From Kerry Cassidy’s Blog: My comments on the latest Financial Tyranny article by David Wilcock:

For people who are aware of, or have gone through, the Kundalini Awakening, this statement is interesting. ~J

January 15, 2012

From what I have read so far, David is attempting to weave a backdrop upon which the lawsuit rests and bring that out before he deals with the nature of the lawsuit itself. The information regarding pedophilia highlighted in the Franklin Saga has been in the public domain for some time. Granted the mainstream news does not cover it but those with eyes to see and ears to hear have known about this and the information is out there.

I applaud David for emphasizing how important bringing to light this demented sexuality is, but there does not seem to be any real understanding of WHY there is such a preoccupation with man-young boy sex within the ranks of the Illuminati…. And this gets into the secret behind stimulating kundalini energy in the base chakra in order to raise the sleeping cobra so that the energetics are tapped that can lead to samadhi and eventual enlightenment. This is done as a short circuit to reaching that goal. This is what the purpose is behind this low form of stimulation is… And why they are so preoccupied with it. As usual, they don’t want to spend the years meditating and clearing their karma and their chakras.. they want a fast easy fix that will get them to the higher energetic areas. It’s destructive and ultimately short-sighted but so is population elimination, enhancing the physical with robotics, and manipulating the genome. It all works together to form a poison concoction that in their view leads to ruling the worlds… Earth and beyond. Side note: of course there are plenty of those involved who are practicing this not with any understanding of its real purpose, instead they are simply into a power-domination-pain-pleasure syndrome.

Another issue is that in referencing Adam Smith and the issue between the fiat money and the gold standard his reasoning does not take into account what the fiat system has brought us so far.. which is an inflationary spiral based on money you deposit into a bank.. being lent out allowing banks to then make 9 times that amount in interest… This is one area in David’s article that does not make sense. Continuing the fiat system would very likely end with us under a NWO where they would step in and revamp the system in such a way that even better suits their needs and is even more repressive.

What has to happen first is that the dark cabal must step down and they are not about to do that without a fight. This is where the idea of a new system becomes a real issue. You cannot take down the current system without putting something in its place. And killing all the so-called bad guys is also not really an option… This leaves dealing with a system that may need to be reworked but not taken down. As one source says the issue is that in this case we have a group of people who are acquiescing to a change of the system when those in power will simply use that opportunity to put their NWO in place in the interim. This is what happened in Nazi Germany. The people were fed up and accepted the promises of a group who then revealed themselves to be on the dark side once they were in power. The question is, how to prevent this from happening again?

The suggestion made to me is to recommend everyone read The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin as background to understanding it’s not the system so much as it is the people running it. How are you going to depose them without a bloody battle? The wishful answer is for the “people” to demand change.. which they are doing. But putting people in place who are not going to replace the current system with one that is much worse is going to be the real problem…

I have proposed a Livestream Roundtable discussion to David and the 2 people behind the lawsuit; Neil Keenan and Keith Scott. I also would consider bringing on others representing other points of view that can bring to light some of the issues here.

This is a developing story… more as it comes in.

Kerry Cassidy’s Blog

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7 Responses to From Kerry Cassidy’s Blog: My comments on the latest Financial Tyranny article by David Wilcock:

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  5. Maria San Miguel says:

    There is not doubt that the old system has to come down and that the cabal has to be removed. I do not mean harming them in any way but to make sure that they do not interrupt the process of a new system being put in place as it has been the case with Bill Gates. I do however think that all the money, wealth and resources that the cabal have stolen from humanity sould be taken away from them and they should only be allowed to have what is necesary for their existence, and they should never be allowed to be in a position of responsability. There are things that are not very clear in Wilcock’s account of the Financial Tiranny however he has done a very good job in a very short period of time.
    I also want to thank Kerry and her team for all the interviews, articles and information that they bring to us, you are doing a great job.

  6. Cindy says:

    I have something to add regarding pedophiles. Evil without question, but coming from an uncontrolled need for Control and Rage.

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