South African Fuel-Free Generator Preparing for Market

Sterling Allan reports on his recent trip South Africa to visit a company who has developed a 5 kilowatt Fuel Free Generator that will be available beginning March for their existing customers. Sterling will be getting a generator to test and use on his home from that first batch of 200.

On February 11 and 12, I was able to witness a 5 kilowatt (enough to power a home without central air conditioning, conservatively) fuel-free generator in Johannesburg and to meet the inventor and some of the principle players in helping him bring this technology to market.

Pure Energy Systems News
By Sterling D. Allan
February 23, 2012

As mentioned in my previous story on this matter, the South African company invited me to come see the technology first-hand so that I would not be making a statement along the lines of “they claim…”, or “if this is real…”, but so that I would be able to speak from personal experience after witnessing the technology in operation.

They also offered to sell me a unit that I could personally test, promising to refund the cost if it did not perform as claimed.

I wish to thank all of you who stepped forward enthusiastically to donate funds to make this trip and procurement possible. The plan is to ship me one of the first 200 units.

The company, for now, wishes to remain off the radar. They don’t currently have a website, but one is expected to be completed in about a month or so.

They plan to make a big splash soon. For now, interested parties (as a result of this coverage), can reach them through me.

So in this coverage, I will only refer to them as the “S. African Company”, and their product as the “FFG”, which stands for Fuel-Free Generator.

Top Five

I do consider this technology to be a contender in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, due to its being close to market with a substantial, reliable output that is competitively priced to be more affordable than conventional energy sources, while producing no pollution, and being ready for rapid deployment through the setting up of licensees worldwide.

I was very impressed with the personnel involved in the S. African company.

So many great technologies over the years have been hindered primarily by unworkable inventors or teams that can’t work well together.

What I Saw

What I witnessed, along with three other scientists that I brought along — all more qualified than myself — was a 5 kW unit powered by four batteries, running for three hours continuous, driving a load of approximately 4 KW.

According to the amp-hour rating of those batteries (102 Ah each), without being recharged from an external source, they should have lasted only 35 minutes before running down completely, no longer able to power the system.

The load was roughly 4 kW, comprised of:

– a two-burner stove, each burner consuming 1 kW (rated power according to manufacturer)
– a toaster that consumed 850 Watts (rated power)
– a pancake maker that consumes 1 kW (rated power)
– A 40-Watt fan (rated power)

The total output was as high as 5 kW, as long as the generator was turned at 3000 rpm, and there was sufficient load. (The generator only produces as much power as is used).

One time we plugged in more load than 5 kW and it caused the system to shut down, as it should in that circumstance.

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One Response to South African Fuel-Free Generator Preparing for Market

  1. Brigitte Mueller says:

    WOWOWO – Juhuu!!! How superbly beautiful is this! I am a South African and can do nothing else but jubilate! I always knew that we have great minds amidst our partly 3rd world country. What about Chris Barnard (1st heart transplant) Archbishop Tutu and our beloved Madiba Nelson Mandela and of course many other ones too. You made my weekend/month/year for me, Jean.
    How in the world do you get and find these articles? Very special lady you are. A huge hug, B.

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