PressTV: US air defense on alert over Canada shooting

Police officers take cover near Parliament Hill following a shooting incident in Ottawa on Wednesday.

 Police officers take cover near Parliament Hill following a shooting incident in Ottawa on Wednesday.

Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:50AM GMT

The United States put its air defense on alert and placed its embassy in Ottawa on lockdown following shooting incidents in Canada including one inside its parliament building.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is taking “appropriate” measures to ensure quick reaction to “any incidents involving aviation in Canada,” said a US defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

On Wednesday, a gunman shot dead a Canadian soldier at a war memorial in Ottawa and was chased by police toward the Canadian parliament. Following a gun battle inside the building, the gunman was fatally shot by officers.

Witnesses said over 20 shots were fired inside the parliament building and at least three people were taken to hospital for treatment.

The Canadian soldier was identified as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a family source told CNN. Also, police identified Michael Zehaf-Bibeau as the suspected gunman.

In response to the Wednesday shootings, President Barack Obama said that Washington does not know yet whether the incident was a terrorist act.

“Obviously we’re all shaken by it,” said Obama, noting it is “very important for us, I think, to recognize when it comes to dealing with terrorist activity — Canada and the United States have to be entirely in sync”.

Obama also spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the phone and offered assistance Canada might need to deal with the situation.

According to the White House, Washington and Ottawa have had regular contacts over the likelihood of terrorist attacks in Canada by fighters who were trained by ISIL in the Middle East.

And ISIL terrorists were trained by the CIA in Jordan in 2012 to destabilize the Syrian government. They now control large parts of Syria and Iraq.

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Canada Police Caught Staging False Flag

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs covers the shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa Canada and how Canadian police have been caught staging a false flag in the past during the Toronto G20 when undercover police engaged in purposeful provocation. He also breaks down how police were caught laughing on film during what seemed to be a tense situation as well as how the security was not armed in the building that the shooter entered.

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False flag shooting at Canadian parliament Ottawa

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Don’t believe the Ctv news there a bunch a call screening assholes who will lie to push the official government story ! It’s a drill gone live being used to try and gain Canadian public support against Isis

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PressTV: Protests against police brutality held in 60 US cities

Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:1AM GMT

Several hundred Americans took to streets on Wednesday in nearly 60 cities across the United States protesting against police brutality.

The protests were held as part of the event dubbed “National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality” which was organized by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

In New York, the rally began at Union Square around 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday and marked the death of Eric Garner who was strangled to death by a New York Police Department officer.

Garner was accused of illegally selling cigarettes and died on July 17. His encounter with the police was also caught on tape.

New York protesters were carrying signs showing drawings of victims and branding the NYPD’s behavior unlawful.

Also, demonstrators staged a die-in in Oakland, California and called for reform and justice for those who were brutally killed by police.

“We have to deliver a message today: We refuse to live like this,” said Carl Dix, the co-founder of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

In Atlanta, Georgia, demonstrators blocked rush hour traffic downtown where two intestates converge standing before idling cars and trucks.

A wave of high profile fatal police shootings has heated the debate on police brutality in the US. In Ferguson, Missouri, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot to death by Darren Wilson last month. He was shot at least six times, including twice in the head by the white officer.

US police shoot and kill an average of 1,000 people a year, one in every four of whom are unarmed, according to a report by the Police Policy Studies Council.

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PressTV: Don’t ask the Pentagon where its money goes. It won’t tell, by Media Benjamin

 It comes to auditing the Pentagon, it always requests five more years to do.If comes to auditing the Pentagon, it always requests five more years to do.

Wed Oct 22, 2014 10:59PM GMT

Medea Benjamin,

President Barack Obama proudly signed the law that repealed the Pentagon’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, freeing lesbian, gay, and bisexual Americans (although not trans people) to openly serve in the military four years ago.

But when it comes to budgeting, the concept lingers on. “Don’t ask us how we spend money,” the Pentagon basically says. “Because we can’t really tell you.”

Every taxpayer, business, and government agency in America is supposed to be able to pass a financial audit by the feds, every year. It’s the law, so we do our duty. There’s one exception: the Pentagon.

Year after year, the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) declares the Pentagon budget to be un-auditable. In 2013, for example, the GAO found that the Pentagon consistently fails to control its costs, measure its performance, or prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse.

Congress thankfully, did give the Pentagon a deadline to get itself in better financial shape — 25 years ago. Taxpayers are still waiting.

The Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990 requires every federal agency to pass a routine financial audit not once, not twice, but every year. All the other agencies do it.

What does the Pentagon deliver instead? Promises. The Defense Department always swears it will conduct an audit — and then requests five more years to do it.

How has Congress responded? By doubling the Pentagon’s budget between 2000 and 2010. Many members are now railing against “cuts” that will still keep military spending at stratospheric levels over the next decade.

How bad could things be? Well, the most recent scandals may help answer this question.

In Afghanistan, the Air Force bought the Afghan government 20 Italian transport planes for $486 million. When it found out the planes didn’t work, it crushed them into scrap metal, recouping just $32,000.

Other examples of disastrous post-9/11 spending abound. In his new book Pay Any Price, New York Times investigative journalist James Risen reported that more than $1 billion in funds intended for Iraq’s reconstruction may have wound up in a Lebanese bunker. Or not. US investigators couldn’t get to the bottom of that one.

Former Pentagon boss Robert M. Gates once described the US military as a semi-feudal system — “an amalgam of fiefdoms without centralized mechanisms to allocate resources, track expenditures, and measure results relative to the department’s overall priorities.”

Gates also complained that it was nearly impossible to get accurate information and answers to basic questions, such as “How much money did you spend?” and “How many people do you have?”

Congress, charged with oversight, is afraid of stepping on the Pentagon’s powerful toes. The House did, to its credit, pass an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act a few months ago that would require the Pentagon to rank its departments in order of how auditable they are.

The amendment, however, lacks any penalties for recalcitrant divisions.

A bipartisan group led by Reps. Barbara Lee (D-CA), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Michael Burgess (R-TX), and Dan Benishek (R-MI) wants to push the Pentagon further. Their Audit the Pentagon Act of 2014 (HR5126) calls for cutting any “un-auditable” Pentagon operation by one-half of 1 percent. It will be an uphill battle to get majority support for even that slap on the wrist, given how lawmakers have failed to get the Pentagon to carry through with the audit they first demanded more than 20 years ago.

I find this particularly amazing due to my own personal experience as the co-founder of a small and scrappy feminist peace group called CODEPINK. In 2008, the Internal Revenue Service singled us out for an audit. We underwent a tedious, energy-draining accounting of every dollar spent and complied with every bit of minutiae the IRS requested. It wasn’t fun, but it was our duty and we did it — and passed. And every year we’re prepared to do it again.

If CODEPINK can handle an audit, why can’t the Pentagon? It’s high time the Defense Department fulfilled its commitment to account for every taxpayer dollar in its $555-billion budget.

Medea Benjamin is the co-founder of the peace group CODEPINK and the human rights organization Global Exchange. She is the author of Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control.

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Sanders Reacts to Social Security Adjustment

Source: Veterans Today
October 22, 2014

socialBURLINGTON, Vt., Oct. 22 – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, said he is “disappointed” by today’s announcement of only a 1.7 percent increase in the cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security beneficiaries and disabled veterans. “At a time when the prices of prescription drugs and electricity are skyrocketing, I am disappointed that seniors and disabled veterans will only be getting a 1.7 percent increase next year,” said Sanders.

“This is the third year in a row that the cost-of-living adjustment will be less than 2 percent.” The cost-of-living adjustment is one of the smallest increases since the automatic annual adjustments were adopted in 1975. (There was no increase in benefits in 2010 or 2011.) “As bad as that is, it could be a lot worse. Many Republicans believe that these cost-of-living adjustments are too generous.

They want to significantly cut Social Security by enacting a so-called chained CPI,” said Sanders. “That would be a disaster not only for the 58 million Americans who rely on Social Security, but for nearly 4 million disabled veterans. Instead of cutting Social Security, we need to expand it by creating an elderly CPI that accurately measures the spending patterns of seniors.” Under the chained CPI, the average senior who retires at age 65 would see their Social Security benefits cut by about $658 a year when they reach 75 and by about $1,100 a year once they turn 85. At the beginning of 2014, the average Social Security benefit for a retired worker was $1,294 a month. The chained CPI would also substantially cut the VA benefits of nearly 4 million veterans.

The largest cuts would impact young, permanently disabled veterans who were seriously wounded in combat. It would also impact more than 350,000 survivors who receive service-connected death benefits. Veterans who started receiving VA disability benefits at age 30 would have their benefits reduced by $1,425 at age 45, $2,341 at age 55 and $3,231 at age 65. Sanders is chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, the founder of the Senate’s Defend Social Security Caucus and has worked with virtually all major veterans organizations to oppose the chained CPI.

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PressTV: Systemic failures in Church of England handling of child sex abuse

The Archbishop of York John SentamuThe Archbishop of York John Sentamu

Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:22AM GMT

A recent report has found “systemic failures” in the Church of England’s handling of sexual abuse complaints.

According to the report published on Wednesday, shortcomings during the tenure of the former Archbishop of York, Lord Hope of Thornes, helped former dean of Manchester Robert Waddington escape prosecution for sexual abuse during his lifetime.

The report, compiled by Judge Sally Cahill QC, stated, “Our conclusion, having heard his [Lord Hope’s] evidence, is that his concern for the welfare of Robert Waddington seems to have been paramount in his response to these allegations.”

Following the publication of the report, the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, issued an apology to the victims, saying he thought the abuse complaints had been dealt with in a suitable manner.

“As I have said to them, I am deeply ashamed that the church was not vigilant enough to ensure that these things did not happen, failing both to watch and to act, where children were at serious risk,” he said.

Sentamu went on to say that he accepted the report’s conclusion that “irrespective of policies in force, there was a systemic failure.”

Complaints were made against Waddington between 1999 and 2004 in connection to incidents that happened in Australia in the 1960s and when he was the dean of Manchester in the 1980s. Waddington died in 2007.

The UK has witnessed a surge in child molestation and sexual abuse cases, some of which go back to the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. The best known case is that of disgraced TV presenter Jimmy Savile.

Savile died in October 2001. A year after his death, hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse and rape of minors became public, leading the police to believe that Savile was one of Britain’s most predatory sex offenders. Several high-profile figures have been arrested in connection with the multiple investigations into the abuse scandal surrounding Savile.

In August, a report by Professor Alexis Jay revealed that at least 1,400 children had been sexually exploited between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham.

In some cases, children as young as 11 were “raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten and intimidated,” the report added.

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