Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA

White House bypasses Senate to ink agreement that could allow Chinese companies to demand ISPs remove web content in US with no legal oversight

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, January 26, 2012

Months before the debate about Internet censorship raged as SOPA and PIPA dominated the concerns of web users, President Obama signed an international treaty that would allow companies in China or any other country in the world to demand ISPs remove web content in the US with no legal oversight whatsoever.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement was signed by Obama on October 1 2011, yet is currently the subject of a White House petition demanding Senators be forced to ratify the treaty. The White House has circumvented the necessity to have the treaty confirmed by lawmakers by presenting it an as “executive agreement,” although legal scholars have highlighted the dubious nature of this characterization.

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6 Responses to Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA

  1. charlesnetto says:

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    • Jean says:

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      You’re welcome.

  2. A.J. says:

    Allowing foreign countries to dictate to ISP(s) what it can and can’t post is a backdoor censorship of the internet in America. If it becomes S.O.P., it will just push tech innovators and media rebels to roll out an underground alternative–i.e.-the DARKNET. History is filled with examples of government overreach having the opposite intended effect such the Prohibition spawning the bootleg liquor industry and speakeasies, forced vacinations producing unintended illnesses, etc. What I find interesting is that we were able to effectively stop SOPA/PIPA because we can’t live without the internet but we couldn’t mound an strong, concerted effort to stop NDAA from passing. Although I have faith that we will see the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel, thougher times are yet ahead of us. Just today, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Obama will not be on 2012 Election ballot. This is a move likely to be adopted very quickly be a majority of states. I believe this, this ACTA agreement just passed and the new Expatriation Act are the next episodes to play out in the on-going real life drama. Watch for the signs and stay safe. Lead with your hearts but think with your heads…..

  3. GumBO says:

    I think it’s time we all went under-cover.. Dark Net, so to speak. The technology is out there.

  4. Suzy says:

    Well something is certainly afoot but what exactly? I read the other day that while everyone was watching the news on SOPA etc something else could also be happening but our minds were elsewhere with the news of the day. So what it is or was is anyones guess if in fact that was the case!

  5. Visionkeeper says:

    No comment except this disgusts me and he best be out of the white house after the 2012 election or I’m moving. Nothing spiritual to say about this man what so ever. Sorry Jean…VK

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