WTF Is Behind ISON? Sun Sized Object Or Anomaly?

Sunday, December 1, 2013 8:01
Source: Before It’s News
Thanks to V.

Is what appears to be a sun-sized object in behind Comet ISON as shown in the images and videos below actually a planet/sun of some sort or merely a strange anomaly? The internet is blowing up today about what some are calling ‘Nibiru’ which suddenly appeared as Comet ISON was approaching the sun. Check out the images and videos below. There clearly is something, or more than one thing, there. Check out the time stamps on the images and videos. What is it? AstroDanMan79 is calling these a strange anomaly. Is there a rational explanation for this?

Interesting Artifact photo anomaly_zps96602216.gif

Check out the 1 minute 28 second mark for this same anomaly and questions from the videographer…. what is this thing?

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24 Responses to WTF Is Behind ISON? Sun Sized Object Or Anomaly?

  1. Neal Keating says:

    Just saw this post on why all the wacky weather and active volcanoes.
    You never see these connections made, but the geographic locations don’t lie.
    This info need to get out!
    “How Nuclear Weaponry became the bane of human existence”

  2. MockingBirdKiller says:

    A lens flare on a magnetogram? Doubt it. Also, If you look at when this “object” darkens you can clearly see craters. BUT, this cannot be a physical object. Its way too big. We would notice something like that pretty quick due to the changes of the gravitational pull. However, that is not to say that this object does not exist. It just does not exist on our plane of existence. Not yet anyway.

  3. LOL I like the moon in front as an explanation. I wasn’t looking forward to Hercolobus.

  4. Mike says:

    I’ve heard this “Lens flare” explanation, anybody know more about this effect?

    “Look at how that is two concentric circles, and notice the way it “illuminates.”

    That is a lens flare or reflection off of that disk they use to occlude the sun. It’s reflecting once off the front of the occlusion disk, then secondly off the backside of the lens, then into the imager array. This is consistent with the angle of the sun, and the polarized sweep of the illumination. (It is illuminated in a band which moves at a cos T projection, and is perpendicular to the line between the artifact and the sun.)”

  5. Lisa says:

    Relax Folks. I know most of you really want it to be some cool alien biosphere coming to “save us”, and some of you are probably even secretly hoping it’s Niburu or Planet X here to destroy the world. It is just the moon, near to transiting/eclipsing the sun – from the viewpoint of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) satellite. That happens a couple times a year; sometimes it is the earth doing the eclipsing rather than the moon. Earth transits usually happen during a 3-wk period near the equinoxes.

  6. mimirodriguez123 says:

    Wow, Jean! … That Tolec/Andromedan issue I brought up earlier today has turned out to be quite controversial, i guess!…I, too, was thinking that perhaps Tolec had been “gotten to” there for awhile…but this video I just looked at seems to corroborate Tolec’s information about 2 quite large ‘escort’ ships for the Biosphere… I’m not at all sure WHAT to think, anymore!!! (Does Anybody???) Thank You Jean, for your continued Excellent Work! And Happy Holidays to You and Everyone Out There! :-D Blessings!
    P.S,…This Guy is a bit Difficult to Understand , but here is more evidence:

  7. cp gilbert says:

    Jean im interested in what you think about this as it pertains to the info about the debris trail? I have no horse in this race either way, biosphere, ect.
    synchronicity , false positive, whats your take??

    • Jean says:

      I don’t know any more than anyone else about this, cp. I’m sorry. Maybe, maybe not. It’s possible, but it could be a hoax. It’s hard to know . . . and I don’t worry about ISON, either way, so I just can’t get excited about it all. . . .

      Others here may offer more informed thoughts than I can :)

      Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Jean,
    Hang in with Tolec a little longer! Ison is not a Comet, it is so much more.

  9. Tiffany says:

    BREAKING: Comet ISON – Dark Sphere Leads Comet – (Youtube vid in article is 1 minute long of this sphere)

  10. Tiffany says:

    I’m gonna go on a short rant here to vent about the cabal pertaining to ISON for just one moment… I am sure that what Richard Hoagland is saying has some truth to it. This very retarded cabal want their symbolism and meaning attached everywhere even though most folks have no clue that it’s there. Just a little bit of news for the ever influencing and manipulating cabal…WE DECIDE INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY WHAT MEANING TO ASSIGN TO THINGS. THE JIG IS UP. Now that “comet” has been many things, and has had different meanings for different people. And, I do believe the cabal are trying to set ISON up to the public to mean something in particular. In fact I actually agree with some of it. Seeing it now as a positive beacon is what I am choosing to see it as which seems to square with what the cabal are doing with it. However, the kind of change and good things to come are where we differ. An end to systems based on lack, fear, greed, deceit, manipulation and the beginning of systems based in abundance, tolerance, love, peace, hope… THAT IS WHAT THIS COMET NOW MEANS TO ME!!!! And, I am on the hunt for evidence that systems of LOVE are happening!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT WHEN Y’ALL POST STORIES ABOUT EVIDENCE OF THE NEW SYSTEM COMING IN!!! Here’s one somebody posted the other day… I was so inspired to read that story!!!! Thanks so much to Lynne Lincoln for posting that in our Cosmic Voice Facebook group!!!! Love y’all so much!!! Tif…/former-occupy-wall-street…/

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Tiffany for sharing the link and for ‘ranting’ in such a positive way. I totally agree with your thinking! What is happening now is completely awesome to me – even in my own personal, private life. It feels like it is coming together, and I choose to believe that we are truly loved and that we are going to have the opportunity to use our wonderful, positive energy to clean up this planet and our lives here in the most creative and exciting ways!


  11. Tiffany says:

    That sphere looks to me to be exactly like the biospheres from the NASA footage on the sun that Tanaath, Sunfire, and Tolec all said were the Sarsta, a biosphere. Here’s the updated article with those vids in it called “Comet” ISON and ET Military Maneuvers, and here is a short excerpt of the begining of the article, “Strange things are afoot with the ship being escorted by two other ships who are all masquerading as “Comet” ISON. Apparently there is now a sphere leading what NASA is calling “Comet” ISON. NASA, (Never A Straight Answer) has over 60 instruments pointed toward ISON and yet none are live real time video feeds to the public. NASA knows what’s going on, but…”

  12. Well, it appears that Huggie may be Right!… That is, according to information released by Tolec and The Andromeda Council and what he had to say about “Comet Ison” back on September 6th…Very exciting!

    Also, Montegue Keene through Veronica recently spoke about the Andromedans…

    • Jean says:

      I have serious questions, for myself, about Tolec. I strongly sense he has been co-opted, even though he may not be aware of it. Hugs, ~Jena

  13. HAPPYDREAMER says:

    with all due respect to the film maker, I know in my heart we are in a time of change, in which, part of that is a form of disclosure and the population becomes aware that there is more than meets the eye, However I have, as have many readers of this blog have seen some pretty interesting images over the previous years. I know we are loved, watched and supported by benevolent beings with every essence of my being. It, in the first instance saddens me when I first view this footage as just another non event and possibly set up by the ones who control the message.

    I have known since my first conscious memory I was in for a ride and here I am, my lesson is one part discerning, a dash of trust, many cups of faith, 2 tablespoons of compassion, a cup of non judgement and bucket loads of love.

    If this is another planet of love bring it on,

  14. Pink Rabbit says:

    Tptb may be trying to lure truthers to bite on false or misleading information so as to let the truthers discredit them selves. Like the Live Feed showing sudden loss of comet although they froze screen of the comet behind the sun as if it wasn’t there any more. So some truthers saw European video that comet wasn’t destroyed and published that NASA lying about disintegration when comet was actually there. And then it does disintegrate later. NASA Caused so much confusion and reminds me of the Sandy Hook conflicting info they fed us. BTW did y’all see the 2 pair of glasses on Adam Lanzas table at home? Again conflicting info to try and bait truthers to argue about whether Ryan was really Adam. I don’t believe that claim however as their pictures really aren’t the same. It was on Teamwakeemup video on YouTube.

  15. Alex says:

    Most likely a feedback of some sort. That is my guess. Although, I am not qualified to make an accurate analysis. If something that size was truly behind ISON then we would have felt it”s gravitational effects. Now if this was a high tech craft of some sort that was mitigating the effects then we have nothing to worry about. I however personally feel this is a feedback anomaly. I have seen this type of effect before explained by experts. As much as I kinda wish it was our space brothers and sisters, it is unfortunately something much more mundane. See if anyone can find a more qualified interpretation of what we are seeing. How fun though ;)

  16. Tauscha Gove says:

    From Mahalas Astrology:

    also have the great comet Ison at the closest point to our sun on November 28th. There has been a lot of controversy over what this comet is, or is not. At least 20 years ago I read an article in the regular news, about an object called Nemesis that the Astronomers had discovered and it was heading for Earth. The expected arrival time was to be the year 2012. A couple of weeks later I read another article saying they had recalculated the orbit and it would be here later. It is here now. It’s my understanding that Nemesis/Nemosis (Ison) was known as the dark companion to our sun, and it comes by here every few thousand years to connect with our sun. Our moon also has a companion and it is called the dark moon, and is named Lilith. Nemesis has been on its way here for a long time. Nemesis has always been considered the destroyer, or the negative companion of our sun. It is also called the great awakener. It is basically helping to break down the old paradigm within us, and in the world.

    I am calling this comet a sun. Others are calling it Planet X, Nibiri, or a space ship. Maybe Ison is a combination of those names and they are all talking about the same thing. I have seen a video that shows a space ship with this comet. I am very excited about its appearance because it is changing our DNA, awakening our pineal gland, and reseeding our Earth. It will be the Christmas comet of the century providing it survives the transit of our sun. For more information on Nemesis check out these videos: This video is about Comet Ison a dwarf sun. This video is about how Mars turned into a comet.

    our sun is completing her magnetic pole shift that happens every eleven years. I think Ison is helping the sun complete her turn this time. If we are moving into a higher frequency, the sun must be doing that also, along with our solar system. I do know that we crossed the Galactic Center in December of 2012 and we are now in a much higher frequency space, which will probably get higher as we move farther into this space. Some people are calling this space the Photon Belt. We will be able to see Ison as it comes closer to Earth in December. On New Year’s Day we will start out the year with a major cardinal fast-acting cross in the heavens. Uranus will be 8 degrees Aries, Jupiter 16 degrees Cancer, Mars 11 degrees Libra, and the sun will be conjunct the moon on 10 degrees Capricorn, along with Pluto and Mercury at 11 degrees, and Venus will be 26 degrees Capricorn. This means there will be five planets in Capricorn. Wow, what a cardinal cross that will be. Eight out of the ten planets will be in that cross.

  17. Two ships and a Biosphere nothing to worry about stay calm. The Boys are back in town but do not call them Gods what ever you do Tee Hee.

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