A new world currency – from Conscious Media Network – thanks to VK

January 1, 2012

Here is the first wonderful surprise of the New Year! I believe it is ‘real’. ~J

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Conscious Media Network is a terrific organization! It introduced me to many people like David Icke and Nassim Haramein. Click Here to go to their home site to see Previews of some of their recent interviews.


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A New Global Economic Restructuring

Conscious Media Network has been approached by a representative of global leaders and financiers from 130 nations to broadcast a statement about a new global economic restructuring arising in 2012.

The statement will be delivered via a video-taped interview with a layperson on behalf of the consortium that has been working behind the scenes, on the problem of the unsustainable global economy for the past 8 years. The party who drafted this statement has stated, in response to conspiracy concerns, that “The usual suspects are not the suspects” and that the Global Elite also understand that the unsecured, digital money system has failed us all, including themselves.

This announcement is to serve as the introduction of a New Global Economic Structure that will begin surfacing in 2012. Those involved in this plan are calling it the “greatest humanitarian effort” in modern history. It will be for each of us to determine over time if this is a truthful statement.

CMN is serving as a neutral party for this broadcast and what it claims, as the economic consortium does not wish to break this news through mainstream media at this time. Please give this your serious attention, as it may be heralding a new way of conducting commerce on the planet that will effect us all well into our future. It will be through our understanding and acceptance that this will happen.

A portion of this plan does include a dissolution of debt in a carefully considered and planned way. The plan itself is paradigm shattering, and only hinted at in this video-taped statement.

There will be more to come throughout the year.

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10 Responses to A new world currency – from Conscious Media Network – thanks to VK

  1. Shelly says:

    Heads up. As you say Jean, it is hard to keep up with all of it. I have seen on several sites that this is disinformation…..time to put our fingers in the breeze. Which one you choose is up to the individual!!! Gotta keep a sense of humor over it all!


  2. susan says:

    Hi Jean
    For what it’s worth, this is what David Wilcock said on his blog today:

    We are putting the finishing touches on Part III. This is a VERY significant and comprehensive article for reasons I am not at liberty to disclose, but should be apparent within a reasonable amount of time.

    So yes… I am fine and have been working straight through the holidays, though at a more relaxed speed than during other times of the year.

    The moderators informed me we are getting inundated with comments from people linking to a story on Conscious Media Network about someone claiming to represent an alliance of 130 countries that will be launching a new financial system.

    THIS IS A HOAX. I am now in direct contact with the top people organizing the 122-nation alliance we have been speaking of, as a consequence of getting deeply involved in investigating and writing about the lawsuit — and they told me this story is not true.

    It is possible that we are just dealing with someone looking for publicity. It is also possible that this is intended to distract people from the real issue and do it in a way that can be discredited, so people do not believe the real story.

    Anyway, my goal is to have the new article up ASAP. Stay tuned!”

  3. mike says:

    well guess we will see. I like to keep an open mind but at the same time the proof is in the pudding.Besides it won’t matter if they don’t stop poisoning us with what they are spraying in the skies.Watch this video all the way through. http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/6387.html.

    • TruthSeeker says:

      Isn’t that the truth Mike.

      I also have a hard time with this statement:

      ““The usual suspects are not the suspects”

      Now what is that supposed to mean? Now they’re going to come save everyone? Yeah, when pigs fly. A pig with lipstick is still a pig.

      • Jean says:

        TS, the meaning I take from the statement is that what we see, what seems so obvious to us has nothing to do with the ‘real’ truth. The controllers know exactly what they are doing . . . What I believe is that the only way we can tell the ‘real’ truth is 1) either to wait and see, or 2) do our clearing so we can better discern the truth.

        Hugs, and a Happy New Year to you!

  4. Don says:

    What a great way to start 2012! Looks like were are jumping of the cliff as represented by The Fool, Number 0 in the Tarot. New beginnings to an incredible year.
    Peace and keep the faith!

  5. BladeMcCool says:

    Can’t touch my Bitcoins. Of course anyone who uses Bitcoin is a terrrrist right? They hate us for our freedom ^_^

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