Skellig Michael – Star Wars – Irish Government Deliberately Dupes Irish Public – Press Release from Emily Twomey in Ireland

images-3The filming of scenes for Star Wars: Episode VII began yesterday on Skellig Michael in Co Kerry. Many have expressed outrage at the underhanded way in which this information was kept from the Irish public until a few days ago.  The Irish Independent[1] has learnt that when negotiations began over six months ago it was feared if news of the proposed filming leaked out it could attract opposition from conservation groups.

Environmental Concerns

Unesco has expressed concern over the authorisation for filming of scenes for the movie.  The Island in the Atlantic about 12km off the coast of south Kerry was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1996 because of the ruins of its monastic settlement that date back to the 6th Century. The island is also the natural habitat for bird species including the puffin, manx shearwaters and petrels and was designated a Special Protection Area under Article 4 of the EU Birds Directive. Unesco’s Word Heritage Centre has made inquiries about State authorisation for use of Skellig Michael, and a film-set spokesman has confirmed that the international body has asked the National Monuments Service for “information on the filming permission”.  Both Birdwatch Ireland and independent archaeologistMichael Gibbons have expressed concern about the impact of a film crew on the fragile environment.[2]

According to Unesco the National Monuments Service has informed them that they were images-1“examining the issue” and said a report would be submitted to Unesco “later this week” – by which time filming is expected to be over.[3]

The Irish Film Board said the filming programme “has been designed specifically to avoid disturbance of breeding birds on the island”.  However, Birdwatch Ireland’s Senior Conservation Officer for seabirds, Steven Newton, said he did not envision how this could be possible in the middle of the breeding season for thousands of pairs of puffins, Manx shearwaters and the tiny storm petrels which use underground burrows for nesting sites.[4]

imgresBirdwatch Ireland intends to pursue the matter with the European Commission, and said it would like to see the screening report produced by consultants ahead of filming which would have informed NPWS authorization.[5]

The Irish People Strongly Object To The Israeli Slaughter of the Palestinians

At a time when Gaza is suffering a genocide at the hands of the Israeli government, the Irish images-4government has underhandedly permitted Disney, (a company which is on every boycott list of Israeli supported companies), who acquired Lucasfilm in 2012 for $4.05 billion (wiki) to come into Ireland and film on one of our most sacred and ancient sites.  The Irish government is aware that there is huge opposition to the genocide in Gaza and that the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan has been urged by Cork County Council to summon the Israeli ambassador to Iveagh House to convey the outrage of the Irish people at the response of the Israeli defence forces to events in the Gaza Strip.[6]  Earlier this month Dublin City Council passed a motion calling for an end to both the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza and the Israeili illegal siege of the coastal strip, as well as calling upon the irish government to push for an arms embargo and trade sanctions on Israel.[7]

An online petition[8] to expel the Israeli ambassador has already reached 22,433 signers and is rising rapidly.  If anyone takes the time to view the petition online you will see that there are people currently signing the petition every few seconds.

The Ley Lines

There is a belief among many people, that Skellig Michael, is a very spiritual place situated as it is at the beginning of an energetic leyline.  In fact, Skellig Michael is  considered one of the key lines in the Saint Michael leyline which extends from Ireland, through Britain and across Europe where it then forks into ancient Judea, Israel and Egypt, and connects to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.  The Saint Michael ley line runs across Ireland for several hundred miles, intersecting with various sacred sites in the UK  that have been dedicated to Saint Michael.  The Saint Michael ley line intersects with another significant ley line at the Skellig Michael monastery and this second ley line goes on to connect to Saint Michael’s Mount in England, to Mont Saint Michel in France and so on.  But what is most interesting is that it comes to an end in Israel, at Mount Carmel, where Jesus is alleged by some to have lived among the order of the Essenes.[9]

Because of Saint Michael’s {Skellig Michael’s)  strategic spiritual location many are worried images-2that there is a nefarious purpose to the presence of a Disney backed film being made on the Island, as Disney is known to be a collaborator with the Israeli government and the Zionist movement.[10] [11] [12]

Paranormal investigator, Veronica Keen of the Montague Keen Foundation[13] has expressed her deep concern that there is some sinister purpose behind the filming on Skellig Michael where a 3km exclusion zone, ministerially approved, is in force around Skellig for the three days of filming, with a naval patrol vessel present and all locals involved in the project are believed to have signed confidentiality agreements for the duration of the film shoot.[14]

Unfortunately, the locals in the area surrounding Skeilig Michael who one would think would be keen to preserve their ancient heritage, seem to have been bought off. Yesterday morning, a film crew and workers employed to help out with the production were being transported to the island by local boatmen from Portmagee who have already received €1,000 each for projected loss of earnings from tourist trips during filming.[15] Unesco has voiced their concern on several occasions about the lack of co-operation of the local boatmen.  The World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies are concerned about the lack of progress in implementing the recommendations of the 2007 Advisory Mission. The recommendations were pertinent in terms of addressing the key issues: approaches to conservation of the site and disputes with local boatmen. Access to the island is strictly controlled by the Office of Public Works (OPW) in view of its historical and conservation status and each of the licenced 14 boats are only allowed land passengers once a day. Last year, 13,221 people visited the island.[16]

Locals may be under the impression that this ‘boom’ will be great for their area but they are imagesvery short-sighted as the current tourism to Skellig Michael is not one based on the Hollywood industry, but on the spiritual nature of the island. It is quite likely that once the film is released Skellig Michael will be turned into a type of Disneyland centre for those who wish to visit the island on which the Star Wars movie scene was filmed. This can only be detrimental to the sacred essence of Skellig Michael and to the memory of the ancient Irish monks who lived and prayed there over 1400 years ago. Perhaps that is what the locals are hoping for. but is that really what the people of Ireland want for one of our most unique, sacred and ancient sites?

We are calling on everyone who thinks that this was an underhanded and unbelievably sneaky move by our government, to come to Skellig Michael and to protest strongly about this undertaking.

We are looking for volunteers to help us to co-ordinate this vital campaign. We are running out of time.  The underhand tactics of our government have ensured this.

Please lend your support to this campaign.

For further information please contact

Emily Twomey, in Ireland

Veronica keen

Jean Haines

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Zionists celebrate occupation of USA

This is the article referenced by Emily Twomey in Skellig Michael – Vortex Energy – Sacred Sites & the Ley of the Land

By Kevin Barrett, with Press TV
Source: VeteransToday
February 19, 2014


The expression “Israeli-Occupied Territories” normally refers to Palestine. But more and more Americans are speaking out about the “Israelification” of the USA – and wondering whether their country, too, is occupied. 

On March 2nd through March 4th, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) will hold its annual celebration of Zionist domination of American politics and media. The 2014 AIPAC Policy Conference at the Washington, DC Convention Center will attract thousands of fanatical Zionists – as well as an angry crowd of protestors.

Anti-AIPAC sentiment is spreading throughout all segments of American society. Even the American Jewish community, once a bastion of near-monolithic support for Israel, now includes a rising chorus of anti-Zionist voices.

A Jewish-American woman, Medea Benjamin, is a key force behind Code Pink’s “Boycott AIPAC” protests.The Code Pink Activists will protest AIPAC at the Washington, DC Convention Center on Sunday, March 2nd from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm with a special event from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Max Blumenthal, son of American Jewish leader and former Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal, is another prominent critic of the Israelification of America. Blumenthal’s book Goliath, a compendium of unpleasant truths about Israel, has rocked the American Jewish community and stimulated debate about whether the next generation of American Jews will turn anti-Zionist.

The expression “Israelification of America” was popularized by one of the USA’s top foreign policy experts, Andrew Bacevich of Boston University. Bacevich points out that the US has “stumbled willy-nilly into an Israeli-like condition of perpetual war” with horrific consequences for the US economy and Constitution.

Bacevich’s notion of “Israelification” explains the recent American fascination with assassinations and killer drones. In his article “How We Became Israel” Bacevich points out that in the pre-9/11 era, when assassination was illegal in the USA, Israel had already made “targeted assassination…the Israeli way of war.”

Israel was the first to develop and use drones. Now it is the world’s largest drone exporter. Today’s wildly unconstitutional US drone killings are a symptom of America’s enslavement to Zionism.

Bacevich is correct: The US has indeed “become Israel.” But he is wrong about one thing: The US has not “stumbled willy-nilly” into Israelification.

There was nothing random or unplanned about the Zionist coup d’état of September 11th, 2001 which imposed near-total Zionist control on America. According to Stanley Hilton and Francis Boyle – both of whom studied beside neoconservative guru Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago during the 1960s – Strauss and his disciples, including roommates and Strauss intimates Paul Wolfowitz and Abram Shulsky, were even then planning to impose a sort of Zio-Nazi fascism on America through a 9/11 style event.

One neoconservative Zio-Nazi, Edward Luttwak, actually wrote a doctoral dissertation outlining the Straussian plan to overthrow democracy through a 9/11-style stealth coup d’état. Luttwak’s dissertation was published in 1968 as Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook. Italian journalist Mauricio Blondet, in his book September 11th: A Coup d’État (2002) explains that the neoconservatives used Luttwak’s Coup d’État as their step-by-step guide to staging 9/11.

Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu celebrated 9/11 with the ecstatic outburst: “It’s very good!” Then-Israeli-Prime-Minister Ariel Sharon crowed: “We Jews control America, and the Americans know it!” (Israeli spy agency) Mossad kingpin Mike Harari allegedly boasted of orchestrating 9/11 at the celebratory party he threw in Bangkok, Thailand, immediately after the attack on America, according to eyewitness Dmitri Khalezov.

The famous “dancing Israeli” Mossad agents openly celebrated the success of the 9/11 operation. They shared high-fives and took pictures of each other flicking cigarette lighters in front of the burning and then exploding Twin Towers.

But these and other Zionist celebrations of the 9/11 coup d’état were premature. While the Zionists achieved their near-term goals – beginning with a US attempt to destroy “seven countries in five years” on behalf of Greater Israel – they inadvertently provoked a backlash that will eventually sweep Zionism into the proverbial dustbin of history.

That backlash began just a few days after 9/11, when US Army Col. Donn de Grand-Pré and fellow military officers met to formulate a response to the 9/11 coup d’état. These patriotic American officers began a process that continues today at the US military and intelligence community’s voice of 9/11 truth, the on-line publication Veterans Today.

The disastrous failure of the 9/11 wars-for-Israel has created an anti-Zionist backlash. Though the Zionists try to ruin the careers and reputations of anyone who questions 9/11 or Zionism, they are finding it more and more difficult to build an “Occupation Wall of Silence” around these topics.

A few years ago, when professors like Steven Jones spoke out about 9/11, or journalists like Helen Thomasand Rick Sanchez criticized Zionist domination of the media, they could be driven from their jobs. This year, when Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll questioned 9/11, nobody suggested firing him…and Carroll went on to win the Super Bowl.

For two decades AIPAC never lost a political battle. During the past year it has already lost two: Its attempt to trigger a US bombing of Syria, and its push for new nuclear-deal-killing sanctions on Iran.

In both cases, the Zionist-dominated media could not convince Americans to support yet another war-for-Israel.

The rise of the internet-based alternative media has made the Zionist death-grip on mainstream media increasingly irrelevant. The Zionist thought-policemen are panicking.

One leading Zionist thought-policeman, Mark Gardner, recently blasted the celebrity photographer Rankin for discussing who controls the media: “It’s allegations about Jewish power over the media that distinguishes anti-Semitism from other forms of racism. Rankin may well not be an anti-Semite, in which case he should learn not to spread the stink of anti-Semitic claims about Jews running the media and Hollywood.”

Why is it “anti-Semitic stink” to tell the truth? As Joel Stein explained in his L.A. Times article “Who runs Hollywood? C’mon” – and as everyone in Hollywood knows – “Jews totally run Hollywood.” Stein’s article names the big Hollywood power brokers and notes that virtually all are Jewish.

The same is true, in less extreme fashion, of the whole US mainstream media, including the big TV, magazine, and newspaper franchises. Former New York Times reporter Philip Weiss, now a leading blogger on Middle East issues, lays it out in his article “Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do?

But perhaps we should be calling the people who dominate American media “Zionists,” not “Jews.” Judaism is a religion, while Zionism is a tribal political project. Most of the media-controllers are not religious. They are, however, devoted to their “Jewish state” in Occupied Palestine.

As Americans continue to lose confidence in the mainstream media, they will increasingly turn to alternative sources. And those sources, precisely because they are trying to provide an alternative to the mainstream, will continue to chip away at the Zionist occupation of the American mind.

So if you want to protest AIPAC’s faltering death-grip on America, do it this year. There is no telling how many more years AIPAC, and the Zionist entity it represents, will still be in business.

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Haifa’s Baha’i Gardens

Uploaded on May 7, 2010
Thanks to D, who says view to the end . . . another rabbit hole to work out . . . .

This video of Haifa’s Baha’i gardens, including the shrine of the Bab and terraces, was put together for a devotional. I thought i’d upload it on youtube to share, incase it was useful for anyone elses devotionals.

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Joe Dispenza: Consciously Evoking The Placebo Effect

Published on May 28, 2014

Dr. Joe Dispenza is back again on Cutting Edge Consciousness for another engaging conversation with Barnet and Freeman. This round is especially interesting as the guest and hosts explore the creative space wherein something truly new can emerge. While Dr. Joe has a brand new book, called “You Are The Placebo”, which serves to enrich this dialogue, the conversation is very much an extension of the two previous conversations with Dr. Joe on CEC. The ability to direct our experience hits a roadblock when it bumps up against our conditioned imagination — only by intentionally following a feeling can we generate something that is truly “new”.

For more on Dr. Joe Dispenza, please visit:

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The Cultivation of hate: The lies grow more audacious, by Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts
Tue, 29 Jul 2014 20:51 CDT

If there were any doubts that Western “leaders” live in a fantasy make-believe world constructed out of their own lies, the G-7 meeting and 70th anniversary celebration of the Normandy landing dispelled the doubts.

The howlers issuing from these occasions are enough to split your sides. Obama and his lap dog Cameron described the Normandy landing on June 6, 1944, as “the greatest liberation force that the world has ever known” and took all the credit for the US and Britain for the defeat of Hitler. No mention was made of the Soviet Union and the Red Army, which for three years prior to the Normandy landing had been fighting and defeating the Wehrmacht.

The Germans lost World War II at the Battle of Stalingrad, which was fought from August 23, 1942 until February 2, 1943, when most of the remnants of the powerful German Sixth Army surrendered, including 22 generals.

Nineteen months previously the largest invasion force ever assembled on planet earth invaded Russia across a one thousand mile front. Three million crack German troops; 7,500 artillery units, 19 panzer divisions with 3,000 tanks, and 2,500 aircraft rolled across Russia for 14 months.

By June 1944, three years later, very little of this force was left. The Red Army had chewed it up. When the so-called “allies” (a term which apparently excludes Russia) landed in France, there was little to resist them. The best forces remaining to Hitler were on the Russian front, which collapsed day by day as the Red Army approached Berlin.

The Red Army won the war with Germany. The Americans and the British showed up after the Wehrmacht was exhausted and in tatters and could offer little resistance. Joseph Stalin believed that Washington and London stayed out of the war until the last minute and left Russia with the burden of defeating Germany.

Hollywood and popular writers have, of course, buried the facts. Americans have all sorts of movies, such as “A Bridge Too Far,” that portray insignificant events, however heroic, as turning points in the war. Nevertheless, the facts are clear. The war was won on the Eastern front by Russia. Hollywood’s movies are fun, but they are nonsense.

Russia is again on the outs with “the world community,” because Obama’s plan to seize Ukraine and to evict Russia from its Black Sea base in Crimea has come a cropper. Crimea has been a part of Russia for as long as the US has existed. Khrushchev, a Ukrainian, stuck Crimea into the Ukrainian Socialist Republic in 1954 when Russia and Ukraine were part of the same country.

When the Washington-imposed stooge government in Kiev recently declared that it was abolishing the use of the Russian language and arresting Ukrainians who had dual Russian citizenship and began tearing down Russian war memorials consecrated to the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis, the people in Crimea used the ballot box to disassociate from Washington’s stooge government in Kiev, first voting their independence and then voting for reunification with their mother country.

Washington, and the other G-7 countries following Washington’s orders, described this Crimean act of self-determination, which is exactly comparable to the act of self-determination declared by Britain’s American colonies, to be a case of “Russian invasion and annexation.” Similar efforts to disassociate from Kiev are underway in other former Russian territories that today comprise eastern and southern Ukraine.

Washington has equated self-determination in eastern and southern Ukraine with “terrorism” and has encouraged its stooge in Kiev to use military violence against protesting civilians. The reason for branding separatists “terrorists” is to make it OK to kill them.

It is extraordinary to any learned person that the President of the United States and the titular heads of state of the Western European countries would publicly declare such blatant lies to the world. The world has historians. The world has peoples whose knowledge vastly exceeds that of the “mainstream media,” a.k.a., the Ministry of Propaganda, or, as Gerald Celente brands them, “the presstitutes.” Whatever name we use, the Western media is a collection of well paid whores.They lie for money, dinner party invitations, and speaking invitations with large honorariums and book contracts with large advances.

I know. They tried to recruit me.

Notice how narrowly Washington defines “the world community.” The “world community” consists of the Group of 7. That’s it. Seven countries make up the “world community.” The “world community” consists of six white countries and Washington’s puppet state of Japan. The “world community” is the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan. The other 190 countries are not part of Washington’s “world community.” In the neocon doctrine, they are not even part of humanity.

The “world community” doesn’t have the population of single excluded countries, such as China or India. I haven’t done the calculation, but probably the land mass of Russia itself exceeds the land mass of the “world community.”

So, what is this “world community?”

The “world community” is the assemblage of US vassal states. Britain, France, and Germany were important on the 20th century scene. Their histories are studied in universities. The populations had a decent standard of living, although not for all citizens. Their past is the reason for their present importance.

In effect, these countries were propelled forward by history, or by the history important to the West. Japan, being an appendage of Washington, has tried to become “western.” It is extraordinary how such a proud, war-like people became nothing.

As I have finally stopped laughing at the presumed non-role of Russia in the defeat of Hitler, let’s return to the G-7 meeting. The Big Happening of this meeting was Russia’s exclusion and the shrinkage of the G-8 to the G-7.

This was the first time in 17 years that Russia was not allowed to participate in the meeting of which Russia is a member. Why?

Russia is being punished. Russia is being isolated from the 7 countries that the White House Fool thinks constitute “the world community.”

Obama is angry that his National Security Council and the morons he appointed to the State Department and UN were so poorly educated that they did not know that much of the Ukraine consists of former Russian provinces inhabited by Russians. These ignorant Obama-appointed morons thought that they could grab Crimea, evict Russia, and leave Russia without access to the Mediterranean, thus unable to hold on to its naval base in Tartus, Syria, the easier for Washington to invade Syria.

Crimea has been part of Russia since Russia completed the reconquest from the Tartars. I remember the Tarter, or Tater, ethnics from my visit to Tamerlane the Great’s (Timur as he was also known) tomb in Samarkand 53 years ago. Today Tamerlane’s city is refurbished as a tourist site. 53 years ago it was a desolate place in ruins, overgrown with trees growing out of the tops of the minarets.

As Obama’s plan to seize Ukraine failed, like every one of his other plans has failed, Washington’s spokesmen for the vested private interests have seized on the opportunity to demonize Putin and Russia and to restart the Cold War. Obama and his Group of 7 puppets or vassals used the occasion to threaten Russia with real sanctions, in place of the present propaganda sanctions that have no effect. According to Obama and his British lap dog, Putin must somehow prevent the Russian populations of eastern and southern Ukraine from protesting their subservience to a neo-fascist government in Kiev backed by Washington, or else.

Putin is supposed to embrace the Oligarch, a former minister of the government that Washington overthrew, put in office by a fake vote in which turnout was a small percent of the population. Putin is supposed to kiss this corrupt Oligarch on both cheeks, pay Ukraine’s natural gas bills and forgive its debts. In addition, Russia is supposed to repudiate the Crimean people, evict them from their re-unity with Russia and hand them over to the neo-Nazi Right Sector to be eliminated as retribution for Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany, for whom some Western Ukrainians fought. In exchange, Washington and NATO will put anti-ballistic missile bases on Ukraine’s border with Russia in order to protect Europe from nonexistent Iranian nuclear ICBMs.

This is supposed to be a win-win deal for Russia.

The Obama regime used its well-paid NGOs in Ukraine to overthrow an elected, democratic government, a government no more corrupt than those in Western or Eastern Europe or Washington.

The political morons who have England, France, Germany, and Italy in their hands are wagging their fists at Russia, warning of more, this time real, sanctions. Do these morons really want their energy supplies cut off? There is no prospect, despite the propagandistic claims, of Washington supplying the energy on which Germany industry depends and on which Europeans depend so that they do not freeze in the winter.

Sanctions on Russia will wreck Europe and have little, if any, effect on Russia. Russia is already moving, with China and the BRICS, outside the dollar payments mechanism.

As the demand for dollars drops, the dollar’s exchange value will drop. Initially, Washington will be able to force its vassals to support the dollar, but eventually this will become impossible.

What the White House Fool, the neoconized National Security Council, the presstitute media, and subservient Congress are doing is to support and uphold the policies based on hubris and arrogance that are leading the US into the abyss.

An abyss is like a black hole. You don’t get out.

Washington’s lies are so blatant and transparent that Washington is destroying its own credibility. Consider the NSA spying. Documents released by Snowden and Greenwald make it completely clear that Washington spies not only on government leaders and ordinary people but also on foreign businesses in order to advance US commercial and financial interests. That the US steals Chinese business secrets is not in doubt. So what does Washington do? Washington not only denies what the documents prove but turns the charge around and indicts five Chinese generals for spying on US corporations.

The only purpose of these indictments hyped by the US attorney general is propaganda.

The indictments are otherwise totally meaningless, not merely false. China is not about to turn over five Chinese generals to the liars in Washington. For the presstitute media the story is a way to move the NSA’s spying out of the spotlight. China is substituted for the NSA as the guilty party.

Why doesn’t China, Brazil, Germany and every other country issue arrest warrants for NSA’s top officials, for Obama, and for the members of the congressional oversight committee? Why do other countries always allow Washington to control the explanation with propaganda first strikes?

Americans are very susceptible to propaganda. They seem to have a special taste for it. Consider the hate whipped up against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a US soldier just released by the Taliban in a prisoner exchange with the US. The hatred and bloodlust that the presstitute media have whipped up against Bergdahl has caused his hometown to cancel the celebration of his release. The press engineered hatred of Bergdahl has spilled over into threats against Hailey, Idaho.

What is the basis for the attacks on Bergdahl? Apparently, the answer is that Bergdahl, like pro-football star Pat Tillman who turned down a $3.6 million contract to join the Army Rangers and go to defend freedom in Afghanistan, came down with a case of doubts about the war. Originally Pat Tillman’s death was attributed to his heroic action and enemy fire. Then it emerged that Tillman was a victim of “friendly fire.” Many concluded that he was murdered, because the government did not want a sports hero speaking out about the war. As Bergdahl is off the battlefield, he has to be murdered in the press – like Russia, China, Iran, Putin, Assad, Crimeans, and the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine.

In America hate and the cultivation of hate is alive and well. But not a single moral virtue is.

Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. Roberts’ How the Economy Was Lost is now available from CounterPunch in electronic format. His latest book is How America Was Lost.

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PressTV: Bolivia declares Israel terrorist regime . . . this is a significant move . . . ! ~J

An Israeli artillery gun fires a 155mm shell towards the Gaza Strip from a position near the border on July 30, 2014.An Israeli artillery gun fires a 155mm shell towards the Gaza Strip from a position near the border on July 30, 2014.

Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:13PM GMT

Bolivia has declared Israel a “terrorist state” and revoked a visa exemption agreement with Tel Aviv in protest at the ongoing Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip.

The move “means, in other words, we are declaring (Israel) a terrorist state,” President Evo Morales said during talks with a group of educators in the city of Cochabamba on Wednesday.

Morales added that the Israeli offensive shows “that Israel is not a guarantor of the principles of respect for life and the elementary precepts of rights that govern the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of our international community.”

Signed in 1972, the visa exemption agreement has allowed Israelis to travel freely to Bolivia without a visa.

Earlier this month, the Bolivian president called on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to prosecute Israel for “crimes against humanity.”

The move came as a fresh Israeli airstrike on a busy market near Gaza City killed at least 17 people and injured dozens of others earlier in the day.

More than 1,300 Palestinians have been killed and thousands of others injured by the Israeli regime’s offensive against the coastal sliver since July 8.

The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, has been launching retaliatory attacks against Israel.

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PressTV: ‘We, in these streets, are Gaza: So what? by Brett Redmayne-Titley

‘We, in the streets, are Gaza: So what?

Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:42PM GMT

By Brett Redmayne-Titley

Related Interviews:

“Indifference is the essence of inhumanity.” George Bernard Shaw

Brutal inhumanity to man is now daily personified in Gaza while increasing across what still remains of Palestine. Israeli horrors rain down on an innocent civilian population not allowed to flee to safety of shelters anywhere in Gaza. The mounting list of “crimes against humanity,” premeditated by Israel shows Gaza to be the modern metaphor for globally pervasive, endemic immorality and barbarism now infecting the governments of most of the nations of our world.

These politicians’ allegiance to Zionist sponsored terror and inhumanity is not the world’s popular choice. These traitors ignore national cries for peace and a return to national freedoms.

Like Palestine, … leaders care nothing for us, our lives or futures. We are all instantly expendable. We are all… Gaza.

To be Gazan is to have your country externally controlled to a point when there is no hope or future remaining to be. Mere existence is at the whim of a cruel foreign master who demands blind obedience in exchange for routine inhuman floggings and the remaining crumbs of a previously proud civilization.

Surely this inhumane condition, now pervasive across Gaza as Israeli, “crimes against humanity,” are clearly shown again-and-again in other countries across the globe. This growing threat to sovereign nationalism exemplifies the dire, all-important need for all the “Gazans” of the world to rise up, fight back and stop the terminal infection of madness known as the virus; Zionism.

Gaza shares an all too similar fate to an increasingly subjugated world.

To be Gazan is to have your elected government officials sing the songs of national pride while instead working directly for the Zionists.
“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” ~Dr. Joseph Mengele

Like Palestine, many other nations of the world are functionally, effectively and quietly controlled from beyond their borders by Israel and its Zionist traitors to their own governments. Indeed this is a current symptom for these nations whose peoples have lost all control of their own democracies that only serve a Zionist and Israeli agenda, while ignoring more real national interests. This week a shameful US House of Representatives and Senate both unanimously sent themselves to the gates of hell by passing separate Congressional Resolutions congratulating Israel on killing hundreds of children, infants, and innocent civilians. There was not one human left amongst the inhumanely indoctrinated US government. What type of man sells his morality, and his elected office, to justify and sanctify Israeli genocide? An inhuman.

Further examples of external Zionist control and war mongering are rampant and growing more frequent in less obvious nations such as Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and almost all of the European Union.

Like the people of Gaza, the populations of other countries also understand the horrific, greedy results of Zionist influence. If put to a world-wide vote our world would stop this evil at once and restore peace, common sense and respect for human life to their former importance in their once moral societies; morality being the proper, nay, the natural human condition. Sadly for democracy, these countries’ politicians have also secretly sold their souls, and their votes, to the Zionist agenda long ago.

Of course the Zionist controlled media dutifully trumpets these traitors as true national patriots. While eliminating the inconvenience, the media creates and then preys upon general stupidity. The ignorant who, unlike Gaza, think they have nothing to lose collectively believe the media lies, looking no further for the truth than the flag pole of their tattered, tired, and discolored flags of national “freedom.”

To be Gazan means that your elections are a shame, if not, temporary.  It is small wonder then that Abbas rules his roost, using his PA storm troopers, from the comforts outside the Israeli made prison. The remaining days of his collaborations with Israel would be down to a matter of minutes should he appear at a protest after the past three weeks. The crowd would tear him to pieces casting his remains over the offending prison walls Abbas himself implicitly helped build.

Hamas, however, had the shortest election win in history. In a highly scrutinized election of Jan 25, 2006 Hamas came roaring to power with 76 of the 132 seats. Abbas and Fatah received only 43. Palestinians had voted and spoken. Israel did not like this effective democracy, of course, and arrested the majority of Hamas elected members and their two-week old democracy, frog-marching them all off forever to an Israeli prison.

Only Zionist aligned democracies like Fatah are allowed. Or else.

Worldwide, we “Gazans” have seen other governments overthrown by Zionist control. Egypt, Turkey, Libya, Ukraine, Sudan, Somalia, and a growing list from central Africa come to mind easily.

Should this usual sub-set of subversion or conspiracy against Gaza not finish the job, a violent, ongoing, bloody and mostly secret coup d’état has a recent track record across the globe of inflicting Zionist horror to perfection. Then democracy. See Ukraine. See Iraq. See Syria (almost).See Gaza.

While Abbas shows his keen willingness to abdicate his presidency and Palestinian sovereignty to a foreign master it is no wonder that Hamas, as the only effective and willing opposition, has returned as a political presence and a powerful force. By all reports Hamas was very prepared to do what Fatah will never do; defend Gaza. Their militias have reportedly killed over sixty Israeli soldiers with only three civilian casualties.

National governments like Palestine are also secretly doing their best to abdicate their country’s national sovereignty to a foreign Zionist power. This is the textbook definition of treason. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPT), spawned in America, and the European Union(EU) inspired, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), are slithering through the halls of Congress and Parliament, soon to be subjugating every one of these  nations to a new superior world court of arbitration. Collectively TPT and TTIP will encompass the Trans-Pac nations and the European Community into a new world order of Zionist control over the courts and governments of all these individual nations and their people.

To be Gazan means to have your resources stolen by Zionist forces. Indeed Israel steals more-and-more land from Palestine for settlements. Israel also enjoys razing crops, orchards, hilltops and ancient olive groves of the impoverished Palestinian farmers.

More enjoyable than evil, however, is water. Israel, using lateral drilling, steals from the underground Palestinian aquifer, but will not allow Palestinians to drill new wells of their own, thus keeping Palestinians thirsty and Palestinian water for Israel. This is a shining example of the world-wide Zionist mindset.

“Those of us who are most genuinely repelled by war and violence are also those who are most likely to decide that some things, after all, are worth fighting for.” Christopher Hitchens

Despite the carnage and rising daily death toll in Gaza, Palestine has a weapon that the many Zionist afflicted nations do not. Hamas. The fight of Hamas is a just cause, vital and true that our world can see and support minute-by-minute and that the Zionist media cannot hide. The inhumanity of endless Israeli atrocity is the line in the sand for Hamas in Gaza, for Palestine and for the civilized world. A world, a majority, that demands a return to the humane. We are are all very weary of the crimes of Zionism.

Palestine and its ravaged citizens of Gaza are showing true courage not seen since the great siege of Stalingrad. Forged in desperation, with little left to lose their fight was for life itself against a Nazi scourge that had long before aligned itself, like Israel, with the devil himself. The sudden fate of history has thrust Palestine and Gaza to the forefront of a vital, pivotal, and all-important moment in history. Our line in the sand. The world’s. That of the remaining voices of reason laying in the ruble of Gaza. Palestine, like its brothers worldwide, will not take it anymore. Will not remain silent. Will not be kicked again. Palestine and our world must act in the true nature of those who are humane, those whose souls will not ever submit to inhumanity.


As protests rally in major world cities, like London, Sydney, and Tel Aviv we all scream for the atrocities against Gazans to end. For the genocide to stop. We are right. We are just. These crimes must stop. Now.

But do we all realize that the change we demand is a bigger, more fundamental change, a change away from the current forced and coerced direction of this purported deviation from humanity. It is a rational return to morals, values of life and pursuit of personal happiness including the optimism of hope in one’s future. Zionist philosophy has tried to destroy these fundamentals of humanity in Palestine, but this endemic social decay is ongoing in the same capitals of the nations that we all march in now. We, in these streets, are Gaza.

Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, BRICS, and the multiple opposition parties suddenly coming to power in the recent EU Parliamentary vote have become world examples of the need to fight against growing institutionalized inhumanity imposed on us on behalf of Zionism. Like the Black Panther party of the 1960s these opposition governments have become populist movements due to necessity. Western media ignores the many social assets provided by these political parties, focusing only on their more visible but essential military side.

Battlefield reports consistently speak of the steely will of Hamas to bring, once and for all, an end to the seven year siege of Gaza. Deeper reporting shows the more important iron-clad will of the Gazan people to support this resistance to the end, despite Israel’s mounting war crimes, total disregard for human life, and a mounting death toll.

London reported 45,000 protesters, Sydney 4,000 and even in Zionist banned Paris protesters showed up just to be arrested. Indeed. Support Palestine. Support peace. But, remember… as goes Palestine, so goes you. Your family. Your friends.

If the Zionists win again in Gaza, similar horrors await.

You will be next.

Worldwide protests against Zionism and the horrors in Gaza must now grow exponentially with renewed realization of the true global evil manifest in Zionist Israel. These protests must swell with a demand for a return to the world humanity; a purge of the ongoing threat of Zionism.

Zionism is a madness. It attempts to rationalize, legitimize and legalize imposed inhuman conditions. Protests worldwide must now grow, besieging every Israeli and US Embassy en-mass until finally tearing the embassy’s doors forever from their hinges and effecting a world-citizen’s arrest on every ambassador, next depositing them gruffly in the Hague. With the cries of,”we are Gaza,” the halls of every Congress and Parliament should then be flooded with the outrage of nationalism temporarily destroyed, and every Zionist controlled, treasonous politician cast out to wander the earth in rags.

On that day there will be a sudden quiet over Gaza and Palestine. An overdue quiet settling upon the world. The bombs for the first time will stop. Screams will quiet, slowly turning to smiles, then again to childish laughter. The true humanity that is at the core of all decent men and women will begin to return to the daily fabric life. War and its Zionist master will be relegated again to the dust bin of history. Peace once again important.

The future of a new-born child a blessing, never again to be squandered.



Brett Redmayne-Titley spent his formative years with his family in Queensland, Australia, Ghana, West Africa, and the Bahamas. Visiting over fifty counties over four decades he has seen the world slowly destroyed by greed, capitalism and empire. Not content to watch from the side lines, Brett has taken up his pen to tell the truth about important stories. On-scene reporting is his specialty. Traveling to the story he has written in-depth, multi-part articles about the Keystone XL Pipeline, Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, the 2012 Democratic National Convention, the police killing of Evan Kwik and many more.  His articles have been published by dozens of on-line news services. More articles by Brett Redmayne-Titley.


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