Ben Fulford – Some Personal Information you might find of interest – thanks to ‘espritkelly’ : )

Benjamin Fulford –

I have been reading the most incredible transcripts from Jeff Rense interview with Benjamin Fulford discussing the Illuminatti. I have checked Benjamin out on the net and he is a rather impressive person. The information in these transcripts will blow you away. It realy puts all the things going on in the world in a different perspective. Donald

RENSE: Okay. Back with you. Benjamin Fulford, live from Tokyo, is with us. Pretty stunning material. All right, Ben, you had a personal story you wanted to share. Go ahead.

FULFORD: My great grandfather was G.T. Fulford. He was one of the richest men in the world – George Taylor Fulford. You can find him on Wikipedia. He was one of the richest men on Earth, and he was the largest single shareholder in General Electric.

He was going to finance Nikola Tesla, but he was murdered by the Rockefellers in 1905. It was made to look like a car accident.

RENSE: Your grandfather.

FULFORD: Great grandfather.

RENSE: Great grandfather. So really! Wow.

FULFORD: And the family fortune was stolen. My grandfather was only three years old at the time. The family fortune was taken over by the Rockefellers. My grandfather didn’t know how to suspend his assets.

I am telling the Rockefellers right now, they can think of me as the ghost of G.T. Fulford, come back over a century – from four generations – to get justice.

here is the link to all interviews

here is link to latest interview read others first before reading this for it to all make sense and then this one after

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14 Responses to Ben Fulford – Some Personal Information you might find of interest – thanks to ‘espritkelly’ : )

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  2. The Magic Question for me if someone can answer is. Why would Rockerfeller agree to a Interview with a Known Enemy? I think he would know the name Fillford or his super tight securiety just Might? Please!! Thats my only Question. I defently love what he says and want to believe he is real because it would be great. Any Comments?

  3. Alvinium says:

    One, simple question. Has ANY-thing Fulford has said (for YEARS now) since he has been going on about Asian Gangta “Secret Societies” & the Illuminati come to (provable) pass?

    • Jean says:

      Well, I think his very public announcement of the Trillion Dollar lawsuit filed in New York City on November 23rd is pretty good proof of what he has been saying. If you haven’t read the information surrounding it, you need to do a search for David Wilcock’s articles on my blog, because David interviewed Ben about this – and promptly received a very frightening death threat!

  4. Sean says:

    The Rothschilds were billionaires centuries ago Along with the other 12 families of the Khazarian/AshkeNAZI JEW families….General Electric would be small peanuts in comparison…

  5. Jean, certainly David’s tears on his latest interview are real. But this interview with this Japanese man … why do they say it is TV? It looks so weird and out of tune. Also, that BF says Angie is daughter of Adolf, well that sounds B-moviesh. Would we need that in order to see them as the baddies? Not at all! What would be the advantage to say something like that? Maybe to cover up that real life is not a b-movie, but a c-movie ?? Love, TIM

    • Jean says:

      Tim, the Nazis – the scientists, that is, as I understand it, were transported lock-stock-and barrel to the US after the war – or hidden elsewhere, where possible. I have heard this before – and remember, this is a very close, intimately connected network of people, so nothing would surprise me at this point. Just try to hold your question – a fair one – until we get the ‘real’ truth, because I think we are all going to fall over with shock when it all comes out. There has been a very matrix controlling our lives, the likes of which we cannot really understand. We are getting glimmers of it now . . . Read Montague Keen on Ireland – and David Wilcock says Ben has proved out on all the items in the interview – did he check this one? was it the most important?

      I’ll leave that for you to decide. . .

      Hugs, ~Jean

      • Nick says:

        It was called Operation Odessa. Headed by the CIA in coordination with several other global factions, this operation was responsible for changing the identities of 90% of all high ranking Nazi’s and subsequently smuggling them out of Europe through what came to be known as “The Rat Line”. Most of them ended up in the areas of South America that were openly sympathetic towards the Nazi’s plight. Countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and so on.

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  7. john says:

    the white dragon society is just the flip side of the illuminati coin. these people believe in duality so it stand s to reason that they have a dark side and a light side. just the fact that they represent themselves with a dragon makes me suspicious. this is just more of the nwo b.s..

  8. Zsuzsa says:

    i love when stories just keep getting better and better!!! thank you for sharing!

  9. susan says:

    Gotta love it! thanks Jean and thanks for all you do… only been following your blog for a short time and am loving it

  10. I have been following Fulford for about 2 months now but I had never heard this story! Holy Smokes!

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