An important comment on the channelling that is now coming through – and a related update on David Wilcock’s next article – from ~Jean

I have an appointment in an hour, so I don’t have the time to say more than this:

Please, don’t get excited over the channelling that is going around. I bought into Greg Giles on Monday, but I may regret it. Suzy Spooner came out with something yesterday – but how many of you remember that it wasn’t too long ago that Suzy stepped into it big time when she channelled that there was going to be a big announcement at the UN? (That is why I no longer publish her.)

This last that will likely go viral is, I believe, from a blogger friend of mine at 2012 Indy Info, who channels several ‘beings’. I’m sorry, but tough experience has taught me to be skeptical of channelling in general. Is the general energy of our ‘knowing’ that something is going to happen, energy which is not all bad, encouraging this kind of channelling, or is it the ‘real’ stuff – this time?

I just do not know, but I’m begging you to simply ‘hold tight’ and wait to see. Don’t buy into the kind of euphoria I’m sensing on the internet. Just observe! Wait to see!

I’ve asked you to do this in your judgments about Obama, which I know you find difficult. Now, I’m asking you to do it with this channelling. One deals with negative emotions, and the other with positive, but the fact is, it shouldn’t matter! Managing our emotions means what it says.

Let’s all just practice managing our emotions – all of them – by simply observing what is going on out there! Then if this info perhaps is not valid, we aren’t going to hit bottom big time!

Also, I kind reader has shared that David Wilcock’s third article will be delayed  and I quote the reader – and maybe David: “because completely new information has been added that pertains to all of these messages of urgency we’ve been getting.”

Let’s just try not to begin the celebration prematurely.

Hugs to everyone – and I’ll be keeping track of things for the next couple hours on my phone,



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28 Responses to An important comment on the channelling that is now coming through – and a related update on David Wilcock’s next article – from ~Jean

  1. adriane says:

    As with everything there is channeling and there is channeling. When carefully prepared and observing the appropriate rules regarding channeling it can be amazingly correct. I am thinking of the Law of One material, channeled by Carla Rueckert while Don Elkins was devising the questions that were to be put to Ra. The result are 4 books of wisdom that are incredibly helpful.

    Over time i have come to mostly ignore channelings as reliable venues of providing important data. Especially the most established and popular ones that channel ET’s.

    One week ago i saw a tantalizing headline and a name unknown to me, that of Greg Giles.
    I started reading but have to admit that gradually his text was deteriorating into a sort of rant against those of us who were portrayed as being negative because of our lack of support of ET’s coming to earth to help us. It became quite embarrassing to read statements that clearly belonged in the mid 3D as they were filled with polarity inspired remarks that became quite divisive. So i quit reading.

    I agree with Jean when she writes that she trusts Drunvalo who i think has truly come into his own. And him saying that only 1 % of channelings makes a lot of sense to me.

    I also have to agree with Visionkeeper when he recommends us listening to our gut (when using discernment). Did you know that there is a sort of brain in our gut as well! as in the heart?

    At this impressive website which i sort of stumbled into a few weeks back, i also found, to my surprise quite a lot of reservations against those who would come from outside the earth to ‘help’ us.
    I could definitely support the arguments that were made. Most important, i think, is the fact that WE, earthlings should create this, OUR earth and not anyone from outside. They can help if we ask them to but this is and should remain our turf.

    • Jean says:

      Adriane, thanks for sharing these good, helpful thoughts. I would like to say more, but tonight I’ve just run out of energy. I’m in the final throes of the urchase, which will take place Friday or Monday. Don’t know which yet. Please forgive me. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. He Shim says:

    Dear Jean, here is something I found today that fits so well into the topic and gives a quite realistic point of view: A new Project Camelot Interview with Marshall Vian Summers “The Allies of Humanity”:

    Very wise words.

    He Shim

    • Jean says:

      I’ll certainly have a look at this He Shim! Many thanks for taking the time to share. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Hi Shim, I’ve been listening to this video, and I think he has bought into these very subtle messages he has been receiving, and I don’t think they are viable. He cares about us, but I think they have taken his own power. What he says makes me fearful, because if I believe this, then it makes me feel very disempowered. We are not meant to live alone, and at this moment at time, we do need some help, guides perhaps. I do not believe we can make this leap alone.

      He’s talking about the fact we are involved in a kind of warfare – this is silly, whether it is with ideas or guns. . . We are leaving all kinds of warfare behind. I feel like this is subtle and false. There are so many truths and then there are subtle lies – and it is those subtleties that disempower. The subtleties are make me feel bad about myself as a human being. No one who is really wise will ever do that to other people – not if they want to help them grow.

      I wish I had time to write more, but He Shim, I think this sincere man is mis-guided – and I had to listen to almost the whole thing before I understood what is going on – for me, anyway. He is a channeler who I see as being a good man who is being cleverly used. His message is based on fear. The problems I encountered with his words are so huge that he leaves me seeing there no way out – and that is totally disempowering. It is not a message of love.

      Thanks so much for sharing this video. I really had to pay attention and keep my wits about me. Wow, a real test!


  3. Suzy says:

    Shouldn’t we try to get a really strong connection to the Creator of the worlds and all life, possibily stay on that reality. Why do we turn to other means for our answers as all the answers are with the Creator if you can find Him but I realize that THEY have made that path very difficult to find.

  4. Jean says:

    Thanks, Wendy, for your kind words and your support. Hugs, ~Jean

  5. michael says:

    i think everyone can be a channel… or is…. the question is who are you channeling… from what i gather there are many none incarnated beings ready and willing to put thoughts in our heads… thus (so i believe) much depends on the quality/purity of the person doing the channeling and even then i take it all with a truck load of sand…. i do hope the good aliens show up ASAP… but i am not holding my breath…. enjoy

  6. Pam says:

    I really like your perspective Kate!

  7. Visionkeeper says:

    I use my gut to tell me what to embrace and what to steer clear off. Channeling has never done it for me. We truly need to be reacquainting ourselves with listening to what we think is best. A great many have lost this ability and are at the mercy of their minds. Time to get back to ourselves and our hearts and believe in ourselves. Trust what you believe in…. VK

  8. konyd says:

    Dear Jean,
    I have been following you now since September of 2011 and am very grateful for all the hard work and your dedication to your blog and to “we the people” I am learning a lot from you and my friends feel the same way, I wanted to say thank you here and in light of what you where just writing about with your words today, as far as emotions are concerned, I just launched my blog today and truly I was inspired by you. Thank you for being who you are, such a magnificent light.
    Thank you Kony

  9. Cameron Day says:

    Hi Jean,
    I’m glad to see that you’re starting to see through the glamor of “channeled” messages. I’d like you to take a look at this blog post I made last September about this very subject. Hopefully it will help give your readers some additional perspective:

    Much Love,

    • Jean says:

      Cameron, I’ve posted articles in the past about the questions I have concerning channelling. Less than 1% is accurate, or so says Drunvalo, and having studied with him a couple times, I’ve come to think he’s the real deal. I’ll have a look at your suggested link, and many thanks. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Andrea Staples says:

      Cameron (and Jean for posting) thank you so much for your words/advice/reminders on discernment. Sometimes/mostimes you can feel the energy of truth…even when its written!

      Much love to all,

  10. Mike V. says:

    I came across a small tidbit of information several months ago that was posted by a person that channels our ascended masters.
    It was very important, or, at least, I thought it was.
    The ascended master told his student that ALL channeled messages contain falsehoods. As part of this crazy game we’re playing, there will not be a single message that contains only truth. Even from a very highly regarded master, any messages from him will contain lies and it MUST because of the rules of the game.
    For me, this was vital in understanding how discernment works and how we have to hone our skills during this time.
    Be at peace.
    Mike V.

  11. Diarmuid says:

    “Suzanne Spooner” – Now that was a lesson, for all, in the fallibility of channelled messages. Thanks for the reminder, Jean, and welcome back, I really thought we were losing you to the “all channelled messages are true” fraternity, for a while. 🙂 Blessings D.

  12. Zooey says:

    It’s all good, Jean. I have no interest in channeled info so it makes little difference to me. Until I see an alien down here with a bucket, sponge, and soapy water helping us clean up this mess, I have no faith in them. Also, these “messages” seem to cause people to stop working for change and start putting the responsibility of fixing our planet on others. This at time when we need everyone to help as much as possible. At least, that’s how I see it. It reminds of the lyrics from Paul Simon’s, Gumboots

    “I was having this discussion in a taxi heading downtown;
    Rearranging my position on this friend of mine who had a little bit of a breakdown.
    I said, hey, you know breakdowns come and breakdowns go–
    What are you going to do about it–that’s what I’d like to know.”

  13. pete says:

    just to say I agree with the previous statement. well said!

  14. Love says:

    When you relax and let it be, the popcorn pops in the frying pan.

    • Jean says:

      Now, what a great way of saying it! Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • Love says:

      To Lightworkers,

      When you relax and let it be, the popcorn pops in the frying pan. Agreed.

      I propose we shake the pan a bit.

      With every day that passes many are still hungry for food, a home, freedom, love ….. and so on, and so on, and so on.

      May I suggest that as you read this post you close your eyes and come into your now (the 4d). Visualize a gathering of all lightworkers on and off world together as one consciousness.


      Feel within your heart all your love coming together as one lightworker consciousness.

      This will undoubtedly make things pop.

      Let’s show them how it’s done. 🙂

  15. kate says:

    Euphoria is good! Just ride euphoria without attachment/expectation. As long as we put on our big-kid panties and don’t get upset if things don’t pan out exactly when/how we decide is happening, we can generate a whole lot of good, high vibes by allowing ourselves to feel euphoric anticipation! Don’t forget time is all NOW, so we can be excited and euphoric NOW from an announcement like that, even if it doesn’t pan out for some “time” longer. Let your heart feel ecstasy from any source that feeds that heart longing, and visualize the wonders.

    If a message helps us tap into that happy anticipation, it’s not creating any harm. We create the “harm” all by ourselves by crashing when something doesn’t go the way we want. Then we get mad and blame the messenger. Instead, ride the energy, know it is truth regardless of timeframe, let the excitement build and we will bring ourselves even closer to the actual event.

    🙂 Peace and heart-euphoric wonder!!

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