Man dies, comes back to life, what he saw

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3 Responses to Man dies, comes back to life, what he saw

  1. TruthSeeker says:

    Where we all are now is an illusion of course. Intelligence means nothing, it is only wisdom that we should know and understand, and once that is accomplished (which can only be done by realising that every last thing we have been taught and continue to learn here on the 3D plane we call earth) then and only then will we truly be free.

    No matter what I continue to look for, I always go back to to come out of the trance I have allowed myself to go into when I follow any kind of what we’re fed as news, learning, etc. here on earth. Every darn time, I can get caught up in whatever it is I look for when looking for the so called “truth”. But the fact of the matter is that nothing here is truth as humanity is all condtioned/conditioning. The thought process is what keeps us in this matrix, which will keep getting worse and worse as it progresses to total annialation of “humanity” as that is the (god Thoth’s) only reason for us being in this illusion. Once we learn the difference of wisdom and intelligence, which is how the elite bloodline has been able to do all of their tricks through manipulations of language and numbers throughout history, then it doesn’t matter what they do as this is not where we should be ever, here on earth.

    This site has information that can’t be found anywhere else, and how I let myself forget what he teaches continues to amaze me as to the abilities of mind manipulations done on “humans” (all words are manipulated and manipulations as are the numbers, so as to keep the trance illusion alive) since this entity called Thoth realised he could manipulate all through invention of light. Hence in the Bible it says, first God created light. If one goes to this site, you must watch his video first to be able to understand his writings as it shows how it/we all came into being as we are now and how we just repeat, repeat and repeat it all over and over. If people could learn this info, we would break that cycle, but most can’t because of ego of course, another great invention of the thought process.

  2. Arka says:

    Let’s imagine that President Obama goes through that type of experience. The impact would be gigantic ! Beautiful for us all.


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