Growing Anger, Despair and Frustration Across America; The Calm Before the Storm?

by Michael Payne (about the author)

Flickr image  By  Mike Miley

Have you ever experienced that feeling just before a massive storm hits, as the skies darken, when you can feel a mounting pressure and intensity in the air, and there is this eerie silence; when you know it’s going to be a bad one but you don’t know exactly when it’s going to erupt? The American people, though greatly stressed and frustrated remain passive, submissive and largely silent. But is this, in reality, merely the calm before the storm?

Every since the housing collapse triggered the recession that began in 2008, millions of Americans have been battered and beaten down, struggling to find jobs and stay afloat during this dire crisis in their lives. They watch as this government that should be attacking these problems has become totally dysfunctional, collapsing under the weight of a broken and corrupted political system.

But with all this pain and suffering, personal setbacks and the prospect of more and more of the same, the people of America remain in a form of semi-paralysis, full of fear and apprehension, but not protesting; seemingly unable to vent their mounting anger.

Those in the field of psychology would tell us that this is not a good condition. Keeping things inside, allowing problems to fester without relief, can be extremely harmful, both physically and mentally. People under such stress and tension in their lives often come to the point where life has lost its meaning and that’s when unexpected things can easily happen. What are the people of America to do, where can they go, who can they turn to in their greatest time of need? Can they continue to wait and hope that this president or this Congress will respond to their needs?

Two major factors have the potential to trigger a societal eruption in America; jobs and food, both necessities of life. We all know about the never-ending jobs problem but there is another rapidly escalating problem involving food. Right now there are about 45 million Americans living below the poverty line and about the same number dependent on food stamps. The combination of a lack of jobs and the inability to pay the increasing prices for food are forcing more and more people into poverty and on food stamps.

And there is yet another factor that could bring on a storm of protests and rioting. Suppose the GOP maintains control of the U.S. House of Representatives, wins the presidency, and then begins to dismantle entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare? Or suppose that President Obama wins a second term and joins the Republicans in making significant changes to these entitlements, as he previously indicated “were on the table?” Then I believe there will be a societal explosion in America, the likes of which we cannot imagine.

Is there anyone who thinks that this kind of civil disobedience and protests can’t happen in America, that this nation is somehow immune from them, that the people under such immense stress have infinite patience and can continue to remain in a state of frustration and desperation endlessly? We need only look at what’s happening in other parts of the world and we may find our answers to these questions.

The Middle East protests came out of nowhere [Did they? Science says otherwise. ~J] after social unrest erupted in violent protests in Tunisia that spread into Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen and surrounding nations. These were followed by a series of violent protests in London that have taken place over the past year; protests of dissatisfaction over increases in student tuition and government austerity measures. Violent, continuing protests in our very close ally, Britain, are an ominous sign that they can also happen here in America.

While most of these massive protests have occurred in Arab nations, it is simply astounding and hard to believe that very large protests are also currently happening in Israel. In Israel of all places, where an aggressive militaristic government rules; could that actually be true? Yes it is quite true as demonstrations have broken out in numerous areas of Israel that are part of a growing opposition to a lack of social justice, as well as dissatisfaction with the nation’s standard of living.

This article from reports the following: “Over 450,000 protesters attended rallies across the country last night calling for social justice in what was the largest demonstration in Israeli history.” Yes, this is happening in a nation that has for decades had a population that has remained passive, submissive and silent but the people are now venting their long suppressed anger. [It’s the higher vibrations. . .~~J]

In speaking of storms it reminds me of the recent devastation brought down upon the Eastern coast of the U.S. by Hurricane Irene. We are fortunate to have, in this country, excellent weather forecasters and hurricane tracking systems that quite accurately indicate the speed, direction and force of these massive storms. They are, in effect, warning systems for federal and state government agencies and the public of impending danger.

With this information and these explicit warnings our government, municipalities and individuals can take precautionary measures to escape the storm or, at least, to limit the damage. Hurricane Irene resulted in extensive damage but only to one region of this nation, and this damage can be repaired. The storm of which I speak will have the power to shake the foundations of this society.

Warnings are being given to this government, the president, the Congress, and the media that this storm of enormous force is heading directly for America. It is a force that is being driven by the dire circumstances in which many millions of Americans find themselves; a storm that is looming on the horizon, growing in intensity, ready to wreak havoc upon this nation.

But as this storm heads toward America, do our leaders in Washington see it coming? Have they heard the warning of potential disaster? Will they heed the warnings and take appropriate measures to protect America and its people from society calamity? Without a doubt, they see it coming but it is becoming more and more evident that they have no intentions of making the necessary changes that would alleviate the pain and anguish that so many Americans are experiencing.

And so, they have decided to do nothing, to let nature take its course and just ride out this storm, hoping it will veer away from America. How wrong they are, how shallow and shortsighted they are. They have it in their power to work together to solve these problems, to think about the plight of Americans rather than concentrate on their own selfish interests but they will not deviate from their own corrupted agendas.

This storm is out there somewhere on the horizon, ever increasing in intensity. When those millions of Americans give up all hope of action by this government and decide that they can no longer remain passive, submissive and silent, this storm will descend upon America; and when it wreaks enormous damage on this nation and this society, this government will wish it had heeded the numerous dire warnings that it was given.

Michael Payne

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5 Responses to Growing Anger, Despair and Frustration Across America; The Calm Before the Storm?

  1. I think that a hike in food prices could trigger protests. Right now we have an opportunity to work for a peaceful transition that could trigger massive awakening on every level.
    At this time those of us involved in re-education and communicating truth will have our work cut out for us in order to facilitate a peaceful transition. Cyrus

    • Jean says:

      Cyrus, I’ve had a busy, but fine day. I’m in a much more optimistic place for myself – my energy is ramping up, and that helps so much! Yes, I agree with you, and this is what I”m praying for – over and over again. I have connections with good people here that I’ve let slide – too difficult to ‘be there’ for me right now, but I sense they will be reactivated. I hope so, anyway. While my blog is meant to be helpful to others, it has also been a huge education for me. I’m learning to speak clearly on issues, to defend myself when necessary, and in what I hope is a nice way to express myself if I disagree. . . all good, practical lessons. Heart hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Sorry, Cyrus that I didn’t comment on this – and so far, I haven’t found the other comment you mentioned either, but I’m looking. I seem to have slipped the clutch in this department for the last couple days. Please, forgive me! Thanks, ~Jean

  2. arka says:

    here is a good opportunity for me to make a comment…. That article is right on!
    I have been reading all the posts of your blog latety and noticed that all of them (including the videos) are showing a crescendo of facts and events. When is it going to end? and how is it going to end ?

    For the records, I want to say here that, in 1998, I read several articles written by a Wise Human Being , alive living in London (UK), who said (and is still explaining today) that: 1) there will be a world financial crash followed by the start of an awakening (people will start to see the truths); 2) then peoples will demand justice and peace to their governments in the world; 3) then a final financial crash will occur and all citizens in the USA will be walking in the streets. The end of that crescendo of events will be (and cannot occur before) when an unknown human being will be asked to speak or to address humanity at the United Nations. That last event will be announced beforehand and will be televised. That man will be asked to speak at the UN in order to explain how to fix the chaos in the world. His way is so simple and feasible that the peoples on Earth will follow his advice. The theme of this man’s address will be : “sharing” which is possible only with peace (wars will end) and justice . There is no liberty and no trust without sharing. Sharing will eliminate competition, and create sustainable peace. Following that address at the UN, our friendly ETs will then join humanity to assist, to teach, to love which is what they do best. / So, I hope that the citizens of your country wake up and walk in the streets without further due right after the stock market crash which is around the corner. Then the world will be at the end of its state of slavery.

    Again, I thank you for your work.

    • Jean says:

      Arka, I’m going back through my comments and finding several that I simply missed acknowledging. Your words in this particular case really resonate with me. Thanks for sharing them and hugs, ~Jean

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