulated imbiciles [ Bernarke & Geithner ] running the worlds greatest Ponzi Scheme….However its got a whole lot worse now, to the point its become clear and obvious to many many millions more…Thanks Jean its a really good idea to resurrect these videos again now. Its a sure bet that many of those newly awakened millions have the same gut ” spiritual ” feeling like you… that this time is different… I constantly give “Thanks” through pray for that wonderful “Halleluja Moment” that will change the course of history….There is a crack.. a crack in everything…Thats how the light gets in…thats how the light gets in…”Anthem”…Leonard Cohen…

  3. jorge says:

    It makes me sad that Ron Paul is no longer representing us in congress!

  4. charlesg41 says:

    Jean, it appears that at the core of the multitude of problems being brought to our attention here in the U.S. and throughout the world centers around one word: truth. It is difficult for me to admit that much of what I have been taught has been lies and that now I find myself struggling to ascertain what is actually true historically, politically, economically, theologically, etc. I believe that one of the most important questions ever asked was the question that Pilate asked Christ prior to Christ’s crucifixion, “What is Truth?” (cf. Gospel of John 18:4). Standing before Pilate was The Creator/Redeemer. John describes Jesus (cf. John 1:14) as the “Word became flesh….” Pilate was looking at truth personified. We live in a world that states everything is relative, even truth. I disagree. Jesus taught that one must pursue truth as one looking for a great treasure. This true truth, Jesus taught, sets us free. May I suggest that we begin with the presupposition that Jesus is truth and this truth is unchangeable. If this is true indeed (I believe it is) then truth in every arena (economics, political, theological, scientific, etc.) should bring to light and into focus the lies we have been and are being taught. Wouldn’t it be great if things were more transparent? There must be a standard that is absolute or we just live in a universe that has no absolutes and chaos reigns. Please share your comments…..blessings

    • Jean says:

      Charles, soon everything will become transparent, as it must. Truth has been relative because we see it through our wounds and biases. When we clear these and have an open pathway to our hearts, we can then know the ‘real’ truth, because our hearts, which do contain actual brain matter and give off far stronger energy than our brains, will never lie to us. As you say, truth is not really relative :), and I agree with you.

      We will all have the opportunity to learn our true history, and because many of us know a great deal about it, I hope we will be able to support what I see as a collective spiritual emergency hitting the United States as the people there are invited to look at what has been their false reality, the matrix.

      I beg you, if you like me have a Christian background (although mine never really ‘took’) to consider the idea that while Jesus embodied truth and love, he also said we could do exactly as he had done. I believe He came here to give us those messages. In other words, we have the same abilities that Jesus had, but we have to find them within. We were never meant to worship him; that burden was placed on him/us by religion. The christ consciousness is what is returning once again, and it is now around our planet i a grid, and this will enable us t make this shift.

      People will make their choices, and for a huge number of reasons many will not be able to move forward into the new paradigm. I think we must honor and love them where they are as we respect the choices of their souls. Whatever happens, we cannot make this choice for them, and we cannot carry them on our backs.

      I hope my answer to you has not gone too far astray and that you will find it helpful :)


      • charlesg41 says:

        Thanks SO much for your comments. Jean, I thank you for your truthfulness and frankness. It seems that many today just cower to their surroundings. While I agree with you that we can do (and are told that we will do) more of the miraculous that did Jesus, I do believe that because He is God, He is to be worship but we need to recognize that this worship is a privilege. People, I believe, are waking up. The Apostle Paul writes in Romans 8 that all of creation is groaning as a woman in labor bringing forth a new creation. All around us (throughout the word) people are realizing that something amazing is occurring on Planet Earth. We are living in the most dynamic times of human history…..our reaction must not be as a robot (as it has been in the past) but as a created being endowed with an eternal soul….Thanks again for your reply. I pray blessings for you and your family…..

        • Jean says:

          Charles, two books you might find helpful are The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo by Kent Nerburn and Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler. If you have a Christian background, you may have difficulty with them and find them a little off putting , but I urge you to keep an open mind and only take from these books what makes sense to you. Both of them describe what has been done to humanity, but they come from very different directions and to my mind they illuminate how the cabal has distorted Jesus’ message of love for one another. Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Ti-grr says:

    Federal Reserve is NOT a government agency. (An ‘odd duck’ as T Jefferson referred to it. Nor do they pay property tax or any other taxes. ) They are a consortium of private (mostly foreign, most Jewish-owned) banks. (13 as I recall).
    They have NO allegiance to the USA!
    Yet, somehow they “advise” on all aspects of US Economy; control the printing of all US currency and coinage; control the interest rates of US banks; and control ( self-regulated ) ALL the US gold resrves (now reportedly counterfeit bars with tungsten cores – hence Ron Pauls’ push for an indepent assay of the gold – requests still denied).
    It must end. Bush/ Cheney 50+ year NWO Dynasty must end.

    Both JFK and Regan planned for an American Treasury and monies (and to do away with Fed Res). JFK got whacked (by bush senior boys – see veteranstoday.com); and Regan’s planned speech was denies air-time in USA and then the Contra Hearings happened and almost overnignt Regan “could not recall” anything. ( They likely erased his mind. )

  6. gdlee says:

    Get a man to accept stolen goods and he will never complain about the thief. The federal reserve and the theft of the great nation is 400 years old but in the last 100 years it has avalanched. In 1934, a Colonel Edward Mandrel House explained it all in a conversation with Woodrow Wilson…… Google it!

  7. Todd says:

    These last 8 messages are from 2-4 years ago, and I recall some of them. Is there a reason to bring them up again? Could it be that we are on the brink of the financial collapse that we’ve all been expecting and praying for? The foundations for the old banking system are crumbling before our eyes. Whatever happens, keep in mind and heart that these changes are necessary, and we can choose to help each other. Stay grounded in the Now, Be Love, and welcome these transitions. They need to occur before the ‘new system’ can be put into place.

    Happy holidays to all, Todd.

    • Jean says:

      There are many people just awakening, Todd. When this collection came my way recently, I felt like I should put them out for others who haven’t been aware to listen to . . . yes, I think we’re coming near the end, but I’ve thought that before. Still, I have a different sense of it this time. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Todd says:

        As usual dearest Jean, well done. It never hurts to inform the masses. Let us have faith that this old system is on it’s last legs, and that there is a viable back-up system in place. When the present system does implode, let us come together and rejoice, for it means new beginnings are just around the corner. It’s time to replace fear with Love.

        Hugs, Todd.

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