Multidimensions: Trial Run through 11.11.11 Stargate

By Suzan Carroll | Multidimensions
October 17 2011

I see the 11.11.11 Stargate/Portal before me. It is unimaginably beautiful. The colors on the perimeter are violet, but inside the Stargate, they morph into a new spectrum of color that is unseen in the third dimension. These lights are a higher octave of that spectrum, such as red becomes magenta, orange becomes… there are no words for this color, but it is like a pool of glistening orange with ripples that I can only call “birth.” I feel my second chakra throbbing with new birth, as the yellow becomes a golden glow of thought.

Then, I enter into the frequency of what would be green in the third dimension, but it is a radiant combination of all the life force on Gaia’s beautiful body. This light holds me like a mother and gently opens my High Heart. With that opening there is a flash of light, and I realize that I was only at the corona of the Stargate. Now, I see the Stargate in the distance at the same moment that it is right in front of me. There is no time here. Hence, there is no space. There is only NOW. My consciousness vibrates so quickly that it is only attached to my fingers so that I can type this experience. I know it is my mission to document this journey for all who may need a map for their journey.

Northern Lights

My body, which appears more like wings than any other form, trails behind my High Heart, as the High Heart holds the key to opening the Stargate. I feel the unconditional love of the Cosmos. This love is a frequency of the reality to which I will, am and did ascend. With a sudden flash of my being I am pulled directly into the opening of the Stargate. The frequency is almost more than I can contain.  I must take a moment to adapt, so that I can remain in conscious connection with my grounded self.

I can only smile as I integrate this frequency. My accepting smile amplifies the energy into the next octave. My body wants to shake, but I have learned to contain this energy within my life force. The integration of this frequency of reality takes lifetimes. I see myriad lives flash before me. I am human, I am Arcturian, I am Antarian, I am Sirian, I am Pleiadian, I am Andromedan. Then, I am a non-humanoid of another galaxy.

I could not begin to say its name or planet, but it looks like a silk scarf that has been caught up by the wind and floats through the air. In fact, it is not unlike a jellyfish, without that density of form. I greatly enjoy this form. It is huge and travels the multiverse by undulating like a jellyfish. This Being is so kind and innocent and pure.  As I surrender my essence into the Being, it engulfs me like a warm summer wind night filled with billions of sparkling stars. I want to laugh as it becomes me and I become it. As ONE Being we float through the Cosmic Sea without the encumbrance of a Ship.

It is as this formless form that I/we enter the Stargate with my High Heart leading the way.   As we enter the Gate, all is instantly calm, still and as quiet the Great Void. Except, this Void is filled with the breath of life. I can only visualize myself as the small bud of a flower. The first warmth of spring is encouraging me to open my essence to its light. As I do so, my consciousness bursts forth and I feel my High Heart burst open to reveal its fragile Core. This Core is the point of rebirth where both male and female energies live as ONE, ready to instantly create and re-create. I emerge from this Core like a butterfly wiggling free from its cocoon.

As I look around I find that, in order to see this reality, I must look within my SELF. However, within, around, in, out and even see are long outdated terms that I vaguely remember so that I can document this experience. I know that this is a trial run and that I am a scout that has gone into the unknown to find the Way to our new life. I realize that I must go back to tell the others. On the other hand, I Know that this expression of my SELF lives here infinitely. It has always been here and shall await the return of this small fragment of its SELF that is being sent back to tell the others of this Portal.

Before I leave, I ask this SELF who has never left and shall always remain, “How can I take this joy and unconditional love back with me?” In response I feel a touch in my High Heart that almost hurts because I have missed it so very, very long. I have felt this octave of love and joy before and know that it is almost impossible to ground into the physical world.

I know that in order to ground this energy I must go inside my deepest self to release every portion of my Being that cannot maintain this frequency. I must then heal that part of me, as well as that part of Gaia, and release it. Yet, even with that knowing, I return to the physical with the knowing that most of my SELF is HERE!

Because I AM ascending…
Today I will remember that reality is a
state of consciousness.

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2 Responses to Multidimensions: Trial Run through 11.11.11 Stargate

  1. TruthSeeker says:

    Sounds like a trip on DMT.

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