New Moon in Pisces February 21st, 2012 – by Jon Waldrup – Don’t miss this; it’s powerful! ~J

Article by Jon Waldrup

2012 201.  Energetic Unity.

Although my recent article, “The Law is the Law” was well received, there were some people who wondered why I was putting so much emphasis on “The Law of Attraction” which they thought was, in 2012, kind of Old School stuff.  And it really is Old School, and hopefully basic.  And by the end of this article we will be well beyond it.

For many people, The Law is something they first heard about watching “The Secret,” or “What the Bleep,” or through finding Esther and Jerry Hicks’ work.  The idea that there is an energetic source for what we are getting and that we have the ability to interact with that energy goes back much further than 1997.  I’m not going to speculate on who first introduced the concept but if you think about it it has a religious feel – and that’s putting the idea back pretty far indeed.

Without gettin’ our Paleo on too much, let’s just go back as far as Albert Einstein, who said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy, this is physics.”

And the thing is, it’s not just physics, it is religion.  People have been trying for a very long time indeed to “match the frequency of the reality” they want.  And anyone who has some resistance to my use of the word religion in this context is not very well versed in the Law, are they? 

Nor are they much into the notion of an Aquarian “Unitive Consciousness,” are they?  Because in a sense a dogmatic resistance to dogma is separative, and if you really want Unity who’s responsibility is it to let go of resistance?  Who is willing to let their dogma get hit by their karma first?

And once you bring the idea of karma into the discussion, then you can say of the “Law of Attraction” that it’s not just physics, it’s astrology too.  We think of a person’s birth chart as showing their karma.  And we think of karma as the force that keeps certain lessons coming back into a person’s life (or soul’s lives) until that soul somehow “gets it,” and is released from that karma.

And what karma is essentially is the “soil” that a soul plants itself into so that it can experience the sensation of growth into enlightenment.  That’s what we come in here for, folks – we come here to experience growth from a state of getting a bunch of not-what-we-want into a state of being able to exercise free will which has to do with????  “Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.”

New Agers have a lot of ways to describe the state of enlightenment but it’s hard to think of it in a simpler way than as having the ability to create the world you want to live in.  Karma repeatedly gives us the contrast of not-what-we-want until we get it that that must be what we are telling the universe we want because that’s what we are getting.

So what if we think of Karma as the way we learn to “match the frequency of the reality…?”  Karma is what we are working through towards fully accepting our power as frequency artists – which is to say, people who have the ability to creatively work with the frequency we emanate, and therefore to create the reality we want.

Okay, so maybe my article “The Law is the Law” was like Intro to 2012 on one level.  On another level it was introducing the concept that Saturn as the Lord of Karma is teaching us the Law of Attraction.  And hopefully it helps people release the karma of their dogmas so they can see that all of us are always working to get enlightenment and that we all have our own ways of doing it.

Okay, so do that.  Get Saturn.

Then, we can bring Neptune into the picture.  Neptune is the energy of connection to the Divine.  I like to explain it as what you see in a baby’s eyes.  It’s “the one thing we all have in common,” which is the power of the source energy within us.  We are born with it into the soil of karma, and through Saturn’s gentle remonstrance are learning to find it again as adults.

We could think of karma as our unconscious programs and then think of early childhood as when we pick up those programs and further can think of those programs as being shown in the birth chart.

Neptune’s association with addiction makes sense in this way.  What is it that addicts are trying to get?  It’s the feeling of source energy that was there at birth.  Neptune’s association with creativity makes sense in this way too.  What is it that artists are working with?  Their perception of source energy.  What colors their perception?  Their karma.

Why do creative talent and addiction so often seem to go hand in hand?

One of the things we’re all addicted to is the ego’s need for recognition.  A lot of the ways in which people have worked with the Law of Attraction is in an egoic, personal sense that has to do with getting to be the person they always wanted to be, abundant and yada yada.  If you know any Aquarian’s very well….

If you know an astrologer well enough, ask them why, over the last 15 years during which Neptune was in Aquarius, so many people dedicated themselves to personal abundance rather than to universal abundance.

Now, before you go beating on me with a New Age “personal responsibility” stick of some kind (or its opposite), I want to ask you, “What would Jesus do?”  What I’m interested in is how we can each become “a cell in the organism called humanity,” to paraphrase Bruce Lipton.

In other words….

Most of us learned about the “Law of Attraction” while Neptune was in Aquarius.  And while Aquarius as a sign is associated with a unified humanity, anyone who really knows an Aquarian will tell you that, at least for the first half of their lives, they tend to have a strong need for personal recognition, for being recognized as distinct from others.  Maybe even as a little smarter than others.  Maybe even as a little better at the Law of Attraction than others.

So it turns out that separation is an illusion, and that we are really in this together.  And luckily the guides are good, and their teaching is as gentle as can be.  So, Neptune went through Aquarius from 1997 ‘til 2012 teaching us how to work with the Law of Attraction at the personal level.  There was a huge growth in the number of spiritual modalities mainly devoted to personal abundance during that time, that’s for sure.

And because the Law is the Law, we developed all these distinct ways of working on manifestation at the personal level because we needed to go through that phase to get us ready for the next step.  Which is Neptune in Pisces, where we all become connected to each other, at the aquatic level.

Because you see, we’re all swimming in an ocean of energy.  Our individuality is defined by the eddy or whirlpool we generate in this liquid, and that is defined by what we are emanating.  We interact with the ocean of energy with our frequencies.  So we learned through Neptune in Aquarius to work with our personal frequencies, and through Neptune in Pisces, we are going to learn about our collective frequency.

I can feel as I’m writing this that I’ve hit the point at which most of my readers are going to be saturated (pun intended) with this information and that any more will just drip out of the sponge.  But for my extra credit readers, I’d like to point out that 2012 is the year that Neptune entered Pisces to stay until 2026 and that its ingress into Pisces coincided with Saturn going retrograde at Libra 30 which Ray Merriman would call the reflection of Pisces 1, which is where Neptune is.

And for those of my readers who have gotten past the illusion of separation and are “reconnected” (please look into the Latin roots of the word “religion”), I want to point out that on February 21st at 2:35 PM Pacific Time we have a New Moon in the 3rd degree of Pisces.  I just work here, you know?  And my job is to recognize and point out whatever I can that grounds and centers the impulse to unite as a human being with the Earth.  (Which as far as I can tell is what we came here to do).

The elegance of the dance is beyond words.  I can say that as a mirror, Saturn in Libra 30 is giving form and substance to Neptune in Pisces 1.  And that to me, the best expression of what is possible in 2012 is shown by the ingress of Neptune into Pisces.  And that, at the moment of the first New Moon with Neptune in Pisces there are 7 astrological bodies in Pisces.  And 7 is one of those important numbers.

I invite you take this chance to dance the energy of Unity into this New Moon.  The organic sense of Unity.  Hold hands with people and dance a dance of letting go.  Letting go of the illusion of separation which was once so juicy.

The Pleiadian symbol for Pisces 3, where the New Moon occurs is, “Hundreds of fallen columns in a lost city.”  The column is the “I.”  Once we were a community of separate energies.  Neptune is in Pisces.  It is time to recognize our strength in energetic Unity.  Let go.  Let the cycles run.  What is next is what we create together.

May the Moon set you Free!


“We perceive the world through the lens of our Karma.   Fate creates opportunities for change.  The Destiny path opens once we embrace the creative power of our perceptions.”

Jon Waldrup

Incarnational Astrologer

(208) 290-8578

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2 Responses to New Moon in Pisces February 21st, 2012 – by Jon Waldrup – Don’t miss this; it’s powerful! ~J

  1. Thank you Jean, this was precious, for me one of the most right on and insightful “reviews” on what 2012 is all about. Lots of love, Rosa

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