Complete Ben Fulford for September 27, 2011

Cabal resorting to desperate tactics as they try to prevent reboot of financial system

by Benjamin Fulford, September 27, 2011 [that’s Japan’s date]

There are many signs available in both the corporate propaganda media and the people based independent media that some sort of end-game crisis is approaching for the criminal cabal in charge of the G7 countries and their shrinking coterie of slave states. With the Pentagon and the Russian military aligned against the cabal, their downfall is close. For that very reason the cabalists are attempting to stage some sort of game changing atrocity, probably in either the US or Europe.

One of the main battlegrounds is now the French banking system. French banks are the biggest lenders to Greece so a Greek default would also bring down the French banking system and hence the Euro. It is no wonder French banks are under speculative attack.

We are also witnessing, again available in the propaganda media, the spectacle of the IMF asking for and being denied, financing. Remember, the IMF was supposed to be the lender of last resort in the post-war financial system. There was supposed to be nothing above the IMF and yet here they are begging for money they will not get.

The fact of the matter is that the Khazarian cabal that attempted to start World War 3, kill 90% of humanity and then set up a totalitarian world government, is being increasingly isolated. The world is no longer accepting dollars or Euros printed by banks under the control of the genocidal cabal.

The battle over control of the financial system has become such that I can witness it first hand. Two personal acquaintances have gone to Japanese banks with US dollars in cash. One is a freemason, the other a legitimate businessman. The freemason had the serial numbers on his dollars checked and rejected while the businessman was able to exchange his dollars for yen after they checked the numbers.

Then there is the bank card for the White Dragon foundation. It is not accepted at Mitsubishi or Citibank ATMs but it is accepted at Mizuho or Sumitomo Bank ATMS. In theory all of these banks should accept it.

There has also been increased harassment directed at this writer. Last week he got a call from Paypal saying I could not access my account because two readers could not see the newsletter. Then the company in charge of IT for my Japanese language subscription blog refused to put up the blog or pass on subscription payments.

Also, once again, several of my associates report being approached by Cabal members with requests to make false testimony against me. They have also set up a system at the US airbase in Misawa, Japan, that automatically alerts monitors any time my voice, or that of a few White Dragon members known to the bad guys, are detected on a phone or on skype. Anybody using an internet café in my neighborhood now has to be fingerprinted as well. Too bad for them the White Dragon operates mostly on an analogue and not digital basis.

In Japan, meanwhile, the top agent for George Bush Senior and his genocidal cabal is now Deputy Finance Minister Eijiro Katsu. He is now the top cabal power broker in Japan and Prime Minister Noda is his slave, according to Japanese military intelligence. Katsu is allied with Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa and his fellow traitors in an attempt to loot the vast funds controlled by the Sokka Gakkai Budhist lay-group. Sokka head Daisaku Ikeda is in a coma and as a result there is a huge battle for control of his empire. Ikeda was a charismatic and powerful figure and all potential rivals for leadership have long since left his organization. The result is that now that he has become incapacitated, there is a battle for a headless but rich and powerful entity. The Nichiren Buddhist Temples will be contacting Sokka Gakkai leadership in an attempt to persuade them to return to the Nichiren fold following a schism in 1995. The Nichiren Buddhists support the White Dragon Society.

Also, the leaders of the Japanese Yakuza groups have, in exchange for a promise of immunity, agreed to provide testimony against George Bush Senior, J. Rockefeller and their flunkies about a series of political murders carried out at their behest both in Japan and overseas. Bush flunky Richard Armitage has also privately approached a White Dragon Society member with an offer to testify against Bush and his CIA faction in exchange for immunity. Michael Green, Kurt Campbell and Gerald Curtis take note, you will go to jail soon unless you agree to testify as well.

There are also several senior members of the Bilderberger group who have now promised to work with the White Dragon Society in exchange for promises of immunity. These include Bilderberger head D’Avignon, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, former “black pope,” Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, Baron Thyssen and others. Dick Cheney has also put out feelers offering testimony in exchange for immunity.

This week promises to be eventful as the September 30 accounting deadline arrives and senior cabalists scramble to make payments. As always, we warn people not to under-estimate these snakes. They will do all they can to destroy the world rather than set humanity free. THEY WILL BE STOPPED.


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16 Responses to Complete Ben Fulford for September 27, 2011

  1. Fritz Sandoz says:

    The ultimate scenario will come down to all the potential scape-goats willing to testify for immunity. The question remains ,will the Bushes be granted immunity for testifying against each other?

  2. fred says:

    Jean there is an mp3 file to listen to

    file, About 29-sep_01-14.mp3:
    Conference Call with Tman

    God Bless

    • fred says:

      Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed

      On Wednesday, September 14th, 2011, I interviewed one of the most interesting and controversial figures on Earth.
      The information in this interview has the potential to rock the world. If the story is true, it already has.

      The full, unabridged transcript of this interview follows – and you can download and listen to it yourself here:

      [audio src="" /]

      • Jean says:

        Fred, I do believe I’ve posted this David Wilcock interview on my blog. I don’t know anything about the conference call you mention, and when I get some lunch, I will gladly take a look. Many thanks for sharing! It take all of us!
        Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Sorry, Freid, I thought you’d given me a link to the conference call – how do I get it, please? ? ? Thanks, ~Jean PS If this is the download from David that was his interview with Ben, I’ve already posted it . . . ??

  3. fred says:

    World Global Settlement
    September 28 Conference call with co signer

    God Bless

  4. fred says:

    Nuclear poisoning of entire planet

    Still, the worst issue concerning an ELE scenario, is manmade. The worst issue is NOT the pole shift and global devastation, but the fact that the spent fuel pool of EVERY nuclear reactor on earth, will go dry, and rapidly proceed to combustion/aerosol/smoke. This amount of radiation will kill ALL of the northern hemisphere, and possibly the southern hemisphere as well, with only cockroaches and grass surviving. That is the REAL concern for an ELE event in October/November, 2011, which no one is talking about. This is the reason, we must use our focus and intention, and every other power we have, to stop such events.

    As a precaution, ALL NUCLEAR PLANTS SHOULD BE PUT IN COLD SHUTDOWN RIGHT NOW! All cool fuel rods should be dispersed, and moved to underground storage, if possible.

    Perhaps it is already too late, was too late, when the spent fuel was created in the first place. The Rockefeller group should be rounded up and put on trial, as they are the architects of the nuclear nightmare we now face. They have suppressed free energy technology for decades to maintain their control, and have known about the dwarf star since 1983 (IRAS), but kept it classified. All the while, increasing the amount of nuclear waste that will burn when the pole shift happens. They are the prime movers in this global genocide, and should be arrested and put on public trial. Now, it is clear why they have spent trillions of OUR MONEY, on deep underground hotels. They know the long lasting radiation is coming.

    The Rockefeller/Bush crime syndicate planned to be in South America by now, but they are being stopped from leaving by the white hats in the US military. Top scumbag, David Rockefeller took his entire progeny (four generations!) to northern India last year, upwind of Fukushima, and no one has seen him since. Yes, even Bill Clinton is really a Rockefeller, as Winthrop Rockefeller (governor of Arkansas) was his biological father. So, The USA has been run by the Rockefeller/Bush crime syndicate since 1963 (daddy Bush killed JFK, baby Bush killed JFK jr).

    By suppressing the information, that the Earth MAY be wiped clean in the next few months, the ruling elite are harming mankind in another way, perhaps an even worse way. By NOT letting us know of the danger, they are depriving mankind of a major opportunity for spiritual growth, for a greater connection with the Creator(s), for a united planet, and for a global renaissance if the events do not occur. And, if they do occur, then, instead of a period of humility and growth, there will be anger and barbarity. Without being warned of the danger, the world continues with the usual reptilian mind games, instead of coming together as a single species, and standing together, to face the danger. The ruling elites can always be expected to choose the path that is most harmful for mankind, and this situation is no exception.

    All of us need to spend some quiet time, to send the message of our intention, that it is NOT OK for our planet to be destroyed like this. We will do whatever is required to fix the problems on our planet (free energy for all, trials/executions for all zionist satanists, no more predation of our home, Earth). We DO NOT give permission for our world to be destroyed. You can call it prayer if you wish, but please, let’s all send our intention, and our belief that we should stay here, to correct the errors of the past. The horrible state of our world is not our fault individually, instead, it is a result of the zionist/parasite satanists that infest our lovely home. We will deal with them severely, if we have enough time to do so.

  5. fred says:

    Ben, why where the Dumbs and Duh’s created with Tax payers money, Trillions of dollars by some accounts, are they worried about the mini solar system that is approaching???

    Things are going to get very bad over the next seven years, if your going to do something, get it done before the middle of Oct 2011…

    billions will be lost


  6. SoConfused says:

    I believe the hardest part in all of this is who to trust now. Once we are awakened and learn of all of the lies we have been led to believe are reality, it is so hard to decipher who the good guys are as the CIA, COINTELPRO, well just everywhere are disinfo agents. This is why I have a hard time in believing in the good out there.

    I continue to pray that everything I have learned just this last month will be true. I have been severely harmed by big pharma over the last 2 decades because I trusted doctors knew what they were doing, and am now paying for it more than ever. My dream is that the actual cures will come out for what I suffer which is a syndrome of a certain drug and it’s like being plugged in most days to a wall socket and burning from the inside out along with other things.

    So I continue to pray all this is true because if it isn’t, I can’t even begin to think what this world will look like in another decade, let alone another century.

    Peace and love to you and keep looking for the truth as you’re blog gives a lot of hope. Thanks.

    PS I just read your comment again and had another thought: before you can trust anyone else, you have to know you can trust yourself! I’ve found that it’s more about trusting yourself, and knowing you can take care of yourself that needs to happen in tandem with risking trusting others. Does this make any sense?

    • Jean says:

      Thanks back to you for your honesty. It’s often hard to believe in people; we’ve all been hurts so much. I guess the only thing we can do is 1) be honest about it, and 2) keep clearing out our stuff, because doing that is the key to seeing the ‘real’ truth. Heart Hugs to you tonight! ~Jean

  7. SoConfused says:

    OH, and sorry Jean, thanks for this post also. Good info, I just have to wonder if this guy is also legit as he has said the same thing for what, 3 years now? That the secret White Dragons (if so secret why tell us who they are) is going to intervene. I looked for this article today, and found that he said almost the same thing last year on the 27th of Sept. also. Rather suspicious, although hopeful.

    Do they just throw us a bone to keep us compliant?

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I think he is legit. What we are dealing with is a powerful group of people who have been entrenched for hundreds of years. They have controlled every aspect of our lives for so long: health, food, medicines, war, education, energy, money, and on and on, and to get them out without hurting the population is a very tough, complex job. When they are gone, our lives are going to be so very different – it’s coming, and rather rapidly now, I think. Of course, I’ve also said this before, but now I can see for myself that the financial house of cards is ready to crumble. Does the judge in Germany who says that in order for the EU to do what they want it to do, Germany must write a new constitution and have a referendum.. . . does that judge know what is coming? Is this calculated? Is he on our side? I don’t know, but we’ll soon find out. . . Hold tight. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. This information by Mr. Fulford is corroborated by strange activiy, last week, September 20 to 24, involving Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and British Prime Minister, David Camerson, which continued over the weekend by what appears to have been a flash visit back to New York City by Prime Minister Harper.

    On the same weekend, JP Morgan director, Jamie Dimon, appears to have lost it in a high level meeting with Bank of Canada Governor, Mark Carney, held in Washington, D.C., which is an indication of a growing rift and, possible, looming battle between the Queeen Elizabeth “cabal” that controls parts of Canada’s government and the Pentagon-CIA controlled USA.

    United Kingdom (British) Prime Minister David Cameron paid a visit to Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, on September 22nd and 23rd, 2011, after he and Canadian Prime Minister Harper held secret meetings with American officials in New York City on Spetember 20 and 21.

    Canada’s major newspaper the Globeand Mail advised that the private meeting in Canada was arranged approximately two weeks prior at the request of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shortly after Harper was that Queen Elizabeth II and/or other members of the Royal family had been secret investors in W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd., the company at the heart of the illegal scheme to loot Canada’s water export revenues.

    The allegation was backed up by sworn evidence filed in an affidaivt in a Canadian court and is serious enough that, if true, Queen Elizabeth II and her family will be forced to vacate the Throne of Canada which would then have a domino effect around the British Commonwealth and, of course, in the mother country of England.

    Accorindg to news reports, immediately after the meeting with British Prime Minister Cameron, Prime Minister Harper was back in New York City where he was reported to be involved in high level meetings with American officials who are aware of the allegations and evidence that implicates Queen Elizabeth and otherswho were involved in the Water War Crimes.

    Intrested readres can learn more at …..—breaking-news—follow-ongoing-developments-here.html

    The scheme to loot Canada’s water resources was an integral part of the “cabal’s” plan to secretly tax American consumrers of Canada’s vast fresh water resouces through artificially inflated prices controlled by companies located offshore in tax haven countires controlled by England and the cabalists in the City of London and New York. The plan was thwarted in 1991 by American start up company Sun Belt Water Inc. and it Canadian partner, Snowcap Waters Ltd. Successive Canadian Prime Ministers have covered up for two decades.

    • SoConfused says:

      Interesting info WaterWarCrimes. Thank you for posting it.

      I have a hard time reading Mr. Harper, as one day he’ll be acting like he’s on the peoples side ie: global warming, and the next he’s throwing us to the dogs ie: buying more war planes.

      I have to wonder that maybe he puts up a fuss, and then he’s threatened to stop playing around so throws them a bone like buying the planes.

      I also haven’t been able to find out if he’s a Buildermurderer, perhaps I have’t looked enough but from what I have I’ve come up empty handed. Does anyone know if Harper is a CFR, Builderberg, etc. member?

      • Jean says:

        I’ve seen lists of who was at the last meeting – you might Google that. Other than that, I’m sorry I can’t help, but perhaps someone else who reads my blog will have an idea. Hugs, ~Jean

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