Discernment Lessons: Who’s Really On This Channel?

Cameron posted a comment on my blog this morning about channelling and offered this helpful article to us all, which I’m posting below. Thanks, Cameron! ~Jean

By Cameron Day, on September 22nd, 2011
Ascension Help.com 

It’s been a long time since I have written to you, mostly because I’ve been very busy in the physical arenas of building a huge wood shed (Thanks Dad for all your help!), and “lumberjack” type work.  I live in the woods, so this is a part of my “mundane” 3d life.

There have been many things I have wanted to write to you over the last couple of months, so I will focus on the most important topics as I see them in the moment.  Today we are going to go further with discernment and addressing the high “noise” to “signal” ratio that is being intensified at this time.

Every day I skim emails I receive pertaining to some “very near” wonderful or even transcendent event that “we all just have to wait for” according to the authors.  Unfortunately, their dates come and go without any physical occurrence.  The people who had believed in the message usually sigh in resignation and go back to their daily lives somewhat disappointed, but maybe still hopeful.

Why is there so much inaccurate “noise” out there right now?  Precisely because something *transcendent* IS approaching, and more people are feeling its approach than ever. Everywhere you look, someone is going to tell you that they know what is coming and when.  Often they are channeling some source who claims to be a “higher being” that you “need to pay attention to.” Sadly, most of these channelers are receiving their information from beings that are NOT who they claim to be.

This brings us to discernment point #1: It is very easy to fool the human mind, especially if you exist in a higher level than our 3rd density.

(Please note, I use density and level interchangeably.)

The 4th density of consciousness is wondrous and magical compared to the sluggish 3rd density where we currently reside, but the beings who populate this density are still polarized in their consciousness.  They are actually much MORE polarized than most humans, who tend to be a “mixed bag” of energies.

This means that within the 4th density there are “selfish and manipulative” entities (Service to Self), and also “kind, loving and nurturing” beings (Service to Others).  There don’t seem to be many (or any?) 4th density beings who are sometimes kind, other times selfish like 3rd density humans.  On the 4th density, they seem to polarize to one extreme or the other, which is very significant to our discernment process.

Discernment point #2: Your free will is one of your greatest sources of power and energy.

If you can be tricked, conned or brainwashed into choosing of your own free will to believe in a false prophet, that prophet will receive some of your power and energy.  This trickery is abundant on 3rd density, and much of it is broadcasted from 4th density “Service to Self” (STS) beings who have polarized as far towards selfish, manipulative, dominance-oriented behavior as possible.  They made this choice while in 3rd density, and used the power and energy gained by this extreme polarization (and energy stolen from others) to propel themselves to the 4th density.  However, they are dependent on feeding off the energy of others for sustenance, unlike their “positive” counterparts in the 4th level that have polarized towards “Service to Others” (STO).

If a false prophet can convince you to be in fear, your false belief in that fear will feed them.  At the same time, if they can convince you to do nothing, your false belief that you need not do anything will also feed them.  This discernment stuff is tricky business, but we all need to get very good at it, very quickly.

You may be wondering, “Who is telling me to do nothing?” This is coming very strongly at this time through channels spreading messages that essentially tell people: “Your Big Brothers & Sisters are coming back from off-planet to clean up your mess.  You have done all you can, so just sit tight, “spread your light” and wait for us to bail you out.  The situation is too complex and difficult for you to solve, but it is easy for us to do, and we’re happy to do it for you.  No action is required of you at this time, but you ‘true believers’ will be needed once we appear on your planet to fix things.”

This is a strongly disempowering message, and it is a manipulation of our innate (and societally programmed) desires to have a benevolent, central authority that actually has our best interests at heart, to take care of us. Most lightworkers are very tired at this stage of the game, and would welcome truly loving, positive, “Service to Others” oriented beings to show up and “clean house” on this planet.

However, when I look at most of the numerous channels that are telling people they don’t need to do any inner-clearing work because they have already done all the work needed, and should just “send light in meditation” while waiting for the ET calvary to arrive, I do not sense the intent of a truly Service to Others being.  What I sense is a very clever manipulation that reinforces the human desire to be told what to do by a more wise and powerful being.   This type of manipulation is a classic example of “Service to Self” beings masquerading as a positive, “Service to Others” being instead.

This is one of the reasons that I do not channel.  Instead, I go within to access my Higher Self which is actually my INNER, True Self.  I do occasionally “say hello” to the Service to Others polarized beings on 4th, 5th and 6th densities and sometimes I will ask them for energetic support for certain clearing activities.  However, I do not ask them to do all the work for me, as that is not how they operate.  They “serve through support” by energizing our positive, “Service to Others” actions.

Notice I wrote actions, not wishes. The real “good guys” will most likely not show up and solve our problems for us, even if we wish they would do so.  Anyone trying to sell you on the belief that they can solve all your problems usually has an ulterior motive. Truly serving another being means empowering them so they can solve their own problems and eventually help others to do the same thing.

Discernment point #3: The true test of ANY spiritually-oriented message is whether or not it empowers you through knowledge and helping you to access your OWN innate wisdom.

There are many blockages to accessing our own true self built right into the fabric of this density, and even into the DNA inside our bodies.  In order to transmute these blockages, we have to first become aware of them through gaining knowledge and self-examination, then apply transformational energies to dissolve the blockage / false belief / limiting identity, etc.

This is why my primary role in “Ascension Help” is to teach energy-clearing techniques that empower you to overcome blockages.

If you read a message that says you don’t need to continue to delve into the depths of your being to release limiting beliefs and embody your true self, please be careful.  If a message gives you hope that everything will be OK because help is on the way, but does not give you new information that helps you to understand the workings of the universe on a deeper level, please be careful. If a message read today looks and feels almost exactly the same as the message from one, two or more years ago, please be careful.  If you’re not sure, do some comparison of older and more current messages from the same source to see if new information is being given in a progressive manner, or if the messages seem to sound the same with a few small changes here and there regarding current events.

Please remember that whatever you believe in, you give some of your energy to.  This is one reason 4th density STS beings work so hard to “hack into” legitimate channels and impersonate the angel/master/high density being who was originally coming through. It is a significant coup for a 4th density STS being to usurp a legitimate channel and transmit subtly altered dis-information through it.  They get the double benefit of receiving the belief energy from the followers of the messages, as well as convincing those followers that they don’t need to take any action towards self-growth or to help improve the quality of life of the people in their environment.

In the future, when you read a message that tells you that there is no need to take action, no need to delve deeper into accessing and embodying your true self, that your inner work is done and you only have to wait for blessings to be bestowed upon you from an outside, higher authority, my hope is that you will not choose to believe this type of disempowering manipulation.

I hope that you will instead reclaim all energy that you had previously put into those false, yet somewhat comforting belief systems and instead choose the path of the Initiate, recognizing that YOUR truth comes from deep inside of you where your Higher Self resides.  I hope that you will disengage from false prophets who try to convince you that you need to be aligned with an external group in order to ascend to the next level.

To reach the next level will require the accrual of knowledge, the expansion of your inner Power of Love that comes from knowing your True Self, and the giving of this love to others through forgiveness, compassion, understanding and sharing empowering knowledge.  These are the gifts of light that need to be spread, and spreading them requires connecting to other people “at their level” to find out how you can empower them to take their next step in self-discovery, self-healing, self-clearing and self-love so that they can help others in the future.

As each of you empowers yourself and shares this empowerment with others to the level they want to receive it (remember their free will), your inner light will grow and show you more ways to extend the Infinite Love of your Higher Self to others.  As you become a conscious conduit for your true power, you will sense the best way to help others, which at times may be to say “No” to their ego-based desires.

The more you embrace the idea that “to love is to serve” you will be presented with many opportunities to uplift those around you and help them to heal their old wounds.  At the same time, maintain awareness so that you do not acquiesce to another person’s ego-based manipulations, while also rising above your own ego’s desire to control or manipulate.  (Remember to minimize that ego.)

So yes, there is still much work to be done.   It starts inside of you, me and all of us. As we heal and dissolve the old blockages, we can more effectively render loving service to our brothers and sisters that are ready to receive and act upon it.  Soon, almost everyone will be seeking this inner healing, so ready yourself to make sure you are prepared to give the gift of self-empowerment to the best of your ability.

I thank you for your service to humanity, and I look forward to the eventual Transcendent Event that will propel us to the next level of consciousness.  It is going to be a collective effort to bring this major shift into our collective awareness, but the work is done through loving acts of service that uplift and empower everyone involved, creating a frequency of win-win in all of our endeavors.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s.  If you are wondering if I am subtly singling out any particular channel, the answer is no.  If you are concerned that a channel you are following might be compromised, please apply the discernment points above to the messages coming through and draw your own conclusions based on the wisdom of your Inner/Higher Self.

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10 Responses to Discernment Lessons: Who’s Really On This Channel?

  1. 4GRAMA says:

    Jean,thank you for this wonderful post.Last night I was researching the start of the New Age Movement and came across a couple web sites I’d like to share.My take away from this is they are powerfulycunning and the planners of our lives weather we like it or not.Please note:this whole site is an eye opener,not only does this show how the New Age Movement began but how and why of the enviornmental movement. http://www.terrorism-illuminati.com/one-world-religion ,and this one also http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2685815/posts I know you are extremley busy Jean but perhaps someone else out there can help me understand this.

    • Jean says:

      You are right that I am now busy, but let me say that there is a lot of disinfo out there – huge amounts, and it looks quite real. It is meant to look that way. Does it matter how the New Age or Environmental or Arab Spring really started? No matter what their beginnings, the people are taking control of them. Surely you can see that? Even if they are infiltrated, it won’t matter. It is our time. That’s all you really need to understand. From the posts I put up there this morning, it should be clear that change is in the air.

      The best advice I can give you is to listen to your heart. If I listen to the ugliness, the doom and gloom, my heart feels sad, burdened and dreary. If I listen to my heart, I feel happy, and I know and believe in what is to come. If I am wrong, I will go out in joy. If I am wrong, we all will go out – but in ways that may not be of our choosing. That is the point in time we have reached.

      We know without doubt through science that we create our own reality – witness TS yesterday. She created the situation for herself. It need not have been so. What reality do you want to create – one that deals in love, acceptance, and caring, or the one the Cabal would have us live in based on fear, inequality, hunger, deprivation.


  2. Zooey says:

    Wonderful post, Jean (et al.)! And, this is exactly what I was talking about:

    “You may be wondering, “Who is telling me to do nothing?” This is coming very strongly at this time through channels spreading messages that essentially tell people: “Your Big Brothers & Sisters are coming back from off-planet to clean up your mess. You have done all you can, so just sit tight, “spread your light” and wait for us to bail you out. “

    I am so happy that people are starting to notice this trick and are beginning to pick up their mops and pushbrooms again. Yay! There is so much work to do and we need people of integrity and dedication to continue in their efforts.

    (By the way, I have started a site of my own that is all about defeating the dark but I still have quite a ways to go on getting the wordpress theme tweaked. I will let you know when my partner and I have it done and some content up. The site is basically on healing, free resources, and bringing community together.)

  3. There is much wisdom in the insights of them messages Cameron has posted and seeing We all are in the End Time’s a long with heading into the New beginnings ; WE Lightworkers who are indeed Lighthouse’s all over the planet are only Human and yes Humans can be manipulated some of the time’s ?! but not all the time’s ; You have No idea how many people do not know we all entered a new Age on New Years Eve 2011 where the world entered The Aquarius Age on January first 2012 . was a very powerful day were Like minded Humans raised the planet’s Vibration big time ; and the internet played a big part in getting the word out so millions of Humans Linked up there mind sets that flowed around the Earth in a wave of highly charged energy’s. WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE now talk about power Cameron and Jean ??!!! ; worldwide Meditation’s that will indeed be coming up in the month”s ahead are going to be quit powerful and i feel For we are the one’s we have been waiting for. Thanks so much for the insights Cameron.

  4. Tina says:

    This was great, perfectly said, very informative and what I have felt for a while but not put into words. As I start reading a channeled piece and run into one of the points mentioned in the article I immediately stop reading and delete! Nice comment Diarmuid! Rev. Joe I also agree with you on the money for knowledge part. Service to others is done from the heart- to share and not profit. I will not pay for monthly membership fee’s on a website or purchase products that claim to raise your vibrations. There is sooo much out there free and if you go within your higher self will provide you with what you need.
    Much Love and Light!!

  5. Suzy says:

    Now if only these messages were on the main stream news or out in the open, so far everything is on the internet and that is not always a tool for good much like any other medium which can be manipulated? But I guess in a way it’s a leap of faith and hope?

  6. Rev, Joe C says:

    A truly beautiful and truth filled piece of advice . Thank you Higher Self , thru Cameron and Jean .
    I would only add one other thought , in my experiance true Light Givers do not charge money for sharing their knowledge . It is after all info from The One Divine Higher Self .
    With Hugs and LOVE .
    Rev. Joe

  7. Susie Alvord says:

    Good thoughts…Thanks

    Have you seen George Kavassalis’ work? If not, I think you would appreciate him.

    Susie Alvord
    Boise, Idaho

  8. Diarmuid says:

    This resonates with me completely. Many thanks to both Cameron and Jean for placing these wise words before us at this time. I really wish this message could be sent to any Light-worker blogs who refuse to engage in dialog or allow comments on the articles they post. They mistakenly believe they are somehow helping to raise vibration levels of the planet by “disengaging” from those who wish to debate the topics being posted.

    But here’s the rub for any who care: We will raise the vibrations of the planet by engaging in discussions and spreading our light and knowledge for all to see, and not by hiding behind a veil of silence. Who would have thought that? What a shocker! 🙂 Blessings to all. D.

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