In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. – by Andrew Cohen, January 16, 2012

What Is a Visionary?

Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday. This great soul was a visionary. What is a visionary? Visionaries are those rare and inspired individuals who see great promise and imminent potentials for human consciousness and culture that most of us haven’t even begun to imagine yet. They are no longer merely living to get and to have for themselves, or tenaciously trying to preserve and protect what has already been. Visionaries are living for what has not yet occurred because their attention is riveted by the promise of the possible—that future is already radiant and alive in the field of their imagination. Because they experience that future—and feel its promise on a daily basis—they live in a state of perpetual discontent, simultaneously deeply inspired and ever-unsatisfied. How many of us have the courage and the heart to live that way—to live for the future like those great souls who have given rise to the higher values of our shared culture?

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