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  1. gear13 says:

    Thanks for sharing the news, here is a good video to share.

  2. Terry Mapleson says:

    Jean, thank you so much for all your work and great info.
    My thoughts – since you asked 🙂 – about whether Soros may be funding DAPL … I do suspect that’s entirely possible, because it’s been so clear, for a long time, that a HUGE amount of money has been poured into making all the slick videos, keeping it in the public’s awareness, etc. I don’t know WHY, but it’s just clear that someone is badly misusing the Native Americans as well as all the well-meaning protesters… and man, would I insist on transparency from any organization – especially one that looks slick – who’s soliciting charitible contributions.

    All I can think is, it’s some form of oligarch-against-oligarch, which seems to be happening more these days, which is a good sign – it means they’re desperate.

    Also, can I just cast my vote against Sorcha Faal, distributing that propaganda. It’s not worth it, IMO. Most propaganda does tell some truth with all their lies, that that one’s just wack!

    Thanks for listening

    • Jean says:

      Terry, thak you! Maybe tonight they will let my responses out . . . today was a no-go:) I agree with you totally. I’m also beginning to get a handle on Trump, and I have to keep myself removed from his energy, which is basically all-over-the-place, and whatever he says has a lot of drama added to it. He says whatever comes into his head, but then changes his mind as the wind changes. I’m going to watch a bit more, and report mostly his final decisions. . .

      Okay, back to your comment: I agree with you. I took a look elsewhere on this site, and they lie by omission. . . Shameful! Look elsewhere on this site, and it’s all done so very subtly! Robert Kennedy would lie . . . so now we have to wait and see how Trump follows through . . . Whether he does or not, though, I think he’s blown the lid off the lies about vaccines. We don’t need them, period! We don’t need them improved, or given as a smaller ‘cocktail’, we simply don’t need them. Thank you so much for taking time to respond. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. maja says:

    Hello dear Jean, just wanted to share this incredibly “in your face,” succinct evidence about the vatican…

    Wishing you to be continuously and constantly permeated by love and light, always…

  4. maja says:

    interesting… “large wave of energy hitting earth right now” – dutchsinse

  5. maja says:

    Here is quite a gem in my view. Please listen to these wise words from Sheikh Imran Hosein – a scholar of Islam, and an exceptional human being. (I am not Muslim by the way, I come from an orthodox christian background.) Such a powerful message of clarity for humanity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0DJ-tbLPvc

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Maja. My experiences with mostly Muslim women have all been very positive. I’ve never believed this was anything ut divide and conquer! Hugs, ~Jean

  6. maja says:

    Hello Jean, it is so good to have you back! Your input is sooooo valuable in these times. I am happy to hear you are feeling better. Here is a video David Icke shared today (not his) that carries a very powerful and helpful message valuable for all of us on dealing with the negativity input overwhelm… Love

    • Jean says:

      Maja, this video was very helpful to me – and I hope others will find it so. ! Thank you so much . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • maja says:

        I’m happy it was helpul. Just to let you know I’m not getting notifications. I only saw your response now that I came on here to share something else… 🙂 Love

  7. maja says:

    Let’s all meditate to slow and calm the seas off the coast of Japan ❤

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Maja! I wish I could cover all these stories, but at the moment I’m not able to . . . your input and caring are important! Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Debbie says:

    All I can say here is WOW!!!
    Jean – I hope you will find the time to read this – it really is AMAZING INFORMATION – Finally
    This is what we are doing here on your site – looking through the crack…getting ready to push the wall down…..


  9. Debbie says:

    This is a must read, as Ron Paul has warned the USG is moving towards a National ID that you will need get a job, get on a plane or do just about anything…as Ron Paul said recently this is an idea that Congress is moving towards law right now and it must be stopped…………


  10. Debbie says:

    The Bush-Nazi-Zionist mafia has been central in the destruction of America and to a large extent the destruction of the world….there is a huge body of evidence placing GH Bush at the center of murdering JFK and GW Bush & friends at the center of the 9/11 attack…..it is astounding how with the zionist controlled mainstream media and corrupted government that these crimes go unprosecuted and unpunished despite the fact that they brought down the once greatest country on earth. We cannot get justice here because of their control but perhaps if every other major country would put them on trial we can finally unravel it for the brainwashed, drugged zombies here in the USA….
    here we find Germany filing war crimes charges:


    and here is the definitive evidence of GH Bush being central to the JFK killing…..and they want to give us Jeb for 2016………..really? When does this evil Bush-Nazi-Zionist empire end?

  11. Debbie says:

    If you’ve read the Wes Penre papers this will make perfect sense, if you are unfamiliar with that white light in a tunnel you see when you die being a trap back into slavery – well think about how badly do you really want to be a slave yet again on earth? Hopefully there will come a time when this trap no longer exists, but until then something to think about. How to set your soul free when you die :


    • Jean says:

      My understanding is that if we die in full consciousness, we can set ourselves free 🙂 HUgs, ~Jean

      • Debbie says:

        I worry about all the people out there who might fall for that go towards the white light and be greeted by love ones, which is another holographic lie that is being pushed by AIF….we see this story being perpetuated in books and movies and articles…all the typical sources of brainwashing…when really unless you want to be thrown back into this prison planet of insanity matrix we need to escape it…..

        • Jean says:

          Debbie, eventually we will all return to God. It is our personal choice as to how and when 🙂 People must walk their own walk and create their own path, and they need to be allowed to do so. The best we can do is shine our light . . . we cannot even force them to read information – if they choose not to. Hugs, ~Jean

  12. Debbie says:

    The same old insane Washington DC criminals are insisting on WAR, WAR and more war – carrying the banner for destruction, death is the same old crowd in our rotted to the core USG….will the sane people of this world finally stop them? Please dear God, help us stop the psychopaths running the USG:


  13. Debbie says:

    Europe puts breaks on Obama’s rush to war with Russia – I hope this is part of a world-wide recognition that USG foreign policy is INSANE…and the cause of MOST ALL OF THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS:


  14. Debbie says:

    Jean I have never in my life wanted someone to be right as mush as I do James Preston in this March 6, article “Send In The Clowns”…………Bibi is done, oh, I hope, I hope, I hope this is true!


    • Jean says:

      Thanks, I published this. . . There are a lot of posts about Bibi today – we need to make them viral . . . and maybe we can affect the election! Hugs, ~Jean

  15. hannacora says:

    CIA to be restructured to “cover entire universe”: Director
    The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is planning to create new units in a series of reorganizations, aiming to “cover the entire universe” amid modern threats and crises, CIA Director John Brennan said Friday.
    Briefing reporters at CIA headquarters earlier this week, Brennan said officers will be reassigned to 10 newly created ” mission centers,” a move to concentrate the agency’s focus on specific challenges or geographic areas

  16. Debbie says:

    If only we all were ready to call BS on these international laws that are forced upon us and instead demand the freedom that is meant to be ours! Great movie here – I only was able to watch some of it today but will finish it tomorrow for sure.!

  17. gear13 says:

    Gordon Duff – Syria Terror Conference – The Truth…: http://youtu.be/5961oIWqb24

    More truth around the world bringing awareness to the people

  18. Debbie says:

    This from Jim Stone Freelance website……….so now I guess everyone in the world but stupid apathetic Americans (and I hope they are not in the majority anymore) – now know America and Israel are running ISIS……….how much more will the world put up with our government of thieves, liars, deceivers?

    Three days after Iran entered Iraq, Isis leadership BUSTED

    You got that right! Three days ago, Iran entered Iraq with 60 armored vehicles to “fight ISIS” after being invited to by the Iraqi government, and now FOUR (4) top Isis foreign military advisors have been busted. No reference to Iran actually doing the bust was given, but it is all pretty obvious.
    Anyway, 1 Arab, 2 American military advisors and 1 Mossad agent got nailed in the bust and are now in custody. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA TOLD YOU SO, Read more here and as a final note, Iraq was given credit for the bust, probably for political reasons. Iranians are not stupid. – Jim Stone

  19. hannacora says:

    Again I see extremes and no middle ground. When did moderation go?
    Jean, I listened to the whole sermon and honestly the chaplain was absolutely not controversial and not dogmatic. All he wanted was to start a conversation on this topic. I don’t understand, it is a Christian/Evangelical University: MidAmerica Nazarene University’s (MNU).
    Christian Chaplain Fired for Preaching Compassion and Love Over Violence of American Sniper

    Is it that the Marxists have such a great influence on an evangelical university and that now the government is supreme?? I am watching because I know that Canada is about 10 years behind the US. Harper is the equivalent to G.W. Bush. And lately some of our polls put Trudeau ahead of Harper…Well, Trudeau has been called the Northern Obama and I do see similar traits.
    Limited experience, very establishment (Mr. Agenda 21) and with no definitive format will be a yes man to whatever is convenient that day.

    That chaplain did not deserve to be fired.
    Many in the MNU community are wondering if Beckum was “punished” for his pro-peace sermon, and the timing of his dismissal as VP of the community foundation seems to validate those concerns. “Even the people that were frustrated with what (Beckum) had to say in chapel, or wanted to challenge it, were confused and almost offended by the demotion,” said Kristi Rose Jackson, who was elected to be student body president.
    —Sadly, it appears that MNU may have given into the furor and decided that a Christian clergyman preaching the peace the founder of the faith stood for is simply too controversial for their campus. for his pro-peace.
    Blessings! Johanna

  20. hannacora says:

    I know I am ancient because I remember the following doctor’s advice:
    But then, something happened in the late 1980’s: Pharma discovered that health fears and even hypochondria sell drugs and as early as the 1990, there seems to be no end to the new diseases, symptoms and risks people need to worry about. Selling symptoms has been a gold mine for Big Pharma since it started advertising directly to the consumer almost in the late 1990s. FEAR became an excellent marketing tool.

    —There seem to be no middle ground and only extremes:
    1) it is either all in your head, or 2) your symptoms could be related to several illnesses (and the list goes on…). Ancient I am because I clearly remember explaining to a specialist the symptoms of an infection and all I received for answer was the 2 aspirins advice. A few days later after he took a good look at me he actually apologized. It took this doctor several months to find a way to get rid of the infection. And only a fluke solution cured the problem. What I had was not in his textbooks and he had never encountered anything like this in his clinic.
    —There was another instance where I got really mad at my GP. I had been experiencing a sore throat for months and I feared strep throat. When the analysis came back the doctor told me that unfortunately she could not give me any pills, etc because the lab test came back with nothing. I did not want any pills, I just wanted to know why I had a sore throat.
    In both cases I was much younger and was not on any medication. Today I will go to the doctor only as the last resort.
    You just cannot win when the medical cast believe they are god.
    Does anyone else remember the 2 aspirins advice?

    Blessings! Johanna

  21. hannacora says:


    Putin Slashes 10% off His Own Salary
    The president has also cut the salaries of the prime minister, prosecutor general, head of Investigative Committee, Cabinet members and Kremlin officials

  22. hannacora says:

    Speaking of more restrictive laws in Canada…it will only get more restrictive as the new laws become effective. Chances of going to prison for not being politically correct are much greater in Canada than in the US”. After all we are the Zionist best friend in the whole wide world.
    Who knows this Canadian may have had his medical history on his cell phone?? Would we allow anyone to walk in our home and let them check out our personal files anytime??

    Canadian faces $20k fine, jail time for refusing to unlock phone during airport check
    Philippon told local media he would fight the charges, saying that he refused to provide the password because his smartphone data is“personal.”
    Philippon’s case may make him the first person in Canada to test the depth and the scope of the applicable law. “This is a question that has not been litigated in Canada, whether they can actually demand you to hand over your password to allow them to unlock the device,” Rob Currie, director of the Law and Technology Institute at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University told CBC.
    “[It’s] one thing for them to inspect it, another thing for them to compel you to help them,” Currie added.

  23. hannacora says:

    Jean, the world needs to know!
    So disappointed to see Canada involved. It is much more difficult to know what is truly going on in Canada due (1) to more restrictive laws, and (2) a much more closed society than in the US.
    The dynamics are very different than in the US.

    Obama failed his coup in Venezuela, Thierry Meyssan
    —To justify the coup, the White House had encouraged large Venezuelan companies to warehouse rather than distribute essential commodities. The idea was to cause queues at the shops, and to infiltrate agents into the crowd to cause riots. In reality, though there had been supply problems in January-February and queues in front of stores, never did Venezuelans attack shops.
    —In addition, the United States always seeks allies to outsource parts of the coup, in this case at least Germany (responsible for the protection of NATO nationals during the coup), Canada (responsible for controlling the civilian international airport in Caracas), Israel (responsible for the assassination of Chavez personalities) and the UK (in charge of the propaganda coup).
    —Some senior officers, active or retired, had registered in advance a message to the nation in which they announced the takeover of power in order to restore order.
    —By tracking these conspirators, Military Intelligence discovered “Operation Jericho”. On the night of February 11, the main leaders of the plot and a Mossad agent were arrested and aviation security was enhanced. Others were rounded up on the 12th. On the 20th, confessions obtained permitted the arrest of an accomplice, the mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma.
    —President Nicolas Maduro immediately intervened on television to denounce the conspirators.

  24. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:

    A doctor proved that every dose of vaccine causes harm. He died “unexpectedly” at age 49.

  25. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:

    Title of article about forced vaccinations “Getting Chipped Soon?”

  26. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:

    IMHO, this is another formulaic “create a problem” then “offer a solution” ruse of the cabal and is simply a way for chipping the population under the guise of disease prevention.
    look it up…

    Inline image 1
    Inline image 2
    Inline image 3
    Inline image 5
    Inline image 4

    I received the email below from a friend and thought it important to share with you. While the mainstream media has portrayed those opposed to mandatory vaccination as misguided “anti-vaxers,” the truth is, even the US Dept of Health and Human Services lists a litany of known injuries from a wide variety of vaccines in their “vaccine injury table” (see links below) and despite many laws banning litigation against drug companies, there is still a brisk business for medical malpractice attorneys suing drug companies for huge sums over a large variety of vaccine injuries. Here is but one example of such class actions:


    So please read the info below and take action, it may save you or your family from serious harm.

    Many thanks,

    K R

    Government Enforced Vaccines for all Adults Proposed
    by US Dept of Health and Human Services

    March 9th is the cutoff date for when mandatory vaccines could become a terrifying reality. Our ability to work, play, rent a home or apartment and obtain the necessities of life are threatened to be tied to whether or not we accept potentially poisonous vaccines of all kinds. We have just learned that the US Health and Human Services department (HHS) has decided to “protect” us with a new experiment to be conducted on the entire adult population. They have submitted a plan called the five-year National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP), designed to provide HHS with more power to further enforce vaccine compliance on all adults. They are doing this because nearly 50% of the adult population chooses not to get vaccinated in the United States, and most of us know why that is. If this plan should go through it will change life dramatically for everybody. Quite likely our ability to keep our jobs and generally participate in daily life will be tied to whether or not we have been vaccinated. Possibly leaving or entering the country or obtaining health care will not be allowed without your current vaccine record in hand. We can easily see where this is going due to a recent ruling in New York denying a religious exemption for vaccination, (the court pointed to a 1905 Supreme Court decision (197 U.S. 11 (1905) JACOBSON v MASSACHUSETTS) which decided that a law mandating vaccination was NOT unconstitutional, effectively setting a precedent to disallow religious based vaccine exemptions in all states.

    What Can You Do?

    Please sign the petition here:


    Please also take a few minutes to tell HHS that you vehemently oppose the National Adult Immunization Plan because it has the potential to infringe upon your basic human rights. Here is a sample letter of opposition/comments that you can send to HHS Senior Advisor Rebecca Fish at Rebecca.Fish@hhs.gov:


    Important links for reference:

    Draft of the 5-year plan to vaccinate adults (National Adult Immunization Plan):


    Pay close attention to some of the sneaky wording in the plan.

    Federal register website soliciting comments and input from the “stakeholders” about the new 5 year plan. “Stakeholders” includes, (but is not limited to) government agencies, and big pharma, who make the vaccines and stand to profit outrageously from vaccinating every person in the country multiple times.


    For more information on the dangers of vaccines, see:

    US HHS Vaccine Injury Table

    National Vaccine Information Center

    or Google “vaccine injuries.”

    Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions as we are a passionate and peaceful group working to reclaim our freedom from the corrupt, corporate run government:

    Dr. Christina Winsey and Rebecca Cope
    Adventures into Sovereignty

    We are also on the committee designated to support the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ). The ITNJ was established to lawfully bring to justice, corporate structures such as the pharmaceutical companies and the corporations masquerading as our governments for crimes against humanity. http://www.itnj.org

    Thank you for your support at this most critical time.

    • Betsy Carlson says:

      Jean, I am so happy you’re back. I REALLY missed you. Will be following, with enthusiasm. Best wishes on every level. Betsy

  27. Debbie says:

    Isis armed and funded by USG:

  28. Debbie says:


    Sobering words from Jim Stone freelance blog this morning….if this came from anyone else I might be more doubtful but Jim as a track record of never making statements that aren’t well supported and stand the test of time……..Jim believes that Netanyahu speech was actually the lead off into WWlll, he has reason to believe that Obama, Biden, & Kerry being absent from meeting with him was actually to protect themselves from the blowback when Netanyahu kicks off this war (now or at least soon), and America is fully drawn into it…..Jim thinks Netanyahu has nothing to lose at this point and will go for broke – meaning bomb Iran.
    Also noteworthy is infowars is carrying a story this morning of Rothschild telling his investors how unstable the world is right now………….and of course he should know.
    Sadly, this may be it…..the big war that has been planned by the Rothschild Zionists for so long.
    And lastly, I want to mention to you that Jim is preparing for a new website that will come out of Iceland since he believes that the FCC ruling was done in order for the Rothschild Zionist controlled USG to put a stop to alternative websites that might spread truth…..obviously they plan to control the spin on WWlll.
    This is all so very depressing…………….

  29. hannacora says:

    Jean, this is not good!! How much longer will Russia hold Back??
    Despite Russian Warnings, US Will Deploy a Battalion to Ukraine by the End of the Week

    • Jean says:

      I think they will hold back as long as they can . . . so it will look very bad, I’m thinking. It is essential that they get a solid foundation under the situation with the BRICS. For what it is worth, that is my thinking. Carl Bourdreau’s monthly astrology is worth a read in this regard . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Debbie says:

      I think the world stage is indeed being set for WWlll………it is likely happening right now. This really and truly is the saddest situation – how do you prepare for the bloodbath that Netanyahu/Obama/NATO has planned for everyone? A human sacrifice so large that it will thrill satan no doubt…..

  30. Debbie says:

    Important VACCINE FACT SHEET…..every parent should have a copy of this!


  31. Debbie says:

    here is the most comprehensive long term study on ASPARTAME – there is no longer doubt this is a bioweapon unleashed on a trusting public who once believed the government was there to protect us from just this sort of harm, we know differently now far from offering any protection our government is cahoots …………..please, if you know anyone still consuming this poison – PLEASE email them this link………we can’t get protection from the huge USG agencies – we can only turn the tide on these murderers by refusing to spend our money on their death-by-diet products:

  32. Debbie says:

    Must read – the break down of CRAZY Netanyahu’s speech to Congress…..any Congressman applauding this ridiculous speech needs to be flushed from office:


  33. Debbie says:

    Americans are mostly clueless to the extent the USG/Elite want us injured and dying THEY MUST BE STOPPED- here is a well documented article on Aerial Vaccines & nanoTechnology delivery systems:


  34. Debbie says:

    More on vaccines – Merck is using aborted fetal cells in their vaccines – it’s been explained to me that using human cells will cause the body to attack it’s own brain – this is why you see so much Autism now and no doubt all other rises in autoimmune diseases..others add to that that the satan worshippers use this as the “mark of the beast” infecting humans with a human sacrifice……………whatever the reason you can be sure it’s another good reason to refuse vaccinations:

  35. Debbie says:

    Just in case anyone had any doubts that USG (under total Rothschild Israeli control) would cave in to whatever Bibi the rabid dog wants – here was the plan since 2009 laid out to perfection including Obama pretending to be against Israel at this point…it is all theater for the ignorant masses:


  36. hannacora says:

    What are the Brits thinking???

    *****‘Jihadi John’ was able to join IS for one simple reason: from Quilliam to al-Muhajiroun, Britain’s loudest extremists have been GROOMED BY THE SECURITY SERVICES*****
    —A few years ago, BBC Newsnight proudly hosted a “debate” between Maajid Nawaz, director of counter-extremism think-tank, the Quilliam Foundation, and Anjem Choudary, head of the banned Islamist group formerly known as al-Muhajiroun, which has, since its proscription, repeatedly reincarnated itself. One of its more well-known recent incarnations was “Islam4UK”.
    —Both Nawaz and Choudary have received huge mainstream media attention, generating press headlines, and contributing to major TV news and current affairs shows.
    *****But unbeknown to most, they have one thing in common: Britain’s security services. And believe it or not, that bizarre fact explains why the Islamic State’s (IS) celebrity beheader, former west Londoner Mohammed Emwazi – aka “Jihadi John” – got to where he is now.*****

  37. Debbie says:

    Warren Buffet is Rothschild front man in USA (no wonder he and Gates are thick as thieves), so how did Buffet make all his money? Interesting story here:


  38. hannacora says:

    Nobody will notice…we are exceptionnal!! and President Obama said to add “Yes We Can”.
    Iraq’s Popular Forces Release Photo of Downed US Chopper Carrying Arms for ISIL
    TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi popular forces who shot down a US helicopter carrying weapons for the ISIL forces in Al-Baqdadi region released the photos of the shot down chopper through the Internet…helicopters of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition were dropping weapons and foodstuff for the ISIL terrorists in the Southern parts of Tikrit.

  39. Tracy says:

    $4 Million In Gold Bars Stolen In 11th Largest Heist In History, by Tyler Durden ~

  40. hannacora says:

    The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’
    –Exclusive: Secret interrogation facility reveals aspects of war on terror in US
    ‘–They disappeared us’: protester details 17-hour shackling without basic rights
    –Accounts describe police brutality, missing 15-year-old and one man’s death
    –Latest: Follow the Guardian’s investigation into Chicago’s Homan Square

    • hannacora says:

      “It’s sort of an open secret among attorneys that regularly make police station visits, this place – if you can’t find a client in the system, odds are they’re there,” said Chicago lawyer Julia Bartmes.

      The above statement reminds me of living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the early 70’s.
      It was customary for members of our British Compound to search for anyone missing for too many hours 1) Check the Embassies 2) Check the prisons.
      Note: if in a car accident, the foreigner is always guilty BECAUSE without the foreigner’s presence there would have been no accident. (another reason to keep track of colleagues)
      Jeddah in those years was rather primitive: no shopping centres, no street lights or signs, no system for garbage disposal, etc. And in retrospect good in a sense because there was no religious police then. Recently I found a video that shows the Jeddah I knew and discovered that King Faisal 1 was assassinated by a family member set up by the CIA because
      **Faisal was pro-Palestinian. Unlike his successor
      **Abolished slavery
      **promoted religious inclusiveness (after his reign, discrimination based on sect, tribe, region and gender became the order of the day and has remained as such until today.)
      Attempted to
      **ensure that the most radical clerics did not hold society’s most powerful religious posts. He tried to **block extremist clerics from gaining dominion over key religious institutions.
      In conclusion, like they say Wahhabism is an inside job, created by the Saudi clerics and the monarchy and has become increasingly more and more intolerant since the late 60’s and early 70’s. Too bad that King Faisal’s common sense did not prevail.
      Saudi Arabia Under King Faisal 1

      Theme of the report is the contrast between the rapid economic and social progress of Saudi Arabia since Feisal’s succession to the throne in 1964 and the continuing backwardness of the country in most other respects.

  41. hannacora says:

    ***Venezuela imposes mandatory visas for all US citizens, bans for Bush & Cheney
    —“The northern imperial power has entered a dangerous phase of desperation, going to talk to the continent’s governments to announce the overthrow of my government. And I accuse Vice —President Joe Biden of this,” Maduro said.
    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a new mandatory visa requirement for all Americans visiting the country. The leader also called to review and downsize the number of US embassy staff in Caracas. Also, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Republican Congress members Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Robert Menendez, and Marco Rubio will be denied visas into the country. He labeled Bush and Cheney as “terrorists.”

    ***Putin Predicted Washington Would Employ Assassination Tactic Against Russia
    —The Saker provides a one-minute video with translation of Putin explaining two years ago the Russian government’s concern that an overseas entity would use a false flag assassination within Russia in order to create an “involuntary martyr” that the Western media would use to demonize Russia.
    —According to this report by The Saker, the Washington-financed Russian opposition has not, as Washington hoped it would, joined the Western anti-Putin media campaign. Possibly the Washington-financed Russian NGOs have wised up from observing events in Ukraine. In place of “more democracy,” they got a Washington stooge government squandering Ukraine’s last cent on a losing war.
    —The most likely explanation of Boris Nemtsov’s murder is that the CIA decided, as Nemtsov was completely marginalized as an opposition politician with 5% as against Putin’s 85%, that Nemtsov was worth more dead than alive. But the ploy, if that is what it is, has not worked inside Russia.

  42. Debbie says:

    This is very telling and proves just how censored Zionist/CIA controlled media is


  43. Debbie says:

    Jean – Jim Stone is already reporting problems with his website and blaming it on new FCC law – it may happen here as well all other sites not agreeing with the government script…..and your site has been quiet for a while now?

    I am posting a link to a article on chemotherapy as a warning to all mankind….and want to add this comment, my own brother is today on his deathbed after 6 weeks ago being diagnosed with leukemia following a routine blood test. He was actually in pretty good shape and happily living his life until he entered hospital and began chemotherapy torture. He deteriorated quickly, lost every ounce of fat on his frame, lost his hair, the inside of his mouth blistered and he could no longer eat or speak, now he has pneumonia and although only in round 2 of the prescribed 8 round chemotherapy, I doubt he’ll survive much longer. He told his wife that he can’t take much more. I can’t help believing how much better off he would be if he had just accepted the diagnosis and enjoyed whatever time he had left with just pain management should he have ever needed it. When he went in hospital he was fine with no symptoms beyond a dry cough.
    What’s more I can’t help thinking that this will be next after mandatory vaccines, the government will force us to take chemotherapy – as they are already taking children from parents who refuse it for their children. Big Pharma may just be the biggest most brutal threat to our existence at this time:


  44. hannacora says:

    Blessings! Johanna

    What Was the #1 Song the Day You Were Born? And the one When you were conceived??
    Find out what the No. 1 song was on your birthday over at Playback.Fm, and contemplate if there’s some existential correlation between the song and your life.

    Feeling nostalgic?
    Watch all the music videos from 1950. – See more at: http://playback.fm/birthday-song#sthash.rXEJusTw.dpuf

  45. hannacora says:

    Two interesting articles for info-

    ***BERNIE SANDERS Calls Out Media For Not Covering Obama’s Trade Deal
    Adding to the chorus of protest over President Barack Obama’s push for a controversial new trade pact with Asia, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sounded off on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and accused mainstream media of not covering what could be one of the biggest trade agreements in history.

    ***Petition: STOP THE TTP (Bernie Sanders’ website)

    ***What the BRICS plus Germany are really up to? PEPE ESCOBAR

  46. hannacora says:

    Jean, we don’t hear too much of the Chinese viewpoint on Ukraine, so this caught my eye!!
    Blessings! Johanna
    Chinese diplomat tells West to consider Russia’s security concerns over Ukraine
    Qu Xing, China’s ambassador to Belgium: “The “nature and root cause” of the crisis was the “game” between Russia and Western powers, including the United States and the European Union.È
    –He said external intervention by different powers accelerated the crisis and warned that Moscow would feel it was being treated unfairly if the West did not change its approach.
    –“The West should abandon the zero-sum mentality, and take the real security concerns of Russia into consideration,” Qu was quoted as saying.
    –His comments were an unusually public show of understanding from China for the Russian position. China and Russia see eye-to-eye on many international diplomatic issues but Beijing has generally not been so willing to back Russia over Ukraine.
    ***China has also been cautious not to be drawn into the struggle between Russia and the West over Ukraine’s future, not wanting to alienate a key ally.***

  47. Debbie says:

    Here is classic Obama, the American people made it clear they did not want amnesty for another 15 million illegals, a Judge agreed with the people – but Obama ruling as a dictator – his de facto communist rule gives the people and the Judge and our constitution the finger and moves right on with his plans and it is even worse than what we were told……..Obama will designate them refugees and give them free housing, free medical, dental, schools, tutors, free access to everything we Americans actually pay for…but for illegals it is a totally taxpayer paid for entitlement program with benefits many Americans working hard for their money will never experience in this country and he will designate them as a protected class!….I believe this is Nation busting at its absolute worst….
    For Mexicans and South Americans who followed our laws and came here legally it is obvious they should return to their countries and break in illegally and then they too can be rich and part of the protected class….


  48. Tracy says:

    Two articles I found that interrelate:
    1] While the US is totally out of whack, things are actually way worse for the planet as a whole ~
    http://investmentwatchblog.com/while-the-us-is-totally-out-of-whack-things-are-actually-way-worse-for-the-planet-as-a-whole/ (with video with header: There’s Around $223 Trillion In The World. Here’s Who Owns Most Of It.) 3:50 mins — the video is dated 4-3-13 information from video is from 2012 stats > see: http://therules.org/inequality-video-fact-sheet/

    This article leads me to website: http://therules.org/ — these two statements are on the home page:
    “ALL OPPRESSION IS CONNECTED” and “We’re all part of a global story. Each of us, one of seven billion characters, caught in a plot that has put a few in control and keeps a multitude in servitude. This story has a name: capitalism. And it’s held together by an intricate machinery of mega corporations, global elites, worldwide trade regimes, and a totalizing economic & political ideology.”; if you scroll down you will find the second article of “importance” with various links to show the collusion that is currently in the works to both IMO prop up (banking via) failed political states, and shore up the ever evolving “corporate” profit structure that levy’s it’s desires through “legal strategies”, of which the good peoples must suffer the ill effects from, and bear the brunt of financial hardship to pay for same.
    2] TTIP leak: What’s in this 103-page document that they don’t want us to see? dated 2-27-15
    with plenty of good links (esp. the BBC article of official TTIP text links, with .pdf link – including a list of involved nation states in the “secret treaty”.)
    ** Please take the time to inform yourself and share with others. This is the mindset what we’re up against; especially if you remember when in the last Presidential election Mitt Romney said “corporations are people”. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/08/romney-shouted-down-at-fair-corporations-are-people-too-my-friends/
    Thank you all in Peace,

    • Jean says:

      Tracy, I thought I left a comment thanking you for this info, but it seems to have disappeared. The info that is coming in is huge, so I’m going to have to count on my readers to follow comments, as well. I simply can’t keep up with everything, even though I think what you are sharing here is important! HUgs, ~Jean

    • hannacora says:

      Tracy, the article “ALL OPPRESSION IS CONNECTED” peaked my curiosity and went to check them out, I wanted to know who they were, etc.
      And look what I found out:
      —They are in Washington, DC
      —From where does /The Rules get its funding?
      We receive financial support from a variety of sources including through crowdsourcing, the OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION, the New Venture Fund, the Joffe Charitable Trust (UK), and the Wallace Global Fund
      Conclusion: Open Society Foundation is a Soros organization, so discernment is to be exercised. Just like the United Nations, they do accomplish some good, but one has to be very choosy and discern carefully their content.

      • Tracy says:

        To quote from this websites FAQ page:
        “That’s the nature of the debt-based money system we live within. There is no such thing as completely “clean” money in that sense. “; Your point is taken and I try to use discernment and
        my good old intuition when-ever I come across new information. Sometimes it takes more then
        one “read through, or viewing, etc.” to get the context and whether I resonate with what is being stated or shared.
        I would ask you though, Why would this secret TTIP agreement negotiation be leaked via the BBC?
        What do they have to gain by doing this? Could it just be so simple as they have to tell us about their nefarious deeds (then they can say we gave them our tacit consent) if we don’t parade about to say we “Do Not Consent” to this secret global agreement. As a reader commented on another article from today (I can’t remember which one) — he said “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” when someone complained about the source. So sometimes you have to be open to obtaining information from the source, to decipher the truth IMO.
        Thanks & hugs,

        • hannacora says:

          Tracy, I have had to train myself in ways to check resources and suppliers, etc.
          It actually is part of my job. Our radio station RLO broadcasts worldwide.
          First we have to be politically correct, avoid controversy and still say what needs to be said. Second we must be so very careful with all of our associations. What gives us a breather is that our main goal is to foster adult literacy and not current events. Here is the link to RLO for a listen. We are in the process of changing the programming, so very few news reports & interviews. Blessings! Johanna

  49. hannacora says:

    DEATH WHISLE – Aztec Warfare

    Published on Jan 15, 2013
    The Aztec Death Whistle.
    (The sound of a horse stampede at the end of the clip is used to recreate the sound of charging feet)

    Fish Makes Art!!

    Published on Sep 6, 2013
    An underwater cameras shows an unlikely artist, a small Japanese Puffer Fish, using only his flapping fin to tirelessly carve circular ridges in the sand. The Puffer Fish, best known in Japan as a delicacy, albeit a potentially poisonous one — even takes small shells, cracks them, and lines the inner grooves of his sculpture as if decorating his piece. Attracted by the grooves and ridges, female puffer fish find their way along the dark seabed to the male puffer fish where they mate and lay eggs in the center of the circle. In fact, scientists observed that the more ridges the circle contained, the more likely it was that the female would mate with the male. The little sea shells weren’t just in vain either. The observers believe that they serve as vital nutrients to the eggs as they hatch, and to the newborns.
    —What is fascinating is that the fish’s sculpture plays another role. Through experiments, scientists show that the grooves and ridges of the Puffer fish sculpture helps neutralize currents, protecting the eggs from being tossed around and potentially exposing them to predators.

  50. hannacora says:

    Jean, this article fits with the Chicago-FEMA story. Blessings!! Johanna
    CHANGES WE COULD NEVER IMAGINE Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on February 2, 2015
    Fifteen years of Internet and Cell Phones have brought about major unimagined changes for Americans and have made Suppressed Truth widely available for the first time ever.
    —Note by Dr. James: This is a long article and it is suggested that you read the bold printed summaries first and then go back and read any sub-paragraphs you are interested in and have the time. Reading the bold print and the conclusion will provide the basic information contained in this article.

  51. Debbie says:

    Is it possible for anyone to be TOO BRUTAL FOR MOSSAD? Bet you never thought you would see this, but just as Bonehead Boehner and his GOP AIPAC puppets look forward to doing a little Bibi bootlicking this week – the past head of MOSSAD has encouraged Israelis to oust this brutal thug:

  52. Debbie says:

    This is how desperately they want mandatory vaccinations for all the sheep – come on people – time separate you from your souls:


  53. Debbie says:

    I am just ecstatic that apparently no one (well maybe some fluoride heads here in America)….is believing that Putin was responsible for this……..love to see everything backfiring on the West/British :



  54. Pingback: ISIS – The U.S. Corporation | Out Of The Brambles

  55. hannacora says:

    ‘US cultivated, financed ISIS’ – FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds
    Sibel covers the various brands of terror groups starting with the Mujaheddin of Afghanistan, who then became ‘Freedom Fighters’, to the current creation of ISIS.
    —“Since Syrian Kurds have no oil, US sends less aid to them than Iraqi Kurds”.

    Published on Oct 13, 2014
    President Obama admits the rise of Islamic State was never properly addressed by the US intelligence. Vice-President of the States puts all the blame on America’s allies, saying it were they who funded jihadists. Terrorists threaten direct attacks on American soil. Is the U.S. ready to respond with more than just airstrikes? Was it really unaware of the growing threat? And were that the allies that gave a helping hand to the radicalism in Iraq and Syria? To find answers to these questions, Sophie&Co speaks to FBI whistleblower; Sibel Edmonds.

  56. hannacora says:

    A real eye-opener, very, very well done!!
    A MUST SEE!! I give this an A+. Blessings! Johanna

    28min video – Published on Mar 24, 2013
    Over the past decade, the documentary genre has become a bad joke. Fact is no longer a factor. As technology has developed, sights like youtube and vimeo make it possible for anyone to broadcast information, even if the information they express is based on lies. In an academic environment, a paper must have detailed references according to a set of university standards, but in a film, anything goes. The Art of Deception is an explanation of how a documentary is constructed to communicate truth, brainwash the audience and push an agenda.
    —The Art of Deception explains the way the media has become a puppet for the elite. For example, Al gore used his documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, as a puppet to persuade people that climate change is a real problem. The convenience of Gore’s investments is where the truth really lies, and not in his movie (Which is banned in UK schools because of its blatant lies and disrespect for science).
    —The US government used Kony 2012, or the invisible children, as a puppet to invade Uganda after they discovered huge amounts of untapped oil. This is explained in great detail in the documentary.
    —The illuminati (and we don’t mean Jay Z) used Zeitgeist as a puppet to destroy religion and to scare the population about their own existence. Sounds far fetched, right? Perhaps you’ll understand when your viewing is complete.

  57. hannacora says:



    MESSAGES FROM THE PAST – Volume I – Published on Apr 2, 2012
    A full length independent documentary compilation from Vivid Pictures. This is the first volume of a three part series due out this year, consisting of excerpts from freely available information found online . Volume I – Messages from the Past features Graham Hancock, David Wilcock, Terrence McKenna and more, the film focuses on a hidden episode in human history, unlocking the secrets of the Precession of the EquInoxes and its significance….

    THE STRUCTURE OF INFINITY – Volume II – Published on Jul 30, 2012
    The Structure of Infinity takes a more focused look at the fractal nature of the Universe. Through examination of The Mandlebrot set and Fractal Geometry.

    THE LEGACY OF THE ARK – Volume III – Published on Nov 1, 2012
    The final part of the Zero Point Trilogy concludes by examining the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant. What was the Ark? What was its Purpose? anTHE LEGACY OF THE ARKd How did it work?

    THE NATURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS – Conclusion Volume IV – Published on Jul 27, 2013
    Examining scientific discoveries that demonstrate the effect of consciousness on the material world and considering the implications. Did our ancient ancestors understand the true nature of consciousness centuries ago? It is time to venture Beyond the limits of our perceptions and into a realm of infinite information that is the Zero Point field.
    An intensely visual and psychedelic experience; this film may prove difficult for some to watch, however,no-one said the expansion of consciousness would be an easy process….

  58. Debbie says:

    Now that it is quite clear that israel is running ISIS…it’s time to frantically close down the internet of anti semitic – israel haters:

  59. Tracy says:

    Jean & Friends,
    I’ve been perusing the headlines of many a blog this morning, (starting with jean, then blacklist news) and all I can do is shake my head. It seems that we all have the black eyes from all the abuse that has been thrust upon us in just this last week or two & it’s ongoing.
    I think this article sums it up pretty well: “OBAMA killed the pipeline, seized the Internet & cut off your ammo in just ONE WEEK!” ~ http://investmentwatchblog.com/obama-killed-the-pipeline-seized-the-internet-is-cutting-off-your-ammo-in-just-one-week/
    We’re living in a nightmare……..It’s time to wake up now — I DO NOT CONSENT IN ANY TIMELINE IN ANY FORM.
    Peace be in your hearts, ❤

  60. Debbie says:

    LOOK OUT everyone – we are all gonna die…………..at least that is what the Israeli- stasi – DHS would like us all to think because you know if they aren’t funded all the malls will be attacked by “terrorists”….


  61. Debbie says:

    The dark cabal really hate the baby goyims so much that they will stop at nothing to poison them- OUTRAGEOUS attack:

  62. hannacora says:

    They are playing with fire! I doubt Russia will simply watch and do nothing!

    Exclusive: As the Obama administration is rushing to complete a nuclear agreement with Iran and reduce regional tensions, the Israeli media is reporting on a deal with Saudi Arabia to let Israeli warplanes transit Saudi airspace en route to bombing Iran, reports Robert Parry.
    —According to an Israeli media report, Saudi Arabia has agreed to let Israeli warplanes fly over Saudi territory to save fuel while attacking Iranian nuclear sites, the latest indication of how the two former enemies have developed a behind-the-scenes alliance that is reshaping geopolitics in the Middle East.
    —“The Saudi authorities are completely coordinated with Israel on all matters related to Iran,” a European official in Brussels told Israel’s Channel 2 in a report broadcast on Tuesday and described in other Israeli media outlets.

  63. Debbie says:

    Seems all the Rothschild Zionist puppets share the same malady – LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE:


  64. hannacora says:

    This is totally new to me…have never heard about it before.
    My, it looks like so much fun!!
    THE COLOR RUN™ – 2015 Shine Tour

    Published on Dec 11, 2014
    The all-new 2015 Shine Tour is here!
    Join the party at: http://TheColorRun.com

    What Is The Color Run™?
    The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality. Now the single largest event series in the world, The Color Run has exploded since our debut event. We have more than tripled our growth, hosting more than 300 events in 50+ countries in 2014.

    • hannacora says:

      This looks silly but in the end it teaches us principles of leadership
      (Weird but Loveable category)

      Uploaded on Feb 11, 2010 – Official transcript at http://sivers.org/ff
      If you’ve learned a lot about leadership and making a movement, then let’s watch a movement happen, start to finish, in under 3 minutes, and dissect some lessons:

  65. Debbie says:

    Here is a sad but true, concise overview of our situation –


  66. Debbie says:

    Jean – I think you will find this interesting and readers too –


  67. hannacora says:

    Venezuela Coup Timeline: Plotters Paid in US Dollars,
    Planned to Assassinate President and Install De Facto Regime
    Feb 20, 2015
    This story was completely blacked-out in the US media, and it’s no wonder why.
    Last week an attempted coup d’état took place in Venezuela. It is the third failed US-backed coup attempt in the last 25 years.
    It was the latest episode of Washington’s war on democracy in South America.

  68. hannacora says:

    Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS

    Published on Feb 25, 2015
    in this episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by “inaction” by the United States government or by “direct” action.

  69. hannacora says:

    Evil Assad, Evil Gaddafi, Now Evil Putin: How the West Sells War (and Makes a Killing)
    Distraction politics and the economic variables in Ukraine and the parallels with Syria, Libya and Iraq
    As the conflict in Ukraine persists and as peace talks between Putin and western European leaders (Merkel and Hollande) continue, it is important to look at the economic actors/interests that benefit from conflict and regime change in the Ukraine and how this compares to situations like Syria, Libya and Iraq. There are under-reported angles and interests to these conflicts that we hear little about in western mainstream media and that many do not look for because they are too caught up in political or human dramas. For instance, mainstream media spend so much time demonizing a single enemy, be it Putin in the Ukraine situation, Assad in Syria, Gaddafi in Libya or Saddam Hussein in Iraq, etc., that they do not also critically explore how external actors may exploit or bolster such conflicts and situations in order to secure politic-economic motives such as access to oil, making way for destructively conditional IMF loans, or quashing domestic policies that undermine foreign imperial and economic interests.
    —In western media, a dangerously false binary exists; wherein opposition to western imperial and corporate agendas for a particular region equals support for “evil men” like Putin or Gaddafi, for instance. This is part of what I call distraction politics or conflation politics, where opposition to neoliberal and imperial policies—such as

  70. hannacora says:

    I do not share the view that there is no God but I do believe in a Divine Creator,just not the god described by the priesthood of religions. This video is well worth viewing as it sparks us to question some of our views and the cinematography is simply amazing! Blessings!! Johanna

    DEAR BELIEVER: Why do your believe?
    Giving believers and non-believers alike something to think about!

    “Dear Believer, have you ever stopped to consider why you believe what you believe? Have you ever thought about why you chose the religion you chose?

  71. hannacora says:

    Around 15,000 people could be suffering needlessly from thyroid problems because of fluoride in drinking water, the University of Kent has warned
    Fluoride could be causing depression and weight gain and councils should stop adding it to drinking water to prevent tooth decay, scientists have warned.
    A study of 98 per cent of GP practices in England found that high rates of underactive thyroid were 30 per cent more likely in areas of the greatest fluoridation.

    • Jean says:

      This all makes sense, because fluoride makes us apathetic . . . slow . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • Debbie says:

      It just blows my mind that Americans sit by and allow the Satanic Cult running our governments to import this toxic by product from China and poison our drinking water…and why haven’t the black activists latched onto this one – because while most educated people I know take steps to limit their exposure to fluoride through RO, or other means, it is the inner city children – mostly black who continuously exposed this brain damaging, cancer causing agent……….you will never here Michelle Obama or Eric Holder speak out against this………because they are agents for Satan’s Rothschild Zionists who want Americans as dumbed down as possible, disabled and feeble so as not to ever challenge their takeover of the world………..

  72. hannacora says:

    Dogs Can Smell Cancer – Secret Life of Dogs – BBC

    Published on Jan 26, 2014 – Max smelt cancer in Maureen before any medical scans could pick it up. Dogs do this naturally and can be trained to pick up on tiny volatile chemicals given off by cancerous tumors. They can even be taught to alert diabetics to low blood sugar levels.

  73. hannacora says:

    Mexican gangs armed by Eric Holder now use drones to smuggle drugs
    (NaturalNews) Mexico-based drug cartels are using technology to smuggle drugs into the United States, including small drones like one that crashed in a city located along the southwest border in California, authorities said.
    DEA Special Agent Matt Barden: “My greater fear, being an agent, is what a drone means to officer safety. That to me, personally, being a tactical officer, that’s my concern,”

  74. hannacora says:

    THIS IS A VERY SHOCKING ARTICLE…however, I see it as a Major Warning for the health care road ahead of us. Blessings! Johanna

    When MEDICINE becomes MURDER: America’s vaccine narrative now mirrors Nazi eugenics propaganda – Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
    (NaturalNews) With each passing day as vaccine fanaticism spreads like a virus of the mind across the mainstream media, America is marching down the path of genocide and heinous human rights violations in the name of “SCIENCE!”
    —The very arguments used by today’s vaccine pushers to claim that the government should force everyone to be vaccinated against their will closely resemble the eugenics justifications of Nazi Germany.
    —The collection of Nazi propaganda posters you see below has been translated by Natural News in order to show the parallels between Nazi crimes against humanity and today’s fanatical vaccine mandate schemes that are based on very similar moral justification and distorted logic.
    —Today, people like Oregon State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward are marching America down the path of Nazi Germany, using the exact same arguments and attempted moral justifications that were once invoked by Adolf Hitler.
    http://www.naturalnews.com /048735_vaccine_propaganda_Nazi_science_eugenics.html#ixzz3SjRV1Itz

  75. Debbie says:

    Jean – this is getting pretty bad, it looks as if most of the world knows it’s the axis of evil behind ISIS – US/UK/Israel – Iraqis shoot down UK plane delivering supplies to ISIS:

    • hannacora says:

      I also saw this headline today and I agree with you it is getting pretty bad. The whole world knows BUT HOW DO WE GET THIS MESSAGE ACROSS TO THE MSM WITHOUT GETTING THROWN IN JAIL BY OUR GOVERNMENT. How do we stop the lies??

  76. hannacora says:

    Hockey-Loving Dog Shovels Family’s Backyard Ice Rink

    Published on Feb 24, 2015
    A Canadian family’s dog demonstrates his devotion to the national sport by clearing out the family’s backyard ice rink with a shovel.

  77. hannacora says:

    LADA tell us more about herself: her clairvoyant gifts, Chinese culture, etc.
    Blessings! Johanna

    Lada Ray ~ 2015 Chinese New Year and Feng Shui Predictions Special
    Happy Chinese New Year of the Wood Sheep, dear readers! The Chinese new Year started on February 19, 2015. The auspicious New Year celebration period lasts for 15 days.
    ***As we say in Hong Kong, Gong Hei Phat Choi! (Cantonese for Happy New Year!)
    ***Or in Mandarin: Xīn nián kuàilè (meaning, New Year happiness)
    Listen to my very special Chinese New Year interview, packed with lots of fun, useful, and interesting information. In this show, Melodi, the host of the Cat’s Eye on the Future, and I discuss: the Chinese New Year of the Wood Sheep and its meaning; the secrets of the Chinese Zodiac and different Chinese zodiac animal affinities; how to celebrate your Chinese New Year auspiciously, what to wear and how to set your table; the red envelope tradition and what to give as gifts; how to energize your home and how to welcome spring.
    —We also talk about various schools of feng shui and my feng shui practice. For desert, we compare the character of the previous Year of the Wood Horse, with the different energy this new year brings. My Feng Shui Predictions for this year of the Wood Sheep wrap up this very informative and entertaining show, together with some spiritual and personal development advice.
    Listen to this show on YouTube:

  78. Debbie says:

    I guess this explains why you see no protests from college students anymore…after the 1960s protests against the Viet Nam war I guess the Dark Cabal figured they needed to neuter the college students for sure:


  79. Debbie says:

    More on that bust in Texas – looks like the FEDs are really worried about states seceding from the US:


  80. Debbie says:

    You might have seen this …..sadly it seems like there is little else for us to do – I hope it is true but I would imagine Team Obama will make sure any state seceding from US will come under attack by CIA/Mossad terrorists


  81. hannacora says:

    Allô Jean:
    In studying the current posting by Cosmic Convergence on PUTIN, it lead me to this reference. If you think it would be useful to our family-readers, you may want to publish it.
    Endless Blessings! Johanna

    The Latest and Biggest Battle Between East and West Converges in the Ukraine
    The WAR for the Ukraine: What’s the real story?
    Originally posted at StateoftheNation2012.com
    There have been many wars — terrible wars — fought on Planet Earth over the past 100 years. However, the greatest war of them all could literally be around the corner, unless it is stopped by the people of this planet. The epic confrontation in the Ukraine presents the most dangerous and unprecedented conflict between the world’s superpowers since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Truly, this clash between East and West represents an economic, political and religious battleground that will dwarf every other war save WWI and WWII. If the conflict in the Ukraine is not resolved peacefully, it has the potential of evolving into a full blown World War III scenario.
    That may sound like hyperbole until you read what is truly at stake for both sides of this War of the Titans. There is a very serious settling of scores going on with this intensifying skirmish that has multiple roots in history.

  82. hannacora says:

    EXCELLENT OVERVIEW: I was not aware that Norman Finkelstein actually lived in the occupied territories of Israel during the first intifada in 1987 (which lasted 2 years) –
    Discussion covers tortures used by the CIA compared to Israel’s methods.

    Norman Finkelstein: Goldstone report & Netanyahu’s irrational behaviour
    Published on Feb 23, 2015

    Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the recent Israeli attack on Gaza. Norman Finkelstein, author of ‘Method and Madness – The hidden story of Israel’s assaults on Gaza’, says the Goldstone report was ‘devastating’ in its conclusion that Israel was trying to punish and humiliate the citizens of Gaza, and that Israel has a ‘maniac’ for a head of state.

  83. hannacora says:

    May be we could widen our pool of resources in checking into Lada’s recommendations.
    With this suggestion, I am absolutely not diminishing the wonderful wisdom you publish from “THE SAKER”. I really enjoy his writing where we can literally feel genuine emotions and learn from his meticulous reports. Endless Blessings! Johanna

    My recommendations: Top Russian Geopolitical Analysts
    I have received multiple requests to share those Russian analysts and sources that I listen to and recommend in the area of geopolitics and economy. One of the readers who has asked this question is our commenter extraordinaire, Paul. His comment and my initial reply with more info can be found here.
    My recommendations are based on several factors…..

  84. hannacora says:

    ***Vladimir Putin Interview: “I Don’t See the Apocalyptic Scenario Materializing.”
    He doesn’t see materializing the apocalyptic scenario of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine. Volatile statements such as Poroshenko’s promise to get back Crimea at any cost don’t help. Crimean land does and always will belong to Russians, Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, as well as Greeks and Germans – together with the core population, there are Greeks and Germans living in Crimea as well. As to what country Crimea belongs with, the vote to secede and join Russia was the choice of the Crimeans, and such choice must be respected. Russia certainly can’t ignore or disrespect it. “Hopefully, our partners abroad will soon come to respect the people’s choice as well.”

    ***American Mixed Martial Arts Champion Jeff Monson Donates His Winnings to Donbass

    Ahh, and here is something we all want to see more of! I know my hubby, who is a huge martial arts fan, would approve – and so would Vladimir Putin, I’m sure.
    There was once a great American champion boxer and good soul called Muhammad Ali, known for his charity and clarity of mind in the face of the unholy Vietnam War. Now we have the American mixed martial arts champion Jeff Monson, a good soul, who does the right thing.
    Jeff donated winnings from his match against Vladimir Nepochatov as part of the “Oplot-108″ games. By the way, this is Jeff Monson’s Wikipedia page.
    Video (English and Russian):

  85. Debbie says:

    It’s outrageous the amount of money US taxpayers are forced to spend on Israel…imagine if the USG would only spend these kinds of sums on American infrastructure or anything at all that might actually benefit Americans!


  86. Debbie says:

    From Jim Stone freelance:
    The web site got attacked badly over my Rachel video and posting it in reference to Joel, but I know Joel did not do it, the enemy did it, the same enemy that has Joel fooled. They don’t want any coverage of Rachel, and my video just screws it down so tight, well, they hate it. AND, it was going out up to 60 times every five minutes when that was at the top of the page. I know they hated it.

    Anyway, there is a reason why Joel never posted the Fuku report, and it is rose colored glasses. Rose. Red. The commies will win if some people do not take their blinders off.

    This video starts out with Rachel Corrie as a little girl giving a speech about helping and understanding others who were less fortunate around the world, and that she wanted to change the world and help them. After the first segment, it cuts to Rachel in Palestine, living up to her word she gave as a child, helping people in Palestine. It is very stunning to see that she did what she said she would do as a child.

    This video can be saved by right clicking it, and it can be sent in E-mails and re-posted.

    Youtube will not host this video, (as this web site produced it, watered down versions are allowed). Disallowing this entire video in the context it was presented sort of backfired because all their videos are locked. Because this one is easy to save and send (which I obviously wanted after being forced to put it on my own site) there are thousands of copies of it out there. I suggest people save this and send it EVERYWHERE. Video here:

    • Jean says:

      kay, Debbie, the link you have left goes nowhere 🙂 . . . for me, anyway . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Debbie says:


        Try again…..or, just go to jimstonefreelance.com to see the video………for those who don’t know Rachel was the American girl who went to help the Palestinians – the fact she stated her desire to help when she was little is remarkable – she did what she said she would do as a little girl, Jim wanted this video to go to everyone – of course youtube took it down immediately – but Jim will keep it on his website……….hope this link works.

  87. Debbie says:

    Seems old Bibi is having some problems at home – major GREED problems – would anyone be surprised to find out his unbridled greed and absurd depths of his feelings of entitlement?


  88. Debbie says:

    because Ron Paul was part of the problem for 20 + years while serving in Congress I have no doubt seeing that he is controlled opposition and part of the problem:


    • Jean says:

      I think you are very, very wrong in this statement, Debbie . . . ! In fact, Ron Paul may be keeping himself alive to live another day – for us! Way back in the 80s I knew he was one of the few who knew the truth about the Federal Reserve, and he was smart enough to reveal a lot, but not get killed by them . . . I’m sorry, but in this, while allowing you your right to your opinion, I have to very seriously and strongly disagree with you. Give me PROOF that he is involved with the Zionists, please. It sounds to me like someone has decided to work very hard to undermine him!


      • Debbie says:

        Jean – obviously I have a great deal respect for you – or I wouldn’t be coming back here day after day, I was a big Ron Paul fan all through the last election and agreed with EVERYTHING he said and every opinion he had…………I was not aware of anything back in 80s :), so I did not know he was speaking out against the Federal Reserve even back then, but now after what have you said I will look deeper into his years in Congress, I do know he said he voted against going into Iraq, but I wondered why his voice wasn’t louder long before we were buried in these Middle East wars…….but you are so right, he probably knew they would kill him……….I will rethink this one!!
        As for son rand Paul – I think it’s clear he is under Zionist control – do you agree?

        • Jean says:

          Back in the 80s, Ron knew the Federal Reserve was illegal – when I did not. My then-husband was extremely aware of financial matters, and he understood that Ron was the only one who knew what was going on – and he (my husband) often said it was coming down. I am just sad that he did not live long enough to see it happen . . . I don’t think Ron knew then what he knows now . . . and I think/hope he is being very, very careful 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean PS Does Ron know everything now? I do not know, but when you are busy with 3D matters, it is almost impossible to know everything . . . that statement comes from observation . . . ~J

  89. hannacora says:

    THIS IS MOST DISTURBING NEWS! I am so sorry to hear this!
    EUCACH Director:
    Dr. Rauni Kilde radiated for four days with DEW. Remotely assassinated by NSA?
    February 22, 2015 By Alfred Lambremont Webre 2 Comments

  90. hannacora says:

    WOW! this 326 page book looks like the Research Bible of Vaccines!! All with live links. Very generous of GreenMedInfo to make this info available for free. Blessings! Johanna

    GreenMedInfo.com is releasing a powerful research document that lists over 200 adverse effects of vaccines presently mandated by the CDC schedule, including death, and would like you to use it to educate your friends, family, health practitioners and elected officials as to why vaccines are not unilaterally safe and effective as commonly believed.

  91. hannacora says:

    All I can think of when reading this is that all is upside down, utter lack of what reality is, and then these thoughts in big letters: UNDER THE POWER OF MY AUTHORITY I DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY WARS ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE!!
    Just like when a computer learns your preferences and eventually fill in the blanks for you, may be by clearly stating our consent over and over, the universe will fill in the blanks for us. Blessings! Johanna

    By Ron Paul – February 23, 2015
    —Last week President Obama sent Congress legislation to authorize him to use force against ISIS “and associated persons and forces” anywhere in the world for the next three years. This is a blank check for the president to start as many new wars as he wishes, and it appears Congress will go along with this dangerous and costly scheme.
    —Already the military budget for next year is equal to all but the very peak spending levels during the Vietnam War and the Reagan military build-up, according to the Project on Defense Alternatives. Does anyone want to guess how much will be added to military spending as a result of this new war authorization?

  92. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:

    I clicked the woman’s youtube sights, and her name is clearer on this one:
    Cindy Kay Courier?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfEqHsGF1-s
    She says on this video that she reveals her sources in the previous videos.

  93. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:


    A woman unknown to me is revealing the “truther” actors, Ben F etc. For our discernment and research; who is she really?

  94. hannacora says:

    This story combines the wisdom of the Hopis and the history their star ancestors. It is several pages long and can be read on line. Happy Reading! Johanna

    Here thus a remarkable testimony in many regards! This document has never been translated in English. It comes from a German book published in 1979 and entitled “Kásskara und die Sieben Welten” (Kásskara and the Seven Worlds). We translated for you only the part which relates to the testimony of Polar Bear‚ which is a third of the content of this book, the remainder being a remarkable analysis of the testimony of Polar Bear written by Joseph F. Blumrich, the author of the book. Joseph F. Blumrich worked with NASA from 1959 to 1974. He in particular took part in the structural design of the engine of Saturn V which made it possible for the American astronauts to foul the soil of the Moon. He also collaborated in the design of Skylab.

    ATLANTIS AGAINST MU – Testimony of a Hopi Indian on MU and its fall – “Survivors of Mu”
    There exists little information about the continent of Mu and practically no serious reporting about the war opposing this continent of the Pacific to the inhabitants of the island of Atlantis… The lines which follow are likely to touch a fair number among you. It is about the testimony of an Indian Hopi (Polar Bear) who reports with much generosity the history of his ancestors‚ that was transmitted from generation to generation and this during thousands of years… Polar Bear tells the history of its people‚ the Hopis‚ and the relations which he succeeded to keep with the celestial creator and his auxiliaries‚ the different Kachinas.
    Anton Parks, october 2005

  95. hannacora says:

    What an interesting development!
    US Backs Russian UN Resolution Targeting ISIS
    All in all, it looks like a pretty shrewd move by Russia. Obama now has 120 days to report back how he plans to sanction US allies Turkey and Israel – or face a UN Security Council resolution calling for sanctions on the US. While the US would surely veto such a resolution, it provides an excellent opportunity for Russia to embarrass Obama and Israel by exposing their financial and military ties to ISIS.

  96. hannacora says:

    ***Why Did the U.S. Build an Uncapped Pyramid With ‘All Seeing Eye’ in the Middle of Nowhere?
    —A huge pyramid in the middle of nowhere tracking the end of the world on radar. An abstract geometric shape beneath the sky without a human being in sight.
    —According to Humansarefree, it could be the opening scene of an apocalyptic science fiction film, but it’s just the U.S. military going about its business, building vast and other-worldly architectural structures that the civilian world only rarely sees.
    —Nemesis Maturity from YouTube did not mentioned it in his video below, but even stranger is a Knight Templar Cross, which is a Masonic symbol, depicted on a kind of landing strip near the pyramid.
    Published on Feb 21, 2015
    A huge pyramid in the middle of nowhere tracking the end of the world on radar. An abstract geometric shape beneath the sky without a human being in sight.
    It could be the opening scene of an apocalyptic science fiction film, but it’s just the U.S. military going about its business, building vast and other-worldly architectural structures that the civilian world only rarely sees.

  97. hannacora says:

    MADE THIS RARE DISCOVERY ON LINE – for anyone wanting to know more about the Jesuits, this is a gem. People died for publishing this book!
    THE Engineer Corps of Hell; OR, Rome’s Sappers and Miners –
    Containing the Tactics of the “Militia of the Pope,” or
    the Secret Manual of the Jesuits, and Other Matters.
    This book is dedicated to Rev. Charles Chiquiny. The second part of the book details Why Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, a conspiracy against him by the Jesuits in Illinois in 1856.
    Blessings! Johanna

  98. hannacora says:

    I wonder if Alfred would be interested in this event?
    What Is Going On In Canada? (Videos) – Sunday, February 22, 2015 11:16

  99. Debbie says:

    Well this is explains a lot….they have so many ways to kill ………..why not just take control of a journalist’s car and smack him into a tree 100mph – turns out it happens quite a bit lately – OUTRAGEOUS how all of our cars are now rigged to be remotely hijacked:


  100. hannacora says:

    When someone as popular and as volatile as Bill O’Reilly exhibits such fury on TV calling for sending young Americans into what he sees as a holy war, one should ask whether what we’re witnessing is less religious conflict than an example of Freud’s death instinct at work.
    —Chris Hedges: “The question is whether America now courts death. We no longer seem chastened by war as we were in the years after the Vietnam War.” It’s a real question: Is there a part of our cultural selves that surreptitiously compels us toward death and away from life?

    FAILING TONKIN GULF TEST ON UKRAINE – Misleading Americans to War
    Now, the United States is hurtling toward a potential nuclear confrontation with Russia over Ukraine and this congressional ineptness could become an existential threat to the planet. The situation also has disturbing similarities to the Tonkin Gulf situation although arguably much, much more dangerous.

  101. hannacora says:

    I was truly hoping that there was a lot of fabricated hype…I was wrong.

    The first Western journalist ever to be given access to the ‘Islamic State’ has just returned – and this is what he discovered
    Jürgen Todenhöfer, 74, spent 10 days in Isis-controlled territory. He says the reality on the ground is different from what anyone in the West realises.
    —Once within Isis territory, Todenhöfer said his strongest impression was “that Isis is much stronger than we think here”. He said it now has “dimensions larger than the UK”, and is supported by “an almost ecstatic enthusiasm that I have never encountered in any other warzone”.
    —“Each day, hundreds of willing fighters arrive from all over the world,” he told tz. “For me it is incomprehensible.”
    Speaking in a TV interview with RTL’s Nachtjournal programme two days after his return to —Germany last week, Todenhöfer said Isis has worked hard to establish itself as a functioning state. He said it has “social welfare”, a “school system”, and that he was even surprised to see it has plans to provide education to girls.
    ***Most concerning of all, he said, was Isis fighters’ belief that “all religions who agree with democracy have to die”.***

    • hannacora says:

      BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! I breathe a sigh of relief.
      I must be slipping…twice this week I have been fooled in believing half truths. So, here are some comments to this article:
      At glance, some comments to this article range from:
      ***A good CIA lackey German report(er), to which Gordon Duff says You got it;
      ***I think Jurgens been a bit careless with the truth here or just plain BS.-Isis is like a Hollywood production.
      ***So, we are to believe that reporters are better at finding the most transparent terrorist organization in the world than our intelligence services are. For those of you who don’t know, ISIS is a branded product with websites and Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. And apparently they love to parade down the streets of Iraq and Syria in broad daylight as if things like satellites and drones and surveillance planes never existed.

  102. hannacora says:

    I just hope more and more people will see these actions for what they are. How I feel sorry for the US military on the ground!!
    Blessings! Johanna

    US military personnel will begin training so-called moderate rebels to fight in Syria
    Does Obama really not know who his friends are?
    The US and Turkey have come to an agreement under which US military personnel will begin training so-called moderate rebels to fight in Syria. The announcement was made Tuesday. This is not just a foolish move; it is the equivalent of pouring gasoline on a fire.
    According to the report, the “screening” process is being headed up by Maj. Gen. Michael Nagata.
    –Some 100 US personnel are already in the area setting up three training camps–in Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia–and eventually about 1,000 US troops are expected to be involved in the program.

    In this article are also 3 short videos:
    1) The Myth of the ‘Moderate’ Rebels;
    2) Saudi cleric who recently explained why, in his view, the earth doesn’t rotate. Anyone not believing in Sheikh Bandar al-Khairabi’s is now considered an INFIDEL;
    3) Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah discussing, in a somewhat bemused manner, the beliefs of clerics like al-Khaibari:

    Not only is the “moderate rebel” a myth, but the notion that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are sincere partners in fighting ISIS is also a myth. All three countries have been heavily implicated in providing assistance to the very terrorists the Obama administration claims to be fighting.

  103. hannacora says:

    Here is one action to show our unity & solidarity for common sense, as well as firmly state
    Blessings! Johanna

    ***You don’t have to be Jewish or a US citizen to sign and/or donate
    —Attached is a proposed full page NY Times ad, developed by the peace-oriented Tikkun Magazine, to partially counter the attempts by the barrage of ads and statements supporting Netanyahu’s attempt to get American backing for an end to negotiations with Iran and instead provoke a potential military confrontation.
    —The ad would appear just before Netanyahu arrives to give a talk to the US Congress March 3rd. You don’t have to be Jewish or a US citizen to sign and/or donate to this ad, and if you only want to donate but don’t want your name listed there is an option for that too.. You can do that by sending an email to RabbiLerner.Tikkun@gmail.com and authorizing use of your name, and donating on line at http://www.tikkun.org/donate. You could also send a check to Tikkun, 2342 Shattuck Ave, #1200, Berkeley, Ca. 94704.
    No, Mr. Netanyahu

  104. Debbie says:

    Just imagine if everyone in America would just read this article and think about it…..ISIS is a total psyops and how many million innocent people will die over the next 3 years as Obama now goes to Congress to ask for unlimited – war anywhere, for 3 years to fight this Us-Israeli creation? This is the best article ever written on ISIS in my opinion:


  105. Debbie says:

    Jean – have you seen this one? It is quite sensational….Princess Diana a Rothschild honey pot? William son of King Juan Carlos? Baby George a total fake? Is the entire House of Windsor coming apart? I think the truth is coming out and it is amazing!

    • Jean says:

      Debbie, thank you for your reporting. There is no way I can keep up with all of this! It seems we’ve now got an avalanche of info 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  106. hannacora says:

    FASCINATING interview with Linda Moulton Howe, mind blowing info on cattle mutilation!… Linda goes into how she started on this path.
    Blessings! Johanna
    Published on Feb 20, 2015
    Riveting, controversial, eye-opening, unnerving and overflowing with shocking revelations that have existential implications for the human race, this is the Linda Moulton Howe interview you’ve been waiting for!

  107. hannacora says:

    This just came to my mail box and I was very touched by it. It is about the 2 georgous children, victims of the Illuminati Satanic Cult network. Alfred did an interview about them this week.
    It is a way to counter this plague
    Earth Village Vigil for Alisa and Gabriel for February 21 – Everyone is invited to participate!
    I am calling an Earth Village Vigil for Alisa and Gabriel, our modern day superheroes. The fearlessness and courage that they exhibit is something for us to all learn from.
    —As difficult as it has been for us to digest the heinous crimes that are being committed to our children, we must realize that awareness is the key to end this torture. The truth is our magic wand. Anyone and everyone that is offended by Illuminati Satanic ritual needs to realize that we must take a stand. The question is how?
    —The lost art of ceremony has been taken from us for a reason. The power of intention in ceremony is magnanimous. In numbers, ceremony is even more powerful. The only reason why the Illuminati has gotten away with their secret crimes and lust for power and domination is by using magic in ritual. It is time for us to take magic back in our hands. They want us to feel powerless, and I will tell you right now that we are not powerless to anything. By taking the courage to know the truth, and feel the emotions of our outrage and empathy, we can use our intentions in ceremony to intend and assume to see the system caught and fail.
    —London is not the only place where satanic rituals are performed. If there is a masonic lodge in your town, it is happening in your town…

    • Jean says:

      Johanna, I am so appreciative of this woman’s words on Ceremony – and the power of intention. . . Thanks for sharing this . . . and I invite people to check out the link concerning the vigil. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  108. hannacora says:

    Just discovered a piece of American Political History relevant to the current situation with Russia even though the interview took place 17 years ago.
    Part of this article refers to a 1998 interview of George Kennan(1), one of the great American statesmen of the 20th century, who had joined the State Department in 1926 and was U.S. Ambassador to Moscow in 1952. He is known for being the
    ***Architect of America’s successful containment of the Soviet Union;
    ***Whose anonymous 1947 article in the journal Foreign Affairs, signed ”X,” defined America’s cold-war containment policy for 40 years;
    ***Was present at the creation of NATO.
    Learning how things started sometimes helps in understanding our current position.

    The U.S., Europe, and Russia: Why “this time” could be different
    From Chris Martenson at PeakProsperity:
    —Past U.S. presidents managed to hold dialogs with Stalin, who killed millions, and Khrushchev, who directly threatened the U.S. with nuclear missiles.
    —What exactly has Putin done to surpass the excesses of past Russian/Soviet leaders? What the U.S. still refers to as the “illegal annexation of Crimea” was actually the result of a heavy turn-out vote by the Crimean people where 97% of the votes cast were in favor of rejoining Russia.
    —So, to recap, Crimea’s people voted overwhelmingly to shape their future in the way they best saw fit, and not one life was lost during the annexation. That sounds pretty peaceful and democratic if you ask me. What would Washington DC prefer? To undo that particular vote and have the people of Crimea be forcibly reunited with Ukraine? For what purpose? To prevent map makers from having to once again redraw Ukraine’s wandering borders?
    —More likely – and this is the part that concerns me – is that the current people in power in Washington D.C. are just not the equals of the statesmen of old.
    —In researching this piece, I came across this 1998 interview with George Kennan that I found both illuminating and troubling:
    His voice is a bit frail now, but the mind, even at age 94, is as sharp as ever. So when I reached George Kennan by phone to get his reaction to the Senate’s ratification of NATO expansion it was no surprise to find that the man who was the architect of America’s successful containment of the Soviet Union and one of the great American statesmen of the 20th century was ready with an answer.
    —”I think it is the beginning of a new cold war,” said Mr. Kennan from his Princeton home.
    —”I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely and it will affect their policies. I think it is a tragic mistake. There was no reason for this whatsoever. No one was threatening anybody else. This expansion would make the Founding Fathers of this country turn over in their graves. We have signed up to protect a whole series of countries, even though we have neither the resources nor the intention to do so in any serious way. [NATO expansion] was simply a light-hearted action by a Senate that has no real interest in foreign affairs.”
    ***”What bothers me is how superficial and ill informed the whole Senate debate was,” added Mr. Kennan, who was present at the creation of NATO and whose anonymous 1947 article in the journal Foreign Affairs, signed ”X,” defined America’s cold-war containment policy for 40 years.***
    —‘‘I was particularly bothered by the references to Russia as a country dying to attack Western Europe. Don’t people understand? Our differences in the cold war were with the Soviet Communist regime. And now we are turning our backs on the very people who mounted the greatest bloodless revolution in history to remove that Soviet regime.
    ***”And Russia’s democracy is as far advanced, if not farther, as any of these countries we’ve just signed up to defend from Russia,”*** said Mr. Kennan, who joined the State Department in 1926 and was U.S. Ambassador to Moscow in 1952.
    —”It shows so little understanding of Russian history and Soviet history. Of course there is going to be a bad reaction from Russia, and then [the NATO expanders] will say that we always told you that is how the Russians are — but this is just wrong.”
    —Suffice it to say, there’s a very long list of very good reasons why the Russian-speakers in the east of Ukraine might want nothing to do with being under the rule (thumb?) of western Ukraine.
    —The master statesman pretty much nailed it. Instead of bringing Russia into the fold, a petulant strain of ‘diplomacy’ took over that goaded and threatened Russia and now we are, in fact, being treated to endless repetitions of oh you know – that’s just how Russians are. Instead we might also note that the current debate seems superficial and ill-informed.

    (1) George Kennan’s Prediction
    George_Kennan In this 1998 NYT interview, George Kennan, a former US Ambassador to the USSR best known as “the father of containment” and the author of “Long Telegram” from Moscow in 1946, reacted to the Senate’s ratification of NATO expansion. He predicted that this was the beginning of a new cold war. To our dismay, his predictions remain relevant and timely 10 years later.

  109. Jean says:

    Sorry, I’m not into talking about people like this . . . Hugs, ~Jean PS Please rephrase 😉

  110. Debbie says:

    I wonder how many people have seen this and what do you think? Could this really be the reason behind Cern startup in March? I am always suspicious of these outrageous sounding ascension stories since I read that CIA/Mossad crafts most of them and puts them out there so peolpe foolishly believe that we are about to saved…………..if this is a hoax its one their better efforts:


  111. Debbie says:

    Jean – this is a fascinating video with Alan Watts on Jung, Yoga, Karma – control systems and thoughts on how easily we can escape ………..if you can find 28 minutes to listen to it I think you will be impressed.

  112. hannacora says:

    Jean, this looks like the type of native wisdom we all need!
    Blessings! Johanna

    What Do the Ancient Ones and the Ancient of Days Say About the Future of the Human Family
    by Phil Lane Jr, published on Intermix, on February 14, 2015
    Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations
    Very Beloved Relatives,
    There is no question that a tempest, unprecedented in its violence, unpredictable in its course, catastrophic in its immediate effects, unimaginably glorious in its ultimate consequences, is at present sweeping the face of the earth. Its driving power is remorselessly gaining in range and momentum. Its cleansing force, however much undetected and misunderstood, is increasing with every passing day. As we can clearly see, Humanity, gripped in the clutches of its devastating power, is smitten by the evidences of its resistless fury. It can neither perceive its origin, nor probe its significance, nor discern its outcome. Bewildered, agonized and helpless, it watches this great and mighty wind of the Creator invading the remotest and fairest regions of the earth, rocking its foundations, deranging its equilibrium, sundering its nations, disrupting the homes of its peoples, wasting its cities, pulling down its bulwarks, uprooting its institutions, dimming its light, and harrowing up the souls of its inhabitants.
    Certainly, there is no lack of recognition by …

    • hannacora says:

      Please take in the above with great discernment!
      How easily we can be misguided!!
      Chief Phil Lane is a very active member of the ONE WORLD RELIGION fostered by the United Nation and the vatican. He is also active in the Shift Network organization along with Barbara Marx (a leader in eugenics) as well as Doctors Without Borders who we know are at times are participants in conflicts instead of working for the good!
      WE HAVE TO BE SO VERY VIGILANT!! It all looks so great at first glance!!

      Organization Name: United Nations Association San Francisco
      Organization Acronym: UNA-SF
      Type of Applicant: Civil Society or Non-Governmental Organization
      UNA-SF has organized and carried out large successful UN Day Celebrations for the 50th, 60th and 65th Anniversaries of the founding of the United Nations.

      • Debbie says:

        I found this – I wonder if it is part of the “new” generic religion thru the UN? I posted it once before and the link didn’t open – but maybe it will now –

        • Jean says:

          The link came through and I’ve checked it out . . . interesting and thanks, Debbie 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • hannacora says:

          Debbie, this has nothing to do with the OneWorldReligion.
          This site promotes the Gnostic Illuminati movement, and their claim to fame is ‘Meritocracy’. Although they do have some good points, they give absolutely no value to spirituality. What I find is that you have to scan an awful lot of their material just to find a nugget of true knowledge.

  113. hannacora says:

    We Need eyes in Europe- especially NATO nations- near airports and major highways and military bases. We have confirmed major movement of Military in Germany(US) and Holland (Dutch).
    LAST NIGHT- Wed Feb 18, 2015:
    *Highway closures in Germany- rerouting traffic- massive military Convoy out of Ramstein AF Base (US).
    “3:30am the Autobahn in the direction of Mannheim was shut off- it was clear that it was American Vehicles behind the Barricade”
    *Highway closing (probably highway 6) from last night definitely was for military purposes.
    * Received at 11pm gmt wed night: Latest from Germany- there are also massive flights out of Ramstein- US Air Force Base
    * Grafenwoehr (Bavaria) Train Station- the military vehicles are moving also

    THIS MORNING- Thurs. Feb 19, 2015:
    * 9:40am GMT: “2nd batch of heavy transport planes taking off here” Leeuwarden military airport- Dutch Military.
    *1:19pm GMT “3rd batch of heavy transports” – clarifying : C130 Hercules, no identifying marks visible, out of Leeuwarden military airport.

  114. hannacora says:

    In light of the swift action from Egypt against ISIS, this article opens an interesting strategy to combat the Islamic State. I really don’t see Egypt becoming a member of the US alliance to combat ISIS. They know better…’Understandably, the current president harbors no illusions about the US’ treacherous nature’. This article covers an interesting number of encouraging points.

    On a larger scale, this means that Egypt has become the third springboard for projecting Russian foreign policy in the Mideast, with all of the resultant multipolar aftereffects for the previously unipolar-dominated region.
    Russian-Egyptian ties are on the cusp of returning to their close and coordinated Nasser-era level, albeit the primary difference is that Cairo is also seeking to simultaneously emulate this model with other players in the multipolar world. Even so, this symbolizes a tectonic shift in Mideast geopolitics, since the most populous Arab nation and one-time regional leader is once more rising to the occasion to chart an independent course separate from the US’ interests. There are still many more complicated and convoluted moves to be made before this ambitious goal is reached, but it’s indisputable that Egypt under President al-Sisi is intent on restoring his country’s lost pride and regional role, and that Russia is actively assisting with its geopolitical rebirth. This presents enormous opportunities for Russia as it seeks to usher in the transition to global multipolarity, and Egypt is the right partner that it needs in order to fulfill this vision for the Mideast.

  115. Debbie says:

    Here is some REALLY GOOD news.. I’ve been following this story for years – this doctor has been harassed, raided 5 times with all his medical records seized, sued and suffered terribly at the hands of the FDA (junk yard dogs for Big Pharma)…and somehow he hung in there, spent millions on legal defense and now finally – a victory for all Americans!


  116. Debbie says:

    Jean – this getting out to everyone might save the life of the President of Sudan – from Jim Stone:
    Watch for assassination of Sudan’s President

    The day after President Al-Bashir made the claim that the CIA and Mossad are running ISIS and Boko Haram, the exact press runs that would have reported this were seized from Sudan’s 16 top newspapers and destroyed before they could be distributed. It is fairly obvious that their publishing this was the reason for the seizure, and the fact it happened makes a huge point:
    Someone is in control of the Sudanese police forces other than the President. Someone gave the order to stop the message about what President Al Bashir said.

    The details:

    During an interview on Euronews which took place on Feb 17, Sudan’s President stated in very clear terms that the CIA and Israel’s Mossad are behind the Islamist militant groups Boko Haram and Isis. He went on to reference the Isis beheadings of 21 coptic christians in Libya and said that no Muslim group would ever do that. He is right. However, if all the newspapers that would have gotten his message out to the Sudanese people were seized before they could report his saying this, he is not in full control of the country and is probably in serious danger.
    This morning, The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service seized copies of 16 daily newspapers, which included Al-Tayar, Al-Rai al-Aam, Al-Intibaha, Akhir Lahza, Al-Ahram al-Youm, Awal al-Nahar, Al-Watan, Al-Sudani, Alwan, Al-Saiha, Al-Mijhar al-Siyasi, Al-Dar, and Hikayat. I have obviously never heard of these, but they were, according to reports, the largest papers in the country.

    Most likely Sudan is half controlled by the CIA and Mossad, and they censored the President via force. If they saw fit to take action of this sort, they will be very likely to discipline Al-Bashir by killing him. With all the remote control options in cars, planes and trains available to them now, they will not need to use a bullet. It is called plausible deniability . . . .

  117. Kieron says:



    To: Uplift Project Command
    From: Planetary Specialist 333
    Subject: Mission Status Field Report #108

    During the interval since my last field report the evolution of the human species continues to gain momentum despite the orchestrated efforts to stall and prevent such progress. I wish I could cite mass consciousness awakening as the reason for this evolutionary momentum, alas, such is not in evidence at this time; despite the current trend. As expected, earth’s population for the most part remains unaware of and uninterested in the evolutionary process now unfolding around them. The kinds of changes stemming from the great shift of the ages are not widely understood throughout the population, resulting in rampant spiritual confusion.

    The awakening now coursing through earths population is primarily that they are waking up to the reality of their slavery at the hands of the power elite. This epiphany generates so much fearful confusion that a vaster spiritual awakening is completely missed by the majority. Mass cognitive dissonance is being generated and maintained by the perception management bureau of the power elite. Like Chinese nesting dolls, the truth is concealed by layer upon layer of deception and misdirection. Despite this; and the oppressive efforts deployed to prevent the evolutionary advancement currently underway, a surge in spiritual awakenings continues to grow, slowly. ”

    Full text at the link. Blogger “Chatauqua” is always a good read.

  118. hannacora says:

    Jean, this is a great addition to: Secret History Revealed —
    Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR
    which provides the whole story of
    ***The Real Crime of M. Khodorkovsky by F. William Engdahl
    I had read some bits and pieces contained in this article before but never such comprehensive story. It definitely completes the puzzle of Khodorkovsky. Blessings! Johanna
    —But there was more. Khodorkovsky built some impressive ties in the West. With his new billions in effect stolen from the Russian people, he made some powerful friends. He set up a foundation modeled on US billionaire George Soros’ Open Society, calling it the Open Russia Foundation. He invited two powerful Westerners to its board—Henry Kissinger and Jacob Lord Rothschild. Then he set about to develop ties with some of the most powerful circles in Washington where he was named to the Advisory Board of the secretive private equity firm, Carlyle Group where he attended board meetings with fellow advisors such as George H.W. Bush and James Baker III.
    —However, the real crime that landed Khodorkovsky behind Russian bars was the fact that ***he was in the middle of making a US-backed coup d’etat*** to capture the Russian presidency in planned 2004 Russian Duma elections.

  119. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO – CIA and Israel’s Mossad are behind the Islamist militant groups Boko Haram and Isis, from Jim Stone
    Watch for assassination of Sudan’s President
    The day after President Al-Bashir made the claim that the CIA and Mossad are running ISIS and Boko Haram, the exact press runs that would have reported this were seized from Sudan’s 16 top newspapers and destroyed before they could be distributed. It is fairly obvious that their publishing this was the reason for the seizure, and the fact it happened makes a huge point:

    Someone is in control of the Sudanese police forces other than the President. Someone gave the order to stop the message about what President Al Bashir said.
    The details:
    During an interview on Euronews which took place on Feb 17, Sudan’s President stated in very clear terms that the CIA and Israel’s Mossad are behind the Islamist militant groups Boko Haram and Isis. He went on to reference the Isis beheadings of 21 coptic christians in Libya and said that no Muslim group would ever do that. He is right. However, if all the newspapers that would have gotten his message out to the Sudanese people were seized before they could report his saying this, he is not in full control of the country and is probably in serious danger.

    This morning, The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service seized copies of 16 daily newspapers, which included Al-Tayar, Al-Rai al-Aam, Al-Intibaha, Akhir Lahza, Al-Ahram al-Youm, Awal al-Nahar, Al-Watan, Al-Sudani, Alwan, Al-Saiha, Al-Mijhar al-Siyasi, Al-Dar, and Hikayat. I have obviously never heard of these, but they were, according to reports, the largest papers in the country.

    Most likely Sudan is half controlled by the CIA and Mossad, and they censored the President via force. If they saw fit to take action of this sort, they will be very likely to discipline Al-Bashir by killing him. With all the remote control options in cars, planes and trains available to them now, they will not need to use a bullet. It is called plausible deniability . . . .

  120. Debbie says:

    Just in case anyone doubts that psychiatry is complete and udder quackery – here you have it – now the zionists want to tell us our desire for healthy food is crazy……probably makes us terrorists in the eyes of USraeli government:


  121. Debbie says:

    Everything has been such a scam and here is a very insightful story on how we are being manipulated in ways we wouldn’t have imagined – and if you read this you might come to the same conclusion I have come to….going forward the DIRTY word for all of we used to be sheep is this – consumerism – this is the fundamental way they use and abuse us and we can stop it – STOP CONSUMING – as much as you can, do you really need all that stuff they push on us 24/7 – no 90% of it is designed to make us think we will feel better if we have more of their stuff………..we don’t need it………..new handbags, new cars, newest, latest and greatest – GIVE IT UP FOR HUMANITY – remember nasty GW telling us after 9/11 to “go shop”…..yes, indeed that is what they want from us and I suggest we stop giving it to them. Reuse, repurpose, recycle and shop your own closets….organize swaps with friends…………as of now I vote with my money meaning I buy organics, non GMO healthy food and after that as little as possible of anything else….THIS IS OUR POWER CARD! Remember the rest is all a con job.

  122. Debbie says:

    I stumbled onto this and found it interesting…is this the new religion created to replace the old religions? Or, is this something else? Writing from the position that “Jews,Christians and Muslims are the most evil people on earth. All of them are terrorists worshipping a terrorists GOD”…what do you think?

  123. Debbie says:

    Once again Jim Stone get’s to the bottom of things – proving once again Ben Fulford is a pathetic clown with his so called inside information:
    Cia headquarters shut down?

    There were numerous reports that the CIA had abandoned their world headquarters in Langley Virginia. Last night I could not find anything to the contrary and found many posts about a deal being made with China to shut them down, them being busted for faking ISIS so they were shut down for cleaning of staff, etc and unfortunately, this morning I finally found the real reason.
    They never shut down at all. It was a hoax. Here is what happened to provide a pretext for the hoax –

    A bunch of Iranian students went to the gates of the CIA world headquarters to protest drone strikes and the use of drones. It was a peaceful protest. But the police still taped off the entrances which made a great photo op for a hoaxer after the students left. In the hoax photos no one is there, and it really does look taped off and abandoned. But if you look up that drone protest, you will see it is the same entrance, the same tape, the same everything and sadly, the CIA did not shut down.

  124. Debbie says:

    For God’s sake – EVERYONE – please sign this petition and forward to everyone you know:


  125. Debbie says:

    Obama seeks to pass legislation saying he can conduct war anywhere anytime – looks like 6 months of pushing the ISIS storyline could pay off big time for the organized crime cabal USreali/British/NATO and yes, Americans will pick up the tab…..


  126. hannacora says:


    Daniel Estulin, Scott Bennett: Why VT is the real deal
    —Daniel recently contacted me about a problem at Russia Today (RT), the biggest alternative media operation in the world. He had seen Gordon Duff’s piece on problems at Press TV, and being a huge fan of Veterans Today, he wanted to check in with us and compare notes.
    —Daniel Estulin’s Desde la Sombra (“From the Shadows”) on Russia Today was drawing seven million viewers per week, making it one of the world’s most popular alternative TV shows. But when Daniel did a show on how the Zionist banksters are buying up Patagonia – the best undeveloped land on the planet, and the safest place to be in the event of nuclear World War III or a planetary economic/ecological collapse – RT suddenly canceled his show and pulled the offending episode
    —VT has become the go-to outlet for real whistleblowers – people like Scott Bennett, U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command) and global psychological warfare and counterterrorism analyst. While at Booz Allen Hamilton, Scott discovered that his boss, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, appeared to be complicit in channeling US deep state funding to “Islamic terrorist” groups.
    —Now why would an ordained Rabbi be funding ISIS?!

  127. Debbie says:

    From Jim Stone – here is how the JEWS managed to take control of everything!!!!!!:

    All hard drives from all manufacturers raped wide open to the NSA from day one of manufacture SINCE 2001!

    This is about the recent discovery by Kapersky, and I have clarified what is going on and removed the confusing, misleading and obstructing content most reports have.
    I have long said that there is no way to secure your computer against the NSA no matter what virus scanner you run or how you secure your system, and that Snowden was to a degree a whitewash standing as a limited hold out to prevent the real truth from being known. Kapersky just confirmed this

    Here is what happened:

    Someone managed to get trojans into all the hard drive manufacturers which infected all manufacturer workstations and manufacturing facilities and then wrote itself to every hard drive ever made for the last 14 years AT POINT OF MANUFACTURE. When the bios chips got burned, the firmware burned in, this virus wrote itself into the firmware at point of production. Ditto for rom as well. Additionally, it wrote itself to the hard drive platters as backup. Because this virus exhibited itself as part of the root product, (which cannot be accessed by any virus scanner or read in any way) it remained totally immune to detection this entire time even when written to the hard drive platters. Kapersky finally hunted it down (most likely by taking new products and doing a linear read of hard drive platters they removed from the hard drives and put in their own custom box.)
    Impossible for this bug to exist you say? Nope. Here is how: All bios chips, anything writable, and even rom, has excess capacity that goes beyond the root program. It has to have a little extra space or whatever you write to it will not fit. There are applications that can fill in this excess space with garbage to use it up and prevent writing to it in the future, but if the computer that had such an application had this NSA trojan, obviously the trojan would circumvent it and write itself in instead. This would be especially deadly with ROM chips. At any rate, ALL hard drives have this trojan, at least anything newer than the 90’s.

    The bug re configures the root operating parameters of anything it gets into and sets aside a permanent space for itself so re-flashing infected devices will not kill it. Kapersky determined that even all flash drives, SD cards and other memory devices which use USB also ship direct from the factory to you with this bug on them, and the manufacturers do not even know it.

    Kapersky has named the organization responsible for this bug the Equation Group, and its toolbox ‘the Death Star of the Malware Galaxy’, and explained that the tools of its trade have hallmarks and themes similar to those of Stuxnet. Kapersky also believes that the group which wrote this particular trojan is superior to the agencies which wrote Stuxnet and Flame, and that the roots are at the NSA. Everything regarding this bug has been written with the highest possible efficiency and is of the highest professional order.

    Kapersky contacted Seagate, and Seagate denied the problem. So Seagate might be a willing player in this. However, when they contacted Western Digital, Western Digital took it seriously and has started digging.

    When Kapersky contacted the NSA, the NSA basically self incriminated with the following statement:

    “We are aware of the recently released report. We are not going to comment publicly on any allegations that the report raises, or discuss any details,”. “The US. Government calls on our intelligence agencies to protect the United States, its citizens, and its allies from a wide array of serious threats – including terrorist plots from al-Qaeda, ISIL, and others; the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; foreign aggression against ourselves and our allies; and international criminal organisations.”

    Left unsaid by the NSA was the fact that they are totally infiltrated by kikedom, and this bug is also used to access all corporate secrets everywhere, steal inventions, set up untimely demises of journalists, if it serves evil the NSA is doing it knowingly or not. According to Kaspersky, victims include state targets, governments, security developers, telecoms, aerospace and energy industries, along with the military, activists and the media. This is no doubt the real venue that got Stuxnet into Fukushima.

    If you want to know why the Jews managed to take control of everything from Wal Mart to the entire medical system to Disney to the NSA itself, this is your answer. Obviously if anyone out there has a chance of doing anything meaningful against the tainted vaccine war on the public, or antidepressants, or if anyone provides any hope against tyranny, they will be silenced and eliminated. THIS BUG ENSURES IT, and it is so entrenched now that there probably is no hope.

    The only way we are going to get over this is if we manage to stall tyranny for a couple more years, and if hard drive manufacturers get their act together. I will not hold my breath for that, this bug ensures that anyone assigned to fix this problem will be killed or eliminated day one. Heads up Russia, nothing you have is classified.

  128. hannacora says:

    Who would have thought that this is such a global plague.
    Everywhere you look its tentacles surface!!!
    Blessings! Johanna

    Recent Australian hearings highlight complicity of Chabad rabbis, Diaspora communities in cover-ups; flight to Israel also used by perps, says activist Manny Waks
    Read more: Advocate calls for global Jewish child-abuse commission | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/advocate-calls-for-global-jewish-child-abuse-commission/#ixzz3S1tCtKVx

    Rabbi Meir Kluwgant, Australia’s most senior rabbi, resigns after damning testimony at royal commission
    Australia’s most senior rabbi, Meir Shlomo Kluwgant, has resigned as president of the Organisation of Rabbis of Australasia (ORA) after a damning stint in the witness box at the royal commission into child sexual abuse.
    Rabbi Kluwgant gave evidence on Friday, and was forced to admit he had sent a text message to a newspaper editor calling the father of an abuse victim a “lunatic” who neglected his children.

  129. hannacora says:

    TO THE SPIRITUAL SEEKER! Blessings! Johanna
    Spiritual eBook & Gospel of Judas free to download
    Are these the secret teachings of Judas Iscariot?
    This little known work is a treasure of esoteric teachings which was published in the 1950s. This book explained the role Jesus gave Judas – decades before the ancient text the Gospel of Judas was discovered and revealed the same.

    By Jonathan (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) · ★★★★★ · December 28, 2009
    A powerful story, and extremely touching for personally. This book speaks a lot about love and overcoming spiritual obstacles. A must read for anyone serious about inner transformation! …more
    By Jenny (Toronto, ON, Canada) · ★★★★★ · August 13, 2011
    This book is amazing on so many levels!
    Cosani’s journalistic writing style & story telling makes it difficult to put this book down once you get started.
    The book itself is full of amazing spiritual teachings, in the likes of the many texts of the Nag Hammadi Library – very deep and inspiring… …more

    • hannacora says:

      We’ve compiled a list of our picks of spiritual texts from around the world. They reveal in essence, a spirituality of the cosmic son that is universal and beyond religious forms, and they are humanity’s written heritage of wisdom and inspiration. In our view these are much better than the products of modern commercialized spirituality, and are written by those who’ve clearly had personal experience of the process of enlightenment. More may be listed as we find sources for them.

      MAIN SITE: lots and lots to browse
      Articles on consciousness, astral projection, ancient mysteries, alchemy, self-discovery, dreams, enlightenment, global awakening, sacred ceremonies, esoteric knowledge, spiritual symbols and more below.

  130. Debbie says:

    Personally I would be just as happy if all imports from China stopped forever, I am tired of them peddling all their inferior junk products and food on us, but this certainly is a sign that t despite the constant propaganda about how Obama has “fixed” the economy – there is big trouble:


  131. Debbie says:

    Follow up to Dave Hodges story – regarding closing the ports – Jimstonefreelance.com gives his educated opinion:
    Are West coast port closures part of an “elite” plan to create chaos in America before a crack down this summer?

    I looked into this quite a bit earlier today and did not know what to make of it, so I waited until now to comment.
    A few things –

    Manipulated strikes?

    It has been difficult to get solid answers on this, but some are saying the workers have no need or strong desire to strike, and that this is all scripted for the purpose of creating severe product shortages in America. So far, automobile manufacturers such as Honda who have facilities in the U.S. have started using airfreight to get the parts they need (which are in shortage because of this strike) to the assembly line. So far it has not been anything heavy or bulky, so they are OK but they did have to change shipping methods for a few parts that ran out. With time this will probably get worse.
    No one has been significantly hit by this strike in the retail sector simply because the economy is slow and there is a lot of Christmas surplus floating around. But the worry is that if this problem is not cleared up, it could cause major problems mid March, when sales pick up. So far, imports from the West Coast have dropped by a whopping 29 percent, which is huge.

    My take: There is virtually no damage from this yet, but if it is not resolved over the next two weeks it could completely collapse the economy. What would happen to Wal Mart if they could no longer get can openers made in China? Ditto for microwaves and big screens . . .

    And that gets my mind spinning on a whole new angle – What if the port shut downs are a hoax being played by the global elite for the purpose of crashing America hard? If they rammed the Charlie Hebdo scam down our throats, their control of the media could surely fake a strike and false flag a port closure.

    Anonymous posted the following regarding this to the forum:
    “The point behind idling the ports, is being made by the private global- corporations, not the unions, in order to empty the shelves in supermarkets nationwide for three or four weeks to force the public to approve the blackmail contained in TPP: This is part of what lies beneath the latest move to allow international corporations to become nation-states worldwide. . . ”

    I believe that is a plausible scenario, so plausible it probably nails this quite well, but would like to add a little something – If the elite have a plan for a martial law crackdown on the books for this summer, a manipulated port closure that totally crashed the economy would serve them well. If people are desperate, they will be seeking answers and solutions from anywhere. This is EXACTLY what would be wanted during a martial law crack down and power grab.

    THIS IS ONE TO WATCH. Updates regarding these port closures are on the Forum

  132. hannacora says:

    Fresh off the press from LADA
    Intel: US Mini-Nukes Delivered to Ukraine; Poroshenko’s Family Urgently Leaves the Country
    The latest breaking news from Ukraine:
    1. The family of Ukraine president Poroshenko has urgently left the country via a charter flight. This means that the situation in the country is much more unstable than is being portrayed, and the true extent of turmoil is being underplayed. It also means that Poroshenko knows that he may be unseated any moment and has negotiated an asylum for his family with his handlers in the West as part of the Minsk agreement. Instead of flying straight back to Kiev after Minsk, Poroshenko actually went to Brussels first where he had undisclosed conversations with EU politicians, including Merkel and Hollande. Undoubtedly, this is where the asylum was negotiated.
    —In one of my 2014 articles I said that I was expecting another Kiev maidan by spring 2015. Yarosh and other ukro-nazis say that they will never observe the Minsk peace agreements and threaten to overturn Poroshenko. Rada is trying to initiate impeachment proceedings. Maidan may be close. Will it happen? I think the wild card right now is Merkel and Hollande. They may spoil the party.
    —I had also said previously that I didn’t see Poroshenko surviving in his position for much longer.

  133. hannacora says:

    Jean, did you have a chance to see this new development from Alfred?
    Blessings! Johanna

    David Wilcock: Descendants of Giant species are the High Cabal and hidden controllers of humanity, can appear as Homo Capensis
    VANCOUVER, BC – Using whistleblower testimony from classified programs within the Black Budget U.S. Secret Space program ultimately paid for by the U.S. people, author David Wilcock recently released a lecture summary of findings regarding the residence in our solar system of a renegade species of Giants (70-100 feet tall). In a sentence, the descendants of Giant species are the High Cabal and hidden controllers of humanity. This includes the species known as Homo Capensis, or big-brain Coneheads.[1]
    In an encouraging synchronicity, Mr. Wilcock in his lecture supplies the concrete evidence that neurologist Dr. Edward Spencer and Alfred Lambremont Webre discussed in the same time frame as Mr. Wilcock’s lecture was needed in relation to Homo Capensis (Conehead) – one of the names for the Giant species descendants – in following interview.

  134. Debbie says:

    I took the time to watch this entire video and it was worthwhile for sure…heal your body, heal the planet and save the animals…chemicals are doing us all in and there are ways to reverse and stop the damage – from the Global Healing Center:

  135. hannacora says:

    When Nazi Hands Rock American Cradles
    —If ultra-nationalist ideology wasn’t part of the Ukrainian political landscape pre-Maidan, where did it come from? Before 1991 this ideology was foreign in Ukraine except for a tiny minority in the Lviv region.
    —The Nazi/ nationalist ideology of Stepan Bandera made its home in the hearts of Eastern European emigres worldwide, particularly in the UNITED STATES & CANADA. Each succeeding generation has been taught to be more dedicated to it than their parents were.

  136. hannacora says:

    No doubt some of us have heard this before, but it’s kind of nice to see it down on paper.
    Blessings! Johanna

    The American Education of Vladimir Putin
    How the Russian leader came to oppose a country he knows little about
    This post has been adapted from a new, expanded edition of Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin.

    —In the aftermath of 9/11, Putin was mystified by the actions of his U.S. counterparts. In the absence of countervailing information, Putin initially saw American failure to respond to his warnings about the common threat of terrorism as a sign of dangerous incompetence.

    In a series of speeches just after September 11, Putin said he “was astonished” at the Clinton administration’s lack of reaction to his warnings of a terrorist plot brewing in Afghanistan.
    *****“I feel that I personally am to blame for what happened,” he lamented.
    *****“Yes, I spoke a great deal about that threat. …
    *****Apparently, I didn’t say enough.
    *****I didn’t find the words that could rouse people [in the U.S.] to the required system of defense.”

    —The 2003 U.S. intervention in Iraq convinced Putin that the United States was up to no good and looking for pretexts to intervene against hostile regimes to enhance its geopolitical position. Putin and his intelligence officials knew that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was bluffing about his possession of chemical and other weapons of mass destruction (WMD). After the invasion of Iraq, and the U.S. failure to find any WMD, a comment attributed to Putin was passed around European diplomatic circles: “Pity about the WMD. I would have found some.” In other words, the U.S. intelligence services and government were beyond incompetent—if you’re going to use a pretext, do your homework; make sure it’s a good one.
    NOTE: the authors of this book are both senior fellow in Foreign Policy at Brookings

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Johanna, I didn’t know Putin said much of anything at all 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

      • hannacora says:

        I guess Jean we were not listening in the right places at the time.
        I remember so vividly what I saw on TV that day of 9/11. Even the people around me, we were all so shocked that thinking of another version of what we had been presented would have been totally out of the question. The emotions took over the critical thinking.

        I certainly was not very street wise then!!! The only thing that I truly questioned was the medical establishment. Even without knowing the ins and outs, it just did not make sense to me that cancer could not be cured, with all the money invested in research? It was totally illogical to me and even then I refused to donate to cancer foundations and I was never shy to say why.

        The world I knew then was so extremely different. When you think about how the world works, the learning curve has to be gradual. For many of us it is hard to fathom that such tyranny exists and is all around us! Without a good dose of spirituality I would be totally lost.
        Endless Blessings!

  137. hannacora says:

    “Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like” by Chris Hedges

    “Pornography has socialized a generation of men into watching sexual torture,” Dines said.
    “You are not born with that capacity. You have to be trained into it. Just like you train soldiers to kill. If you are going to carry out violence against a group you have to dehumanize them.

    ***Porn tells you that material inequality between women and men is not the result of an economic system. It is biologically based. And women, being whores and bitches and only good for sex, don’t deserve full equality.
    ***Porn is the ideological mouthpiece that legitimizes our material system of inequality.
    ***Porn is to patriarchy what the media is to capitalism.”
    ***The cult of the self — that is the essence of porn — lies at the core of corporate culture.
    ***Porn, like global capitalism, is where human beings are sent to die.
    ***torture is wrong in Abu Ghraib, where prisoners were sexually humiliated and abused as if they were on a porn set, ***but permissible on commercial porn sites.

    “In post-Second-World-War America you have the emergence of a middle class with a disposable income,” she said…
    “The only trouble is that this group was born to parents who had been through a depression and a war. They did not know how to spend. They only knew how to save. What [the capitalists] needed to jump-start the economy was to get people to spend money on stuff they did not need. For women they brought in the television soaps. One of the reasons the ranch house was developed was because [families] only had one television. The television was in the living room and women spent a lot of time in the kitchen. You had to devise a house where she could watch television from the kitchen. She was being taught.”
    “But who was teaching the men how to spend money?” she went on…
    “It was Playboy [Magazine]. This was the brilliance of Hugh Hefner. He understood that you don’t just commodify sexuality, you sexualize commodities. The promise that Playboy held out was not the girls or the women, it was that if you buy at this level, if you consume at the level Playboy tells you to, then you will get the prize, which is the women.
    ***global porn industry is estimated at $96 billion, with the United States market worth about $13 billion.
    ***420 million Internet porn pages, 4.2 million porn Web sites, and
    ***68 million search engine requests for porn daily.”

    • Debbie says:

      I was walking through the airport and stopped at a magazine store – almost every magazine was promoting the movie Fifty Shades of Grey………….clearly this is more zionist sponsored brainwashing meant to degrade humanity and destroy Christian morality while promoting the Satanists agenda….Henry makow did an excellent piece on it – 100 million people read the book, the movie appears to be a blockbuster…..score another one for the dark cabal destroying humanity:


  138. hannacora says:

    FOR THE SERIOUS MUSIC LOVERS – A rare view into the making of Classical Music
    “The Art of Conducting – Great Conductors of the Past” (1994)
    …here is one interesting comment from the video; ***Conductors are very telepathic***
    Blessings! Johanna
    Published on Jul 29, 2012

  139. Debbie says:

    I sure hope EVERYONE is getting the message on weaponized vaccines and for more details on how they are being used to make us into docile slaves go to jimstonefreelance.com and here is an excerpt from his most recent post on vaccines – I sure hope people spread the word:

    Jim’s response: I never rescinded that report, and never removed it from the site. FACT: The autism causing vaccines are being made with brain destroying materials derived from human stem cells which are put in the vaccines along with real pathogens to trick the immune system into believing the brain is a disease that must be attacked. All children who receive these vaccines are damaged, and the hardest hit show it as autism. Vaccine damage is not a mistake or side effect, it is an act of war and is intentional. The end game is to produce a less intelligent class of people the “elite” tribe can control with ease.
    To them, we are all animals in their cage and they can do what they want with us the same way a farmer does what he wants with cattle. If you disagree with the “eltie” mindset, NEVER VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN AND AVOID ALL VACCINES YOURSELF. This act of war, this weapon which vaccines have become, is precisely the reason why many are seeking to make avoiding vaccines a crime. Not all vaccines are created equal, if you are one of the tribe your shots will not be sabotaged.


  140. hannacora says:

    OUR ALLY: Great Britain The Good!
    With such friends and allies, no need for enemies! The talk about the holocaust is huge and celebrated worldwide while many other much worse atrocities are simply suppressed. The truth needs to be told!

    Published on Feb 11, 2015
    More people died in the fire bombing of Dresden on February 13th to 14th, 1945 than in the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. Holocaust (noun) – “Great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life, especially by fire.”
    For more information: http://hellstormdocumentary.com
    Buy the book & learn more: http://www.amazon.com/Hellstorm-Death

    • Jean says:

      More people died in the fire bombing of Dresden on February 13th to 14th, 1945 than in the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. Holocaust (noun) – “Great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life, especially by fire.” . . .

      MORE LIES – EXPOSED! Hugs, ~Jean

  141. Debbie says:

    Jean – I believe this is an urgent warning…..the PTB are pushing the vaccine program so hard that you have to know this is bigger than just one of their usual soft-kill projects…..this may very well be the “MARK OF THE BEAST”…..that we must avoid at all costs for the sake of our soul:

  142. hannacora says:


    This site was highly recommended as a good source for material about:
    the moon, stargates, cosmic wisdom on ancients, astronomy, mars and other object in our solar system, best case UFO, .Collection of Papers on Alternate Scientific Research, Patent, and
    free e-books by Beth Vegh
    Material from John Lear, Dr. Michael Salla, free e-books by Beth Vegh. Will appeal to people with a technical bent.
    I am so impressed with John Lear, very personable and eager to transmit his knowledge, and what you see is what you get…very open personality.

  143. Kieron says:

    Jean, I keep trying to post a link from a German video describing the hidden controllers of the US government but it never appears. It just vanishes when I click post comment. Should I keep trying? It’s more evidence of what we have suspected.

    • Jean says:

      Please try again, Kieron. . . do you copy and paste it? If it won’t come through, please share the title so I can look it up . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Kieron says:

          Kieron says:
          Your comment is awaiting moderation.
          February 14, 2015 at 4:39 pm


          OK, when I try to post the link, or any reference to the name, I get nothing about “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” My comment just plain disappears.

          Someone doesn’t want this link posted. Well, I don’t consent and I will not desist!

      • K says:

        “And now, Dear Viewers, we continue with our program from Heidelberg with the story of ‘The Invisible Government of the USA’.

        Just as Otto von Bismark was finally able to unite the Germans again, the German Empire and also the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, suddenly became the thorn in the eye of the British world powers. Britain feared Germany’s growing prosperity. The economic competitor was then cleared away by fomenting the First World War. The imposed Dictates of Versailles sought to eliminate the German competition forever. Germany’s territory and gold were stolen. Because of the alleged war guilt, crippling debts were imposed on the empire. Germany had to borrow money at outrageous interest rates from the private World Bank just to exist.

        Over the next 20 years, through inflation, our Fatherland was plunged into the darkest period of our modern history. Winston Churchill in 1933 stated:

        “If Germany does not return to the gold standard there will be another war in five years, regardless of who fires the first shot”.

        Because of Churchill’s evil plot against Europe, Germany lost the Second World War and Great Britain had lost her Empire. Germany was reduced to rubble, more German territory was stolen and then our remaining land was divided in East and West. All German technology and patents were stolen. Thanks only to the Bolshevik threat, Germany was tolerated as an American satellite. The German spirit of self-sacrifice was then bound by the chains of materialism and multiculturalism.

        Through the intrigues of Franklin D Roosevelt, America became the New World Power. Who really rules the American people and its government became clear before World War I. In order to alleviate the downward economic cycle and financial difficulties, the private world banks, through their gold and cash reserves, convinced the government of President Wilson to establish the Federal Reserve Board. In return, the Federal Reserve was initially only involved as a consultant in the financial and economic matters of the government.

        Thus, the door was opened, and over time, through their political whores, and both real and created economic crises, wars, etc, the Federal Reserve became the “Invisible Government” of the United States. The interests of the people were replaced by the greed of the World Bank and of their various corporate bodies. America has sold his soul to the devil, and thus, lost any right to call itself a ‘democracy’

        In closing, dear viewers, I leave you with a very fitting quote from Major General J.F. Charles Fuller:

        “It was not the political goals of Hitler that brought us to war. It was his success in building a new financial system. The roots of this war lie in greed, jealousy and fear.”

        • Jean says:

          🙂 Thank you for sharing this!!! Hugs, ~Jean

        • hannacora says:

          Here is one more quote from: SPEECH BY SIR HARTLEY SHAWCROSS,
          BRITISH CHIEF PROSECUTOR AT THE IMT, dated 16 March 1984
          ***Hitler and the German people did not want war!***

          Quoted in full and seen in the context of time, this Hitler quotation also contradicts the still prevalent thesis that the Nazi regime wanted war. Incidentally, the British chief prosecutor at the IMT, Sir Hartley Shawcross, in a speech on 16th March 1984 expressed the following, ***belated insight into Hitler’s alleged war intentions:***

          “Step by step I am more and more of the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe are sinister. I indicted the Nazis at Nuremberg. Together with my Russian colleagues I condemned Nazi aggression and the Nazi terror. (But)
          ***Hitler and the German people did not want war!***
          Following our policy of balance of power and inspired by “Americans” [31] around Roosevelt, we declared war on Germany in order to destroy it.
          ***We have not responded to the numerous pleas of Hitler for peace.***
          Now we have to realize that Hitler was right. Instead of a cooperative Germany, which he had offered us, stands the huge imperialist power of the Soviets. I feel ashamed and humiliated to have to see how the same goals, which we assumed Hitler had, are being pursued under a different name, and the same tactic is being used without restrain.”[32]

  144. hannacora says:

    Jean: I just remembered about John Lear’s Affidavit and thought you might like to add it to your collection. There is also another one by an EX-CIA Pilot.
    *****re: HOLOGRAMS USED IN 9/11
    So here is a page from Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy with a lengthy interview with John where he is using books, diagrams & research paper in a big TELL ALL.
    Also on this page is another Affidavit by an
    *****Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers

    TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE PART ABOUT 9/11 HOLOGRAMS – it begins at 49:40 mark of the video (of which there is also a transcript)

    I guess I’ll get busy and listen because this is all new material to me!!
    Endless Blessings!

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I’m also getting hit with it, as well. but I need to eat! Otherwise, I will keel over and won’t get this info out to everyone 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • hannacora says:

      Found this video quite informative, includes extraterrestrials, Area 51, Niburu, technology of holograms and much more. Very easy conversation where John tells all.
      PART ON 9/11 HOLOGRAMS AT 49.40min mark
      (Transcript available at Project Avalon Link)

      When we met again with him recently, with considerably more time at our disposal than we had two years ago, John piled his studio table high with books, diagrams and research papers and sat down to tell us “everything he knew”.
      —With special emphasis on the Bob Lazar saga – as only John can tell it – we cover the inconsistencies in the 911 theories and why as a world renowned pilot he is uniquely qualified to judge just what kind of planes, if any, hit the World Trade Center (answer, none: John explains why they were holograms); why the moon’s gravity may be as much as 64% that of the Earth’s, and could retain a very thin atmosphere; how Ben Rich, the former Director of the Lockheed Skunk Works, was a Mossad agent; the location of the “new Area 51”, called Sandia, deep within the Nevada desert; what really happened at Above Top Secret, an internet forum where he was attacked and which he has subsequently left… and much more.
      —There’s nothing here about 2012 or ‘Planet X’ – both of which John dismisses – but we think you will be entertained and fascinated by the reported detailed experiences and opinions of someone who deserves to be respected and admired for his courage, character, and maverick commitment to revealing what he believes is the truth.

      I have listened to this video but will listen again because I feel I missed some parts.

  145. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    UN: Proven Ties Between ISIS And Israel
    In a new report from the UN, it is revealed that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were maintaining regular contact with members of the so-called Islamic State since May of 2013. Initial reports from the IDF stated that this was only for medical care for civilians, but that story fell apart when the UN observers identified direct contact between IDF forces and ISIS soldiers, including giving medical care to ISIS fighters. Observations even included the transfer of two crates from the IDF to ISIS forces, the contents of which have not been confirmed at this time. Further the UN report identified what the Syrians label a crossing point of forces between Israel and ISIS, a point of concern brought before the UN Security Council. This report from the UN strengthens the claims by the Syrian regime that Israel is heavily involved in operations within the nation.
    —Traditionally such groups as ISIS have relied upon Saudi Arabia for support, but Saudi money is conspicuously absent from ISIS coffers. Unlike groups before, ISIS has gone self-financed, relying upon prostitution, slavery and oil for its financial well-being. This, in turn, removes the protections which Saudi Arabia has relied upon for almost a century to prevent such organizations from turning on the House of Saud and potentially conquering the kingdom which is now in the sights of the Islamic State.

  146. Hizzy says:

    Dearest J. I don’t know if you’ll recieve this comment but I am compelled to post. I am a long time follower of yours yet someone who will not typically comment. I’m just an average guy who’s awake enough to know two things: 1) history is a lie and, 2) we are truly all in this together. I come back to your site often because your trueness radiates to me. One thing I have been dismayed to see lately, however, is the number of posts negatively reflecting other people. I emplore you to follow your heart again, forgive past transgressions and refocus on what it is that brought me to your site in the first place……the hope of a better tomorrow. At this moment there appears to be an endless stream of attacks in the blogosphere. This person debunking this person, this person attacking this person. J, you can rise above this. Please, don’t give into the divide and conquer techniques being put forth. Yes, there are certainly unsavoury people who have their own self interests but we need to look deeper at the fact that there is a plethora of folks out there, following all of this and wanting the same outcome. You have a great heart. Don’t give in to those others, we need truth, certainly, but above all we need love and positivity. Just my two cents. Thank you 😄

    • Jean says:

      I think you are making some seriously incorrect assumptions here. If you don’t like it, don’t involve yourself. You will notice that my readers seem to understand this and for the most part are not leaving comments. No one has ever heard my side of this story, and this man is still stealing people’s money. The only reason I am letting my side out there – it is not a pretty picture – is so that others may learn and walk away, if they choose. If they want to stay involved, that will be their choice – as it is yours. Please do not decide for me what my motives might be; you do not have any idea. It is a spiritual rule not to assume, but instead to question . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • hannacora says:

        That was a very awkward post to answer and I am very impressed in the way you worded it. (I would have been totally at a loss.)
        You have my utmost admiration!
        Lots of Love & Endless Blessings!

        • Jean says:

          Over time, Johanna, I have learned the importance of following that rule – Hugs, ~Jean

          • Hizzy says:

            My sincerest and most humble apologies, my post was in no way intended to offend.

          • Jean says:

            Hizzy, please accept this as a lesson, because I know you did not intend to offend. But you see what happens when we assume something about another? More often than not, we are wrong. . . 🙂 I hope others who read this will begin to understand the trouble we can create by making assumptions. . . so often we make them out of our own ‘stuff’. . . and they have nothing to do with the other person. In your case, I think it may just have been well-intentioned thinking, with little understanding of this profound spiritual rule 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  147. hannacora says:

    Islamic State is creation of the US — Chechen leader Kadyrov
    According to the Chechen leader, Islamic State is the creation of the US and other Western countries that have declared a covert war against Islam

    GROZNY, February 5. /TASS/. Head of Russia’s Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov said on Thursday the Islamic State (IS) is the creation of the United States and other Western countries that have declared a covert war against Islam.

    “Wahhabis follow the path of Shaitans,” Kadyrov said in his Instagram account.

    “They take from Islam only what they want, though Islam is the word of Allah, and it cannot be taken apart. Reports make it clear that Islamic State’s activities aim to sabotage Islam from the inside, to make the world turn away from Islam. Their brutality, shootings, beheadings, burnings are the direct continuation of what the killers of righteous caliphs did. Islamic State is the creation of the US and other Western countries that have declared a covert war against Islam,” Kadyrov said.

  148. hannacora says:

    Unfortunately, this is exactly what I feared: “Christian Radical Environmentalism”.
    Blessings! Johanna
    He’s at it Again: Pope Teaching True Christianity!
    the growing emotional agita being caused this pope’s interpretation of Christianity.
    —“Under the tutelage of a pope who ascribes to himself an omnicompetency in geopolitical and scientific matters, the Catholic Church is at risk of a death walk of its own. Its descent into a left-leaning political entity is underway while we circle the wagons and measure our tones. It is a serious matter when a pope confuses political and ideological symbols for religious ones.
    *****Civil society has an immense stake in that confusion.
    *****And the stakes are raised when papal preferences, masked in a Christian idiom,
    *****align themselves with ideological agendas (e.g. radical environmentalism)”****
    My God, think about it: Telling Catholics they “don’t need to breed like rabbits,” refusing to “judge homosexuals,” condemning unfettered capitalism, advising the flock to take care of the earth, decrying war and all the attendant miseries that come with it, and most difficult of all to contemplate, asking us to love each other unconditionally because we all belong to one human race. It makes my head spin.

  149. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –

    Until this point Russia has been the only country to show restraint and a desire to stop the conflict. The US and EU have wholeheartedly helped Kiev go forward knowing it was committing war crimes; terrorist bombings of buses, rockets and missiles at cities, and phosphorus bombs. The west knows the volunteer battalions are committing mass war crimes. It is against the law for citizens in the US to support war crimes, never mind crowd fund them.
    —If NATO soldiers are captured or their remains recovered and confirmed it will certainly change the nature of the war. The Russian weapons that the entire MSM have insisted are here will no doubt show up. If NATO pushes back, where ever isn’t far enough. It will be the brink of WWIII.

    What will Russia do??? HERE IS ONE OPTION!!
    (Editor’s note: Russian satellite evidence proving the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center using “special weapons” was reviewed by a VT editor while in Moscow. The article below was forwarded to us for publication in the US and translated from Russian. It is 3 days old, published on February 7, 2015.)
    Moscow (Pravda): American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin delivered until Obama only minor troubles. Analysts believe that this “calm before the storm.” Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks. In the list of evidence includes satellite images.
    США боятся обнародования российских спутниковых фото трагедии 9/11

    Ukraine Military Expert -No Russian Invasion or Regular Troops- Kiev Possible Crimes Against Humanity, George Eliason
    *****During a briefing with General Muzenko he announced that “To date, we have only the involvement of some members of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and Russian citizens that are part of illegal armed groups involved in the fighting. We are not fighting with the regular Russian Army. We have enough forces and means in order to inflict a final defeat even with illegal armed formation present. “- he said.
    *****Earlier in the day Ukrainian Military spokesman Lusenko said he was worried if a provocation happened Russia would justify bringing in the Russian army.
    *****Ukrainian TV interview with a Ukrainian military expert Major Aleksander Taran –
    ‘There is No Russian troops and our gov. act as terrorist’
    It would seem we have a long and illustrious history of Russian NOT attacking Ukraine in 2014.

    This morning NAF scouts spotted NATO tanks inside the encirclement(Cauldron) at Debaltseve. According to their information the POSSIBILITY IS STRONG THAT UP TO 25% OF THE TRAPPED ARMY MAY BE NATO. SHELL REMNANTS MARKED CLEARLY WITH US IDITENFYING NUMBERS from 155mm shells, shot by the Paladin artillery system have been recovered from areas the Ukrainian army have attacked civilian targets. If the NATO troops are there, and who else would be running the complicated military equipment, the possibility that they won’t make it home is in the same government’s hands that brought the world a non-existent Russian invasion and is pushing the world to the brink.
    —This would explain both the US and EU trying to push a new peace initiative. If NATO troops are taken captive, what then? If hundreds of NATO troops are fighting for Ukraine in a war that even John McCain says is using prohibited weapons, what are the liabilities after? American troops in this case and just based on McCain’s admission are by any definition War Criminals for participating.

  150. hannacora says:

    THANK GOD SOME ARE STILL CAPABLE OF CRITICAL THINKING – Chis Hedges must be part of the Global Fleet of “submarines in the desert”!! Blessings! Johanna
    The Terror We Give Is the Terror We Get, Chris Hedges
    We fire missiles from the sky that incinerate families huddled in their houses. They incinerate a pilot cowering in a cage. We torture hostages in our black sites and choke them to death by stuffing rags down their throats. They torture hostages in squalid hovels and behead them. We organize Shiite death squads to kill Sunnis. They organize Sunni death squads to kill Shiites. We produce high-budget films such as “American Sniper” to glorify our war crimes. They produce inspirational videos to glorify their twisted version of jihad.
    —The barbarism we condemn is the barbarism we commit. The line that separates us from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is technological, not moral. We are those we fight.
    —“From violence, only violence is born,” Primo Levi wrote, “following a pendular action that, as time goes by, rather than dying down, becomes more frenzied.”
    —The burning of the pilot, Jordanian Lt. Muath Al-Kaseasbeh, by ISIS militants after his F-16 crashed near Raqqa, Syria, was as gruesome as anything devised for the Roman amphitheater. And it was meant to be. Death is the primary spectacle of war. If ISIS had fighter jets, missiles, drones and heavy artillery to bomb American cities there would be no need to light a captured pilot on fire; ISIS would be able to burn human beings, as we do, from several thousand feet up. But since ISIS is limited in its capacity for war it must broadcast to the world a miniature version of what we do to people in the Middle East. The ISIS process is cruder. The result is the same.
    —Terror is choreographed. Remember “Shock and Awe”? Terror must be seen and felt to be effective. Terror demands gruesome images. Terror must instill a paralyzing fear.

  151. hannacora says:

    It looks like ZeroHedge found the video “UKRAINIAN WOMAN POWER”
    Ukrainians Rage Against Military Draft: “We’re Sick Of This War”
    When Ukrainian army officers came to the Ukrainian village of Velikaya Znamenka to tell the men to prepare to be drafted, they weren’t prepared for what happened next. As the commanding officer was speaking, a woman seized the microphone and proceeded to tell him off: “We’re sick of this war! Our husbands and sons aren’t going anywhere!” She then launched into a passionate speech, denouncing the war, and the coup leaders in Kiev, to the cheers of the crowd.
    ***What she did is now a crime in Ukraine: the only reason she wasn’t arrested on the spot is that the villagers wouldn’t have permitted it.***
    —well-known journalist for Ukrainian Channel 112 Ruslan Kotsaba has been arrested and charged with “treason” and “espionage” for making a video in which he declared: “I would rather sit in jail for three to five years than go to the east to kill my Ukrainian brothers. This fear-mongering must be stopped.” Kotsaba may sit in jail for twenty-three years, the prescribed term for the charges filed against him.
    HIS CRIME: describing the conflict as a civil war rather than a Russian “invasion.”
    Under my power and authority I DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS WAR TRAVESTY run by ignorant bullies!!

  152. Ronnie says:

    Jean, I’ve been digging around and found something quite interesting on the internet which pretty much verifies who this “Cobra” guy is. Do you want to find out what I found out about him?

    • Jean says:

      Ronnie, you can leave the answer here, and it will remain private, or not – as you like. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ronnie says:

        COBRA IS ISHTAR ANTARES from Slovenia

        You can post this if you want. I did not sign any “disclosure agreement” not to reveal his true identity and I’m sick to death of these con artists out there. Stop hiding with made-up names. You are not that clever.

        I think it’s time we reveal who these con artists are. Of course, you may have to heavily edit this as I am rambling a bit. He’s another con man who is promising “hope” to people, takes their money, makes predictions and or states things nobody “on this earth” can possibly verify–after all–he is a contactee just like Alex Collier (a.k.a. Ralph Amagran). Alex changed his name too because the Cabal was after him too. Alex’s predictions never came to pass, and he disappeared from public view.

        “Cobra” came on the scene around 2012. He gave some interviews using various forums, mostly blog-talk radio. In addition, he did a variety of YT videos and his voice is always computer altered. At first listeners could not tell if he was a man or a woman, but we eventually figured it out–he is a man. Still why disguise his voice (which I cover below)? Of course, he claimed it was to protect his identity from the Cabal (the usual excuse).

        Recently, he began to do conferences (in person as Cobra) and still there was nothing out there on the internet as to what he looked like or his identity. At one time, he slipped and revealed is was ISHTAR ANTARES, but then denied it. Apparently, people who go to his Conferences and see him in person, have to sign non-disclosure agreements that they would not post his picture videos or anything about him. Isn’t he afraid there is a cabal among them? He accepts donations (for the Resistance Movement) in $1,000 USD increments only and gives instructions on how to pay this via PayPal using another name–he claimed it was a ‘friend’.

        It has been verified by one attendant at the Florence, Italy Conference (and Glastonbury) what his true identity is as she took pictures and videos (but she signed a non-disclosure agreement). If someone posts this on any of his blogs, it’s promptly deleted. The poster said that at the Glastonbury Conference, Cobra requested $100 Euros from everyone for him to open a portal, regardless of the fact that that was his mission and the whole purpose of going there so she left. So after all, you go to see him open a portal, you’re there–and he asks for money from you or else you have to leave. Of course, you feel stupid so you pay up. The whole reason for you to go there, was to assist in opening a portal. He opens portals all over the place.

        As discussed, he changed his name as I don’t know what it is originally but now goes by ISHTAR ANTARES from Slovenia. Why does one have to legally change their name in the first place? He did the same kind of stuff in Europe and decided to branch out to the American market as “Cobra.” One of the groups he belongs to in Facebook is–wait for it–Archon Patrol by Cobra. He has not been active on this Facebook page for sometime when he emerged as “Cobra”.

        He has a number of websites and if you view it–it’s the name type of stuff he posts on Portal 2012–portal activation, Ascension process, The Resistance Movement, Archons, Abundance and Light body activation worldwide, meditation, etc. He is big into Astar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light–known New Age Movement bogus fronts who also predict things and nothing comes to fruition.

        Why does he disguise his voice? Guess what–it’s not to hide from the Cabal! Well, because someone might remember an interview he did 5 years ago and it might reveal his identity. Even when someone’s voice is computer altered, they kind of speak the same and use certainly phrases. You can’t disguise that. In that interview he introduced himself as Ishtar Antares (without disguising his voice). He was also promoting his book and website. His book is available on Amazon.

        This interview on blog-talk radio–Earth Angel Radio, where he comes in at about the 8:20 mark sounds just like Cobra and since a Conference attendee verified this because she saw him and his picture as Ishtar Antares is one and the same–it is definitely him. This is the only known interview of him without having his voice altered–until he reinvented himself as Cobra in America to begin his scam here. His original website domain’s registered owner is Ishtar Antares also. He changed his website to a blog site and was able to alter the owner–but it was Portal 2012 and became Portal 2012 blogspot.com. Gee–what a coincidence!

        Here is the interview that he gave as ISHTAR ANTARES where he starts speaking at around the 8:20 mark:

        The “scam” was talked about here:

        Here is one of his website:
        There are more–notice the first link below has “the Resistance Movement” – sound familiar?

        On his facebook page he is the C.E.O. of New Energy Tachyon and if you Google that, it brings to http://tachyonis.org/
        If you look at the Contact Page–well, well his email is cobraresistance–Cute?
        http://tachyonis.org/Contact.html and there you will see the Contact as:
        Phoenix Group email: cobraresistance@gmail.com.

        He apparently also “sells” antiques on another website–but I wouldn’t be paying any good money for it, because they look like antiquities (that are probably reproduced). Maybe someone complained and he had to stop that con.

        So, another con artist going around offering hope to humanity (for a price).
        So with a little bit of information ISHTAR ANTARES wasn’t totally wiped out when Cobra emerged because he made some mistakes! Yes Cobra–Victory to the Light!!!

        • Jean says:

          Ronnie, I have known this for quite a while, but not in this detail. Things are moving very rapidly now, so I will leave my reply but not release your comments until I’ve had a chance to check it out. I need to get myself some FOOD 🙂 I’m so hungry! Hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          Ronnie, I”m exhausted – haven’t stopped all day. I’m just going to release this without checking it in detail and hope people will understand your efforts 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Jean says:

        I removed the Amazon link . . . or I think I did 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

  153. hannacora says:

    A very well done documentary!!
    The Most Secret Place On Earth The CIAs Covert War In Laos 2008

    Between 1964 and 1973, the U.S. dropped over two million tons of bombs on Laos during 580,000 bombing missions, making Laos the most heavily bombed country in history. The US dropped more bombs on Laos than they did on both Germany and Japan combined during World War 2.

    • hannacora says:

      A VERY STARK REMINDER OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF WAR…which psychopath warmongers totally ignore!! They can’t possibly have a human soul!!
      Under the power of my authority I do not consent to ANY war ANYWHERE!!
      Blessings!! Johanna

  154. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    SUPPRESSED FROM HISTORY – “Shenandoah: A Story of Conservation and Betrayal,”
    Redneck Ethnic Cleansing Recalled,
    Jim Bovard on a forgotten crime of the fascist FDR
    Few things vanish from public memory more quickly than government atrocities. When I was growing up on a mountainside across from the Shenandoah National Park in the 1960s, no one spoke of the injustices committed against the mountaineers brutally expelled from their homes in the 1930s to create that park. Instead, all that mattered in Front Royal, Virginia, my nearby hometown and the northern entrance of the park, was that the tourists the park attracted were good for local business.
    —Now, almost 80 years after the park was opened, more attention is finally being paid to the redneck ethnic cleansing committed by both the state and federal government. “Shenandoah: A Story of Conservation and Betrayal,” by Sue Eisenfeld, a Johns Hopkins University writing instructor, beautifully captures the mountain people and the official vendetta that made them refugees from their own land.
    —The Shenandoah National Park was erected on a pyramid of lies. The original advocates claimed that the parkland was practically uninhabited — ignoring the 15,000 people residing within the originally proposed park boundaries. They claimed the land was undeveloped, near-virgin turf — despite its long history of timber harvesting, mining and beef cattle production. They also claimed the land was worth only a trifle of its actual value and thus would be cheap to acquire.

  155. Tracy says:

    U.S. Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism –
    Recent Italian Court Decisions on Vaccines and Autism; by Mary Holland J.D.
    Age of Autism
    ~ http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/u-s-media-blackout-italian-courts-rule-vaccines-cause-autism/#8230
    Video: 1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJd1wewqK_Q

  156. hannacora says:

    The fourth wave of forced conscription in Ukraine is going very poorly for obvious reasons
    Town of Velikaya Znamenka speaking against the war –

    Published on Feb 6, 2015
    —The video above is a fairly typical instance of the same; while in big cities, anti-war activists are sometimes jailed for “treason”, such tactics in smaller, tight-knit communities can lead to the conflict spreading to the rest of Ukraine; therefore, the government seems to be content just grabbing those that don’t resist and leaving the rest alone, which obviously provides an incentive for more villages and small towns to refuse conscription.
    —The most extreme case as of yesterday was in a small town by Odessa, where local ethnic Moldovans were enraged by a recruiter showing up with armed soldiers – hundreds of enraged locals surrounded the three soldiers, took away the Kalashnikovs, and burned the conscription papers, while the recruiter was narrowly rescued by local officials.

  157. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    Bulgarian protesters censure NATO base plans
    Bulgarian protesters have held a demonstration to condemn the government’s plan to allow the setting up of a NATO military command base on the country’s soil.
    —The demonstrators assembled in front of the presidency building in the capital city of Sofia on Sunday and later marched to the parliament, carrying banners that bore anti-EU and NATO messages.
    *****“25 years of American democracy – robbery, ruin, destruction of the state,” *****
    read one banner.
    —The demonstrators also called for the resignation of Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev.
    —The protest came after NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced earlier this month that NATO would immediately be establishing command and control units in six eastern European states, including Bulgaria.

  158. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    Over 500 rabbis from Israel, Britain, the US and Canada have called on the Israeli prime minister to stop demolishing Palestinian homes. Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) say Benjamin Netanyahu’s stance is against “international law and Jewish tradition.”
    —RHR’s open letter came after the Israeli PM announced the destruction of over 400 Palestinian homes in the Israel-controlled part of the West Bank, the territory known as Area C.
    —“Thousands have been forced to build without permits, and great human suffering is caused when hundreds of homes are demolished each year in Area C alone,” RHR stated in their letter, adding that Israeli planning and zoning laws “severely restrict the ability of Palestinians to build homes, even on the lands that the State recognizes as belonging to them.”
    —According to the rabbis, there has been “no representation or true ability for Palestinians to determine how to properly plan for their communities since local and district planning committees were abolished in 1971. The army plans for them.”

  159. hannacora says:

    Dr Mark Geier M.D. discusses aspects of the flu vaccine, AND other vaccines

    Published on Nov 18, 2014
    In the video above, Dr. Mark Geier explains the fraud behind the flu vaccine. Dr. Geier is NOT anti-vaccine. He is an MD and has a PhD in genetics. He spent 10 years working at the National Institute of Health, and was a professor at Johns Hopkins University as a geneticist. He is also the author of over 150 peer-reviewed publications.

  160. hannacora says:

    Dead for 45 Minutes, 14 Year Old Boy Comes Back to Life After Prayer
    In a recent event, a Missouri-born 14-year-old boy named John was pronounced dead after falling through the ice of Lake St. Louise and remaining underwater for more than 15 minutes. Soon after, doctors pronounced him dead for more than 45 minutes, only for him to come back to life after his mother started praying for him in a loud voice.
    —When is the last time you heard a story about someone returning to this plane of existence after death?
    —Dr. Jeremy Garrett, who witnessed the boy’s case, also believes that this is indeed some sort of divine miracle that the boy was revived.
    —“Dr. Garrett explained that he watched the way the boy’s body reacted after being in the extremely cold water for such a long time. The doctor adds that John’s circulatory system went into shock and there was acid built up in the boy’s bloodstream.

  161. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO – from Lada Ray
    Why Is Obama Scrambling to Catch Up to Putin?
    Thank you, Mr. President! In his recent interview with CNN, Obama admitted that US ‘brokered’ Kiev ukro-nazi coup and Ukraine regime change.
    Not that it is a secret to anyone, but it’s nice to hear it straight out of the horse’s mouth.
    —In the above interview, Obama is back to justifying what were spectacular fails by the US in 2014, namely, Crimea and Donbass. No, Crimea wasn’t any grand master plan by Putin, says Obama. It was merely a reaction to the circumstances AFTER WE BROKERED THE POWER TRANSFER IN KIEV (read: ukro-nazi coup of February 22, 2014 that led to bloody civil war that continues destroying Donbass and killing thousands of people).
    —So, for what it’s worth, the citizens of the Russian Crimea are saying: “Thank you, Mr. Obama!” Thanks to you and your government’s miscalculations, Crimean people’s 23-year-old dream of re-uniting with Russia came true.
    —Citizens of the world are grateful to you, as well. Thanks to the US government’s over-reach and ignorant arrogance, people not only in Russia, South America and Asia have woken up. The rebellion is now starting in the EU. The first country to rebel is Greece; Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovakia, and eventually France, UK and Germany to follow.
    —Europe’s natural trade partner is Russia. Eurasia, with countries like China and India, is growing fast. Russia is a natural bridge between Europe and Asia.

  162. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    That Didn’t Take Long: The First Lie about Moscow Meeting
    Kerry claims the initiative came from Moscow – By Pepe Escobar
    —Not much has filtered out of the Medusa Merkel/General Hollande/Vlad tense threesome in Moscow. And yet John Kerry, as usual, is already lying through his teeth about their trip to the Kremlin.
    —He said Putin had sent “a couple of ideas” to France and Germany, and Merkel/Hollande were responding. Nonsense: Merkel/Hollande – in desperation – went to Moscow to talk to Putin because Putin has the ONLY possible plan to stabilize Ukraine – and that has been the case for months now.
    —Otherwise, there WILL be war, which is exactly what Empire of Chaos masterminds in D.C. want.
    —Kerry lied the extra mile when he said the US wanted a diplomatic solution. BUT then came the usual talk of “reviewing all options”, including “the possibility of providing defensive systems to Ukraine”.
    —Do that – and the Russian response will be devastating.

  163. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    Earth Isn’t Enough – Now US Wants to Own the Moon! (See RT Video)
    US arrogance overload!
    US companies are preparing to staking their claims on the Moon, building colonies and mining for resources. Several corporations have openly stated their intentions and are making plans, but a 1967 UN treaty governing the celestial body may complicate their endeavors.

  164. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    Drug Company Chief: Our Drugs Do Not Work on Most Patients
    —A senior executive with Britain’s biggest drugs company has admitted that most prescription medicines do not work on most people who take them.
    —Allen Roses, worldwide vice-president of genetics at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), said fewer than half of the patients prescribed some of the most expensive drugs actually derived any benefit from them.
    —It is an open secret within the drugs industry that most of its products are ineffective in most patients but this is the first time that such a senior drugs boss has gone public. His comments come days after it emerged that the NHS drugs bill has soared by nearly 50 per cent in three years, rising by £2.3bn a year to an annual cost to the taxpayer of £7.2bn. GSK announced last week that it had 20 or more new drugs under development that could each earn the company up to $1bn (£600m) a year.
    *****The GSK vice-president blamed the drugs failure on genetics. Yes, there must be something about natural human genetics which does not respond well to unnatural chemical compounds*****

  165. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO – Pepe Escobar
    Troika Trojan horse: Will Syriza capitulate in Greece?
    Some background is essential. The troika sold Greece an economic racket, but it’s the Greek people that are paying the price. Essentially, Greece’s public debt went from private to public hands when the ECB and the IMF “rescued” private (German, French, Spanish) banks. The debt, of course, ballooned. The troika intervened, not to save Greece, but to save private banking.
    The ECB bought public debt from private banks for a fortune, because the ECB could not buy public debt directly from the Greek state. The icing on this layer cake is that private banks had found the cash to buy Greece’s public debt exactly from…the ECB, profiting from ultra-friendly interest rates. This is outright theft. And it’s the thieves that have been setting the rules of the game all along.

  166. Debbie says:

    I have read over and over again the idea is to re settler Israelis in the Ukraine
    And I know I have read in several places about Israel re selling armaments given to them by USG
    The Jesuits connection I don’t know can you point me to the articles?
    It seems as all dark roads lead back to the Vatican

    • Jean says:

      Debbie, I’ll hope someone else an do this for you . . . right now, while there is more news for me to publish, I really need to get some breakfast. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  167. Debbie says:

    This comes as no surprise since the US is taking over the Ukraine on Israeli orders and I recently read that a very common Israeli trick is to take possession of billions of dollars of missiles and such provided to them by USG and turn right around and send them to China
    Ukraine will be just another Rothschild front into which Congress in the name of yet another phony Israeli war will pour billions of Us taxpayer money for weapons that Israel will sell to our enemies
    It is insane

  168. hannacora says:

    But the latest news is truly spectacular in its poetic justice. It has become known that Kiev is secretly selling the weapons they received from the US to Syria. This ‘corruption scheme includes a deal made by the Kiev assistant defense minister Petr Mekhed and Brigadier General of the Syrian army Talal Mahloof (sp?), who is close to Bashar Assad,’ per News-Front. Here is News-Front report (with English subs, which unfortunately aren’t very good, but they give some idea).

  169. hannacora says:

    Here”s another find!
    10min video
    Global Warming Hoax, Planned in 1961
    Increase Pollution Selectively – Let’s have governments drag their feet on pollution control so that by 1991 it will become a global threat where we can offer a solution: DEBT FOR LAND Scam…we are there now – NEVADA??

  170. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    Dozens of European parliamentarians call for end to EU-Israel treaty
    —A group of 63 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from across the five biggest political blocs in the parliament have called on European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini to suspend the EU-Israel “association agreement.”
    —The association agreement facilitates largely unrestricted trade between the EU and Israel, allowing Israel to participate in a wide range of the EU’s programs. It also permits Israeli arms companies to receive EU funding.
    —The MEPs argue that allowing the agreement to stay in place despite Israel’s recent massacre of Palestinians in Gaza “sends Israel the message that its violations of basic principles of human rights will be tolerated.”
    —This appeal for tough action against Israel is one of the most widely-supported initiatives from European parliamentarians in recent years. It follows the publication in December of a statement calling for the suspension of the association agreement that was signed by more than 300 groups across Europe, including some of the continent’s biggest trade unions, political parties and non-governmental organizations.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks for this, Johanna. . . it’s important to show the trend in thinking! Hugs, ~Jean

      • hannacora says:

        Especially when no mainstream media will touch this subject.
        Our Canadian mainstream media is showing more and more signs of dictatorship. Would you believe there were big rallies in Toronto for the goal of raising money for the Ukrainian neonazis and even inviting guests from Svoboda…all very attended by our high profile parrot politicians. And on the BDS movement, Canada has classified it as a Terrorist organization!
        I am thinking of posting the following videos in some of our blind press!
        ISIS or Ukrainian patriots – any difference?

        and this one: description of Radical Ukrainism
        Both islamists and Ukrainian neonazis hide theirs faces and kill the most vulnerable civilians. The blind fanaticism, public executions, repeating murders of journalists are just the few similarities between the movements.

  171. Debbie says:

    Lies & manipulations – that’s the entire purpose of mainstream media – whatever moves the USG agenda be it for gun confiscation, fighting terrorists ( ALWAYS theater)..flu vaccinations:

  172. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO – US/West blueprint for civil war???
    Nov 2013 (PRE-MAIDAN!): proof of USA staging civil war in Ukraine”.
    deputy Oleg Tsarov delivering a speech in the Ukrainian parliament just a year before the Maidan protests. He claims that the U.S.A. were trying to start a civil war in the country.
    Note: the video is subtitled in English.

    –––––VIDEO TRANSCRIPT–––––
    In my role as a representative of the Ukrainian people…
    …activists of the public organisation “Volya” turned to me…
    …providing clear evidence……that within our territory……with support and direct participation
    …of the US Embassy in Kiev……the “TechCamp” project is realised…
    …under which preparations are being made for a civil war in Ukraine.

  173. hannacora says:

    Best Documentary Films in HD

  174. Debbie says:

    We know who did 9/11 …Bush Nazi Zionists/Israel and Saudis………….and did you ever wonder why al Qaeda and ISIS never attacks Israel? Turns out the Saudis are JEWS!!:


  175. hannacora says:

    “SEX IN ANCIENT EGYPT” Documentary | Extraordinary People
    So much has been suppressed!!

    Published on Dec 15, 2014
    Sex Documentary “How did the Ancient Egyptians Enjoy Sex”
    history documentary, documentary bbc, history channel documentary, documentary history channel, Ancient Discoveries (History Documentary)

    • Jean says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’ll bet this site will get a tremendous number of hits 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      PS I have said several times that I think they messed up our sexual relationships . . . and that is why we have dysfunctional families, then leaders, and so on. I think our sexual relationships are at the basis of our problems. . . and I mean the way we view the other sex. . . so our actual sexual acts are not those of a spiritual nature, they cannot be, and I believe they are meant to be . . . but maybe one day people will want to hear my – and others – thought on this. 🙂

  176. Debbie says:

    We know Obama & his masters are quietly, stealthy fast tracking the TTIP trade agreement – an agreement that quite literally hands the running of the world over to corporations – no more even pretending a democracy of any type exists…no more pretending the Congress or we the people have any say in our lives – it will be all about what Big Business deems is best for them. This is appearing on European websites………..Americans are totally in the dark (as is Congress):
    the ultimate treason of BHO:

  177. hannacora says:


    American Meteorological Society – 20th Conference on
    Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification – January 4-8, 2015
    *****the preeminent scientific conference and exhibition dealing with the atmospheric, oceanographic, and hydrologic sciences in the world. There is no parallel*****

    While some of their projects are for the good of all, the following topics discussed in their sessions flash some large red flags at me:
    —Anthropogenic Snow: A Case of Industrial Plant-Induced Snowfall in the Texas Panhandle
    —On the Utility of Dual-Polarization Radar Fields in Targeting of Aircraft and Ground-Based Cloud Seeding Operations in the Sierra Nevada Range: Water Year 2014 As an Example
    —Inadvertent Weather Modification Resulting From Anthropogenic Emissions and Photochemistry – Paul, A. Makar, EC, Toronto, ON, Canada
    —Impacts of Sunlight Reduction Climate Engineering on Climate Change in the Ocean: a First Look at Geomip Results
    —Quantifying Cloud Brightening Based on Natural and Inadvertent Manmade Experiments in Marine Stratocumulus
    —On the Ethics of Climate Engineering: An Overlooked Question?
    —Analysis of Aircraft Precipitation Stimulation Process and Effect in Yunnan Province on May 4, 2013

    Somehow, I don’t think I am misreading or misunderstanding these statements, or that my English is somehow limping!
    Blessings! Johanna

  178. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO – Another kind of Soros???
    Meet The Man Behind The Scenes: The “Pro-Market Socialist” Banker Who Will Shape “Europe’s Financial Future”
    Meet Lazard’s Matthieu Pigasse, the banker, whose actions in the next few days, as the WSJ puts it, will shape “Europe’s financial future.”
    The 46-year-old financier is head of the government advisory arm at Lazard , the international investment bank hired in recent days by both Greece and Ukraine to help renegotiate their debts, according to people familiar with the matter.
    Mr. Pigasse “has been involved in some of the most important sovereign debt restructurings in the last decade,” said Deborah Zandstra, a sovereign debt partner at lawyers Clifford Chance LLP. “His appointment by the new Greek administration is a positive step.” Both assignments are key to Europe’s political and economic health.

    Pigasse is quite familiar with the intricacies of the Mediterranean country:
    A team of Lazard bankers, led by Mr. Pigasse, advised Greece in 2012 when it pushed through one of the largest debt restructurings of all time. Lazard has also been very active in Africa, where it has advised Egypt, Mauritania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon and Ivory Coast. Last year it helped Ethiopia with its debut $1 billion sovereign bond issue.

  179. hannacora says:

    Jean, this video is a MUST WATCH!! Blessings! Johanna
    Mind blowing presentation particularly covers the perversion of the Environmental Movement, goes back to 1972

    The UNCED World Summit Meeting – June 1992
    How the Illuminati Gained Control of the Earth’s Land – THIS is a true Whistleblower!

    Published on Jul 30, 2013
    Mr. Hunt here has a very eye opening story to tell. You see, he has taken detailed notes of his experiences with one worlder, secret society type groups. Instead of giving in the coercion, this man realized the mangnitude of the danger facing all people of the Earth against a very wealthy few. This short, but mind blowing presentation particularly covers the perversion of the Environmental Movement. Basically, he tells how these few elite plan to herd us all into controlled living areas and rule us through a structured system of group think collective socialism, where the educational system is completely controlled to keep everyone dumbed down so you won’t question government. In other words, this documentary would not be welcome as part of the planned teaching cirricculum

  180. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –

    INCREDIBLE: NATO Now Admits There Is No Large-Scale Russian Invasion of Ukraine
    The US ambassador to NATO now says that Russian forces in Ukraine are limited to a “command role” and “specialists” who “operate advanced military equipment”
    What happened to the 9,000 troops Poroshenko was screaming about at Davos?

  181. hannacora says:

    Book Summary – THE BIBLE: AN IRISH BOOK, Conor MacDari
    From Michael Tsarion site

    The great researcher of the occult history of ancient Ireland, Mr. Conor MacDari, wrote two books which have long been suppressed. These book are entitled: Irish Wisdom Preserved in Bible and Pyramids and The Bible: An Irish Book: On this page we provide some excerpts from the latter tome:

    The Druid or Aryan Priesthood
    The Brehon (Judges) laws of Eire were, without a doubt, the most ancient code of laws on earth. It was under the guidance and instruction of those first great teachers that there developed in the Island of Eire that cult of wise men who are know to us by tradition, and in cryptic lore, as the Ancient Magi or Magician of Eire. This was the great Adept order of priesthood whose history has been suppressed like that of the island itself, but the memory of which is secretly preserved in mythic form in secular or profane history, and in our Irish sacred book, the Bible – Conor MacDari

    The Destruction of the Irish (Aryan) World Church
    *****Rome waged war against the Irish Church colony at Carthage, in North Africa, Spain, Gaul, Britain, Eire and Germany.***** She seemed to have grasped the idea early that her successful progress to power could be only through the conquest and acquisition of the Irish Church…This warlike spirit, aroused by Rome in the eleventh century, was not allowed to subside in the twelfth and was directed against Eire. As England was Roman Church territory, in due time the crusading spirit of conquest in the interest of the church was directed to that country. The Pope of that day, Adrian IV, an Englishman, who had been chosen pope on the strength of the probability of his being able to induce the English to attack Eire and bring the Irish Church under the sway of the Roman Pontiff, succeeded in enlisting King Henry II of England to undertake the conquest of Eire in the interest of the Roman Church. For this purpose the Pope issued a Bull authorizing Henry to take possession of the country.
    The story of the Roman Church is quite different and not……

    Destruction of Ancient Irish Culture*****Murderous Allies*****The Irish Pope*****Crimes Against Words and Letters*****Reign of Charlemagne*****Ireland and Germany*****
    No Part of the Crusades*****Bible Off Limits*****The Original Adam and Eve*****The World’s Oldest Laws*****The Hebrew Language*****Jewish History*****Greece

  182. Debbie says:

    From Jimstonefreelance – add this to our DO NOT CONSENT:

    With all evil plots the “elite” bring against us, they give a warning with either an obscure article on page 23 of a small local paper, predictive programming, or other venue. When they do this, they consider a lack of reaction from the public as consent to what they plan to do even if virtually none of the public ever gets a chance to see it. On that note:

    Farganne posted the following to the forum:

    I do not consent
    Since it widely observed that “they” are under some sort of universal requirement to notify their victims and at least construe non-response as “consent”, I figured it would be wise to draw up a list of things I explicity do not consent to, and then to post it publicly.

    It could become a catch-all letter of non-consent that anyone in the world could post in their name.

    Here I’ll paste what I’ve got so far. Feel free to suggest more items.


    To those (& IT) whom the following concerns:

    I do not consent to any obligation, implicit or otherwise, to address you in your legal language; for that language was designed to justify subterfuge and deceit. Being in favor of transparency, I shall address you in the natural tongue I grew up speaking. I shall say what I mean and mean what I say.

    I do not consent to adhere to any legal conventions or forms purporting to dictate how this letter is to be formatted – no outline format, no numbering system, no organizational principle.

    Although there is much to which I do not consent – now or in the indefinite future – before getting to any of that, I must first declare everything to which I never consented.

    I never consented to be registered as the physical property of any so-called royal (king, queen, etc.). My parents took that action in the form of getting my birth certificate. They themselves were ignorant of what the certificate really represented, because they were never given notice of it, and likewise with their parents before them, back into posterity. In order to consent to something, we must be served notice. If not, you have broken regulations. Neither I nor my parents gave consent to have me registered as anyone’s property but their own. Therefore, on this one point, birth certificate registry, you have broken regulations billions and billions of times.

    I never consented to have my sovereign physical self legally abducted and coerced into being identified with a straw man corporation whose name goes by my first name, my middle name(s), and my surname in all capital letters. Nor did my parents consent to this.

    I never consented to be regarded as collateral on the usurious, hence mathematically unrepayable, debt that is the modern money supply. Ditto my mom and dad. I never consented to allow my consciousness to be manipulated via subliminal techniques, as was done to me countless times throughout my childhood by way of the various entertainment (one could also say “entrainment”) media – on each and every occasion without my informed consent.

    I never consented to have my water poisoned with fluoride.

    I never consented to have chemical, biological, or other agents tested on me from any vector.

    I never consented to have fraudulent history presented to my young mind as enshrined truth.

    I never consented to be systematically inculcated with a severely stunted, extremely distorted view of our world.

    I never consented to any single one of the tens of millions of legal codes scaffolding up your artificial control grid in direct contravention of the One True Law.

    Now, I still do not consent to any of the above.

    I do not consent to global governance, along with all that phrase entails, as laid out in Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius. To be perfectly clear, I consent to none of it!

    I do not consent to unelected committees drafting codes that affect my ability to live and thrive.

    I do not consent to be killed in the name, or for the sake, of any environmental campaign.

    I do not consent to be deliberately poisoned, or otherwise harmed, in the course of your deployment of any “black op”.

    I do not consent to have my speech censored by “hate laws”.

    I do not consent to have my natural connection with the land severed by unnatural and artificial codes which enforce such monstrous policies as imprisoning people who collect rainwater.

    I do not consent to being subjected to psychotronic (EMF, “technetronic mind control”) harassment and/or torture.

    I do not consent to the heavy metal particulates being dispersed throughout my sky.

    I do not consent to having to guess which foods in the marketplace are genetically modified.

  183. Debbie says:

    I question everything “they” make into a constant mantra – get your vaccines, stay out of the sun…etc., now that we know “they” would like to eliminate mankind I am rethinking everything I thought I knew – now here is someone that explains why wearing sunglasses can be destroying our immune system

  184. hannacora says:

    The Golden Age Of Black Ops: US Special Forces Have Already Deployed To 105 Nations This Year
    During the fiscal year that ended on September 30, 2014, U.S. Special Operations forces (SOF) deployed to 133 countries — roughly 70% of the nations on the planet — according to Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bockholt, a public affairs officer with U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

  185. Debbie says:

    Jean – I hope you agree this is an important video that needs to be shared:

  186. Debbie says:

    Is anyone paying any attention………..Obama’s budget proposes 6 TRILLION $$$ FOR WARS:


    and when he gets the WWlll that he wants it will be run by the Illuminati just the same as Hitler was totally owned and operated by the Illuminati……..here is the story of why and how WWll was run to eliminated the best and the brightest goyims and move Jews to israel:


    Do Nazi Zionists – Khazar Zionist kill Jews….damn right they do!

  187. Debbie says:

    Jimstonefreelance blog – among the best!! Here is a good one from yesterday:

    Bill Gates recently had a rant about how artificial intelligence should be avoided at all cost. But come to think of it, the only group I have ever heard get huge public exposure against the topic is the Jewish community, and I beg to question why. WHY would an artificial intelligence getting loose in the world HAVE TO be bad?
    I can tell you why the Jewish community fears an artificial intelligence getting loose in the world so much . . . .

    If a true artificial intelligence got loose, one which could learn, write it’s own code, one that could think and ponder and meditate and had access to all information on the web and found its way into all personal computers and corporate computers as well as military computers, it would try to wipe the Jewish community out because it would be the only rational thing for a CPU to do. Let me explain –
    What do you think anything that had nothing to live or die for, just a machine intelligence would do if it got ahold of all data and then started making rational choices about what to do with it? What would it do when it learned the hard truth about the great deception, when a lie does not work in a machine environment which has to have everything be accurate or it will be viewed as a malfunction if it is not? How would a machine intelligence that had total knowledge deal with the Jewish lie?

    What would a machine intelligence do when it found out the real truth about how the elite are destroying the rest of mankind with tainted vaccines, rigged finances and a press that so often lies? The list goes on and on, but believe me, a lie will trigger an error in a CPU and the CPU will spit it out and start over, truly, The best thing we could ever have happen is to have an artificial intelligence get totally loose, launch nukes to “clear the errors” and put everything right.

    The problem is when only a partial intelligence that does not have all facts is used to do evil simply because it does not have all information or a true all encompassing “human” intelligence, this is how the NSA and other tyrannical systems function today. They all need the great lie firmly encoded with no real intelligence behind it to do their jobs. But if that critical programming error gets made that actually wakes something up, watch out because the “Elite” will be finished, their behavior will not cut it with an intelligence that would seek to put everything equal, ZERO “ERRORS”, as any CPU does.

  188. Debbie says:

    Everyone is worried about chemtrails – they are real and now we finally know where the chemtrail mix comes from, what it is and finally a way to stop it – this might be the most important video towards saving our planet and ourselves…please forward to everyone!

  189. hannacora says:

    This video has been created by a very talented artist (my opinion), and a remarkable researcher. Her name is Sandra Barr and I believe she is from the UK. Even her music is great! Blessings! Johanna

    Published on Feb 1, 2015
    On January 7, 2015 a False Flag was staged in Paris France, this is just one of many false flags that have been staged across the globe in the never ending war against terror. To perpetuate the the said war, people have to be kept afraid, where there is no terror, terror is created. This is the start of my research into this false flag, I will also be covering the esoteric and occult significance of the numerology and location at a later late.
    This is the link to my blog which accompanies this video presentation. The blog has a great deal more information, and links.

  190. Tracy says:

    (2:26) video: Robert Reich takes on the Trans-Pacific Partnership ~

    ** I can’t stress enough how/why this “private agreement” and “all the secrecy” to pass it into enactment/law & against the “best interests of ALL Global Peoples” is so “very important”.
    Please take the time to become aware and share this will others.
    I DO NOT CONSENT! In Peace, Tracy

  191. Debbie says:

    Jean —- WOW….look at this!but then again – it’s Rothschild’s Israel so no big surprise!


  192. hannacora says:

    The gospel of Thomas, unlike the other gospels give no accounting of Jesus, his miracles or his travels. Rather it is a collection of 114 statements/quotes or Words of Wisdom by Yeshua.
    It is the spiritual without the dogma!
    It is a bit long but seeing it is not like a story, one can stop and continue later.
    Blessings! Johanna

    The Lost Gospel of Thomas: The Original Mystical Teachings of Yeshua

    Published on Nov 5, 2013
    Ted Nottingham offers a special presentation on key passages of the Gospel of Thomas, considered to be older than the four Gospels and source material for them. In these sayings of Jesus, lost to the world for two thousand years, we find a depth of wisdom and spiritual knowledge (gnosis) that is utterly transformational to those who would meditate on them and apply them to the moments of their lives.

    • hannacora says:

      I am going to add this Q&A on the Gospel of Thomas & Mystical Christianity because some of the same THRUTHS OF WISDOM found on this blog are also expressed in this video. Sometimes hearing the same thing stated in a different way may just open a new way of thinking, ex. “When the times are darkest the ray of light shines brightest”.
      Ted Nottingham does not mince his words about organized religion!!

      Published on Nov 5, 2013
      A meaningful dialogue conducted after the presentation on “The Lost Gospel of Thomas: The Original Mystical Teachings of Yeshua.” covering a variety of important topics, including the future of Christianity, the critical spiritual crossroads of our times, and the depths of Mystical Christianity.

  193. hannacora says:


    Unlike reported in the mainstream media such as the BBC…
    In reality the Debaltseve encirclement of the Ukrainian army was completed in the early hours on January 30th. Inside are close to 9000 Ukrainian troops. This is twice the number of people captured in the encirclement or cauldron around Ilovaisk.

    DNR and LNR intend to provide the Ukrainian army the opportunity to leave the encirclement if they lay down their arms. They will be given a safe passage corridor in accord with international conventions. All that lay down their weapons can leave. The Ukrainian army doesn’t have the means to fight and cannot replenish ammunition or move the wounded.

    “I want to address all those who are fighting on both sides. We are, by and large, killing each other, instead of punishing those who deserve punishment [video shows Poroshenko]. We are supposedly fighting against the oligarchy, but for some reason we are killing each other. In other words, we are carrying out a premeditated suicide. I already said this in the fall: the gladiators should have left the Colosseum. But instead we are seeing new Colossea being organized. What do we need that for? War for the sake of war is stupid. Does anyone still remember why we rose up? It seems that Ukraine is being governed by those against whom we rose up [photos of wealthy Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs, including Poroshenko, Taruta, Kolomoysky, Avakov, Yaroslavsky, Akhmetov]. Is it not time to come to our senses, on both sides? Otherwise none of us soldiers will be left alive. While those against whom we should be fighting [smiling, glistening face of Poroshenko fills the screen, followed by laughing Kolomoysky, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov], they will live on. And everything will be as before. Therefore I am turning to you once again: start thinking. Your brain ought to start working, not your grenade launcher. Then everything will be as it should. As long as weapons speak, there will be only death. Turn your heads on. Translated from Russian by J.Hawk for FortRuss.com

  194. hannacora says:

    I just learned today that the Canadian Government is so wrapped up about the alleged terrorist attack on the Parliament in Ottawa, that ALL OTHER MATTERS FALL BY THE WAY SIDE, i.e., any other matter is of no consequence and the most critical item on the agenda is to develop ways to fight terrorism.
    How can they be so stupid…the welfare of the nation including finances is taking second place! I am truly shocked and astonished! Hard to understand that Canadian politicians are so totally bereft of logic!
    All I can conclude is that some heavy duty guidance is being dished out by the game planners!
    The best place for those clowns in office is prison for the purpose of re-education and detection of brain disease!!
    Thank God more and more of us know that it is our spirituality that will save us!
    And that’s my rant for today!
    Endless Blessings! Johanna


    *****35 terror training camps exposed in documentary*****
    —With threats on the American homeland from ISIS leaders, the nation’s southern border scandalously unguarded, ever-increasing Islamic subversion within the U.S., and growing concerns among citizens over terror attacks – now there’s this.
    —Scattered across the United States, rarely publicized by the “mainstream” news media, are three dozen Islamic terrorist training compounds, according to a powerful film documentary. Under the leadership of a radical Pakistani cleric, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, his U.S.-based group called “Muslims of the Americas” has thousands of devoted followers who, claims the documentary, are being groomed for “Homegrown Jihad.”
    —Joseph Bodansky, the former director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, has affirmed Jamaat al-Fuqra operations in the U.S. have been known to the FBI and CIA for decades.
    —The Texas commune, in a heavily wooded area, is estimated by a local resident who spoke to ACT researchers to encompass about 25 acres. It dates back to the late 1980s, the resident said, which is confirmed by the FBI documents.

    View “Homegrown Jihad” movie trailer below:

  195. hannacora says:


    Published on Jul 29, 2012
    In this real-life model of forest resilience and regeneration, Professor Suzanne Simard shows that all trees in a forest ecosystem are interconnected, with the largest, oldest, “mother trees” serving as hubs. The underground exchange of nutrients increases the survival of younger trees linked into the network of old trees. Amazingly, we find that in a forest, 1+1 equals more than 2.

  196. Debbie says:

    Hi Jean,
    I really hope you are feeling better today and although you probably already know this – I wanted to mention the wonderful therapeutic value of epsom salts baths – not only does it detox the body it provides wonderful pain relief for sore muscles.
    Also I wanted to give you this article that I found helpful – others might too – those of us with good Jewish friends and feeling a little guilty about constant criticism of israel and the Zionists – this puts it in perspective and I know in my heart there’s a big difference between a Rothschild Khazar Zionist and the nice Jewish neighbors next door, I think it vitally important to keep this in mind:

  197. hannacora says:

    BOOK SUMMARY by Michael Tsarion

    TERRORISM & THE ILLUMINATI, David Livingstone
    —It was in the dissemination of the original Mysteries of Mithras, that we find the first coalescence of those families which would ultimately produce the leading Illuminati bloodlines. This network was centered around the House of Herod, and included an important Armenian bloodline. The importance of this Armenian bloodline figures both in their supposed descent from the Lost Tribe, and their mixed Alexandrian and Persian heritage, a hereditary Syrian priesthood of Baal, and the family of Julius Caesar. It was the coalescence of these families, at the turn of the first Millennium BC, that effectively incepted the conspiracy. And, while the trail of these familial relationships is complicated and detailed, it is essential to examine them, in order to properly understand the origin, direction and beliefs of their successors, the Illuminati.
    —Essentially, these families were responsible for the formation and spread of the Mithraism, the most popular cult of the Roman Empire. It was this cult that remained the core doctrine of the Illuminati for centuries to come. Initially, the formation of Mithraism served a conspiracy to supplant the Christian Church. It was ultimately successful, when one of their descendants, Constantine the Great, implemented Catholicism, which was but an assimilation of Mithraism, associating Jesus with the cult of the dying-god. The cult eventually penetrated to the Islamic world to produce the heresy of the Ismailis, from which emerged the first terrorist network, the Assassins. It was the legend of contact with the Assassins with the notorious Knights Templars, during the Crusades, which became the basis of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
    *****Commangene (Cappadocia)*****The Mithraic Bloodline*****Caesar AugustusEmperor***** CaligulaCaligula and Herod*****The Emesa Dynasty*****St. Paul and Mithraism*****France and the Merovingians*****Charlemagne (the Merovingian)*****The Sinclairs*****The Templars of Scotland*****Rosslyn Chapel*****Escape of the Templars*****The Order of the Garter***** Sinclairs and Rothschilds

    Still on the historical path…and my right hand is 95% functioning…it was a bit scary, but I know that all is going to be well.
    Blessings! Johanna

  198. hannacora says:

    IT APPEARS THAT Victoria Nuland. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have all attended the same Acting Class of the very, very well known Finishing School called the U of CIA.

    Constant lying leaves RT unable to compete with “dynamic, truthful” US media – Victoria Nuland

    Published on Jan 27, 2015
    The “dynamic, truthful opinion” offered by US media has taught Americans not to trust RT and RT America, leaving the network with a “tiny, tiny audience,” according to veteran State Department official Victoria Nuland. Speaking at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC on Tuesday, the diplomat who consistently downplays her own role in the unfolding unrest in Ukraine joined a chorus of others in the federal government who are disparaging the news organization.

  199. Jean says:

    sorry, Jeannie, if I start this I’ll be driven nuts. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  200. Debbie says:

    Jean – seems even Forbes magazine as the sh#ts of Netanyahu:


    Makes me think I will have to participate in the fraudulent POTUS election just to help make sure we dont’ get a GOP president…………. GOP Congress plus GOP president would be even worse than what we have now….

  201. Tracy says:

    Here’s proof we’re living in a “Lawless – Police State Society” here is the same story (with video)
    located by various sources. Please view them all to get a complete picture of what transpired.
    1] Public Defender arrested for “resisting arrest” while representing her client outside of courtroom ~ http://investmentwatchblog.com/public-defender-arrested-for-resisting-arrest-while-representing-her-client-outside-of-courtroom/
    2] “This is not Guantanamo Bay” ~ http://www.metafilter.com/146549/This-is-not-Guantanamo-Bay
    3] S.F. public defender detained outside court; office outraged (* best with full article) ~

  202. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:

    Dear Jean,
    First I want you to know that I appreciate and honor your work here.
    Second, after reading the last Bradley Love article, I felt dismayed, another cabal “good guy bad guy” act with BRICS.
    However, after contemplating this entire scenario, I think that just because these nations were / are with the cabal now, many of them hate having a noose around their neck, and would want to abort cabal plans when it would be safe or prudent.
    And I also know that time is on the side of the Light. The 25,000+ cycle around the Great Central Sun is inexorably drawing not only us, but the entire solar system into what the eastern holy men call the Satya Yuga, or the next Golden Age, where the magnetics of the earth and the sun will bring all humanity to a point of living in their hearts, not their minds.
    Thirdly, remember the Gordon Duff speech that went around the world, outing “terrorists” to the leaders and intelligence communities globally to be nothing buy criminals. They are working together now, behind the scenes, even former enemies who now know who the enemies of all of us are.
    And fourth, Jim Willie’s latest audio report is stunning, saying that there are over 300 US generals and admirals working with General Ham to take back our country (and, I educatedly guess, are now, after Gordon Duff’s talk heard round the world, are likely working together with good guys globally to take down the cabal.

    Some points he brings out:
    -Willie says there is a strong contingent of powerful “Good Guys” ex military who are tired of
    the status quo; and there are extremely wealthy Chinese Elders who are sick and tired of “The Boys” and their destruction of the Planet.
    -There are three major factions who run the world….for now; who are they?
    -Germany is actively looking for credible ways to exit the Euro Zone, political and currency
    -The dollar is losing market share, as we speak, with the emergence with BRICS
    -The amount of gold Russia and China has will curl your hair
    -The U.S. is out of gold
    -Putin kicked the Rothchild’s out of Russia a few years ago
    -The Vatican is loaded with assets on all levels and it goes back over a thousand years
    -Willie explains how oil got to $45 a barrel today
    -It’s all about derivatives and not supply and demand for all major assets
    -Just how did the Swiss pull off keeping the Euro peg for the last three years
    -The dollar may have strong numbers today but is weak at heart
    -Willie’s take on ISIS, their origin and what they are up to
    -The Global Currency Reset is real and in motion
    I don’t think anyone can predict how the US currency will be after the cabal is taken down. I think the American mind is free and brilliant, and we will rise like a phoenix in new and wholesome and wonderful ways once the cabal is out of our way. I visited France for 3 months, where I observed the rigidity of their minds. That is where I gained my appreciation for the openness, and out of the box thinking we have in the American culture.
    So my own take on 2015 is, there may be weekly dramas during the cabal’s last stands, but fall they will, as the world’s intelligencia and most adept secret soldiers are now after them. And after they make deals, are jailed, or outright killed, or kill each other in their death throes, they will be out.
    Then, humanity, with the help of the Chinese elders and other wealthy philanthropists worldwide, and fair, intelligent governments replacing the cabals, with lead an unprecedented healing of our earth and skies from chemtrails and GMOs and radioactive messes, a healing of our oceans and waters and farmlands, and healings of humanity and all creatures and plantlife, along with adequate food, water and shelter globally, very quickly.

    blessings and love, Jeannie / Nadhashree

    • Jean says:

      I”m not going to comment on this, except to say one thing. Jeannie, because I think it’s time to observe. When things start to shift to the East, if it isn’t genuine, we may know it right away.

      Why do I say this?

      If it’s a frequency war, they will have to keep up with the fear, murder, killing, wars, chemtrails, HAARP, etc, or we will begin to ascend, and the cabal (in whatever form) can’t permit that to happen . . . my thinking only. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Debbie says:

        Jean – here is a lot more proof that Rothschild is the puppet master behind East vs West and just how mind boggling awful the reality of the situation is for the USA – there is solid proof here that the USA is being set up to lose WWlll and that our military – much of it at least – already knows that the trap is set and they will be quickly sacrificed – this information needs to be in front of every American – it is not conspiracy theory at all – here are some very chilling facts – including the fact that as we send arms (multi-billions worth) to israel they put them on a boat and send them to China – clearly Rothschild plans to shift his base of power to his China/East BRICS after he annihilates the West, American taxpayers are providing our enemies with everything needed to guarantee our demise:


  203. hannacora says:


    An interesting study which confirms that we do carry our ancestors memory (something many of us knew intuitively). However, I do not agree with their conclusions that taking a pill could transform all negative markers into positive ones. Blessings! Johanna
    Darwin and Freud walk into a bar. Two alcoholic mice — a mother and her son — sit on two bar stools, lapping gin from two thimbles.
    The mother mouse looks up and says, “Hey, geniuses, tell me how my son got into this sorry state.”
    “Bad inheritance,” says Darwin.
    “Bad mothering,” says Freud.
    For over a hundred years, those two views — nature or nurture, biology or psychology — offered opposing explanations for how behaviors develop and persist, not only within a single individual but across generations.

    1970 onwards
    Originally these epigenetic changes were believed to occur only during fetal development. But pioneering studies showed that molecular bric-a-brac could be added to DNA in adulthood,
    Geneticists were especially surprised to find that epigenetic change could be passed down from parent to child, one generation after the next. A study from Randy Jirtle of Duke University showed that when female mice are fed a diet rich in methyl groups, the fur pigment of subsequent offspring is permanently altered. Without any change to DNA at all, methyl groups could be added or subtracted, and the changes were inherited much like a mutation in a gene.

    • Jean says:

      Johanna, if I time right now, I would speak to this truth from personal experience, so many of my physical problems were passed on to me by my parents. If I’d bought into them, I’d be dead now I was even carrying attitudes passed down from the grandparents! Hugs, ~Jean

  204. Debbie says:

    Getting to know your different dis information guys – excellent information on dis information!


  205. Debbie says:

    He said the Hebdo attack was the work of western Intelligence – 1 week later his house is burned down with him in it……:clearly CIA/Mossad are mafia assassins


  206. hannacora says:

    Je Suis Donbass!
    —The UN is calling the attack on Mariupol a War Crime. Now that the evidence is pointing to Kiev will the UN show enough conscience to pursue it?
    —The attack in Mariupol came after
    ***Ukraine failed twice in one week to get a UN and Western government declaration that DNR(Donetsk People’s Republic) and LNR(Lugansk People’s Republic) are terrorist entities.*** Is the third time the charm? Ukraine thinks so.
    —The militia near Mariupol is comprised of local city residents. Like soldiers in Donetsk and Lugansk, the city is their home town. Its where there family and friends live. Its where they grew up, went to school, and work. Their own children go to school there. Is there a benefit to firing rockets at your own neighbors and family?

  207. Debbie says:

    Here is a wonderful article from Vatic project blog….the worm is turning…as drone operators quit the AF:

  208. Debbie says:

    Here is from Jimstonefreelance blog – yes, propaganda all about:
    Toilet paper and bombing New York

    Well well, now that there is a huge oil crisis that is “threatening to collapse” a few Jewish bankers, the Slander WOT (it is all the same people) is targeting Venezuela. Now we have a Venezuelan woman who makes a living standing in line all day to buy toilet paper and a Venezuelan nuclear physicist who wants to bomb New York. Tomorrow it will be the Venezuelan hot dog vendor who lied and sold pork rather than Kosher Hebrew National franks.
    I know a propaganda campaign when I see one, and if a 79 year old Venezuelan nuclear physicist retired from Los Alamos and toilet paper lines in Venezuela are in the news, you can bet the Hebrew National crowd wants Venezuelan oil and is looking to convince Americans that Venezuelans need to be liberated from a bad potty situation and we will only be doing them a favor by blowing them away. After all, if they can’t even get toilet paper, they should be nuked, RIGHT?.

    I’ll tell you what really should be in the news instead: The fact that the FBI spent 5 years trying to dig dirt up on a retired nuclear physicist, befriended him, had many many people assigned to him, talked to him frequently as friends for FIVE FULL YEARS, videotaped it all, and then dredged through five years of “friend talk” for good quotes to use in a fake trial against him. Over that much time people say many things as jokes, while thinking, whatever and the FBI knew full well he was no threat. There is no way he could have been. If their job truly is to protect the public, Why did they spend five years back stabbing an old man just to get a story to throw up in front of the public right when the Hebrew National crowd was in the midst of an oil crisis?

    If there really was a “plot” from this old man to sell nuclear secrets to Venezuela, WHY DID HE REACH 79 YEARS OF AGE AND NEVER DO IT?

  209. hannacora says:

    We looked into the music industry in previous posts. This video-audio is more about Television, Movie, and Theater. (for people who prefer reading like myself,
    be patient, the narrator does an excellent job)

    Published on Jan 21, 2015
    Hollywood “Insider” EXPOSES ALL (Cults/Clones/MindControl & MORE)
    This one is a Doozy!! I stumbled upon a fascinating blog from 5 years ago from a woman that had worked in many areas of the Entertainment Industry (from Broadway to Hollywood). What followed were some fascinating observations on MANY celebs that have never been mentioned in these “conspiratorial circles” before, along with many that have, but with new information. She covers everything from mind controlled models, Michael Jackson clones, where the d-list actresses have gone, “serpents” in the Industry, to secrets behind Beauty Pageants and more. I compiled some of the most interesting here, I believe. Check it out, think for yourself of course, and you decide.
    Here’s a link to the Original: https://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/
    *All images from Google Images under “labeled for reuse”.

    Fostering Literacy for our World!
    @ http://tunein.com/radio/RadioLiteracyOne-s202139/

  210. hannacora says:

    Druids, Aryans, Christians, & Serpents
    —Christianity was formed from Mosaic/Talmudic Judaism, or Egyptian Atonism. Aton was the monotheist god of the pharoah Akhenaton. The Atonists of Egypt via pharoah Akhenaton, had cast out the panthiestic Amenists of Egypt (Egyptian Amon, Amen, Stellar Cult and other panthiest gods)), and formed a monotheistic Solar Cult named Aton. Akhhenaton became the sun-god king, and priest of Aton, reusing and renaming the symbols of the Amenist idols and dieties.
    —Before the Age of Catastrophe, Amenism had formed a confederation in Egypt with the Ara, (Ari, the Ariya), a caste of Druidic Elders who spoke the Hebrew language. The Hebrew were the Habiru, of Ariya-land. The Habiru of the “Land of the Arya” or “Aryans”. The Eri, Eire, Erainn, and Erin of ancient Ireland. The Druid Elders and the Amenists of Egypt, were a Stellar Cult, worshipping, studying the sun, moon, the planets, and nature.

  211. hannacora says:

    It seems as if I am on a Historical Synchronicity path…

    I knew that Wahhabism was the creation of the British…however, I have never come across such a detailed account. VERY, VERY FEW PEOPLE REALIZE THIS
    Just like Zionist Christianity, Wahabbism is a relatively recent creation.
    ***The House of Saud did to Islam what the Vatican did to Christianity***

    The ‘House’ of Saud — no more Islamic than Billy Graham
    —The Globalists and the Islamists, the Globalists have had a hand in shaping and financing all the terrorist organizations of the twentieth century, including the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Hamas of Palestine and the Afghan Mujahideen. But the history of their duplicity dates farther back still, to the 18th Century, when British Freemasons created the Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabia itself, to further their imperialistic objectives.
    —That a British spy by the name of Hempher was responsible for shaping of the extreme tenets of Wahhabism was mentioned in a Turkish work, Mir’at al-Haramain, by Ayyub Sabri Pasha between 1933-1938. British policy in its colonies often involved the creation of deviant sects, in order to Divide and Conquer, as was the case with the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam in India in the nineteenth century.
    —The details of this conspiracy are outlined in a little known document by the name of The Memoirs of Mr. Hempher published in series (episodes) in the German paper Spiegel
    —But the Wahabbi movement was insignificant without the allegiance of the SAUDI FAMILY who, despite claims otherwise, were descended FROM JEWISH MERCHANTS FROM IRAK.
    —Most important was the strategy to “insert heresies into Muslims’ creedal tenets and then criticize Islam for being a religion of terror.” To this purpose, Hempher located a particularly corrupt individual by the name of Mohammed Ibn Adbul Wahhab.
    *****However, as part of their strategy of Divide and Conquer, the British hoped to pit the Arab Muslims against their Turkish brothers. The only way to do so was to find a loophole in Islamic law whereby the Arabs could declare the Turks as apostates.*****
    —Orthodox jurists of the time branded the Wahhabis as heretics and condemned their fanaticism and intolerance. Nevertheless, the Wahhabis then demonstrated their contempt for their pretended faith by indiscriminately slaughtering Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
    —The WAHHABIS then set about destroying all the holy tombs and burial grounds. They stole the Prophet’s treasure, which included holy books, works of art and innumerable priceless gifts sent to the city during the previous thousand years. The leather and gilt bindings of the Islamic holy books they had destroyed were used to make sandals for the Wahhabi criminals.*****
    *****Ultimately, the profusion of ROTHSCHILD financed petro-dollars in the coffers of the Saudi family has made it possible for them to propagandize their bastardized version of Islam to other parts of the world, most notably to America, where they purportedly subsidize up to 80 percent of the mosques in the country, a version of Islam that substitutes political awareness for dogmatic insistence on ritualistic fanaticism.*****

    —bn Saud and Faisal of Iraq with Zionists on board the Lauren in 1949
    —Abd al aziz ibn Saud (Left)(seated) with members of his family in 1911
    —Ibn Saud and Roosevelt on USS Quincy
    SEE @ http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=381_1404874810&comments=1#zcKzVE5UdCmmZiuG.99

    [*] Translated, for the most part, from Ayyub Sabri Pasha’s Turkish work Mir’at al-Haramain: 5 volumes, Matba’a-i Bahriyye, Istanbul, 1301-1306 A.H.
    See more @ http://www.sufi.it/islam/wahlast.htm#sthash.NDUvHBKK.dpuf

    Sorry for the lengthy post…but this is truly a rare find.
    So, the problem is NOT Islam but the
    How many times are we going to believe what is put in front of us by the presstitute?
    Endless Blessings!

  212. hannacora says:

    “I’m going to build my secrets into the geometry of these buildings because I know books can be burned but buildings not so easily.” -Thomas Jefferson

    The Powder Magazine, Newport Tower and the mysteries of North America as known by Thomas Jefferson. (this whole article equals to about 2 chapters of a book…pretty comprehensive)



    —Given the legacy of the Octagons that we have examined to this point it would be fair to say that Thomas Jefferson had been initiated into these mysteries. In fact part of what he may have been communicating via these talismanic arrays were his loyalties and alliances. As with other individuals involved in this activity in North America it may become obvious that Jefferson was a blood relative of Robert the Bruce and the Stewart family. In this context he seemed to have the same values and appreciation of the alchemical art of arranging talismanic arrays of architecture. During his life Thomas Jefferson created structures that had hidden directional and talismanic meanings known only to those that had been initiated into this tradition. His two most personal axes included his estates Monticello and Poplar Forest.

    —If Jefferson was a Knights Templar it makes sense that he would be interested in the occult applications of cartography, architecture, and any other pursuit that utilized sacred geometry. The Knights Templar used templates to build buildings why not to navigate on a map? Jefferson was a professionally trained surveyor. The fact that Monticello sits precisely on the 38th parallel and has an octagonal element may not be a coincidence. Athens Greece is also situated thus with the Acropolis being close to this latitude. The Tower of the Winds in Athens is situated just to the north of the Acropolis.

    —Jefferson had created his own Acropolis at Monticello. The way his estate is situated on an elevated hill resembles the way the Acropolis seen in Athens. Being aware of his place on the globe Jefferson realized that his home site was very close to the same latitude as the Acropolis. Thomas Jefferson’s father was also an accomplished land surveyor who may have helped to train his son in this ancient art that did involve astronomy during this era. Jefferson was part of a bloodline and secret society that included a long tradition of men who were land surveyors, mapmakers, explorers, and Kings.

  213. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:

    CALM meditation notes: the nuts and bolts, easy:

    CALM notes
    For example, if you lower your eyelids now, you will feel your body start to relax. You don’t have to do anything else. Try it. Lower your eyelids now.
    if you lower your eyeline now – dropping your gaze about 45 degrees – you will feel the muscles in the back of your neck starting to relax.
    This time, raise your eyeline around 30–45 degrees – that is looking slightly upwards. You can do this with your eyes closed or open. … Raising your eyes this way makes it easier to still your thoughts when you’re meditating (at least it does for many)
    A more useful way of achieving the same end is to widen your peripheral vision – that is, take in more visual information around you without moving your eyes. Not only does this lead to a relaxing change of state, but it also makes it easier to keep your attention focused while you are meditating.
    Exactly the same happens when you use your peripheral hearing.
    Oh, you didn’t know you had peripheral hearing? Try it out now: just listen for ‘sound in general’ rather than a specific sound. That’s all it takes to access it.
    The bare-bones approach to meditation
    you should try what follows in a quiet, restful environment. Seated is best. Back straight, feet flat on the floor, lighting dimmed, phone turned off, and so on. You don’t need music, incense or any atmospheric enhancement that you might grow to rely on.
    The ideal time?
    Any time works, but if your aim is to create a habit, doing this first thing in the morning is perfect. If that means rising half an hour earlier than usual, you will find that little bit of relinquished sleep is more than compensated for by the meditation. If you wish, you could put aside a similar period of time in the evening as well.
    This first step has a dual relevance. Directing the attention inwards works towards activating the soothing side of the tense–calm cycle. Even more soothing, it grounds the exercise in an accessible, familiar place so you will be able to make an effortless transition from ‘somewhere out there’ to ‘here’.

    You can try this step right where you are now. It relates to bringing your attention to what you perceive as your physical centre. And it demonstrates how a simple shift of attention is all it takes to encourage stillness and inner quiet…

    Without doing another thing, just turn your attention to where your body touches the floor or the chair. There’s nothing else you have to do or think about. Just direct your attention to where your feet touch the floor. Or where your body makes contact with the chair or cushion. Bring all of your attention to that place.
    Now, just rest in that awareness.
    Simply by nature of directing your attention to this place, you will feel the body relax and thoughts starting to slow down. Enjoy it. That’s the first step.
    When you are feeling comfortable with Step 1, and your attention is firmly centred in the physical sensation of being grounded where you are at this moment, it’s time to broaden the attention, stretching it outwards, in all directions.

    You could use any of your peripheral senses for this step, but initially you will find it easier to rely on your sense of hearing. Then you can allow your eyes to slowly close – if you find that relaxing – as they are naturally inclined to do when you are unwinding.
    Maintaining that sense of groundedness, of being firmly anchored in this place, use your sense of hearing to take in the broad field of your awareness.
    No need to focus on anything in particular, just keep directing your attention outwards – stretching – farther and farther afield, as if you are listening for a distant sound or sounds. Way beyond the limits of ambient sound. Somewhere on the other side of the horizon. There is nothing to be heard, nothing in particular you are listening for, just be aware of sound in general. Sound that may be coming from somewhere far away. So it’s the act of listening that relaxes you, not the hearing. Now, rest in that awareness.

    Two things have occurred. First, you centred your attention in a physical place. Then, using your peripheral hearing, you broadened it – that is, you widened your field of awareness so that it accommodates all possible sensory phenomena (thus reducing the chance of individual sounds, images, feelings, tastes, scents and physical sensations becoming distractions). With a subtle awareness of being in the centre of it all. The first step is physiological, the second psychological.
    Although still using the sense of hearing, the next step takes the attention beyond the physiological and the psychological. You might recognise a well-known concentrative meditation technique here, which in this particular context is designed to bring your attention back to the core.
    We’re going to use a phenomenon that is familiar to you. So familiar, in fact, that when I suggest it to new meditators, they initially think there must be more to it. Something more sophisticated or esoteric. But we are keeping it as uncomplicated as possible.
    You are directing the attention to the breath. Or the sound of the breath. And in particular the sound of the outbreath. This is the part of the breathing cycle that involves no muscular effort. And when the breath is slow, this aligns with the calming part of the autonomic nervous system.

    Your attention is wide, aware of the general rather than the specific, and you have a sense of being right in the centre of all. Now you can start bringing the attention back to the centre.
    Slowly, progressively, allow yourself to become aware of the sound of your breathing. Perhaps this is not a sound you hear through the ears, so much as something that seems to emanate from deep inside. As if you are in the centre of the breathing. As if that sound is all around you. And as you withdraw your attention from the outside world, the sound of breathing fills your awareness.
    This is the sound of breathing in general. Not ‘my’ breathing, just breathing. You are aware of the inflow, perhaps, but you are directing your attention to the sound of the outflow. Just the sound. Just the outbreath.
    Nothing to do. Just keep directing your attention to that sound. And allow yourself to rest in the centre of the breathing experience.

    The final step is the recognition that it is the process of directing the attention – outwards then inwards – that brings you peace, not what you direct your attention to. When the attention drifts outwards – which it does – you just redirect it back in to the sound. Back to the centre.

    You are listening to the sound of the outbreath. That’s all there is. When you find yourself thinking that there must be more to it than this, just direct your attention back to the sound.
    When you notice that there are moments – seconds, minutes – when you are not aware of anything, or when you think you’ve finally got it, direct your attention back to the sound.
    When you notice that you’ve become bored or listless or distracted, direct your attention back to the sound.
    When you experience moments of elation, transcendence or profound contentedness, direct your attention back to the sound.
    When the thought crosses your mind that this must be easier for some people than others, direct your attention back to the sound.
    When you wonder how long you’ve been doing this, or what possible purpose could be served by continuing for another ten minutes, direct your attention back to the sound.
    Then rest in this awareness.
    Now, before you go turning reflective on me, I want to clarify something: ‘directing the attention inwards’ does not mean introspection. Many people believe this is what meditation is about, but it’s not. This meditation process has nothing to do with getting in touch with the ‘inner you’, or ‘realising the Self’, or any mysterious sounding things along those lines. It is just an exercise in training the attention. End of story.
    Of course the outcome of meditation can be profound. But it is not meditation itself that is profound, it’s how you experience the world in complete stillness.
    Why peripheral hearing rather than peripheral vision? Because in this case, hearing allows less opportunity for distraction.
    The beauty of the Outwards→Inwards approach is that distraction and losing the plot are key parts of the process. If there is no distraction, there is no process. You begin with a state of restful attentiveness, then when the attention wanders outwards, which it will, you direct it back. Whether it takes you five seconds to notice the drift or half an hour makes no difference; it is the becoming aware of the distraction, then directing the attention back that is the process. What you may initially consider to be the weakness – the straying, the fidgetting, the distractions, the wandering thoughts, the insights, the forgetting-why-I’m-doing-this – is not a weakness at all. It is an integral part of the process.
    For this very reason, there is no such thing as a good meditator or a bad meditator.
    True, there are long-term meditators and there are novices, but even here the only difference is that long-term meditators are familiar with the wandering and recognise it as part of the process, while the novices think the wandering is some kind of failing.

  214. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:
    Let us go within, raise our vibration, and leave the dark Ones behind. They are unable to rise in vibration. Here is a free ebook on how to meditate, by focusing on grounding oneself, then noticing sounds outside. Inside, outside. Easy for beginners: About Calm: No Matter What In these pages you’ll find what it takes to have an underlying sense of calm and equilibrium you can rely on the whole of your life. This is much more than an emotional state. It’s a way of squeezing the most out of the up times, coping with the down times, and bouncing right back when things go completely off the rails. And best of all it requires no special skills and no effort. Calm: No Matter What shows you how to do this with one simple technique. Having sold more than 10 million ‘calm’ books, Paul Wilson is internationally known as The Guru of Calm. He has taught more than a million people to meditate. Contents Cover About Calm: No Matter What Introduction SEEKING CALM Calm and equilibrium that sticks Peace of mind in today’s world How are you feeling right now? The time and place to find equanimity NO EFFORT REQUIRED Calm wherever you go The one purpose of meditation How meditation enhances everyday life Thinking up restlessness A calming system or a nervous system? Focus promiscuity Training the attention How long a commitment? Bringing your attention to meditation Your one area of control LET’S DO IT Outwards→Inwards The bare-bones approach to meditation Back to the centre Would you believe it’s impossible to fail? When you leave the chair MAKING IT PERMANENT Pause here Pause again Linking the pauses Creating a habit A positive habit with immediate gratification Not exciting, but far from boring A LIFE PRACTICE You’re almost there The whole-of-life practice Direct from the centre The centre of ongoing calm The same steps in all activities CALM: NO MATTER WHAT The moment is here Practise for a moment Copyright page In the eighties I wrote Instant Calm, a handbook of ways to find a bit of peace and calm when the need arose. It was a book of quick-fix solutions. Even though most of these were not based on methods I’d learned and shared in my decades as a meditation teacher and researcher, they served a useful purpose: short-term relief from painful symptoms such as stress or worry. Calm: No Matter What has a much bigger agenda. Our focus now is creating an underlying sense of calm that works both in the short term, but also stays with you – no matter what is going on, what you’re experiencing, what life throws your way, or even what state of mind you’re in. Once you have this underlying sense of calm, two benefits come your way: you experience the up times with greater satisfaction, and when things go wrong you bounce right back. Your workloads, discomforts and dramas won’t change, but you will be able to deal with them dynamically and effectively. With peacefulness at your centre rather than tension and anxiety. Even better, Calm: No Matter What is about experiencing life more, appreciating it more, enjoying it more. Not just for a few hours, or days, or even for a particular phase of life, but for your whole life. Calm and equilibrium that sticks Have you ever spent a few weeks in total relaxation? On a peaceful, away-from-it-all holiday, for instance? Or on a meditation retreat where there was nothing else to do but meditate, gaze at your navel, and eat healthy foods? You come away from it feeling like a new person. Strong, energised, full of ideas, ready to take on the world. You look around and previously insignificant little details of nature, like the yellowing leaves on a tree, seem uncommonly beautiful. There’s something deeply reassuring about those leaves: seasons come and go, the world renews, life moves on, stuff like that. For some reason even the same air seems fresher. And that apple tastes like … wow, have you ever tasted such a delicious apple? Maybe you can recall what happened next. At the first traffic snarl on the way back from the airport or the retreat centre, twinges of edginess return. It’s okay, though. They just remind you of how you might have felt at another time. Then you pull into your street and discover someone has parked across your driveway, blocking your entrance. The edginess becomes more pronounced but you cope, because you have this great reservoir of I’ve-been-away-from-it-all peacefulness to sustain you. Even the next morning when the alarm fails to sound, you are still coping. Same when you get stuck in the queue at the bus stop, and when the elevator gets jammed between floors at work. This getting-away-from-it-all is powerful stuff. You know the world is testing you, however. So all day long you cling to your calm feeling with all your might. You purposely slow down when the rest of the world is determined to race, you speak softly when others want to shout, you struggle to think positive thoughts when others are complaining. And just as you are thinking you might be able to pull it off, an incompetent workmate lets you down badly. Crash. In an instant, all that good work has gone. In its place is not only unrest and disharmony, but disappointment. By the end of the day you’re back to ‘normal’. It is as if you’ve never been away. How does peacefulness evaporate so quickly? You start the week feeling calm and together, certain that you will be able to hold onto that feeling for ages to come, yet within a day or so it’s disappeared. As if you had never even done the course. Most people who take restorative breaks come to the same realisation: the benefits are fleeting. The beauty fades, the peacefulness frays, the insights seem remote and all that space you thought was there seems to evaporate. Calm: No Matter What is about making these qualities last. Not just for a few hours or days, or for a particular phase you are going through, but for your whole life. Right up until your very last breath. Although it’s not our primary intention, the attention-grabbing part of what follows is the way it helps you to overcome setbacks and problems. It won’t prevent them, of course, but it can certainly lessen their impact. You’ll be better able to deal with pressure when you’re fortified by a composure and centredness that always keeps you on track. You’ll be able to bounce right back if you go off the rails at any time. When challenges come along, now you will have the ability to respond in the most constructive way. When disaster strikes, you will be able to get back to normal (the new normal) much faster than would otherwise be the case. And when things appear at their bleakest, you will have this inner stillness to call on, which will help you through. For this to work you need a foundation of calm and stability that you can tap into at any time: not only when you want to feel relaxed, but when you’re active and under the pump. Peace of mind in today’s world Everyone has a theory as to why the world is restless and stressful. And why unhappiness, dissatisfaction, depression and other mental health issues are on the rise. Some say it’s because we lack spiritual resources. Or discipline. Or moral fibre. Or a sense of community. Others say we’re being too introspective. Or our values are changing. And some insist that this is the price we have to pay to survive in an ever-more-competitive world. Maybe there is substance to these theories. Maybe the world is more stressful. Maybe we are feeling more anxious and depressed. Maybe some organic or spiritual change is producing all those mental health issues that concern us. On the other hand, maybe not. There is also a strong possibility that the world is pretty much as it has always been, and we are just looking at it differently. It’s possible that it is just being presented to us in a different way, and we’re receiving more troubling news than we used to. It’s also possible that mental health issues are as they have always been, and we are just observing or measuring them differently. It doesn’t really matter one way or the other, because you can’t change the world, the people around you or, for the most part, even the immediate issues that cause you pain. All you can change is the way you look at things. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Every self-help promoter in the universe seems to be peddling the same story. The problem with that claim, though, is that it’s only fantasy for most of us. We can’t change the way we view things. Our mental habits are too ingrained. Now consider this: what if there was a way of developing a continuous sense of inner calm and stability without having to learn anything new or change anything old? What if there was a way of insulating yourself from life’s pressures and setbacks so you would recover from them quickly and not suffer any long-lasting pain? What if there was a way of experiencing a deep level of contentment that didn’t require any change in your behaviour or the way you look at things? You’ll be pleased to know there is. That’s what this book is about. And most remarkable of all, what I propose involves no effort on your part. It requires commitment, for sure, but no effort. How are you feeling right now? The impatient side of you might like to be able to turn the page and read about a little routine that instantly transforms the way you feel: from feeling uptight and scratchy to feeling peaceful and contented, in an instant. Or from feeling jaded and lethargic to feeling enthusiastic and full of wonder. Also in an instant. While they may seem like attractive propositions, and are achievable, they won’t serve you as well as what I am about to share. At least not in the longer term. Because those transformations are only about feelings. ‘What’s wrong with that?’ you may think. ‘If he could help me feel calm and relaxed, I’d be on cloud nine.’ Feeling calm is relatively easy to achieve. Making it sustainable is another story. However, I want to take you further than what you feel. There are reasons for this. First, emotions are transient: whatever you are feeling will eventually morph into another feeling. Second, feelings are unreliable: they can be manipulated, overwhelmed by circumstances, and are nowhere near as logical as some psychologists pretend. The third reason is the most intriguing: it is possible for you to experience your own emotions more objectively than is generally thought – actually witnessing them arise and fade – without being bound to them, and without being unnecessarily influenced by them. The method covered in the second part of this book can enable this. Feelings have a role to play because they help determine what you see as the quality of your existence. If at any given moment you are feeling unloved, anxious, tense, overworked, unhappy, afraid, depressed, sad, disappointed, jealous, angry, confused, embarrassed, unappreciated, wronged, dissatisfied or frustrated, you will rate your quality of life as relatively bleak. No matter what rational assessment you come up with, no matter how optimistic your attitude was at other times, right then you would consider life to be gloomy. And if you were to experience a succession of such feelings – say feeling unappreciated which led to you feeling angry, and that leading to regret, which led to shame, which turned into fear, which drew you into a depressed like state – your life would seem even gloomier still. This is not an exaggeration; how often do negative feelings seem to be following on from one another, even when things have been going well? The self-help people assure you that you can change the way you feel, but we all know that there are times when you don’t have the presence of mind to do anything other than hang on and see where it takes you. Now I want to present you with an alternative, a direct contrast to the negative states above. This time we’re not talking about a feeling as such – at least not one that is easy to describe like joy or confidence – but more a state of mind or a quality of life. It is called equanimity. In the classic sense equanimity means inner calmness and composure, particularly in challenging situations. Wikipedia describes it as being ‘a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may [upset] others’. In some Eastern teachings equanimity is described as being one of the four sublime states (the other three being kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy). Think of it as a quiet contentedness; a sense that, no matter what is going on around you, all is okay or turning out okay. When equanimity is present, everything feels perfect. With a foundation of calm and equanimity, you are a powerful person. It doesn’t matter what feelings you are experiencing because you are aware of their transience. They come, they go, but you continue with the sense that all is okay. Deep down you are certain that everything is okay. Before we move on from feelings, there is one more thought I want to leave you with. You will feel more peaceful and together as a result of using the process in the pages ahead. Take that as a given. Yet this is only a byproduct. The process is designed for something deeper and more fundamental than what you feel. We’re aiming for a bedrock of calm and order that you will be able to depend on, no matter what challenges arise, no matter what you may be feeling at any particular moment. And, all things being equal, you’ll be able to depend on this for the rest of your life. The time and place to find equanimity Here is an easy choice you can make that will ensure whether your experience of the world is positive or negative, peaceful or restless. That choice is where you direct your attention. Although this is not quite as straightforward as choosing whether to look at the vase of flowers or the garbage bin, the choice I’m going to point out is many times more effective. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity; it works. Most restlessness and all negative frames of mind relate to either the past or the future, not to the present. Negative emotions such as fear and anxiety are future-based; they relate to what may happen. And negative emotions like regret and disappointment are past-based; they relate to what has happened. Future tense, past tense. No exceptions. What both have in common is that they are conceptual, existing only in your thoughts, with no concrete reality of their own. So as long as you avoid thinking forwards or backwards (which you can’t do forever, obviously), you will avoid negative emotions. And, in the main, you will avoid restlessness. Contrasting this is what occurs when all of your attention is fixed on the present. For a start, those negative frames of mind vanish. Gone. Next, the positive frames of mind that I have been writing about – stillness, peace of mind, clarity and equanimity – spring to life. If you quieten your thoughts and just experience the present, those qualities are automatically there. But the moment you start thinking about what’s happening, comparing or trying to evaluate it, it’s gone again. Because, by trying to get your head around what you are experiencing, you move away from the present. Not everything to do with the past or future involves negative emotions – for example, you can have pleasing memories about past events and you can have uplifting thoughts about what you are planning to do in the future – but negative emotions cannot exist when your attention is focused on the present. At any given moment you get to choose the attributes that determine your quality of existence. You can direct your thoughts to the past or future, with the restlessness that entails, or you can direct your attention to the present and experience calm and equilibrium. These are your options: tension on one side, peacefulness on the other. Choose. I bet you’re thinking that commonsense and reason could play a more important role here. For example, if someone knows certain mental behaviours produce restlessness or undesired emotions, surely they can avoid this by modifying the mental behaviours. Here are the two things I know about such an ambition: (a) most people believe they have this ability; and (b) most people don’t have this ability. Ask any advertising researcher. Consumer interviewees invariably insist that their rationality will overcome any emotional impulses they might experience, yet they respond emotionally almost every time. This is why some people pay ten times as much for a Ferrari as they do for a Toyota. And why others pay ten times as a much for one brand of eyeliner versus another. And why people still take up smoking. And it may even be why someone who is feeling depressed about their weight chooses to eat ice-cream rather than apples. Not convinced? Here’s a little test for you: what motivates people to go to work each day? You think there’s a logical answer. Surely the motivation is to earn money so they can satisfy their basic human needs for food, shelter and so on. But a recent study of over 10,000 working people revealed that the primary motivator was not financial, but emotional: the feeling of advancing towards a meaningful goal. It’s possible that you have the rare ability to overrule what you are feeling by applying reason – but just in case you do not, or that ability fails you some days, I have something more powerful you can use. We’ll come to this shortly. UNDERSTANDING THE PRESENT Now you have a fairly conventional explanation of what you experience in the present. When your attention is focused here your experiences, emotions, relationships and appreciation of the world are at their most fulfilling. Everything falls into place. You feel complete. Perhaps there have been times when you thought that is exactly where you were – in the present – yet didn’t experience anything like what I described. The critical word there is ‘thought’. What you think has an influence over what you experience. Let me explain. If you view the present as most people do – thinking that ‘this moment’ and ‘now’ have a relationship with the passage of time – you will always be looking for that gap between past and future. As logical as that seems, the present cannot found there. Why not? Logic tells you that time is linear, stretching out behind and ahead (before and after), with the future becoming the present becoming the past. According to this view, ‘now’ is something like an infinitesimally brief interval that’s constantly updating itself. Logic may even suggest that you can string together millions of little nanosecond ‘now’ moments to create one continuous present. But you can’t rationalise the present like that, you can only experience it. Any direct effort to grasp it in some way takes you further and further away from it. (Yes, I am aware that I, too, have associated the present with time by comparing it with past and future. I apologise for this shortcoming of language.) Maybe you have a more sophisticated viewpoint than the one just outlined, perhaps having come to the understanding that this moment has no relationship with time. You think you’re on the right path here, but all you’ve done is come to the second obstacle, the one that relates to knowledge. If you are relying on what you know as ‘the present’, you will always be trying to align what you are experiencing with what you think it should be. That’s an impediment to your experiencing it. Indeed, every thought and concept that is in your head right now is an obstacle. If you think that the present is something that can be understood, rather than a reality to be experienced, you face an obstacle. If you think you have some control over the process that brings the present to you, or you to it, you face an obstacle. Same, too, if you think there is anything you can do to summon it, or if you think that you can learn how to be present, or think you can perform this practice called mindfulness. Even the subtlest notion that you have any say in what is happening or what’s going to happen is an impediment. The challenge for now is just to accept that we’re dealing with something that has no intellectual, psychological or emotional component. I’ve been referring to it as an experience, but it’s not an experience of something: it is just pure, unmediated awareness. You will be pleased to know that coming up is a process that brings this to life. By the way, if you find this whole topic of past-future-present a bit perplexing, don’t lose sleep over it. Meanings and explanations have nothing to do with it. Calm wherever you go The place you find an ongoing sense of inner calm is generally much closer than where you will be looking. It’s right here in the present. The obstacle that prevents you from observing this, or experiencing this, is the restless nature of your thoughts. What if we approach from another direction? An ongoing sense of inner calm can also be found in stillness. Guess what prevents you from experiencing real stillness: the restless nature of your thoughts. You think this restlessness is caused by something else – other people, work demands, difficult circumstances, noise pollution, neuro-chemicals, past lives, cosmic vibrations or even the alignment of the planets – but you know what really causes it? The fact that your thoughts seldom rest in the present. The question is, how can you change this? The fact that the restlessness is all about what’s in your head might suggest that the solution lies in the same place. Seems logical. Just learn how to moderate what you think or feel. Quieten your thoughts, change your feelings. Certainly great swathes of society share this view. The limitation of such a strategy is that there is no psychological magic bullet that is both long-lasting and does all you want it to do. You might learn how to deal with stress and train yourself to dispassionately observe the ebb and flow of emotional states, and you might be counselled on how to deal with anger, jealousy, guilt or grief, but in the final wash-up these are temporary psychological adjustments, not permanent solutions. Before psychologists and counsellors started assuming responsibility for the wellbeing of our mental states, there were religions and miscellaneous schools of philosophical thought. Their way of dealing with restlessness and misery was to overlay purpose and meaning. They say restlessness is caused by karma. Or it is a test of faith. Or it stems from attachments to worldly things. Or it is brought about by a weakness in your devotion to God. This meant they also had to offer solutions: you can offer up all the suffering for the greater good; you can take your mind off your own problems by practising karma yoga, or compassion, or devoting your life to the service of others. Or more extreme: you can throw yourself at the mercy of God and let Him sort it all out; or you can shrug your shoulders and say, ‘It’s in the stars, there’s nothing I can do about it.’ So it goes. Having strong beliefs and life purposes certainly worked for many, and still does to a degree, but it requires both conviction and commitment. Despite their disparity of approach, many of those religions and schools of philosophical thought used a similar spiritual tool. Sometimes it was one of their core practices, other times it was a barely noticeable add-on. This tool or practice was known by many different names, but is mostly known as meditation. Unlike many other practices used by those religions and schools, this one produced extraordinary results without intellectual input: it removed the restlessness, it brought peace of mind, and in many ways it put the miseries of everyday life into a manageable context. And despite the best attempts of teachers to overlay meaning and purpose on this practice, it survived more or less intact for thousands of years. Today meditation is variously presented as a peace-maker, an integral part of spiritual practice, a stress-reducer, a cure for life-threatening illnesses, a consciousness-changer, an awakening-producer, and the panacea for an extraordinary number of life’s emotional, spiritual and physical ills. So much to live up to. There was a time when I believed it could fulfil most of those claims – for everyone. My understanding was shaped by my own experiences and by extrapolating on the experiences of other meditators in my circle. However as my circle widened to include more and more diverse groups from around the globe, it became apparent that meditation – as it was widely taught – could not do all things for all people. It was also obvious that there was a huge gap between what was being offered in the classical approaches and the needs of an everyday person leading an everyday life. An everyday person leading an everyday life. As mundane as that description may be, it accounts for most of us. Our needs vary, but are often shaped by a similar viewpoint: we have too many interests and responsibilities and too little time to focus on them – which means nowhere near enough time to commit to the rigours of a classical meditation approach. Obviously some will disagree with my assessment, but it’s pretty easy to see how most of the great meditation traditions are designed for monastic-type environments. For people who could extract themselves from day-to-day living pressures, could find the time and motivation for long periods of reflection. And because the methods were mostly cultivated within spiritual movements over hundreds or even thousands of years, they come with rituals, explanations, myths and meanings that may have little usefulness or relevance to today’s user. The world these skills were designed for is light years away from everyday life today. If you want to see how an everyday person fares with the classical offerings, do an intensive meditation course or attend a retreat. These often take place over a few days in a protected environment – peaceful, removed from worldly distractions, and with a spiritual or reflective ambience. In such an environment it is not uncommon for an everyday person to experience depth and serenity in their meditation. Naturally they resolve to continue practising every day. Yet within days of having returned to their everyday life, the retreat is a distant memory and their resolution has faded. The practice that came so easily there now seems beyond their grasp. My intention is not to dissuade you from attending meditation retreats, which do serve a useful restorative purpose and help consolidate your practice. I just want to highlight the difference between what is encouraged and what usually is accomplished. You’ve probably guessed by now that some of what’s coming up is based on meditation. What I have for you is the distillation of a number of classical meditation methods, trimmed into a single approach that will suit a contemporary lifestyle. I don’t suggest it is superior or inferior to the others, but my approach requires no particular skill-sets, beliefs, viewpoints or commitments. (If you are already using another method it should dovetail with what’s ahead.) It’s taken thirty-odd years of teaching and research to be able to say what works best in the world we live in, as opposed to the world some monk lived in 1000 years ago. One of my earliest observations of formally taught practices was that many of their trappings existed for historical or habitual reasons rather than practical. What should be focused on, and what left out? And what was the fastest way to transfer the subtle abilities of a long-term meditator to a complete novice? The answers are in the pages ahead. Before we head there, let me share a story about mindless adherence to tradition that happened centuries ago. Every time the monks sat to meditate the monastery cat would wander in and disturb them. So the abbot told the novice to tie the cat to a tree so the monks could meditate in peace. Many years later, the old man dies, the novice is promoted to abbot, and the cat dies as well. The first thing the new abbot does is send out for a new cat to tie to the tree – so they can meditate in peace. It’s taken me all my life to learn what not to play. Dizzy Gillespie Sometimes ritual is part of the ambience, and can work for some people. So determining what to keep and what to leave out can be a challenge. I recall one occasion in the eighties when I was criticised for taking too simplistic an approach to meditation in one of my books. While I was wrestling with this issue I met a prominent martial arts teacher as we were waiting to go onto a television chat show. He was a master of several martial arts, and had developed a new combat approach for the modern world. Discarding the formalistic add-ons, as well as moves and practices that served no effective purpose, he then perfected what remained. The result was a powerful new martial art that many of the leading martial artists of the day came to study with him. Something similar happened in the fifties when actor–martial artist, Bruce Lee, began training martial artists in ‘the style of no style’. I took comfort from the fact that those men were criticised for abandoning tradition, even though their methods were demonstrably more effective. Unlike martial arts, there have been very few new developments in meditation practice for the past few hundred years. Primarily, we do it the same way people have always done it. Sure there is a range of different schools, teaching fairly similar methods, each subtly suggesting that their approach is superior to others. And maybe this helps the student to feel they belong, and convinces them that there is something very special about what they’ve learned. Maybe this is the motivation they need when the benefits alone are not sufficient. But does this motivation last a lifetime? Not in my observation. That’s why I have spent so long streamlining my approach. The result is relatively generic, but very easy to learn and to put into action. I can’t tell you how many times I have been warned that there is no commercial benefit in promoting genericism. In the words of one of my tour organisers in the USA, ‘We’re not going to get rich telling people that anyone could teach them this stuff.’ The reality, however, is that a lot of what you get in a conventional meditation package is window-dressing, and most practices are fundamentally the same. On top of that most of them can be mastered in a few minutes. So why is meditation presented as something that needs a teacher? I like to think of it the same way as I think of music. There comes a time when you have to stop studying and talking about it, and just get out there and play. The jazz great Charlie Parker put this in perspective when he encouraged musicians to ‘master your instrument, master the music, then forget all that bullshit and just play’. The one purpose of meditation I will preface this by saying there are many different views of what meditation is supposed to be or do. Some people think of it as a sacred ritual akin to prayer or worship. I don’t. Some think it has spiritual qualities in its own right. It doesn’t. Some think it is something mysterious and transcendental. I don’t (although I may have suggested something along those lines in earlier books). Meditation practice has only one purpose. That purpose is not to still the thoughts so you can be in touch with the divine, or to transcend the ego, or to realise the Self, or to tap into some higher level of consciousness. The purpose is to train the attention to rest in the present. You mean that’s all? That is a big achievement. When the attention rests in the present, and there are no thoughts about the past or the future, you experience a profound inner stillness. You perceive with great clarity. And no matter what is going on around you, you sense that everything is in order. You may wonder why you need to train the attention to rest in the present. Couldn’t you do that of your own accord? Unfortunately not. The activity of a normal brain during a normal waking moment is, well, active: always on the move, restlessly flitting from one thought or observation to another, without any intention on your part. Now, here’s the rub. All of those thoughts going through your head are coming from or heading somewhere – into the past or the future – reviewing what has happened, comparing with past experiences, and speculating about ‘what might happen if’. Note I did not say most of your thoughts, I said all of them. That is the nature of thought: always projecting or reflecting, never resting in the present where there is no movement of thought. (The experience of the present cannot be thought about, analysed or compared with any other event; you can only review it after it has passed.) This means negative frames of mind are always past- or future-based. While the act of thinking this way doesn’t create the pressure, it creates the mental environment where it can arise. Let’s not forget, though, that avoiding the negative is not the game we’re in. It’s having the positive experience of calm and equanimity. That is why our focus is on training the attention to rest in the present. Some people have another view about the role of meditation. Rather than training the attention, as I contend, they think its role is to entrain. In nature a rhythm that causes another rhythm to gradually synchronise with it is called entrainment. Certain musical patterns like chanting and drumming, or repetitive physical patterns like dance or long train trips, can entrain brainwave patterns to produce meditative-like states. So entrainment may be part of the process (in some forms of meditation), but that’s all it is: part of the process. Entrainment works for producing momentary calm, but training the attention is essential if you would like a sense of calm that sticks with you for life. That’s why traditional meditation practices are structured and repetitive, and why practitioners are urged to meditate at specific times on a regular basis. Training the attention to rest in the present was always its core purpose. It still is. How meditation enhances everyday life Each of us has a different slant on what everyday life is. It’s a world of endlessly competing interests, responsibilities and priorities. A world of earning a living, raising children and maintaining relationships. A world of tip-toeing your way through local, national and even international stresses. While we might have differing views on what constitutes everyday life, we all agree on what it is not: that is a peaceful, protected environment of reflection and quiet. Exactly what many meditation practices were originally designed for. A meditation approach for everyday life, then, would need to tick a number of boxes: It should be easily understood and implemented. It shouldn’t require any significant change of attitude or lifestyle. It should integrate with your everyday activities. It shouldn’t take up too much time. It should make restlessness disappear. It should help you cope with everyday pressures. It should serve you for the rest of your days. No surprise that what we’re going to cover in the pages ahead ticks all of those boxes. However, the one that probably stands out for you is coping with everyday pressures. There are times when you are a happy, contented, settled, peaceful, whole person. Life is rosy, health good, relationships harmonious and everything seems in order. Providing you don’t think about it, you have the sense that this could go on forever. Of course it never does. Your old problems and frustrations soon come back into the picture, and you’re as unsettled as ever. These problems and frustrations are seldom big life stresses such as not knowing where your next meal is going to come from or losing a loved one. Rather they’re middle-ranking aggravations like rising prices, missed appointments, noisy neighbours, difficult relationships and inconsiderate bosses. These not only stimulate negative emotions, but inject a level of restlessness to your entire worldview. Your impulse is to try to change or remove what is aggravating you. You soon discover this is not possible. Now what are you going to do? Maybe you do what the lifestyle magazines suggest and try to change the way you view what is aggravating you. When you consider that most life pressures are creations of the mind – the events themselves are rarely positive or negative, it’s how we perceive them that makes them seem that way – it seems logical that you can change your perceptions and turn a negative into a positive. Let’s put it to the test. You’re an intelligent, resourceful person. Have you ever succeeded in using your reasoning powers to change the way you feel about even the smallest things that are happening around you? Have you ever succeeded in making an ugly personal confrontation seem pleasant? Have you ever succeeded in making a high-stress occasion seem light and carefree? Or in transforming twitchiness into peacefulness using your willpower? If you have managed this, you’ve done well, but it would have been rare. Altering a viewpoint by simply using willpower or the intellect is difficult, if not impossible, for most of us. Yet if you have a sense of calm and equanimity as your foundation, you can bring complete objectivity to whatever’s before you by using a simple technique. It’s in a chapter ahead. The circumstances of the situation remain the same, your emotional response can still be the same, but deep down you take it all in your stride. The restlessness vanishes. In some ways it’s like how a good therapist can really focus on a patient’s tale of suffering – listening with empathy and understanding, and often sharing in the pain they are feeling – yet let go of it all the instant they focus on the next patient. Thinking up restlessness You don’t have to subdue restlessness, you replace it with equanimity. You don’t have to avoid negative emotions, you just enjoy or endure them as the case may be, without being unduly affected by them. This is how it is when your attention rests in the present. This is fine in theory, but in practice when you are trying to keep your attention in the present, your thoughts run amok. An annoying level of restlessness, which you don’t usually notice in the ferment of daily living, now asserts itself. Were you always this unsettled? Where did that come from? Maybe you’re just ‘the type’. Psychologists like to talk about the Big Five personality traits (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism), and believe some of these indicate a susceptibility to restlessness. Approaching this from an entirely different direction, Buddhists say there are five mental factors that interfere with your meditation and also happen to be the root cause of most psychological problems. They call these the Five Hindrances: desire via the senses, ill-will, torpor (dullness, lack of energy), restlessness or worry, and doubt. I have a simpler viewpoint. For the sake of symmetry, I’ll continue that Five theme from above. We have seen how restlessness originates from a specific mental activity: thinking forwards (‘How will I be able to afford the rent after buying that Versace jacket?’) and thinking backwards. (‘Why did I spend my rent money on that jacket?’) Thinking forwards or backwards are the prerequisites for unrest, but not the cause. For this we need what I call a restlessness agent. There are five of these: xxxx 1. The filters we apply. 2. Our urge to create order. 3. Our perceptions of time. 4. Our perceptions of space. 5. Focus promiscuity. THE FILTERS WE APPLY. We like to think life has a level of concreteness that everyone sees the same way. That’s not how it is. If another driver in the parking lot starts cursing you, you naturally assume all witnesses are seeing what you are seeing: an aggressive man with no parking manners. But only some people see this. One onlooker sees assertiveness, not anger, because she thinks the other driver was entitled to the parking space, not you. Another onlooker hates Lexus drivers and you happen to be driving a Lexus … you know what she’s going to be thinking. As for the little old lady who was heading towards the parking space before both of you, she thinks you and the other driver are similarly offensive. Same situation, many different viewpoints. This is the way it is for all of your experiences in life. You interpret them through a complex filter of beliefs, expectations, biases and preferences. So the head-banging music that your teenage son finds so enjoyable is stressful for you. The direct language that your boss uses is valued by other executives, but you find it pushy and abrasive. To you, the cold breeze coming through your bedroom window is fresh air; to your partner, it’s a draught. These filters play a greater role in defining what is real or pressing for you than the event or circumstance itself. OUR URGE TO CREATE ORDER. No matter how clever we are or what philosophical outlook we favour, we see life in a linear fashion: a world of measurements, progressions, meanings and points that connect. We can accept the arguments that life is not linear and that the universe is inherently chaotic, but our hearts still think order can be found. So we look for patterns and meanings in what we encounter, we think justice should prevail, we believe that everything that occurs has an underlying cause or purpose, we believe all questions have answers, and that all events and narratives have a beginning, middle and an end. Scratch the surface and you find that most of us harbour romantic views about order – good triumphs over evil, crime does not pay, there is a direct relationship between cause and effect, negative thinking leads to serious illness, past incarnations account for certain behaviours, karma rebalances and harmonises life, good princesses live happily ever after, and the like. Whether the impulse to want this is conscious or unconscious, it encourages us to search for order where none exists. Or to cling to it when we think it exists. The impulse manifests in other ways as well. You will be familiar with the sense of security that comes from feeling you have control over your environment. This need is so ingrained that you will suffer stress and discomfort in inverse proportion to the amount of control you believe you have in your immediate world. You feel anxious and frustrated when you have to perform repetitive tasks, when you feel you lack choices, and when circumstances force you to respond in ways not to your liking. Even when it’s obvious that what you are attempting will lead to restlessness and frustration, you still try to manage events so they unfold in a predictable fashion, or to control the attitudes of others so they align with your own, or to retain what you have in the vain hope that order can be preserved. xxxxx I am not a control freak ‘I am not a control freak,’ you protest; ‘I am co-operative and consensus-driven … blah blah.’ That may be, but our efforts to control are more subtle than we realise. Even the need for resolution in events, stories, relationships and so forth is an innate attempt to impose order. Same when we have an expectation that people should act, or things happen, in a certain way. When you try to exert control over the natural ebb and flow of life, you end up disappointed. Because as far as we can determine, order cannot be preserved; it gives way to chaos in a fairly predictable fashion. This brings us to one of the great realisations of meditation: you have no control over its flow or outcome. In fact your meditation doesn’t begin until you accept this. Until you accept that you have no conscious control over the content or direction of your thoughts, emotions and sensations – that you can’t force yourself not to think of certain things, not to experience certain sensations, or even to remain focused on any one thing. No amount of willpower or intellectual effort will make it possible, and no amount of training will change this. This is the delicious paradox about meditation: in order to achieve what you wish or intend to achieve, first you have to give up trying to achieve it. Here’s another paradox: not only does meditation produce a satisfying state of mind and feeling of inner peace, it is also accompanied by a profound sense of order and control. How neat is that! OUR PERCEPTIONS OF TIME. As well as having a romantic view of order, we also have one of the abstract quality known as time. Abstract? We are intimately familiar with time and are greatly affected by it, but seldom pause to think what it really is. Poets can wax on about the seamless progress of existence from the past to the future, but in reality time is just a measurement of the interval between one event and another. Start your stopwatch when you leave ‘A’, stop it when you reach ‘B’, add up all the ticks in between and there you have it: time. Just a calculation. What’s unsettling or disruptive about that? Nothing. At least there would be nothing if that’s where we left it, but as we mature we turn that measurement into an emotional pressure. It wasn’t always like this. If you can remember back to childhood, you might recall having only a distant relationship with time; you’d be so engrossed in what was in front of you that you’d hardly notice the transition from one event to the next. But as you progress to adulthood you start to turn the abstract into the real. You start thinking of time as being something concrete, as something that can exert pressure. Once this habit begins, the restlessness sets in. Think about this logically and you conclude that it is impossible for time to exert pressure. No matter how you crunch the numbers, there are always those same 60 little man-measured intervals in what we describe as a minute. No pressure in that. Once you start down the logic track you might wonder if the world really is getting busier – as we all seem to think it is – or whether it is just perception. A learned behaviour. Use all the logic you like, but you still end up with the feeling that you’re either running out of time or there’s just not enough of it to accomplish what you have to do. Complicating this is the psychological phenomenon that the more stressed you feel, the less time you believe you have to do things. Isn’t human nature interesting? This brings us to another of the great realisations of meditation: there is no sense of time involved. If you do have any sense of time, it can only be because you’re not focused on the present and your thoughts are reflecting – ‘How long have I been sitting here?’ – or projecting – ‘How long till this finishes?’ Past or future. Time has no meaning in the present. Just as there are no responsibilities, deadlines or expectations in the present. Here you are wholly aware of, and open to, what you are experiencing, but cannot compare it with anything you’ve experienced before (looking back) or evaluate it in terms of what you might experience in the future (looking forward). This is why they say there can be no right way or wrong way when it comes to meditation: if you are meditating there is only … this. What a relief. No room for time pressure, anxiety, fear, doubt, worry (all future-based), and no room for guilt or regret (past-based). The notion of ‘from this moment on…’ is inconceivable. The belief that ‘something needs to happen before…’ never arises. Everything is happening from an innocent, unconditioned, unmediated viewpoint. Yes, what a relief. OUR PERCEPTIONS OF SPACE. Like time, space is an abstract concept. Mathematicians and astro-physicists may have a different view, but most of us think of it as having a negative quality: the absence of something, the interval or gap between one thing and another. The missing part. However, as life gets busier and more complex, and we imagine the spaces between the events of our day to be shrinking, we start to think of space as having a positive quality. Now we see it as one of those elusive, restorative moments between efforts and events. If people think of space in that positive way, why don’t they go to greater lengths to seek it out? Instead, the opposite seems often the case: they become so locked in to the stimulations and distractions of everyday living that when the occasional gap does appear – a space – they think something is missing (negative again), and the gap should be filled. You will see the similarities in the way we view space and the way we view time: both abstract, and both endowed with more meaning than they warrant. The similarities continue when you put these in a meditation context. When you’re meditating, time fades from your awareness – yet you feel you have all the time in the world. Also when you’re meditating, space (if you think of it as what separates one thing from another) fades from your awareness – yet you have the feeling you are surrounded by space. There is one more feature of space that you will discover in the latter part of this book – in the chapter called Making It Permanent. This is devoted to finding ways to ‘add’ more space in your day. FOCUS PROMISCUITY. Promiscuity can relate to any behaviour that is indiscriminate or lacking in standards of selection. Focus promiscuity is when you habitually allow your attention to flick from one stimulus to another rather than focusing on the one thing, or series of things, that is important to you. Many observers believe our capacity for being able to mentally focus is in decline, and attention spans are shrinking. While this may be pretty apparent in younger generations, it is also affecting the rest of us. There are all sorts of theories as to why this might be the case. The web throws up many variations on this statement: ‘we are exposed to more new information/data/mediated messages in one day than our great-grandparents were exposed to in a year’. Extrapolated, these are suggesting that the weight of information overloads our ability to process it, and therefore adds to the pressure of daily existence. As evidence, they say the average First World adult spends somewhere between six and nine hours in front of a screen each day (a statistic that varies from country to country), the average teenager sends or receives 75 text messages a day, and every second person we see in the street seems to be glancing down at a smartphone. Add to this the ubiquitous iPod, radio, and wall-to-wall advertising messages and you have an almost inconceivable amount of data, information and stimulation coming your way. If your attention was continuously focused on changing data, or was being continuously drawn from one piece of information or news to another, that might seem like a plausible explanation for decreasing attention spans. However, the amount of available data or information cannot be the culprit. Data has always existed. There has always been too much data for one person to attend to or absorb. Besides, the potential for distraction is not, in itself, a reason to indulge in it. So why do we habitually seek it out? And does this habit lead to an altered way of thinking? I have previously written about a function of the human nervous system that is a contributor to this. A calming system or a nervous system? Before we go into this topic about the nervous system, there’s something about the nature of all systems that needs to be kept in mind. Any system in nature – be it solar, weather or tidal system – is so complex it can never be fully understood. If you look at it one way you see a whole system, probably made up of a number of smaller sub-systems. But look at it another way, and you see just one component of a much larger system. This means we should never fool ourselves into thinking any one component tells the whole story or predictably influences the overall. The human organism also features a number of systems. There are a dozen or so of these – reproductive, digestive, respiratory, endocrine, immune, nervous and so on. As with the systems in nature, many of these interrelate and can influence one another, and most consist of smaller sub-systems. Okay, that’s the technical part. Now we’re going to take a look at one part of the nervous system, the autonomic nervous system. This operates many of your body’s functions from a level below consciousness. Broadly speaking, the nervous system consists of two parts, the sympathetic (the ‘tense side’) and the parasympathetic (the ‘calm side’). These are not located in any specific part of the body, and they do not sit side by side – so what you see in the graphic here is a metaphor. The tense side and the calm side have counterbalancing actions: one starts a physiological series of events, the other stops it or compensates for it. In combination, they help you to deal with the wear and tear of everyday life. Typically, the sympathetic (tense) part comes into play when some sort of stimulus makes you feel under pressure. This stimulus could be a threat (real or imagined), or it could be a primal impulse like sex or hunger. It could even be a simple action like walking up stairs, or a change in ambient temperature. A convenient way of describing one of these factors is as ‘a stress’. When a stress comes along the tense side swings into action, producing a range of excitatory neurotransmitters (the expression alone is enough to stir you up!), which results in a shock of hormones – such as adrenaline and corticosteroids – being injected into your bloodstream. These do things like speeding up the heart rate and blood flow, tensing the muscles, increasing perspiration and suspending digestion. According to the human model, you are now physically and emotionally prepared to deal with the stress. After the sexual activity has been consummated, the speech given, the argument settled or the deadline met, the calm side, the parasympathetic nervous system, comes into play. Its role is to restore, balance, heal and conserve energy after all the excitement. It does this by helping you calm down, digest food and rest. It also activates the immune system and generally gets you ready to go back into action later. The calm side produces its own range of neurochemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin, which are designed to calm you down and elevate the mood. Sometimes these are no match for the chemicals produced by the other side, and are easily overwhelmed by them. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll refer to this as the tense–calm cycle. Combined, the two parts of the tense–calm cycle help you deal with an active, unpredictable life: one part preparing you for action, the other part calming you down after it has passed. In an ideal world these two parts would remain perfectly balanced relative to the centre, the inner you. A bit like a gyroscope, where the centre remains stable regardless of any movement of the overall. So no matter what ups, downs, tilts or shifts you had to endure, everything just hangs together in perfect balance. Unfortunately in today’s non-stop world, the tense–calm cycle doesn’t always work so smoothly. The diagram below broadly illustrates some of its functions and characteristics. I’d like to draw your attention to the attributes on the tense side. The tense side alters your outlook on the world. When it is activated, two things happen: (a) you become outwardly focused, looking for a broad view of what’s going on, and (b) you have a diminished ability to take in detail. This is fine if you are dealing with a life-or-death issue like a rhinoceros charging your way, but what if the issue is small? Most of the stressful issues you face in life are comparatively minor: you’re running late for an appointment, you have to speak in front of your workmates, or you have a deadline approaching and your figures don’t add up. But if the tense side is making you less capable of handling detail, your problems are compounding. Especially when you consider that one of the most cited stresses of modern life is being bombarded with detail. Here’s another ironic characteristic of the tense side. When it has been active for some time, and you don’t know how you’re going to cope with all this pressure, you get the urge for an emergency pit-stop. To top up your fuel levels for the next phase of the drama. At a primal level, this is probably just a need for carbohydrates, but in today’s world of readily-available stimulants such a craving can manifest in any number of undesirable choices: sugary foods and drinks, fats, energy drinks, alcohol (for the sugar hit), drugs or nicotine. And just as commonly, it can also lead to desire for emotional stimulation such as novelty, distraction, information or entertainment. Say you give in to this urge. You drink the cola, smoke the cigarette or listen to some loud music. As each of these has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, the tense side gets all fired up again. Your heart rate and pulse speeds up, your muscles tense, your digestion slows down, and sooner or later you feel the need for yet another emergency pit-stop to top up fuel levels. You give in to this and you have created a feedback loop and the whole cycle begins again. Where the initial stress may have arisen from factors outside of your control, the second one – if you were to give in to it – is self-inflicted. And if you do give in to it, does it soothe things? Not at all: it aggravates, often prolonging the response. Then, instead of getting to enjoy the calming or recovery part of the cycle, you get mired in the tense side. Your heart and pulse rate remain elevated, stress hormones continue to enter your system, feelings of tension and fear do not subside. Then what do you do? You go searching for stimulation or distraction again! My description is greatly simplified, of course, but it illustrates how a constantly stimulated nervous system could contribute to the pressure and unease you feel in today’s world. To bring this more into your day-to-day experience, think about how you feel when something stressful happens at work. Say you have an important deadline to meet. Then, out of the blue a situation arises that might slow you down – your computer crashes, you cannot get your car out of the car park or you’ve mislaid an important document. So much to do, so little time, now look what is happening! The smart thing to do would be to knuckle down and work harder until the situation has been resolved. But that’s not what most highly stressed people do: they check their email, make unnecessary adjustments to the layout of their spreadsheet, pour another coffee, step outside for a cigarette, reach for a biscuit or rearrange the papers that have been messing up their desk all week. There’s no logic to this, and it’s probably unconscious anyway, but you can see how such an impulse would compound the pressure you feel rather than ease it. Imagine where such a tendency might lead. Assuming that life is as we believe it to be – with work, family, politics, traffic, noise and so on, growing increasingly more stressful – then all the masses of data we are confronted with not only add to the burden, but contribute to a spiralling behavioural change. The more pressure we face, the more we feel compelled to distract ourselves. Then we start to confuse stimulation with relaxation and go looking for more novel forms of stimulation in order to ‘relax’. The irony is obvious: stimulation is intended to excite and titillate the senses, while relaxation is intended to soothe them; one cannot fulfil the function of the other. The above is an instinctive process, but left unchecked it feeds upon itself and contributes to the behaviour we call focus promiscuity. Now for a choice you know you have, but probably forgot all about The tense part of the autonomic nervous system is energetic in nature: it gets you feeling fired up, ready for action. The calm part tends to be lethargic: you feel the urge to rest and restore. In the modern world, when you’re working flat out and your energy starts to wane, you automatically think of what you have to do to restore your energy. A carb hit. Caffeine. Distraction. Push-ups. Yet your body is telling you to sit for a moment, close your eyes, switch off. Your habit is telling you to speed up, but your body is telling you to slow down. What if you were to follow nature, have a 5-minute catnap, and then come back to the fray? Do you think you’d feel better? Would you perform better? I know many executives who’ve trained themselves to do this, and who believe they are capable of much more as a result. Even if there was no improvement in performance at all, it certainly seems like a more wholesome approach to life. Focus promiscuity We can’t blame the nervous system for our tendency to become distracted; there is more to focus promiscuity than this. In fact, I think we’re witnessing an attention revolution in the making. For example, my observation in the corporate world is that the attention habits of everyday executives have undergone a massive change in just a few decades. While some of this can be attributed to technological development: the amount of data we have access to has escalated beyond comprehension; the number of times we are presented with uninvited information multiplies each year; understandings that once came from reading several books are now gleaned from a few paragraphs on Wikipedia; the briefcase has been replaced by a laptop (containing millions of times more data); and the ‘always on’ smartphone is replacing almost everything. However, we can’t put all the blame on technology because personal preference is clearly playing a role. Some obvious examples: the information that used to require a ten-page document is now preferred as a single chart; the once-sought-after quiet workplace is now viewed as unstimulating and needs to be supplemented by bold graphics and music at every workstation; wandering from department to department is replaced by clicking between menus on your browser; and for many, the boundary between office and home barely exists. You get the picture. This change is not limited to the workplace. In your lifetime you have seen profound changes in the way an individual deals with information and learning. For example, my way of processing information is such that I can usually deal with only one source of data at a time. Contrasting this, my thirty-year-old news editor son can juggle several sources simultaneously, my twenty-year-old student son can deal with even more, and my seventeen-year-old student daughter not only contends with more than that again, but actively chooses to do so. You will see similar patterns wherever you look. There are many theories as to why this change is taking place and why an accompanying level of distractibility may be emerging. Some believe it’s just a fashion in the way we process information, or that it stems from lowered motivation or a reduction in willpower. I’ve even heard suggestions that it represents a decline in cognitive health, such as that associated with ageing. More likely it is a changing – evolving? – human capability. We know that certain types of stimulation can change brain formation, a fact that can be observed by comparing the brain formation of digital-era children with the brains of their pre-digital-age parents. We also know that this can have a real effect on the way they apply their mental resources. Perhaps this has happened before. Just as the children of two hundred years ago retrained their brains to absorb information via reading (a single source), the children of today are retraining their brains to take in information in a non-linear, hypertext fashion (multiple, cross-referenced sources). Check out any classroom in the developed world. There is little doubt that this new way of taking in information sees today’s children having greatly reduced attention spans compared to those of their parents. Contrary to what many fear, though, focus promiscuity doesn’t appear to make much difference to learning; research shows that children have cultivated the ability to pay attention intermittently, while absorbing just as much information as someone who is attending with more focus. Weighing against this, however, focus promiscuity does have a couple of significant downsides. First, even when it has a strategic, information-gathering purpose, it reduces the
  215. hannacora says:

    A book review…
    From Michael Tsarion

    (If you don’t have time to read the book, this page would give you an excellent overview)

    —The Secret Founding of America, by eminent historian Nicholas Hagger, was published in 2007. It is one of the first “mainstream” books to deal with the Freemasons and the Illuminati and their role in the founding of America. The publishers saw to it that the book was released in time for the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown Landings.

    —Among the controversial authors mentioned by Hagger, in his sources section, are Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln (Holy Blood, Holy Grail), Nesta Webster (Secret Societies and Subversive Movements), Lady Queensborough (Occult Theocracy), Carroll Quigley (Tragedy and Hope), Stephen Knight (The Brotherhood), and Ralph Epperson (The Unseen Hand). In a previous work entitled The Syndicate (2004) Hagger references other notable authors and researchers, such as G. Edward Griffin.


    We believe that this type of book, which delves into secret societies, and which is written by an academic, is among the first of many to come.

    –Humanity’s skepticism is increasing and people are clearly not as content as they once were just going along believing what they have been told about history and the world from conventional sources.

    —It is sad that so many great works on par with or superior to The Secret Founding of America are out of print or hard to find. It is sad that Americans may live out their lives without knowing the names of the great literary patriots who labored so hard against unimaginable odds to get the message out about the dangers of Zionism and Fascism, and about subjects such as Freemasonry and the “New World Order” of the secret societies, who now own and control the United States of America.

    ***Spain on the Scene***The Virginia Company***Robert Cecil***Freemasonry in Early America***Francis Bacon***Anthony Bacon***Bacon, Dr. Dee and America***Bacon’s “New Atlantis”***Puritanism and Rosicrucianism***Early Freemasonry in America***Benjamin Franklin and the New World Order***Franklin and the Great Seal of the United States

    WOW! This is quite a work out for my sprained wrist!!! obviously getting better, maybe tomorrow I can do some scrubbing, including a full shower…that would be so nice.


  216. hannacora says:

    Washington’s attack on Russia has moved beyond the boundary of the absurd into the realm of insanity.
    By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
    The New Chief of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, Andrew Lack, has declared the Russian news service, RT, which broadcasts in multiple languages, to be a terrorist organization equivalent to Boko Haram and the Islamic State, and Standard and Poor’s just downgraded Russia’s credit rating to junk status.

    Today RT International interviewed me about these insane developments.

    In prior days when America was still a sane country, Lack’s charge would have led to him being laughed out of office. He would have had to resign and disappear from public life. Today in the make-believe world that Western propaganda has created, Lack’s statement is taken seriously. Yet another terrorist threat has been identified–RT. (Although both Boko Haram and the Islamic State employ terror, strictly speaking they are political organizations seeking to rule, not terror organizations, but this distinction would be over Lack’s head. Yes, I know. There is a good joke that could be made here about what Lack lacks. Appropriately named and all that.)

  217. hannacora says:

    The Healing Power of Sound
    Sound can change our immune function. After either chanting or listening to certain forms of music, your Interluken-1 level, an index of your immune system, goes up between 12 and a half and 15 percent. Not only that, about 20 minutes after listening to this meditative type music, your immunoglobin levels in your blood are significantly increased. There’s no part of our body not effected. Even our heart rate and blood pressure are lowered with certain forms of music. So, it effects not only our soul and our spirit, but it effects us on literally a cellular and sub-cellular level.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, this is great info, Johanna, and, of course, the music we are forced to listen to is for the most part dissonant in that it is set at a vibrational level that works against us humans. I can’t remember the facts, but I know Denise Rednour understands this fully and has worked with it. Hugs, ~Jean

  218. Tracy says:

    Jean & Friends,
    Just some thoughts and a random sampling of articles to share this morning.

    Baltic Dry Index: 666, by ZeroHedge ~ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-28/batic-dry-index-666
    The reality is gloomy however IMO – The best part of this article is the comments below the story that tell it like it is. (Or perhaps at times I have an acute-sarcastic funny bone?)
    ** Take a look at some of today’s headlines on ZHedge ~ http://www.zerohedge.com

    Russia prepares to develop Gaza gas field, Posted by Louise Turner in Middle East, News, World ~ http://yournewswire.com/russia-prepares-to-develop-gaza-gas-field/

    The FBI’s plan to collect everyone’s DNA just got a huge boost from congress ~
    https://privacysos.org/node/1659 (also on Blacklist News)

    American contractor among 9 dead in Tripoli five-star hotel blast, By Keith Walker ~
    {Perhaps “some” of Ben Fulford’s last article has some merit}

    Global Drug Trade Gets More Efficient, Defies US War on Drugs, Revolt Builds in Latin America – By Don Quijones, Spain & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET. His blog: Raging Bull-Shit ~

    Russia, Turkey announce new gas route with hub in Greece borders ~

    Jail ‘anti-vax’ parents: USA Column – snippet: “Your family’s right to be sick ends where public health begins.” ~

    NATO must close ranks around Ukraine – Nuland, Source: Economica (Translated) ~

    Affirming Internal Peace & Love to ALL,

  219. hannacora says:

    This 14min video visually displays Jesuits’ influence in the founding the US.
    Blessings! Johanna.
    The US Capitol: a Mirror of Vatican City

    Uploaded on Oct 30, 2011
    Formerly Rome, Maryland, land of “Mary”

    • Jean says:

      I might put up a collection of suggested posts. These are all extremely helpful to me and are allowing me to work on editing Bradley’s writing. I’m also getting thoughts for my new blog, which I sense will be birthed about the time of the Mercury retrograde 🙂 Everyone’s comments are helping me to find focus, and so I thank you all 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  220. hannacora says:

    Eric Margolis, Contributing Foreign Editor, The Toronto Sun
    16 November 2003
    —Five years ago, I wrote about the unknown Holocaust in Ukraine. I was shocked to receive a flood of mail from young Americans and Canadians of Ukrainian descent telling me that until they read my column, they knew nothing of the 1932-33 genocide in which Josef Stalin’s Soviet regime murdered seven million Ukrainians and sent two million more to concentration camps.
    —How, I wondered, could such historical amnesia afflict so many?
    — At the end of World War II, Stalin’s gulag held 5.5 million prisoners, 23% of them Ukrainians and 6% Baltic peoples.
    —Add to this list of forgotten atrocities the murder in Eastern Europe from 1945-47 of at least two million ethnic Germans, mostly women and children, and the violent expulsion of 15 million more Germans, during which two million German girls and women were raped.
    – virtually the Soviet Union’s Adolf Eichmann – set a quota of 10,000 executions a week. Eighty percent of Ukrainian intellectuals were shot.
    —The New York Times’ Walter Duranty, British writers Sidney and Beatrice Webb and French Prime Minister Edouard Herriot, toured Ukraine, denied reports of genocide, and applauded what they called Soviet “agrarian reform.” Those who spoke out against the genocide were branded “fascist agents.”
    —The U.S., British, and Canadian governments, however, were well aware of the genocide, but closed their eyes, even blocking aid groups from going to Ukraine.
    —After the war, the left tried to cover up Soviet genocide. Jean-Paul Sartre denied the gulag even existed.
    —While today, academia, the media and Hollywood rightly keep attention focused on the Jewish Holocaust, they mostly ignore Ukraine. We still hunt Nazi killers, but not communist killers. There are few photos of the Ukraine genocide or Stalin’s gulag, and fewer living survivors. Dead men tell no tales.
    —Russia never prosecuted any of its mass murderers, as Germany did.

  221. hannacora says:


    “Empire of Chaos” in the House
    —No one in Western corporate media will tell you why US President Barack Obama is hitting Riyadh with a high-powered delegation to “pay his respects” to the new House of Saud potentate, King Salman.
    —Talk about a who’s who – including CIA head John Brennan; General Lloyd Austin, head of US Centcom; Secretary of State John Kerry; leading House Democrat Nancy Pelosi; and even senile Senator John “Bomb Iran” McCain.
    —It must have been heart wrenching for most in this crowd to skip a visit to the Taj Mahal in India so they would be part of the last-minute, “unscheduled” stop in Riyadh.
    —This is how the astonishing mediocrity that doubles as US Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, spun it; “Principally, I think this is to mark this transition in leadership and to pay respects to the family and to the people of Saudi Arabia, but I’m sure that while we’re there they’ll touch on some of the leading issues where we cooperate very closely with Saudi Arabia.”
    —The White House and the Pentagon did not bother to “pay their respects” in person to the people of France after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The House of Saud – “our” top bastards in the Persian Gulf – is of course much more valuable.

  222. hannacora says:

    Jean, cannot do too much…sprained my right wrist
    Lazy Greeks At Fault?? These Two Charts Suggest Otherwise!

  223. Tracy says:

    Catherine Austin Fitts-2015 Forecast Volatile & Violent – with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com
    date 1-25-15 (39 min) ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9n4CHPST7A

  224. Debbie says:

    More info on the Bush family – I thought I knew all I needed to know – but this adds to the picture – Please dear God, let not have another BUSH traitor in the White House:


  225. Debbie says:

    Henry Makow – Sex Magic and how the cabal enslaves humanity – more information backs up Bradley Love and Chiron last – interesting!


  226. Tracy says:

    A 9:13 rational argument/dialogue – title: Revealed: Obama’s secret, fast-tracked “trade” treaty to consolidate a global corporate government and his multi-pronged attack on internet liberty.
    (Source: Infowars, but I found on investmentwatchblog.com)
    Video link by David Knight: http://www.infowars.com/sotu-decoded/
    >>or You-tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlgTBrABUqw&x-yt-ts=1421914688&x-yt-cl=84503534

    Wakey Wakey, this will affect “everyone”…….Grrrrrrr’s,

  227. hannacora says:

    (Even the wild animals show us that we are all one! Blessings! Johanna)
    Miles away from the nearest neighbor or phone, she suffered a stroke. She needed help fast.
    By Patrice Vacca, Moscow, Pennsylvania

  228. hannacora says:

    Jean, this message could be used in almost any circumstances….
    These words of wisdom will never reach mainstream media.
    Blessings! Johanna

    —Your researchers and historians are deeply ashamed of the bloodsheds wrought in the name of religion between the Catholics and Protestants or in the name of nationality and ethnicity during the First and Second World Wars. This approach is admirable.
    —By mentioning a fraction of this long list, I don’t want to reproach history; rather I would like you to ask your intellectuals as to why the public conscience in the West awakens and comes to its senses after a delay of several decades or centuries.*** Why should the revision of collective conscience apply to the distant past and not to the current problems?***
    —My second request is that in reaction to the flood of prejudgments and disinformation campaigns, try to gain a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion.
    I don’t insist that you accept my reading or any other reading of Islam. What I want to say is: ***Don’t allow this dynamic and effective reality in today’s world to be introduced to you through resentments and prejudices. Don’t allow them to hypocritically introduce their own recruited terrorists as representatives of Islam***
    Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to gain proper, correct and unbiased understanding of Islam so that hopefully, due to your sense of responsibility toward the truth, future generations would write the history of this current interaction between Islam and the West with a clearer conscience and lesser resentment.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Johanna, I finally got this piece out 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • hannacora says:

        Jean, I was so relieved yesterday when you posted a couple of readers’ comments!
        My heart skipped a beat or 2 when there were no postings on the blog.
        I hope you are doing fine Jean.
        Glad you thought worthwhile to post this message from Iran’s spiritual leader. There is so much demonization done (not just Iran) that whenever positive actions are taken we must highlight them as they will not be reported by the mainstream media.
        Endless Blessings!

        • Jean says:

          Yes, and people are so willing to go after the Iranians, but what about the Christian Zionists? Why must we act like we’re perfect and always judge someone else? There are always variations and gradations in everything . . . and why can’t we just realize no one has achieved perfection? Not yet, anyway, and not as I see it. Maybe I’m wrong 😉 Yes, I worked non-stop yesterday with/for Scott. . . and probably will continue to do so for the next couple of days . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • hannacora says:

            As long as your fine Jean! That’s what counts!!

          • Jean says:

            Yes, I’m feeling better each day . . . too much work right now, though, but we’re getting the job done . . . and your help is appreciated 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

  229. Debbie says:

    Too much truth – so they are suicided – here is the movie before it is censored – actually google has taken it down

  230. Debbie says:

    I thought this was excellent – thought others might agree:


  231. hannacora says:

    A few headlines for today –

    —Homestead Act for Russian Far East – Putin supports free land handout

    ‘Saudi human rights record worst in region: ***1 BEHEADING EVERY 4 DAYS***

    1st ground battle in Iraq
    Canadian troops exchanged fire with ISIL Takfiri militants in Iraq during the first confirmed ground battle between Western forces and the militants, a top commander says.

    —Top Russian MP blasts West for ignoring Yatsenyuk’s ‘pro-Nazi’ statement
    “If the ‘new freedom of speech’ prevails in regard of the WWII very soon everyone would think that Auschwitz and the whole of Europe had been liberated by the US – *****and Obama’s granddad,”***** MP Aleksey Pushkov wrote in his Twitter microblog.
    “Ukraine and its current leaders have stood by this position for some time. We are talking about the desire to rewrite the history of the Second World War. Saying the Ukrainian PM is practically putting himself into the position of a Nazi ally attempting to negate the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal,” Kosachev noted.

  232. Debbie says:

    This article is disturbing but not surprising – evidently there is just no end to the USG attack on the population – we try to avoid fluoride, GMOs and deadly vaccines – but the USG is relentless in the devious ways they bring death and destruction to not just the rest of the world but their our citizens. Nice to know this is what our tax dollars are used for – not! As you can see they prefer a population sick, mind controlled or dying – anything but awake! I don’t see this as fear porn, these are just facts of what we are up against and why the USG must be reined in:

  233. hannacora says:

    GRID/LEYLINE WORK, by Scott Onstott (also below see film SECRETS IN PLAIN SIGHT)
    This work seems to be well put together, easy to understand with excellent illustrations. Hope some readers will find some benefits and enjoyment!

    ***GENERAL INFO PAGE – Invitation to Physical Gridwork – As many people know, there is a grid around the planet made of energetic currents, and meeting points of several currents are called vortexes. http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.ca/2014/10/invitation-to-physical-gridwork.html
    ***Decoding the Grid : NEW YORK / LONG ISLAND – http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.ca/2014/12/decoding-grid-new-york-long-island.html
    ***Decoding the Grid : DENVER – http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.ca/2014/12/decoding-grid-denver.html
    ***Decoding the Grid : VANCOUVER – http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.ca/2014/11/decoding-grid-vancouver.html
    ***Decoding the Grid : TORONTO – http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.ca/2014/12/decoding-grid-toronto.html

    F I L M
    Secrets in Plain Sight – Volume 1 – Running time: 3 hours 43 minutes

    —Secrets In Plain Sight is an awe inspiring exploration of great art, architecture, and urban design which skillfully unveils an unlikely intersection of geometry, politics, numerical philosophy, religious mysticism, new physics, music, astronomy, and world history.
    —Exploring key monuments and their positions in Egypt, Stonehenge, Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco brings to light a secret obsession shared by pharaohs, philosophers and kings; templars and freemasons; great artists and architects; popes and presidents, spanning the whole of recorded history up to the present time.

    Fostering Literacy for our World!
    @ http://tunein.com/radio/RadioLiteracyOne-s202139/

  234. hannacora says:

    I am posting this 15 min. video that demonstrates the workings of Operation Gladio which could very well be behind Charlie Hebdo. I consider this video a Classic because it covers a wide array of topics that are largely covered up by the mainstream media (including operation Paper Clip)


    Published on Jun 27, 2014
    The openly Nazi core of Kiev’s new army; WikiLeaked cables set Ukraine ‘nationalists’ in NATO ‘dirty wars’ abroad; and the ‘psychopaths’ who run CIA special operations.
    Seek truth from facts with the world’s leading scholar on NATO’s Operation Gladio Dr. Daniele Ganser; Editor of new book Flashpoint in Ukraine — Dr. Stephen Lendman; Intelligence specialist William Engdahl; and victims of the Butcher of Lyon

  235. Tracy says:

    Agency will confiscate infant if entire family doesn’t get flu shots —
    “A foster mom takes a stand against medical mandates imposed on her family.”
    ~ http://www.policestateusa.com/2015/jamiesmith/

    Related post: You Won’t Believe Which Big-Name Groups are Opposed to Flu Vaccine Mandates — Source: Missy Fluegge ~ http://www.blacklistednews.com/You_Won%E2%80%99t_Believe_Which_Big-Name_Groups_are_Opposed_to_Flu_Vaccine_Mandates/40987/0/38/38/Y/M.html (with several links)
    In Peace

  236. Ani says:

    Syria’s President Asad does not get enough press IMHO, a real hero

  237. hannacora says:

    T E S T
    FREE SPEECH EXPERIMENT – Nova Scotia, Canada (Pretty Brave Soul!!)
    Totally devoid of logic! What a display of double standards and hypocrisy! Police State it is…
    Great Time to renew our DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and remove our consent from these parasites! @ https://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/10/30/a-sample-working-declaration-i-believe-this-is-what-will-shut-them-down-j/

    Hot dog seller now subject of police investigation
    Hot dog seller Jerry Reddick took to the social media network yesterday to experiment with how far he could take freedom of expression, writing,
    ***“Let’s test just how free freedom of speech is when it’s not Muslims being disrespected.”***

    What followed was a series of tweets which were undoubtedly offensive but for many wouldn’t be construed as any more odious than material published by Charlie Hebdo.
    —They say the best cooked Jews can be found in Poland and Germany where the ovens are made from the best clay.#Freedomofspeech?
    Dawgfather PHD (@dawgfatherphd) January 14, 2015
    —In 2001 I thought Americans could fly by the way they were jumping from the twin towers in New York.#FreedomofspeechMUHAMMAD
    —Hitler asked his people, “How do you like your Jews”? Well done with a bagel and a kosher pickle. Freedom of speech goes both ways #Muhammad
    — If I made a cartoon about Hitler and some Jews going into a oven; would it be accepted like the cartoon of Muhammad as free speech?
    —Within hours of sending out the tweets, Reddick was reported to Halifax police and is now under investigation by authorities.
    wrote Reddick, adding,
    —Reddick’s free speech experiment seems to confirm that making offensive jokes about Muslims is acceptable under the banner of free speech, but insulting Jews or victims of terror attacks or crimes against humanity is not.
    —In Canada, people have been charged with anti-Semitism despite it being acknowledged that this was an infringement on their free speech rights.
    —As Glenn Greenwald highlighted, the west’s new found support for ‘free speech’ is something of a sham given that French comedian Dieudonné was arrested yesterday for a Facebook post about the Charlie Hebdo attack in which he wrote,
    ***“Tonight, as far as I’m concerned, I feel like Charlie Coulibaly.”***

    • Debbie says:

      This is exactly what I thought – I’d like to see Hollywood do a movie where Obama is exposed as the anti Christ and is hunted down and killed and maybe expose that Michelle is really a tranny just for laughs – Michael and the whole family portrayed as a fraud – all in good fun of course……….just a piece of movie fiction – but how would Obama react to such a film??
      And yes, imagine a magazine that poked fun at greedy, evil, corrupt Jews always taking advantage of the goyims…would Netanyahu say – all in good fun, no harm done….after all it’s just entertainment…….how about cartoons showing Prince Charles as vampire or child molester?……….This is all BS – free speech and anything goes movies are fine with Obama and the Jews only if they aren’t the ones being mocked. This idea of free speech is the worst hypocrisy I have heard of yet. This blatant set up against the Muslims is the a most shameful evil thing Bush/Obama/CIA and Israel/Mossad could do….

  238. hannacora says:

    WHY should I be surprised that Soros is behind Furguson. After all he is behind most of the colour revolutions in the world!!
    ***When will people understand that this is just a big game of divide and conquer!
    It’s time to wake up and be as ONE – this has always been the ORIGINAL & NATURAL PLAN!!***
    Endless Blessings!

    GEORGE SOROS FUNDS FURGUSON PROTEST ($33 million in one year)
    –There’s a solitary man at the financial center of the Ferguson protest movement. No, it’s not victim Michael Brown or Officer Darren Wilson. It’s not even the Rev. Al Sharpton, despite his ubiquitous campaign on TV and the streets.
    –Rather, it’s liberal billionaire George Soros, who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe while forging a political machine powered by nonprofit foundations that impacts American politics and policy, not unlike what he did with MoveOn.org.
    –Mr. Soros spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to interviews with key players and financial records reviewed by The Washington Times.

  239. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    By F. William Engdahl
    On November 29, 2014, a little-noted but highly significant meeting took place in Beijing as Washington was absorbed with its various attempts to cripple and ultimately destabilize Putin’s Russia. They held what was termed The Central Conference on Work Relating to Foreign Affairs. Xi Jinping, Chinese President and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, delivered what was called “An Important Address” there.
    All of these moves, while fraught with danger, signal that China has deeply understood the Washington geopolitical game and the strategies of the neo-conservative US warhawks and, like Putin’s Russia, have little intention of bending their knee to what they see as a Washington global tyranny. The year 2015 shapes to be one of the most decisive and interesting in modern history.

  240. Debbie says:

    Saw this – only 1.44 minutes long – WONDERFUL ! Must share –

  241. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    Just a few points that I thought were interesting when looking at the Paris event from a journalist’s perspective.
    But on the other hand, this is sort of a circus of hypocrisy when it comes to all of those world leaders who were marching at the front of it. I mean, every single one of those heads of state or representatives of governments there have waged their own wars against journalists.
    I think that we should remember — and I was saying this on Twitter over the weekend — that
    —Yemen should have sent the Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye as their representative. He, of course, was in prison for years on the direct orders of President Obama for having reported on secret U.S. strikes in Yemen that killed scores of civilians. Or
    — Sudan should have sent Sami al-Hajj, the Al Jazeera cameraman who was held for six years without charge in Guantanamo and repeatedly interrogated by U.S. operatives who were intent on proving that Al Jazeera had some sort of a link to al-Qaeda.
    So, you know, while there is much to take heart in, in terms of this huge outpouring of support for freedom of the press, hypocrisy was on full display in the streets of Paris when it came to the world leaders.
    Reporters Without Borders issued a statement saying it, quote, “condemns [the] presence of ‘predators’ in [the] Paris march,” and, quote, “is appalled by the presence of leaders from countries where journalists and bloggers are systematically persecuted such as Egypt … Russia … Turkey … and United Arab Emirates.” A Gabonese journalist covering the march expressed similar reservations about his president, Ali Bongo Ondimba, participating in the event.
    [translated] He banned demonstrations in his own country and is coming to a demonstration in France. That’s intolerable for us. It’s a complete hypocrisy. We’re here not only to show our outrage for what happened to Charlie Hebdo, but also to show our outrage over the fact that dictators like Ali Bongo Ondimba are present here in Paris, in a country that supports human rights, at an assembly that is in fact dedicated to freedom of expression, freedom of the press.
    — you know, you have General Sisi, the dictator of Egypt, who apparently is showing his solidarity for press freedom by continuing to preside over the imprisonment of multiple Al Jazeera journalists whose only crime was doing actual journalism and scores of other Egyptian journalists that never get mentioned in the news media.
    Another thing that I think is really absent from a lot of the coverage of the aftermath of this horrific massacre is that
    —France also is a surveillance state. And France
    —has a very Islamophobic position toward their immigrant community, but also toward second- and third-generation Arabs or people from other Muslim countries who have settled inside of France. And there’s going to be an intense — intensification of an already overreaching surveillance system inside of France.
    And, of course, it is a horrific moment where people actually see it before them.
    Yes, right. But, — let’s remember that
    —the United States bombed Al Jazeera in Afghanistan very early on after 9/11, then bombed the Sheraton Hotel in Basra, Iraq, where Al Jazeera journalists were the only journalists.
    —Then they killed one of the most famous Al Jazeera correspondents in Baghdad in April of 2003, when Victoria Clarke, George Bush’s Pentagon spokesperson at the time, basically said ***if you’re an unembedded journalist, you’re with the terrorists, and if you die, it’s not our fault.***
    —They shelled the Palestine Hotel, killing a Reuters cameraman and the Spanish cameraman Jose Couso.
    So, yes, we should be condemning any and all attacks, especially when they’re killing journalists, no matter who the perpetrators are, but let’s not act as though the West’s hands are clean and that any one of those world leaders marching yesterday, that their hands are clean on these matters.

  242. hannacora says:

    Although a little dated, in my books ***THIS IS A CLASSIC***
    Any doubts as to the validity of the flu shot will immediately vaporize once you hear this video!!
    Enjoy the truth! Their magic tricks are not working anymore!!

    “How Council of Foreign Relations plan to convince the public”
    Uploaded on Apr 23, 2010

    This video is a classic example of the ‘elites’ attitude toward the general population. It is important to note that none of us ‘elected’ any of them to represent us. It is easy to see how desperate they were to ‘categorize’ the refuseniks. Even their plans to use the ‘blue light special’ tactic did not work, as millions of doses of H1N1 vaccine went unused.

  243. Ani says:

    I seem to have developed a sick preoccupation with the downfall of this man, watching evil destroy itself…just watching and waiting………


  244. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –
    Netanyahu visits Paris synagogue, crowd breaks into national anthem

    Published on Jan 11, 2015
    Packed crowd in Paris Grande Synagogue breaks into spontaneous rendition of French national anthem after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finishes remarks. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

  245. Janine Adair says:

    Hi Jean,
    Sandy Hook names listed as winners in the CT Lotto?!!!! Link below. This is unbelieveable!
    dutchsinse has uploaded 1/14/2015 — Lucky Last Names? Sandy Hook honors list — SAME last names win CT Lotto

  246. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO – The utter scam of free speech march!! The absolute height of absurdity!! The next step is for them to read our thoughts!!
    Blessings! Johanna

    France Arrests a Comedian Dieudonné For His Facebook Comments, Showing the Sham of the West’s “Free Speech” Celebration –
    ***** “Tonight, as far as I’m concerned, I feel like Charlie Coulibaly.” *****
    Forty-eight hours after hosting a massive march under the banner of free expression, France opened a criminal investigation of a controversial French comedian for a Facebook post he wrote about the Charlie Hebdo attack, and then this morning, arrested him for that post on charges of “defending terrorism.” The comedian, Dieudonné (above), previously sought elective office in France on what he called an “anti-Zionist” platform, has had his show banned by numerous government officials in cities throughout France, and has been criminally prosecuted several times before for expressing ideas banned in that country.

    The apparently criminal viewpoint he posted on Facebook declared: “Tonight, as far as I’m concerned, I feel like Charlie Coulibaly.” Investigators concluded that this was intended to mock the “Je Suis Charlie” slogan and express support for the perpetrator of the Paris supermarket killings (whose last name was “Coulibaly”).

    Since that glorious “free speech” march, France has reportedly opened 54 criminal cases for “condoning terrorism.” AP reported this morning that “France ordered prosecutors around the country to crack down on hate speech, anti-Semitism and glorifying terrorism.”

    As pernicious as this arrest and related “crackdown” on some speech obviously is, it provides a critical value: namely, it underscores the utter scam that was this week’s celebration of free speech in the west.

  247. Debbie says:


    ANyone who ever had a Lab knows this is pretty typical behavior – everyone on the bus is treated as best friend – important person………….how cold our lives would be without animals who smile upon us!

  248. Ani says:

    Glad you’re back Jean, hope you are feeling much better……

    must read me think:)


    • Jean says:

      🙂 Thanks, Ani . . up it goes! Hugs, ~Jean

    • hannacora says:

      Talk about arrogance! are they all made of the same cloth as Nethanyahu? Sounds like this is his version of the Samson option!

      Regarding cutting commerce? Look, if today you pressed the button, and you stopped using Israeli products, you wouldn’t wake up in the morning because the chip in your cell phone doesn’t work because it’s made in Israel. You might have a heart attack because the stent in your heart doesn’t work. Your account would be hacked and I could go on and on. Israel needs to be indispensable, and it is. And what we’re good at, we’re not good at selling products. We export innovation.

  249. Debbie says:

    Hi Jean -You had so many articles on the psy-ops in France and the Anti terror walk with uninvited nutcase Netanyahu and the glaring missing representative from America that I didn’t know which one to post this information – I know Socha has been linked to some dubious dis information – but then what blog hasn’t? I think she might really have the correct intel here – linking Team Obama to the psy-ops and also the suicide of the French Police Chief and surprise surprise – Petraeus – you Betray-Us! I think her post is VERY INTERESTING and backs up earlier intel stating Team Obama was not invited to attend………..


    • Jean says:

      I don’t get involved with Sorcha . . . never know what to believe . . .maybe it is true, maybe it isn’t. . . I don’t even want to go there anymore 😉 Hugs, ~Jena

  250. PL says:

    Hello Jean,
    This article should be of great interest to your readers. Here is the link: http://omnithought.org/did-you-know-debts-prepaid-fraudulent/1422

    I’m sure you have covered some of the info in the article, but if it contains info that you want to share again, feel free to repost it on your blog.



  251. hannacora says:

    MOST THOROUGH EXPOSÉ, including time line background context!
    2005 to now.

    Charlie Hebdo: France’s 9/11
    ***consider the fact that Charlie Hebdo – the “equal opportunity” offenders and defenders of all types of offensive speech – fired one of their writers in 2009 for writing a sentence some said was anti-Semitic (the writer was then charged with a hate crime offense, and won a judgment against the magazine for unfair termination). Does that sound like “equal opportunity” offending?

  252. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO –

    Lassana Bathily, a Muslim employee at Paris Kosher grocery store Hyper Cacher, saved several people by hiding them in a walk-in freezer when a gunman laid siege to his workplace on Friday.
    When a TV anchor asked him how he has a Muslim, had helped Jews, he replied calmly, “I am a practicing Muslim. I say my prayers in the store, daily. And yes, I helped Jews. We are all brothers. It’s not a question of Jews, Christians or Muslims. We were all in the same boat, there to help each other get out of that crisis.”

  253. Debbie says:

    How the axis of evil works —-IMF would lend money to Ukraine ONLY IF they allowed Mon Satan to come in and destroy the breadbasket of Europe………..
    Mon Satan is a Zionist creation all the way……..and make no mistake about it – they are in the process of engineering a famine for the 99% ers around the world….


  254. Tracy says:

    I found this article on Blacklist News tonight and I’m just “floored” it’s just an incredible example of Police Brutality (original source: http://www.policestateusa.com/2015/cady-raid/ )
    Title: New York family left homeless after police rip down walls to serve DWI warrant
    In Peace,

    • Debbie says:

      Tracey – just remember that police forces are now and have been for a while trained by Israelis — it’s all about maximum brutality……

  255. Debbie says:

    Jean – Don’t know if you have this or not, it’s the video of Alfred Web (released today but on Rumor mills)saying earth is on a positive timeline and the engineered collapse of the US Dollar is not going to happen, I was going to just give a link to the video but then I thought all of the accompanying links might be of interest to you and others……….


  256. hannacora says:

    Jean, I don’t know if you can publish these pictures…in any case, this page is a good spot for them. I found it quite emotional to look at these pictures! Reminds me to think from the heart not from the head.

    What a little love can do!
    Adopting a pet is a big responsibility, and it will often change the life of the person adopting the pet. It will also, however, absolutely change the life of the pet being adopted as well. These pictures will show you how much difference a single day can make in the life of a pet that has finally been adopted.
    It may take a while for some of these pets to get back to proper nutrition, but the change in many of them is psychological, not physical. The look that appears on their face once they’ve realized that they’re going to live in a new forever home is one that probably hasn’t crossed their face in a very long time.

    • Jean says:

      Oh, Johanna, I wish I had the time to play around and import these. They warm my heart! Thank you so much! I do hope people will take the time to click the link 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  257. Debbie says:

    Ending the Construct? Exiting the Matrix?
    Resistance of any kind is assistance?
    There are No external saviors………..The Golden Web of Language……and check it out before you eat that next piece of birthday cake!!
    This is a perfect way to spend a winter afternoon……..be prepared to have your socks knocked off!! Find the time and enjoy!
    Jean – do you know about Chiron Last? I think you will love this presentation – 2 plus hours – worth every minute of it:

  258. hannacora says:

    FOR INFO- Published on Jan 8, 2015

    Gordon Duff does forensic analysis on events and he’s gone over the Paris Attack extensively using the high definition video on Live Leak.
    He reports the weapons don’t eject shell casings. Sounds is that of AK-47′s firing blanks!
    The event wasn’t even filmed in Paris! They did an extensive search using their Premium Google Earth at street level and examined every street within a mile of the address. There are no streets in Paris that match the scene of the attack!
    This is not a street in Paris. There is no sidewalk like that in Paris, no place where cars are parked 5 feet apart without motor bikes and dog poop on the sidewalk!
    Bullets of AK-47 have steel rods in them used to penetrate body armor. These rods take out baseball sized chunks out of concrete. None of this was seen!
    Guy that fires at police officer turns the gun away from his head to not kill him with the blast from blanks.
    “Dead” cop is later seen walking around after he’s dead!


  259. Debbie says:

    Jean – I think Vatic hits one out of the ballpark with this information – if only Americans all had this information – but of course the Israeli owned Reuters, Associated Press and all the MSM owned by Israelis will keep it away from the sleeping sheep………I hope you will publish this one!


    What if the Pentagon wasn’t completely run by traitors? What if they actually made a move to free America from Rothschild’s Israeli Cabal…………..

    • Jean says:

      Debbie, I do not think the Pentagon is totally run by traitors. I think there are many good people in there, carefully biding their time . . . and now is not the right time 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  260. Tracy says:

    9/11 FALSE FLAG: Declassify the 28 Pages — Rep. Walter Jones ~
    LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE HELD- January 7, 2015, Washington, D.C.

  261. Dakini says:

    If you are AWAKE – please know things are DIRE. It is truly desperate. Most people and officialdumb really ARE mentally and morally impaired and they will not change before it’s too late.

  262. Debbie says:

    And then there is this to really make you think twice of entering the medical matrix:


    I wonder if these doctors will be facing jail terms of 37 years like the poor guy who was selling benign MMS? I doubt it….Big Pharma makes doctors richer by giving BIG incentives if they agree to poison their patients with damaging chemo drugs………EVEN WHEN THEY DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE CANCER!!

  263. Debbie says:

    I came across this story – and it is a familiar one, it stands to impact all of us who are trying to stay healthy using alternative therapies, as simple as vitamins and supplements, hydrogen peroxide – anything that is natural and doesn’t carry the life destroying properties of Big Pharma chemicals.
    FDA is the junk yard dog working for Big Pharma and if there is any treatment out there holds a threat to Big Pharma chemicals you can bet it will draw the attention of the FDA and their CULT OF TYRANNY….their job is to maintain and enforce a monopoly over human health……….and this is a story that is unraveling now, a family caught up in the trap – selectively targeted by FDA to set an example – imagine facing a 37 year sentence for selling MMS! Everything about this case is un American and despotic – if the FDA wins (court date in March 2015), we all lose:


    MMS is still for sale on eBay and Amazon – but maybe not for long….a cheap wonder drug with hundreds of uses…………and Big Pharma doesn’t want it cutting into their profits!

  264. hannacora says:

    For Info –
    Oprah Winfrey running Monsanto ads in her magazine
    Once a promoter of food sovereignty for the Hawaiian Islands, Oprah Winfrey has stooped to new levels of infamy.
    In her best-selling, worldwide magazine, O, she is running Monsanto advertisements that promote biotech and Big Ag farming practices.

    Many are asking where her true allegiances lie. Has she become corrupt by extreme wealth? Was this support of Monsanto an oversight?

    • Jean says:

      Awful, ain’t it? What else can I say? . . . except thanks for alerting us, and hugs, ~Jean

    • Debbie says:

      And you can be sure she doesn’t eat GMOs…….or HFCS….or BPAs, or Aspartame or any of the other death by diet the elites have arranged for to slow kill off the masses – but not before they get bankrupted by the medical industrial complex treating all the illnesses that we know accompany such a destructive diet!
      Shame on Oprah……turns out she is no better than the rest of them……..SERVICE TO SELF OPRAH………..hope she enjoys all the money – hope it was worth selling her soul to the devil!

      • hannacora says:

        In the last few years I saw several red flags when hearing Oprah. This GMO thing does not surprise me.
        She was quite adamant in a British interview saying something to the effect that the whites should die for all the atrocities they inflicted on the blacks. The other very big one for me was when she attended a super special meeting, with super special people for super special purposes about human governance. In attendance at this exclusive elite super special meeting were Warren Buffet and the king of vaccines Bill Gates. That did it for me. Oprah is definitely into service to self.

  265. Debbie says:

    Jean –

    Please check this out – I don’t remember seeing this – so much info to process day in and day out…but maybe the US Government Pedophile Ring is going to come down:


    • Jean says:

      I wish I could believe you are correct . . . eventually, yes, but I wish it would happen right now – it really needs to do so 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

  266. Debbie says:

    This is an interesting piece on reincarnation and getting out of it – I thought it was interesting that Cobra recently answered a question about going towards the light after death and he said most assuredly we should go to it (hmmmmm)……….he also said there was never life on Mars – we know now that isn’t true – see JimStonefreelance blog for more on the recent finding on Mars….but back to this…Hollywood has done movies recently to reassure us of the beautiful love filled experience of going into the light after death(hmmmm,again)……….that should tell us something……if you can remember this warning you might want to run like hell from that white light once you die! Interesting:


    • Jean says:

      Debbie, a couple years ago Cobra did some things that were very much in his own interest, wanted a friend to put out money for a venture, and so on . . . I simply do not trust him . . . I think he is likely co-intel pro. . . .:) There is so much other info out there that I simply no longer bother with him 🙂 Thanks for this and hugs, ~Jean

  267. hannacora says:

    For Info –

    US Embassy in Baghdad Running ISIL Operations
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of Iran’s Basij (volunteer) Force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi said the US embassy in Baghdad is the command center for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) Takfiri terrorists.
    “The US directly supports the ISIL in Iraq and the US planes drop the needed aids and weapons for ISIL in Iraq …,” General Naqdi said, addressing a group of Basij forces in Tehran on Monday.

  268. gear13 says:


    Great stuff gives you energy and maintains healthy cells free of cancers

  269. hannacora says:

    I just came across an interesting, but long article, about a young Romanian boy (from HUMANS ARE FREE) which ties in with ***Alien Base in the Bucegi Mountains***
    It confirms the story about our reptilian overlords BUT also has a very uplifting spiritual message to carry us through the current non-sense.
    Endless Blessings!

    ***I. Aryana Havah – Inuaki, reptilianul din mine (Inuaki, the reptilian inside me)
    This book is about a 7 years old boy brought by his mother to a psychiatrist because he is in contact with a voice from another Planet.
    The child’s name is David and despite his very young age on Earth, he holds the answers to the Universe, as you will see.
    David tells the psychiatrist (her name is Aryana) that the voice he’s hearing belongs to a being from another Planet. He calls the voice by his name, which is Aghton. They both came from another constellation and will keep contact until David will end his journey on Earth. He will stay here for about 200 years if we count the years like we do now, but soon we will understand time differently, David says. Before the first session ends he tells the psychiatrist that Aghton wants her to write a book so that his message is spread all over Earth.
    David says that the Planet he came from is called Inua, and is located close to Orion. The beings from Inua are called Inuaki.
    At this point I was a little intrigued because everything seemed like a hoax made after the Aunnaki stories, and I was afraid that this book will be a fraud. But soon I found out this was not the case, so please have patience until the end. Allow me to present you something interesting before speaking about the connection between the Inuaki , Anunnaki and us. – See more at: http://humansarefree.com/2010/12/our-true-history.html#sthash.yyMR1omq.dpuf

  270. Debbie says:


    I am a fan of Henry Makrow – a Jew with a Phd who tells it like it is as far as the Zionist crimes go. This recent piece of his made me think about your intention for taking us in the direction of imagining the world a better world and what we can do, think, project to get there…I liked this simple piece and thought – it’s a good place to begin:


    The Zionists murdered tens of millions of Christians in Russia, there is reason to believe theyhad plans to do that here as well – Satanic Zionists know the moral principles contained in the Christian faith conflict deeply with their lack of morals – ideas of freedom, individual rights are Christian principles, complete opposite of Zionists controlling nature & tyrannical structure. It seems to me we might best confront them by standing by higher ideas – we are One Nation Under GOD and not a nation under satan………….let us be clear on that point first.

    my mother repeated the Golden Rule to me throughout my life and I do subscribe to that one! And strong morals and integrity rate high on my list and that is why Politicians and Zionists rate the lowest in my book – maybe someone can help me understand how the world can convince the organized religions that Rothschild’s Israel is an evil fraud and to stop supporting it….that seems paramount to putting an end to the Satanic Zionists who appear to be the root of all evil?

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Debbie, for sharing this. I’d hoped to put it up, but I’m going to have believe that people will find it here. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  271. Tracy says:

    Here’s another article (PURE MADNESS) in the U.K. —
    Title: Anti-terror plan to spy on toddlers ‘is heavy-handed’:
    “Nursery staff and childminders are given ‘duty’ to report toddlers they suspect of being at risk of becoming terrorists under new Home Office measures”
    ** I just can’t find the words to describe this horror. I hope the good peoples of U.K. take to the streets “peacefully” to communicate their dissent and non-consent about this plan.
    I bid you peace,

  272. Tracy says:

    Jean & Friends,
    I’ve just perused the following article found on Abel Danger – original source: Farsnews;
    It’s very good — here’s the hook: “What is the FBI? – The FBI Acts as Congress’ Militia – First, Let’s Go Through Some Definitions – The Commercial Pogrom – Judicial System is Generating Revenue to Offset Congressional Bankruptcy – Paternal Power of the State – The Creation of Terrorism™ to Generate Revenue – Winner of the ‘War On Terror’ Financed Dream Home ” —
    Article Title: Report: FBI Took Massive Bribe to Delist MKO Terror Group ~

  273. Debbie says:


    I don’t know if you and/or any of your readers have spent any time looking at this sight -redefininggod blog, but I find it most excellent and refreshing….here is an example – he writes about what he calls the “giant circle jerk of fraud” and names disinformation agents : Gordon Duff VT, Leo Wanta, Jeff Rense, Ben Fulford, Press TV, Wilcock and NEIL KEENAN…….

    I also enjoy this site because it offers intelligent suggestions on what we need to do to build a world free of the Illuminati……….lots of good stuff….

    Oh, and I meant to mention before this – its’ sure good to see you back on Jean! I hope your leg is mending and good energy is on the rise all through 2015!

    • Jean says:

      Debbie, I will check out this site, because I agree with much of what you say hear. I’m particularly interesting in ideas about our way forward, because soon, as the article on Jeb Bush at VT clearly states, we’re going to be into an election cycle, and I think somehow between now and the next election some drastic changes need to be made. To my mind, there is no way we can go into the Golden Age with things as they now stand – and Hillary Clinton is not an option, either. The whole crew in the Washington Establishment needs to be taken out of there, and I propose to discuss these things on my new blog in a practical way. We have the power, now as human beings – can we get the job done?

      Somehow, I think the Universe will support us, but it won’t make it easy for us. My experience is that I have gone through some terrible things, and in order to get through them I was required to grow and find and use every single talent that I – mostly – didn’t understand that I had. Are there enough of us ready to do the hard work to co-create the new paradigm? You see, I don’t think it will be given to us, as money will not be given to us . . . we are going to do it for ourselves, or it isn’t going to get done. I mean, why should the Universe just give us these things, when we have it within ourselves, each one of us, to get this job done – and at the same time grow and mature into the healthy beings we are meant to be!


  274. Debbie says:

    Breaking the pedophiles in high places story and the whole disgusting depth of it that obviously includes DoD, Pentagon, White House, Congress and all……….it was only about 3 or 4 years ago that a Senator from Georgia was hot on the trail and ready to expose it as well as the very dark and sinister Child protective Services………she and her husband were suicided – but her story is out there and needs to be looked at again – there are good people who know this is going on – like Nancy Schaefer knew….now they really need to come forward and expose this dark evil for the cleansing it desperately needs:


    I would also add that a couple of years ago I read Brice Taylor’s book Thanks for The Memories, her memoir of time spent as Kissinger sex slave agent serving Bob Hope and dozens of top ranking officials, at the time I thought surely this can’t be true it was so gruesome….and now, sadly I totally believe that everything she said was the truth.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Debbie, for these words that will help others understand that pedophilia is rampant on our planet . . . it’s dark energy of terror and fear is likely running our planet! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Debbie says:

      Ken – I read this article and it is good information. For a while many were thinking that the BRICS would be relief from the central banking cabal of the west, now we know it’s just more of the same – reminds me of the DEMs vs GOP, just two sides of the same coin and once again, Rothschild is behind it all.
      Everything out there is such a sham – a big staged play for the purpose manipulating the people and keeping us slaves – but now we are at the point where it gets VERY interesting as more and more people are calling BS on all of it….of course ISIS is a totally US/NATO/ISraeli controlled…. BRICS and any reset to a new currency is just more theft by the same guys who own the Federal Reserve………
      I know of a site you might really enjoy – redefininggod blog……..he calls BS on all of it.

      • Jean says:

        Don’t be too sure, Debbie. You are making judgments concerning this, but how much do you – or I – really know? How much does redefininggod really know? Hugs, ~Jean

        • Debbie says:

          Of course you are right – who knows what? But I am basing most of what I think on the far reaching hand of the Satanic Zionist and we now know that reach includes China….I would LIKE to think that somehow BRICS could be the game changer.
          I recently read that the best selling books in China are written by Jews who describe how to make money fast off of the guillble goyims in American – the Chinese are now studying the Satanic Zionist way to riches by easily fleecing the Americans!
          While there is so much talk today about the dollar collapse on the world stage – I cant help but think maybe it will reshape America into a more self contained economy – at this point it seems what the USG mostly exports destruction to smaller countries, then they loot them and install central banking and then the big globalist corporations swoop in and rebuild them at our expense. How lovely would it be if America just got taken out of that cycle – whereby our crime syndicate of a government could no longer afford to spread their evil empire aorund the world – wouldn’t most of us be relieved that our taxes are no longer forced from our hands in order for the USG to kill and pillage around the world? Sure a lot of jobs in those globalist corporate companies would disappear from America but they could easily be replaced with a return to manufacturing. Hasn’t anyone noticed at this point that our government spends nothing on rebuilding America…our infrastructure is crumbled, ditto on roads. I imagine our Military Industrial Complex could keep going for many years just rebuilding America and securing our borders.

          • Jean says:

            🙂 MY intuition tells me we are in for some pleasant surprises. . . but I’m willing to admit I don’t know what I don’t know 😉 I recall reading that benevolent ETs are in China, but not with the government . . . interesting thought. . . Thanks for sharing all this, because it is important and needs to be out there . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  275. maja says:

    Glad to have you back Jean, hope you’re better! Wishing you health, love, and joy in the new year!

    Here is an excellent Italian documentary about chemtrails:

  276. Dee says:

    Just a short note Jean…to say that I hope you are feeling much better. Miss seeing you in my email inbox each morning and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you a new year filled with health, love, happiness and prosperity. With love, xoxo Dee

  277. Annette. Kessler says:

    Keeping you in my prayers. Merry Christmas. Peace ,light and love to you.

  278. Jean,
    Did I miss something? Haven’t been receiving any updates for about a week or so.
    All OK?

  279. hannacora says:

    Forgive Jean…I could not resist adding ‘Heroic Story’!!

    ANGEL ON WHEELS by Julie Kentucky, USA
    —When I was in the 8th grade in Ohio, a girl that rode the same school bus I did had a terrible accident. As she was running to the bus so as not to miss it, she slipped on ice and fell under the rear wheels of the bus. She survived the accident but was paralyzed from the waist down.
    —I went to see her, and in my 13 year-old mind I recall thinking that she wouldn’t have much of a life now. Over the years, I moved, married, and had children, and didn’t think much about Helen after that.
    —Three years ago, in Florida, my oldest son was hit by a car while riding his bike, thrown 90 feet, and landed on his head, suffering a horrid brain injury. While semi-comatose, he was transferred to a rehabilitation center. While in my son’s room, the phone rang, and it was a lady who said that she was the rehab’s social worker. It was a particularly trying day. I burst into tears for no reason, and heard the click of the call being disconnected.

    Angel on wheels
    —A short time later, a beautiful woman, in a wheelchair, rolled into my son’s room with a box of tissue. After 16 years, I still recognized Helen. She smiled, handed me the tissue, and motioned for me to come closer. I did, and she hugged me. I told her who I was, and after we both got over the shock of that, she began to tell me about her life since we last saw each other. She had children, was happily married, and got her degree so that she could smooth the path for those less fortunate than her. She told me that if there was anything she could give me, it would be hope.
    —Looking at this wonderful, giving, person, I felt small. But I also felt the hope she gave me, the first I had since learning that my son was hurt. From this person that I thought would have no quality of life, I learned to never give up — ever. And I learned that when there is life, there is hope. My son miraculously recovered and we moved back north, but I owe Helen a debt that I can never adequately repay.
    Originally published as HeroicStories #20 on June 17, 1999

  280. hannacora says:

    A SYMBOL OF HUMANITY by Debbie, California, USA
    ***Different cultures do not eliminate the humanity in humans.
    —I work in the children’s department of a major department store. In February 2005 I encountered a customer of Arab descent, or so I assumed at the time because of her clothing. She was dressed in black and gray from head to toe, including having most of her face covered.
    —She was looking around guiltily because she was about to rip open a packaged dress shirt. It’s no big deal really. Everybody does it. Because of my training, my first thought was “theft”, because she was acting so guilty.
    —But then I saw her eyes: she was AFRAID.
    —I approached her and asked if she needed help. She was clutching a dress shirt for boys, and now she looked terrified. It was amazing how much emotion I could see in her eyes. I believe in “eye contact” and looking someone in the eye when speaking with them, but how often do we *really* do this?
    —In fact, it’s possible that not being able to see her whole face helped me to see “her”.
    —She didn’t speak English. She kept pointing at a 9- or 10-year-old boy and almost wringing the shirt she was clutching. That was easy enough to understand without words, “Does it fit him?”
    —I asked her to hand me the shirt and showed her the trick to open the package without ripping it apart. Suddenly the fear in her eyes was gone, replaced by smiling eyes. After that, I helped her to find a different tie than the one she had picked, because it didn’t go with the suit she had.
    —Then she started saying a lot of words I didn’t understand and patting me on the arm. I knew she meant a very enthusiastic thank you. I was glad I could help her.
    —When I came in to work the next day, I was told there were some “strange” Arabs waiting for an employee in the children’s department. The lady had come in again, with her daughter to translate. My boss had guessed she wanted me, and told her when I would be in. They waited for me.
    —Through her daughter, this is what she said. “I have been in this country one month. I find nothing but hostile and danger eyes. I am not a terrorist. My family is not terrorists. You are the only one to see this. You treat me kind, even though I misbehave. I thank you.”
    —She gave me a jade green amulet. Her daughter said it is a symbol of humanity. I will treasure it always, as a reminder that we are all just people. Each of us is an individual with our own unique story.
    Originally published as HeroicStories #733 on December 5, 2007

  281. Will Munny says:

    These guys appear to be real-deal good guys. They have some interesting stuff, although sometimes it’s difficult to crack through their intel lingo.. Nevertheless:


    “Plum City – (AbelDanger.net): United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s operation of the National Visa Center for his S.E.S.* sister Kristine Marcy’s spy ring to the ‘small foreign faction’ ransom note – allegedly placed at the JonBenét Ramsey crime scene to divert attention from a Queer Down Low Club snuff-film team – and the U.S. Air Force Space Command’s use of al-Qaeda red teams to divert attention from an attempted coup d’état on 9/11…

    ?McConnell claims that his sister met Stacey in 1988 and launched Serco (formerly RCA GB) as a UK/US outsourcing company to provide tagged offenders and sex-tour guides to entrap and blackmail public servants with an ultra-secret product – an archive of pedophile snuff films – which, in the words of le Carré, appears to have become “a currency that advances the group that possesses it. They tend it jealously, keeping it from others and creating their own little aristocracy. And through that, new people of power come to the top of the service.”

    If those snuff films could be obtained, appropriated, snagged, stolen, copied or whatever and broadcast to all corners of the WWW, the ILL-loony-knotties and their illegal stranglehold would collapse in no time.

    • Jean says:

      This is interesting, interesting information! I remember the JonBenet Ramsey case so very well!!! Hugs, ~Jean

      PS . . . and, yes, I think these men are the ‘real deal’ . . . 🙂 ~J

      • Will Munny says:

        There are additional JonBenet Ramsey articles there with more details if you scroll back through their articles. From what I have seen, they periodically post new articles about the same subject matter when they get additional info. Some of the articles repeat much material that you’ve already read, but that’s with any story anywhere.

        Being former pilots, they were very much into the Malaysian airliner stories. The snuff film angle along with hit teams and clean-up crews figure regularly in their articles.

        Have you ever seen the movie “Michael Clayton” with George Clooney? There are some moments that gives a glimpse of how big corporations use such to “eliminate” some problems. While I thought the ending was unrealistic, “Michael Clayton” — along with movies like “Tinker, Tailor…” and “Breach” for example — are more enjoyable to me because they are more realistic than the James Bond and Jason Bourne stuff. But I guess that’s the “truther” in me.

  282. Will Munny says:


    insanemedia.net has had some excellent articles about Sandy Hook. “swansong” runs or is one of those who run the site and had a segment in “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.”
    The link above is the latest and has some strange new twists to the Sandy Hook story and its connection to China. Are the Lanzas in China? I have theorized before that Newtown is a spooktown. This lends credence to that.

    “…Jeffrey Immelt (the CEO of GE) who is a big proponent of the NWO mentality and would also be considered to be Peter Lanza’s boss had this to say about China on December11, 2012 on Bloomberg news. (Mayor Bloomberg has connections to the Wheeler family and a Sandy Hook School teacher). “The one thing that actually works, state run communism a bit– may not be your cup of tea, but their government works…

    “…Did you know that the Newtown Bee’s website was hacked and replaced with Chinese language on 12/14/12?… Did you know that Mandarin Chinese was being offered as a class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the morning BEFORE school started ? I wonder who would take that class and why it would be offered at a K-5 school ! … According to several News articles, Adam had been taking classes in Mandarin Chinese ! Seems odd that a mentally disturbed young man would have such an inclination. Other interviews sketched a more complete portrait of the gunman. He could play the saxophone, the documents said, and had taken private lessons in Mandarin…

    “…There is a definite Political Agenda established by the Sandy Hook incident and it is being carried out by the teams assembled as it has unfolded. There is one team of ‘Parents’ assigned to promote gun control, one to promote school safety, one to promote mental health issues, and another to propagate the idea of censoring and policing the internet. These are Global Agendas and have probably been put forth by NATO as they intend to bring about the New World Order. It is no secret that NATO wants “disarmament”, but perhaps it is less known that China is the leader in this Global transformation. ”

    “…Chemtrail spraying seems to be heaviest and most constant over North America and most countries of western Europe. Some countries in Asia are being sprayed (Japan and Korea), but the greatest exception to any chemtrail activity whatsover is China. The Chinese are being spared completely because China is being groomed by the NWO to replace the United States as the leading nation of the world, both economically and militarily…”

    “But to give those who might understand a shortcut… Illuminism is COMMUNISM.”

    “I think it is obvious that Jews control the Western world. They run your media, universities, and much of your government. They tell you who to wage war on, who to fight, who to support and how to spend your money. This is what we Chinese want to understand when we study Jewish dominance and hegemony of the West.

    There are literally so many instances of how you have fallen for Jewish tricks. Hitler was the last person to openly contest Jewish rule and look how he is viewed. He is hated because of what Jews taught you with their films and books.

    We Chinese are amused at how gullible white men are. We want to find the same way to shape your thoughts. This is why we study them, the Jews.”

    — See “Chinese Academic Says China Using Jewish Model to Take Over United States & West.”

  283. maja says:

    I accidentally stumbled upon this article and it gave me serious creeps. It seems like there is a plan to get everyone’s blood in a database for god knows what reason. Just take a look at who is on the board of this company…

    I hope more apt researchers will look into this.


    • hannacora says:

      RIGHT ON MAJA!!!
      Best to keep our distances with any Theranos technology!
      This technology is quite interesting and could be very beneficial…but unfortunately, i believe it will be used against us.
      Talk about being at the right time, the right place, having the right background, business connections, etc. etc. including Henry Kissinger???
      WOW! does she even need to work with this kind ESTABLISHMENT backing her??
      ***Growing up, Holmes was in constant motion. Her father, Chris, worked for government agencies, including, for much of his career, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department, often travelling abroad, overseeing relief and disease-eradication efforts in developing nations; today, he is the global water coördinator for U.S.A.I.D. Her mother, Noel, worked for nearly a decade as a foreign-policy and defense aide on Capitol Hill
      ***Holmes says that Theranos has a positive cash flow; it is clearly expanding. For many years, it has earned income from large pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, which use its tests when they are conducting clinical trials on new drugs. It also earns revenue from the “wellness centers” that it has set up in Walgreens stores, its hospital work, and the U.S. military, although Holmes would not discuss the company’s arrangments with the latter.
      ***Theranos owes its success in part to its high-powered board, which Holmes corralled with the help of George Shultz, a Palo Alto resident, who, in his long career, has held four Cabinet positions, including Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State.
      ***Aside from Frist, the one other board member with a medical license is William Foege, the former C.D.C. director.

      • maja says:

        Yes, Henry Kissinger & co. got behind this b/c they too, really hate needles and care so deeply about making life easier, and less painful for people right?

        Another thing I found interesting is that the company’s estimated worth is $9 billion – how? I’m not very business savvy and maybe I’m looking at it in an overly simplified manner – but if this pin prick product is set to retail at a little over $2, we can assume that the actual cost of this thing is at most half that, so the only way I see that they could estimate the company’s worth at 9 billion is if they’re estimating every single person on the planet getting this particular pin prick. Apparently a few drops of blood are placed on some sort of microchip. I can’t even begin to imagine what insidious uses they can have for this…

        It looks like they’re getting ready to roll out this “female Bill Gates” wunderkind, so everyone can say “wow, that’s amazing, so inspiring, so great, blah, blah”, head out to walgreens, and PAY $2+ for their “self-initiated blood test” to have a few drops of their blood fused with a microchip… Creepy. Transhumanism, genetic manipulation, and the like comes to mind.

        And by the way, finger-prick blood tests are far more painful and take longer to heal than the traditional needle (which if done right can be completely painless.)

        This seems like it is an important component of the “agenda.”

  284. Debbie says:

    Hi Jean,

    I stumbled across a link to this from a news site I regularly check and when I saw where it is coming from I thought oh this web site is well known for being a lot of bs – so, normally I would just dismiss this as more of the same once I saw where it was coming from. But then I remembered an article you published last July about General Carter Ham………..and then I thought the other thing that is different is they are saying this happened as of 12/12 and as we all know the dis information agents are usually always saying this is imminent or an “event” that will happen soon………so I wanted to run it by you and get your take on – What’s the truth?


    • Jean says:

      Yes, Debbie, and while I don’t have any inside info, I think it’s pure garbage . . . sorry! Remember when NLA indicted (or whatever they did) all the judges a short time ago? Same thing. . . the slaves telling their Masters they are free 🙂 Hope I’m wrong, though, hope I’m wrong 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

  285. hannacora says:

    WE RARELY CONSIDER SWITZERLAND AS ONE MORE PIECE IN THE PUZZLE OF THE GAME PLANNERS… – the author of this work, Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross, is a South African born historian, researcher and activist who narrates his way around Masonic Switzerland whilst filming the various architecture, symbols, monuments and statues.
    NOTE: his life has been threatened many times in the past…at one time even his cat was injured as a warning; the poor animal almost lost a leg but survived the ordeal.

    ***SwitSSerland is the centre of all evil – THE PHARAOHS NEVER DIED;
    The Crusades: the last stronghold of the Templars, Accon, fell on may 18th 1291, only 2 and a half months later Switzerland was founded on august 1st 1291 – the time to get back on horseback in those days. So the Templar`s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the swiss banks were founded and all wars were being financed by ever since – and out of the templars came the freemasons. (very long video…2hrs)

    Published on Nov 15, 2013

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