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The financial news today is rather slow.
There is one article called
 Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce which I hope you will read carefully. I am very much interested to hear if you think this article’s premise is valid.

Hopefully, I will also some find time to write an article about a practical skill that I find very helpful: presenting our ideas to others in such a way that no matter how they are received we can walk away ‘emotionally free.’

I‘m also publishing a very interesting article that I hope you will consider called 
Why External Programming Mimics Reality




Balsamic Moon Phase: dream

Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (Goddess of Beauty) and Matangi (Goddess of the Wind)

Skill: release what has not worked

Negative Imprint: dominating others thoughts, indecision based on multiple options, need for absolute truth or proof, imbalance, jealousy, pushiness, avoiding personal responsibility

Positive Imprint: equilibrium, fertility, lofty heights of creativity, fulfillment, grounded power, force of pure intent, assistance from spiritual sources, curiosity, beauty

Balsamic Moon phase is the time when we not only weed our “mental garden,” the landscape of our minds, but also envision several options of what we might want the new garden to look like.

To facilitate this, lofty heights of creativity are reached under today’s energy.  This means we have abundant power to weed out and release whatever no longer contributes to the vibrant life of our mental garden and its parallel expression in the outer world.

The feelings, thoughts, beliefs, outcomes, circumstances, and consequences that have developed in your life since the New Moon in Aries (the astrological new year which began on March 30, 2014) can be removed.  They can be pulled out – weeded out – under today’s energetics.

Any type of meditation, visualization, or therapeutic modality where the focus is on removal of what is no longer in line with us is potent magic.  There are all kinds of ways to envision and work with this: picture effervescent dust evaporating it; imagine winding a rope around it and pulling it out; etherically pull it out with your bare hands; mentally wield a knife and cut it out with surgical precision; conjure a bonfire and throw it in to be forged anew from the flame

The point is to take control of your vision.

Today’s energy brings us in whispering distance of inner wisdom and otherworldly guidance.  This is a time when two-way communication is more viable energetically.  We are inclined toward wanting answers, but we should also offer preferences.  What do you want for your own future and the future of the world?  State this aloud.  The Universe is listening and wants to hear.  Inject your voice into the dream.  This is very, very important today.  The wishes of the contingent of humanity who understand that this is a time to voice our wishes ripple throughout the galaxy.

Today, release what has not worked out the way you wanted it to.  We are approaching the midpoint of the astrological and natural year – the time of the inner light of a Full Moon.  In order to light up as best we can then, we need to take out whatever is dimming now.

The Oracle Report

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report.  Blessings to all!

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From a Reader, M. . . my thanks and hugs, ~Jean

The cartoon below seems to fit with the article I published today called
Why External Programming Mimics Reality.
I wonder if you agree :) ~J


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Why External Programming Mimics Reality


As mentioned in both the template article “Steps to the JWO” and the follow-up, “The Biggest Threat to the “Jews” (located here) Claim to Zion”, one of the greatest powers wielded by the elite “Jews” is their virtual monopoly of the World’s Mass Media. To have control over external programming organs is to have possibly, the greatest power in the world. If one controls these levers, they control the majority of the minds of the masses. This article not only seeks to explain how they operate and toward what ends they are being employed, but also, explain why it is that external programming centers mimic future events.

Two Types of Programming

There are two basic forms of programming. One is external and the other is internal. Internal programming comes by way of genetics, genes, “the flesh”, the spirit. It is found in the most basic of building blocks to all life. In fact, it is life, and it’s pattern, the golden ratio or Pi, can be recognized everywhere in the Micro and Macro Universes .It’s basic pattern is a line with circle around it or a spiral that emanates from a point. This is also the pattern seen in the physical act of conception (between a Phallic- stick and Vagina- circle). This symbol is where the tradition of a wedding ring finger came from that denotes marriage. Internal programming is inherent and if not severely subdued, results in what can be termed “natural culture”. Natural culture is expressed when many of the same human sub species congregate together over long periods of time, expressing their inherent programming, outwardly.

It is this type of programming that heavily shaped the OWO (Old World Order) societies, not only in Europe, but everywhere on the planet.The reason for this type of programming carrying the day was that brick and mortar education centers were not prevalent, and “religion” or belief system, at least in America, was ultimately left to the individual. Another reason for internal programming’s reign, was that external programming devises were not very technologically advanced, with the partial exception of the printing press.  Because OWO external programming centers lacked both the time and technology in which to program people, a truer reality, a natural reality, with tight family structures enforced by way  inherent internal programming, dominated. This lent toward maintaining high levels of individual and group freedom that had at it’s core, a healthy respect for life.     

The “Reality of Jewish Globalism

Since the time of Constantine, self evident programming has often been at war with those who controlled the religious external programming centers. When religious or state tyranny reared it’s ugly head, there were always places to run and there were always new nations to form. If things got bad enough and those option weren’t available, sucession was a viable option. That is not the case today.

In the modern world, “Jewish” Globalism has for the first time enabled the elite to envision a total control matrix over virtually every square mile of the planet. Never in all of known history has an empire extended it’s jurisdiction, it’s influence over the entire planet, yet today, this is quickly becoming a reality. One of the greatest reasons for this worldwide illusionary reality over the last millennium becoming a “reality”, is because of the massive technological advancements of the major external programming levers.

In the middle of the OWO rule, what was copied by hand to paper, spoken, or declared,  held sway. After Guttenbrerg’s invention of the Printing Press, information spread quickly that enabled those who op posed tyranny to inform others of present day truths. Then came Radio, Film and of course Television. Today, these technologies have taken on epic proportions having combined with the home computer. With the advent of the Worldwide Web, both good and evil have an increasingly “level” playing field again, which is made obvious by the fact that in the JWO’s war against the truth, they desires to control every aspect of communication, not to mention every aspect of the individual. Because of the prevalence of modern external programming levers, it is absolutely imperative for those who hold to inherient truths to utilize the vehicals at our disposal so the truth will triumph over the lie.

Without the ability to reach people worldwide, the lie will win it’s global dominion bid,  baring an inter-dimensional power source intervening on behalf of the truth–that is.

The Reality of Reality

If one believes in reality and illusions they must believe there are truth and lies. If one believes this, then they must also believe in good and evil. Following this simple logic, and if one is still in agreement, they must believe there is an ultimate source to all the above, because after all, even the laws of thermodynamics dictate that all matter is in a continuing state of decay from an earlier pristine condition. What does this tell us? It shows us how certain people have beliefs that don’t conform to true reality, and since this is the case, not only do both sides exist, but both paradimes have original sources from where their power is derived.

The writer laid out this string of logic to drive home specific points.

1. One cannot deny the above without engaging in contradicting statements. One cannot say, “that is not true”, or “that is a lie” and then try to explain how there is no such thing as truth or a lie, good and bad, correct or incorrect, or ultimately, true reality and false realities with sources that correspond. One cannot claim truth is subjective when the word itself is not plural, but singular.

2. Since we have established this, it stands to reason that the ultimate power on this earth, possibily, is to control these external programming organs.

3. If what has been established is accepted by the reader, and this person opposes the JW0, then they ought to understand how illusionary power operates, that is, if they are interested in dismantling it or controlling these apparatuses for the common good in the future.

The Power of Early Programming

When we are born into this world, we come in with a blank slate. No one comes into this world with the inherent ability to not be deceived because a large degree of our world view is shaped by our perception of the world around us. This world, or the environment around us, is heavily influenced by the beliefs and conditionings that we are exposed to from those who hold power- “authority”, over us. So powerful is external programming in comparison to our early internal programming, that in all truth, one cannot honestly say who they were born from; whom their real mother and father is. Children believe what appears a certain way from the time one becomes self aware. Allow the author to explain further.

In a court of law, hearsay evidence is not allowed. Thus, because we were too young to claim ourselves as a fully competent eye witnesses of the event that is our birth one cannot trusthfully testify as to who one’s parent’s are.  No one remembers identifying their mother as they came out her birth canal. No one really knows, without a genetic test, who their real father is. These facts concerning our fragile nature in youth render every human heavily subject to those who influence us during this period. All humans must rely on those around them to obtain their first dose of what they believe true reality is, and it is for this reason the elite “Jews” use their external programming centers to ultimately, most frequently target the “goy” youth.


Some people are more aware than others. Some people, even when very small, know that the internal programming they have overrides the false external programming they perceive. Thus, evil people must always resort to immoral methods to eliminate their competition as people become more self aware. Their favorite methods employed depend heavily upon pavlovian principals- brainwashing.

Although evil people often use the same tools as good people, evil people don’t give much room for dissent or nonconformity, and this is why they always, in the end, rely instead upon brute force to enforce their evil, making people do things under duress- against their conscience. Understanding these basics is key to correctly comprehending how the enemy captured the external programming levers of this world and how they make use of them today.

The Capture of OWO Programming Levers

As mentioned previously, in the past, corrupt elements of the OWO controlled certain aspects of external programming organs. This began to change when good elements of the OWO were able to use new “goy” inventions to their advantage in order to spread truth and expose corruption. Seeing themselves beginning to lose their JWO bid, the “Jews” and their cohorts decided that they must focus their attention on controlling and then employing these new inventions for their agenda or risk total failure. Soon, the advantage began to change against those who fought for good. A prime example of this is Guttenberg’s printing press.

It was first created by a “goy” where it began to be used for good, but then the “Jew” took it over by force, as they began to control all printing presses. Likewise, Film, Radio and Television were invented by the “goy”, but soon enough, the “Jew”captured them and made a monopoly out of them as well. The reader might want to read up how the “Jews” came to control the film industry. In typical fashion, the usual suspects did so methodologically, by way of fraud, theft and brute economic force.

The Exorcising of JWO Programming

JWO programming can be found within the 6 sided political control matrix alluded to in the “Step to the JWO”. It can found in their ridiculous versions of “history”, both contemporary and ancient. It can be found in the “education” systems they use to indoctrinate the masses from birth to grave. It can be found in almost every modern Religion or Belief System held in majority.

It inundates Radio broadcasts, Film narratives, the Music they promote, Books, Magazines and Newspapers they decide to publish, and of course, it can be found all over Television. Only healthy inherent programming found primarily within, and I would argue, inside the self evident truths of Paleo Christianity can one find completely non Jewish controlled programming. To this writer’s delight, most of these people are linking up on the internet, making use of the vehicles at their disposal to fight the good fight.

To further emphasize this point, if one examines the narrative of almost any news story, of any book, of every script for a movie, or lyrics to a song, they will find heavy Jewish programming that basically works to invert true reality- the truth, so the “Jews” can control the minds of the “goy”. After all, every action taken starts with a thought, thus if one controls the premise to one’s thoughts, those thoughts are not their own, but subject to another and it is here is we find the true power of the internet. It is here in an uncontrolled environment where the jewise gather that we see what is scaring these mongrels and causing them sleepless nights. So as the Apostle Paul put it, we fight not against the flesh (physically) but against the principalities, the powers atop this evil world (with words of truth).

If one controls another’s programming, they can control the individual or the masses into doing their bidding, and this, even if it is totally against one’s self interest. A prime example are the Judaized Christian Zionist types who work day and night to support, protect and defend the “Jews” and their unlawful racially supremacist super state. These unfortunates, these Christian Zionist dupes buy all of those holohoax stories and the “Jews” identity fraud as if it were gospel truth. In doing so, they enable “God’s Chosen” in their bid to exclusively rule the planet after they succeed in exterminate the “goy” and their Nations. If blindly working for one’s own extermination isn’t a perfect example of the power of external programming, nothing is.

Why External Programming Mimics Reality

JWO external programming must mimic reality because the truth still operates in this dark world. The truth always comes out, but it doesn’t always occur within our desired time frame. For many of the ultimate truths to surface, the lie must play its course. To put this another way, darkness must reach its ultimate depths before the day shines its light.

Thus, the ultimate ploy for evil is to mimic good. The ultimate deception of the lie is to mimic truth. And here we realize that the ultimate plan of the JWO is to fool the world into believing that what they will bring into short existence emanates from the source of all truth, of all good, and if people believe this, then all who oppose it will be the “evil ones” in the minds of those deceived.

When this happens, their false programming becomes a type of reality because in most people, their subconscious minds act out their programming whether for evil or good. This is successful because the majority of people lack the discipline or ability to control their own minds. Another tactic used by the enemy is when they try to make their enemy like themselves. If one becomes like their enemy, that person can no longer effectively oppose his opposition. Because this only works on a certain amount of the population, other schemes have been devised to maintain “Jewish” control. Enter, Jewish Zionist programming as entertainment.

Jewish Zionist Entertainment

For those who don’t know, Zion is a place, a location, and it is neither good nor bad. In particular, it is the place that both good and evil seek to rule from. To the “Jew”, it is Jerusalem or the Temple Mount. To Paleo Christianity, it is the Mount of Olives, all of which are very close to one another. The “Jews” plant seeds in their victim’s minds so that when the time comes for their master’s unveiling, the masses will not opposite them when they plan to rule from their “Zion”.The following are a few examples of their programming at work.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy- This story describes in great detail the events that will transpire across the planet culminating in the “Return of the King”. So accurate is this film, it can be used for both good and evil depending on that is, who the last King actually is that rules from true Zion. The elite Jews had this movie made to maintain their mind control right up to the last moment of the end of this particular age. The different races and nations are plainly described. America and “Israel”, the 3 power centers, the Crown and the Eastern Powers associated with the BRIC nations are right there to see if one only opens their eyes to the symbolism employed.

Highlander- In this 1980’s film, the story is told about certain immortals who battle each other to see who is the last one standing. The winner becomes the new King of the World. A Scot Highlander is the good guy who wins it all against the bad guy, a “Kurgan”. which is synonymous with the word Khagan which means “King” to the Khazars (Ashkenaz)- who are of Turk, Mongolian- Japeth stock. These people make up the majority of those who falsely claim to be Judah and Israel today. If you watch this movie note that Scotland is where the real Stone of Destiny resides today. Think about that for a moment.

At the beginning of this movie, a tale is told of a certain Kurgan who is employed by paticular tribes in England to fight against the Highlander’s clan. The Kurgan kills McCloud, the god guy, but then he comes to life again and is instructed on how to fight the bad guys in an epic final battle for world dominion. Does the reader comprehend the Jesus metaphors?

The Matrix- Again, this is heavy “Jewish” Zionist programming that culminates in Keanu Reeves becoming the new King of a new reality. What do they fight over? Zion! Red or Blue pill anyone?

Harry Potter Movies- in these movies we see the theme of “good and evil” witches and warlocks, who battle it out to see who in the end is to rule their realm. In these movies, Harry is a type of messiah. Could Harry be a eluding to Prince Harry? Time will tell.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Here once again the “Jews” describe the different world power centers battling for control that ends with the film; Prince Caspian- a Return to Narnia. So obvious is it’s programming, that in the first installment, we see the “Lion” sacrifice himself in death only to return in the last movie to save the day, upon where a new World Government in stalled with a New King for Narnia. Can the reader see the obvious connections between the Lion and Jesus? The Caspian film explains the British Crown- European peoples, who are battling the “Jews” over Zion. The term “Caspian” is associated with the Caspian Sea which was named after the Khazars (Khazar Sea), the Ashkenaz population, who make up some 90% of the “Jews” worldwide. Do you think this is all simply happenstance? Think again!

Star Wars Series- all of these movies are about the forces of the Empire vs that of the Rebellion. They end with the Empire losing and a New Universal Galaxy Government coming into being, ruled by the good guys associated with Skywalker’s Republic. Yoda is synonymous with the “good Jews” and the Republic- the Rebellion is synonymous with the lawful American Republic and people here in opposition to this present tyranny.

Star Trek- In this long running series on both TV and Film, a World Government is already a reality as each person on the bridge of the Enterprise represents a race or powerful nation on the planet today. Who doesn’t know that Spock and his people represent the “Jews? Who doesn’t know that Kirk is symbolic of Anglo-Saxon America? People, you must think beyond the surface programming!Even old stories like Snow White are Zionist programming narratives, and this would be obvious to the reader if he or she simply looks into it.

All one needs to do to decipher these movies is to have a good working knowledge of true history, religion and the past and present players; as well as their future goals. With the keys to interpret the different character representations, one can decode the movies for what they are really saying. External programming narratives not only tell one explicitly or cryptically of future events, they act as a way for these Satanic lunatics to “justify” themselves as they claim “All along we told the goy what we were doing, and he didn’t oppose it”. 55Whenever watching a movie or film, when ever reading a book or hearing a story, one should realize that every character or otherwise, almost always represents something or someone else in the real world. If the reader doesn’t understand this reality of reality, they are highly susceptible to being fooled.


From the author’s view, the world is a huge illusion, so for one to get back to the power source that trumps evil, then that person must seek the inherent truth programmed internally. One must never deny the self evident reality of authentic morality that is fixed to truth, because without this compass, a person will never surmise the power to overcome this world. When the day dawns and good is victorious over evil, those in charge must be prepared to either completely destroy or responsibly weild the power of these external programming apparatuses. They must decide to either abolish it or use it’s power for the common good. They who overcome must be prepared to lay the foundations of a new earth age that doesn’t need to physically, mentally or economically, force others to comply with authentic reality.

Dear reader, illusions ultimately mimic reality because truth resides in all who come from the source of truth. In order to fool the world, the lie must to mimic the truth, otherwise, the stragglers, the dissidents, those who hold to the good inside, would never accept the lie’s plans. Without the liars mimicking the truth, these Satan worshippers would never have enough willing participants in their evil scheme, and it is for this reason they seek to ultimately dominate the internal programming of all individuals on earth by trying to force everyone to take their externally controlled-internally planted computer chip- money system- control apparatus.

With this implant these nightmarish gouls will have real time control over all thoughts and desires of all individuals, not to mention complete control over everyone’s life and time of death. Thus, the choice for humanity will eventually come down to; will one accept the author of darkness’ mark of death, or will they accept the new day, the natural, true reality– the golden ratio found in all creation, from the author of life?

written by King of the Goths

published by Blind Light

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Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce (included here . . . Update 1)

Several people have asked me to post this very interesting article – now, with an update included. They have asked my opinion of its premise. Rather than give it to begin with, I would ask that people who have interest read the article, consider it, consider the total picture of our present situation, and offer their own opinions. In other words, if you have been studying the monetary situation, what is your opinion? ~J

For anyone who might still believe that the US/NATO versus Russia/BRICS geopolitical confrontation is real

here is a little blast from the past
…It is the cover from the January 9, 1988 issue of The Economist magazine. Note the phoenix rising from the ashes of burning national currencies, including the dollar.

The cover relates to an article on pages 9-10 titled Get ready for the phoenix, which foretold the financial drama we are now watching unfold in real time. Upon stumbling across them, I found the cover art and the article so striking that I thought they might be an online forgery, so I verified their authenticity with a research librarian at the Newspaper and Current Periodical Room of the Library of Congress. Both the cover and the article are quite real. Here are some excerpts (not necessarily in the order in which they appear in the article)…

>>> THIRTY years from now, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries, and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency. Prices will be quoted not in dollars, yen or D-marks but in, let’s say, the phoenix. The phoenix will be favoured by companies and shoppers because it will be more convenient than today’s national currencies, which by then will seem a quaint cause of much disruption to economic life in the last twentieth century…

The phoenix would probably start as a cocktail of national currencies, just as the Special Drawing Right is today. In time, though, its value against national currencies would cease to matter, because people would choose it for its convenience and the stability of its purchasing power

The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF

…Governments are far from ready to subordinate their domestic objectives to the goal of international stability. Several more big exchange-rate upsets, a few more stockmarket crashes and probably a slump or two will be needed before politicians are willing to face squarely up to that choice

Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes. <<<

It’s all there: the SDR “cocktail” (basket) of currencies, the IMF’s central role, and the need to create “exchange rate upsets, stockmarket crashes, and economic slumps” to make the public accept it. Seeing such an accurate forecast/blueprint, one wonders who was behind its publishing. So if we look into The Economist magazine, we find it is headquartered just a few blocks from the City of London and is owned by The Economist Group, which itself is owned by some rather interesting characters…

“The Economist Group is 50% owned by Pearson PLC via The Financial Times Limited. The bulk of the remaining shares are held by individual shareholders including the Cadbury, Rothschild, Schroder, Agnelli and other family interests as well as a number of staff and former staff shareholders.”

Beyond the Rothschild and Agnelli families, who are widely rumored to be part of the Illuminati, the Schroder family is particularly worth noting. The Schroders (also spelled Schroeder) are an old German ruling class family from Hamburg. One of the Schroder brood, Johann Heinrich Schroder, settled in London and founded J. Henry Schroder & Co. (now known simply as “Schroders,” one of the UKs largest investment banks) back in 1818. Later, in 1923, the firm expanded into New York by establishing J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation. It is here that they joined with the Rockefeller family through Avery Rockefeller.

According to Avery’s bio…

“In 1928, Rockefeller joined the storied J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation and became Assistant Treasurer in 1931. On 8 July 1936, Rockefeller co-founded Schroder, Rockefeller & Co., Inc. Its purpose was to take over the underwriting and general securities business formerly carried out by the J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation.”

Schroder, Rockefeller & Co. is widely viewed as having been an integral part of the globalist bankers’ financial support infrastructure for the Nazis. And another of the Schroders, Johann Heinrich’s great-grandson, Baron Kurt von Schroeder (shown here in his Nuremberg picture)…
…played a pivotal role..

“Schroeder was an important member of the Freundeskreis der Wirtschaft, which provided Adolf Hitler and his party with enough financial support to survive through the early 1930s. He also hosted a critical meeting on 4 January 1933 between Papen and Hitler that eventually led to Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor of Germany.”

The Nazis had (and continue to have) deep ties to the Anglo-American banking establishment, and also to The Economist. So this article came from a publication connected to the supposed “Nazi/Zionist Cabal.” Keep this in mind as we take a look at what that Cabal’s supposed enemies, the Chinese, are saying about the currently-unfolding global financial drama.

The Blueprint Revealed

I recently ran across a China Daily article titled Bracing for next big financial crisis, written by Giles Chance (a former World Bank staffer who is a professor at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University). I strongly recommend following the link and reading the entire article, because it succinctly lays out the globalist plans and talking points for the next economic crisis. Once you correct for the article’s spin, it tells you everything. Here are some select passages, with my commentary added in brackets…

>>> Above the central banks, including the PBOC [People's Bank of China], stands the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, which oversees the activities of national banking and monetary systems. The integration of markets and economies in a globalized world has given the BIS an increasingly important role in providing global financial stability… <<<

[So here we have a Chinese propaganda organ telling us that the BIS is in charge of all the central banks, including China's. This is in spite of the fact that the BIS was a joint creation of the London bankers and the Nazis (who are supposedly the bad guys the BRICS are fighting). I will share more about the BIS later in the article.]

>>> In 2007, the year before the financial crash, the BIS warned that the global financial system was becoming overstretched and that the banking systems in the developed world were coming under pressure. But although the BIS has great influence, it does not have the power to compel any central bank. It can advise and warn, but it cannot give orders, and it does not issue its own money. As we know, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the European Central Bank in Brussels did not act on the well-timed warning from the BIS. <<<

[This passage establishes the BIS's wisdom and foresight, as opposed to the foolishness of the national central banks. It also carries the implication that the BIS should be given the power to compel the national central banks to follow its wise guidance. Not mentioned is the fact that the financial crash was deliberately triggered by the very bankers he's writing about, and that the foolishness of the national central banks' responses was quite calculated. It allowed the banksters to harvest enormous wealth from the public and set up the pretext for the global institutions to step in and "provide stability."]

>>> Against that background, you would expect today that if the BIS issued another warning, the world would pay attention. At the end of June, BIS General Manager Jaime Caruana gave a speech at its headquarters that contained a strong note of caution: “A new policy compass is needed to help the global economy step out of the shadow of the global financial crisis…” <<<

[By  "a new policy compass," he means a transition from the current dollar-based global financial system to the new, more centralized SDR-based multipolar/multilateral financial system]

>>> In his speech, Caruana blamed the continued dependence by the advanced economies, led by the United States, on ultra-loose monetary policy in place of the necessary deep-seated structural changes. <<<

[Here, he's setting up the Federal Reserve (and the EU and Japan) to take the blame.]

>>> Caruana’s warning was reinforced by William White, head of the Economic Review and Development Committee at the headquarters of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris. As one of the very few experts who accurately forecast the 2008 crash, while head of research at the BIS, White is listened to with respect around the world.

In a recent interview, he said: “Riskfree bond rates are at enormously low levels, spreads are very low … it all looks and feels like 2007. And frankly, I think it’s worse than 2007…” <<<

[Here, another "wise" person from the BIS is warning that we're approaching another financial crisis (that he and his buddies are engineering). It's pretty easy to be a forecaster when you're in on the plan. So if this year looks and feels like 2007, will next year be the next 2008?]

>>> But the US Federal Reserve Bank, the controller of the dollar-based global economy, does not agree with the BIS or William White. Several days after Caruana’s speech, Fed Governor Janet Yellen made it clear that she does not think that extremely low interest rates were the main culprit in the 2008 financial crisis, nor constitute the main problem now. <<<

[This is a very instructive passage. Note how the author specifically mentions the "dollar-based global economy." Also note how he again paints the Federal Reserve as the morons who won't listen to the sage globalists at the BIS. In this, he is setting up Janet Yellen for her upcoming scapegoat role, and he is tying interest rates to what will bring her down. The author says all this while failing to disclose that Janet Yellen is a member of the Board of Directors of the BIS, as is PBOC governor Zhou Xiaochuan]

>>> The disagreement between these two powerful financial institutions, the BIS and the New York Federal Reserve, has increased the risk that markets will crash as interest rates rise. Can China’s stability withstand another financial crash? Or would China emerge stronger? <<<

[Bingo! Here we are shown the trigger for the next financial crisis: Yellen will raise interest rates either "too soon" or by "too much" and crash the markets. "If only the wise BIS had had the power to rein in the Fed's foolishness sooner, we could have avoided this," they'll say. :-) Now let's read on and see if China will emerge stronger.]

>>> China certainly has economic problems… But the forward-looking, courageous determination of its government to grasp some important nettles in its economic reform program will make it a key part of any solution to another Western financial crisis. <<<

[Here, the author does the requisite ass-kissing to his Chinese hosts, then boldly states that China will be "a key part of any solution to another Western financial crisis." Solution, as in problem - reaction - solution. And the article has already shown us who caused the problem part of the equation: the unruly Western central banks, especially the Fed.]

>>> With the BIS and the US Federal Reserve Bank on opposite sides of the fence about global financial stability, the likelihood of another global financial crisis grows. But next time would indeed be different, because Western taxpayers would refuse to pay for another huge bank bailout, as they did in 2008-09. <<<

[So again, in case you missed it: BIS = good = wise = solution and US Federal Reserve Bank = bad = problem = another global financial crisis.]

>>> The emerging world, led by China, is economically in a much stronger position relative to the advanced countries than six years ago. Although in 2009 China may not have expected its sudden promotion to world power status, the country’s emergence since the crash as a global pillar of growth has significantly increased its global influence. <<<

[China didn't expect its promotion to world power status? Au contraire, they knew it was coming because the globalists promised it to them, just like they promised what comes next...]

>>> Another crash on Wall Street would reinforce the attraction of the renminbi as a store of value and anchor of stability for other regional currencies

It would underpin China’s global appeal as a peaceful force for stability in a volatile and troubled world, and hasten the re-engineering of shareholding in the major organizations of global governance, particularly at the World Bank and the IMF. Prepared or not, in the event of another crash China would find itself in a position of even greater global leadership and responsibility than today. <<<

[So here we are told that the next crash will be China's gateway to top dog status, and it will "hasten the re-engineering of shareholding in the major organizations of global governance, particularly at the World Bank and the IMF." This is exactly what I've been warning about. When the next crash comes, watch them break out their gold and other commodities to underwrite the global financial system in exchange for the governance changes.]

Now that we are done de-spinning the article, there are two things it brings up that deserve to be examined: the BIS and the Fed’s raising of interest rates…

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

This is the cover art for the BIS Archive Guide
…It proudly features Montagu Norman (the Bank of England Governor from 1920-1944, circled in pink) and Hjalmar Schacht (the President of the Reichsbank from 1923-31 and 1933-39, and Hitler’s Economics Minister from 1934 – 1937, circled in red). You’ll hear more about these two a little later in the article. But first, let’s have a look at a little piece of BIS history

>>> Between 1933 and 1945 the BIS board of directors included Walther Funk, a prominent Nazi official, and Emil Puhl, who were both convicted of war crimes at the Nuremberg trials after World War II, as well as Hermann Schmitz, the director of IG Farben, and Baron [Kurt] von Schroeder, the owner of the J.H.Stein Bank, which held the deposits of the Gestapo. There were allegations that the BIS had helped the Germans loot assets from occupied countries during World War II.

As a result of these allegations, at the Bretton Woods Conference held in July 1944, Norway proposed the “liquidation of the Bank for International Settlements at the earliest possible moment”. This resulted in the BIS being the subject of a disagreement between the American and British delegations. The liquidation of the bank was supported by other European delegates, as well as the United States (including Harry Dexter White, Secretary of the Treasury, and Henry Morgenthau), but opposed by John Maynard Keynes, head of the British delegation.

Fearing that the BIS would be dissolved by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Keynes went to Morgenthau hoping to prevent the dissolution, or have it postponed, but the next day the dissolution of the BIS was approved. However, the liquidation of the bank was never actually undertaken. In April 1945, the new U.S. president Harry S. Truman and the British government suspended the dissolution, and the decision to liquidate the BIS was officially reversed in 1948. <<<

So why were the British bankers so opposed to shutting down a bank with strong Nazi ties, you ask? Well, have a look at this UK Telegraph article (use this Internet Archive link if the direct link isn’t working)…

I recommend reading the whole article, as it contains more juicy information than I can include in this post. Here are the most relevant excerpts for the topic at hand (with my comments in brackets)…

>>> The BIS was founded in 1930, in effect by Montagu Norman and his close friend Hjalmar Schacht, the former president of the Reichsbank, known as the father of the Nazi economic miracle. Schacht even referred to the BIS as “my” bank. The BIS is a unique hybrid: a commercial bank protected by international treaty. Its assets can never be seized, even in times of war. It pays no taxes on profits…

A key sentence in the Bank of England documents is found on page 1,295. It reads: “The general attitude of the Bank of England directors of the BIS during the war was governed by their anxiety to keep the BIS to play its part in the solution of post-war problems”[the bankers created the problem (World War 2), and they used the BIS to institute their solution (more centralized control of the world's financial systems)]

…And here the secret history of the BIS and its strong relationship with the Bank of England becomes ever more murky.

During the war the BIS proclaimed that it was neutral, a view supported by the Bank of England. In fact the BIS was so entwined with the Nazi economy that it helped keep the Third Reich in business. It carried out foreign exchange deals for the Reichsbank; it accepted looted Nazi gold; it recognised the puppet regimes installed in occupied countries, which, together with the Third Reich, soon controlled the majority of the bank’s shares.

Indeed, the BIS was so useful for the Nazis that Emil Puhl, the vice-president of the Reichsbank and BIS director, referred to the BIS as the Reichsbank’s only “foreign branch”…

Every other month it hosts the Global Economy Meetings, where 60 of the most powerful central bankers, including Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, meet. No details of meetings are released, even though the attendees are public servants, charged with managing national economies.

The BIS also hosts the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which regulates commercial banks, and the new Financial Stability Board, which coordinates national regulatory authorities. The BIS has made itself the central pillar of the global financial system. <<<

Speaking of these Global Economy Meetings, guess who attends them? According to the BIS website

“The GEM comprises the Governors of 30 BIS member central banks in major advanced and emerging market economies that account for about four fifths of global GDP. The members of the GEM are the central bank Governors from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States and also the President of the European Central Bank and the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Governors from several other central banks attend the GEM as observers.”

So as you can see, beyond the public theater offered in Ukraine and the Middle East, and beyond all the East versus West propaganda offered in the mainstream and alternative media, China and the BRICS are dancing to the tune of the BIS puppetmasters just like everyone else. There is NO CONFLICT between “Nazi/Zionist” transatlantic bankers and BRICS bankers. In fact, Chinese and Russian banks (along with everyone else) are in the process of implementing the Basel 3 bank reforms put out by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which is hosted by the BIS.

According to this China Daily article

Under China’s implementation of Basel III guidelines, systemically important banks need a minimum Tier 1 capital ratio of 9.5 percent, with total buffers of 11.5 percent, before the end of 2018.”

…and according to this Russia Today article

Basel III – a new set of global banking standards scheduled to come into force in Russia this year – should become another stimulus for the country’s lenders to rely on its own funds rather than State support. One of the key Basel III requirements is tighter rules for a banks’ own capital.”

The whole East versus West propaganda campaign is aimed at giving the hypnotized public a fairytale storyline for all the changes they’re going through. It also offers them scapegoats on whom they can pin all their problems. The international bankers are going to crash the current system and blame it on the Federal Reserve, then they’re going to introduce the BRICS as the heroes who save the day.

In fact, part of the purpose for the recent creation of the BRICS Bank is to give the BRICS a lifeboat while the West founders from the crash. The BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement

“is a framework for the provision of support through liquidity and precautionary instruments in response to actual or potential short-term balance of payments pressures.

The objective of this reserve is to provide protection against global liquidity pressures. This includes currency issues where members’ national currencies are being adversely affected by global financial pressures.

The Bank would also provide assistance to other countries suffering from the economic volatility in the wake of the United States’ exit from its expansionary monetary policy.

All this being said, when will the crash begin, and how long will it last? Given that the last crash lasted from 2007-2009 and contained a shocking “Lehman Moment,” it stands to reason that the next crash would also be a slow-motion train wreck with an even more shocking Lehman Moment. If the propaganda setup for the collapse is any indicator, the train wreck and New Lehman Moment will involve the raising of the Fed interest rate by Janet Yellen and perhaps a black swan event like a false-flag cyberattack or terrorist attack.

Looking at the interest rate component, the Fed will be meeting this Tuesday and Wednesday (September 16-17), and that could give us an indication of when things might kick off. The general consensus of the Fed watchers seems to be that interest rates will go up starting in the summer of 2015, with some estimates saying as early as March 2015. Will this start the train wreck? And since the BRICS bank isn’t scheduled to start lending until 2016, the New Lehman might not happen till then. But then again, they can always surprise us.

[Update 1 - 18 September 2014]

I’ve published a new article that is an extension of this one, so in case you haven’t read it yet, here it is:

The IMF and the Mainstream Media are following the “Blame the Fed” Script

Get ready to blame the Jewish woman…

and her Israeli Deputy

It didn’t take long for my take on things to get some validation. The day after I released theMainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce article, I saw this on Drudge…
…It shows the scapegoat, Janet Yellen, along with two articles. The first article talks about the markets booming because she kept interest rates low, and the second offers a warning from the “wise” IMF that excessive risk-taking is happening because of the low interest rates. It is no coincidence that the IMF story hit the media on the same day Yellen announced she would leave the interest rate outlook unchanged.

Here are some telling quotes from the first article, Dow Closes at a Record as Fed Reassures on Rates, with my comments added in brackets…

>>> The five-year bull market in U.S. stocks got a new lease on life, as investors embrace the steady-as-she-goes message the Federal Reserve is delivering on the economy and interest rates.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to a record and the dollar jumped to a six-year high against the yen, after the Fed took tentative steps toward unwinding its historic easy-money policies while reassuring investors that rates will remain low even as the economy expands…

Wednesday’s action underscores the investor belief that the Fed will raise interest rates next year, while the European Central Bank and Bank of Japan will continue pushing rates down in a bid to spur struggling economies.

“In the big picture, the Fed is decreasing its balance sheet and looking to tighten policy, while the ECB and Bank of Japan are on the opposite path,” said Kiran Ganesh, a strategist at UBS Wealth Management

[The last two passages set a contrast between what Yellen is doing and what the central bankers of the other developed economies are doing. She is zigging while the others are zagging.]

Investors said the Fed meeting reinforced demand for the U.S. dollar and riskier investmentssuch as stocks…

Fed policy has been credited with fueling the five-year-long bull market in stocks….

[In these two passages, Fed policy is established as the cause for the market's appetite for "riskier investments." So who will be blamed when those risky investments blow up?]

In the second article, IMF warns of risks from ‘excessive’ financial market bets, the IMF is established as the voice of reason, speaking truth to the risk-taking madness…

>>> The global economy faces a growing risk from big financial market bets that could quickly unravel if investors get spooked by geopolitical tensions or a shift in U.S. interest rate policy, the International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday

[So here they are confirming that a geopolitical black swan and/or a shift in US interest rate policy will make the markets blow up.]

The IMF, an institution based in Washington that is the world’s premier watchdog for financial and economic stability

[Ha! The "world's world's premier watchdog for financial and economic stability"? How is that for adulatory propaganda? Such paragons of virtue these sage globalist organizations are! :-) I wonder if they also put such language about the IMF/World Bank/BIS in children's textbooks: "the IMF, which provides the world with magical gumdrops and pretty, prissy ponies..."]

it also warned that financial market indicators suggested investor bets funded with borrowed money looked “excessive” and that markets could quickly deflate if there were surprises in U.S. monetary policy or the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East

[Again they are reinforcing the idea that the Fed's overly low for overly long interest rate policy fueled excessive bets, and that these "could quickly deflate" if the market gets hit by anysurprises. And speak of the devil...]

some Fed officials have stated publicly that the central bank should be ready to move rates upsooner and faster than financial markets expect given the spate of mostly good news on the U.S. economy.

[Bingo! Here we are shown how the Fed will blow things up: they will move rates up "sooner and faster than financial markets expect."] <<<

Of course, this IMF story came out in a number of papers, and in some versions, they set out the expectation for when rates should rise. Here is a passage from the Guardian’s version of the story

>>> “Current plans to end tapering later this year and increase policy rates from the middle of next year appear appropriate, given the sizable slack,” the [IMF] report said. <<<

So the financial markets expect an interest rate increase next summer. If it comes earlier (such as in March) and/or it’s a larger increase than expected, it will spook the markets and trigger a crash. From a scan I did of financial articles, Yellen plans to raise the rate if the official unemployment figures are less that 6.5% and the official inflation rate is above 2%. Once those criteria are met and appear stable, she will do the deed.

The unemployment figures have already met the target for the past five months…

…and the inflation rate has been hovering near 2% for the past five months, exceeding it twice…

So if we see the inflation statistics showing an uptick for a few of months in a row, we could get the early rate hike.

Should they pull the interest rate trigger this year or next and start the slow-motion train wreck, expect to also hear leaks emerging from the Fed audit that will likely commence next year. Worsening economic conditions and damning leaked information will provide quite a buildup to the Congress versus the Fed showdown in 2016.

By the way, don’t cry for Janet Yellen. She knows the role she must play, and she agreed to it. You can be sure she has a golden parachute waiting on the other side of what’s coming.

Till later, much love…


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PressTV: ‘EU court rescinds Iran central bank sanctions’

A general view of the building of Central Bank of IranA general view of the building of Central Bank of Iran

Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:2PM GMT

Related Interviews:
Related Viewpoints:

A top European court has struck down restrictions imposed by the European Union against the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) on an alleged charge of circumventing US-led sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

In a judgment on Thursday, the Luxembourg-based EU’s Court of Justice said it “annuls…the EU March 23, 2012 [ruling] concerning restrictive measures against Iran in so far as it listed Central Bank of Iran.”

“The reasons relied on are so vague and lacking in detail that the only possible response was in the form of a general denial,” the court ruled on Thursday, adding that “those reasons therefore do not comply with the requirements of the case-law.”

It said the charge leveled against the CBI is “insufficient in the sense that it does not enable either the applicant or the Court to understand the circumstances which led the [European] Council to consider…to adopt the contested act.”

The court also ordered the 28-nation European bloc to “bear one half of its own costs and to pay one half of the costs of Central Bank of Iran.”

At the beginning of 2012, the US and EU imposed sanctions on Iran’s oil and financial sectors with the goal of preventing other countries from purchasing Iranian oil and conducting transactions with the Central Bank of Iran.

On October 15, 2012, the EU foreign ministers reached an agreement on another round of sanctions against Iran.

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany reached an interim deal in the Swiss city of Geneva last November, according to which the six countries accepted to ease sanctions against Iran in return for the Islamic Republic limiting certain aspects of its nuclear activities. The deal came into effect on January 20 and expired on July 20. The two sides then agreed to extend the duration of the agreement until November 24.

The two sides are scheduled to resume talks on Friday to discuss removal of sanctions against Tehran.

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Russia And Iran Put Oil-For-Goods Deals Into Motion As Iran Signals Similar Arrangements Coming With China

Posted on September 10, 2014Mark O’Byrne

As the world powers square up over sanctions and energy reserves, while using oil-for-goods deals to bypass US dollar settlement for oil transactions, the geo-political ramifications for the status of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency  look to be on increasingly shaky ground.

A breaking of the stranglehold of the dollar on international oil transactions could usher in a number of transaction substitutes such as the Euro, the Yuan, and also the international currency of gold.

Russia-Iran Oil-for-Goods Contracts
Representatives of the Russian and Iranian governments met in Tehran yesterday for the 11th meeting of the Iran-Russian Trade Council, where details of a ground breaking oil-for-goods swap between the two heavily sanctioned countries were revealed.

With both countries now sanctioned by the West, Russia and Iran have been in extensive negotiations on how to facilitate Iranian oil exports without breaching the UN Security Council nuclear deal that was agreed between Iran, Germany and the five UN Council permanent last January.

Sanctions on Iran had reduced Iranian oil production from 2.5 million barrels per day (BPD) down to between 1 million – 1.5 million BPD. Under the UN’s nuclear deal, Iran can only now export up to 1 million BPD. Iran has the world’s 4th largest oil reserves and both Russia and Iran are large producers and exporters of oil.

On August 5, Russia and Iran signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on oil-for-goods exchanges under which Russia could take 500,000 BPD of Iranian oil exports in returns for providing goods, services and equipment to Iran. This deal was said by Russian media to have been directly negotiated previously by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Yesterday in Tehran, details of one of these oil-for-goods deals became apparent, when an oil-for-power-plants was announced as part of a wide ranging economic cooperation agreement that was signed between the two parties. The trade agreement is said to be worth up to €70 billion.

According to the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS, the power plants deal will consist of Russian energy engineering company TECHNOPROMEXPORT providing services for the construction of seven thermal power plants by 2017 in return for oil supplies to Russia. TECHNOPROMEXPORT had already negotiated their deal with Iran earlier this summer. It was only the payment terms that had not been revealed.

According to the Iranian Fars news agency, current Iran-Russia trade was worth $5.1 billion in 2013, and the new wide-ranging Russian projects will include construction and renovation of Iranian power plants and power grids, as well as other transportation and aviation projects such as possibly relocating the production and assembly of Aviastar-SP Tuplolev TU-204 passenger aircraft to Iran.

Russian energy minister Alexander Novak, who attended the talks and signed an agreement with Iranian oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, said that “Iran and Russia had intensively worked to remove obstacles such as method of payment for trade exchanges”.

Russian Energy Minister, Alexander Novak

ITAR-TASS said that one of the existing impediments to the supply of Iranian oil to Russia has been “problems in organising interbank settlements”.

It was also revealed yesterday that TECHNOPROMEXPORT will be involved in the construction of electric power plants in Iran along with Inter RAO. In fact, yesterday a number of MoUs were signed between the two countries in the areas of oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and other industries.

Although the 500,000 BPD of Iranian oil exports to Russia does not breach the UN limit, it will be seen by the White House as a threat to the US led sanctions. With further  sanctions of its own, Russia now appears to be beginning to move its own chess pieces.

Last month the Russian business daily newspaper Kommersant quoted Russian policy expert Andrey Baklitsky as saying “Russia, at present, is far less disposed to heed US recommendations”. Baklitsky thought that with sanctions on its own oil industry, Russian is less worried about violating Iranian oil sanctions.

Russia doesn’t necessarily need Iranian oil imports and these could easily be re-exported to other countries including China. Iran is China’s third largest supplier of crude oil.

On Monday at a separate press conference at the oil ministry in Tehran, Fars news agency quoted deputy oil minister Mansour Moazzemi as saying that “Russia is Iran’s strategic partner and we will cooperate with them in any area we can, including oil.”

Moazzemi also said that “We have started a serious job with the Chinese and Russians (in the energy sector) in such a strong way that the oil minister has now been appointed as the head of Iran-Russia joint economic commission instead of the foreign minister.”

Moazzemi then elaborated “We have also started a serious job with the Chinese which will be revealed to the public in the future.”

As the world powers square up over sanctions and energy reserves, while using oil-for-goods deals to bypass US dollar settlement for oil transactions, the geo-political ramifications for the status of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency  look to be on increasingly shaky ground.

A breaking of the stranglehold of the dollar on international oil transactions could usher in a number of transaction substitutes such as the Euro, the Yuan, and also the international currency of gold.

Today’s AM fix was USD 1,254.25, EUR 968.46 and GBP 779.91    per ounce.
Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,256.00, EUR 974.78 and GBP 779.79 per ounce.

Gold climbed $0.90 or 0.07% to $1,256.50 per ounce and silver rose $0.06 or 0.32% to $19.09 per ounce yesterday.

In morning trading, gold weakened marginally to $1,253 in London, down 0.22% from yesterday’s New York close. In overnight Asian trading today, gold ended at $1,257.10 in Singapore. Yesterday gold weakened and had touched $1,247.60 before recovering. Silver fell 0.52% to $18.95, down from $19.05.

Palladium has fallen substantially, losing 2.84% to $856, while platinum weakened, but less so, falling 0.71% to $1,385.


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Source: Angirfan
September 18, 2014
Thanks to V.

In Glasgow, “Police are investigating ten cases of electoral fraud.”

Voters turned up at polling stations to find that people had already voted using their names.

Police officers have remove the ballot papers concerned.

The papers were from 10 different boxes across Glasgow, and not concentrated in one area.

In Dundee, a fire alarm led to the evacuation of the building where the vote was being counted.

In Dundee, a strong YES area, the count was suspended twice due to fire alarms.
The turnout in the strong YES area of Dundee was 78.8%, which is lower than the 85% turnout in Scotland as a wholeIn Dundee, ‘Yes’ ballot papers were spotted on a ‘No’ table...
A male vote counter “tampering with ballots by marking crosses on ballot papers in the Edinburgh polling station.” Videos Claim Vote rigging.The turnout in the strong YES area of Glasgow was 75%, which is lower than the 85% turnout in Scotland as a whole.

The county known as Clackmannanshire was expected to vote YES.

But it was announced that NO had got 54% of the vote in Clackmannanshire.Scottish independence: Yes County votes NoIn Scotland as a whole, NO got more votes than the polls had predicted.

Margot MacDonald, former deputy leader of the Scottish National Party, wrote to the boss of MI5, Andrew Parker (above) asking for an assurance that MI5 spies would not interfere in the referendum on independence for Scotland.

MI5 spies told : stay out of referendum.

Margot MacDonald is now dead.

Margot MacDonald

In Scotland “children as young as three have been registered to vote and received polling cards.”Scottish independence: Vote rigging fears.

According to Scotland on Sunday “a formal complaint is to be made to the returning officer at East Ayrshire Council after activists discovered that at least four children in the area aged between three and 11 have received polling cards.”In the 1979 devolution referendum, some dead people were given the vote.

Maureen Mackay told Scotland on Sunday:  “The problem is that our voting system means that all you have to do is turn up and say where you live. There is no check to verify who you are so any votes registered with children could be used by adults.”

One in four Scots believes M15 is working with the UK Government to prevent independence, one  poll revealed.

The poll found nearly as many thought the referendum vote would be rigged.

One in four Scots believe UK spies are working against independence

A reader of Scotland on Sunday comments:

“I know of an Edinburgh Tory councillor who on the night of the 1979 Devolution referendum was boasting that he had voted No six times.”

John Major, who won the 1992 election, was involved in the 1991 Gulf War.

In the 1992 general election, the exit polls suggested a Labour win, and yet the Conservatives under John Major were declared the winners.

Was the 1992 election rigged?

With the current Scottish referendum there are no exit polls.

“Informed sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, have told Press TV that absence of international observers to monitor the independence referendum and close competition between pro- and anti-independence camps are the main reasons that have strengthened suspicion of vote-rigging attempts…

“A survey conducted by Britain-based ICM research foundation and released on Sunday, showed that the pro-independence campaign enjoyed 54-percent support compared to the 46 percent for anti-independence campaign.”

Sources warn of vote rigging in Scotland’s independence

A posting on the “Independent Scot” Facebook page states, “Given the disparity between official poll results and the turnout at Yes meetings and unofficial polls, there has been a bit of a rumble that people are worried the real vote on 18th September will be nobbled.”

Margot MacDonald

Margo MacDonald was a former deputy leader of the Scottish National Party.

She said, before she died, that there are MI5 agents operating inside the Scottish National Party.

MI5 spies told : stay out of referendum

Willie McRae, former Vice Chairman of the Scottish National party, reportedly murdered by the spooks.

Allegedly, MI5 and its friends were involved in the assassinations of the following Scottish politicians:1. Robin Cook, the former Foreign Secretary who told the UK parliament that al Qaeda worked for the CIA.2. John Smith, the leader of the Labour Party whose death led to Tony Blair becoming prime Minister.3. Willie McRae, former Vice Chairman of the Scottish National Party.SPIES IN POLITICS; MURDERS; BRAINWASHING

Allegedly, MI5 and its friends were involved in:1. The downing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie.2. CIA torture flights using Scottish airports.
Very few people have turned out to support the NO campaign. Above we see Lord Robertson.The following is:The British plan to steal Scotland’s independence referendum

By Wayne Madsen, September 10 2014.

September 10-11, 2014 – The British plan to steal 

1. Informed British sources have revealed that the British government… has colluded with the British media to downplay in articles, news … and … opinion polls the actual strength of the pro-independence ‘Yes’ campaign in Scotland.

2. The hyped news reports, including “news” about a looming terrorist threat and a new royal baby, as well as skewed polling numbers, according to our sources, is to prepare the country for a razor-thin loss for the pro-independence “Yes” vote in…

3. Our sources report that the actual “Yes” for independence vote is leading the “No” vote by a full 11 percentage points… Knowledgeable British sources say that massive election manipulation, including tampering with the absentee postal votes, is what is in store for Scotland on referendum day… 

6. The vote will be immediately declared by the media and British government to be “conclusive” as the “will of the Scottish people.”

Of course, any suggestion that the vote was rigged will be immediately be discounted as an unfounded “conspiracy theory.” …




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