I propose a “Page” in which there will be housed a post on which we can share our thoughts in a discussion form.

I’m not sure if this would work, but it would merely be a formal “post” kept within a Page at the time of my blog, which at the moment I would just call “Sharing”. By adding our ‘comments’ to the post, we can then have a discussion—at least I think it would work that way. Because of the way this blog is set up, I would have to be the one who pushes the button to put the comments up for everyone else.

For instance, I have just looked at the first half of the video, ‘Revelations’, and I definitely have something to say about the role of our creation in Duality. Because the film and its many images went by me so fast, I needed to find the time to listen/view it again when I could be in a more receptive place with the ability to contemplate its words.

Here is what I want to share: There is a way to create what we want that omits duality, and Drunvalo is teaching it. 

Drunvalo spoke about The Secret and suggested that while we might want very much to create Peace, if we mistakenly created peace in our minds, which are by their nature dual—right/left—we would most definitely get peace, but we should expect that behind us where we might not see it, and much to our surprise war would also be created.

Apparently, this is exactly what happened to the writer of The Secret, who if I remember correctly was involved at that very time I was studying this with Drunvalo in the accidental death of several people in sauna-type ancient cleansing situation right there in Sedona. (I’m sorry, at the moment, while I know the correct word, I just can’t think of it.)

There is, however, a way to create without involving duality. It is this ‘way’ that I studied with Drunvalo and it is also what I will study with him again when I go back in October. He begins to talk about it in his book, Living in the Heart. He also explains a great deal of it in his video that I have posted, Drunvalo speaks about the Shift. There is a way we can create what we want through our hearts, and this creation is without duality and its difficulties. If there is to be a larger creation, then it requires more people to be involved.  More than that I cannot now remember.

He has taught the merkaba which is an ancient seventeen-breath meditation that helps us to stay in our hearts which also creates an electronic grid as a protection around us during the time that the earth’s magnetic field ceases to operate during a shift of the magentic poles. We are all magnetically connected to the earth, and if we do not have this merkaba protection, our brains—our hard drives— simply crash, and we have no memory after the shift of what has gone before.

His work is being guided, and he has now been led to the understanding that if people learn to go into their hearts first, the merkaba is more likely to establish itself almost automatically. He is, therefore, now placing emphasis on the In Your Heart Meditation as a means of helping us through the shift.

In the very beginning, his teaching employed a lot of left-brain information, because the Western thinking world lives so strongly in its left brain. This was largely factual information that he hoped would begin to open the hearts of many of our people—in a sense, through the backdoor. From there he progressed to teaching the merkaba—and it was the energy from this grid that the Kogi saw’ when they realized the prophecy they had lived with was no longer vali, and now he is focusing on the In Your Heart Meditation as perhaps a quicker way to establish the merkaba. (The facts in this paragraph may not be exactly correct, but in a general way I believe they are.)

I share all this with the qualification that I am not a specialist on what Drunvalo teaches, that I am going back in October to learn more,  and that in no way do I put my words out there as being totally correct. I’m sharing what I remember and what I know in an effort to be helpful.

Beyond the In Your Heart Meditation, he teaches the way to create from our hearts . . . and it can be what we want or need! It is, however, not created from a place of duality and I can’t imagine that any ego is involved in its creation. I know that for me I had no trouble going into the heart, but after that I found it difficult. When I return in October, I hope to overcome whatever the problems were. 

Now, I am going to post this ‘sharing’, and I am also going to see if I can put it in a Page which will appear at the top of my blog that I will also call sharing, and we will all get a chance to see if it will work and be of any value.


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11 Responses to I propose a “Page” in which there will be housed a post on which we can share our thoughts in a discussion form.

  1. Mary says:

    Hello Jean, thank you for all you do:) I came across this youtube posting of a documentary of A Course in Miracles…maybe you’ve seen it already. I never have but have read the book for 15 years. The first part is only an hour and is quite powerful (and timely because Valentine’s day in 1976 was a pivotal time in the book’s publication). The information in this book would be helpful to all of us in these times. Thank you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2ezG7xtSWM

    • Jean says:

      No, Mary, I haven’t seen it, and I’m beginning to have some questions about this course. . . I know it sounds strange . . . but it seems it teaches nothing but love and light, and healing is so much more than that. Am I correct? Does it teach us to deal with our dark side? Hugs, ~Jean

  2. francisomy says:

    Though it has not even made it into the news here, the center of control has shifted, and the fallacy of American supremacy is falling apart all over the world, and as usual Americans will be the last to know. How is it that the story about currency and certain countries’ refusal to use the currency shoved down their throats is not part of the story from that region? It matters not, major countries around the world are walking away from the Euro/American domination by way of the same kind of independence actions taken by the colonists in this country just before the American Revolution. What remains to be seen is whether or not these Euro/American bankers can get their population to believe once again that the other side is evil just for wanting to be Independent. It is not likely.
    Let’s be clear that the trades between these countries are backed by nothing more than the relative values they give to the different items being traded. They are NOT backed by gold or any other third reference, as this would only bastardize the actual trade. What these countries actually have done is to throw off the third reference point of gold or some “outside the trade” reference like an IMF/World Bank imposed currency. These countries are clear that it is the relative differences between the goods that they exchange that are calling out the value of the trade, NOT the currency they use to clear with. The imposition of the dollar had been screwing with the actual legitimacy of their trading, offering nothing in return but loss of sovereignty.

  3. Stunned at sunset says:

    …and, here is another one from just a few days ago:


    Remember David’s comments about a minor dispute among the “White Hats” as to how and when the necessary mass arrests might begin. I guess we’ll know a little more when David finally publishes his next article.

  4. Stunned at sunset says:


    Buried within the depths of innocuous news in the Chicago Tribune, I found this:


    I thought to share it with you. Perhaps this development bears more significance that we might, at first, assume. One thing is certain, though; somebody is getting bold–don’t you think?

    • Jean says:

      SS, I have posted this as a headline. Sometimes, there is so much news, I simply can’t post it any other way: Rights group urges Bush’s arrest during tour: Amnesty says Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia have an “obligation” to bring former US president “to justice”. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      SS, I’m thinking that awareness and pressure is mounting. There will be arrests,for sure, I think, but that is about all we really know now. Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Jon Waldrup says:

    Hi Jean;
    My name is Jon Waldrup and I just found your posting of one of my recent articles – Thank you! If you’d like, I can send the new stuff to you as it comes out? Please feel free to contact me – jon@senseofvisionastrology.com


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