A Message from those Who Care…

This channeling comes through Kauilapele, and teaches us about the use of our discernment. It also suggests some possible physical manifestations during the upcoming 5-11 energy portal.

Posted on May 4, 2011 by kauilapele

This is a communication I received tonight. The precise source is not known to me, but I feel they are from ships traveling with planet Earth at this time. You may use your own discretion and see how it resonates (or not), with you. Kauilapele.


We must say that this time of your independence appears to be fraught with difficulties and dangers. While we can say that steps are being taken to protect you all on this planet called Earth, Gaia, Honua, we are not able to prevent decisions on an individual basis, for your free will choices are still honored.

Yet with each passing day/hour/minute/second you are watching and experiencing unveilings and uncoverings of all kinds. These are in many, many, arenas, in politics, world affairs, local affairs, personal affairs, science, history, and so on and on.

You may indeed be experiencing a variety of emotions, as events progress. A single example would be the political situation in the U.S. where many people have become unsatisfied, and often suspicious, of how their government operates, and of those who are operating that government. All levels of government are suspect, and this is awakening many who were asleep prior. We see this as helpful to the planet at this time.

We ask you to suspend judgment of any event, any person, any situation, which you see, or in which you are a participant. There cannot be a way to determine what is for benefit and what is not. As you are in a multi-level, or multi-dimensional, state at this time, and in the stages of a transition from coarse to finer and finer vibrations, you will learn to discern eventually these but at this point you are in the midst, so cannot be in a position to discern all. That is as it should be, and needs to be. Refrain from questions about details, and allow your transformation to continue.

Recent posts concerning “chaotic nodes” (1,2,3) are relevant, and will continue to serve you. All that appears to some to be “negative” and all that appears to be “positive” will be presented to your awareness. It is your discernment which is being developed. As you rise up to higher levels and discern from those “above” viewpoints, it will be clear that you are rising, and that all which is now “below” you has served its function for your individual growth.

5-11 portal of this 2011 year brings an opening for several events to manifest. These include:

  • Uncovering of criminal operations within local, state, and federal governments, worldwide. Clarity is achieved in a short time.
  • Massive worldwide financial reform to enable all planetary occupants access to necessary tools for improved living conditions. In some cases survival.
  • Group and individual healings become known worldwide, and occur spontaneously for many individuals. This includes physical, in the body, as well as emotional healings, relationship healings. The 5-11 portal caters to [is attuned for] this.
  • Peace of mind is recognized as the primary desire of persons previously enmeshed in world affairs details.



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