Sanders Files ‘Saving American Democracy Amendment’ – thanks to VK

Posted on December 8, 201

Because the rest of the Congress has not stood up for us on this issue, I believe they have violated their oaths of office. Bernie is the only Senator I know of who has repeatedly stood up for us – over and over again. Thanks, Bernie.

It will be interesting to follow the process of this amendment, because it is going to have a tough time – unless we decide to vote in an almost entirely new Congress.~J


Published on Thursday, December 8, 2011 by

Vermont Senator Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Protect Democracy from Citizens United

Statement from Office of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

WASHINGTON – Warning that “American democracy in endangered,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today proposed a constitutional amendment to overturn a Supreme Court ruling that allowed unrestricted and secret campaign spending by corporations on U.S. elections.

Warning that “American democracy in endangered,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today proposed a constitutional amendment to overturn a Supreme Court ruling that allowed unrestricted and secret campaign spending by corporations on U.S. elections.The first constitutional amendment ever proposed by Sanders during his two decades in Congress would reverse the narrow 5-to-4 ruling in Citizens United vs. the Federal Elections Commission. In that controversial decision almost two years ago, justices gave corporations the same First Amendment free-speech rights as people.

“There comes a time when an issue is so important that the only way to address it is by a constitutional amendment,” Sanders said of the effort to override the court decision that he labeled “a complete undermining of democracy.”

Sanders’ Saving American Democracy Amendment would make clear that corporations are not entitled to the same constitutional rights as people and that corporations may be regulated by Congress and state legislatures. It also would preserve the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press. It would incorporate a century-old ban on corporate campaign donations to candidates, and establish broad authority for Congress and states to regulate spending in elections.

Sanders proposal in the Senate is a companion measure to a constitutional amendment introduced in the House by Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.). “The dominance of corporations in Washington has imperiled the economic security of the American people and left our citizens profoundly disenchanted with our democracy,” the congressman said. “I look forward to working with Sen. Sanders to save American democracy by banning all corporate spending in our elections and cracking down on secret front groups using anonymous corporate cash to undermine the public interest.”

Robert Weissman, the president of Public Citizen, praised the proposal. “Sen. Sanders’ amendment returns us to shared understandings that democracy is for people. Public Citizen applauds and endorses the amendment, and thanks Sen. Sanders for his long-time campaign to reduce excessive corporate power.”

Lisa Graves, executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy, also applauded the amendment. She said it would “root out the rank corruption of our elections by for-profit corporations.” No other amendment proposed in the Senate, she added, “has so definitively confronted the twin problems created by judges who have improperly granted rights to corporations, without democratic consent, and who have used their seats on the bench to favor the wishes of corporate CEOs.”

A proposed amendment originating in Congress must be approved by a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate in order to be submitted for consideration by the states. Ratification by three-fourths of the states is required to amend the Constitution.

To read the amendment, click here.

For a fact sheet on the amendment, click here.

Related article  – If you will click on these articles, you will see that this idea is not new. So, why haven’t we heard about it? Why hasn’t it been all over the press? ~J

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14 Responses to Sanders Files ‘Saving American Democracy Amendment’ – thanks to VK

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  5. Visionkeeper says:

    Hey Marion….Hello again…Thanks for doing that. I know it will mean a lot to him. He’s worked so hard for the people, something so few others spend their time doing. I agree, most of Washington needs to take a hike….Thanks again….VK

  6. desertvoice says:

    Visionkeeper, I will definitely be sending a thank you message to Bernie. I absolutely love this man for all the work he does for his state and the nation. He is probably one of a few in congress who do their jobs. Whenever I can, I send donations to Bernie. If Alan Grayson wins his seat back in FL, I will donate to him too. I want so much to throw most of congress out. Marion

    • Jean says:

      Marion, I think this is the very last Congress that we will see behave like this. The sickness is becoming so blatent that we can now see it, and that means the healing can begin. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Marion says:

        I think so too, Jean. It’s their last stand before the fall. I’m so glad to be aware of this. However, I find so many around me are scared to death. It’s a great effort to encourage others to hang on. This is what we do. 🙂 Marion

  7. Visionkeeper says:

    Maybe I am biased by living in Vermont, but I hope people will take a few stray minutes to email this man and thank him for being one of the few people in our Government that not only listens to the people, but he cares about this country as well. If we send our thanks maybe it will inspire others to come forward to try and save what is left of America as well. He has made a huge statement by his actions. It probably will get little or no media time at all so lets let him know we are thankful. I am very proud of Bernie for what he has done. He works hard to protect Vermonters and still he fights for all Americans…God Bless him….VK

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