Inspiration Is Liberation – by Andrew Cohen, January 10, 2012

The first day of the new year represents for all of us, a possibility for profound renewal. It’s the beginning of a new cycle in relationship to the passing of time, a moment at which many of us feel as if we are getting a chance to start over.… If we pay attention to the powerful experience of inspiration that we feel at the beginning of the new year, we will recognize that it is a sense of conviction that we can really do something that we hadn’t believed possible before—that we are capable of breaking through to new ground and attaining higher levels of our own potential. If we look more deeply into the thrilling experience of inspiration when we feel it surging through our bodies and minds, we will see that it really is the sense that anything is possible. And that experience of inspiration is simultaneously an experience of spiritual freedom, because when we are deeply and profoundly inspired in this way, we feel liberated from any fundamental sense of limitation.

This is an excerpt from Andrew’s recent New Year’s Day Address. Read the complete text and leave your comments here »

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