Videos: Spiritual, The Shift, Financial

. . . for when you get tired of reading (I will update this as I discover other good ones.)

In no particular order:

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  1. Wysiwyg says:

    Swara Yoga – Secret Vedic Pulse Knowledge. Namaste

  2. Wysiwyg says:

    Gnosis- Secrets of Alchemy Documentary


  3. Tracy says:

    After this “strange” day under the Aries/moon, I wanted to go to bed on a “high note”. I found this first thing today (while I was working on my spirits evolution outside all hell was breaking loose)
    Thought you all might find this “hopeful and encouraging”, I know I sure did.
    YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS : Journey to the Tree of Life —
    Jean I wanted to thank you for the conference call with Debra & Christine it was helpful, I’m looking forward to reviewing and any additional resource materials. Be well, good night!

  4. Wysiwyg says:

    Venus Transit: Basic Mayan Time-line gets no hype! Namaste

  5. Wysiwyg says:

    For Perusal. Mike Heiser (Hebrew Scholar) explains the Nephilim, Elohim and Watchers and points out the flaws in Sitchin’s theories.

  6. Wysiwyg says:

    Lilou interviews Hunbatz Men : Mayan Elder, prophecies, energies, rituals Namaste

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  8. Wysiwyg says:

    Reaction of Anger to Unfairness ~ Complete Dialogue


    • Jean says:

      I’ve been able to listen to this on and off, and I’m not sure about the validity of what he is saying. We are learning so much, and by combining our knowledge of the quantum field (Science) with God, we are able to heal wounds in ways that were unthinkable before. We carry many things in our cellular memory, and through working with quantum devices/programs it is possible to remove these memories completely from our etheric fields. The idea, of course, is to gain the wisdom that comes with the conscious removal of the memories.

      Our body holds onto anger and the pain of traumas. Stuffing and controlling these memories would never have been an answer for me. A great part of my own healing included the primal scream. I was deeply wounded in my primal brain at the moment of conception, and I carried that with em, repressed, until very late in my life. Once the memories started to come up, there was no way I could ever ‘manage’ them. They needed to be released from my body.

      My inner child finally went into rage, rage that she had never had an opportunity to be safely heard. The rage came on when I realized how my life had been stolen from me. I was so scared, and I thought it would kill me, but my therapist said that I should let it run, and when it was over, it would be all over. Even though it went on for days – and nights, as well, she was sooo right. My inner child needed to be heard by the new, adult ‘me’. She needed to heard and cared for in a sane, caring environment. For a lifetime there had never been anyone there to ‘hear’ me. As an adult, I could have continued to abandon that child as my parents had – as many of our parents have because they didn’t know any better – or I could assume the role of an adult and care for her. I had the guidance that helped me make a wise decision.

      I hope this makes some sense.

      Part of my problem with New Age thinking was my experience with those in power who thought if I shut down these memories for long enough that they would go away. I know this is a false assumption. This was a minister who never shut up, and she couldn’t stop moving. Her every effort was focused on repressing the pain. . . and I knew that in the end it wouldn’t ever really work. I knew it, because I lived it. . .

      Anyway, listen to this video and please, please make up your own minds. All I can do is speak from my own experience, but my experience may not be yours.


      • Wysiwyg says:

        You make sense Jean. I don’t think there is one solution that works for everyone because everyone’s experience of pain and anger will be different and particular to them, such as the trauma you endured. I don’t think someone suffering such deep trauma would find a quick fix here.
        This video made sense to me in part because if someone or something provokes an angry reaction in me these days, my heart tells me to walk away and find a quiet place for contemplation while I figure out what provoked my reaction. Not too long ago I would have had a blazing row because I wanted or needed (?) to be right not kind!
        I also think that when more people awaken they will most likely have a lot of anger to deal with, so Moojji’s words might be of help to some of us as we move forward. :)

  9. Wysiwyg says:

    How to reality and time shift. Lilou and Cynthia Sue Larson


    • Jean says:

      This video was so important to me this morning! The serendipity of its appearance blew me away. Thank you! I’ve posted it . . .and hugs, ~Jean

  10. Hi Jean,
    Love the blog .. check it out most days.

    Anyway, here is quite a recent song from ‘Imagine Dragons’, it’s called Radioactive, and seems very fitting at this moment in time (hope you don’t mind me posting this):

    Hope you Enjoy, love Wish

    • Jean says:

      No, I’m delighted when people contribute. . . thanks so much. I’m only one person, and I can’t do it all, or knowit all . . . Hugs, ~Jena

  11. Wysiwyg says:

    I suddenly felt moved to post this, Jean ‘There’s Something Inside So Strong’
    With Love from Wysiwyg ;)

  12. Wysiwyg says:

    I watched the Lynne McTaggart video lower down and found it very helpful. Here’s some more of her work The Power of Conscious Intention Namaste

  13. Wysiwyg says:

    Dr Wayne Dyer’s ‘The Shift’ Full movie. Namaste

  14. Wysiwyg says:

    John Lash Gnosticism and Mythology . Namaste

  15. Wysiwyg says:

    For perusal, with love. :) Namaste

  16. Jean, Could you please post the link to Solar Revolution, I’m not sure which one it is if it is on youtube.

  17. Wysiwyg says:

    Bob Diamond ex-President of Barclays Bank UK being interrogated by UK Parliament Select Committee over the LIBOR scandal. Starts around 5 minutes in. Namaste

  18. Wysiwyg says:

    Fighting the NWO Discernment advised. Namaste

  19. verymerrry says:

    Suggested addition to your collection. The most comprehensive collection of data ever assembled
    Please find on YouTube, this is Really good!
    2012 A-Z, a Galaxial Event of Disneyesque Proportions

  20. Nora says:

    Roswell Alien Interview

  21. Nora says:

    Lessons from Geese

  22. Nora says:

    Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s)

  23. anton says:

    Hi.. I notice you like classical music, I wondered if you could perhaps mention bus station sonata if it fits your tastes..

  24. Nora says:

    Interview of Geoff Stray by Graham Hancock re 2012 and beyond

  25. Nora says:

    Correction! This is about intention (Hopefully!)

  26. Alex says:

    A little up lifting may feel pretty good right about now. Enjoy!

  27. Namaste Jean

    Some interesting info for you. The Manchester Commonwealth Games have a significance as well, as Manchester is owned by the Mergovians – there are a set of six videos and the symbolism is EVERYWHERE. Spirit again! More symbolism shedding light and I hope you will find this information interesting. I didn’t feel comfortable in Manchester – turns out there was a reason!

    Kind regards and blessings

  28. lou says:

    Hi Jean…I have some photos I taken of objects (UFOs, motherships…I don’t know what they are for sure) that have been all around my home for 4 years (that I’m personally aware of). The most recent photos are amazing. I’m wondering if you’d like to see them, and if so where can I send them, ie. which email addy? Namaste, Lou

  29. Christina says:

    Dear Jean,
    What a site you have. I now was looking where to write you about some nice videos and found this. I watched two wonderful videos on youtube which lift our spirits. The one is called: The Geen Beautiful. It’s about people who live in harmony on another planet, who are having a meeting. People can go to another planet to have new experiences and when asked who wants to go to earth, nobody wants to. Finally one woman goes to earth (Paris) and we see what she experiences and also what she brings about. A humerous wonderful film.
    The second one is: Jodhaa Akbar. Akbar was the greatest Mughal leader in India, who reigned as a tru leader with justice and respect for orher religions for about 50 years (1556 to 1605). As a moslim he marries a Hindu woman (Jodhaa) and teaches openess and respect for other cultures and religions. His love for Jodhaa is unconditioned. A tru story.
    . Did you know that Akbar later incarnated as the USA president Franklin Roosevelt? Again a very conscious president. He had again contact (letters) with Jodhaa, but I forgot as whom she incarnated. Roosevelt was poisoned in spring 1945.
    with love,

    • Jean says:

      Christina, if you could copy a link to these videos, it would be helpful. Others might enjoy them. I can easily post them. Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • Nilesh says:

      Dear Christina & Dear Jean,
      Warm Greetings! Thank you for point out movie The Green Beautiful. It is Indeed beautiful. One would like to point out unique research on fundamentals of nature based on numerical axioms has point out for the first time & unite all spectrum hidden/detectable of nature up to 50 decimal precision for any interested one can explore & investigate perhaps enjoy the message given in “The Green Beautiful” .

      Warm Regards,

  30. Vicky says:

    Hi Jean, You are amazing! Do you ever sleep? : ) How wonderful that you are now in Sedona studying Mer-ka-ba technique with Drunvalo!!!! I wish you a lot of success with it!
    You know, I only came across Drunvalo’s work about 3 weeks ago and ever since that I can’t get enough of his teachings. What an incredible person he is! I listened to all his lectures and interviews on youtube and now I am reading “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Light”. What an eye opener! So many things make sense now! If you get a chance, please tell him that I can’t express enough gratitude for what he does for the Earth and for the people on it!
    With love,

  31. Vicky says:

    Thank you so much for taking time to reply and to watch Pane Andov’s video. I know how busy you must be these days with your upcomning Sedona trip and I wish you all the very best!!! I agree – Pane Andov does feel ” for real”… If at some point you have a chance to listen through Pane’s entire lecture you would propably notice how many similarities are between his and Drunvalo’s views. As Pane talks about the crop circles and human conciousness and the upcoming Nexus event, he also feels that the ascention is imminent and Mer-Ka-Ba meditation will be the key to help the Earth and humanity to go through the process… So I found it very informative and inspiring. Sincerely, Vicky.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks for your comment, Vicky. Jean is in Sedona and is truly grateful for the support and love received from her readership. She isn’t able to reply in person until she returns. In the meantime, I’m filling in for her and am sure she will read your comment when she has a breather from her seminar.

      Blessings to you! Gillian (for Jean)

    • Jean says:

      Vicky, it’s Jean, here, and it’s the middle of the night. I awakened and decided to just check things out. Sorry, I don’t have time to say more than you’re welcome. Do you practice the merkaba? It’s a vehicle, quite literally, for ascension – an electronic grid we consciously place around ourselves that’s really quite necessary. That’s one of the things I’ve studied with Drunvalo. Now, he’s come up with some new ways to establish it, and that’s why I’m here in Sedona. . . more later, I hope. Hugs, ~Jean PS Yes, from what you say, Andov’s ideas are similar to Drunvalo’s/

    • Oh I think it’s gonna take a little more then meditation to get us out of this mess…I think we’ve gone too long trying to meditate our way out of what we can’t seem to face is happening and all it did was get worse…it’s time to grow up, put on our big boy pants and kick the bums out of office and take our country back and all this energy and quantum bs is not going to get us outta the mess WE have allowed to happen to this country…

  32. Vicky says:

    Hi Jean,
    Have you heard of Pane Andov. He is a scientist/teacher/astral traveler who is originally from Macedonia, but currently lives in Australia. This is one of his videos that is very relevant:


    P.S. I am new to this, but I am very much enjoying your site.

    • Jean says:

      Vicky, as you may have read, I’m getting ready to go away, so I’m short of time – but I am listening to Pane right now as I write this. I sense in a very short time that this man is ‘for real’. Anything we can find to help us understand has value, so I thank you . . . this seems to be mostly about UFOs and interaction. Correct? Thanks so much, ~Jean

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