David Wilcock Update – February 24, 2012 Wow!!


I’m here in Hawaii and am about to start a 16-hour CONVERGENCE lecture weekend — my most ambitious ever, with 1175 slides in total, meaning I have to do 73 slides an hour to stay on schedule. I’m very excited about it — there is a lot to talk about!

The Internet is exploding with lists of major financial industry CEOs who are resigning, mostly just within the last month. The silence from the mainstream media about this is deafening.

I have heard there are 10 different cases in the US, on a very high level, and they’ve already fled to Brazil and Paraguay. These are NOT in the lists circulating on the internet — at least not yet.

This only adds further evidence to support the idea that “Something Big Is About to Happen” — namely the mass arrests of so many conspirators.

I have heard leaks from the inside that the “Next 9/11” is being planned for February 26th. The negative elite are hoping to bring America to its knees by doing something that will turn the power off so it can never come back on.

I consider it very highly unlikely that these plans will succeed, due to the remarkable number of “Divine Interventions” that have been happening lately to throw off any and all attempts to start World War III.

I do believe ETs / Angelic humans are real, and apparently the rules have changed radically.

John Kettler has recently stepped forward and is giving incredible testimony that supports what I’ve been tracking for the last year and a half on this website with the “China’s October Surprise” story. Kerry Cassidy’s recent interview with him is fascinating.

Over 40 different attempts to start World War III have been thwarted in the last 2 months by “impossible” means.

For example: three different times the Israelis and Palestinians have tried to have an all-out shooting war, but their guns jammed on the battlefield. Then when they took them back to the gunnery range, they worked just fine.

Why do you guys think you will be allowed to destroy the United States power grid on February 26th with all the other signs that this is Game Over?

Anyway, I hope you all have a nice weekend. Meditate on the positive and stay peaceful and centered to help offset any possibility that this nefarious plan will succeed. I highly doubt it has even the slightest chance of doing anything.

I thank you again for your continuing support!

Oh, by the way… I had to laugh as I logged in to write this update and AGAIN got a synchronicity. This time the hit counter was at 218555. I have to be timed down to the second for this to work, but consciously I have no idea!

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13 Responses to David Wilcock Update – February 24, 2012 Wow!!

  1. Thomas Christian says:

    Hi, I live in Paraguay. Can you facilitate me a list of individuals who have fled to this country? Thanks

  2. Debbie says:

    we need miracles….read this and see what the NAZIs are up to….I see these chemtrails most days…..


    let’s pray the ETs help us stop this ……………..warning —this is really frightening information

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  4. Em says:

    SING ” I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES ” yes, divine intervention and galactic help or yeah … all the same , we are all one . Peace and love to all .

  5. Beki says:

    Hi all, just received this from Thrive with some helpful information


    Fear free in love and light to all.

    • Maryanne Dattoli says:

      The reply few the world. Money buy from (my reform) brain follow. My refrain but you restore. If you don’t direct the rest best be off. Rothschild is the world in get. Rockfeller is the USA. Rothschild hide the FROM of the hello the world. The hide off hello for virtual. WWIII is the three. Off hit with the best.

  6. Lily says:

    WOW….WEE..E.E..E. J`….THAT’S ALL I NEED TO SAY! I’m loving it….let’s do it! I’m celebrating every Sacred second….wish it would hit the mainstream where we could all jump for joy and begin our new life! Never thought there would be justice of any sort in this world. Makes the last 22 years well worth the trip We got them on the run and there is no place to hide! Let’s flush out the Mother from the web! Many THANKS to you J and to David and other front-line folks….SALUTE! You have alleviated much fear in the World.
    Much love and light to all,

  7. Many things can happen yet, with Mars being retrograde, but it seems that we have protective measures in place from higher powers. Yet humanity better put down their guns, the police need to disarm, and security guards need to step out of the way. We need the fear factor to release our media so they can finally do the job they are supposed to be doing, telling humanity the truth, rather than keeping them distracted. This feels like it cannot go on for much longer.

    • Jean says:

      SM, much of what I’ve posted today seems to say the media is being released to tell more of the ‘real’ truth. There are mixed messages about Iran – and the U.S. government is saying no to war, arrests are being made, and the mortgage-fraud industry is now being exposed. I feel certain this has long been known, but it is now appearing in the ‘lame’ stream press. I’m looking for this trend to continue. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Ethaos says:

    “destroy the United States power grid on February 26th” and I haven’t bought a back up generator yet!!! Perhaps i should spendon seeds for an organic garden instead!

    Thanks for combing the webs for these tidbits Jean tis always good to feed the fish!

  9. Stuart Bradman says:

    Wow Jean. Namaste!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Wow is right! Thank you Jean. Some confirmation for me personally on John Kettler too. I have not heard the latest interview with he and Kerry yet, looking forward to that. Have a great weekend!

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