Rupert Murdoch Attacks Google, Obama In Pro-SOPA Twitter Rant

Rupert Murdoch

The Huffington Post    First Posted: 1/15/12 02:45 PM ET Updated: 1/15/12 04:01 PM ET

Rupert Murdoch sounded off on Saturday about the White House’s rejection of SOPA and PIPA, the controversial anti-piracy bills currently being debated in Congress.

“So Obama has thrown in his lot with Silicon Valley paymasters who threaten all software creators with piracy, plain thievery,” he wrote on Twitter. “Piracy leader is Google who streams movies free, sells advts around them. No wonder pouring millions into lobbying.”

Murdoch has lobbied aggressively for the bills, which many critics call web censorship. On Saturday, the White House announced that it would not support the legislation.

Supporters of the legislation–including Murdoch’s News Corp, which owns 20th Century Fox films and various successful TV shows–argue that the bills would help protect copyright.

Google is one of the most vocal opponents of SOPA and PIPA. Co-founder Sergey Brin has saidthat the bills “give the U.S. government and copyright holders extraordinary powers including the ability to hijack DNS and censor search results (and this is even without so much as a proper court trial).”

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13 Responses to Rupert Murdoch Attacks Google, Obama In Pro-SOPA Twitter Rant

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  2. Stunned at sunset says:


    Thanks for this enlightening post. I might be reading you wrong but, from the evidence you present in discussing the issue of “mind control,” the hilarious short accurately defining Rupert’s contribution to “the human condition” aside, it would seem to suggest that Breivik was both subject to mental conditioning and drug-influenced mind control in preparation for the act that he committed.

    Base on the information that David Wilcock revealed in his latest article, I would have to agree with you 100%. The only thing I would like to add is that, if you read the messages being released from the alternative news sources and from people like Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock, when its over, these “Sith” (borrowing from Star Wars), are going to lose everything because much of what they’ve attempted to create has no foundation within the our objective and collective reality. Therefore, their individual delusions–about us, about themselves as individuals, and about their associates, cannot be sustained. The references to them do not exist as concrete articles that the rest of us can identify and recognize through shared experience.

    Sort of like waking up standing all alone and naked in the Center of the Universe and with no understanding that simply saying: “I want to go home, now.” Would be a thought form that could set you free.

    SS :o)

    • ETA says:

      Not sure how you got “Mind Control” from that. I was just creeped out by the timing of it and never did see anything in the news about what drugs he took. I guess you could go to “Manchurian Canidate” type thinking but I was just so shocked that he was so cold blooded.

      If you watch the vids here-

      You will wonder why this much human energy and thought is turned towards destruction, and how any intelligent person could rationalize this as “good work”. The logic of helping PTSD is not convincing to me

      The creepiest thought for me was the timing with Rupie and my paranoid thought “OMG” he had it done to get the spotlight off of himself.

      • Stunned at sunset says:


        I see. I had read a piece in the “lame stream” media where the Norwegian PM declared that Norway would not be held hostage to anyone’s threat in a speech that addressed the calamity. I thought to myself: “Gee Whiz, if it was (yet another) lone gunman, why would he SAY that?” Then a couple of weeks later, I read another story in the alternative press that Norway had built up this National Trust Fund after saving money from the sale of North Sea Oil. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 Billion Euros. The EU had demanded that Norway turn that fund over to them and they were refused. The writer suggested that the “banksters” had arranged the calamity to show the Norwegian people how ruthless they could be.

        I wouldn’t know if all of this is just conjecture but it fits the bill and explains why Brevik needed drugs to increase his strength. It also explained his apparent “calm” and conviction. He was even defined in the press as a “neo-Nazi” of sorts and that would also make a connection back to the shadow banking system–you know, the one that had people pulling out the gold and silver teeth of dead Jews during the Holocaust.

        These people are creepy and creepy is as creepy does. I don’t believe any of this “lone psychopath” BS anymore. When the Israelis allowed reporters to interview a woman who, at the last minute, couldn’t go through with her suicide mission by activating a bomb vest she was wearing, I remember that she said she had been subjected to continuous psychological training and conditioning by the “so-called” Palestinian Terrorists (if in fact such “Palestinians” do exist).

        Really? Bankrupt Palestinian Fighters living in ruthlessly imposed squalor and deprivation have the money to send someone to University to study “Neuro-science” and figure out how to put the “ZEAL” in religious zeal? Muslims are ordinary people just like you and me. I have several Muslim neighbors. All of them are such dears and they are generous and loving people. The dehumanization of Muslims world wide is a hoax; Rupie helped generate that mindset and he spread it like bird dung throughout the Civilized World. It was intentional and NOT sensational.

        The guy is an intellectual and moral derelict. My mind made connections there too…then, to “Hinckley,” and to “Squeeky From,” and then to Lee Harvey Oswald…and finally to Gavrilo Princip who at 19 and a member of “Young Bosnia” assassinated Arch Duke Ferdinand. Ferdinand was a progressive of sorts for his day. Bosnia is a primarily European Muslim country. It’s beginning to come full-circle now. It’s all starting to make sense as the veil comes down. It’s all a lie; it’s all a sham; it’s all coming to and end.

        For people like us, the only question is: “Will the “transitional governments” just boot them out onto the streets (“Mark of Cain”-style) or will they waste a lot of precious time with pogroms and vengeance? Who knows.

        You were right to bring it up. It made me think. Thanks for the humor too! I needed a laugh.

        • Jean says:

          I’m reading all these recent comment oh-so-quickly, and I thank each of you for participating. More later . . . I need to go out again . . . I’m in the ‘busy’ time that goes along with moving. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. ETA says:

    Hmm… Cynical ETA paranoia ahead, yee of faint hearts read no further!

    This is the guy whose empire was destroyed by the UK phone hacking scandal. That scandal which included 911 victims families and a British girl whose phone messages were accessed and deleted after she was brutally murdered, would probably never seen the “light of day” except for the fact that some “Royals” got PWNED!

    Then he has to go to “Parliment” to testify and gets pie in the face.

    Here is how my world got creepy!

    Randomly surfing the interwebs in “The Happy Valley” I came across this-

    “Find out how neuroscience is changing modern warfare, and discover the ethical implications with guest Jonathan Moreno.” The video talks about cures for PTSD and at one point, and mentions “Beta Blockers” as a drug that eases the conscience of soldiers who have done terrible things…

    Then this guy does what he does and you no longer see Rupy’s face in the UK press.

    They always “Act Alone”.

    They must be “Insane”!

    If he was a paranoid schizo why did he “need drugs” to make him “stronger”?

    So here is my paranoia timeline for the third week of last July-

    Tuesday 7/19/11 LOL rupy got pie in the face!
    Wed/Thur 7/20-21/11 Yee Gods can’t we spend our research grant $ on something better?
    Friday 7/22/11 How could a human being gun down that many children point blank?

    Murdoch is not someone whose demise will make me sad.

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  5. Stunned at sunset says:

    General Post:

    Little Rupert should just quietly close his mouth and recede into the shadows with the rest of his Bilderberger buddies. We’re not forgetting that this is the guy who launched the most wide-reaching and illegal anti-privacy campaign in 100 years! He and his son and their minions are still on the hot-plate for that crime. It ruined thousands of people’s lives.

    But, alas, we know the dark cabal. In their profound ignorance, they keep wanting to give that “wheel of Karma” a powerful spin. The old adage is: “What goes around, comes around.” Watch out Rupert! This time it’s going to knock your super-rich fanny up under your chin so hard you’ll be wearing it for a collar for a few years!

    SS :o)

    • Tina says:

      He must be one of the ones that are kicking and screaming to the bitter end..and interestingly at the media gate….the place where we are supposed to be hearing something new.

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