About the 4th Dimensional Chakras – Solar Plexus, Heart & Hands

About the 4D Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra relates to your personal boundariesself worth and issues around anger, neediness or conditional love.

Associated Aspects:- Fire, Self Definition, Lower Mental Body.
Associated Colour:- Gold

Positioned in the Solar Plexus and is pure, bright golden in colour. Gold is the colour of wisdom, it means trust and power. When the golden chakra of the fourth dimension opens, we will experience intense feelings of relaxation, wisdom and calmness, no matter in which situation your surroundings are at said moment.  The 11th chakra is a galactic chakra, if this chakra descends and opens you could also feel the need to share, to meditate in a group, to connect together with the universe.  Activation of your “I AM” ness.  Integration of the Divine Human.

Located in the area of the stomach the issues of this chakra relate to self-definition, personal power and positive emotional expression. Balancing this chakra brings the ability to create healthy boundaries, balanced personal power, will power and positive self-value.

Healing related to the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Increased sensitivity; more protective of others thoughts & feelings or negative psychic impressions.
  • Able to express vulnerability. Able to read feelings of unease in stomach area better.
  • Increased feelings of self worth.
  • Increased awareness of personal boundaries.
  • Activation of power within.
  • No neediness.  Able to express unconditional love.
  • Less aggression, or anger.
  • Peaceful mind.

About the 4D Heart & Hands Chakras

The Heart Chakra is the central balance point and relates to true unconditional love, acceptance, connection and trust in the universe

Associated Aspects:- Air, Unity, Higher Mental Body.
Associated Colour:- Pink

Is positioned in your heart-center, and its colour is a soft etheric pink. It is the christened heart-energy and it opens if we ‘enlighten’. Here is where the Christ-conciousness is throned, so you will understand as soon as we activate the 12th chakra, we will exist in Unconditional love and being able to instantly open the heart-chakras of those close to us. This chakra will connect us to the rest of the Universe. Spiritualisation of the heart and opening of hand chakras also giving and receiving unconditional love.

Healing related to the 4D Heart Chakra

  • Less feelings of loneliness or feeling isolation from others through fear of being hurt.
  • Embrace closeness.
  • Increase trust in self or Universe.
  • Feeling loved. Less critical, possessive or jealous.
  • Able to reach out to others.
  • Focused decisions made.
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4 Responses to About the 4th Dimensional Chakras – Solar Plexus, Heart & Hands

  1. Robert Beaver says:

    I’ve never heard of Chakra before, I’m curious, do you have to be meditating to open the 12th chakra, I’ve never killed anyone in my life, but recently I’ve had so many aggressive, angry, negative thoughts that I’ve actually become literately useless to myself, ( I hate what MY government has done to this world, and people just go along like lost little sheep and believe everything that our elected officials say to us.) I can’t get anything done, my days are wasted due to being unmotivated and going to therapists is a waste of time and money. I just started looking at your web site about two or three weeks ago, at first I was ready to punch the unsubscribe button, and yet here I am, And I have to say I’m more at ease as I read some of the stories told, A couple have had “opposite” reactions thou, I’ve picked up the Bible (I’m Christian) and I believe in GOD. I do believe that soon something big is about to happen, I don’t want to be left behind so to speak, and I’m compelled to move forward, this direction feels right. How do I get my Heart and my brain to work together – for me it’s a constant battle. Thanks for your stories and your time. Robert Beaver

    • Jean says:

      Robert, I don’t know about the chakras in great detail, but I do believe in them. I went through the Kundalini awakening, which is all about clearing the chakras, and rerouting my energy properly through my body. I expect you can google chakras and found out about them in greater detail than I have shared. I chose to share something pretty elementary for those like you who don’t know too much about them.

      My suggestion to you would be to find a therapist who deals in ’emotional clearing’ – these are keys words to use. My experience has been that ‘talk’ therapy doesn’t do the trick. Intellectual understanding doesn’t put those awful feelings to rest! I had so much garbage that I was suppressing and what emotional clearing does is enable you to get rid of it in a healthy way so that it doesn’t come back again. It’s not just a matter of getting mad, because there is a very definite process that goes with it that a good therapist will understand. This process empowers you, and while it can feel a little crazy because your energy can go crazy as it begins to reroute itself, it is a process that can go much more rapidly than talk therapy – if you just want to get through it, which was what I chose to do. It’s like electing surgery in order to get rid of a big problem. It isn’t pleasant, but when you are done, you have something very worthwhile.

      As you clear the negative energy that is often unresolved emotional wounds and trauma that we often don’t even remember – but with a good therapist and your good efforts, you will – you are then able to unblock your heart energy. What happens then is that you are able to access with greater clarity your intuition, your inner voice, and you will begin to live your life and do what you came here to do. It is not always an easy path, but I am living proof that God won’t give you more than you can handle. As I came to life again, I was challenged many times to grow in ways that totally surprised me as I created my life a new. I had been so shut down and ‘domesticated’ ( I think that word is sometimes used), that I lived in a virtual box. I’d been criticized and been told that one doesn’t do this/that until I was afraid to move, etc., and I’d never had a chance to explore who I was. Of course, that meant that I didn’t have much confidence . . . and these were all things I had to gain – and the process helps you with.

      If you decide to go in the direction I suggest – and I really can’t know if it’s the right way for you – I would very much appreciate hearing how you make out in your quest. I did not know Drunvalo until ’09, and I had done most of my clearing by then, but I know he believes this is the only way – clear your emotions . . .

      Also, Robert, I don’t think you will be left behind. If you sincerely want to learn, you will. The universe will help you – if you need help, just ask for it, and then watch to see how it comes to you . . .

      If you have not already seen it, I responded to a similar question on this post: Planet Alert September 2011 from Mahala another one not to miss!! Oh, my! This resonates!

      Hugs, ~Jean

    • Richard says:

      Well,Jean summed it all up,but it does take some doing to get clarity!and, may I add that at this moment we are continually being bombarded by intense energies that’s hitting the planet!,which in this case is good.So,I wood recommend riding those energy waves out,sort of, like a surfer does,and what your feeling right now is being caught in the trap,much like when your caught up between waves and wham! you get pounded by one.Well,that’s what your feeling,when you talk about being angry,aggressive,because your continually getting pounded by one wave after another,Your going to have to learn how to get out from underneath it and start to catch those waves and start riding them!,just using this as an analogy,to get a better perspective.I’ve spent about 11yrs.on my path,so I’m just sharing my experience with you,I would recommend reading Carl Johan Calleman books and Barbara Hand Clow as well! Good Luck,Namaste!

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