Ben Fulford: Major Realignment of Power Taking Place in Asia, December 26, 2011

Permit me to call your attention to the fact – and I believe I am correct when I say this – that Ben does not take the ETs into his calculations. ~J

There has been a major change in the power balance in Asia during the past week or so following the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, according to Asian intelligence sources. The biggest changes are happening in Japan where a series of arrests of bureaucrats, police officials and politicians has begun. One prominent casualty has been former Japanese Finance and Economy Minister Heizo Takenaka who has been arrested and is underground [undergoing] “vigorous questioning,” according to Japanese military intelligence sources. Takenaka is apparently singing like a canary, the sources said. If this information from highly placed sources is correct, Takenaka will be explaining why he handed over control of Japan’s commercial banks to foreign oligarchs, including the Rockefeller and Bush clans. The situation in the Korean peninsula is also now headed for the biggest change since the Korean war in the 1950’s the sources say.

North Korea, as always, remains a difficult place to report about because of the cloak of secrecy hanging over the peninsula. However, Japanese right-wing sources, a North Korean agent in Japan and others claim that Kim Jong Il was killed about two years ago by a Swedish prostitute who gave him a stroke-causing poison. Since then, a communal leadership has been ruling while using two Kim Jong Il look-alikes. Both look-alikes have now been killed so the collective leadership decided to go ahead and announce the new regime with Kim Jong Un as its nominal leader.

Two of the sources also claim that Kim Jong Un is actually the son of Megumi Yokota, a Japanese national who was kidnapped and taken to North Korea when she was 13. The evidence both sources cited is that Yokota was the younger Kim’s companion when he was studying in Switzerland. This author has previously heard from multiple North Korea watchers and one North Korean opera singer that Yokota is now a senior North Korean agent who has no wish to return to Japan. Perhaps soon there will be enough disclosure from North Korea to ascertain if this is true or not.

As mentioned last week, Rothschild family sources are claiming that North and South Korea will be unified with North Korea taking a leading role in the new political regime. In exchange, a Rothschild central bank will be set up in the Korean peninsula and a major development drive will take place there. There will also be about 1 million refugees arriving there from the United States. The US military will also be asked to leave the peninsula, these sources say.

One public sign of a major change has been an agreement between China and Japan to directly trade each other’s currencies announced during Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s visit there this week. These days about 60% of Japan/China transactions take place via the US dollar.

In Japan, leaders of the old regime, including former Prime Minister’s Yasuhiro Nakasone and Junichiro Koizumi are said to be struggling to maintain their power bases amidst the ongoing arrests. Many of the officials being arrested are being charged with illegally using Bank of Japan funds for private purposes, the sources claim.

The changes in Asia will have strong repercussions in Europe and the US in the New Year. The Europeans are still finding it impossible to get investments in government bonds from the rest of the world. This is why the announcement of a 489 billion Euro infusion of money by the European Central Bank failed to lower Italian government bond interest rates below the unsustainable rate of 7%.

The situation among the major European and US money center banks is expected to get critical towards the end of January when these large institutions are supposed to settle accounts with each other.

The word from CIA officers involved in the situation is that Citibank, Deutschebank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan may not survive. Goldman Sachs is controlled by J. Rockefeller, these same sources claim.

What is certain is that there has been a fundamental split in the ranks among the families that own the large banks that in turn own the Federal Reserve Board. There is still an arrogance about these people that is difficult for the average human to fathom. They still do not plan to go quietly into the night.

However, a Gnostic source has told the White Dragon Society that George Bush Senior is no longer their leader and that their group supports White Dragon Plans for a plan to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

They are opposed to bloodline dynastic rule and promise major havoc in Europe and North America next summer when the warm weather makes large demonstrations viable.

For the year 2012 the White Dragon Society proposes a major campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction followed by a huge global party. They also propose “ending the world” on December 21st, 2012. They would then “restart” the world on December 25th, 2012 in the old calendar by renaming it as January 1st of the year zero.

The battle to remove the old criminal elite will have to end in victory for humanity, though, if we are to make this possible. Humanity can free itself simply by deciding collectively to do so.

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18 Responses to Ben Fulford: Major Realignment of Power Taking Place in Asia, December 26, 2011

  1. bchaplin says:

    Obama signed the NDAA. Would he be able to do this if the military told him to ‘buzz off’ a few weeks back, as said by Benjamin Fulford? Jean, things aren’t getting better. I agree with your spiritual stuff, but Fulford is full of disinformation.

    • Jean says:

      Everyone is trying to make the point, mostly that Obama is the bady guy. May I point out to you all, that it doesn’t really matter? We have been promised we will leave Duality – which is all about such decisions – right/wrong, so instead of judging, maybe we should try to sit back and watch the show?

      All of us, can we try to think that way?

      Hugs and Happy New Year,

  2. itay says:

    Still absolutly no confirmation on most of what ben says.
    I’de reckon that an arrest of a high ranking minister would make some news, yet the ONLy source for this item is ..Benjamin F.

    • Jean says:

      i think we have pretty much confirmed from the words used, from the fact that it was not posted on either of Ben’s sites, that it was a bit of disinformation . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Sarah, your intellectual search has led you here, quite naturally. Many of us seek ‘truth’ from a different perspective, which leads us down an entirely different path. Our brains are an instrument of Duality, and unless we come from our heart, we do not control them properly. The man who wrote the post, So You Want a Gold-backed Currency, is also coming from his brain. He is angry, and I suspect he really cares, but he cares from his brain/mind, and so he came to a different conclusion than I did about the gold. His facts were right, but he drew a different set of conclusions from them because his intellect is so very powerful and overrides his heart. This is always a problem for people whose intellect is highly developed.

      I do not expect you to understand/accept my words; I’m only stating my belief and the basis for it. We each have choices, and we are in a time when we must decide for ourselves – after considering all the alternatives. All I can do here is state my view and suggest you find and consider the alternatives. My way is not an easy way; it requires a lot of other input besides just our intellect, which taken alone can be a huge stumbling block to our ‘real’ understanding.

      Hugs to you,

  3. Ben says:

    Another Fulford post that says nothing, while leaving you hoping next week will provide something. The Euro is failing because it was designed to, so that they can call for a central world bank, not because Japan and China won’t buy or sell bonds. C’Mon, guys and girls, let’s wake up. Get on the streets and peacefully protest, or simply fail to comply with the system. Waiting for Fulford’s promises to be fulfilled is too big a risk to take…

    • Jean says:

      Believe me, this is not something we can do alone. Also, I keep urging that we ‘do’ by being, but you all don’t seem to understand this powerful idea. Anyway, everyting is perfect! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Lorri says:

        Jean, can you expand a bit more about the idea of “doing” by being….I keep seeing phrases like we don’t need to go anywhere or do anything, just “be”….I would appreciate it….I understand what Ben is saying….it seems like we have so much hope for things to happen soon by some articles, and then it seems like it will never happen….not trying to be negative, just praying I will be able to sustain myself through this next year, and however many years until NESARA kicks in….

        • Jean says:

          I’m going to ask someone who really can write about this for a real post on this topic. Many thanks for your request. I’ve asked him to do it before, but now there is real reason. It has to do with doing our own inner work, about clearing the pathway to our heart, which also puts us in sync with the flow of positive energy on the planet. At that point in time we begin to manifest what we want and need from our hearts . . . I think that’s what happened to me when I moved here. I’d tried to leave the area, but it was never ‘right’, and so I didn’t do it. Generally, the money didn’t fall into place properly. When I decided to move here, however, it felt so right to me, and the Universe (the positive energy) just seemed to make it so easy. Within three weeks I’d completely sold my condo, put things in storage, and along with my dogs in crates, three suitcases, I flew across country to this wonderful spot. I easily found a condo to buy, etc., etc.

          If we want peace in the world, however, we can’t just meditate on peace, we need to clear away the junk inside ourselves to connect to that peaceful place inside our hearts. If we aren’t there, when we meditate, we meditate from our brain – generally – and while we may create peace, we will absolutely create war – for the simple reason that our brain is an instrument of duality, so it will always create the opposite. The fellow who wrote The Secret made huge amounts of money, but now he is embroiled in lawsuits that may go on for years – duality. In other words, all this wild activism against or for something or someone has little value to the Universe. It simply creates Duality. The way to really change things is to do our own, individual inner work and add our inner heart peace to the collective consciousness.

          Still, as the saying goes, everything is perfect! People are awakening to the truth of the reality and responding in the only way they know – by fighting back. Yet, people on my blog, folks like you, are starting to ask the deeper question. It’s all good! God/Universe/Source has a plan!

          More later, hopefully from my friend.


  4. mike says: Jean check this out. As far as my last statement I was refuring to the last paragraph about Humanity freeing itself.

    • Jean says:

      Mike, thanks for this post!! I really do appreciate it your sharing this. At the moment, I just can’t go near all of this negativism to go looking on the web . . . also, and thanks for explaining. I get my ‘comments’ in a long list, with only the title on the right. I’m not always able to relate. That is why I also ask people to identify who they are addressing. Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Moon Shine says:

    “Kim Jong Il was killed about two years ago by a Swedish prostitute who gave him a stroke-causing poison.” LMFAO—>Why on earth would a Swedish Prostitute want to give Kim that? What that article should say is…”A highly trained, covert CIA WHORE easily posed as a Swedish prostitute, and slipped Kim Jong Il the poison…”–that makes much more sense.

    • Lorri says:

      LOL…..I am just floored by how much we have been lied to…and now it looks like Hitler survived and Angela Merkel is his daughter? It really is disheartening when you see the big picture, but we signed up for this wonderful adventure 🙂

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  7. mike says:

    I have been saying this for a long time.The masses have to stop complying with them a peaceful revolution.Aren’t you sick and tired of it yet?

  8. Stunned at sunset says:


    The most significant words in Ben’s new post is the very last paragraph, I think.


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