Never Call Them Archons – How You Can Help Bust Up the Matrix – and also stop psychic attacks :)

Cameron Day, the author of this article, apparently read my post concerning a psychic attack, and suggested I read his article, which I am now posting for you. I have just finished reading his words, and I already sense/intuit that they are spot on – for me, anyway. I highly recommend that you all take the time to read it, whether you are experiencing psychic attacks or not.

For all of us lightworkers, Cameron offers a specific, powerful suggestion about how, as light workers, we can through a brief, daily meditation help with the stripping away of the dark control grid that is so deeply affecting our planet. Again, my intuition tells me that Cameron’s fifteen years of contemplation on this topic have developed an idea that is ‘spot on.’

My thanks, Cameron!

By Cameron Day, on January 31st, 2012

This article has been 15 years in the making, as it took that long for me to be able to distill this information into an accessible format.  This is going to represent a few very important pieces of the overall puzzle of how we are going to shift this planet and everyone upon it into an ascended frequency of being.  One key aspect of this shift is going to be the “cleaning up of consciousness” of all of humanity, which is no small task, to be sure.  This article will cover in detail the major obstacle to this consciousness clean-up, as well as a solution that needs your help to succeed.

I briefly wrote last year about a “living cloud of shadows” surrounding this planet, populated by energy parasites.  These parasitic beings have chosen to experiment with the illusions of separation, fear, darkness, isolation, conquering, enslavement, pain, suffering, torture, etc. to the strongest degree possible.  In doing so, they have completely cut themselves off from the nourishing Light of Being that supports life in the universe.  The result is that they must energetically nourish themselves by feeding on low-frequency energies that resonate with their chosen mode of expression.

These beings call themselves “Archons” which means “Rulers” or “Lords” because they see themselves as the rulers and enslavers of humanity.  (The ancient Gnostics first gave them this title in their writings based on direct psychic experiences with these beings.)   While these unseen being’s clever enslavement and manipulation of humanity has been quite successful up until now, I will NEVER address them as my ruler or superior in any way, just like I wouldn’t consider physical, intestinal parasites as my superior even though they might cause me physical discomfort until I remove them from my body.

Our thoughts have power – much more than we often realize.  Words and titles have power because they frame our thoughts into a certain set of beliefs without us even realizing it.  Calling a “royal” human “Your Highness” automatically places them above you in your mind.  Calling a judge “Your Honor” achieves the same thing.  Therefore it very is important that when you think about these energy parasites, that you NEVER call them “Archon” because you will be literally handing them your power and energy by doing so.

I prefer to call them Ankle Biters.  This lets them know exactly what I think of them, which is that they are lowly parasites, an infection of consciousness that will be purged from my system through proper use of my will via energetic clearing and transmutation.  This also serves to really make them angry which exposes them and makes them easier to deal with.  In spite of their self-proclaimed status as “Rulers” of humanity, they hide like little worms in the shadows of our minds, sending impulses of low-frequency emotion and thought to our ego and emotional bodies in order to elicit a low-frequency emotional energy that they can consume.  Because they love to hide, they need to be “flushed out” into the open in order to be dealt with, so a healthy dose of disrespect and a little arrogance are necessary ingredients when confronting these parasites. 

A Little Back Story

Once upon a time, on this very planet in the far distant past, human beings were infinitely more impressive than we are today.  We were fully telepathic, multi-dimensional beings that could simultaneously perceive and navigate many dimensions at once.  We built vast cities with technology that worked in harmony with Earth’s energetic fields.  We were in full alignment with our Divine Inner Self while expressing ourselves in physicality in a wide variety of life-affirming ways.  This unlimited expression of Divine Selfhood was viewed by the ankle biters as a threat to their very existence, because the 3rd density has been dominated by them for a very long time on other worlds.  To have a 3rd density world be completely free from their manipulations and feeding was something that they could not allow without a fight.  The problem for them was that Earth humans were so powerful we could literally brush them off with a thought.  These beings only have power over others who they have manipulated and put into fear.  A fully aware human who knows their Inner Divine Self cannot be dominated by these parasitic beings in any way.  The ankle biters will simply be metaphorically spanked for misbehaving and sent away.

However, these ankle biters are possibly the most clever manipulators in the universe, simply because ALL they know is manipulation and deceit.  Practice makes perfect, after all.  They studied these immensely powerful humans, lusting after the power and energy that they could drain from them if only they could figure out a way to manipulate, conquer and enslave them.  They devised a plan to very carefully manipulate a few humans in positions of power into making an innocent mistake with terrible, cataclysmic repercussions.  These humans were experimenting with new methods of harnessing and transmitting energy in vast quantities.  The experiments were unprecedented and very ambitious — too ambitious because the ankle biters were secretly influencing some of these humans through their ego mind to push the envelope of what was thought to be possible.

When an advanced phase of testing at the north pole of the planet went disastrously wrong, this large, extremely powerful device exploded with such force that it caused tremendous cataclysms on the planet, rapidly melting huge swaths of ice and creating a flood that destroyed nearly every coastal area on the planet within a day.  The vast amount of death and destruction was unimaginable, and only a remnant of the many billions of humans survived.  Heavily traumatized, grief stricken at the loss of their loved ones and focused only on physical survival, they fled to safe locations to try and rebuild their once great civilization.  This story sounds much like what we know of as the “Fall of Atlantis” but it actually occurred long prior to the civilization of Atlantis, even though it too perished in a similar manner many centuries later.

The incredible trauma of this experience caused a loss of perception in the survivors, making them less aware of the other dimensions that are always mingling with 3rd density.  They simply couldn’t take the time to focus on any other density but this one, because their physical survival depended on being fully focused on the physical realm.  At the same time, the human’s deep emotional pain, grief and wounding gave the ankle biters a tremendous amount of low-frequency energy that they could consume, allowing them to feast on the suffering of the surviving humans and grow more powerful.

The ankle biters found that as long as they stayed carefully hidden that they could send a small thought-form into the minds of the traumatized humans reminding them of all that they had lost.  This would create a cascade of painful thoughts and emotions in the person that would generate more energetic food for the ankle biters.  As each subsequent generation of humanity was born, the ankle biters became more bold and instituted a program of direct interference into human consciousness.  They subliminally programmed humans to be blind to their presence, allowing them to more directly influence a person’s thoughts.  They also programmed human consciousness to recoil away from any mention of the ankle biters or their dark influence over humans, so that when confronted with such information, a person’s immediate response will be disbelief, ridicule and mockery.

Finally, in their most brilliantly sinister move, they reprogrammed the human ego to resemble their own ego, and encouraged the ego consciousness to dominate all other levels of our being.  They essentially reprogrammed humans to be like them:  fearful, jealous, petty, dishonest, brutal, enslaving, murderous, unforgiving, punishing, etc.  This insured that humans would be easy to manage as an energetic food source for thousands and thousands of years.  These layers of programming have been in place in the human thought system ever since, perpetuating the discordant misadventures that we know as human history.

The Dark Control Grid

Over time, the ankle biters built an energy-feeding structure surrounding the entire planet which allows them to automatically gather human-generated low-frequency energy and send fearful or other low-frequency messages into human consciousness to keep people generating energetic food for the ankle biters.  This structure exists in a “higher” density than this one, so it can only be perceived psychically or when out of body.  I first discovered it in 1997 during an out of body journey, but I had no idea what it was.  I was very promptly intercepted by two beings who disguised themselves as “guides” but their energy felt more like prison guards than any kind of benevolent guide.

Over the years I have gathered information about this control grid, but I still don’t know as much about it as I would like.  Here is what I do know.  This structure is like a dark web of energy surrounding the planet that is heavy and oppressive.  It serves to block energies coming to the Earth from the galactic core and other parts of the galaxy, but it cannot stop them completely.   The grid is programmed with “negative feedback” that sends subtle signals into the sub-conscious and ego mind to keep people focused on low-frequency beliefs and thought patterns.

This “dark control grid” is programmed with an artificial intelligence to self-repair and notify ankle biters when it is damaged.  The grid supports the ankle biter “collectors”, which are living amoeba-like beings that connect to nearly every person on the planet, soaking up all of the low-frequency energies that we give off in our daily lives.  Ankle biters travel through this grid to attend to problems or directly oppress a person who’s energy frequency is getting too lofty for the dark agenda.  The “bosses” in the ankle-biter hierarchy usually appear with a “reptilian” humanoid appearance, although they can disguise themselves with many different appearances.

The ankle biters have leveraged their advantages over humans to completely corrupt what we think of as “human nature.”  You may be wondering what “human nature” would be without these ankle biters and their dark control grid.  What has been thought of as “human nature” to lie, cheat, steal, rape, enslave and murder is a false program installed into the human mind, and is NOT truly human nature at all.  True human nature is compassionate, caring, sensitive, loving, forgiving, cooperative, empathic, creative, energetic, joyful, inquisitive, irrepressible, non-conformist, uplifting and DIVINE.  In order to reestablish our TRUE human nature, we need to jettison the false programming of the ankle biters.

Restoring Your Divine Nature

The restoration of your awareness that you are Divine is the primary exists.  The energy clearing tools are designed to allow you to gently dissolve the false layers of illusions that have been placed into your consciousness over many lifetimes so that you can re-discover your “Higher Self” which is actually your Inner Divine Self.  We start off each incarnation with our Divine Self fully seated within the heart center of our physical bodies, which is why children are so energetic and wonderful.  Then as authority figures, media, peers, the dark control grid, and the world at large convince a child that they are NOT divine, this inner divine energy leaves the body and sits above a person, waiting patiently to be reintegrated back into the heart center once again.  Because our divine energy is seemingly “above” us, it gets termed the Higher Self.

So from this point forward, whenever you hear “Higher Self” in any of the AscensionHelp recordings or anywhere else, please substitute “Inner Divine Self” and notice the subtle but powerful shift in your awareness that arises from this change.  Instead of seeing your Divine Self’s light above you, see it emanating from your heart center.  Instead of bringing an aspect of your divine nature into you, you are going to be expanding it from deep within you.  It may seem like a small thing, but this difference is very powerful, I assure you.

Once your Divine Inner Light is expanded from your heart and surrounding your entire body, you can send a beam of loving energy to the core of the planet interact with it energetically.  All of this can be done without drawing too much ankle biter attention to yourself, so stick to this when you need a smooth, easy, uplifting energy experience with minimal “push back” from the control grid.

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10 Responses to Never Call Them Archons – How You Can Help Bust Up the Matrix – and also stop psychic attacks :)

  1. Steve says:

    This may sound odd but this story seems to parallel Assassins creed in a couple ways. Maybe the game developers are trying to hide a message for us.

  2. gumBO says:

    Excellent article from Cameron Day. It is good that he suggests that we disempower these entities by calling them ‘ankle biters’. If one has any negative thoughts crop up during the day, repeating a mantra along the lines of ‘ankle biters can’t hurt me.. ha ha hee ha ha..’ is a great reminder of keeping them at bay. I do it all the time now..

  3. David J says:

    Hi Again Jean! You must be doing much better than a few days ago! Great to see that you are back and quite busy at it (even though not feeling 100% yet though, I’m sure). This (bizarre) information that you have posted could very easily be perceived as overly inventive ramblings from a guy who’s had two too many funny cigarettes — and it really is easy to summarily dismiss this kind of stuff. However… upsetting as this concept is, there is corroborating information out there, to be sure.

    A few years ago I researched Gnostics and Gnosticism. During that time I had my first exposure to the strange, strange concept of Archons and the role it/they have had and continue to have on the planet earth. The info was so weird, and frankly, disturbing and negative that I pretty much filed it away. About 6 months ago I came across some excerpts from Carlos Castaneda’s experiences with don Juan, in which don Juan exposed Castaneda to the “reality” that we exist under a negative entity shadow that is being cast over the entire planet, over everything we do, and everything we think — which, of course, maximally traumatized Castaneda yet again (as don Juan seemed to do continually to the poor guy). don Juan used the term “sky fish” in his descriptions of the situation.

    Texts discovered in the ancient Nag Hammadi Library have very descriptive information that divulges the concept and presence of Archons, a way-ancient controlling entity that feeds itself on certain aspects of humanity, and exists in a realm in which it knows itself to be overlord (actually, it knows itself to be God!) of all it experiences/knows, which, of course, includes using humanity to suit its own purposes, AND, this scenario has been firmly entrenched here for absolutely eons of time… talk about a depressing concept!

    I consider this article about Archons to be as potent as it gets, so very positive, and pure dynamite. The author has outlined a strategy for beating the undefeatable. Trying to kill “evil” just does not work. The new, improved strategy is to starve it, shrink it, detach it and put it in its place. Bumper sticker: “Starve Some Evil Today”

    • Jean says:

      David, your words are important corroboration for new readers! I wish I had time and energy to say more, but I’m still not physically strong – and the good news is flowing! Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Nicki Tompkins says:

    What a great article. Thanks for sharing!

  5. tertiusgaudens says:

    I am fully in line with those wonderful words! Amazingly, this subject of energy vampires in spirutual regard has pulled my attention now over a long period. Recently I read The Wave Pt. 2 by Laura Knight Jadzcyk on the very same case, where she gives deep and detailed insights and infos.

    i am thankful I found this article today bringing me back in focus of such an important subject. God, those little ankle biters really suck…

    Greetings from Germany!

  6. arka says:

    I thank you soooo much Jean… for this info. I have also experienced these attacks (mental and physical painful assaults) which I’ve managed to control by creating a self-protective shield of light and by dealing with my fears. But that info provides details that I didn’t know… so it helps me a lot to better understand me, others and the collective. The esoteric teachings (via the Masters of Wisdom) speak about those controling veils and illusions that are fears, jaleousy, competition, separativeness, etc). Now I know what was controling them. The light is now exposing them. They are going away from us, from our Earth.

    After all, your pain has brought us (one more time) great help in the form of that post (for example). Jean, ILY and thanks again.


    • TheVitalMessage says:

      Thanks for posting this Jean! Like Veronica, who is a personal friend, I found this article and Cameron Day’s website very informative. I have been following your blog off and on for a short while after stumbling across it via Kauiapele’s blog which I have been following for some time. Thanks again!
      Dave Patrick, Editor – The Cathar View (2012), The View Beyond (2011), The View (2009)

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