A MEDITATION FROM HILDA, WHO REQUESTS THAT THIS MESSAGE BE GOTTEN TO THE MAYAN COUNCIL. . . preceded by a brief, personal email from Veronica Keen to ~Jean, April 22, 2014

Hilda does not speak English, and I have spent the entire morning editing, adding photos, etc.,  and setting up this meditation as best I could in this short amount of time. This is so important; I feel it so deep in my bones. Please spend all the time with it you need . . . ~J

PS I need to go out this afternoon, so I ask that you please not Comment. I already have over 60 comments waiting for me, and I doubt I can release them before I must leave . . . :)

From Veronica:


Thank you so much for putting this information about Project Bluebeam out there, people need to be prepared for such attacks, and refuse to become fearful should they happen.

I have been trying to reply to this but I am being prevented from doing so.

During Seance in 2010 the Andromadans came and told us all about it and what they (the Andromadans) intended to do should our Governments go ahead with such a plan. Its all on tape, they were very clear about it. I have warned many times that those who “Channell” and create a false sence of security, that all will be wonderful, that we will be beamed up etc. are being used to ensure you are unprepared. I do not “channell” Monty, those who come to my home are only too aware of his presence, he ensures that we know he is with us. He intervenes regularly in discussions etc..

You are doing an amazing service to Humanity, thank you.

With love and best wishes.


Veronica also shares a document from Hilda:

OBELISKS / LEY LINES,  Teotihuacan and the 3 Books of the Bible




Let’s have a look at this pyramid complex — and please Google as much as you can to convince yourself — you must understand it yourself to open your DNA and create the “NOW I”VE GOT IT EFFECT”. . . the aaahaa effect. . . it’s about feeling . . . HOW ENERGY FLOWS WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THIS PYRAMID COMPLEX. . . YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ‘BE’ THERE BUT JUST IMAGINE BEING THERE. . . AND WALKING WITH ME TO UNDERSTAND. . . AND THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS FELT IS TRUE. . . and what we must do!

THIS IS TEOTIHUACAN – a series of Google photos






It’s about how energy flows:

People who go to Teotihuacan on a pilgrimage, go there for insights for the time to come. They walk the long road to the pyramid complex . . . and why do they walk? When people walk their energy goes towards the legs and when they feel they are in their heart . . . in other words: they are in the schumann resonance. . . the chakra’s are aligned . . .connected to the heartbeat of mother earth.

Let’s imagine walking towards the pyraimd complex —and also by imagining it, we will activate it (meditation/imagining includes. . . intending to happen).

We walk in the sun— and are also connected to the sun of hollow earth, towards the complex. On our right side we see the palace of Quetzalcoatl, and in front of it — a plaza/square which is called the Sea of Emotion. In the middle is a little island. It’s called hell island. This is the place where most of humanity resides, since most are living in duality — since their emotions are ruled by the materialistic ego/reptilian mind (survival of the fittest mode/strategic mind) and thus, they do not experience a heart connection. These people are ruled by two basic fears: fear of loss and fear of death.

When we are conscious of this place,we leave it behind and climb up the stairs of Quetzalcoatl’s palace, climbing the stairs brings your energies back to your legs  — the Schumann resonance, again!

While climbing the stairs Quetzalcoatl’s pyramid comes in sight and gives an off-world experience: You turn around and look down upon the consciousness of the Plaza below — and become aware of the fact that there is NO DEATH AND LOSS — only our experience of it in the physical form.

This consciousness represents book 1: Revelations . . . as you can see what is happening in the world today. . . how we have been hold s a slave and how they have hidden our true origins.

We climb down the stairs again and back to the avenue of death.

We follow our path and come to the river of death, which regenerates the codes in the water that passes this complex, bringing the codes to us by the medium of water regenerated by the ley-lines beneath.

This river has the same symbolic consciousness as the river Styx in other books.

We cross the river, which is often guided by dark energies before you cross, because you are leaving the slave matrix — also known as gatekeepers, who feed on fear— but will crumble if you are of the light,  staying in your heart’s connection(Schumann resonance). By being aware of this you are breaking free from the wheel of karma, using your chakra’s the way they should be used . . . as an expression of love . . . always connected in the heart.

We keep following our path of enlightenment and see the Pyramid of the Moon — at the end of the path:



Before we reach the Pryamid of the Moon, however,  we will pass the Temple of the Jaguar:


imgres-3 images

The jaguar is a stalker, and the jaguar is asking you to stalk the ego mind within — the routine that made us a slave. A jaguar stalks its prey’s routine without wasting energy/emotions, A jaguar must live in the now moment to survive and the jaguar knows his ego will become lethal.

The consciousness of the jaguar is connected toMother Sekmet: loving but fearless. This consciousness stands for elimination of the manipulated reptilian ego mind (DNA upgrading in the past) . . . and making the angelic brain dominant again.

The reptilian brain must become  the servant of the Christed extraterrestrial/angelic brain again.

In the temple of the jaguar exists a very strong portal — a gate that must be activated by our intention!

We follow our path towards the Pyramid of the Moon (THINK BLOOD MOON).

This pyramid represents Book 2: GEN_ISIS

The plaza in front of the pyramid is under influence of the moon and Venus which activates the etheric chakra’s in the human body. This is noticeable by the many sun flares with higher frequencies that are opening these light codes/DNA. And many know that we have had many conjunctions with Venus (Love) in the last period of time.

The wings of ISIS stand for activation of the female etheric chakra…above the heart.

A maria statue that stands with her foot on a serpent is literally showing you that the female energies which activate the christed/extraterrestrial brain..is the master over the reptilian brain.

Before you climb the piramid of the moon, you will be confronted with the chacmool:



A chacmool is a fierce guardian of light.you must be prepared to leave everything you know behind you to receive the higher energies (TRUTH) of the female principle. You must let go of your materialistic ego, your way of being/consciousness . . .NO FEAR . . . but staying tuned in the heart.

Then we go back to the Avenue of Death and walk down the path again and come to the pyramid of the SUN…which represents EXODUS…and exodus only means EXIT…EXIT OUT OF WHAT???

THE SLAVE MATRIX! The wheel of karma!!!



Then these souls will leave the wheel of incarnation and the DARK ONES will loose their slaves…because these people found the way to enlightenment!

All these pyramid complexes are situated on the ley-lines that run from north to south. The oil industries drill for oil which dampens the vibrations of the tectonic plates (hydraulic effect).

Very soon the energies of the female principal will come into these complexes which lay on the ley lines. This energy is connected to what they call The Event. The energy must come first and then the manifestation

The female energy will be magnified at MACHU PICHU.



Machu Pichu lays in the Andes and the Andes region is the female opponent of the himalaya’s (male principal)

Rock Opposite Machu Pichu is called: HEART OF THE MOTHER…the river that flows in between is called:RIO DE MADRE…this river regenerates all the waters worldwide with the codes of the female principle…GEN_ISIS




(Excuse my grammatical mistakes but we have no time to loose and have to get on this straight away to prevent damage through erruptions!!!!!!) Edited a bit by ~Jean


Global ley-line project on facebook:


Montague keen foundation/messages:


In honour to JOSE ARGUELLES…

In the next interview José Arguelles tells you were he received the insight to decode the Mayan calendar:

As you all know..GAIA has a shortage of the female energies to receive full power!!

Let’s make sure she comes through nice and shiny!!!lets deliver her in ease and . . . .LOVE!

Namasté with Love ,

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Greetings on Mother Earth’s Day!

 Today, on this Mother Earth’s Day, I awakened to this Greeting from Bamboo-Water. What a Wonderful World we are already creating, right here at 2012 – What’s the ‘real’ truth! I am so very grateful for the presence of each and everyone of you here! 

Love and hugs to all!

*  *  *  *  *

For you all, on Mother Earth’s Day:

Today I am sending all of my energies — to All of the Shamans of the World  – wishing them success in their Curing of the World.



Mother Earth – Singing  -   Copyright © bamboo-water  All Rights Reserved

Mother Earth – Singing – Copyright © bamboo-water All Rights Reserved

I Happened To Be Standing

I don’t know where prayers go,

      or what they do.

Do cats pray, while they sleep

      half-asleep in the sun?

Does the opossum pray as it

      crosses the street?

The sunflowers? The old black oak

      growing older every year?

I know I can walk through the world,

      along the shore or under the trees,

with my mind filled with things

      of little importance, in full

self-attendance. A condition I can’t really

      call being alive.

Is a prayer a gift, or a petition,

      or does it matter?

The sunflowers blaze, maybe that’s their way.

Maybe the cats are sound asleep. Maybe not.

While I was thinking this I happened to be standing

just outside my door, with my notebook open,

which is the way I begin every morning.

Then a wren in the privet began to sing.

He was positively drenched in enthusiasm,

I don’t know why. And yet, why not.

I wouldn’t persuade you from whatever you believe

or whatever you don’t. That’s your business.

But I thought, of the wren’s singing, what could this be

      if it isn’t a prayer?

So I just listened, my pen in the air.

by Mary Oliver

“I Happened To Be Standing” by Mary Oliver from A Thousand Mornings. © The Penguin Press, 2012

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The Oracle Report, April 22, 2014


Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign, personal responsibility

Moon in Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Skill: stay open about the future; look for signs

Negative Imprint:  hopelessness

Positive Imprint:  hopefulness

Happy Earth Day!

After yesterday’s emotional storms, like a rainbow, today offers signs of hope.  Reassurance from higher sources comes to help us see promises for the future.  For this we take in the spectrum of the colors of our lives – the brighter ones and the dimmer ones.  They aren’t all bold and they aren’t all dull.

But it can be a challenge, in these times, to see a rainbow  – to see hope.  It can be challenging to dwell in a joyous mindspace.  Our emotions can carry us off, ungrounding us.  We can become battered.

Today’s energy, Earth Day/Sophia Day, offers the opportunity to strengthen our roots so that we are not powerless to the storms of the times.  This is not woo woo.  It’s about anchoring our consciousness with the planet so we don’t fly off into insanity.  People who are not connected in some way to the planet lose their minds under the force of the times.  Earth = sanity = healing.

Over the last few days, energy has been in place to bring back elements of the past – lost parts of ourselves.  Today, the energy turns toward past lives.  Memories, preferences, situations, and people seep through from past lives today.  So consider today’s circumstances from the point of view of it being related to past lives.

Rainbows, past lives, and healing are all themes related to our friend Chiron, which is no surprise since the Sun has moved into Taurus and reaches the Chiron Point tomorrow (the degree of Chiron when it was discovered).

Be on the lookout for signs from nature.  Keep your copy of Animal Speak by Ted Andrews handy.  (I carry the Animal Speak pocket guide with me all the time.)  Messages also come in dreams.  Keep your owl eyes peeled.

The bottom line today is to stay open about the future.  Destiny is revealing itself.

(Note:  I will be Janet Hickox’s guest this Thursday night, April 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm ET/ 4:00 pm PT on her show “Living Astrology.”  Click here for more information.  We will discuss what the Black Moon’s movement into Leo has in store for us through November.  I hope you can join us!  Also, if you have emailed me or submitted the Reading Request Form, please check your junk mail folder for my reply.  Apparently, the gods of the internet like to send me there.  That’s a joke, by the way.)

The Oracle Report - Keep the Ancient Tradition of Oracles Alive! Make A Donation Here.

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“Purify your mind, or you are lost forever”   By Jon Rappoport April 21, 2014


In the year 2049, scientists working at the DHS Lab called Status Quo of Our Beloved Nation All Hail, discovered “a set of frequencies emanating from reality itself.”

“The science is settled,” announced President Martin A Singularity. “We now know what reality is composed of.”

Immediately, DHS conducted a series of experiments to determine the characteristics of human thoughts which generated the same frequencies.

The goal was clear. Humans would only be permitted to think those thoughts which aligned with reality. All other mental activity would be labeled specious and dangerous.

The US Secretary of Health and Human Services stated, “We are finally entering into a New Age. The holiest of holies has been achieved. We know why some thoughts are negative—they transmit frequencies that undermine Reality.”

The head of the Federal Chain of Being, Prince Bernard Purity III, remarked: “To enter the New Era, humans will have to distill their ideas so they only reflect The Positive. Dissenters will be exiled from The Body Politic.”

The Positive, of course, was defined as that which merges with Things As They Are. And these Things were legislated and created by The Government Council (of the corporate-government partnership).

To cement the new program, official electromagnetic transmitters, placed across the nation, emanated frequencies that harmonized with the Status Quo. Only the most rebellious humans could resist internalizing these broadcasts.

One such rebel, Mr. J. Jones, was arrested and placed in a cage on the White House lawn, where he was subjected to continuous bombardment by “positive EM waves.”

After two months, he was found to be producing his own private ideations at a level that was burning out several federal transmitters. The chairman of the Official Language Project issued a release:

“Mr. Jones is a diehard negative individual. He says no to almost everything. This is a desecration of all that is holy. Mr. Jones is asymmetrical. This makes him ugly. Balance is beautiful. Symmetry is beautiful. Harmony is beautiful. Geometry is beautiful. The State is beautiful. Reality is beautiful. Mr. Jones is therefore a destructionist. He denies reality. He is unable to purify his thoughts. Therefore, he can never pass through into the New Age we all share.”

One night, the US Secretary of Balanced Mental Weights and Measures visited Mr. Jones in his cage. He informed the prisoner that he would be subjected to Complete Mind Replacement, a procedure developed for the most heinous consciousness-criminals.

Mr. Jones replied, “But you see, I’ve already replaced my mind, the one I was given by the Department of Education. I buried it in the desert east of Palm Springs. My new mind is a creation I dreamed up on my own. It doesn’t follow the usual patterns…I outfitted it with a doomsday device. If you touch it, you’ll trigger a catastrophic event.”

The Secretary was taken aback.

“What kind of event?” he said.

“It’s analogous to an EMP explosion,” Jones said, “but in this case, all the group-mind connections you people have imposed will disintegrate. And then every human will be thrown back on his own experience and inherent faculties, the most prominent of which is imagination.”

“Meaning what?”

“Meaning the Status Quo Reality will light up like a Christmas tree and burn down to the ground.”

“Hogwash,” said the Secretary.

But two days later, when the FBI hooked up Jones to the All Good and All Harmonious Mind Replacement apparatus and threw the switch, (what was later determined to be) a vast proliferation of empty fertile spaces appeared from one end of America to another.

These spaces invited individuals to invent their own realities by the thousands, the millions.

Federal spokespeople screamed on television programs: “This is a terrorist attack on the Homeland Fatherland Motherland! We must have Official Beauty! We must have Group Order of the Highest Holiest Unity! Seek shelter! Blank your minds! Choke off your imagination! Smile! Shop! Go into continuous federal meditation on the Loveliness of Universal Consent! Bombard this Satanic Demon Jones with your best thoughts! Wipe him out!”

But it was too late.

The machinery of What Is, as a product of the collectivized mind, was gone.

Storms raged across the land.

During the next 50 years, four thousand separate Republics sprang up in the old America. A rough patchwork quilt, they instituted their own widely varied forms of experimental government.

Rebel Jones’ work was done. He built a cattle ranch in the former Nevada, and his herd grazed in the former National Park #567-A.

The federal government of the United States eventually announced bankruptcy and sold itself to a liquor store in Cincinnati for $859.34.

Two million ex-federal employees went to work for a traveling circus called Monsanto, which staged comedies consisting of incomprehensible debates on something called “genetic science.” Actors dressed in mice and monkey costumes gibbered and squeaked at each other in shows of mindless buffoonery.

Monsanto, too, went broke, and devolved into bands of nomads who took to wandering in Western deserts, where they herded and organized trillions of grains of sand into simple geometric shapes, which they called Sacred Bullets of Cosmic Togetherness.

In their midst, descendants of the Clinton Bush Obama clan developed a method of subtraction in which 6 taken from 10 required 789 steps to arrive at 4. Or 5. This method was written into a Scripture for an emerging Church of the Stained Dress.

Rumors spread: The Church instituted a ritual requiring sex with cactuses.

The vaunted network, NBC, struggling to survive, took its program, Saturday Night Dead as a Doornail, and ran it every evening in place of the news. Almost no one watched.

General Rex L Cram assembled an army dedicated to “enforcing purity of thought.” His troops were defeated at the famous Battle of Hoboken. An opposing rag-tag battalion of locals led Cram’s soldiers into a swamp once occupied by Rumsfeld Pharma, where beds of Aspartame and Prozac continued to fester. Brain damage set in within minutes.

Rough, uneven, chaotic, a different kind of New Age was underway.

But today, if you were to travel to Boston, for example, you would see an astounding series of works of art which have become self-sufficient towns and villages, possessing innovative energy sources and what are called “open, asymmetrical centers of reality-invention.”

You have to see it to believe it. Genuine liberty expresses itself in many ways. In the process, old conditioning, which clings to rigid forms, calling them Freedom, peels away like ancient propaganda posters. Layers and layers of them disappear in the fragrant air…

New life. New space. New time.

The empire of the false unity crashes into the sea.

Which is what happened to Washington DC. It finally rotted like an old tree, leaned, and fell into the Potomac. Underwater, its leaders continued to babble, unaware they were drowning. Right up to the last minute, they were passing new laws and framing new regulations and exhorting the population to join as one in some incomprehensible cheese-melt of the mind.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at  NoMoreFakeNews.com.



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PressTV: Profit from prisoners: How UNICOR capitalizes on inmate labor

An inmate sews pieces of a Maryland flag together for the Maryland Correctional Enterprises in Jessup, Md. (File photo)An inmate sews pieces of a Maryland flag together for the Maryland Correctional Enterprises in Jessup, Md. (File photo)

Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:43AM GMT

By Yuram Abdullah Weiler

Related Interviews:

“Although incarcerated, federal inmates feel a sense of patriotism and have continually contributed to our successful war efforts.”
—Federal Prison Industries (FPI)

Operating under the trade name of UNICOR with over 100 factories at 75 locations across the continental United States, Federal Prison Industries (FPI) produces a wide range of market-priced goods and services to the US Federal government and the private sector.

From manufacturing office furniture to recycling electronics, FPI operations even include a one-stop shopping call center staffed by inmates to speed processing of orders. Boasting ISO 9001:2000 certification and Lean Six Sigma processes in its factories, the FPI even makes helmets for the US military, using convict labor earning from $0.23 per hour up to a maximum of $1.15 per hour.

With a diversity of products and services from ADP (automatic data processing) and telecommunications services to XML (extensible markup language) tagging, the FPI is a huge government-run corporate entity, which not only sells to civilian federal agencies, but also to the US military.

Originally created in 1935 during the Great Depression under US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the FPI was the brainchild of Bureau of Prisons Director Sanford Bates, who conceived of the idea as a way to abate growing prison unrest, which he attributed to inmate idleness. Products manufactured, which included cotton duck cloth, shoes, brooms and brushes, were exclusively sold to the US government.

The FPI flourished and by 1937, in spite of the depression, the federally-owned enterprise boasted profits of $570,000.00, which is approximately $9.5 million in 2014 dollars. By the time of the Second World War, the FPI was operating 25 factories and producing over 70 products.  By 1941, FPI factories, with a workforce totaling 18 percent of the prison population, were turning out war material from bomb fins and casings to parachutes and TNT on a 3-shift, around-the-clock basis. Many ex-convicts, who had become skilled in welding, aircraft sheet metal work, shipbuilding and aviation mechanics, were able to find jobs in war industries immediately upon release.

Following WWII, the Korean War generated more sales for the FPI, whose profits reached $29 million (about $260 million in 2014 dollars). Business was so good that the FPI initiated a $5-million expansion program, which resulted in improved production capacity just in time for the US war on Vietnam. By 1974, the FPI had grown so much that it was reorganized into seven industry specific business units: Automated Data Processing; Electronics; Graphics; Metals; Shoe and Brush; Textiles; and Woods and Plastics. The FPI’s focus shifted to marketing and in 1977, the government-owned entity inaugurated the UNICOR trade name and introduced new product lines in stainless steel, thermoplastics, printed circuits, modular furniture, Kevlar-reinforced items such as military helmets, and optics. By 2001, UNICOR sales of goods and services to the US Department of Defense (DOD) had climbed to $388 million.

In short, the FPI’s revenue depends heavily on sales to the US military machine. From aircraft cable and harness assemblies through helmets and night vision equipment to vests and body armor, which incidentally can be purchased on line, the FPI under its UNICOR trade name supplies a variety of military hardware and services for US imperial forces worldwide, all done by competitively-priced convict labor, who by the way must use at least 50 percent of their wages to pay court-ordered financial obligations.

Except for the US military and the CIA, all US federal agencies, unless granted a waiver by the FPI itself, are required to purchase from the FPI, provided that it can deliver the product or service in a timely manner at a competitive price. Helmets used by US troops in combat situations are among the items on the mandatory procurement list.

“You can trust us to do the right thing. As a Department of Justice component, UNICOR adheres to a strict code of ethics and incorporates only the highest standards of business practices,” UNICOR assures prospective customers on its website.

Regrettably, this did not turn out to be the case with 44,000 advanced combat helmets, which were part of a 600,000 item contract that fell under mandatory procurement. In 2007, the DoD awarded the contract, which represented one half of the US Army’s helmet requirements, on a non-competitive basis to ArmorSource LLC, which subcontracted to the FPI pursuant to a provision in US government procurement regulations. In addition, the FPI received another contract from the US Marine Corps for 100,000 lightweight helmets, which represented all of that service’s needs. Unfortunately, the helmets produced by the FPI failed to pass first article quality assurance inspections, but not before 44,000 of the defective headgear was issued to US troops stationed in Afghanistan.

The expansion of the FPI over the years is a result of the growth of US federal prison populations, which have increased almost sevenfold from 1980 to 2005. Since federal law requires offenders in prison to work, the FPI has capitalized on this situation by expanding to accommodate the burgeoning inmate numbers.

While some research indicates lower recidivism rates among ex-convicts who participated in FPI prison industry programs, the stark reality is that nearly half of those incarcerated return to prison within a year of being released. The net result of this alarming statistic is that the FPI has an almost guaranteed supply of slave-like workers at its disposal, giving it a huge competitive edge over virtually all small businesses when competing for the US government’s business. Nevertheless, the FPI insists that part of its mission, besides “keeping inmates constructively occupied” is to “minimize FPI’s impact on private business and labor.”

Even members of the extended DoD family have long complained about the FPI’s poor-quality products, higher prices and chronically late deliveries. Testifying in 1996 before the US House of Representatives, National Security Committee, Master Chief Petty Officer John Hagan, the most senior non-commissioned officer in the US Navy, stated, “UNICOR’s product is inferior, costs more and takes longer to procure. UNICOR has, in my opinion, exploited their special status instead of making changes which would make them more efficient.”

In a letter to Representative Van Hilleary (R-Tenn), deputy commander of the Defense Logistics Agency Defense Personnel Support Center George Allen wrote in May 1996 that UNICOR’s prices averaged 13 percent higher than those of private sector firms.

Besides gouging the DoD and endangering US troops with defective goods, the FPI is exposing its own inmate workers to toxic chemical waste as a result of working in its electronic recycling facilities.

In March 2005, Leroy Smith, a prison safety manager at a UNICOR electronic equipment recycling facility, blew the whistle on the laxity of the government-owned corporation’s e-waste policies and procedures, which were resulting in the daily exposure of inmates to toxic materials.  Referring to UNICOR’s recycling plants as “toxic sweatshops,” a 2006 report by the Center for Environmental Health quoted US Special Counsel Scott Bloch as saying that “workers and inmates were exposed to hazardous materials without protection… and the Bureau of Prisons and Federal Prison Industries did nothing to stop it, and indeed frustrated attempts to investigate the matter…”

The report charges that “UNICOR facilities repeatedly failed to provide proper recycling procedures to captive laborers and staff supervisors.”

The late Chief Justice Warren E. Burger said, “It makes no sense to put people in prison and not train them to do something constructive.” While agreeing in principle with his statement, I would disagree that the use of convicts to produce war material for the world’s most destructive military power, or exposing them to daily doses of toxic chemicals is “something constructive.”

Rather than build bombs or body armor for the DoD, it would be far better to employ these offenders in local communities on much-needed infrastructure and environmental projects. That would be truly constructive, not only for the individuals, but also for the society as a whole.


Yuram Abdullah Weiler is a freelance writer and political critic who has written dozens of articles on the Middle East and US policy. A former engineer with a background in mathematics and a convert to Islam, he currently writes perspectives on Islam, social justice, economics and politics from the viewpoint of an American convert to Shia Islam, focusing on the deleterious role played by the US in the Middle East and elsewhere. A dissenting voice from the “Belly of the Beast”, he lives with his wife in Denver, Colorado.
More articles by Yuram Abdullah Weiler


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PressTV: US judge questions Guantanamo detention

Tue Apr 22, 2014 5:4AM GMT

A US Supreme Court judge raised questions Monday about the government’s authority to detain “terrorism suspects” in US-run Guantanamo prison.

Progressive Justice Stephen Breyer issued a statement in which he outlined several areas that the court has yet to address concerning the government’s detention authority.

The court has not made any decision on whether the US military could detain someone, who was not “engaged in an armed conflict against the United States’ in Afghanistan prior to his capture,” even if that person was a member of al-Qaeda or the Taliban, Breyer stated.

Even if such detention was allowed, he said, the court also had not decided whether the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), passed in September 2001 following the 9/11 attacks, or the Constitution “limits the duration of detention.”

The 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force allows the US president to detain so-called enemy combatants.

The Supreme Court approved in 2004 that the AUMF was constitutional and permitted the president to hold “enemy combatants” if the person “was part of or supporting forces hostile to the United States or coalition partners in Afghanistan and who engaged in an armed conflict against the United States there.”

But Breyer’s statement put into question such authority offering a glimmer of hope to those prisoners who have been held for years.

Over 150 men are being held in the Guantanamo detention center in Cuba. Most of the detainees have not been charged or tried yet.

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Huffington Post Uncritically Trumpets Obama-Republican Big Lie About the Syrian War

Posted on 
by WashingtonsBlog
By Eric Zuesse

On April 20th, Sabrina Siddiqui headlined at Huffington Post, “Bob Corker: ‘Assad Was Wise’ To Kill 1,200 With Chemical Weapons And ‘Embarrass’ The U.S.” She didn’t challenge the veracity of the Obama Administration’s (and Republican Senator Corker’s) charge that the sarin gas attack came from Assad’s forces instead of from jihadist rebels who were trying to oust Assad. But, evil though Assad is, that charge against him is a lie, which was definitively nailed down as such, by Seymour Hersh, on April 4th headlining at the London Review of Books“The Red Line and the Rat Line: Seymour Hersh on Obama, Erdogan, and the Syrian Rebels.” The gas attack was perpetrated by Turkish Prime Minister Recip Erdogan’s allies the jihadist al-Nusra rebels, who are allied in Syria with Al Qaeda, against Assad.

Earlier reports that had raised questions about Obama’s lies on this matter were “George Washington” headlining 17 January 2014 at his blog, “Weapons Inspectors: Syrian Chemical Weapons Fired from Rebel-Held Territory”; Robert Parry at Consortium News on 23 December 2013, headlining, “UN Investigator Undercuts NYT on Syria”; and, even earlier, Matthew Schofield at McClatchy Newspapers on 21 August 2013, headlining, “New Analysis of Rocket Used in Syria Chemical Attack Undercuts U.S. Claims.” The U.S. major “news” media have played along with the Obama lies on this (as on some other matters), just as they did with George W. Bush’s lies about “Saddam’s WMD” that didn’t even exist, and that hadn’t existed since 1998 when they were all destroyed (as I documented in my 2004 book, Iraq War: The Truth).

Actually, Michael Calderone at HuffPo had headlined on 8 December 2013, “New Yorker, Washington Post Passed On [i.e. Rejected] Seymour Hersh Syria Report.” So, HuffPo had itself reported the major media’s complicity with Obama’s now-dubious claim, before HuffPo resumed spreading that lie on April 20th, even weeks after Hersh had finally nailed it down. However, back at that time, in December, the Hersh charge hadn’t yet been nailed down. It was first reported by Hersh on 8 December 2013, also in LRB, under the headline “Whose Sarin?” But then it was only a question, not yet an answer.

Not until Hersh’s subsequent 4 April 2014 report, “The Red Line and the Rat Line,” was it actually nailed down, as an Obama-Republican lie.

The performance of the U.S. news-media regarding the Obama Administration’s lie concerning this matter is no better than was their performance in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. And, similarly, the U.S. major “news” (or propaganda) media are carrying water for the Administration on Ukraine. (For that issue, see the links ending this article.)


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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