From Ben Fulford’s Blog, January 12, 2012

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Sale and Crayford and Kathy Mattenson are attacking you. I want you to post them and you can say you like. I am just so pissed.

David Sale has just sent out more fraudulent documents bearing Ray Dam’s signature. THIS MUST STOP. This is why I fight Sale and Crayford. It is the damage they do to other people.

This shows how crazy Sale and Crayford are.  Please take note of the older signature. This shows the danger to people who front for this person. Here we have a young man who has been misguided and misled by Sale who could well spend many years in jail. The one redeeming issue is that they at least trying to help him. Ask them to go there and share the danger they have placed this young man in, they will not.

These people send others into harms way and then pretend they are on some major business elsewhere. They are not.

Sale is a criminal and the sooner he is taken down the better.



The attacks against me have been so intense and so prolonged that I could not begin to list them all but here is just a bit of what I have gone through: Six murder attempts (that I am aware of), blackmail against publishers (including threats of advertising boycotts and threats to murder editors) to force them to take my books off the store shelves, an approach by an individual carrying 70 kilos of  marijuana laced with toxic chemicals to told me to “introduce me to the yakuza or I will kill you,” (I introduced him to the Japanese security police), a sustained campaign against slander involving multiple agents telling every body I ever contacted professionally that I was “on drugs and had gone insane,” offers of bribes to personal acquaintances to induce them to testify against me by saying I was on drugs, the poisoning of my fiancee to force a miscarriage, etc.etc.

Never, however, would these people offer to debate me personally about ideas for the future of the planet or for the benefit of humanity and the natural world.

The only thing I will say about the latest attacks is that either I will stand by what I have written or else issue a correction if it is proven wrong. People also need to understand the difference between rhetoric and fact. If in the past I have said something like “the planet earth is about to give birth,” is obviously a metaphor. As far as the ghost of my great-grandfather contacting me is concerned, I sincerely believe that is what happened.

Benjamin Fulford.

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3 Responses to From Ben Fulford’s Blog, January 12, 2012

  1. Stunned at sunset says:


    Very informative. Now I understand the basis for the “arrest warrants” for war crimes issued by the International Committee in Indonesia and the reason for such warrants from a number of other countries. Would that they were enforceable but I suppose they will be eventually.

    • vance says:

      Those evil people that caused the slaughter og millions will be put to the judgment and the time for those reptialling globalist is coming to their end.

  2. jan Meadows says:

    I have no idea how this video can be send to you so you can make it public???

    This might be of interest to your readers:
    Outlwed WAR ??????  There is a US Law in place:

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