The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840?


1. LAW is FORCE in disguise, USE LAW. (Statutory Law, codes, regulations)

2. Political freedom is an IDEA, not a FACT and is merely an illusion and distraction.

3. USE “LIBERALISM” to obtain control via “GRADUALISM” through “EDUCATION”. (OBE)

4. GOVERNMENTS are to be destroyed by either EXTERNAL (War) or INTERNAL (Liberalism  and corruption) means.

5. We must get CONTROL over all Government economies by controlling the MONEY supply.


7. FORCE & MIGHT = RIGHT, there are no absolute moral or ethical codes. (No Biblical Law)


9. WE will become SUPREME LORDS over all people.

10. The power of MONEY must remain hidden and SECRET until we are in such a position ofPOWER that no one can stop our PLAN. (Fractional reserve banking / debt based paper currency)


12. We have the RIGHT TO SEIZE ANY AND ALL PROPERTY, by whatever means necessary, to bring all PEOPLE UNDER OUR CONTROL. (Merger of Admiralty/Maritime Law and Equity Law, abolishin of the common law, corruption and registration of title / Property taxes.)

13. We will use the terms “LIBERTY, EQUALITY, and FRATERNITY” which will establish a “NEW ARISTOCRACY”. (French revolution)

14. The qualifications for this “ARISTOCRACY” will be WEALTH, which we will CONTROL.

15. WARS WILL BE INSTIGATED, FINANCED and DIRECTED so that we control BOTH SIDES, placing all parties FURTHER INTO OUR DEBT. (American Revolution through Desert Storm, Afghanistan and WW III ?)

16. Candidates for PUBLIC OFFICE will be selected, educated and groomed, servile and obedient.



Meyer Amschel Rothschild also stated in the late 18th century; “GIVE ME CONTROL OF A NATIONS CURRENCY, AND I CARE NOT, WHO MAKES THE LAWS”.

THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY controls most of the CENTRAL BANKS of EUROPE, the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM of the U.S., and is the Bankers for the vast Vatican riches. They control MINERAL RESOURCES (see Rio Tinto) on five continents, an empire of WINERIES, BREWERIES & LIQUOR DISTILLING, with ties to major DRUG SMUGGLING & MONEY LAUNDERING Cartels through control of the BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY & ROTHSCHILD PRIVATE BANKS in most major countries.   See their official website at:

 A short list of the most POWERFUL and dangerous People and Families in the World. 

1. The Rothschild Family (actually Bauer) of Europe, Bankers for the Crown of Great Britain, the

     Crown Temple, the Vatican, North America, and most of the developed world, (see above link).

2. The Rockefeller Family of New York, Arkansas, W. Virginia, Argentina, and Australia.  

     Banking, energy, oil, real estate, shipping and intelligence agencies.

3. The Edgar Bronfman family of Canada and the U. S. (Seagram’s Liquor Distilling, Movie

     Studios, Media)

4. Michael Eisner, media mogul insider (Disney Co. ABC, TV, Movie, making & distribution.)

5. Bill Gates (Microsoft Co.) Magna cum Laude graduate of the Rockefeller school of business.

6. George W. Bush (President of the United States) Skull and Bones, traitor of the first order.

7. Queen Elizabeth II (Windsor Family of Britain) German & Greek usurpers of the British Crown.    

      East India Co.

8. Alan Greenspan (Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, fractional reserve banking official

      stooge for the money cartel)

9. Prime Minister of Israel (set up by the Rothchild’s at the end of WWII!

10. George Soros (Rothchild agent, currency (t)raider and speculator, looter extraordinaire)

11. Secretary of Treasury, AKA Governor of IMF, agent of Rockefellers & Rothchild’s.

12. The Bush crime family of Texas and Maine, Financiers of the Third Reich, Adolph Hitler,

      NWO insiders, drugs, oil, money laundering, agents of the puppet masters. Founder of the

      Carlisle Group with the bin Laden Family.

13. And last but not least the Jesuits and Jesuit General of the Vatican (modern Roman Empire).

I am sure I missed some significant others, which will no doubt lead to complaints from many quarters, but remember, God knows who they all are and in the end they will answer to him and only him.

The Pamphleteer.

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11 Responses to The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840?

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  3. xGxHxBx says:

    Vatican is NOT New World Order. The Top Secret Society of British Aristocracy which direct NWO international banking and start Illuminati Committee 300 (check correctly Quigley and Coleman – REAL investigators) is Queen Elizabeth’s Order of The Garter, and she’s also head of ANGLICAN Church. Order of The Hospital of John of Jerusalem (secret society of NWO Black Nobility) is order under direction of Duke Richard of Gloucester (head of Protestant Joannites, NOT Jesuits) in the name of QUEEN, NOT Pope.

    Weishaupt, just like Illuminati Grand Master A. Pike and New Age, today’s Satanism precursor and high ranking Illuminati A. Crowley (O.T.O., Golden Dawn), harbored particular hatred for Catholic Church which he saw as great enemy of his movement. He clearly declared that Illuminati would bore away from the Catholic Church until its timbers were rotted away, leaving a hollow shell that would then collapse. Weishaupt (EX-Jesuit) made Illuminati on behalf of The Rothschilds, NOT “Vatican/Jesuits”.

    Vatican and New World Order are completely opposed to each other. Even Russian Tsarist General to Russian Prince Nicholas II Romanov and also to his Russian Royal Family, and close friend to U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich, in first publication EVER about Zionist NWO conspiracy called “The Secret World Government, The Hidden Hand” about Khazarian Committee 300 (just like MI6 Dr John Coleman) says that Rothschilds NWO front plan is FIGHT with Vatican.

    It is historical fact that Carbonarism (Alta Vendita), The Most Powerful European Freemasonry Movement of The Rothschilds – led by Carl Mayer from House of Rothschild – by authentic secret documents called “Alta Vendita” was anti-Vatican, anti-papal, anti-Catholic and anti-clerical movement with final goal of “destruction of Catholic Church”. You can lie Protestants/Yehova’s Witnesses just like Zionist-Protestant Eric Phelps, but you always have no knowledge in freemasonry and its history.

    Bankers best guesses about the Vatican wealth put it at $10 billion to $15 billion. On this wealth, Italian stockholdings alone run to $1,6 billion. The Vatican has investments in banking, chemical, steel, construction, real estate. According to Vatican’s wealth: MICROSOFT ($240 billion) = 16 VATICANS. APPLE = 20 VATICANS. NOKIA = 3 VATICANS. WINDSOR’S BP OIL COMPANY & ROTHSCHILD’S FEDERAL RESERVE PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL = HUNDREDS VATICANS. Vatican runs NWO? Do some research before you talk.

    1. Weishaupt ordered Illuminati to DESTROY Catholic Church, says MI6 Dr
    John Coleman
    2. Committee 300 ordered Club of Rome to DESTROY Catholic Church, says John
    3. British Monarchy (Anglican Church) is head of Committee 300.
    4. ALL US PROTESTANT Churches are under control of Illuminati Tavistock
    Institute, SATANIC Committee 300 institution (NCC is front Tavistock
    5. Rockefeller Commission report says CLEARLY that Vatican is biggest
    oppositionist against NWO population control policy.

    • Jean says:

      No matter how you may choose to call it/name it, the Vatican is a totally corrupt organization. To my mind, the facts presented are very clear about it. It may not be NWO, although I think it is, but in my opinion it intends to be with whomever in the dark happens to win, something like a whore, if you will. If it is the Rockefellers, the NWO, the Rothschilds, it won’t matter. They intend to be there. . . Bankers are all corrupt; I wouldn’t believe a single word they say. They are the minions for those trying to destroy humanity in order to control what is left.

      Noting #5 – I wouldn’t believe anything the Rockefeller Commission says, would you?

      I think your statements are mostly way off base and without foundation. Please, give us links, sites, facts. Statements mean little. There are almost 13,000 posts on my blog, and there is plenty of info detailing how the Vatican is in this up to their ears. . . I invite you to have a look. . .


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  6. chicago dreamer says:

    Yours is an AMAZING site!!! I LOVE what you share. Thanks so much for all you do! <3<3<3

  7. Maryanne Dattoli says:

    How many of Rothschild! Hear him also. The idea of the Rothschild the world. The idea of the world of the idea. Idea that the wrong was the area. Nothing of the wrong of idea.

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