The Life on Mars Debate

Here’s an Opportunity to Practice Discernment. Decide for yourself after examining the facts – and doing more research if you like – what to believe. This information should certainly get you started . . . ~J

Is there life on Mars?

“Mars has become a kind of mythic arena onto which we have projected our Earthly hopes and fears,” wrote world famous astronomer Carl Sagan. For very many years the debate has continued about whether the Red Planet actually has life on it. That it could have is not just an idea from science-fiction or fantasy books and films but is a seriously contended issue and a belief of a great number of people.

The mainstream view is that no evidence of life on Mars has so far been found, and that conditions there are unsuitable. However, if you study conspiracy theories, ufology and the comparatively new subject of exopolitics – the political implications of extraterrestrial presence – you soon find plenty of authors, researchers and speakers on the subject who argue that life on Mars is a definite reality.

Many of the views expressed by these people are extremely controversial and can be seen as downright bizarre by the standards of commonly accepted beliefs about the nature of reality and the universe. But what if any of it is true? I am well aware that some readers demand peer-reviewed scientific evidence before they accept anything, and that most of the claims are backed only by word of mouth, but again I ask: what if any of what is being claimed is the truth?

Click Here to continue reading this informative article and to watch a video on the subject. See what the various well-known people in this field think and believe.

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One Response to The Life on Mars Debate

  1. John Coyle says:

    Hi Jena,

    Every now and then you post something that get’s me on my soap box, and here’s another.

    I have now watched several hours of videos, either produced by or featuring interviews with Andrew Basiago, Alfred Webre and Laura Eisenhower, on the colonization of Mars and other subjects. They are compelling and, to my mind, totally credible testimonies. I recall reading about a year and half ago about Nicholai Tesla and his many inventions, including a device that could produce earthquakes. I recall reading that after his death, the US government took control of his patents. My initial reaction was: “That’s a relief. Otherwise, they may have fallen into the hands of the wrong people.” How naive of me! They have fallen precisely into the wrong hands, the US military! It is Tesla’s technologies that are now used in the HAARP program in Alaska and other places on the planet to control the weather, to produce earthquakes, such as the recent one in Japan, and to manipulate hurricanes, as they did with Katrinka in New Orleans.

    All of Tesla’s ideas have been used for military purposes. Using his ideas, we could be extracting totally free energy from the energy field that surrounds us, but instead are using it to develop “star wars” weapons in outer space.

    Tesla was a total genius, and discovered and invented things that have never been made public. When we combine his knowledge with the knowledge gained through reverse-engineering the many UFO spacecraft that have crashed on the earth, such as in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 we have the ability to do unbelievable things, such as time travel. (It was through reverse-engineering equipment found on such spacecraft that we learned all about computer chips, fiber optics, anti-gravity technology, hologram technology, and laser beams, among other things),

    Have you noticed how we are never really told anything about our space program, for which NASA is spending billions of our hard-earned dollars? And when we are told things, they are lies, half-truths, and distortions. We recently sent another rocket to Mars, at the cost of 2 1/2 billion dollars (at least that’s what they said – it probably cost at least twice that amount). The rocket was huge, like sending up a twenty story building. When asked the purpose of the launch, NASA gave some typically vague response, saying that it really had nothing to do with exploring life on Mars, but had more to do with studying the atmosphere.

    An honest reporter would have asked: “Why would you need such a large vehicle to test the atmosphere yet again? And one that costs so much money? Typically, those questions were not asked, and there was absolutely no pressure put on NASA to tell the truth. To my mind, that rocket ship, if it was actually going to Mars (I don’t even necessarily believe that), had to be carrying equipment and supplies of some sort.

    Andrew Basiago says there are thousands of people now on Mars (we also have a colony on the dark side of the moon, which we never see from Earth), and that he was teleported there back in the early 1980’s. And that he saw Barack Obama while he was there, also standing on the surface of the planet, (Basiago claims that through knowledge gained by jumping into the future, several US Presidents knew well in advance that they would one day be President. They include George Herbert Walker Bush, George Bush and Barack Obama). No wonder they have all walked around with such swagger.

    Just about everyone on Mars has to live underground, because of the ferocious carnivorous reptile-like creatures that are still on the surface, similar to our earlier dinosaurs.

    Like most other things we first hear about, like the existence of ET’s, new knowledge can sometimes be hard to assimilate and process. But that does not mean it’s not true. I recommend that we check these folks out, and keep an open mind. They seem to have an awful lot of important things to tell us.


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