Israel Backing Off Iran Attack? – where there is smoke, there is usually fire. It seems there is a battle being fought! ~J

Kurt Nimmo

February 23, 20112

Israeli President Shimon Peres will tell Obama early next month that he believes his country should not launch an attack on Iran in response to its nuclear program, Haaretz reports.

Israel Backing Off Iran Attack?  obama and shimon peres israel president

Peres said the Israeli government should not engage in “unnecessary warmongering” and the issue should fall on the United States and the superpowers.

Peres will meet with Obama a day before Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who will arrive in the United States following a visit to Canada. “When Obama meets with Netanyahu, he will already know what Peres thinks – information he will use in his meeting with Netanyahu,” writes Yossi Verter.

“High level sources in Israel have just leaked a sanitized version of the President’s plan to the Israeli press,” writes Michael Carmichael. “But, there is much more to the story. In his meeting at the White House, Peres will inform Obama that Netanyahu has performed poorly in his handling of the Iran nuclear crisis and that bellicose statements from the Prime Minister’s cabinet have been both self-intimidating and self-destructive.”

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2 Responses to Israel Backing Off Iran Attack? – where there is smoke, there is usually fire. It seems there is a battle being fought! ~J

  1. It’s Wake up Time for all the super Nations of the world and Israel knows and the US knows a long with the USSR and China knows and Brits know it would be insane to start a world war 3 , as it would end 99% of all life on Gaia .
    It’s not in the cards as the company of heaven would not let man in this time frame use nukes ,as the fall out would blow in the winds and we as a Human race would be No more.
    This is the year of big changes as never seen before and everything is shifting ; getting ready for the up coming Golden Age. WE have no idea how the next 10 months will unfold ??!!! , yet we all have a part in accelerating over all physical consciousness in human evolution ; in our changing times as news outlets pounce upon the bad news and ignore the good. And as profound as this may be we humans have approach the end of an age and the beginnings of a new age, will be more beautiful then you can imagine, workers of the light, all of you All of you.

  2. johnseattle says:

    The Iran take down is baked in the cake. It’s about the collapsing financial system. What we are seeing is window dressing to divert our view attention.

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