News Headlines and a brief update from ~Jean, February 23, 2012

Hello, Everyone,

I’ve been off my blog almost all day, because I made a concerted effort to get things done here in the house. I feel like I was successful! It’s about seven here, and I still haven’t had dinner, so I’ve decided to share a series of headlines with you: Each headline shows in some way that the mainstream media is picking up the ‘real’ truth. I hope you all will delight in this news as much as I have:

Here’s the article in the Washington Post (the Premiere establishment rag):

It looks like our side is preparing to take the gloves off:

…well, I guess the cats out of the bag today!, this is NPR telling it like it is.

Gee!  That’s too bad!


I just found this:

It looks like the Banksters have been caught with their pants down.  How embarrassing!

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4 Responses to News Headlines and a brief update from ~Jean, February 23, 2012

  1. chicago dreamer says:

    Thank you so much!! ❤

  2. Nicki Tompkins says:

    Jean, I don’t know how you find the time to post all these articles, but I sure enjoy the one-stop shop to get all my news. I truly appreciate what you do. Regarding the last link, I forwarded it to all my friends with the subject “MERS cooked their own goose”. Their own ego destroyed them. I am going to celebrate when everyone finds out that they were never loaned anything by any bank–what a GREAT day that will be!! Love you much, Jean and all, Nicki

  3. Suzy says:

    Thanks Jean for all your time and effort in finding news for us to share.
    Best wishes,

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